How Did This Happen to Me?

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Anthony looks around for pieces of meteorite out in the desert. He’s been out since sunrise looking for meteorite pieces. He normally goes to his standard site, where he has found at least three pieces before. However, today he was trying out a different area.

He was doing a grid search and had a program he normally used to record what he finds on his tablet. He takes his metal detector out and starts sweeping the ground while keeping an eye out. In the first part of the morning, he finds nothing at all. He stops mid-day and takes a short break to eat some lunch.

He didn’t mind spending time out in the desert. God knows, he has spent days and weeks not finding anything, and then the next day he hits jackpot. After lunch, he goes back to work, doing a grid search again. He finds some ancient brass rifle cartridge cases and several ancient Native American arrowheads.

When it starts getting dark, he heads back to his camp. He does record on his tablet where he found the rifle cartridge cases and arrowheads. After recording that information, he fixes himself some dinner and enjoys the night. He was far enough outside the city, that he could see all the stars in the night sky.

After a few hours, Anthony heads to bed. He knew the next few days may or may not provide anything. He falls into a deep sleep.

The next few days, he finds more cartridges and arrowheads, but not what he came out to find. Just as he was about to call it a day. He finds a weird square metallic item, sticking up from the ground. He would have ignored it if his metal detector hadn’t picked it up.

He examines it and wonders what it is. As he is examining it, he accidentally pricks his finger on a sharp piece. He didn’t notice the place he pricked his finger.

“Owe!” Anthony sucks on his thumb. The nick caused some blood to leak from the wound.

The blood stops after a few seconds. He pockets the weird-looking device he found and continues to search. The rest of the day, he starts
feeling sick to his stomach. He stops around mid-day and heads back to his campsite.

It was rough for him, but he manages to make it to his tent. He was thirsty and feeling sick. He drinks a whole gallon of bottle water he brought with him and dips his bandanna into the cooler and soak up the cold water. He lays down and places the bandanna on his forehead, as he passes out.

Southern California's Mojave Desert:
Moya looks at Susan as she drove the custom dune buggy Klang and Jackal built. Moya was acting as a navigator for Susan.

“How much closer to the crash site?” Susan looks at Moya's holographic form sitting next to her.

“Not far. The crash site should be coming up soon.” Moya makes a few adjustments to the scanner she was using.

After ten minutes, they arrive at the crash site. Moya follows the beeping coming from the scanner. After about fifteen minutes, they find the wreckage.

“Damn! Ezri’s particle cannon did a number on this shuttle.” Moya notices there were pieces of the shuttle scattered everywhere.

“She likes powerful guns. It is good she brought it down when she did. This shuttle looks like a slave transport.” Susan was looking inside of
the damaged shuttle. The reptilian pilots were still buckled in their seats.

“Well, we can’t leave it here. Contact specialist Aronson and tell them we are going to need transport to take the wreckage out of here.”

“Okay, boss.” Moya taps on her wrist computer and switches frequency to the one specialist Aronson gave them to contact him.

Aero Flight Secret Research Facilities, Pines Bluff, Wyoming:
Sarah was on monitor duty when her console starts beeping at her. She checks the identity code, that is normally embedded within the message and notices it was Moya from Utah.

“Hey Moya, what can I do for you today?” Sarah liked Moya, she was a nice person and was also one of the best instructors they had in hand-to-hand combat.

“It that you, Sarah?”

“The one and only, Moya. So, what’s going on with you today?” Sarah locates where the signal is coming from.

“We need special transport to haul a damaged shuttle back to research.” Moya knew Sarah was based at Aero Flights Special research
facilities.The facilities were an old Atlas E missile base.

“Let me see who is in the area?” Sarah does a location search for their undercover truckers.

Sarah finds that Jochen Bear was the closets trucker to them, and he was scheduled to bring his custom Australian built rig in for its tune-up. She brings up his communication frequency “Hey, Kola Bear, this is White Dove. Do you read me?”

Carson City, Nevada:
Jochen was dropping off a load at the local Walmart when he hears someone trying to contact him on the CB. He walks towards the cab and picks up the mic “this is Kola Bear, go ahead White Dove.”

“Can you give me a call when you’re free?”

“I’ll be free in about twenty minutes. Do you have a job for me?”

“Affirmative, Kola Bear.”

Jochen pulls his cellphone out and dials Sarah back. He wonders what the job is.

“Hey Bear, I got a pick-up for you out in the Mohave desert. It’s a crashed shuttle.”

“That shouldn’t be a problem. Give me the GPS coordinates and I’ll be on my way.” Jochen knew his rig could handle the shuttle without any problem.

“Sending you the coordinates now.” Sarah sends the coordinates to Jochen’s GPS unit.

Jochen hears his GPS unit beep letting him know he received the coordinates. He looks at them and notices it was out in the Mohave desert.

“Good place to get lost.”

“Don’t worry, we got you covered, Jochen.” Sarah watches after all their people.

“Where’s the cargo going?”

“Back here to us. When you get here, we’ll do your scheduled maintenance.” Sarah already put Jochen’s truck on the schedule.

Mohave Desert:
Moya was waiting to hear back from Sarah. She walks around the crash site, looking at the scattered debris. She saw Susan walk away from the site.

Susan has been following the trail of debris left by the crash shuttle. She had gone further than she should of when she spots a set of human foot prints. She follows the trail that had been left to a campsite. She approaches carefully and quietly. She could hear a low moaning sound coming from inside the tent. She peeks in and notices the person inside the tent, undergoing some sort of metamorphic transformation.

“Shit! I wonder how that happened.” Susan calls back to Moya.

Moya’s radio switches over to the channel the team uses while putting the other channel on hold.

“What’s wrong Susan?”

“We have a person who looks to have been exposed to something from the shuttle.”

“Damn. What do you want to do with them?”

“I hate to do this, but we’re going to need to take them back to the ranch.” Susan couldn’t see any other option right now.

“Alright. You know Jackal isn’t going to like this.”

“I know. Let me know when your done making arrangements.”

“Will do.”

Susan waits until the changes the person is undergoing is done, before picking them up. If she had touched them, while they were still being changed, her DNA would have been mixed into whatever they were being turned into.

Moya finally gets the word from Sarah on who was coming and how long it was going to take them to arrive. Which meant either Ezri and Klang might have to stay and babysit the crash site until Kola Bear arrives.

Three Days Later:
Anthony slowly starts to wake-up. Every muscle in his body was hurting. He also felt extremely hungry and thirsty. At first, when he opened his eyes, everything looked blurry to him, but after a few seconds, his eyesight cleared up.

There was brown color hair hanging down in front of his eyes. As he lifted his hand to brush the hair out of his eyes. It didn’t look right to him. It was small and childlike.

He looks around the room he is in and didn’t recognize it. The last thing he remembered, he had passed out in his tent, out in the desert. The room itself looked like it was a guest room in someone’s house. When he goes to move his legs, he notices they were a lot shorter than they used to be. He removes the covers he was under and notices he was wearing a little girl’s nightgown with butterflies on it.

He sits there and screams at the top of his lungs “WHAT HAPPENED TO ME!”

Moya was walking by the room they put the person in when she hears the scream of a young girl come from it. A smile appears on her face
“someone is awake.”

She opens the bedroom door and walks inside. She notices the young girl they brought back and ran a test on was finally awake from her ordeal. She looked so cute when she was asleep, but now she looked like she was scared, frighten, and confused.

Anthony looks towards the door when it opened. A woman with long black hair, wearing a purple dress comes walking in. She wonders who it was and why they did what they did to her. Also, how they did it as well.

“Well, it looks like you finally woke up.” Moya stops near the bed.

“Are you responsible for turning me into this?” Anthony notices his voice, sounded like his niece’s voice.

“Ah, no. You’re responsible for turning yourself into what you are now.” Moya had found the device responsible for changing the person they found.

“What do you mean, I’m responsible for this? How did I do this to myself?” Anthony was confused and upset.

“Look, the person you need to talk to isn’t here right now. So, until my leader gets back. Are you hungry or thirsty?” Moya feels Susan and Jackal would be better to deal with this situation.

“I’m hungry and thirsty. How long have I been out of it?” Anthony wanted to know how long he’s been unconscious.

“You have been unconscious for the past three days. The boss and I found you passed out in your tent and brought you here back to the ranch.” Moya watches the expression on the young girls’ faces.

“I’ve been out for three days?” Anthony wonders if his girlfriend tried to get in touch with him. He had only planned on staying a few nights.

“Yeah. If you’re hungry, and if you feel up to it. How about we walk to the kitchen so you can stretch your new legs.” Moya holds out her hand for Anthony to take.

“Okay, by the way. What is your name?” Moya already knew, but she wanted to see if the young girl still remembered her name.

“Anthony, what is your name?” Anthony slides to the edge of the bed and could see how small he has gotten.

“Moya.” Moya helps Anthony gently down from the bed.

Anthony slowly takes a step, while holding Moya’s hand for support. She felt weird in the new body she had. She keeps hold of Moya’s hand as they head towards the kitchen.

Once they are in the kitchen, Anthony is lead to a barstool and lifted onto the seat. Anthony could have made it, but he was still getting uses to his new body.

“What would you like to eat?” Moya has fallen in love with the buffalo meat they have been buying.

“Anything, I’m not picky, but before I eat anything, can I get something to drink first, please?” Anthony was filling very thirsty.

“Sure.’ Moya fills a pitch up with ice-cold water and put a glass in front of Anthony. She fills the glass up and leaves the pitcher.

“Thank you.” Anthony picks the glass up and drinks the water in one big swig.

He pours himself another glass and drinks half of it. He couldn’t believe how thirsty he was feeling. After drinking the water, he watches as Moya cut up a few big tomatoes, some lettuce, and cook up some bacon. She also adds on a couple of slices of beef and a creamy white dressing.

She puts everything together on some sort of bread. Moya cuts the sandwich in half and places it on a small plate for Anthony.

“Here you go, Anthony. I hope you like it.” Moya places the sandwich in front of him.

Anthony had watched as Moya made the sandwich. He takes a bite of it and couldn’t believe how his brand-new senses came alive as he ate.
His memory remembered what bacon tasted like, but what he was tasting now, was different. He devours the sandwich in no time and was hungry for a second one.

“Moya, can I have another one, please?” He looks at Moya.

A sly smile appears on her face “I’m going to have to watch you, Anthony.” As Moya goes about fixing another huge sandwich for Anthony.

After making Anthony another sandwich, Moya makes a sandwich for herself. She watches as Anthony devours the second one.

“Do you want another one?” Moya takes a bite of hers.

Anthony thinks about but decides against it. He looks at Moya “you said you guys found me? If you found me, what caused me to be turned into what I am now?”

“Well, like I told you. My bosses Susan and Jackal will explain everything to you.”

“You can’t tell me anything else?” Anthony wanted to know why he was changed into a young girl.

“Patience young apprentice, all will be revealed in due time.” Moya takes a bite of her sandwich.

“I can’t be patient, Moya. I have a life to get back too.” Anthony wanted to get back to his life.

“Sorry, kiddo, but you’re considered dead.” Moya had nothing to do with it. She did help to stage the accident.

“What do you mean I’m DEAD?” Anthony looks at Moya with anger in his eyes.

“Sorry kiddo, no one would believe who you say you are. The authorities would put you in a mental hospital.” Moya finishes her sandwich.

“Can’t what has been done, be undone?”

“Nope, it's permeant. Like I said, my bosses, will explain everything to you.” Moya grabs a soda from the refrigerator.

After lunch, Moya takes Anthony outside the house to get her use to her new legs. She was still wearing the nightgown she had on. When Anthony had to go to the bathroom. Moya had to explain to Anthony, how young girls sit on a toilet, and how to wipe herself.

Moya never thought she would ever have to explain to someone who wasn’t, her daughter how to potty. The thing Moya was wondering about, was how is Anthony going to take finding out that everyone, other than Jackal are aliens and cyborgs.

“Am I a prisoner here?” Anthony liked what he saw on their walk.

“No, if you find someone willing to adopt you. Then we will let you go to them. However, it’s our responsibility, to make sure you are safe and adjusted to your condition.”

In the next few hours, Moya finds out more about Anthony and why he was out in the desert. She listens as he spoke. She was also seeing if the device she found with him had done any permeant damage to his mind as well.

Later in The Evening:
Anthony was sitting in the living room, along with four other people he hadn’t met yet. Moya was sitting next to him on the same love seat he had sat down on. Anthony looks at a tall woman with short black hair as she stood in the middle of the living room.

“Anthony, my name is Susan and this gentleman sitting behind me on the sofa is my husband Jackal. The gentleman sitting in the recliner is
Klang and the young woman sitting near him is Ezri. You already know Moya. Now, I know you have a few questions about what happened to you and why we went ahead and declared you dead. So, go ahead ask your questions and we will explain the best we can.” Susan kept eye contact with Anthony.

‘Why did you turn me into a little girl?” That was the biggest question he had so far.

“We had nothing to do with your transformation. We found you already in the process of being changed.”

“Then, how was I changed, if it wasn’t you?” Anthony wanted an answer.

“Do you remember finding an object that looks like this?” Susan pulls the square device she found abroad the shuttle.

“Yes, I found one while I was looking for meteorites,” Anthony remembered pricking his finger on it.

“Can you tell me what happened when you found it, please?”

“I was walking along, looking for meteorite piece, when my metal detector picked it up. I picked it up and was looking at it when I pricked my
finger on a sharp piece on it. It was after that I started getting sick. Why, is that important?” Anthony was curious now.

“Because these things allow a species to change their biology to survive on a hostile planet. The one you picked up, must have already been program with the body you have now.”

“What do you mean allow a species to change their biology? Also, can it be undone?”

“I’m saying that aliens are living and moving among you. As for undoing what has been done to you. We would have program one earlier with your true form on it. That way you could go back to how you look. Now, you’re stuck as an eleven-year-old girl with the education of however old you were.”

“Do you mean, I won’t age?”

“No, you’ll age as any normal human girl will. For you to pass as a normal girl, me, Moya and Ezri will have to work with you.”

“You said that aliens are living among the people here. Are you an alien?”

“Yes, I’m an alien, Moya is one as well. Ezri is a human that has had cybernetic parts to replace her human limbs. Not by choice either. Klang
is like his partner, but with less cybernetic development.”

“You all don’t look, Alien.” All Anthony saw standing before him was a tall normal woman.

“Moya, since Anthony is comfortable with you already. Why don’t you show him what you look like?” A smile appears on Susan’s face.

Anthony turns to look at Moya. He watches as her face and body disappear, revealing a humanoid cat person, wearing a black bodysuit and had a utility belt going around her waist with two holsters. She had dark fur and whiskers.

“You’re a cat person?” Anthony was taken back some.

“Yes, I’m from a race called Ailuron. We’re a planet of warriors.”

“Who! Do you mind if I touch your fur?” Anthony wanted to see what it felt like.

“No, go ahead.” Moya holds out her arm to let him stroke it.

Anthony touches Moya’s arm and felt how soft her fur was. It felt like normal earth cat fur.

“Your turn, Susan.” Mayo looks over towards Susan.

Susan lets the holographic image covering her body drop. Instead of a human woman with short black hair standing in the middle of the room.
There was a tall blue woman with a tail that had a spade on the end of it. She had a narrow waist, big hips, pointed ears, with light blue narrow eyes. Her long black hair came halfway down her back.

“Wow! You look like something out of a Sci-Fi movie.” Anthony was intrigued.

“Thank you. My race is called Lormorane. There’s not that many of us in the galaxy anymore. The man sitting behind me is my human
husband.” Susan’s tail wraps around Jackal’s wrist.

“So, how come you married a human, instead of a member of your race?” Anthony was curious.

“Because I love Jackal a lot. I love him so much, that I had my reproductive organs redone, so I can carry a human child.”

“Wow, so that just leaves you two.” Anthony looks over towards Ezri and Klang.

Ezri stands up and deactivates the holographic system. The only human part that Anthony could see was Ezri’s face. It still showed that she still had some human part of her. Her torso, arms, legs, and most of her skin have been replaced.

Klang stands up next to her and shows Anthony that part of his chest, his arms, and legs have been replaced. Even his left eye had been replaced.

“Susan said that you two didn’t request what was done to you. So, how did it happened?” Anthony could relate to Ezri and Klang.

“A race name the Draconic Empire tends to experiment or turn their victims into robots. The experimentation part is to test new weapons and
cybernetic system, before putting them on their people. They take races they conquer and use them as test subjects. Sometimes, they go so far as to turn a living being into a human-robot. Wiping away their thoughts, emotions, and memories.”

“And they are here on Earth?”

“No, but their agents are and some humans are working for them to gather food and slaves.” Susan kept watching Anthony.

“So, why are you guys here, then?” Anthony was curious about that.

“That’s an easy question to answer. We’re here to stop them from kidnapping humans to sell as food or slaves. However, now that you know.
You can’t tell anyone about us. Just as you can’t tell anyone about yourself either. That’s why we faked your death.”

“So, I’m too stay here, until I get older?”

“If you think you can make it on your own, your welcome to leave. No one is going to stop you.” Ezri had spoken up. Her voice had an electrotonic sound to it.

“Look at this way, Anthony. You get to know some aliens and we will be teaching you things that will take Earth at least forty to fifty years to catch up on.” Moya watches Anthony, to see which way he might go.

“Can I think about it?”

“Yes, now we will be treating you like an eleven-year-old girl. So, while you are thinking about what we discuss, you might want to think about a girl’s name as well.”

“Okay, I’ll do that.” Anthony figures these people seem to be good.

“Now young lady, its time for your bedtime.” Moya had a smile on her face.

Anthony just smiles as she gives everyone a good night hug and head to bed. Anthony also thinks about a girl’s name he would like to be called, as he enters the bedroom. He crawls back into bed and falls asleep in no time.

In the next few weeks, Susan, Moya, Ezri, and the guys help Anthony adjust, being a little girl. Anthony changes his name to Kira. None of the others had last names. Kira was also being trained by Moya. She got her up early every morning and started her on an exercise routine.

Kira sits on the horse Jackal bought for her. Susan had to teach her how to ride. Ezri liked horses, but she weighs too much to ride. Moya and horses didn’t get along. For some reason, earth horses didn’t like her kind. Susan liked to ride and sometimes went with her.

She rides to the back perimeter of the property and checks things out. Klang told her that one of the back sensors weren’t working right. She stops at the sensor and gets off her horse. Moya showed her how to fix the sensor.

She gets her tool kit and starts working on the sensor. Her small fingers were nimble enough to do the work. Once she is done, fixing the problem. She closes the sensor up.

She stands back and watches as it comes online. The sensors detected the aliens Susan and her group was hunting down. Susan informed her that she was to be on guard. She might not be able to tell if they are aliens, because they might have changed their biology like what happened to her.

Once Kira was done, she climbs back up into the saddle. It still felt weird to her being a little girl. She never wanted to be a girl before. She enjoyed being between a woman’s leg and eating her out or fucking her and depositing his sperm into women.

Now he needs to adjust to being, a little girl. She never realized how much stuff little girls went through. Susan and Moya have been acting like mothers to her. Hiding how intelligent she was for an eleven-year-old is the hardest part. She had the intelligence and experience of a thirty-
two-year-old male, but the body of an eleven-year-old girl.

She had an accident the other day. She thought she could hold off going to the bathroom like she uses to do. However, she hadn’t realized an
eleven-year-old girl bladder was small or that girls tend to leak a little. The next thing she knew her bladder let loose and she peed the panties and pants she had on.

Kira had been embarrassed to tell Susan she peed herself. Once she did tell her, Susan had just moved her head back and forth with a grin on her face. Once Susan got Kira clean and into a clean pair of panties and pants. She got a lecture reminding her that she needs to be careful.

Kira did ask Susan and Jackal why the device that he found was programmed for a little girl. Jackal told him children are normally the best bait to draw adults into a trap. The way she looked; she could easily blend in with a group of people.

Kira spends most of the afternoon riding her horse and around lunchtime head back to the house. The only person that was home was Ezri. She was downstairs in the command room monitoring activity up in space. She had been surprised at how everything was so hi-tech and modern.

Klang worked as a construction worker for a well-known company. Jackal worked as a local truck driver for a tire supply warehouse. Moya managed to get a job at the local DMV office. Susan on the other hand worked at a local food market. She managed to get hired as a department head.

Kira fixes herself a sandwich and a glass of tea. Susan and Moya didn’t want her to drink a lot of soda. Moya managed to sneak into human services and the local social security office to get her a birth certificate and a social security card. Susan and Jackal were put down as her birth parents.

Kira walks over to the intercom unit in the house “Ezri, I’m in the kitchen. Would you like anything?”

“I’m fine Kira. Moya left some chores for you to do. You’re to vacuum the living room and run the dishwasher.”

“Okay, I’ll do it after lunch.”

After lunch, Kira does the chores Moya wanted her to do. It didn’t take her long to vacuum the living room and run the dishwashers. After she finishes her chores, Kira stands in front of a mirror and look at herself. She was slowly adjusting to being a little girl.

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I like the idea but

I like the idea, but most if not all is in a Tell format which doesn't do much for me. By this I mean its mostly tell and not show.

I'm not trying to say the the story is bad but it just doesn't draw me in as it could do. An example of what I mean is this.

Anthony looks around for pieces of meteorite out in the desert. He’s been out since sunrise looking for meteorite pieces. He normally goes to his standard site, that he has found at least three pieces. However, today he was trying out a different area.

He was doing a grid search and had a program he normally used to record what he finds on his tablet. He takes his metal detector out and starts sweeping the ground while keeping an eye out. In the first part of the morning, he finds nothing at all. He stops mid-day and takes a short break to eat some lunch.

I did a mild but quick rewrite.

Poking around over the grounds of rocks, hard dirt and sand with his metal detector Anthony searched for one of the rarest elements to be found on Earth. An object while plentiful in outer space proved elusive to find even with their passing through the Earths atmosphere over untold years.

With its built in GPS and program, his tablet showed a growing numbers of blocked off areas done in black. Soon the screen would be filled with the adding of another. "That's enough for now" pulling out a sack from the satchel meant to hold his finds when first started in the early morn. Wiping away dirt and sweat from his face the mid-day sun beat down from the clear sky. Flattening out the satchel wishing it was filled even with one he placed it over a large boulder then leaned heavily on it from where the sun warmed it from millions of miles away for over several hours then pulled back his hand with an cry of "Hot" from where he had rested it having wiped more sweat from his face.

I meant this to be helpful criticism.

Thank you

Thank you for the suggestion. It does read a little better than how I wrote it.

If there's a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it.”
― Toni Morrison