Casey Jones

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Egypt, Eight Years Ago, Newly Discovered Archaeological Dig:
“Bart, tell me again why we are out here checking this site out?” Casey couldn’t see how this had anything to do with the CIA or National Security.

“The boys at Langley intercepted a message saying that an unusual artifact of unknown origin had been found.” Bart Hardy hated being out in the desert at night.

There was no moon out and it was pitch black. They were wearing night-vision goggles to see. The two men finally reached the dig site. They noticed that there was a single guard on duty, and he looked like he was dozing off. Bart and Casey sneak by the only guard on duty and down into the newly opened dig.

The follow the darkened corridor deeper into the earth. Casey had point, with Bart bring up the rear. The two men move quietly down the corridor until they come to a huge room. They were almost blinded by the glow in the room.

“Ugh!” Casey and Bart remove their night vision goggles.

“Man, how is this light being generated?” Casey looks around the room they were in.

There were pictures of what looked like to be aliens on the wall. Around the square room were different looking female shaped statues with cat heads on them. The heads didn’t look like the typical head shapes of Bast. They looked kind of alien.

Bart had his camera out and was recording everything in the room. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing as he recorded the room.

“Is this what Langley wanted us to check out?” Casey couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

“I don’t know, but I’m going to record everything.” Bart keeps recording everything.

He notices Casey moving around the room, looking at the statues. As Casey passes one of the statues. It slowly raises its arm and slowly turns to face him.

“Watch out, Casey.” Bart saw the statue shoot something at Casey.

Casey turns around, just as Bart yelled at him. Just as he turned, something sharp hits his chest. He drops to his knees and looks down at what hit him in the chest.

Casey couldn’t see what penetrated his suit and entered his body. He felt it enter his body but didn’t see what it was. He immediately starts feeling feverish.

Bart notices sweat beading on Casey’s forehead. He puts his arm under Casey’s arm “can you walk?”

“I’ll do it as if my life depends on it.” Casey was feeling like crap. Whatever had entered his body was messing with it.

Every movement Casey took, hurt like hell. His joints felt like they were on fire. Every muscle in his body was stretching and moving around.
By the time they got to the surface, he was feeling so weak and hurting all over.

When Bart looked around, he saw that the guard that had been watching the dig was gone. Bart was being cautious as he moves out of the opening with Casey sweating and leaning on him.

“Mr. Hardy, over here.” Jessica had been sent by Sandy to the new dig site.

Her contact in Egypt had contacted her and told them about what was found. She had been observing the site when she saw two figures sneak into the dig and go through the doorway. She didn’t know who they were, so she followed behind them, after knocking the guard out.

She had a special talent that allowed her to blend into the shadows, without being seen. She was almost blinded by the glow inside the room. She kept to the shadows and watched Mr. Hardy and his partner move around.

She saw the statue turn and shoot Mr. Jones with something. She wanted to move in and help them, but her orders were to watch them and record what they discovered. If possible, take whatever they found and bring it back to be archived.

“Who are you?” Bart was very suspicious of the person.

How did they know his name? Also, why were they there as well?

“I’m a friend right now. Bring your partner over here.” Jessica had managed to bring several camels to the dig site.

Bart looks at Casey and he was barely conscious. He was nothing but dead weight as he carried his partner to the waiting camels.

“I’m going to need help getting Casey on the camel.” Bart felt Casey tremble as his body transforms.

Jessica and Bart secure Casey to the camel. Afterward, the two of them get on their camel and start heading away from the dig. Bart keeps an eye on Casey as his body started changing. He saw Casey’s hair get longer and changed color from Casey’s normal dark color to light mahogany brown color.

He watches as Casey’s chest starts growing breasts. Bart was curious as hell as he watches his partner change. After about thirty minutes, they make it to a huge tent. Bart picks Casey’s unconscious form off the camel and into the tent.

“Put her over there.” Jessica points towards a bed that looked to be set up already.

There was some medical devices already setup. Once Bart lays Casey down on the medical bed. Jessica walks over and slips a pair of blue rubber gloves. She notices that Casey has been changing physically since they left the dig.

She removes the clothing Casey has on, with Bart’s help. Jessica couldn’t believe the changes that had been done to Casey’s body already.

“What’s happening to my partner?” Bart couldn’t believe the changes already done to Casey.

“I don’t know.” Jessica had on a pair of magnifying glasses like jeweler wear.

She was close to Casey’s new chest area, looking for whatever enters his body. She searches his chest and finally finds where something had entered Casey’s body. She takes a pair of twitters and removes a very skinny needle.

Bart watches as Jessica examined his friend’s chest. He was also amazed at what was being done to his friends’ body. Even his groin area was being rearranged and made to look like a woman’s bottom.

“How am I going to explain this to Langley?”

Jessica looks at Bart “you’re not. No one ever needs to know about this. The organization I work for will handle everything in helping her adjust to her new body.”

Bart looks at Casey and then back at Jessica. He was going to need to come up with some excuse on why he returned alone from the assignment.

“Alright, we still need to come up with a reason Casey isn’t returning from this job.” Bart knew his superiors are going to want an explanation.

“I’ll handle that. Now go.”

Bart takes one more look at Casey before he leaves. He hated doing this to Casey, but if he doesn’t return soon. They might send someone else to investigate what happened to him.

Jessica watches as Bart leaves. She walks away from Casey and over to a radio unit “this is desert flea, to home base. I repeat, this is desert flea to home base. I’m going to need a transport crew and a medical assistant.”

“Understood, desert flea. Team three is en route to you.” Harry knew Sandy sent her out to investigate a newly unearthed dig.

“Okay. Desert flea out.”

Four Years Later, Sister Mary’s Orphanage, Odesa, Ukraine:
“Here you go, Daryna.” Casey hands over all the money, jewels, and everything else that was of value from the assignment she just got finished with. The person she just kills deserved what he has been doing to some of the prostitutes and innocent people he killed.

“Casey, I can’t take this. It has blood all over it.” Daryna didn’t feel comfortable with taking the money.

“Daryna, this money was used to hurt people and do bad things. You can use it to help the kids here in an orphanage and improve the place.” Casey knew the orphanage could use the money.

Daryna looks at her friend and the money. The orphanage could use the money to do repairs around the place and help the children she was tasked with taking care of.

“Alright, I’ll accept the money.” Daryna hugs Casey.

She has only known Casey for a year now, but she could tell Casey had a pure heart. If Casey hadn’t stepped in the night she ran into a group of drunken men. They would have raped her and left her for dead.

“Here, why don’t I gave you a tour of the place and meet some of the children.” Daryna figures Casey should see and meet the children she was helping.

“Okay.” Casey follows behind Daryna as they walk through the orphanage.

Casey was still learning what it meant to be a woman after that faithful night in the desert. Whatever had entered her body and changed her, took a week for the change to be complete. By then, she had been moved to a castle in Segovia, Spain to recover. The organization that Jessica belonged to, had taken care of her. They explain that very tiny nanobots had entered her body and changed her.

She was a fully functional woman. She had monthly periods and experiences everything a normal woman went through. She spent a year and a half with the archive group learning about herself and how to pass as a natural woman.

She walks behind Daryna learning about the different kinds. They stop at one playroom, where a young four-year-old girl was playing all by herself. None of the other kids came near her or play with her.

“How come the other kids are avoiding her?” Casey was curious as she was looking at the little girl.

“Because of her birthmark. The other kids think they will get it.” Daryna looks at little Maria as she played by herself.

Casey noticed the birthmark on the little girl’s lower jaw on the right-hand side of her face. It covered her lower jaw and came up a little bit above her jawline. Casey walks into the room and kneels next to the little girl.

Maria looks up at the red-haired woman as she knelt near her. A big smile appears on her childish face.

“Will you play with me?” Maria was feeling lonely because no one would play with her.

“Yes.” Casey saw how cute Maria looked.

A smile appears on Daryna’s face as she watches Casey play with Maria. Maria was a sweet little girl and deserved a mother who saw
beneath the surface to see that. Every couple that came in and observed Maria only saw the birthmark on her face.

She watches as Casey plays with Maria for the next thirty minutes. After a while, Casey excuses herself and goes to find Daryna. She already decided to adopt Maria.

Casey finds Daryna in her office and a file folder opened. She spots Daryna with a smile on her face.

“I knew you were the right mother for Maria. You saw how loveable she was.” There was a smile on her face.

“You set me up.” Casey couldn’t believe her friend set her up.

“I know Maria needs an understanding and loving mother. You are the best choice for her.”

Casey still unsure she should do this, but she did feel a connection with little Maria. Her life had been turned upside down when she was turned into a woman. She met a woman by the name of Cheshire Patel, who use to be an instructor at Langley for the CIA. She retrained her to be a lethal assassin and spy.

That’s not counting the training she received from some of the members in the archive group. Her normal assignments had been eliminating potential threats. Who was able to hide what they were doing or were using the courts to get what they wanted? Even some of the judges in the court, she found were corrupt.

Now the question was, was she ready to be a mother to a little girl? She looks at Daryna and thinks about how happy Maria had been when she played with her.

“Alright, I’ll take little Maria back with me.” Casey signs all the paperwork to adopt Maria.

“I know you’ll make a good mother.”

“I just hope Maria isn’t disappointed with me.” Casey hopes little Maria will be happy with her.

“She’ll love you.” Daryna knew little Maria will love Casey.

“I hope so.”

Two Years Later, Jones Family Ranch, Peterborough, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire:
Casey looks at the birthday cake she made for Maria. She couldn’t believe how well it had come out. It was her third time making a sheet cake and decorating it. It was Maria’s six-year birthday.

“Mom, can I go horseback riding with my friends please?” Nova comes walking into the kitchen.

Casey looks up at her oldest daughter. She still couldn’t believe she was a mother of two. She adopted Nova two years ago after she came back to the states with Maria.

Nova came from an abusive family. Her father beat the hell out of Nova’s mother and would have killed Nova. Nova shot her father with the gun her mother had pulled to defend herself. It had been knocked from her mother’s hand and landed on the floor near her. She had picked it up and used it to protect herself from her father.

She had arrived, just as Nova shot her father. She saw what happened to Nova’s mother. Her husband had slammed her so hard against the cabinet, that he had broken her neck. Casey saw that Nova’s father was heading towards her. The only way she could defend herself, was by shooting her father before he could hurt her more.

“Take your sister with you.” Casey looks at her oldest.

“Yes ma’am.” Nova didn’t mind taking her little sister with her. After all, today was her birthday.

Casey watches as Nova skips out of the kitchen. She just shakes her head, as she goes back working on Maria’s birthday cake. She puts the finishing touches on the sheet cake and places it in the refrigerator.

She heads back to her bedroom to wrap her daughter’s birthday gifts. She pulls out the gifts and starts wrapping them. As she is sitting on the bed wrapping Maria’s birthday gift. A knocking sounds echoes into the room.

Casey looks up and notices Henry was standing in the doorway. He was another person she rescued off the streets of New York

“What’s up Henry?”

“I was wondering if you could help me wrap Maria’s birthday gift.” Henry has never wrapped a gift before.

“Sure, is everything okay?” Casey knew Henry was still overcoming the drug addiction he had.

That was the reason he had been living on the streets of New York. He had become addicted to cocaine and had overdose several times. She found him in a run-down building that the drug dealer she had gone after operated out of.

“I’m fine, Casey. I just never thought I could overcome what I did to myself.” Henry had thought he would never be able to overcome his addiction

If Casey hadn’t rescued him when she did. He might be dead right now. He has come to live with Casey and the girls. He loved reading bedtime stories to Maria and playing tennis with Nova.

Nova was into tennis and horseback riding. She practiced all the time out on the court the ranch had. She has also had several private instructors help her learn and improve on her technique.

After Casey was done wrapping her gifts and the gift Nova bought for Maria. She goes to Henry’s bedroom and shows him how to wrap the birthday gift he made for Maria. Henry was very creative and loved making things with his hands.

Once his gift was wrapped, they carry it to the table where all the other gifts are. Casey heads towards the front door when she hears the doorbell. She opens the door and spots her good friend Debbie.

“Debbie, it’s so good to see you.” Casey steps aside to let Debbie in.

“Where’s the birthday girl?” Debbie comes walking into the house. Her hands were full of wrapped gifts for Maria.

“She’s outside horseback riding with her sister and some of her friends.” Casey closes the front door behind her.

Debbie spots the table that had all the birthday gifts for Maria. She walks over and adds her gifts to the table. She turns around and looks at Casey “so, how have you been these past few years?”

Debbie was one of the archivists that were also Casey’s friend. She knew Casey’s secret and what she used to do for a living. Now, she was an independent contractor. Her carpentry work and skill with power tools were amazing.

“Did you ever marry that rich Italian guy?” Casey knew Debbie was head over heels for the guy.

“Nope, I did like him a lot, but I couldn’t see spending the rest of my life with him and explaining what I did for a living. How about you? Have
you found someone special to spend your life with?” Debbie knew Casey’s former partner Bart Hardy, has gotten married and adopted two beautiful girls from England. He also adopted a former LAPD undercover police officer as his sister. His wife did the operation to turn the person from a male to a female.

“There was one person I thought might be a good partner. However, he chickened out when he met my girls. He wasn’t ready to be a father yet.” Casey liked him, but her girls came first.

“I’m sorry to hear that. Have you spoken to Bart lately?” Debbie knew at one time Bart and Casey were close friends, before her transformation.

“Actually, yes I have. I visited him in New York when he came up for a business meeting. We went out to lunch and he caught me up on everything that has been going on in his life. He has invited me and my girls to his ranch in Texas.” Casey leads Debbie to the living room

Debbie sits down on one side of the sectional. She looks around the living room and could see how warm and welcome the room feels. There were pictures of Casey’s daughters and places they have gone. There were also pictures of an older couple that she didn’t recognize.

She wonders who they were and how were they related to Casey. There were several pictures of them among the collection of pictures.

“Are they related to you, Casey?” Debbie points towards the older couple.

“That is Mr. King and his wife. Mr. King was my very first customer when I started my contracting business. He hired me to add an addition to his house and do some repairs to his roof.” Casey misses Mr. King and his wife. They moved to Florida to enjoy the warm weather.

“They must mean a lot to you.”

“They do. Since I couldn’t go back to my birth family. They took their place and became close to me and my girls. Mrs. King loved my daughters as if they were her grandchildren. When Nova needed help with her schoolwork. Mrs. King took it upon herself to tutor Nova.” Casey was grateful for what Mrs. King did.

“So, how have things been at work?” Casey was grateful for what the Archive team did for her.

“Not too busy, thank goodness. We are learning a lot about another site in Egypt that had alien technology in it but was removed by a corporation that seems to know more about it. We have also learned that there are some actual aliens from space kidnapping humans and selling them off-planet. There is also a group of aliens here on Earth.”

“You’re joking, right?” Casey couldn’t believe there were actual aliens on earth.

“No joking around. They are living out in Utah. According to what we found out, they were sent to stop the aliens that are kidnapping humans.” Debbie and the rest of the team were surprised when Sandy and Beverly brought the news back.

“That is weird.” Casey never thought there would be aliens living among them.

“Mom, we’re back.” Nova and Maria come walking into the living room.

Maria spotted Debbie and runs over to her “Debbie!” and hugs her.

Nova looks puzzled, she didn’t know who Debbie was, but Maria did. She looks towards her mother for an explanation.

“Debbie is an old friend, Nova.” Casey saw the look on her daughter’s face.

“Oh!” Nova walks over and hugs Debbie as well.

Debbie smiles and returns the hug. She looks at Nova’s young face and could tell she was confused and happy at the same time. She noticed Maria was sitting next to her.

A few hours later, all the friends that Maria has made show up for her birthday party. Debbie and several mothers that had decided to stay help Casey with the birthday party. There were at least twelve children at the party. Some of them had weird skin conditions and birthmarks like Maria.

The birthday party lasts for a few hours. Afterward, Debbie and Henry help Casey clean up the mess and put everything away. Casey saw how happy her little girl was, which brought a warmth to her heart.

Later in the evening, Debbie, Henry, and Casey sat outside around the firepit drinking Cognac. Henry wasn’t a liquor drinker, but he did enjoy the Cognac he was drinking. He pours himself a second glass of Cognac.

Debbie looks out at the rest of the ranch and loved seeing all the stars in the sky. It wasn’t often that she got a chance to just observe the stars.

“Did you see how happy Maria was today?” Henry looks over towards Casey.

“Yes, I notice how happy she was. Since I have adopted her, I have never seen her so happy. The last time I saw her that happy, was the day I adopted her.” Casey knew how much Maria wanted friends and someone who loved her.

“She did seem very happy.” Debbie saw how happy Maria was.

Debbie takes a sip of her cognac. She was enjoying herself and the company around her. She looks over at Casey “does your offer still stand?”

“Yes, it still stands.” Casey had offered to let Debbie stay with her, any time she visited.

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” Casey finishes off her drink.

She puts her glass down and stands up “I’m going to go and check on the girls and head to bed. The guest room is across from Maria’s bedroom, Debbie. The bed should be already made up.”

“Thanks, Casey.”

“You’re welcome. We’ll good night, everyone.” Casey heads into the house.

The first room she stops at is Maria’s bedroom. The room was set up like a jungle and had all Maria’s favorite plushies scattered around the room. She saw that Maria had her new stuffed animal that was a Bengal tiger that Cheshire sent her.

Casey tucks the blanket around Maria and places a kiss on her forehead. She brushes some of Maria’s long hair away from her closed eyes.

“Sweet dreams, my little Maria.” Casey backs out of the bedroom and slightly close the bedroom door.

Casey walks across the hallway and enters Nova’s bedroom. Nova’s bedroom had pictures of famous tennis players on the wall, along with pictures of her favorite horses. Casey picks up some Nova’s dirty laundry and put them in her dirty clothes hamper.

As she gets closer to Nova’s bed, she notices her Samsung tablet was laying on the blanket. A Monster High movie was still playing. Casey stops the movie and turns the laptop off. She places it on her daughter’s nightstand.

She tucks her in and places a kiss on her forehead. She was so happy that Nova was growing up safe and enjoying life. She knew Nova still has nightmares from shooting her father.

“Sleep tight my little monkey.” Casey places a kiss on her forehead like she did Maria.

Casey backs out of Nova’s bedroom and heads further down the hallway to her bedroom. She enters her bedroom and starts stripping out of her clothes. After all these years since she was changed, she is still amazed at how her body turned out.

She had wide hips, a small waist, and well-developed round breasts. She kept her light mahogany brown color hair short and she had bright green eyes. Her body was well toned.

She grabs her nightgown and slips it on. She lays down in bed and read for a while. Before, long she falls asleep.

The next day, Casey wakes to the smell of eggs and sausage as she walks into the kitchen to prepare breakfast for her girls. She spots Debbie in the kitchen cooking breakfast for everyone.

“Well, this is something new.” Casey starts fixing herself a cup of coffee.

“I hope you don’t mind. I thought I would make breakfast for everyone. I also hope you like French toast.”

“Mommy does.” Maria stuff some French toast into her mouth.

“That I do, sweetie.” Casey smiles at Maria.

While her coffee is brewing, she hears her doorbell ring. She wonders who it could be at this time of the morning. She heads towards the front door and turns the camera next to the door on to see who it was. She saw Cheshire and Jack Bounty standing on the other side of the door.
Casey opens the front door “hello, Cheshire and Mr. Bounty. What brings you guys to my doorstep?”

“Can we talk inside, Casey?” Cheshire looks at her former agent and pupil.

“Yes, please come in.” Casey steps aside to let Cheshire and Jack inside.

Once they were inside the house “why don’t we head towards the living room to speak. By the way, would you care for a cup of coffee or juice?”

“Coffee would be nice.” Jack could use a cup after all the driving they did last night from Alexandria

As they walk by the kitchen area, Jack and Cheshire notice everyone was still in their pajamas. Maria was wearing an onesie that had Monster High characters on it. Nova was wearing a pair of silk pants and a matching top. Henry was in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. The woman
cooking, they didn’t know, but she was dressed in a t-shirt and silk shorts. Casey was still wearing her baby blue nightgown.

“I’ll only be a few minutes.” After Casey shows Cheshire and Jack to the living room.

Jack and Cheshire head into the living room and sit down on the sectional. They noticed how well decorated the living room was. While they are waiting, Jack looks towards Cheshire “it seems Casey has adjusted to being retired.”

“It would seem so.”

Casey comes back after a few minutes with a tray. It held three mugs.

“I know how much you enjoy tea, Cheshire. So, I made you a cup of tea.” As she lowers the tray.

“Thank you.” Cheshire takes one of the mugs that had a flowery scent to it.

“You’re welcome.” Casey sets the tray down near her, as she sits down across from Jack and Cheshire.

Jack takes a sip of his coffee. It was fixed just the way he liked it. Straight black with nothing added to it. He looks at Casey's “nice coffee.”

“Thanks. So, what brings you two to my home today?” Casey was curious.

Jack looks directly at Casey “I need you for a security job.”

“I’m retired, Mr. Bounty.” Casey knew what he did.

“I know, Casey. However, it’s a simple security job.”

“If it’s so simple, why do you need someone of my caliber to act as a security person?” Casey looks at Jack and Cheshire.

“Because the people we are dealing with, are just as dangerous as you and everyone else that works for us.” Jack wanted Casey to understand why they needed her services.

“Who all is going to be there acting as security?” Casey wanted to know who she was going to be working with.

“Your old partner Bart, my daughters Gina and Julia, Anika, Carla, Bear, and Rachel.” Jack had selected some of his best-trained agents.

“And who are you adding to this security detail?” Casey looks at Cheshire for an answer.

“My daughter Tizzy and an associate of mine named Liz.” Cheshire figures she could fly Liz out to Colorado.

Casey looks at both people and thinks about what they wanted her to do. She promises herself she would give up killing people. She didn’t want to step back into that world. She was a mother now and wanted to go straight.

Cheshire could see that Casey was having a hard time deciding. If anyone knew how Casey felt, it was her. When she became Tizzy’s mother, she cut back on what jobs she took. She wanted to be a mother first, instead of an assassin.

“Casey, I understand your concern. I felt the same way when I adopted Tizzy. I still feel that way with my new daughters. I wanted to give up being a killer, to be a mother full time. However, to be a good mother and protect my daughters, I had to use the skills I am good at to do it.”

Casey looks at Cheshire and knew she wasn’t just a master assassin, but a famous author. She specialized in big game cats and she knew she had one of her own in Hawaii.

“How soon do you need an answer?”

“Before we leave here. Things are already in motion.” Jack finishes his coffee.

“That’s not much time.” Casey wonders if Debbie wouldn’t mind staying a few days and look after her girls and Henry.

“Give me a second, please.” Casey stands up and walks to the kitchen.

Casey spots Debbie eating breakfast. She puts the tray and away and look at Debbie. The girls had finished their breakfast and must be getting dressed.

“Debbie, can I ask a favor from you?”

“Sure, what is it?” Debbie figures it must have something to do with Casey’s guest.

“Could you extend your stay and watch the ranch for me?” Casey was careful not to say the girls and Henry.

“Sure, is something wrong?” Debbie knew Casey well.

“No, but I will explain later, after my guest leave.”

Maria was finally dressed and was curious. She wanted to see who her mother’s guest was. So, she walks into the living room.

She saw it was her Aunt Cheshire “Aunt Cheshire!”

Cheshire heard her name from a familiar voice. A smile appears on her face, as Maria comes running towards her. She feels Maria’s tiny arms hug her. She wraps her arms around Maria and pulls her up on her lap.

Jack looks at the small dark-haired girl as she hugged Cheshire. He wonders how many other children Cheshire considers extended family. She did look cute but had an unusual birthmark on her face.

“Who’s your friend?”

“This is my niece, Maria. She’s Casey’s youngest daughter.” Cheshire hugs Maria. She remembered the first time Casey brought her to her place, while she did a job.

“Where’s your sister, Maria?”

“She’s taking a shower. She’s got tennis practice this afternoon.” Maria knew how much her older sister liked tennis.

“Did you receive my birthday gift to you?” Cheshire knew how much

“Yes, ma’am and thank you.” Maria loved her Bengal tiger plushie.

“You’re welcome.”

Casey comes walking back into the living room and spotted Maria sitting on Cheshire’s lap. A smile appears on her face “it looks like my little monkey has found you.”

“Yes, came sneaking in.” Jack winks at Maria. He had grandkids of his own.

Casey sits down on the sectional across from Jack and Cheshire. She looks at Maria as she sat on Cheshire’s lap.

“I’ll do it, but I can’t be away long.” Casey didn’t want to be away from her girls.

“You won’t be.” Jack will see to that.


“Come and see my bedroom, Aunt Cheshire.” Maria slides off Cheshire’s lap.

“Okay.” Cheshire gets up and follows Maria to her bedroom.

Jack watches as the two of them walk off. He turns back to look at Casey “here’s all the information you need to know.” As he reaches into his pants pocket and pulls out a thumb drive.

Casey accepts it. She’ll look at it later.

“Would you like a refill, Mr. Bounty?”

“Yes please.” Jack hands his coffee mug to Casey.

Casey heads back into the kitchen to refill Jack’s coffee mug. She noticed that Debbie cleaned up the kitchen and started the dishwasher. She heads back into the living room.

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Thank you Lady Dragon

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For all of these wonderful stories.

I've long given up on trying to keep track of everything. I just read and enjoy them and I love it when some of my favorite characters show up. Like Mr. Bounty.

So, what's the job?

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Being shunned because of a blemish is cruel, but a reality. This situation could be a great teaching lesson, helping those kids accept those who appear different.

It was said that chamber was brightly lit, but not how? Nothing was said about any power coming into the chamber.

And what caused that statue to target Casey? Who made those statues?

Casey has found serenity with Maria, Nova, and Henry on the ranch. But then in walks Jack and her world is about to get interesting again.

Aliens living on Earth? One group kidnappers and the others trying to stop them. Are the aliens human in appearance or able to disguise themselves?

Guess the next chapter will tell what they're going after.

Others have feelings too.

Needs more

Lovely story, but you've left a number of loose threads for us to fret over. If you could clip a few of them off, or maybe weave them into another story, I'm sure many of us would be grateful.

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