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Nyx steads her hand to keep it from shaking as she solders the connections of the capacitor to the custom circuit board. She only had a few more modules and capacitors to put on the board. She looks up when she is finished with the current one.

Nyx lifts her magnifying glasses and wipes the sweat from her forehead. She has been feeling better since the marrow transplant, she received from her sister. She had to get the marrow transplant because of cancer she had. It was the only way she could recover from it.

Recently she discovered her eye color had started changing to the same color as her sisters. It was rare, but it did happen. Just like the DNA in her bloodstream has changed as well. Her new DNA matches her sisters. The cells of her organs matched her original DNA, but her blood contained her sister’s DNA.


Nyx looks over towards one of the four 3d printers she had going. It just finished printing an arm brace she needed for a suit she was building. She walks over to the printer and pull it out and examine it. It felt lightweight and was the shape she needed it to be.

She walks over to the suit she was building and attach it to the armor. So, far everything was going as planned. The suit she was building for herself was coming together. She steps back to look at it and liked how it looked. It had a female shape to it, so people would think a woman was wearing it.

Nyx turns back around and goes back over to her workbench. She wanted to finish the power distribution module she has been working on. She lowers her magnifying glasses and goes back to working on the module.

Once the module was done, she runs a test to make sure it works. She watches as the module goes through the system check and everything comes up green on the test. She carefully disconnects the module and mounts it in the armor. She connects the wiring harness to it and runs a self-diagnostic program.

Nyx knew it was going to take a couple of hours before the program was done. She looks over towards the other three printers to see how much longer they had. According to the timers, it was going to be at least six more hours.

She figures she should go into the house and fix some lunch for herself. She walks out of the garage and heads towards the house. She wishes she were more like her sister and mother.

Nyx walks into the kitchen and starts fixing herself a salad. Her roommates were at work. While she is eating, her cellphone beeps letting her know a text came in. She glances at it and notices it was an order for a suit of Mandalorian armor.

The customer sent a description of how they wanted the armor to look. She also had the measurements for the customer. All she’ll have to do now is construct the armor. Nyx sits down at the counter and enjoys her lunch.

After she finishes and put away her dirty salad bowl and clean the kitchen up. She heads upstairs to her bedroom. She was glad she wasn’t in the hospital anymore and wasn’t doing chemo anymore as well.

She takes the medicine her doctor prescribed. She doubles up on her estrogen shots. She hated that she had to take them and wishes her body could produce her estrogen. Why couldn’t the marrow from her sister, reprogram her testicles to produce her estrogen?

Once she finishes taking her medicine, she checks on a few orders she had placed. The one item she was concerned about, was an experimental hormone replacement program she was taken part in. According to the company sending her the hormones, it was en route and should arrive tomorrow.

Once she was done with answering and checking her email. She heads back down to her workshop to start on the Mandalorian armor. She spends time first creating mock-up pieces to the measurements that were sent to her. Once the mock-up pieces are created, she makes sure everything matches up.

She sends the images of the mock-up to the client. The next project she works on is the jetpack she has been working on since she was in high school. The version she currently had, was her twenty-fourth model. She still had the first model hanging up in her shop. As for the other twenty-three previous models. Some of them survived the testing phase but needed to be scaled down or exploded because the material she was using wasn’t strong enough.

The current version was her most advanced model. The other version had controls and such. This version linked up with the navigation and GPS computer in the suit. She could load already established GPS coordinates and fly to those locations.

“Hey, Nyx are you coming in for dinner or not?” Harry had come home early and started dinner.

Nyx looks up from what she was doing “yeah, I’m coming.”

Nyx puts down what she was doing and turn the equipment off. She removes her safety glasses and heads towards the door. Before she leaves her workshop, she makes sure the only thing still working was the 3D printers.

She closes the door and locks it. She had a lot of expensive equipment she worked hard to acquire.

“So, what’s for dinner tonight?” Nyx looks at Harry’s back as they walk towards the house.

“Porkchops, mash potatoes, applesauce, and carrots.” Harry loved pork chops and so did Landon.

“Is Landon performing tonight?” Nyx liked Landon. He was the first drag king she has known.

“He and Cherry are doing a show tonight.” Harry loved Cherry and wished he could be at the club tonight to watch them. However, he needed to get up early tomorrow for a new job site.

“Man, I wish I knew they were performing.” Nyx knew her mother Cherry was Harry’s boyfriend who worked as a drag queen. She also worked at the local DMV office.

The women that worked at the DMV office loved it when Cherry came in one day dressed in full drag. What they didn’t know, Cherry was also an extremely good pole dancer. The reason she was so good, was because her older sister was an exotic dancer and taught Cherry
everything, she knew about pole dancing.

“So, it’s just you and me tonight?” Nyx grabs a beer from the refrigerator.

Harry gives Nyx a look when she grabs a beer “aren’t you still a little underage?”

“Oh, come on Harry. I’m twenty years old. I still have one more year until I’m twenty-one.” Nyx looks at Harry with her pleading eyes.

Harry shakes his head “I can’t believe I’m doing this. You can have one beer and no more.”

“Thanks, Harry.” Nyx closes the refrigerator door.

They each fix their plates and sit down in the dining room. Nyx loved Harry’s cooking. She wonders, why Harry became a lumberjack, instead of a cook? It had to be easier than trampling around in the woods all day.

“How’s work going?” Harry knew Nyx was working on a suit of armor for the comic con she wanted to go too.

“Fine. I just got an order for a custom suit of armor.” Nyx takes a sip from her beer.

“Again?” Harry was surprised that Nyx got another custom order.

“Yeah, my website gets a lot of hits for specialized armors, knives, and such.” Nyx never realized she would be this popular.

“And how is your special project coming?” Harry knew Nyx was working on some sort of special project for herself.

“It’s almost finished. There are still a few more things I need to do to it. After that, I’ll need to take it out and test it. I learned my lesson on testing things in the workshop.”

“I hope so. The last time you did some testing in your shop. You almost burned the building down.” Harry was glad that Nyx had insurance on the old store next to the house.

“It wasn’t my fault, though. I didn’t know the starter switch on the bullet style jetpack was loose and a simple rattle to it would set it off.” The switch Nyx installed had been a factory defect that got shipped to her by accident.

The insurance money she received and the money from the company that built the switch. All that money went to rebuilding the old general store building. It was part of the property that Harry and Cherry bought and rented out to her. They had no plans for the old general store, and she needed a place she could do her work.

She used all the money, except for three thousand, which she put in the bank. She fixed and salvaged what equipment she could and bought new equipment to replace what she lost. She also used some of the money to buy what she wanted.

Once Nyx and Harry were done eating. They fix plates for Cherry and Landon and put them in the freezer to reheat or take to work. Nyx heads up to her bedroom and strips out of her clothes and slip-on her nightclothes.

Nyx puts her cellphone into its charger and turns on the television. She was going to catch up on some old cartoons, like Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels and Jabber Jaws. She loved the old-style cartoons. She reaches for her black teddy bear and snuggles under the blanket, cuddling with it.

Nyx's eyes slowly started to close and just before she drifts off to sleep. She turns her television off and buries herself under her blanket. Because Harry kept the house at sixty-five degrees.

The alarm clock in Nyx’s bedroom starts going off at seven o’clock. She reaches out and shuts it down. She was nice and comfortable under
her blankets.

Nine minutes later, her cellphone goes off again. Nyx didn’t want to get out of bed, but she had a job to do. She gets up out of bed and slips her slippers on. She covers up a yawn as she walks across the hallway and into the bathroom. She does her morning business and gives herself an estrogen shot, before heading downstairs to the kitchen.

“Morning London.” Nyx walks into the pantry and grabs her favorite cereal.

London was sitting at the counter eating some breakfast he had made. He had his Fire Kindle out and was catching up on the news.

“Morning, Nyx.” He watches her as she comes walking out of the pantry.

He still couldn’t get over how young she looked. He knew she was twenty years old, but the way she was dress combined with how short and slim she was. It made her look like she was only eleven years old. He knew she wanted to have her breasts.

Nyx notices that London was looking at her. She wonders what was going through his mind. She knew London worked with a person named Sabina Gladstone. They bought houses to fix up and sell them after they completed the upgrades. London was also a female to a male person. He already had his breast removed and his chest sculpted to look like a male.

The last surgery he needed, was getting his penis. He already had all the other surgeries he needed. She told him, he could have her reproductive organs, if he wanted them. She hated having a penis.

“How did things go, last night at the club?” As Nyx puts a spoonful of cereal in her small mouth.

“Good, there was a decent crowd down at the club last night. You should have come down.” London knew several people asked about Nyx.

“I was tired last night.” Nyx wasn’t the clubbing type.

“Well, Melvin and Eugene were asking about you.” London knew Melvin had a thing for Nyx. He liked short childlike women. Melvin, on the other hand, liked Nyx for her intelligence.

He liked smart women and he knew Nyx was very intelligent. She graduated from High school at the young age of fifteen years old and attended college for four years until she got sick. He knew she got a marrow transplant from her older sister.

He has seen some changes in her since she got the marrow transplant. The first thing he noticed, was her eyes had changed color. The next thing he noticed, was her hair had gotten thicker and longer.

“I’ll call them later.” Nyx finishes her cereal and rinses out her bowl.

“So, what are you going to be doing today?”

“I have a new order to complete and I have the special project I am working on.” Nyx wanted to get her special project finished.

London looks at Nyx with a puzzled look on his face “what special project?”

“I’m making a special suit of armor with a built-in jetpack.” Nyx covers up a yawn.

“Wouldn’t you want to make the jetpack detachable?” London figures that would be the best thing to do.

“Yes, it is. However, instead of having external controls like most of my packs do. This one interfaces with the navigation system built into the armor. The onboard computer will control the jet pack, leaving my hands free to do other things.” Nyx thought it was a pretty good idea.

“You have been watching too many Iron Man movies.” London knew Nyx liked the Avengers movies.

“I got the idea from watching Star Wars Rebels when they were on Mandalore.”

London just shakes his head back and forth “you are such a geek at times.”

“Can’t help it. I love Sci-Fi movies and cartoons. If I could figure out a way to build an actual transformer, I would.” Nyx has had a few requests about building a transformer style suit.

“How come you’re not working for a Tech company?” London knew Nyx went to college and got her degree in several different fields.

“Because she likes to do her own thing. She hates taking orders from people.” Cherry comes walking into the kitchen.

“Morning, mom.” Nyx walks over and hugs Cherry.

“Morning sweetie. Have you been a good girl this morning?” Cherry looks into Nyx’s green eyes.

“Yes ma’am.” Nyx buries her face against her mother’s breasts.

Cherry just holds Nyx against her body. She knew how much Nyx loved her. She was glad that she was Nyx’s mother.

She was still amazed that Nyx’s eye color had gone from brown to green. She didn’t know a morrow transplant could change a person’s DNA. Cherry considers Nyx to be her daughter. She took Nyx in when she was just five years old. Nyx’s older sister was twelve years older than her.

The reason she took Nyx in, was that her mother had abandoned her. She uses to babysit Nyx when she was little and one-night Nyx’s birth mother never came home. This went on for several days and when she tried to track down Nyx’s mother. She found out that Nyx’s mother had quit her job and left with some guy.

Cherry was only twenty-two at the time, she became Nyx’s adopted mother. Nyx was only five years old at the time. Child protective services
always checked up on her, mainly because she was gay and cross-dressed as a woman. She also dressed Nyx as a little girl, when she noticed that Nyx liked dressing up as a girl. When Nyx became older, she started letting her see a counselor so Nyx could be put on pubertal blockers.

It was when Nyx was nineteen years old, she develops cancer and needed a marrow transplant from her older sister. Cherry would have done it, but she wasn’t compatible with Nyx. Nyx’s older sister Amelia was hesitant at first, but after she saw how bad off Nyx was. She volunteered to donate some of her bone marrow.

Amelia, Nyx’s older sister has just recently become closer to her younger sister. What neither girl knew, was that Amelia is Nyx’s birth mother. Cherry found that out when they tested Amelia to see if she was compatible with Nyx. They shared the same father, who was in jail for raping his daughter and several other women.

Cherry couldn’t believe what she found out and decided to keep it quiet. Amelia had asked her, not to tell Nyx that she was her mother, instead of her sister. So, she promised to withhold the information from Nyx. Even, Nyx’s birth certificate had Nya’s grandmother listed as her mother and her birth father listed as well.

“Okay, sweetie let me go, please.”

“Okay, mom.” Nyx steps back and lets her mother go.

Cherry looks at her daughter “what are you planning on doing today?”

“I’ll be working in my workshop on my project and customer order.”

“Well, don’t forget you have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow. Dr. Evans wants to give you a physical.”

“Okay.” Nyx walks out of the kitchen and back upstairs to her bedroom and changes clothes.

After changing clothes, Nyx heads out to her workshop to finish her project and start on the customer's order she received. She spends most of the day working on her project and program the four 3D printers to start constructing the new armor order.

The experimental estrogen hormones she ordered finally arrives. It wasn’t the liquid type she has been taking but in a pill. She reads the instructions sent with the medicine. It said she should take two dosages per day.

She opens the bottle and pops two pills in her mouth. She hopes they would do what her other estrogen shots weren’t doing. She closes the bottle and goes back to work.

Nyx looks at all the parts to the armor she just constructed and strip out of her clothes. She pulls on a special form-fitting suit that has connections built into it. Once she has the bodysuit on, she starts putting on the body armor pieces.

“Here goes nothing.” Nyx puts the final piece on, which was the helmet, and looks at herself in the mirror.

She couldn’t believe how the suit looks. She initiates the onboard computer system and all the neat gadgets and such she installed came online. She had full cellular, satellite, radio, and night vision, infrared, thermal.

“Oh, I can’t wait to test you out.” Nyx saw how much fuel the jetpack has available to her. The GPS and navigational systems were working perfectly.

She tries moving while wearing the suit. At first, it was hard, but once she managed to find her balance. She manages to walk normally with the suit on. After a while, Nyx finds it hard to breathe while wearing the suit completely sealed.

“I knew I forgot something.” She lifts the helmet off and starts removing the rest of the suit.

Once the suit is completely off and she is standing in the bodysuit. She looks at the body armor and tries to figure out how she could modify the current design. She needed to make itself contained, so it had its environment.

She goes back to the computer model and looks over it. She locates which areas she needs to make modifications to it. She takes the current model and makes modifications to it. By the time she makes the modifications, its dinner time.

Before she leaves her shop, she glances at the printers and noticed they will be done by midnight on their current projects. She turns the power off to several machines, before heading towards the house for dinner. As she walks towards the house, she thinks about where she was going to test her body armor.

The next day Cherry takes her to Dr. Evans's office for her physical. She brings the new bottle of estrogen pills she bought, for doctor Evans to look over and research. She gets a full physical and has all her vitals done as well. Dr. Evans takes three blood samples to test.

As for the estrogen pills Nyx bought online. According to the information, they were produced overseas to a pharmaceutical company that specializes in experimental drugs. The pills were a new product that the company recently came out with.

The company’s name was Dakiba Pharmaceutical and was located in Madrid, Spain. Dr. Evans never heard of it. She looks at Nyx “I want you to keep me informed on what this drug does to you. I’ll need to test your blood every few weeks to see how it is affecting you.”

Nyx could understand that “alright Dr. Evans.”

Nyx liked Dr. Evans. She didn’t pass judgment about her choices and was always nice to her. She waves goodbye to Dr. Evans and her staff as they leave the office. Nyx and Cherry head to their favorite restaurant for lunch. Afterward, they do some window shopping. Cherry knew how much Nyx enjoyed looking at the newest fashions.

On the way home, they stop at the local chicken shack and grab a bucket of fried chicken and sides for dinner. Cherry notices Nyx was thinking about something as they head home.

“What’s on your mind, sweetie?” Cherry glances towards Nyx.

“Nothing much. I was thinking about where I want to test my special suit.” Nyx knew there were several large areas.

“What do you mean, where you want to test your suit, young lady?” Cherry knows her daughter likes building things and testing them.

“I built a suit of armor with a detachable jetpack. I want to test it out and see how everything does.” Nyx looks at her mother.

“Just be careful, Nyx. The last time you tested something, you burned your workshop down.” Cherry remembered that day.

“It wasn’t my fault. The jet pack had a bad switch.” Nyx still can’t believe she is still blamed for what happened that night.

A smile appears on Cherry’s face. She loved teasing her daughter about that night. When they arrive back home. Nyx takes everything inside and sets the table. London was already home and so was Harry. Nyx looks at Harry and noticed he looked worn out.

“Rough day?”

Harry looks up at Nyx “yes, a very rough day.”

“Sorry to hear that. Do you want a beer or something?” Nyx figures something cold might be in order.

“No, I just need to sit here for a while and cool off.” Harry was hot and worn out from working out in the heat.

Nyx and Cherry finish setting the table “dinner is ready.” Nyx sits down at her place.

Landon and Harry come walking into the dining room and sit down at the table. London sits next to Nyx and Harry sits next to Cherry. During dinner, everyone makes small talk.

Landon looks over towards Nyx “how did your physical go?”

“It went fine. I showed Dr. Evans the medicine I ordered online, and she is going to monitor me on its effectiveness.” Nyx bites into her biscuit.

“You do know, not all the drugs you see online are safe, don’t you?” London looks at Nyx sitting beside her.

He had a friend that ordered some hormones off the web and it made him sick as a dog. He was being concerned about Nyx. She has
already experienced having cancer. Which she was lucky that her half-sister donated bone marrow to her.

“I know. I showed Dr. Evans the web page I got it from and the name of the company I got the medicine from.” Nyx takes a sip of her tea.

“Alright, just as long as you realize what you are doing.” London continues to eat his meal.

After dinner, Nyx heads up to her bedroom to continue bingeing on her favorite cartoons. Her closest friend lived at least ten miles from her.
She covers up a yawn as she finally falls asleep.

Saturday Afternoon,
Nyx looks up at the sky and notices storm clouds were drifting in. She was hoping that the storm that was predicted to hit the area she lived in pass them or waited a few more hours. She checks her camera mount, before walking away.

Nyx looks directly towards the camera “today is July 05, 2020, and this is the first test flight of the Chimera body armor with the mark twenty-four jet pack attached to it. Weather conditions are gray and there are sounds of thunder off in the distance.”

“I’m going to try hovering, just five feet off the ground for my first test.” Nyx engages the jet pack and hovers just five feet off the ground.

Nyx was thrilled as she hovered five feet off the ground. The auto stabilizer was keeping her balanced. She lands after a few minutes.

“Well, that works. Let’s see how it does at twenty feet.” Nyx raises her right arm and types in the command for twenty feet.

A countdown appears on the Hud display inside her helmet. When it reaches zero, the jetpack engages and lifts her twenty feet off the ground. She hovers for a few minutes and lands softly.

Nyx keeps testing at different heights to test how stable the system is, before taking to flying around in a circle. She goes up higher and higher until she is five thousand feet above the ground. Rain starts coming down as she hovers and looks around.

“I better get back to the ground.” Nyx starts heading back to the ground.

Just as she reaches two hundred feet off the ground, she gets struck by a bolt of lightning. The armor absorbs some of the energy. However, all the electronics inside the suit overloads and shuts down. Nyx falls the rest of the way to the ground. The suit takes the brunt of the impact, as she passes out.

Nine hours later, Nyx starts to come around. Her whole body felt weird and she was having a hard time concentrating. She slowly opens her eyes. Everything seemed blurry to her and every muscle in her body was hurting. After a few minutes, her vision clears up.

She manages to move her head and realize she is in her bedroom. Cherry was sitting next to her bed on her desk chair. When Nyx looked at Cherry’s face, her eyes were closed.

When she looked at herself, she noticed two mounds sticking up from her chest. She lifts the blankets covering her naked body and notices she had orange size breasts. When she reaches down between her legs, she didn’t feel her penis, but smooth skin.

A smile appears on her face, as she realizes that she had a female bottom. She doesn’t know what happened to her, but her dreams have come true. She reaches over to her mothers’ hand and squeezes it.

Cherry felt her hand squeezed and wakes up. She looks at Nyx and a smile appears on her face “thank god, you’re finally awake.” Cherry was worried about Nyx.

Nyx looks at her mother “how did I end up back here and what happened to my body?”

‘Harry and I went looking for you and found over in old man Cravers corn field laying face-first on the ground. Your armor blackened and brittle where you must have gotten struck by lightning. When we removed your armor, we noticed your body had changed.”

“How much did it change, mom?” Nyx was curious because she already saw her chest and felt between her legs.

“Let’s just say, you don’t look like a twelve-year-old girl anymore. You look more like a fourteen-year-old girl now.” Cherry couldn’t believe how much her daughter changed.

“How did it happen?” Nyx was curious about how she was changed.

“Who knows sweetie. Even your voice has changed. It doesn’t sound the same anymore.” Cherry notices that Nyx didn’t sound the same anymore.

Cherry brushes some of Nyx’s messy dark hair out of her eyes. She and everyone in the house have been wondering how Nyx had been changed. None of them were a doctor’s so the only thing they could do, talks with Dr. Evans and hope she could come up with an explanation.

“I want to get up and see for myself.” Nyx goes to get up out of bed and feels pain in her joints and muscles “that hurts.” Nyx stops to catch her breath and to let the pain she was feeling subside.

Cherry looks at her daughter “is everything okay, sweetie?”

“No ma’am. Every muscle and joint in my body hurts.” Nyx was feeling every movement she made.

“Will some aspirin help, sweetie?” Cherry didn’t know what she could give her baby for the pain.

“Maybe after I move around, mom.” Nyx bares with the pain as she swings her feet off her bed. They were smaller than they use to be.

Cherry stands up and helps Nyx over to the full-length mirror in her bedroom. Now that Nyx was standing, she could see how different she use to look. The birthmark Nyx use to have on her left shoulder was gone. Her skin had changed as well. Nyx uses to have a darker skin tone.
Now, she had fair skin.

Nyx looks at her reflection in the mirror. She looked like a younger version of her older sister. She was still five-foot-tall, but younger-looking and had a modest-looking chest. Most of the bra’s she owned, she could still wear.

Her face had changed as well. Her eyes were already changing, now they were brighter, she had small pouty lips, button nose, and her ears were smaller as well.

“How did this happen?” Nyx heard her voice and it sounded like she was a child.

“We don’t know sweetie. You looked this way when Harry and I removed you from your armor.” Cherry does notices that Nyx had a lot of her birth mothers’ features in her.

Before, Nyx looked like both her birth parents. But now, she resembles her older sister/birth mother. Cherry hopes Nyx never learns the truth about her birth. Amelia didn’t want her too.

“I’m going to go and fill the tub with cold water and fill it with ice. It should help you, sweetie.” Cherry places a kiss on Nyx’s forehead before she leaves her bedroom.

Nyx watches as her mother leaves her bedroom. She still couldn’t get over what the lightning did to her body. She never heard of anything like this happening before. She finds her vagina opening and sticks her middle finger up inside the opening. She meets some resistance after a few inches. She couldn’t believe she was a virgin.

Well, she could. The only thing that has ever been up her ass was a dildo she bought. She wanted to see what it was like. As she continues to look at herself, she likes how cute she looks.

“Ready, kiddo?” Cherry comes walking back into Nyx bedroom.

“Yes ma’am.” Nyx moves carefully with Cherry’s help.

Once they are in the bathroom, Cherry helps Nyx into the tub.

“Cold! Cold! Cold!” Nyx grips the side of the tub as she is lowered into the cold water.

Once Nyx was laying in the tub. Cherry pulls some aspirins out of her pocket and hands them to Nyx “here Nyx, takes these.”

“Thanks, mom.” Nyx accepts them and pops them in her mouth.

Nyx spends thirty minutes in the tub filled with cold water and ice. By the time she gets out, she is feeling a little better. It still hurt a little bit to move, but it wasn’t as bad as before.

Cherry takes her back to her bedroom and lay Nyx down. She places a kiss on Nyx’s forehead.

“You sleep tight, sweetie.” Cherry turns and leaves Nyx’s bedroom.

Dr. Evans Medical Office:
Nyx felt weird having her legs spread and up in the stirrups. She could feel Dr. Evans poking and probing the inside of her vagina. It felt weird to her and wonder will she have to do this a lot.

Dr. Evans couldn’t believe what she was seeing, and the explanation Nyx and Cherry gave her. She has known the two of them since Nyx was little. Somehow Nyx had a complete female reproductive system.

Dr. Evans scoots back to look at Cherry and Nyx “you said you were out testing a suit of armor and got struck by lightning? And you...” as Dr. Evans looks towards Cherry “found her changed liked this?”

“Yes.” Cherry could see the confusion on Dr. Evan's face.

“I have to say, this is the weirdest thing I have ever heard of.” Dr. Evans makes some notes in Nyx’s file.

“I know. Harry and I were surprised as well when we removed her armor off, her.” Cherry was surprised.

“Can I get dress, please?” Nyx felt weird with her legs up in the air.

“Yes, you can get dress now.” Dr. Evans looks at Nyx.

“So, what do you think, Dr. Evans?”

“I don’t know. However, let me compare the blood sample I took today, against the blood sample I took earlier this week.” Dr. Evans knew that was going to be the only way she could tell what happened.

“Alright. Oh, there’s one more thing.” Cherry pulls Doctor Evans aside “don’t say anything about Nyx’s sister being related to her, except as her sister.

“I understand.” Dr. Evans made a promise not to reveal that info unless it was really necessary.

The Following Week:
During the week, Nyx gets used to her new body and how to care for it properly. Everyone in the house was shocked at first but after a few days. They get uses to it. Landon shows Nyx how to insert a tampon and how to use a maxi pad.

The suit of armor Nyx built was in bad shape. The lightning strike had done a number on all the electronics inside the suit. She was lucky that the fuel compartment for the jet pack hadn’t exploded.

Nyx holds the chest piece of the suit “you saved my life. Now to rebuild you and make you better.” She puts the piece down on her workbench.

The armor she had to make for the customer, was finished and was waiting on UPS to come by and be picked up. She still doesn’t know what to make of her new body, but she liked it. She just wishes she knew how it happened.

Cherry had taken a week of her vacation time to keep an eye on Nyx. While she was working on a new dress. Her cellphone starts ringing. She picks it up and notices it was Dr. Evan's number.

“Hello, Dr. Evans. What can I do for you?” Cherry was wondering what she found.

“Morning Cherry I have some news for you. The blood sample I took of Nyx matches the previous samples I took of her. However, none of her original DNA in her organs matches what it use too. Whatever changed her, made her into a young version of her mother. Her DNA is the same as her mother.”

“You mean Nyx is a duplicate of her birth mother?”

“Yes, whatever changed her, used the DNA that was already in her body from the bone marrow, and turned her into a younger version of her mother.” Dr. Evans had compared the DNA from both blood samples and the second one was completely XX. Even the DNA in her organs had been XX and not XY.

Cherry wonders what caused Nyx to change.

“Did you find anything else, Dr. Evans?”

“Yes, there’s no sign Nyx has ever had cancer. The surgical scar where I had to go in and remove the cancerous tissue isn’t there. It’s like her body healed itself.”

“That is unusual. What should I do?” Cherry was happy and worried.

“Just keep an eye on her and if anything, out of the ordinary happens, call me.”

“Will do. Thanks for everything, Dr. Evans.” Cherry ends the call.

Cherry stands up out of her chair and walks over to the window that faces Nyx’s workshop and looks towards it. She hopes there aren’t any more surprises for her daughter.

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Over Charged?

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Nothing like a lightning strike to super charge a person. Good thing she was in the air. Those billion plus volts passed through instead of using her as a grounding rod if she had been on the ground. Interesting chapter, is it finished or the beginning of a longer story?
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Now I have to keep reading.

Love Samantha Renée Heart.