Alicia's New Life -7-

Alicia’s New Life

By Christine

statment by Kathy Peterson
I know that there is no way that I can take back what I did to my brother so many years ago. The only thing that I can say is that at the time, I was 14 and had just lost both of my parents in a terrible plane crash. We both were given into the custody of our older brother who didn’t care about anything. When he hooked up with this mean blonde, she gave me many ideas how to torment my brother. I was 14 and wanted to take my anger out on someone and he was the littlest.
To my shame, I did take my anger out on him. I know there is no way that I can take back what I did to him and every day now, I am sorry that I hurt him. His life was ruined by what I did but my only defense was that there was also Sandra. If it wasn’t for her then the abuse on my brother would never have went as far as it did. It was fun for about three years, but into the fourth year I started having very serious reservations about the cruelties I had inflicted on my little brother. But by then, all of the damage was already done and we had a broken slave girl.
I was actually happy that she was rescued from us for I knew even if I went against Sandra’s wishes that Sandra wouldn’t stop hurting her. I was happy she might be able to live her own life. But I kept feeling the need to see her, and apologize for my part in the evil and to beg her forgiveness. I know it was stupid to break into her new home, but I needed to tell her face to face how sorry I was.

Chapter 7

Kathy’s eyes were filled with wild terror. She looked up fearfully at Alicia. She knew what she had to do but it was so degrading. She stuttered out, “M-mmm..Mistress Alicia. Don’t hurt me.”

Alicia just laughed. It was a frightening laugh filled with cruel, vindictive hatred that she had been forced to keep in check for four long humiliating years. Alicia knelt down in front of Kathy, reached out and stroked her long blonde hair. “You poor stupid girl. Why in this world do you think begging me for mercy will do any good after what you have done to me. Spanking you hard would have been enough a long time ago if you had chosen to stop then. “

Her eyes locked with Kathy’s and Kathy saw years of hatred. The hateful look in Alicia’s eyes really frightened her. There was such hate that ran very deep in Alicia. There was no love, no compassion at all in her eyes. Just bitter, poisonous hate. “But Kathy, you didn’t stop. You, instead of having mercy in your heart, chose to get even with me for daring to hit you back. You brought in Donna to help you keep control over me, because you, are at heart, a coward. And now you have to pay for what you did to me. You made me a woman against my will. A woman of hate.”

Kathy shuttered inwardly.

“Kathy, when this day is over, you will be a broken woman for ever.”

Alicia stood up and looked down at her cowering sister. “Slave! Stand up and take off all of your clothes now! If you are wearing anything but your birthday suit in 60 seconds, you will be trying to think with a 38 mm round lodged in your brain!”

Alicia licked her lips in anticipation. She looked over at Hamuri, “Can you help me and go get the white corset out of my drawer, the stockings, and that cute little black satin minidress for me pretty please.”

Now Hamuri got it and leaped up, “Sure sis, is there anything else you need?”

Alicia’s lips pressed together, “Yeah get the padded wrist cuffs and the ankle cuffs too. Lets see how Kathy likes being a slave girl for a night. I want to see her in my old uniform and serving us hand and foot. “

She went into her drawers and picked out all the items.

Kathy quickly striped off all her clothes in no time. She had a dark feeling that no matter what, this would be a long humiliating night. In no time, she was all naked in front of Alicia and Alicia’s new sister Haruki. Haruki was holding up the same white corset that Sandra brought for Al to wear so many years before.

Alicia was smiling, “Dear sis, wasn’t it -you- that said you would never wear anything like this, too feminine, you said, “ Alicia said thoughtfully, “I think you will wear it for me now. Wont you, Kathy. “

Haruki kept her gun trained carefully at Kathy as Alicia laced the tight boned corset on Kathy. Kathy never knew how tight those things were until her sister laced the tight up and she felt it tighten around her chest. She just kept tightening up the laces and wouldn’t stop. Kathy felt the corset get tighter and tighter.

Alicia noticed that Kathy was having trouble but just shrugged, “I know it’s hard to breath in. After all, I wore it incredibly tight for you. Ask me if I give a rat’s fat ass if its uncomfortable for you. Just take your own damn advice. Take shallow breaths. “

Kathy’s breath was rasping in and out. “Alicia, its… way… too tight.

“You should have thought about that before you put it on me and hit me,” Alicia sneered. “Too late for second thoughts now. I just thought I was repaying all the kindness you showed me.“ Then Alicia slapped Kathy on her head with her gun again. “And address me as Mistress you uppity bitch! Don’t forget the Mistress again or next time will be much more painful.”

“Now put on these pink panties, Kathy,” Alicia said sharply.

They were a humiliatingly bright pink pair of panties with white lace along the edges. They looked so feminine and sissy but Alicia really wanted to humiliate Kathy.

Alicia just started laughing. “Can’t wait to spank her.”

Haruki said, “Put the garter belt on now and lets get you dressed up properly to serve us. Do it quickly bitch.”

Alicia handed her the belt. Kathy hooked it behind herself and Alicia watched as Kathy hooked each strap to her stockings.

Kathy stuttered out, “Are are you going to kill me.”

The next second Kathy was sprawled sideways on the floor. She curled up holding the side of her head. Trying to straighten out her vision as her eyes rolled up.

Alicia snarled, “I told you to address me as Mistress. Sooner or later tonight you will learn how to address your Mistress or you will need a priest to administer last rites. One or the other. Now ask me again, properly. “

Her lip quivered. Her voice faltering, “MMM-Mistress Alicia, Are you going to kill me.”

Alicia shrugged, “I might.” She said as if she didn’t care at all.

Haruki’s eyes shot up wildly. She ran over to Alicia, grabbed her arm and pulled her into the other room. She whispered into Alicia’s ear, “I wont perpetrate this if that is what you plan. I thought you just wanted some payback, which I think you are entitled to. Not a murder. “

“No of course not. I am just scaring the shit out of Kathy. Death is far too merciful of a fate for that woman. I do not want her to die, I want her to live and suffer from this night on until the rest of her life. “

Haruki sighted in relief.

Alicia asked, “Anyway, what is your problem if I did want to kill her. She is an intruder here and we are within our rights to kill her. We both know that I would likely get away with it. I don’t think there is a prosecutor in the country that would take it to a trial, nor a jury that would convict me if a prosecutor did. “

Haruki shrugged, “I know. Its just that I do not agree with everything my father does and I don’t want to see a innocent girl like you go down that path.”

“What path?”

“Never mind we better get back to Kathy before she gets any funny ideas. “

The two girls walked back in to see Kathy reaching behind herself trying to unlace the corset. Alicia just laughed, “I love that new sissy look you have, Kathy. But your new look isn’t finished yet. You need your cute little stockings and the dress. After that, you need your bracelets. Lets get started on that.”

She grumped and Alicia chimed in, “You mean, yes mistress don’t you? You look like you’re just going thought the motions. If you don’t show some enthusiasm then I will beat your ass day and night. “

She tried smiling and said, “Yes, Mistress Alicia. “
Alicia shook her head, “No, try it again and put a good smile on your face. You are a sweet little slave girl now act like it. And curtsy!”
Kathy couldn’t believe the depths that Alicia had sunk to.
Curtsying to her? She had to be kidding! “But, but you want me to -curtsy- to you?”

“Yes slave girl,” Alicia said a matter-of-factly. “That is exactly what you will do. That is what you made me do so why are you too good to show respect. Show some respect for your new mistress. “

“Yes, Mistress,” Kathy said.

This was so humiliating but she stood in front of Alicia and tried going down on her knees as she saw Alicia do hundreds of times over the years.

“You call that a curtsy,” Alicia said shaking her head. “Well we have a long night ahead of us to practice that little gesture. “

Holding the black satin dress. “Put your arms up, Slave. “

Kathy knew there was no getting around this so she held her arms up and Alicia lowered the humiliating dress over her body. By now her cheeks were burning bright red in shame.

Alicia led Kathy over in front of a mirror and Alicia just started laughing. “My god, sister. I just -love- your new look. You never looked this pretty before. In fact, you were so ugly. Like a toad.”

Alicia saw Kathy get angry. Her face turned purple and she remembered how angry she got whenever Alicia spoke bad about Kathy’s looks. But now, there wasn’t a thing Kathy could do and they all knew it.

Alicia spoke sharply, “Don’t you look at me like that slave girl. I am your mistress now. “

Kathy knew it and said glumly, “Yes, Mistress.”
“Glad we settled that. Your name is Kathy and you are a sweet little slave girl who only wants to look pretty so boys will like you. Repeat that for me, now!” Alicia loved this deeply.

Kathy wasn’t about to repeat that to Alicia. She wouldn’t in a million years. She spoke up, “No way. Haven’t you taken this thing far enough! I told you that I was sorry for what I did. I got carried away when I was young and there was Sandra that pushed the entire thing. Remember, I was only 14.”

That was the wrong thing to say. Alicia’s face turned bright bed. She walked right up to Kathy. “After four years of taking your shit, having no choice but to swallow my anger. It doesn’t matter that you were 14, you still chose to do what you did and you chose to hurt me, very badly. Fuck no, it isn’t enough. You have got to pay. “

This was Alicia’s first real challenge in controlling her sister. She knew that if she was to maintain control, that a powerful reaction would be necessary. A painful reaction too.

Kathy was immediately frightened by the look on Alicia’s face.

Alicia thought for a few seconds on what she would do. Spanking wouldn’t be enough. Suddenly she figured what she would do. Reaching over across the table, she grabbed a steel band and put it on her hand. It looked like steel knuckles. Walking up to Kathy menacingly, she grabbed Kathy’s hair, pulled her close and slugged her across the jaw, hard.

Kathy fell to the floor dazed. Alicia wasn’t finished yet and jumped on top of Kathy and started pounding on her face. Kathy was subdued and helpless.

Then Alicia grabbed a belt and wrapped it around Kathy’s throat, looped it and started squeezing it tightly around her throat. It was cutting off her breath and Kathy started chocking, desperate to get breath, any kind of air. Alicia held her grip tightly for about 20 full seconds and suddenly, she let her grip loose.

Kathy was gasping loudly for breath.

“Are you ready to submit to me fully, Alicia said. “Or you want to try that again?”

“Oh my god Alicia, please don’t make me say that. You know this is wrong, please no more.” Kathy started crying.

Alicia had been out of mercy years ago. “This is for a life that you stole from me, Kathy. This is for making me suck on Craig’s cock. “ Her muscles in her arms tightened and Kathy felt the belt around her neck constrict around her neck again. Her breth suddenly stoped. She couldn’t get any air started chocking. Her face started changing colors as she was struggling, desperate to get her breath.

This time, Alicia held her grip for a full 25 seconds until releasing her grip.

Kathy drew in a massive gulp of air. She scream,” Yes, Mistress, Yes, Mistress. Please don’t do that again and I will do anything you want. “

“I know you will, Kathy,” Alicia sneered. “You will scream in pain for me!” Alicia reached over and pulled out a wicked looking black gnarled cane.

There was no point in asking Alicia for mercy now. Alicia has no mercy left in her. All of the mercy was beaten out of her years ago. With the evil gleam in her eye, Alicia raised the cane up in the air and brought it down hard on Kathy’s back.

An ear piercing scream filled the room.


25 minutes later Kathy was still shaking in her little maids uniform trying to hold a cup of water to hand to Alicia. She knew that Alicia wouldn’t tolerate any refusal and she didn’t want to feel that again.

Her hand was shaking badly as she handed Alicia the cup. “H-here, Mistress Alicia. Is there anything else you need?

Alicia laughed a cruelly. “Yes there is.” She reached out and pulled Kathy over her knee and grabbed a ridding crop. “

“Mistress Alicia what did I do!?”
Alicia snarled, “If I hear anything else from you, I will spank you twice as many. Now shut up!”

”thwack.” She brought the crop down on Kathy’s behind hard, a full 30 times and then shoved her off rudely.

Kathy was rubbing her ass. She started to cry again.

Alicia asked Kathy, “What is your name and your ambitions, slave girl.”
She sniffled, “My name is Kathy and I am a sweet little slave girl who only wants to look pretty so boys will like me. “

Alicia smiled. “That is really good Slave girl. Now go see if my sister Haruki needs anything. Get your filthy body out of my sight! I can’t stand to see you.”


Jae came back late in the afternoon and when he saw what had transpired, he called Nobori immediately.

Nobori examined Kathy’s condition and looked approvingly at Alicia. “Alicia, I thought that you disapproved of this sort of thing but you didn’t seem to have any problem with torture methods. I thought you said it would make you no better than us.”

Alicia just shrugged, “I reexamined my outlook when the methods are used against scum like Kathy. I decided beating her doesn’t make me like her or you since she beat me because she wanted to hurt a weaker person. I hurt her because she hurt me. That is the big difference. Can you forgive me for what I said to you, Nobori?”

He laughed and smiled at Alicia, “Awww Alicia, you silly girl. There’s nothing to forgive. We are family after all. What do you want to do now?”

“I want to turn her in. “

Nobori made the call and Alicia watched state officers walk in and arrest Kathy. Alicia watched them take Kathy away.
The Oath
The room was only lit by the flicker of candles in the corner. It looked dark and very solomn as the shadows danced around by the movment of candlelight. Alicia stood in the center of the room with Jae and Haruki on either side of her. Nobori stood in front of her. He was wearing some ceremonial red robe. He bowed to Alicia and rose up to eye level.

“Alicia, this is a solemn occasion. You are part of our family now and you along with the rest of us have your secrets to keep.”

She nodded, “Yes, I understand.”

“Good Alicia,” Nobori said.

He pulled out a long samurai sword. “Alicia, hold out your hand for me. I promise this wont hurt much. It is our ritual. “

She held out her shaking hand. Nobori gently touched Alicia’s palm with the sharp blade. He drew it back sharply making a clean slice. Bright red blood started running down her hand. Alicia inhaled as her hand hurt.

That was just the beginning. Next, Nobori held a picture of the Virgin Mary and set it on fire in front of her. He placed the burning picture in Alicia’s bleeding palm.

Haruki held on to Alicia’s other hand and whispered, “Its almost over. We all went though this, Sister. Be strong for me.”

Her hand was burning and Nobori said, “Do you swear to keep the secrets of the family and to conduct yourself with honor, protect the weak, on your blood for the rest of your life, Alicia.’

She gritted her teeth, “I do, Nobori. I promise you I will.”

Nobori smiled, “Then you’re in. Welcome to your family.”

Despite the pain, she smiled back. Then she bowed and thanked Nobori.

That night, Haruki walked in Alicia’s bedroom. Alicia was looking at her palm and thinking about what she had went though.

Alicia flinched when she saw the girl walk in. Remembering all the past times she was alone in her room when a girl suddenly came in. That was never good. Haruki said, “I am sorry for scaring you, I just wanted to see how you were doing. We haven’t seen you for hours and I was worried.”

“I am doing good thank you for asking, Haruki. Its so great not to be chained to my bed and to be able to leave my room at will. “

Haruki was bubbly tonight, “Perfect. We all need to be at the courthouse at 8 Am in the morning for their arraignment and pleads. “

“I hope that you weren’t hurt too bad this afternoon,” Haruki said. “I know that can hurt a lot. They didn’t want you to hurt. “

“Think nothing of it, Haruki, “ Alicia said. “That didn’t hurt bad at all. I felt much worse for my sister’s fun. This was nothing, really. I am glad this happened now. I really feel part of something.”


Alicia was simmering in the courtroom, feeling rage and hatred at those that had hurt her so bad. She had just listened to the judge dismiss the charges after declaring all the evidence and statements made to be inadmissible and without that, there was nothing to charge them on. So the judge dismissed the charges. The search was done twenty minutes before the warrant was issued making it inadmissible. There were charges of police brutality because Ron was beaten up by police while in custody. Kathy’s obvious conditions brought suspicion on them all. The judge ordered them all to be released.

Alicia looked over to her new father, “They have made fools of us, Jae." Shee paused and then made her decision, no longer fearing the cost. “For justice we must go on our knees to Nobori."

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