Being Mistaken for A Girl Isn’t So Bad

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Harlow pushes the old fashion lawnmower up and down the small yard she had been hired to cut. She had sweat sliding down into her eyes, even with her baseball cap on. She could already tell her shoulders were burned from being out in the sun.

If she wanted that mountain bike that Rose’s had on sale. She was going to have to finish cutting and edging Mr. Jone's yard. She keeps pushing herself and by noontime, she finishes the yard.

She stands back and looks at her handy work. The edging was nice and straight. The sidewalk was clean, from her sweeping it.

“You did a good job, Harlow.” Mrs. Kingston had been watching Harlow as she worked.

“Thanks, Mrs. Kingston.” Harlow turns around to look at her.

Mrs. Kinston was in her late fifties and has been living at the townhouse she was standing in front of for a while. She liked Mrs. Kingston because she always had some work for her to do.

“Would you like a glass of sweet tea?”

“Yes, please.” Harlow was feeling extremely thirsty.

“Okay, come on over.” Mrs. Kingston heads inside the house.

Harlow takes her gear over to Mrs. Kingston’s house and leaves it outside. She knocks before entering Mrs. Kingston’s townhouse. She’s been inside the townhouse several times, to help move things around and to take things out.

“Here you go, Harlow.” As Mrs. Kingston hands her a tall glass of sweet tea.

“Thanks, Mrs. Kingston.” Harlow accepts the glass and takes a sip from it.

The tea was sweet and cold. Harlow looks at Mrs. Kingston while she drunk the tea. She wishes she had more clients like Mrs. Kingston.

“You, going to be hurting later, Harlow.” Mrs. Kingston noticed how red Harlow’s shoulders were.

The tank top she had on, use to belong to Jackie. It was a little big on her, but it was the coolest piece of clothes she had.

“I have some aloe vera at home, Mrs. Kingston.” Harlow noticed she drunk half of her tea already.

“Where is your partner, Roger?” Mrs. Kingston knew Harlow worked with a young boy with dirty blonde hair doing yards.

“He decided to stop helping me and is hanging out at the pool.” Harlow finishes her iced tea off.

“Well, I have to say, you work extremely hard.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Kingston. Well, I better get going on my next job, and thanks again for the tea.” Harlow hands the empty glass to Mrs. Kingston.

“You’re welcome.” Mrs. Kingston accepts the empty glass.

Harlow heads out of the house and grabs her yard working tools. She had three more yards to do, before heading home. She goes and does the other yards and by the time she is finished. It was seven o’clock at night.

Harlow puts the yard tools she has been using away and heads into the house. She spotted Linda fixing dinner for everyone in the kitchen.

“Hey, Linda. What’s for dinner tonight?” Harlow walks into the kitchen.

“Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with tomato soup.” Linda glances towards Harlow and saw how red she was.

Harlow sighs, as she looks at the food. They had it last night and the night before as well. As much as she was hungry, she wasn’t in the mood for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches again.

“Give my share to Jenny and Michael. I’m not very hungry.”

Linda looks at Harlow and could tell she was lying. She knew it was three nights in a row they have had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with tomato soup. She needed to go to the store and buy some groceries, but Mrs. Mildred hasn’t given her any money to buy groceries.

“Okay, go upstairs and take a bath. Also, when you’re done with your bath, come and see me afterward.”

“Okay, thanks, Linda.” Harlow leaves the kitchen and head upstairs to the bedroom she shares with Roger, Michael, and Steven.

Michael was the youngest among the four of them and shared her hideaway bed. Roger was the next oldest by two years and shared a bunk bed with Steven. Steven was Mrs. Mildred’s natural born son. He and Roger were bullies. That was why she didn’t work with him anymore.
Plus, he was keeping most of the money they made.

Harlow pulls out a cardboard box where what clothes she had were stored. Most of her clothes were what Jackie, Barbara, and Linda gave her to wear. When she came to live at Mrs. Mildred’s house. She didn’t have much that belonged to her.

She came from a poor family and only had the clothes on her back. Roger and Steven’s clothes were too big on her slim body. Jackie, Linda, and Barbara gave her some clothes they outgrew. Jackie had a part-time job at the local Wendy’s. Barbara worked at Rose’s as a cashier and Linda took care of them for Mrs. Mildred. She was the oldest and has been living with Mrs. Mildred since she was ten years old.

She grabs a clean pair of panties, shorts, and an oversized t-shirt. She hides the money she made among her clothes and put the box away. The reason she wears panties is that they were cheaper than boy’s underwear and she liked how they felt against her skin.

The other reason she liked wearing girl panties, is because her penis is very small. She was born with no testicles. She carries her clean clothes to the bathroom and fills the tub. While the tub is filling up, she undresses.

There were a few scars on her body from some accidents she had when she was little. Her birth mother was always working and the babysitter she had, never paid attention to what she was doing. She uses to hang around with a bunch of kids where she uses to live. They got into all sorts of trouble.

Once she finishes her bath. She gets a dress and grabs a book to read. While everyone is eating, she heads out to the back patio to read her
book. She holds the book close to her to read. She has problems reading things far away from her.

Mrs. Mildred hasn’t taken her to get glasses yet, even though her teachers last year said she needed them. She stays outside reading until the sun goes down. She bookmarks her place with a slip of paper and goes back inside the house.

Harlow notices, Roger and Steven were putting away the dirty dishes. A smirk appears on her face because Linda must have given them a lecture. She takes her book upstairs to her bedroom.

Michael comes into the room and over to Harlow. He climbs up on their bed and holds his favorite book out for Harlow to read.

“Alright, I’ll read your book to you.” Harlow accepts the book and opens it.

Harlow starts reading the book. Michael lays down and hi eyes slowly start to close. When Harlow was three-quarters of the way through the book. She notices Michael was sound asleep.

She closes the book and puts it down on Michael’s stuff. She looks at Michael and wonders why he won’t speak. She knew it had something to do with Michael’s birth family, but she didn’t know what.

The next day, Harlow wipes the sweat from her forehead, as she helps Linda carry groceries from the nearby Food Lion. They had gone and did some shopping early in the morning and were now carrying everything back.

“Harlow, how much have you saved up for that bicycle you want?” Linda knew Harlow has been saving money to buy herself a bicycle.

“I have half of the money right now. I have a few more jobs lined up for tomorrow and Friday. I should have the money by Friday.” Harlow was glad that she had half the money.

“It's good that you managed to buy yourself a bicycle. Remember to buy a lock as well. That way you won’t lose your bicycle.”

“I will and thanks, Linda.” Harlow follows Linda as they walk home. She was mimicking how Linda walked.

It takes the two of them forty-five minutes to get back to the house. Harlow was tired because she didn’t eat lunch or dinner last night. This morning, she didn’t eat, because it was oatmeal again. No matter how many times she tried to mix it up, she couldn’t eat it. So, she went without breakfast as well.

“You know, if you keep on not eating, you’re going to become too skinny.” Linda knew Harlow didn’t like certain foods, that they always ate.

“I know, and I also know I shouldn’t be so picky either. I just wish we had something different for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.” Peanut butter and banana sandwiches for lunch and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for dinner just turn her off.

“Well, I got us a lot of different nutritious meals this time around. You’ll still have to eat oatmeal and peanut butter sandwiches for breakfast and lunch. But dinner will be different.”

“Okay.” Harlow decides she’ll avoid breakfast and lunch.

They arrive home and Harlow helps Linda put the groceries away. She grabs a juice bottle and takes a sip from it. It felt nice going down her throat.

“Why don’t you help me fix lunch?” Linda looks at Harlow.

“Okay, but I’m skipping lunch.”

“What did I say earlier, Harlow?” Linda gives Harlow her motherly look.

“I know, but I’m just not in the mood for peanut butter sandwiches.” Harlow tosses the empty juice bottle away.

“Alright, but I do expect you to help with dinner, tonight?”

“Okay. What are we having for dinner tonight?” Harlow was curious.

“Spaghetti with garlic bread.” Linda bought everything they needed to make dinner tonight.

“Cool, I like spaghetti.”

“Okay, I expect you back here in time to fix dinner.”

“I will be.” Harlow heads out the back door and grabs the lawn equipment she’ll need today.

She heads for her first job, which was quick and easy. After that job, she heads to her next one. That job was a quick lawn job for Mr. Larson. She’ll collect her pay when he gets home.

Harlow wipes the sweat out of her eyes. She would love to go to the pool and swim for a while, but Mrs. Mildred never signed the permission
slip to allow her access to the pool. That was one problem, the other problem was, she doesn’t have a swimsuit to wear.

She finishes cleaning and head over to Mrs. Hall's townhouse. She hopes she and her girlfriend don’t have a lot of work for her. She was feeling tired and sore from her sunburn.

She walks over to Mrs. Hall's townhouse and knocks on the door. While she is waiting for the door to be answered, she looks at the lawn and it was alright. She turns back around when she hears the front door open.

Kimberly was in the kitchen putting the clean dishes away. Her lover was upstairs putting laundry away. She hears a knocking sound coming from the front door.

She heads towards the front door and peeks through the peephole. A smile appears on her face when she spots Harlow on the other side. She opens the front door “Harlow, come on in.”

“Thanks, Mrs. Hall.” Harlow walks into the townhouse.

Kimberly notices how sweaty Harlow looked. She wonders if the poor girl has been working outside all morning. She knew Harlow worked
around the neighborhood.

Kimberly liked how cute Harlow looked in the shorts she was wearing. She closes the door behind Harlow.

“You look like you could use something cold to drink.” Kimberly looks at Harlow.

“Yes ma’am, I could use a glass of cold water.”

“How about a Pepsi instead?” Kimberly walks into the kitchen and grab a can of coke out for Harlow and hand it to her.

“Thank you.” Harlow accepts the soda. Mrs. Mildred never allows them to have any soda drink.

“So, what have you been up too, this morning?” Kimberly watches as Harlow sips her drink.

“I went grocery shopping with my older sister this morning and worked on Mr. Larson’s yard and the Williams yard, before coming over here.”
Harlow takes a sip of her Pepsi.

“Well, instead of putting you to work. How about we go to the pool instead?”

“I can’t go. Mrs. Mildred never signed my permission slip to allow me access and I don’t have a swimsuit to wear.”

“Don’t worry about getting in. We’ll treat you as a guest and you can wear Jade’s niece’s swimsuit.”

“Thank you.”

“Let’s get you ready and head to the pool.” Kimberly heads upstairs to the spare bedroom.

Harlow follows behind Kimberly. She watches how she walks and copies her footsteps. She notices Kimberly's hips moved differently to how Linda walks.

When they reached the top of the stairs “Jade, Harlow is here and she needs to borrow your niece’s swimsuit.”

Kimberly walks into hers and Jade’s bedroom. She spots Jade putting away a stack of panties in their underwear drawer.

“Why does Harlow need to borrow my niece’s swimsuit?” Jade closes the drawer and look at her wife.

“Because I decided we would head to the swimming pool and she needs a swimsuit to wear.” Kimberly had a sly smile on her face.

Jade looks at Harlow standing behind Kimberly. She noticed that Harlow was watching and listening to them.

“Alright, I’ll get it for her.” Jade walks over to the dresser drawer and look for the swimsuit her niece wore last time. It was black with the pride
rainbow on the top part of it.

She finds it, hidden beneath her favorite bikini. She pulls it out and looks at it. She figures it should fit Harlow.

“Here it is.” Jade walks over and hands it to Harlow.

Harlow accepts it and looks at Jade “how do you put this on?”

“You’ve never worn one before, Harlow?” Jade looks into Harlow’s hazel eyes.

“No ma’am.” Harlow felt a little embarrassed admitting that.

“Here, let me help you then.” Jade lays the swimsuit on the bed.

Harlow starts taking off what she had on. When she drops her panties, she looks at Jade and Kimberly to see what their reaction would be.

“You’re a boy?” Both women notice that Harlow didn’t have a girl’s bottom, but a boy’s bottom. They saw Harlow had no testicles and his penis was no bigger than their little pinky.

“Yes, is that a problem?” Harlow stood naked before the two women.

Kimberly looks at Jade to see what she thought. Harlow’s penis was so small, that she wonders if it gets hard.

“Harlow, why do you wear girl clothes, and does your penis react like most men’s?” Jade was curious.

“Because that’s all the clothes I have. My penis doesn’t get excited as a normal boy’s do.” Harlow noticed that when she was in school. If
nothing else, the other boys tease her about it.

Jade and Kimberly couldn’t believe that Harlow was a boy. He looked so much like a girl.

“Does this mean I can’t go swimming?” Harlow was confused and worried.

“Of course not. You can still go swimming with us.” Kimberly walks over to Harlow.

She shows Harlow how to put the two-piece swimsuit on. She steps back to look at Harlow and smile. Harlow looked like any normal girl her age.

“Now, why don’t you go downstairs and wait for us.”

“Okay.” A smile forms on Harlow’s face.

Harlow goes downstairs to wait for Jade and Kimberly. She was finally going to visit the community swimming pool. She looks around the living room while waiting for Kimberly and Jade.

After a while, Harlow hears Jade and Kimberly coming downstairs. Harlow turns around to see who it was.

“You ready to go swimming, Harlow?” Kimberly looks towards Harlow.

She had on a nice aqua green bikini. Harlow was impressed by how much fuller Kimberly was, compared to Linda and Barbara. Behind her,
was Jade and she was wearing a bikini as well, except hers was Black with white stars.

“Yes ma’am.” Harlow liked how both women looked.

The three walks over to the pool. Kimberly and Jade had packed a beach bag with towels and suntan lotion. Harlow doesn’t spot Roger and Steven anywhere among the group at the pool. Kimberly heads over to a set of three loungers and set the beach bag there.

“Well, ladies. Let’s go and have some fun in the pool.” Jade had a smile on her face.

In the next four hours, Harlow has fun in the pool with Jade and Kimberly. They tickle her and play catch between them with her. Jade and
Kimberly have fun with her, and she enjoys it. She loves it when they hold her. It was like she belonged there.

By the time she heads home to help Linda with dinner. She is very tired and sunburned. She works on the garlic bread, while Linda works on the sauce. By the time everything was done and ready, she sets the table.

“Dinner’s ready.” Harlow goes to gather the troops for dinner.

She helps Linda fix and cut up the spaghetti on Michael and Jenny’s plate. She sits down at her normal spot and starts eating. She was very hungry after the afternoon she had with Jade and Kimberly.

The rest of the week, Harlow is kept busy. The temperature takes a toll on her. A few times, she gets up earlier then she normally does to start the day off. Steven and Roger tease her about the sunburn she has. It left an outline from the swimsuit she wore.

She also has dinner and lunch during the week with Jade and Kimberly. She liked them and enjoy the fact they treat her like a young girl. She wishes they would adopt her as their daughter.

When Friday comes around and as she starts her last job at the Swells resident. She is surprised that Mr. Swells has a five-gallon bucket waiting for her. She looks at him “am I washing the car today?”

“No Harlow. Remember all the vegetables you helped me plant?”

“Yes sir.” Harlow’s curiosity has peeked.

“Since you help plant the vegetables, you can take as much as you can put in that five-gallon bucket.” Mr. Swells had a smile on his face.

“Thank you, Mr. Swells” You’re welcome, Harlow.”

Mr. Swells helps Harlow fill the five-gallon bucket. He also pays her the money he owes her as well. Mr. Swells and Harlow spend the rest of the afternoon picking vegetables together.

When Harlow walks into the house, she heads towards the kitchen with her five-gallon bucket. She puts the bucket up on the counter and goes looking for Linda. She heads upstairs were Linda and Barbara’s bedroom was and notices their bedroom door was closed.

She knocks on the door but doesn’t get an answer. She opens the door and notices Linda was on her bed, playing with herself with a dildo.

“Oop’s, sorry Linda.” She closes the door and heads back downstairs to the kitchen.

She goes back downstairs and starts putting everything away. Linda taught her where everything was. She also had never seen Linda play with herself before. After she is done putting the vegetables away.

Harlow heads upstairs to her bedroom and pulls out all the money she has been saving. She starts counting her money and realizes once she finishes counting. She has enough money to buy the bicycle she wanted and a bike lock for it.

“Yes!” Harlow couldn’t wait to go and buy the bicycle tomorrow.

She hides the money and hears Linda’s bedroom door open. She sticks her head out into the hallway and spots Linda heading down the stairs.

“Linda, Mr. Swells gave me a bunch of fresh vegetables.”

Linda stops when she hears Harlow’s voice. She turns around and looks up the stairs at Harlow “did you put everything away, already?”

“Yes, ma’am. I put everything away.”

“Very good.” Linda turns back around and heads down the rest of the stairs.

Harlow follows Linda into the kitchen. She stands in the door frame and watches as Linda goes through the kitchen looking where the vegetables should be.

“See, I put everything where it belongs.” Harlow had a smile on her face.

“I can see that. You seem to have brought home a lot of fresh veggies.” Linda spotted the fresh cauliflower and broccoli. She knows only her, Barbara, Jackie, and Harlow like cauliflower and broccoli.

“Oh! I have enough money to buy the bicycle I want.” Harlow was proud of that.

“Good. Barbara said there were only two bicycles left.”

Linda starts fixing dinner for everyone. She looks at Harlow and watches her, as she cuts up and skins some potatoes for dinner. She knew Harlow knew how to use a knife carefully.

Harlow couldn’t wait to go and get the bicycle she has been saving for. She helps Linda with dinner. After dinner, Harlow helps clean up the kitchen and reads for a while.

The next morning Harlow gets up early and gets dressed. She couldn’t wait to go and get her bicycle. She spots Barbara as she was about to leave the house.

“Barbara, can I ride with you?”

“Sure, come on.”

Harlow hurries down the stairs and follows Barbara out of the front door. She spots Barbara’s friend's car. It was an old Chevy Blazer, that Barbara’s friend bought for eight hundred dollars.

It only took them twenty minutes to get to the shopping center, where Rose’s was. The three of them get out of the Blazer and head into the store. Harlow leaves Barbara and her friend to go and get the bicycle she wanted.

When Harlow gets to where the bicycles were. She notices that the bicycle she wanted had been sold. The only bicycle left, was a girl’s teal color mountain bike. It had a basket and tassels on it.

Harlow was a little disappointed because it wasn’t the one, she had her heart set on. She pulls it off the display rack. It was the right height for her to ride. She walks the bicycle over to the aisle where the helmets and bike locks were located.

Harlow selects a nice pink helmet to wear and finds a nice bicycle bike chain. She also sports a light kit she could mount on the bicycle. She looks at the cost of the bicycle and notices it was cheaper than the one she wanted. She adds up the cost of everything and notices she had enough for everything.

Harlow heads up to the front with everything and gets inline for Barbara to ring her up. When she gets to Barbara, she puts all the extras she wanted on the counter.

“I thought you were getting the gray mountain bike, Harlow?” Barbara looks at the bicycle.

“It must have been sold. This was the only one that was back there.”

“Sorry, Harlow. I didn’t know they sold the mountain bike.” Barbara knew Harlow wanted that bicycle.

“It’s okay, at least you had this one.” Harlow was disappointed, but at least she was getting a bicycle.

She watches as Barbara rings the bicycle, helmet, and the light kit she wanted. Everything came to a total of one hundred and sixty dollars.
Harlow pulls out what she had, which was one hundred and seventy dollars.

“Here you go, Barbara.” She counts out one hundred and sixty dollars.

“Looks, like you have some money left over.” Barbara knew Harlow worked hard for the money she had.

“I can get some ice cream on the way home.” Harlow figures she could stop by the Circle K.

“Be careful with your new bicycle.”

“I will and thanks, Barbara.” Harlow walks her bicycle out of Rose’s and gets on it after she was in the parking lot.

She rides around the parking lot, getting used to her new bicycle. It wasn’t the mountain bike she wanted, but it had ten speeds and was built like a mountain bike. She liked the basket mounted on the front of it.

A smile appears on her face as she peddles back home. She was careful and observant as she peddles down the road. She finally had her bicycle.

She does stop at Circle K to buy a chocolate fudge bomb. She has been saving all her money from her jobs and not spending any on herself. So, she didn’t feel guilty about buying a fudge bomb. She eats the ice cream, before getting back on her bicycle.

Harlow takes her time to get back home. She wanted to enjoy spending time on her bicycle. When she arrives at the community she lived in and worked at. She slows down and watches out for cars.

Harlow spots Kimberly and Jade outside washing their car. They were wearing short shorts and their bikini tops. She peddles over to them “I got my new bicycle.”

Jade looks at the bicycle and smiles. Harlow looked good on the bicycle.

“It’s a nice bicycle, Harlow. What do you think, Kimberly?” Jade looks at her wife.

“It looks nice, Harlow.” Kimberly stops to look at Harlow.

“Thanks, can I help you two?” Harlow liked helping the two of them.

“Sure, you can wear the swimsuit you wore before.” Jade didn’t mind, because Harlow looked nice in it.

“Cool.” Harlow takes her bicycle to the backyard and locks it up.

Afterward, she goes into the house and up to the spare bedroom. She changes into the two-piece swimsuit she wore last time. Once she was dressed, she goes back outside and helps.

Harlow ends up getting soaking wet from Kimberly and Jade spraying her with the water hose. She gets them back with the hose as well. They stop for lunch and eat in the backyard, where Kimberly and Jade take their shorts off. They had their bikini bottoms on underneath the shorts.

“Harlow come over here and sit on my lap. I and Jade want to talk with you.” Kimberly pats her lap.

Harlow walks over and sits on Kimberly's lap. She wonders what they wanted to talk about. She watches as Jade sits nearby.

“Harlow, do you enjoy wearing girl clothes?”

“Yes ma’am.” Harlow preferred panties over boy underwear.

“Do you want to be a girl?” Jade was curious.

“I never thought about it before, but I do like dressing like a girl. Besides, I’m not much of a boy. I have a small winky and no testes.”

“If you had a choice of going through life, which would you choose?” Kimberly watches Harlow as she thought about it.

“I would what to grow up as a girl.” Harlow liked looking and being mistaken as a girl.

Kimberly looks over to Jade to see what she thought. They have been watching Harlow for a while and they knew she was a hard worker and everyone in the neighborhood liked her. They were surprised to learn Harlow was a boy, but Harlow wasn’t equipped as a boy.

Jade just smile at Kimberly. She liked Harlow and if Harlow wanted to dress like a girl all the time. She didn’t have any problems with it.

Harlow spends the rest of the day with Kimberly and Jade. She does call Linda to tell her she would be late coming home. She has lunch and dinner with them.

In the next few weeks, Harlow enjoys her bicycle. She also continues her yard work or whatever her clients had for her. She spends time with Jade and Kimberly as well. Sometimes, she would spend the night with them.

A few weeks later, when she wakes up and was getting ready to leave to do some yard work. She is stopped by Linda.

“Harlow, I need for you to gather up everything that is yours.” Linda was going to miss Harlow.

“Why? Am I being sent to a different foster home?” Harlow had seen some kids that only were at the house for a little while be transferred to
another home.

“No, your new parents are coming to pick you up. So, gather all yourself up and bring it down to the living room.”

“Yes ma’am.” Harlow wonders who her new parents were.

Normally, her social worker would come and tell her. She grabs all herself, including the yard equipment she bought herself. She spent the money she made to buy what she needed for the work she did.

Sometimes she bought the equipment at yard sales or garage sales. The push mower, she bought from a yard sale. The previous owner left it out in the rain in their backyard. Mr. Giles showed her how to refurbish it and sharpen the blades on it.

Once she has all her stuff together. She steps outside and spots Jade, Kimberly, and her social worker, Mrs. Mary White walking up to her. She waves to them and wonders why Jade and Kimberly were with Mrs. White.

“Harlow, are you ready to go and live with your new family?” Mrs. White looks at Harlow with a smile on her face.

“Yes ma’am. Who is my new family?” Harlow wonders where they were.

“We are Harlow.” Jade smiles at Harlow.

Harlow was shocked. She didn’t know Kimberly and Jade wanted to be her mothers. She runs over to them and hugs them with tears sliding down her cheeks.

Both women return the hug and help take all Harlow’s stuff back to their house.

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ls49's picture

Thank you for the story, I needed that little pick-me-up today. :)

Ahh just waht I needed...

A good heartwarming story after the last 24 hours we've been through here.

A storm rolled in yesterday right around noon, 80 to 100 mph winds, dangerous lightning, etc. I was lucky in that I had taken the day off work due to an appointment with my heart doctor and had arrived home maybe an hour before it hit, so I wasn't caught out in it. The wind and rain coming through reminded me of hurricanes in my youth down in Florida so much that once it was over I kept expecting the other side of the eye wall to hit.

Broken trees and limbs littered the street, snapped power poles and downed power lines left over 100,000 without power. Honestly I was actually very surprised that my power was restored today, as I live up river from the main city area outside of the suburbs by a good five miles or so.

We the willing, led by the unsure. Have been doing so much with so little for so long,
We are now qualified to do anything with nothing.

Harlo couldn't

Samantha Heart's picture

Have asked for a better out come. Her wish came true.

Love Samantha Renée Heart.

That was painless.

Wendy Jean's picture

Harlow has a new life. Thanks for sharing.

More, need more

Jamie Lee's picture

Harlow seemed such an upbeat kid for a kid in foster care. Perhaps she was taught to make lemonade out of lemons.

Being able to keep the money she earned also seemed strange, since the older boys might try and steal it from her.

She has made a reputation for herself as a hard worker, something that will go with her no matter where she goes.

Now to the main question. Why did Jade and Kimberly want to foster Harlow? Do they see someone who could go far with the proper family? Or maybe they want to help her medically, something that wasn't going to happen where she was living?

How does Harlow's life turn out? What does she end up doing with her life? Maybe more of the story is needed to find out?

Others have feelings too.