Caught With Consequences - Chapter 3

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Chapter Three -- Truth and Consequences

The package arrived overnight and was waiting for Adele when she arrived early at the office. It was a plain brown padded postage bag with no markings on it. It was addressed simply to Adele Edwards and marked urgent.

Adele put the package down on her desk and deliberated. She guessed what was inside it and she knew that she should hand it over to Cassie so it could be forensically examined. She was tempted to tear the envelope open but instead she called Cassie Rivers using her prepaid phone. Cassie said she would be right over and that she would be no more than fifteen minutes which to Adele seemed like an eternity.

When Cassie arrived Adele ushered into her office and locked the door.

"This arrived from the kidnappers; also I need to tell you something. I antagonised the kidnappers last night when they contacted me. I was so stupid!" Adele began to cry and Cassie comforted her.

Adele told Cassie what she had said to the kidnappers and what the consequences of her actions had been. Cassie thought that Adele had been stupid to challenge them but she could understand Adele's frustration and anger and seeing what that man had done to her daughter was punishment enough, she didn't need to add her own admonition.

Cassie took a pair of latex surgical gloves out of her briefcase and a device that looked like a digital camera but the lens looked peculiar. Cassie explained that it was a low dose portable X-ray machine. Then she took out a small UV light.

"Turn out the lights please," Cassie said.

Cassie dusted the package and examined it with the UV light and then she used the miniature X-ray machine on it and then had Adele turn the lights back on.

"Just as I expected, there are no prints on the package. I'm going to assume they wore latex gloves so I doubt there will be any prints on the contents. Inside there appears to be a USB type data storage device wrapped in some kind of fabric. I say we open it," Cassie looked at Adele thoughtfully.

Adele picked up the package and tore it open.

Kimberly's full-cut pink nylon panties with the cute red bow at the front fell on her desk. The musty aroma of semen arose from the garment, the panties were still damp. On the seat of the panties written in black sharpie were the words: I'm a spoiled little slut.

Adele began to whimper but she composed herself. Inside the package was another envelope. She opened it and found a plain sheet of paper and taped to the paper was a tiny USB flash drive. Written on the paper in block text was a note:

Here is your salvation. Ask for four million dollars. Instructions how to transfer the money are as follows: Put the money into...

What followed were directions to transfer four million dollars into a numbered account in the Cayman Islands. Adele was confused.

"I told the kidnappers that I wouldn't be able to get my hands on any amount of ransom money in the timeframe they had dictated," Adele said, exasperated.

"Then whatever is on that flash drive must be worth four million dollars," Cassie countered.

"So what do we do?" Adele asked.

Cassie picked up the flash drive and turned it over in her fingers and then plugged it into Adele's desktop computer.

A document opened on the screen with some explanatory notes but Adele was impatient to play the video file that accompanied the text document.

"What the fuck?" Adele was confused as she read the explanatory notes.

"How deep did you go into your client's background?" Cassie tapped a fingernail against her teeth.

"I didn't. Amanda Palmer came to me with her case and all the documentation and exhibits associated with the SAFE report which was validated by the DoD but being a naval officer it was almost impossible to dig into Amanda Palmer's past. We had to take her at face value," Adele wondered why Cassie was asking.

"Did you ever wonder why Captain Joseph Morales refused your request to participate in the trial and why the JAG had the subpoena you served on him quashed?" Cassie asked but didn't wait for an answer.

"At Executive Solutions we trust no one until we have fully researched their background. Knowing that either yours or Celia's cases were intrinsically linked to the kidnapping we did our own research into Lieutenant Commander Palmer's past," Cassie frowned.

"This is what we found out about her..." Celia summarised what Executive Solutions had discovered.

Lieutenant Commander Amanda Palmer's career was best described as chequered, though she had made O-4 in minimum time. She had served the least amount of time at sea as possible, completing only one full rotation as a line officer before she had taken a series of cushy shore-side logistic assignments usually in popular locations such as the Naval Station Pearl Harbor Hawaii, Fleet Activities Yokosuka Japan, Naval Base Guam and was currently based out of China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station in California.

Amanda had slept her way to the top, usually by undertaking relationships with older senior officers who were married. At first the men were enamoured with her good looks, her rapacious sexual appetites and willingness to experiment, and her discretion. Once she had insinuated herself into the relationship she became a bloodsucking harridan, milking her victims for everything she could, playing to perfection the victimised subordinate who had been sexually harassed. Once she had bled the senior officer dry she would blackmail him into obtaining her next comfortable assignment in a location of her choosing.

Despite warnings about her behaviour spread on the 'senior officer's grapevine', Amanda would invariably find a superior officer who was captivated by her charms. Her last relationship had been with a female, Captain Kathy Moore, who Amanda threatened to out for being a lesbian to the navy, her friends, and her family. The Captain had been closeted her whole life and would have been devastated had she been exposed as lesbian and as a consequence she had ensured Amanda got promoted and moved on to her current position on the Naval Weapons Trials and Evaluation Team at China Lake, where she was employed in an administrative capacity.

"So... shall we play the video file?" Cassie asked Adele, who was shocked at what she had just been told.

They played the video file and after thirty minutes of stunned silence Adele and Cassie knew why the kidnappers had called the contents of the flash drive her salvation.


Amanda Palmer had lived the high life in LA and quickly became enthused with the lifestyle and was looking for a quick exit from the discipline, drudgery and intrinsic routines that military life required. The only problem was that Amanda had saved not a penny of her income and was not eligible for a military pension. Besides, she needed an income that would pay for the lavish way of life to which she aspired and she had hatched a plan, which if successful, would provide her with a fast and substantial cash payout.

Amanda had been deliberately teasing Oliver Randal, making frequent visits to his office and 'accidentally' turning up to the same social functions that he attended. She flirted with him openly and he soon became infatuated with her. She sent him a series of texts that looked innocuous to which Oliver Randal stupidly replied, going into great detail about what sexual acts he would like to commit on her person.

Amanda was a very attractive woman in her mid-thirties. She actually made her winter blue and summer white uniforms look sexy. She had them tailor-made to hug her hourglass figure, her well-shaped buttocks and pert breasts. She was constantly being reminded of navy uniform regulation article 3501.65 which stated that the hem of the skirt should fall 1.5 inches above or below the crease behind the knee however she had her skirts cut three inches above the knee to show off her long shapely legs. She was also often reproached for wearing too much makeup.

On the day of the alleged assault she sat across from Oliver on his white leather couch with her legs crossed which drew the hem of her skirt so far up her legs that he could see that she was wearing stockings rather than pantyhose. She'd had plenty of opportunity to adjust her skirt but deliberately refrained from doing so. She constantly played with her shoulder-length platinum blonde hair and occasionally 'subconsciously' stuck a fingernail into her pouty bright-red lipsticked lips and sucked on it. Her blue uniform jacket was open and her breasts pushed against her white cotton blouse. Her nylons rustled when she reached down to take off one of her black court shoes and scratched the sole of her foot and then left the shoe dangling.

Amanda had ensured that Oliver saw her locking the door behind her on the pretext of security and checked that the blinds were closed on his office windows when she entered the office.

She was surrounded by a miasma of perfume and Oliver could hardly take his eyes off her as he sat at his desk studying the documents she had bought over, which could easily have been sent by courier or delivered by a minion. Oliver was rock hard and his imagination conjured up images of Commander Palmer bent over his desk with her skirt hitched up as he vigorously fucked her.

"Amanda, I'm having problems reconciling these figures," he called out to her.

Amanda uncrossed her legs and gave him a flash of her very non-regulation see-through red nylon panties. Her legs opened wider as she leaned down to put on her shoe causing Oliver to have heart palpitations. She took off her jacket and rummaged in her handbag and found her mobile phone and toyed with it briefly and then set it down on the coffee table.

She stood up without smoothing her skirt, leaving it bunched around her thighs and sauntered across the spacious office to Oliver's desk and stood as close to him as she could get. She leaned into him to look at the document he was studying on her desk. He breathed in her heady perfume.

"That isn't regulation underwear you're wearing today Lieutenant Commander Palmer," Oliver slid his hand under Amanda's skirt and caressed her thigh where her stocking-top met her creamy flesh.

"You bet it isn't, I wore it especially for you. All those texts and emails describing how you would like to see dressed and the naughty lingerie you sent me inspired me," Amanda whispered in his ear.

The softness of her breath in his ear and the silky caress of her hair brushing his cheek made his cock throb.

"I think I've teased you enough Oliver. Time for us to consummate this relationship, if that's what you want?" she nipped his ear.

Oliver pushed his chair away from his desk and reached for Amanda who obligingly fell into his lap. She could feel his hard cock pressing into her buttocks through her skirt as she lowered her pretty face to his and kissed him. He began to maul her, his hand unbuttoning her blouse as she worked her tongue in his mouth.

Amanda leapt from Oliver's lap, finished unbuttoning her blouse and took it off and then she took off her brassiere. Oliver took off his jacket and tie and Amanda pressed her body against him and kissed him again. She guided his head down to her breasts and encouraged him to suckle them. She giggled when he nipped her engorged nipples. Oliver slavered at her bosom and then licked her flesh working his mouth up her neck and back to her soft full lips.

They kissed again and Amanda's fingers found Oliver erect inside his pants and she squeezed his swollen phallus and smiled when he groaned. She freed his manhood and began to stroke it, bringing it to complete tumescence.

"Fuck me Oliver. Give it to me hard. I've been a naughty girl teasing you for so long and I deserve a hard fucking," Amanda disengaged from Oliver and bent over desk, wiggling her buttocks invitingly.

Oliver lifted Amanda's uniform skirt and gazed at her milky-white globes encased in the red see-through panties and groaned. He eased the gusset of her panties aside and marvelled at her freshly shaved vulva. Her inner lips were protruding from her vagina and they glistened with dewy secretions. He put his cock inside her fleshy mound and slid it deep into her hot slick cunt.

"Fuck me Oliver, fuck me hard!" Amanda squirmed and pushed her buttocks back against him.

Oliver began to fuck her.

She took his hands and guided them to her hips.

"Hold me tight Oliver. Hold me tight and fuck this bitch!" she encouraged him.

Oliver's fingers dug into her tender flesh as he pounded his cock in and out of her tight cunt.

She let him fuck her for awhile and then she squirmed and wriggled until his penis slipped out of her sodden minge.

"I've been a naughty girl Oliver. Teasing you and letting you fuck me and then not letting you finish what you started. Spank me Oliver. Spank me; I'm a naughty girl who deserves it."

Oliver went along with the role-play. It was sexually arousing and novel. Amanda obviously liked it rough.

Oliver wailed against her buttocks with the flat of his hand and Amanda encouraged him, begging him to hit her harder. Oliver spanked her creamy globes until they were scarlet, then she spun around and pressed her body against him and kissed him. She guided his hand to her sex and encouraged him to squeeze and pinch her moist flesh. She stroked his hard cock, and squeezed his scrotum until he gasped with both pleasure and pain. Oliver reciprocated and roughly worked his fingers in her sex.

"Fuck me again Oliver. Over there, on the couch. I wanna see your face when you shoot your load inside me," she dragged him over to lounge and fell down on it with her legs wide and her skirt hitched up like a slattern.

Oliver took one of her legs in his hands and nuzzled her calf, her sheer stockings excited him and Amanda put her other leg between his legs and rubbed her nylon-sheathed foot against his rampant penis and listened to him whimper with lust.

"Stop pissing about Oliver; fuck me! Fuck me like a whore!" she stared up at him defiantly, her lipstick smeared, her lips swollen from the nipping and biting.

Oliver fell on Amanda. His cock slammed into her sex, bruising her delicate lips as she writhed and wriggled as he tried to penetrate her. She teased him preventing him from entering her and he became enraged and gripped her thighs tightly, digging his fingers into her delicate flesh. She smiled up at him wickedly.

"That's it Oliver, fuck me like a whore! Use me! Defile me," she encouraged him.

Oliver found her vagina and slammed his cock into her, fucking her vigorously as she clung to him, wrapping her legs around his body so she could rise to meet his thrusts. He bit and scratched her and she encouraged him, screaming obscenities into his ear as he pounded away at her body.

Oliver roared as his climax approached and Amanda felt his cock swell inside her and then it began to palpitate as his hot semen flooded her sex. She let him shoot himself inside her and when she felt he was nearly done she expelled him and squeezed his cock so that the last of his spend splashed on her thighs, her belly and over her navy-blue skirt.

Oliver couldn't see because his head was buried in the crook of her neck but Amanda was smiling wickedly. She had already orgasmed twice during the intense fucking and a third wave of pleasure inspired by both lust and greed beset her.

Oliver was close to collapse; he had fucked Amanda so hard that he had used up nearly all of his energy. He disentangled himself from her and hitched up his pants and gathered them around his waist to keep them from falling down.

"I'm going to use the bathroom honey; you're welcome to clean up in there when I've finished," Oliver panted.

He shuffled across the floor to his private bathroom and closed the door.

Amanda winced as she lifted herself off the couch. Her back ached, her buttocks stung, her vulva was sore and she could feel the bruises blossoming on her flanks and thighs. She smiled evilly.

She went over to the coffee table and picked up her phone and dropped it in her purse and then took out a pair of regulation white cotton panties and a pair of fifteen denier sheer-to-the-waist pantyhose, the same flesh-tone as the stockings she was wearing. She removed her red see-through nylon panties and unrolled her stockings, balled them up and put them in her purse.

Amanda sat on the couch to put on the pantyhose and panties and then walked over to Oliver's desk and found her blouse and brassiere and put them back on and then she put on her jacket. Amanda took a small bottle of cologne out of her handbag. She forced herself to keep her eyes open and sprayed a puff of perfume into them and they immediately began to water and a stream of tears ran down her cheeks. She rubbed her eyes, causing her mascara and eyeliner to run. At that moment Oliver came out of the bathroom and looked at her incredulously.

"That was a really good fuck honey... I'm sorry to have to do this," Amanda grinned viciously.

She raked her hands through her hair, dishevelling it and then she tore open her blouse, the buttons scattering across the room. She pulled the tails of her blouse out of her skirt and then she hiked it up and began to tear at her pantyhose, ripping out the crotch. She pulled and tugged at her cotton panties until they too were torn. She kicked off one of her shoes and then staggered to the office door, unlocked it and flung it open.

"Rape! Rape! Rape! I've been raped. Mister Randal has raped me!" she whispered hoarsely as she teetered over to one of the secretaries desks.


"She did a Lewinsky on him," Cassie chuckled.

Adele grunted, unable to look away from the screen.

"She got his semen on her skirt," Cassie explained.

Adele stared at her computer screen fascinated. It clearly showed that Amanda Palmer had seduced Oliver Randal and then staged the scene and cried rape. Her client was the gold-digger that Weldon Jennings claimed she was.

Adele knew what was legally required of her. She should hand the evidence over to the authorities and immediately tell Amanda Palmer that she done so and inform her of her legal rights. Or... she could bury the evidence and continue to try the case and hope for a substantial award in damages.

But Adele's daughter and her daughter's best friend were being held for ransom by two ruthless men who wanted four million dollars and the contents of the USB were worth at least that to Oliver Randall and Dynamic Aerospace Solutions.

"Adele I can't advise or encourage you to do anything illegal but there's your four million dollars right there if you want it," Cassie said.

"I'm going to leave you alone to make up your own mind, one of my operatives has a lead down in the warehouse district and I'm going to follow it up. Good luck," Cassie leaned in and kissed Adele on the cheek.

Cassie paused at the door.

"If you decide to parlay that evidence, ensure that you are not compromised. This needs to remain a secret; if you ask for money and get caught doing so you will end up behind bars," Cassie said before she opened the door to leave.

Adele thought about it for only a second before she called Judge Chatsworth and asked for a continuance for the morning stating that she was likely to settle the case. The judge was relieved and granted the continuance. Then Adele called Weldon Jennings and asked him to meet her in her firm's conference room in one hour. He was to come alone and not to tell anyone that he was doing so. Intrigued, Weldon had agreed and he sat at the conference table waiting patiently. He was wearing his usual dark Armani suit and brilliant white shirt and Adele couldn't help but be taken by his dark handsome good looks.

Adele came into the conference room wearing one of her navy blue business suits, heels and hose. For a woman who was under immense pressure she still looked attractive and alluring. She deliberately locked the door behind her and ensured that the blinds were closed so they had complete privacy.

"This looks very secretive and intriguing Adele; what do you have for me? I've told you a million times that I can't settle this case," Weldon gave her one of best smiles.

Adele said nothing. She opened her notebook computer and flipped it around to face Weldon.

Weldon read the Word document first and then she opened the video file. Adele watched Weldon stare at the screen enraptured and she was amused when she saw him adjust himself to hide a burgeoning erection.

Weldon knew that Adele was not obliged to hand over the document and the video to him; disclosure of the evidence was totally under her control but she had obviously shown it to him for a reason. The evidence destroyed her case.

"Where did you get it?" Weldon asked giving nothing away.

"I can't say," Adele answered honestly.

"Ok. How much?" Weldon smiled at her salaciously.

Adele reached over and closed the laptop and put a finger on his lips.

"Put your phone and any recording devices you have on the table; I'll do likewise," Adele put her iPhone and her smart watch on the conference table and Weldon put his phone on the table next to hers.

"Come," Adele beckoned and he followed her into the ensuite bathroom.

Adele locked the door behind them.

"There are obviously no recording devices or cameras in here. I can't say the same for the rest of my offices," Adele explained.

"If anyone ever hears about this I will be disbarred and likely go to jail," Adele said anxiously.

Weldon just nodded.

"You never tell anyone about what you have just seen or who showed it to you; understand?" Adele locked eyes with Weldon, she was deadly serious.

"I'm going to show Amanda Palmer the video and tell her that we are withdrawing our complaint and withdrawing the lawsuit. She gets nothing, Oliver Randal walks away unscathed with his reputation intact. Dynamic Aerospace Solutions keeps their Defense contracts."

"I understand. But like I said before... how much?" Weldon gave her a wry smile.

Adele took a slip of paper from her pocket and handed it to him.

Weldon remained composed and impassive when he read it.

"Why Adele? Why are you tanking the case? You could have kept this a secret and asked for more than this in damages," he asked, folding the note and putting it in his pocket.

"It doesn't matter," she replied and reached for the door handle.

Weldon put his hand out to stop her.

"I haven't agreed yet," Weldon gave her a lecherous smile.

"You're going to. You have to," Adele smiled back.

"Ok you're right but I want one more thing from you. That's a lot of money you're asking for Adele," Weldon said.

Adele tilted her head to one side inquisitively.

"I've always wanted to fuck you. Just to see what it would be like," Weldon grinned.

Adele remained motionless and weighed up her options.

Then she leaned into Weldon and kissed him passionately and reached for him through his pants.

"Make it quick! I want this settled today," she spun around and leaned against the sink.

She lifted the back of her skirt up out of the way and offered her buttocks to Weldon who unzipped his fly and freed his erection.

"No foreplay?" Weldon grunted as he grasped her buttocks and stroked them through the silky layers of nylon and satin.

"Just get it over with," Adele leaned over further and wriggled her buttocks invitingly.

"Use the moisturiser there and don't come on my skirt or blouse; keep it in me when you come," Adele said emotionlessly.

"Ever the lady Adele," Weldon chuckled as he pulled down her panties.

He poked a hole in the gusset of her pantyhose and widened it enough to take his cock. He squeezed a dollop of moisturiser from the dispenser on the sink and lubricated his shaft and smeared the rest around Adele's puckered sphincter. He couldn't see her genitals and figured she was tucked which she confirmed by reaching into the front of her pantyhose and freeing her semi-hard cock from between her buttocks.

"You're aroused Adele. I believe that you're actually enjoying this," Weldon grinned.

"Shut up and fuck me Weldon," Adele pushed her buttocks back against his turgid cock.

Weldon gripped Adele's hips and slid his cock inside her tight anus. His glans pressed on her prostate and Adele, already aroused from watching the video, climaxed instantly, her seed spattered on the bathroom tiles. She mewed and cooed incoherently.

Weldon pushed himself deeper inside her and ejaculated. He too was over-stimulated having watched the video and seen Adele climax so quickly.

He held her tight and she pressed back against him, her anus contracting to milk every drop of his spend.

"Ok Weldon. You've had your fun," Adele reached out and took a handful of paper towels from the dispenser and handed them to Weldon.

He carefully extracted his penis from Adele's anus mindful not to spill any semen on her skirt as instructed. Adele went into the cubicle and evacuated most of Weldon's semen from her anus, wiped herself and adjusted her clothing.

Weldon was waiting for her with a self-satisfied grin on his face.

"Well that was nice," he smiled at her.

Adele kissed him softly on the lips.

"I've had better but it was nice for a quickie. Go and make the payment," she pushed him away from her.


Adele Edwards, Cassandra Rivers and Steven Baker were in Adele's office. Adele had introduced Steven to Cassie and explained that Cassie was a private investigator helping Adele with the DAS case.

They stared intently at her computer screen. Steven had been able to access the Cayman National bank numbered account that the kidnappers had provided in their ransom demand and they watched as the four million dollar transfer was deposited into the account. Steven had used his skills to install a tracer program and he was confident that they would be able to see where the money finally lodged. It might give them a clue as to who the kidnappers were.

Almost immediately the funds disappeared from the Cayman National bank and reappeared in an ANZ Bank account in Melbourne Australia, then seconds later at Landsbankinn in Iceland, and almost immediately it was transferred to Capitec Bank in South Africa. The refresh rate of the screen could hardly keep up with the transfers.

"They're bouncing the money around the globe so it's untraceable," Steven leaned in close to the screen.

"Look here see it's... oh shit!" the screen suddenly went blank and then Adele's computer began to reboot.

"Fuck!" Cassie shouted.

"They have the money. There's no point in them keeping the girls any longer; they'll let them go now," Cassie tried to reassure Adele but she knew that was not necessarily the case.

Then the screen came to life again.

Kimberly and Alisha were once again chained to the wall by their wrists, their arms outstretched and their legs spread wide by the stainless steel spreader-bars cuffed to their ankles. They were wearing their work attire: skirts, blouses and heels. A man dressed in a dark tracksuit and wearing a ski mask came into the picture; he walked over and stood between the girls.

"Well done Adele, you have met our demands. Kimberly and Alisha will be released soon," once again his voice was digitally altered.

"You have your money; I want my daughter and Alisha now!" Adele screamed angrily at the screen.

"Don't get your panties in a bunch honey. You will have them back sometime soon, we just have some loose ends to tie up," the man sniggered.

Adele was about to reply but the screen went blank and just like previously, her computer shut down and began to reboot.

Adele and Cassie comforted each other and Steven Baker left them alone.

Back in the dungeon the man unshackled the two young women, put on their blindfolds and led them back to their room.

"When are you going to let us go?" Kimberly asked, careful not to sound petulant.

They were so close to being to be released that the last thing she wanted to do was upset her abductors.

"My colleague will be here soon. He's making some last minute arrangements for your release so stay dressed in your pretty clothes. Pack everything else into your gym bags; you will be leaving here soon. Chill out. Have a couple of drinks. It's nearly over," the man said.

He locked the door behind him and Kimberly and Alisha hugged each other. They smiled for the first time since their ordeal had begun.

"Fuck it! We're out of here soon so let's celebrate," Kimberley opened the refrigerator and took out two vodka cruisers.

The girls had packed their bags and drunk half a dozen cruisers by the time their captors returned.

"We're all packed up and ready to go," Kimberly giggled drunkenly when the two men entered.

"And we have our van ready to take you to the release point. There is only one thing left to do," one of the men replied.

"What's that? Let me guess. You're going to blindfold, gag us and tie us up. I think the gagging and tying is hardly necessary we're both pretty well stewed," Kimberly snickered.

"No. I said we had one thing left to do. That's to give you both a good fucking. We've both been sorely tempted but we've restrained ourselves so I think it's time to reward ourselves," the other man said.

The two girls looked stunned.

"Here is the deal. You girls can play along and get it over with; hell you might even enjoy it... or you can put up a fight and then it might turn nasty. Your call," the man said smugly.

Alisha started to cry and Kimberly embraced her.

"Alisha. Let them do it. Let's get this over with. Just pretend they are some faceless guys that we picked up in a nightclub and bought home to fuck. We've done that plenty of times before," Kimberly whispered.

Alisha nodded and dried her eyes.

"Ok. There is nothing we can do to stop you, so do whatever you are going to do. We won't resist," Kimberly fell back on the bed and lay still.

Alisha staggered drunkenly over to her bed and lay down too.

The two men looked at each other and nodded. They approached the girls and then they stripped naked.

"Ok girls; here we go. This is going to be fun," one of them said.

Kimberly thought the men looked ridiculous standing naked with their ski-masks still on, their cocks standing proud.

The man who had been the driver of the van came over to Kimberly's bed whilst the other went over to Alisha. The man's flesh was pale but his body was toned. He lay on the bed beside Kimberly and took off his mask. He was handsome.

He began to kiss Kimberly and at first she didn't respond but the man was good and his hand was under her skirt rubbing her sex through her panties and pantyhose. He pressed a finger into her and found her clitoris and she couldn't help but mew. The man worked his finger expertly and Kimberly began to respond, her panties began to become damp and when the man slid his tongue into her mouth she let him. She put her arms around him and opened her legs wider.

"Make it quick Joe, the last thing we want is to get caught now that we have the money," the man called out to his partner.

Kimberly looked over and saw that the man called Joe had his face buried between Alisha's legs who was far from fighting him off, Alisha had her hands on his head guiding his tongue to the places she wanted it. She was breathing heavy and lifting her hips up off the bed to encourage the man who was performing cunnilingus on her.

"Your friend seems to like it," the handsome man grinned down at Kimberly.

Kimberly pulled his face to hers and kissed him. She recalled how he had ground against her when she was chained to the wall in the dungeon. She wondered what Adele had thought when she had seen her daughter defiled like that. She became wetter.

The handsome man climbed between Kimberly's legs and pulled down her panties and pantyhose, exposing her shaved pubis. The lips were dewy with excitement. Kimberly wrapped her legs around him when he entered her and pulled him close. The man was excited. It was kinky fucking this young woman while she was fully clothed. Her pussy was tight and she was returning his kisses, driving her tongue into his mouth as she writhed beneath him, rising to meet his thrusts.

The man's long, thick hard cock was buried deep in Kimberly's quim, filling her and eliciting waves of pleasure, his groin pressed on her clitoral area and feelings of rampant desire began to intensify.

She looked over and saw that Alisha was riding the other man cowgirl, her head thrown back with wanton lust as he held her by the waist as she bucked up and down on his cock.

The room filled with the sounds of groans and moans and the 'schlock, schlock, schlock' sound of cocks slamming into wet cunts; it seemed that the four of them climaxed together. Kimberly clung to the handsome man, her legs locked around his back, her groin raised up off the bed as she writhed beneath him and orgasmed. She felt his seed fill her bruised pussy and she smiled and kissed him harder.

Alisha was squealing like a banshee as she ground herself down onto the cock that impaled her body; she drummed her fists on Joe's chest.

"Fuck me you fucker!" she wailed.

The room became quiet after a while and the men disentangled themselves from the women and began to dress. Kimberly and Alisha looked at each other and blushed with guilt and embarrassment. Kimberly came over and sat next to Alisha who was fiddling with her underwear.

"This part never happened ok?" Kimberly said conspiratorially.

"Which part?" Alisha gave Kimberly a knowing look.

Kimberly nodded and went to the bathroom to clean up.

The kidnappers blindfolded Kimberly and Alisha but they didn't bother to restrain them or gag them. They drove them to Topanga State Park and released them with instructions to count to one hundred before they took off their blindfolds.

The girls were able to walk the half-mile to the Topanga Village store and use a payphone.


Once she was sure that the kidnappers had received their ransom, Adele called Amanda Palmer and told her to come to her offices as there had been a development.

"Why did you video the sex on your phone?" Adele asked Amanda Palmer who sat across from her at the conference table wearing her dress blue uniform.

Amanda looked confused but only momentarily.

"It was stupid. I realise that now but the video was my fallback. If I couldn't bring the law suit for some reason I figured I could blackmail Oliver with it for a few bucks. Oliver Randall is married. I've used the same ruse before with some success," Amanda showed no remorse.

She reached into her handbag and took out her cigarettes and lighter.

"Do not light up in here," Adele said dispassionately.

"Oh for fuck sake Adele, lighten up. We've lost the case and I've got no money to pay you," she shook the packet at Adele who begrudgingly took a cigarette and lit it.

"I'll waive the fees but that's it; we're over," Adele blew smoke at the ceiling.

"I read about you before I engaged you as counsel. I read a transcript of your testimony in the Mitchell Brooks case where you described how Mitchell and three of his friends sexually assaulted you in your college dorm when you were only eighteen," Amanda studied the tip of her cigarette briefly.

"That was brave. Admitting to the court that you are transgender and describing the assault; explaining that although you were an unwilling participant that your body betrayed you and you became sexually aroused and even climaxed. I heard what followed the attack was a period of obsessive promiscuity that you had no control over."

"What if I told you the same thing happened to me? That I was gang-raped at Annapolis by my classmates and it made me who I am today?" Amanda looked like she was about to cry.

Adele reached for a box of tissues but when she offered them to Amanda she gave Adele a sinister grin.

"See how easy it is to be the wronged woman? Anyone will believe what you tell them. If a man belittles a woman it could become a lawsuit. If a woman belittles a man it's a Hallmark card."

"I just made that story up. I did my fair share of train-pulling when I was at Annapolis but it was all voluntary; in fact I was the initiator. Men are so stupid. They think with their cocks and some women are even stupider. Captain Kathy Moore was a U-Haul lesbian of the first order and I had her wrapped around my finger. Some women want to believe that all men are assholes," Amanda tapped her ash into the saucer.

"But you're neither are you Adele? You're transgender so you have a foot in both camps I suppose. Sorry you won't be getting any of the huge settlement that we were asking for but I'm sure you will move on," Amanda stubbed out her cigarette and arose.

"Now I'll just have to find some other schmuck to leech off. Admiral Coates is looking for a staff officer so I might park my ass there until my discharge comes through. He's a womaniser and his family has money. I might just let him bounce up and down on me for a while and see if I can prise him away from his skinny-ass wife and get him to waive a pre-nup. I hear he's got a big one so it should be fun," Amanda grinned as she buttoned her coat.

"Do you have a big one Adele? It would have been fun to have found out. I know you like women because I've seen that little limey cunt that you call a wife. Never mind... spilt milk and all that," Amanda let herself out of the conference room and left Adele seething.

Adele raced after Amanda and caught her as she was exiting the building.

"Feel free to suck a few cocks on your way through the parking lot," Adele said bitingly.

Amanda just smiled and waved.

"Don't be a sore loser Adele," Amanda turned and walked away.

Adele went back to her office and conjured up images of her daughter and prayed that Kimberly and Alisha would be released soon. The kidnappers had their money so there was no need for them to keep the girls.


When Adele got the call from Kimberly she nearly broke down but she was made of stern stuff. She told Kimberly that she and Alisha were to stay right where they were inside the store; that she would soon be there to pick them up. Adele called Cassie who told Adele that she would rendezvous with her at the Topanga Village store. It was unlikely that the kidnappers would return but it wouldn't hurt to have backup.

Cassie arrived first in one of her firm's black SUVs driven by two of her operatives. They cased the area around the store and formed a loose perimeter. Adele's BMW sped into the car park and skidded to a stop, throwing up a shower of gravel. She was in such a rush to see her daughter that she left the car door wide open.

Cassie followed Adele inside the store and saw the pretty white girl and the pretty black girl incongruously dressed in office attire huddled in the corner of the state park general store.

Adele wrapped her daughter in her arms and smothered her with kisses as she sobbed. Alisha joined them and all three hugged each other.

"Sorry to break up the reunion Adele but people are staring. Someone will call the police or post something on social media if we don't get out of here," Cassie said.

Adele refused to let go of her daughter and kept her arms around Kimberly as they left the store; she looked like she was about to collapse.

"I'll get my guys to drive your car Adele; you're in no fit state to drive. You and the girls come with me in the SUV," Cassie said and Adele nodded.

Adele and the two girls climbed into the back of the SUV and Cassie hopped into the driver's seat.

Adele soon recovered and began to bombard the girls with questions and Cassie told her to stop.

"Just enjoy having your daughter back for now. We'll go back to Executive Solutions and decide where to go from here. I take it you have no intention of reporting the kidnapping to the authorities?" Cassie looked at the three women in the rear vision mirror and saw Adele nod her compliance.

Back at the offices of Executive Solutions Cassie had her team standing by. Kimberly and Alisha were first handed over to a female doctor who gave the girls a thorough medical examination. Both girls refused to be examined internally or to hand over their underwear.

Adele was in Cassie's office talking to Celia on Skype when the doctor confronted Cassie with the information that girls were refusing a rape kit exam. Cassie left Adele alone and went into the examination room.

"Did those men assault you?" Cassie asked bluntly.

Both women kept their heads bowed.

"Adele doesn't have to know unless you tell her," Cassie folded her arms.

Both of the young women remained silent.

"Stockholm Syndrome is when feelings of trust or affection are felt in cases of kidnapping or hostage-taking by a victim towards a captor. Is that what happened?" Cassie asked.

"We'll answer your questions but we're not talking about that and we don't want Adele or Celia to know. There is nothing to be gained by it," Kimberly answered.

"Ok. I get it. Other than the incident that Adele saw on the video screen there were no other sexual advances made by the kidnappers. We'll get you some fresh clothes. We will examine the clothes you were wearing during captivity for any hairs and fibres but we will destroy your underwear. Is that fair?" Cassie said.

Both girls nodded.

Adele was reunited with Kimberly and Alisha and was told that both girls were in good health and had been well cared for. The girls had no idea where they were being held during the ordeal nor had they any clue as to the identity of their captors. They had stated that their captors had remained dressed in their tack suits and ski-masks throughout the ordeal.

Adele fired up Skype again and reunited Celia with her daughter and Cassie left them alone.

"We want to go home now," Adele said once they had finished their video call.

"What about the investigation Adele?" Cassie asked.

"Drop it. I have my daughter back; that's all that matters. Send your final invoice to my office. This never happened. The girls have taken a sabbatical from their studies and will return to UCLA next semester, that's the story I'm running with," Adele said with finality.

Cassie escorted the three women to the underground parking garage and watched the girls get into the back seat of Adele's BMW. One of her employees put their gym bags and their clothing, now sealed in evidence bags, into the trunk.

Adele hugged Cassie and kissed her cheek.

"Thanks for everything Cassie," Adele sighed.

"I didn't do much I'm afraid," Cassie said honestly.

"You were there for me," Adele leaned in and kissed Cassie on the side of the mouth.


Adele kept the Kimberly and Alisha confined to her apartment for the first few days after their release and they made daily Skype calls to Celia in Kentucky who was frustrated because Brindle Coal and Power were stalling and the witness depositions were dragging on. It was agreed that Kimberly would fly to Missionville to reunite with Celia at the end of the week.

Women in their early twenties are strong-willed and Kimberly and Alisha soon began to rebel against being confined. Alisha wanted to get back to her studies and her part-time job working as a temp at a securities and brokerage firm where she was hoping to find employment once she had attained her degree in commerce and accounting. She had dreams of becoming a broker.

Whilst Kimberly was prepared to take some time off from her classes, she continued to study and both girls wanted to return to their apartment at the Saxon Residential Suites. Adele reluctantly agreed. She needed to get back to work too. She was hoping that things would eventually return to normal.

Adele picked up Kimberly from her apartment and drove her to LAX. Kimberly seemed excited about seeing Celia again and Adele was a little jealous and pissed that her caseload prevented her from accompanying her daughter.

At the LAX passenger drop off Adele clung to Kimberly until the parking attendant threatened to ticket her unless she moved on and she watched Kimberly pass through the same sliding glass doors that Celia had done so only a few days ago but that now seemed like it was an eternity ago.

Once Kimberly was through security she strode purposely through the domestic terminal pulling her carry-on suitcase behind her. She dropped her boarding pass for her flight to Missionville into the trash and continued on towards the American Airlines business lounge.

The handsome man who had fucked Kimberly on the bed in the room where she was being held captive was sitting at a table near the bar and he smiled when he saw Kimberly approaching. She dropped herself into the seat beside him and they kissed passionately.

"How did it go?" the man asked holding Kimberly's hand, reluctant to let it go.

"Adele doesn't suspect a thing and Alisha is just glad it's over. That was a smart move getting Joe to fuck her," Kimberly sipped the gin and tonic she had ordered.

"She feels so guilty about it that she'll never say a word," Kimberly smiled.

"Well I had to let him; he really wanted to fuck you but there was no way I was going to let him," the man sipped his bourbon.

"I'm pretty sure he jizzed on me when I was unconscious in the back of the van. My tights were wet when I woke up and I'm sure it was cum," Kimberly smiled provocatively.

"A small price to pay. Joe thinks the ransom money is safe and sound; he's as clueless as the rest," the man grinned.

A boarding call was made for flight AA 283 to Honolulu and they finished their drinks and walked hand in hand to the boarding gate.

Just as Adele was dropping Kimberly off at LAX for her flight to Missionville, a young man by the name of Joe Brady was walking down Melrose Avenue window shopping. He was imagining all the things he could buy once his share of the ransom money went into his account.

Distracted by goods in the high-end retail outlets he didn't notice the black SUV pull up to the curb until two burly men manhandled him into the back and put a hood over his head.


Adele took a call from Cassie later that same morning and was pleasantly surprised when Cassie asked if they could meet. Adele agreed and Cassie arrived at Adele's law firm thirty minutes later and was ushered into Adele's office.

Cassie was wearing her black pencil skirt with the kick-pleat, a pristine white satin blouse, nearly-nude fifteen denier hosiery and patent-leather black high heels. Adele couldn't help but admire her. Knowing that Cassie was also trans had played on Adele's conscience and she wondered if Cassie had the same thoughts about her.

When they were settled and Adele had served coffee they got down to business.

"I didn't expect to hear from you again," Adele smiled at Cassie.

Cassie smiled back.

"I know you told me to drop the investigation Adele but there were some elements to the kidnapping that just didn't make sense to me and it was an itch I had to scratch," Celia began.

"Such as?" Adele sipped her coffee.

"That video of Amanda Palmer fucking Oliver Randal in his office; didn't you ever wonder where the kidnappers got the video from?" Cassie asked.

Adele frowned. She hadn't.

"Amanda Palmer took it with her phone. She was going to blackmail Oliver Randal with it if her plan to sue him in court fell through," Adele replied.

"Yes I get it. But where did the kidnappers get it from?" Cassie touched Adele's hand lightly.

Adele paled.

"Steven Baker forensically examined Amanda's phone. He retrieved her call log and the incriminating texts and emails that Oliver Randal had sent her," Adele explained.

"And where is Steven Baker now?" Cassie asked.

"Fuck! He took two weeks' vacation when I tanked the case," Adele growled.

"That fuck! He had access to everything! He planted the software on my computer... the whatchamacallit!"

"The encrypted dropbox. He knew everything Adele. He not only kidnapped Kimberly and Alisha he was able to monitor the progress of the kidnapping from inside your firm," Cassie said.

"We found the hideout in a warehouse at Central City North. The dungeon was there and a room that looks like it was converted into a small flat where the girls were held. The kidnapping was very well planned and executed."

"That fucker! I want him chased down Cassie! Can you find him?" Adele was furious.

"We have one of the kidnappers Adele. His name is Joe Brady and he's no Rhodes Scholar. We ran the prints we found in the warehouse identified as him as a petty criminal with a couple of pinches for larceny. The idiot rented the warehouse and purchased the Ford Econoline in his own name," Cassie sniggered.

"The guy's shitting himself. Doesn't know if we're the FBI or the Mob and he's telling us everything. Steven Baker was the mastermind; he concocted the kidnapping and did all the planning and all of specialist IT stuff. Joe Brady was there for the grunt work and run-go-fetch. He's a stooge," Cassie smiled smugly.

"Adele I can try to find Steven Baker and trace the money but there's one other thing. Why didn't Kimberly identify Steven as her kidnapper? You said she worked closely with him on the case, that she documented the forensic evidence that Steven found on Amanda Palmer's phone. Even with a ski-mask she would have known it was Steven; she would have recognised his voice if nothing else," Cassie squeezed Adele's hand.

"I interviewed Alisha Common again too; girl on girl. I showed her a picture of Steven Baker and she told me something that the girls swore that they would never tell you. The girls had sex with their captors," Cassie squeezed Adele's hand.

"They were raped?" Adele cried.

"No that's not it Adele. Alisha felt guilty about it because the girls consented, she said that Kimberly encouraged her to comply and that Kimberly seemed a 'little too into it' to quote her. The kidnappers took off their masks during the sex and when I showed her his photo Alisha identified Steven Baker as the man who had sex with Kimberly," Cassie embraced Adele when she collapsed in her arms.

"Kimberly. My daughter faked her own kidnapping," Adele sobbed.

"Yes Adele and she and Steven Baker duped Joe Brady and Alisha Common into thinking it was real. It was sort of like insurance; having a witness and an accomplice who believed that the kidnapping of Kimberly was genuine," Cassie sighed.

"That sneaky little bitch! After all I've done for her; after all Celia has done for her!" Adele cried.

"Was there any change in Kimberly's behaviour prior to this?" Cassie asked.

"She's a young girl barely out of her teens so yes she was very self-centred. When she was younger she was kind and loving; she doted on her birthmother and nursed her through her cancer until she died and then she came to live with us and she was beautiful and engaging," Adele recollected.

"She worked hard at school and was generous with her friends. She bought Alisha home when they first met at UCLA. Alisha is a scholarship student and Kimberly used some of her trust fund money so that they could rent the apartment they share and live a comfortable lifestyle," Adele said.

"The trust fund!" Adele suddenly remembered.

"We did have a huge fight over the trust fund. Kimberly has three million dollars in her trust fund but she can't access the bulk of it until she turns thirty. Her birthmother Tammy wanted it that way to ensure that Kimberly got a good education and worked hard to get the things she wanted. She didn't want her daughter to be another trust fund kid who turned into a spoiled young adult living an idle life on investments."

"I hate to say it Adele but it seems that Kimberly just couldn't wait," Cassie stroked Adele's hair affectionately.

Adele broke their embrace and sat bold upright.

"I need to call Celia! I need to make sure Celia doesn't let Kimberly out of her sight until you and I go to Missionville and confront Kimberly!" Adele said with resolve.

"Cool your jets Adele. Where is Kimberly now?" Cassie asked.

"She's flying to Missionville Kentucky to spend the week with Celia," Adele replied.

"Well if she's in the air there is nothing we or she can do for a while. Let me get my team to make a few enquiries," Cassie said.

Cassie left Adele lying on her office couch; she was exhausted and emotional, flitting between bouts of sadness and anger. Cassie made a few calls and then she poured herself and Adele generous serves of bourbon whisky. She dimmed the lights and went back to the couch.

Adele made to get up and Cassie waved at her to keep lying down. Adele lifted her head and patted the couch. Cassie sat down and Adele put her head in Cassie's lap. Cassie held the drink so Adele could take a big sip and then put it on the table.

"You're so good to me Cassie," Adele sighed.

"Remember what I said to you at O'Malley's pub, Adele. We are very much the same. We've fought the same battles to be who we are, we suffered indignity and prejudice. We still do. There are men out there who hate us for what we are and plenty of women too," Cassie whispered.

"But we are strong and we are comfortable in our skin, and we are successful and powerful women. We have both overcome tragedy to become who we are. We are sisters Adele," Cassie mussed Adele's hair and smiled down at her.

Adele struggled to sit up and Cassie helped her. Adele leaned into Cassie taking comfort from her.

"Are you married? Are you with someone?" Adele reached for her drink and took a sink.

"Natalie Styles. We're not married but we've been together off and on for a long time. It's complicated," Cassie sighed and reached for own drink.

"Celia and I have a complicated relationship too. We're more alike than we thought," Adele chuckled and Cassie laughed too.

"I'm so confused I've lost track of time. What day is it Cassie?" Adele asked.

"It's Thursday Adele; why?" Cassie asked.

Adele leaned her face into the curtain of Cassie's hair and pressed her lips softly on Cassie's. Cassie remained motionless and at first Adele thought that she'd made a critical mistake.

Then Cassie's lips parted just a little and Adele put her arms around Cassie and kissed her harder. Cassie responded and wrapped her arms around Adele and opened her lips so Adele could explore her mouth with her tongue. The two women kicked off their high heels, stepped out of their skirts and removed their blouses and lay down on the couch locked in a passionate embrace.

There is no way to adequately describe the profound bliss and intense sensuality of two rampant penises caressing through the gossamer skein of silky-sheer pantyhose. The perception of two hard throbbing cocks pressing and rubbing against each other is delightful, and this is what Adele and Cassie experienced as they rutted against each other, tongues intertwined and legs locked.

Cassie lay under Adele, her chest heaving; her breath ragged as they kissed and caressed each other. Adele's cock felt thick and hot against her own engorged penis, her breasts were silky and supple, her nipples engorged. Cassie broke the kiss so she could suckle Adele's breasts and was delighted when she heard Adele gasp. Adele nursed Cassie's head, guiding her face to each of her breasts in turn, delighting in the ripples of pleasure that radiated from her nipples.

Adele eased Cassie's face away from her bosom so that she could reciprocate and she freed Cassie's breasts from her brassiere and sucked and nipped at her pink, rosy nipples. The two gorgeous trans women kissed and humped against each other moaning and gasping.

"It's been so long since I've been with another trans, I forgot how wonderful it is," Cassie sighed.

"So you've missed this then," Adele guided Cassie's hand down between her legs so that Cassie could take her cock in hand.

Cassie squeezed Adele's engorged phallus and slid out from under her, leaving Adele on the couch. She squatted on her knees and freed Adele's erection from the confines of her pantyhose and then lowered her face to it and engulfed it. Adele groaned and placed her hands on Cassie's head and guided her mouth up and down on her swollen appendage.

Cassie used her tongue and lips expertly on Adele's cock; it was a skill she hadn't practised for a while but Cassie was a master and she soon had Adele whimpering with desire. Cassie traced the pulsing veins in Adele's cock with her tongue and then tickled her fraenulum with the tip of her tongue and when Adele pushed at her face in frustration, she opened her mouth and engulfed Adele's phallus and used both her lips on Adele's shaft and her tongue on her glans.

"You better stop unless you want a mouth full of cum," Adele sighed, releasing her grip on Cassie's head.

Cassie climbed back on the couch, lay on her back and opened her legs wide.

"You know what to do Adele; I've wanted this for so long," Cassie sighed.

Adele wanted to fuck Cassie with her pantyhose still on. She loved the feel of nylon-clad legs rubbing together as she fucked. She made a little hole in the front of her own pantyhose and tore out a cock-sized hole in Cassie's pantyhose. Cassie lifted her bottom a little and shoved a pillow under the arch of her back while Adele lubricated her penis.

"Ready honey?" Adele nestled her glans in Cassie's puckered bud.

Cassie nodded and put her hands on Adele's shoulders.

Adele eased her cock inside Cassie's tight anus, stopping frequently to allow Cassie to accommodate her. Cassie grimaced a little but she encouraged Adele to keep pushing herself inside her until Adele's cock was buried up to the hilt.

"Nice?" Adele smiled down at her.

"Lovely. Now fuck me," Cassie smiled up at Adele.

Adele obliged and began to fuck Cassie with long slow stokes, increasing the pace when Cassie encouraged her. Before long Adele was driving her cock in and out of Cassie with energetic enthusiasm, enjoying the velvety feel of Cassie's tight anus. Cassie realised how much she had missed the feel of a steely cock inside her, especially when Adele's cock pressed on her prostate.

"I'm going to come Adele; I can't hold back," Cassie whimpered.

Adele wanted to kiss Cassie but she also wanted to see her come so she leaned back and gripped Cassie's thighs and fucked her hard, slamming her cock deep into Cassie's anus. Adele felt Cassie's anus tighten around her cock and begin to palpitate followed by a geyser of scalding semen erupting from her quivering penis. Adele swooned as she ejaculated deep inside Cassie and Cassie squealed with delight as she orgasmed and felt Adele's cock explode inside her anus.

Adele fell on Cassie and kissed her, Cassie's creamy issue squelched between their bellies. They lay wrapped in each other's embrace, kissing and caressing each other until their climaxes subsided.

After their lovemaking Adele and Celia felt little sheepish.

"I didn't make you do something you didn't want to do, did I?" Adele stroked Cassie's hair.

"Of course I wanted to Adele. I've wanted to since we first met but I try to keep my business and personal lives separate, I don't get intimate with my clients. You can lose your perspective if emotions get involved," Cassie mussed Adele's hair in return.

"But this case is different. It's emotional for you but on some level it's emotional for me too because of who you are... because of who we are," Cassie was interrupted by her phone.

She reached out and snatched the phone off the coffee table.

"I have to take this so why don't you use the bathroom and clean up and I'll let you know what my operatives have uncovered," Cassie said, pointing towards Adele's ensuite bathroom.

Adele changed her nylons, fixed her clothing and makeup and attended to her hair. When she emerged from the bathroom she looked the ever-professional lawyer.

"Kimberly never made her flight to Missionville. She and Steven Baker took an American Airlines flight to Honolulu," Cassie said, shaking her head.

"Find them Cassie. Find them and bring my daughter home. I don't care how long it takes or how much it costs," Adele said resolutely.


Under the Compact of Free Association, U.S. citizens do not need a visa to enter the Marshall Islands and they can stay indefinitely. A couple of bribes to immigration officials was all it took for Steven and Kimberly to enter the Republic of the Marshall Islands on their forged U.S. drivers licences.

There are two banks operating in RMI, the Bank of Guam and the Bank of Marshall Islands. The Bank of Guam complies with all U.S. banking legalities and administrative precedents whereas the Bank of Marshall Islands tends to turn a blind eye to these regulations in favour of large depositors. Steven Baker transferred all of the four million dollars ransom money into four separate investment accounts in the Bank of RMI. Steven and Kimberly took a ten-year lease on a small island in Majuro lagoon. Ekino Island is a small, white-beached, coral-fringed paradise with a substantially modernised colonial house and gardens surrounded by lush tropical foliage. Steven and Kimberly employed two local women to perform the domestic duties so that they could enjoy their paradise.

Steven purchased a Stabicraft 2150 fitted with two Yamaha F150 outboard motors which he had shipped in from Australia. This was their main means of transport around Majuro lagoon and could get them to Shoreline in Uliga where there were docking facilities for the boat and gave them access to the commercial area where there were shops, restaurants and bars, albeit not quite world standard. But when you live in paradise, five-star commercial outlets are not essential.

The counterfeiter who had forged their driver's licence was busy manufacturing false passports and once they had them in their possession, Kimberly and Steven could travel the world. It was a four hour flight west to Guam which was a hub into Asia or a four flight east to Honolulu where they could fly to anywhere in the USA and beyond.

Kimberly and Steven figured that once they made their initial outlays, they could maintain a luxurious, leisured lifestyle living on the remainder of the ransom money. Their stipend would be topped up by the balance of Kimberly's trust fund when she turned thirty. Adele had done such good job setting up the trust that only Kimberly or her children, if she ever had any, could access the fund.

Within three months of arriving in RMI Kimberly and Steven had insinuated themselves into the Expat community. Many U.S. citizens and Australian and New Zealand nationals with permanent residency lived in Majuro and many Asian families owned businesses on the atoll. The Marshall Islands and Majuro in particular is a cultural melting pot in the eastern belt of Micronesia. It is also surprisingly not very well known about, being off the tourist trail and of no real commercial consequence.

Kimberly lay on the pristine white sand of Ekino Island sunning herself and working on her already bronzed tan. Ehukai and Iwalani, the two 'house-Marys' were cleaning the house and preparing lunch; Steve would be back soon in the boat. He had gone into Uliga to attend to business and to do some shopping, they were getting low on beer.

She surveyed the small islets that ringed Majuro Lagoon: little palm tree strewn enclaves circling the pristine blue waters. Kimberly adored the lifestyle but was anxious for their passports to arrive so that she and Steve could take a long awaited holiday to Europe.

Kimberly heard the crunch of feet on sand and expected to see either Ehukai or Iwalani bringing her a drink and was surprised to see an attractive tall, long-legged woman wearing a black one-piece bathing suit and a colourful sarong approaching. Her black shoulder-length hair was professionally styled with subtle ruby highlights. She looked to be in her forties but she had a toned body and firm breasts. She sported tattoos on her upper arms, torso and thighs.

The woman smiled as she approached. She had a large straw basket slung over her shoulder and was swinging a pair of sandals from her left hand.

"Hi," the woman said as she came closer.

"Hi yourself. Do you know this is a private island?" Kimberly replied a little curtly.

"Oh shithouse mouse! I told the guy driving the boat that I wanted to go to Eneko Island. Is this not Eneko Island?" the woman looked troubled.

Eneko Island is one of Majuro's most beautiful and accessible beach getaways, owned by the Reimers family; they rent out the small rustic cottages on the island by the day or the week.

"Those guys sometimes get confused between Ekino and Eneko Islands, especially if their English isn't good. It's an honest mistake," Kimberly sat up on her beach towel.

"I'm sorry; I'll call Shoreline and get them to send me a boat," the woman rummaged in her bag to find her phone.

"Hey. Don't worry about it. We don't get that many visitors to our island so it's nice to have another ri-belle visit. Stay for lunch; my boyfriend will be back in our boat soon and he can take you to Eneko after," Kimberly smiled.

Ri-belle, pronounced ree-bellie, is Marshallese for white-skinned person.

"I feel like I'm intruding," the dark haired woman said.

"Nonsense; I'm Janet Williams," Kimberly Edwards said and held out her hand.

"I'm Kelsey Reka," Cassandra Rivers replied and shook Kimberly's hand.

"Come join me in the cabana, I'll get Ehukai and Iwalani to bring us some drinks and lay out lunch," Kimberly started to walk towards a bamboo cabana with a palm frond roof and beckoned Cassie to follow.

"Kelsey Reka, that's an unusual name," Kimberly smiled and she was beautiful.

Cassie realised why Adele adored her daughter.

"It's of German origin. My ancestors had a trading post here in the Marshall's in the eighteen hundreds and traded in copra. I'm a hopeless romantic when it comes to family history and I decided to finally come to RMI on holiday to see it for myself," Cassie said.

"It's a beautiful place," Kimberly smiled again.

"My boyfriend was a broker on Wall Street and made a fortune before the market crashed. Lucky for me he got out when he did and we decided to give up the rat-race and settle here," Kimberly recited their backstory by rote.

Iwalani brought the women two ice-cold XXXX Bitter beers. Despite the Republic's long association with the USA, the Queensland brewed ale is the Island's favourite beer.

"Those tattoos are interesting, especially the one you have there of a woman riding a motorbike," Kimberly pointed to the tattoo with words 'Biker Bitch' inked underneath it.

"Some would say I had misspent youth. I would say I've had an adventurous life," Cassie grinned.

"Yeah I get it. To a misspent youth," Kimberly proposed a toast and they raised their bottles, chinked them together and drank.

"Hey, here comes Johnathan now and he's motoring," Kimberly sometimes found it difficult to refer to Steven Baker by his new name Johnathan Drake.

The Stabicraft was hammering along at full throttle throwing out a large wake, bouncing over the wavelets. It barely slowed down as the driver cut the engine and the boat slid up the beach ending up halfway out of the water.

Steven Baker began sprinting towards the cabana screaming at the top of his lungs.

"He seems excited," Cassie casually sipped her beer.

"Something's got him riled that's for sure," Kimberly frowned.

"It's gone! Kimberly it's all gone! The money's gone!" the women heard him shout as he got close enough to hear.

Steven was panting and close to exhaustion by the time he got to the cabana.

He came to a sudden stop nearly falling over in the soft sand when he saw who was sitting with Kimberly.

"What the fuck is she doing here?" Steven was stunned.

"Hello Kimberly; your mothers send their regards," Cassie took a small silver automatic pistol out of her straw basket and put on the table within easy reach.

"Come and take a seat Steven; we have so much to talk about," Cassie smiled and waved him over.

"Who the fuck is she Steven?" Kimberly was still dumbfounded.

"She's Cassandra Rivers. Adele hired her to find you when I kidnapped you," Steven slid onto the bench beside Kimberly.

"And now I've found you," Cassie grinned.

"Steven isn't the only IT guru around; I have a couple of pretty good ones who work for me too. It took me a while to track you two down but when I did it didn't take long for my guys to find the money. They've just transferred it somewhere safe," Cassie took another sip of beer.

"Can I get another one of these before leave? They're delicious," Cassie waved her empty bottle at the house-Marys who were standing at a respectable distance, waiting to serve lunch.

"Where do you think we are going?" Kimberly said petulantly.

"Well you can stay here with your forged documents and no money and I can alert the appropriate authorities or you can come with me to Amata Kabua International Airport and board the private jet I've hired to take you home and explain yourself to Adele and Celia," Cassie took the ice-cold XXXX beer that Iwalani brought to her.

"What about Steven?" Kimberly said sullenly.

"What about Steven?" Cassie looked at him indifferently but she moved the pistol a little closer to her.

"My instructions are to bring you back. I have no instructions as to what to do with Steven," Cassie took another sip of beer.

"I won't go back without him," Kimberly snapped.

"Then I guess you're coming with us too Steve. If you want to that is?" Cassie smiled at Steven Baker who was still overwhelmed with the turn of events.

"Here comes our ride now," Cassie nodded at the two high-powered motorboats approaching the Island.

Even at this distance it was possible to see that the two occupants in each of the boats were big burly men.

Kimberly began to cry softly.

"What do you think Adele is going to say when I get home?" Kimberly whimpered.

"Oh I think Adele is going to be quite reasonable. It's Celia I'd be concerned about," Cassie finished her beer and slapped the bottle down on the table.

The End

Author's note: I hope you enjoyed this story. I have tried to make it as factual as possible but it is fiction. As usual I request that you leave your comments, concerns and criticisms. Feedback stimulates me and encourages me to hopefully be a better a writer.

PS a special prize for anyone who remembers where the name Kelsey Reka came from.

Michele Nylons, July 2020.

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I wonder

I wonder what Celia is going to say to Kimberly. Makes a girl wonder?

Only 31 kudos for this twisted tale?

I am truly disappointed. The plot had me guessing from the start, the character development was done well, dialog was realistic, and we all wanted to get away with $4 mil. I liked this a lot. If there was a failing, it was in S.B. turning out to be a baddie, he's been one of the good guys in previous incarnations. But, I suppose Kimberly managed to turn him, ahhh the power women hold.

Thanks for another engaging story Michele, and you've proven it doesn't always need 20 chapters to capture our attention.

>>> Kay

Oh, What Tangled Webs We Weave

joannebarbarella's picture

Few were who they pretended to be. Only Adele, Celia and Cassie were genuine. Kimberley was an ungrateful daughter but then gratitude is the briefest of human emotions other than the few seconds after a man has achieved climax. Steven was most likely mesmerised by a combination of lust and sex. Amanda was a con-woman pure and simple.

Michele, I wonder about you too. You really have a twisted mind, but it's very entertaining!