Rachel Stone

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Four years ago, Afghanistan:
Rachel aims at several Isis fighters guarding a bunch of women and children. She and several other members from her mercenary team were hired to bring the women back safely. The new targeting sight and rounds she got from Metal Works were working perfectly.

“This is little sister to big brother, I’m ready when you guys are.”

“Uncle to niece, light them up.” Kevin saw where Rachel was setup.

She had the perfect sniper spot. She had plenty of covers and with her small body frame, you couldn’t spot her.

“Niece to uncle, the party is about to begin.” Rachel pulls the trigger on her sniping rifle.

The first bullet heads towards its target. She repeats the process several more times and each person she had programmed the bullets with, drop like wet sacks of flour.

“Ridge Runner, you’re up.” Rachel continues to watch the building the women were in.

“Roger, niece.” Ridge Runner guns the custom-built armor van and heads towards the building the women were kept in.

The custom van speeds through the streets and barricades that had been built. There was nothing that could stop that armored van, except a fricking tank. Ridge Runner built and designed that van himself.

Several ISIS fighters come out of the building they had been sleeping in to see what was causing the noise that woke them up. As each person came out of the building they were in, Rachel drops them one by one. She watches as her other companion’s fire at the fighters as well.

“Alright, I have all the women. Let’s get out of here.” Ridge Runner floors the gas pedal and speeds away.

“Right behind you, Ridge Runner.” Rachel stands up and shoulders her sniping rifle.

She runs over to the edge of the building and slides down the rope waiting for her. She lands safely and jerks the rope to dislodge it. Rachel gathers it up and walks over to her custom motorcycle and put it in the saddlebag.

She mounts her motorcycle and gun the engine, as she squeals off into the night. The helmet she was wearing was equipped with night vision capabilities. The motorcycle itself had a V-8 engine that put out 300hp, plus a nitrous system added to it, to give it more power.

She glances behind her, as the explosives Boom Boom placed goes off. An evil smile appears on her face, as the Isis fighters get what they deserved. If she had her choice, she would hunt down every last one of them and kill them herself.

If the doctor that had rescued her hadn’t patched her up. She would have died from the wounds she received from the Isis soldiers. She was undercover gathering information dress as a woman when she was discovered. They found out she wasn’t a female, but a male and accused her of being a homosexual.

The punishment she received had been to be thrown off a building. She survived the fall but play dead to fool the soldiers. Sometime during the night, an Afghan woman managed to sneak out of her place and rescue her.

She had to change her gender, because when one of the Isis soldiers came over to see if she was alive or not. He stabbed her in her groin area. She had to grit her teeth and try to block the pain out.

The woman that rescued her, was a very skilled doctor. She had to scavenge the medical supplies she needed to tend to her wounds. The doctor that rescued her, managed to keep her hidden until they could escape from the town, they were in. Unfortunately, the doctor didn’t make it. An Isis soldier had spotted them and fired his AK-47 at them. He missed her but killed the doctor.

She made it to an American base and collapse. When she came too, several days later. They had transported her from the base to a hospital ship. One of her wounds had come undone and they had to open her up and close the wound. While the doctor was inside her. They went ahead and finished the work the other doctor had done to her.

Once she was completely healed, she was discharged from the Army. They had given her a medical discharge, so she could still receive her medical benefits. When she came back to the states, she found it hard to adjust. She still wanted revenge for what the Isis fighters did to her and the doctor.

She finally found a small mercenary group that was willing to hire her. The leader of the group contracted his services through another company. Since they were so small, they did specialized jobs that most other companies wouldn’t touch.

The leader of her group was a former Marine. He had served in every major event the United States had been involved in. They called him Patton. The next in charge was his business partner, which went by the code name Sarge. Sarge served in the same units that Patton did.
They also operated a bar that they bought together when they left the service. Sarge came from a family that was into the motorcycle culture. He grew up among motorcycle gangs and such.

She received the code name of Little Sister. The guys in the group all thought of her as their little sister. Only Patton and Sarge knew the truth about her. Rachel brings her attention back to what she was doing.

She arrives back to their makeshift camp and parks her chopper over near the fuel truck they had managed to steal. She takes her helmet off and looks at all the women as they exit from the armored van, that Ridge Runner had driven.

“So, where are we going to take them?” Rachel wanted them to be safe.

“There’s a town not far from here, that they will be safe.” Uncle comes walking over to Little Sister and Ridge Runner.

Uncle looked like uncle Jessie from the Dukes of Hazzard. Not the Willy Nelson one, but the original Uncle Jessie from the series. Uncle was
older than all of them, but he was a tactical genius. The man could come up with plans on the fly and most of the time they always worked.

There’s only been a few times, where the plans he created went all the hell. Sometimes, it was because he either didn’t have all the information he needed or there was just no way to salvage it.

“I hope they will remain, safe.”

“Me too.” Ridge Runner goes over to check his van.

Rachel fills the tank up on her chopper. The V8 motor on the motorcycle made it heavy, but she manages to move it without any help.

“I’m going and catch a few Z’s while I can.”

“Alright, sweet dreams.” Sarge watches as Rachel heads into the community tent.

Rachel walks into the tent and over to her bunk. She takes her boots off and put them on top of her footlocker. She removes her black tactical pants and her chest armor. She removes her black button-down shirt and lay everything on top of her footlocker.

The only thing she still had on, was her muscle t-shirt, bra, and panties. She checks her bunk and lay down afterward. She had her handgun, tucked under her pillow. She didn’t have to worry about the guys. She trusted them with her life.

Two Years Later, Allegany State Park, New York :
Rachel pulls into a campground for the night. She was tired from all the traveling she has been doing lately. Her boss Patton ordered her to take some time off. She’s been volunteering for every assignment that allowed her to go back overseas to kill more Isis fighters. She still had a hardon for them after six years.

Her body has changed some, from all the estrogen she has been taking. Her breasts were bigger, and her hips were wider along with her ass. She pulls up to the ranger station and pays for three full days. The travel trailer attached to the back of her custom-built motorcycle held everything she needed. After she is assigned her campsite. She goes and setup her two-man tent and sleeping bag.

She stretches to relieve some sore muscles as she looks around. It was early June and she was tired. She disconnects her travel trailer and put it near her tent. This way, if she needed to go somewhere, she could.

She opens her cooler and pulls out some cajun smoked andouille sausage, green and red peppers, rice, onions, and some potatoes she picked up earlier today. She grabs her huge cast iron frying pan as well. She walks around the campsite she has and gathers some firewood to use in the firepit. It had a grate attached to it, so she could cook on it.

Once the fire was going and her huge cast iron pan was heated up. She chops everything up and adds it to the pan. She adds her seasoning and some butter.

While Rachel is cooking, she wonders what she is going to do for the next three weeks. Patton told her she had to take all three weeks off. He didn’t want her back at the office until she was done.

Rachel carefully cooks her dinner. Ridge Runner has been teasing her because she didn’t know how to cook. So, she took a cooking course. By the time she was done with the course. She could fix some fancy meals, but her skill level wasn’t up there with a professional chef.

Once everything was done and smelling good. She plates the food and sits in her camping chair and watch as the sun goes down. She looks over and notices she has food leftover. Once Rachel is done eating, she puts the rest of the food in a container and places it in her cooler. She dumps some water into her cast iron skillet to clean it.

When she turns in for the night, she wears a camouflage t-shirt and just a pair of silk boxers for women. She’s been changing up what type of undergarments she has been wearing. Normally, she just wore the granny panties when she was out in the field, but lately, she has been wearing silky boxer shorts.

Maia shivers some as she walks the trail. She needed something to take her mind from her problems for a while. Her boyfriend of four years took all her money from her bank account and left her with all the bills. How he found out her pin number, she didn’t know. She never shared her bank card with him.

She had thirty days to move out of her apartment or come up with the late rent. On top of that, her boss at work had been hitting on her and making sexual suggestions to her. He cut back on her hours because she wouldn’t go to bed with him. The thing was the man was a pig.

She reaches into her jacket pocket and pulls out a tootsie roll and pops it in her mouth. She hasn’t been home yet and was feeling a little hungry. She was also tired from all the crying she did last night.

As Maia is walking the trail, she trips over a hidden root and twists her ankle. She falls to the ground face first. Her ankle was throbbing painfully. Tears were sliding down her cheeks as she grits her teeth to keep from crying out. She felt like the world was against her.

Rachel decided she wanted to explore the park some and traveled down one of the trails. It was only four miles round trip, but she had nothing else planned for the day. As she is walking down the trail, she spots a young woman sitting on the ground holding her ankle.

Rachel wonders why the young woman is holding her ankle. She stops and kneels by the young woman when she gets closer to her.

“Are you okay?”

“I think I twisted my ankle.” Maia had watched as a woman with dark hair approached her and kneel next to her.

The woman had short dark hair, dark tanned skin, and looked to be of middle eastern origins. Maia wasn’t sure, but she didn’t look to be Caucasian or European.

“I’m just going to check it out.” Rachel lifts the pants leg of Maia.

She saw how swollen the woman’s ankle look. She looks up at the young woman’s face “it looks like it is swollen. It needs to be put in some ice to bring the swelling down. Are you staying at one of the campsites?”

“No, I came here to try to find a solution to my problems.” Maia didn’t know what she was going to do now.

“Well, you can’t stay here. My campsite isn’t too far from here. I could take care of your sprain. I have a first aid kit.”

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome?” Rachel had a questionable look on her face.

“Maia Storm.”

“It’s nice to meet you, Maia Storm. I’m Rachel Stone.” Rachel puts her arm around Maia and helps her stand up.

Rachel takes her back to her motorcycle. Just as she was about to mount her motorcycle.

“Is it safe to leave my car here?” Maia didn’t want to leave her car.

“Don’t worry, I’ll ask one of the park rangers to bring me back and I’ll bring your car to my campsite.” Rachel figures they would help out.
Maia carefully mounts Rachel’s motorcycle. She had to admit, the motorcycle looked nice. It didn’t look like it came from a dealership.

“Hold onto my waist.” Rachel didn’t have a spare helmet with her. There was one back at her campsite in the trailer.

Maia leans forward and wraps her arms around Rachel's waist. Her ankle was hurting her as she put it on the footpegs. She is surprised when the motorcycle starts up and Rachel starts moving backward with it.

Rachel feels Maia tighten her grip on her waist. She takes it easy on the way back to her campsite. It only takes her less than ten minutes for Rachel to arrive back to her campsite.

She helps Maia off her motorcycle and over to her lawn chair.

“Just stay here. I’ll get some ice packs for your ankle.” Rachel walks over to her trailer and starts looking for her emergency medical kit.

Maia watches Rachel as she walks over to a trailer that looked like it attached to the back of her motorcycle. The paint job on it matched the motorcycle. She wonders how much it cost Rachel to have that done.

After a few minutes, she watches as Rachel comes walking towards her with a blue bag. It had red crosses on it.

“Are you a medic or nurse?” Maia was curious why she would have such a bag.

“Nope, but I do have paramedic field training. Now let’s take care of your ankle and afterwards, I’ll go and bring your car over here to my
campsite.” Rachel takes care of Maia’s ankle.

Afterward, Rachel walks up to the ranger station and ask if they could give her a lift to the other parking lot. She returns ten minutes later with Maia’s car. When she was driving it, she notices that it needs a serious tune-up.

Maia doesn’t get up from the lawn chair she was sitting in. Rachel did a marvelous job of fixing her ankle. The pain she had been feeling was slowly subsiding.

She could hear her car approaching the campsite. The poor thing needed a serious tune-up and she just didn’t have the money right now to do it. She still doesn’t know what she is going to do.

“Your car needs a serious tune-up, Maia.” Rachel hands the car keys back to Maia.

“I know, but I won’t be able to afford it.” Maia still didn’t know what she was going to do about the problems she has.

Rachel could tell something was bothering Maia. She could see the defeated look in her eyes and the worry expression on her face.

“Out with it, Maia. There’s something on your mind.” Rachel hasn’t known Maia long, however, she knows it was bothering her.

Maia looks at Rachel and didn’t know if telling her was a wise thing to do. However, she had no one else she could talk too. She grew up in a foster home and had no family she could call her own.

“Alright, maybe you can see a solution where I can’t. My boyfriend of several years took all the money I had in my banking account. I don’t know how he did it because I never shared my pin with him. On top of that he took out several loans, that somehow have my signature on them, and I am on the hook for. My boss at work is hitting on me and has reduced my hours because I keep saying no to him. I’m behind on my rent, because of my hours being cut. And as you mentioned earlier, my car needs a serious tune-up.” Maia watches Rachel’s reaction.

Rachel just looks at Maia and could understand how the problems she was experiencing could overwhelm her. Patton has been telling her, that she needs to set down some sort of roots.

“How many bedrooms does your apartment have?”

“Two. I was using the other bedroom as a guest room.”

“I’ll tell you what I’m going to do. My boss has been after me to find something else, other than what I am currently doing. I’ll pay whatever you owe on back rent and track down your ex-boyfriend and get your money back. In exchange, all I ask is to rent your spare room. I also might
know a person who might have a job opening. As for the loans that were taken out in your name, that you had nothing to do. I know a person who can clear that up for you as well.”

Maia was stun and wonders why this person she uses met, is willing to help her out. She looks at Rachel “why would you do all this for me?”

“Because I’m a sucker for lost causes and you seem to need my help.” Rachel had a smile on her face when she says that.”

“Thank you.” Maia starts crying again.

Several Months Later:
Rachel looks at the motorcycle shop she just bought. Patton had a friend that was selling his business and was looking for someone to buy it. She saw how many classic motorcycles and old new stock he had. It didn’t take her long to place her bid for the place.

Maia looks at the shop as she stood next to Rachel “I can’t believe you just bought this place.”

“What can I say, I love motorcycles. You saw how big my collection is.” Rachel had a large collection of classic motorcycles. Some of them were worth a lot of money.

“Yeah, I saw how big it is. Also, thank you for your new job.” Maia liked her new job.

A week after Rachel moved in with her. Rachel gave her the number to the human resource department of Sun Coast Telecommunications. It was an old telecommunication company that just recently got bought by Eruption Communications. Several people had been laid off by the new owner and there had been several openings available.

She applied for several of them and the one she got, was working with the chief engineer of the place. She was his office assistant and helped him out with the equipment. Right now, they were doing several major upgrades.

“You’re welcome. However, all I did is give you the information. You did the rest.” Rachel walks through the shop and figures she has a lot of work to do to get the shop in order.

“Still, thank you. I don’t know how I would have survived if I hadn’t run into you that day.”

“You would have managed. You are very resourceful, and I know you would have found away.” Rachel didn’t mind living with Maia.

Maia respected her privacy and didn’t ask a lot about where she goes or what she does for a living. She has brought some of her teammates over to see her place and to meet Maia. Where she was forced to become a woman, because of her injuries. Maia was a genetic woman, so she was learning a lot about what real women went through every month.

A few days later, while Rachel is organizing the stock and moving things around. Some men enter the shop. She spots them at the counter “can I help you, gentlemen?”

“Are you Rachel Stone?” Hugh and Finn had been given orders to eliminate Rachel Stone and her team.

The bounty on Rachel Stone was high and they wanted to collect on it. The Isis leadership learned who has been killing their people and wanted the person eliminated. After searching for the last few months. They finally found her and learned she was a member of a mercenary group that worked for Black Ace Private Contracting Company. It was a subsidiary of Chaos Industries.

“Yes, I am. How can I help you?” Rachel didn’t trust these men.

“Do you want to know, what you can do for us?” Finn had moved his hand towards his gun.

“Look, unless you have some business here. I’m going to have to ask you to leave.” Rachel wishes she had her gun with her.

Finn pulls his gun and starts firing at Rachel. His first few shots miss Rachel. His partner Hugh moves to get a better shot at Rachel.

“You might as well, give up now, Mrs. Stone.” Finn was trying to get a better shot at Rachel.

Rachel moves behind a nearby wall to avoid being shot. She regrets not taking her gun with her today. She looks around behind her, to see what she had available to use to defend herself.

Rachel spots a few items she could use to defend herself. She grabs a brake cable and moves as a bullet hit near her.

“You know, I know teenagers that could shoot better than you guys.” Rachel moves among the stuff in the building.

She spots the first guy that asked her, her name moving towards her. She waits until he passes her, before jumping behind him and wrapping the brake cable around his neck. She holds on tight, as he tries to force her off his back.

Hugh tries to dislodge Rachel Stone off his back. He could feel the cable crushing his windpipe. He turns to face Finn but is unable too. He drops to the ground, after a few minutes.

A bullet hits the wall near Rachel. She kneels and pick-up the gun the guy she took down had. She aims and fires at Finn. She wasn’t trying to kill him but wound him. She wants to know who sent them after her.

Finn moves as the bullet hits near him. He saw how Mrs. Stone took down his partner. He fires again at her and misses. He looks around, trying to figure out where she went.

Rachel moves around the aisles and merchandise still in the motorcycle shop. She keeps track of where the other shooter was. She wanted to surprise him and find out why they came after her.

She manages to get the drop on him and hit him on the back of the head. Rachel watches as the man drops to the floor.

“Now, let's find out who you are and why you came after me.” Rachel drags the unconscious body to the back stockroom and secures the person.

Rachel goes and secures the other person. She drags that person to the back stockroom as well. She searches the two men to see what they have on their pockets and such. She finds a cellphone in one guy’s pocket. It looked like it used facial id to unlock it.

Rachel supports the unconscious man and unlocks the cellphone. She goes through it and comes across a picture of herself and a few other people. Some of them she knew, either from serving with them or from motorcycle rallies she has been to.

“I better call Patton about this.” Rachel pulls her cellphone out and dials Patton.

Patton’s Yacht:
Patton was sitting out on the deck of his yacht, enjoying a cold beer, when his cellphone starts ringing. He picks it up and notices, it was Rachel’s number. He wonders what she wanted as he presses the accept button.

“Hello, Rachel. What can I do for you?”

“Sorry for bothering you, boss. However, I have a situation on my hands.

“What’s the problem, Rachel?” Patton knew it wasn’t common for Rachel to call him unless it was for a mission update.

“I have two guys who came into my shop and tried to kill me.” Rachel looks at the two men lying unconscious on the floor and secured.

“Are you okay?” Patton puts the bottle of beer in his hand, down on the deck.

“Yeah, I’m fine. I can’t say the same for the two guys who attacked me.”

“Alright, I’m on my way to you. I’m bringing Hondo and Warewolf with me.” Patton figures Hondo can get the information out of them and any
electronics they have, Warewolf can retrieve it.

“Alright, I’ll put some coffee on.”

“Forget the coffee. Have a bottle of Cognac ready for us.” Patton knew Rachel kept a few bottles around.

“Will do.” Rachel ends the call.

Two Hours Later:
Patton, Hondo, and Warewolf show up at Rachel’s shop. They parked around back, behind her building. When they come in through the back door, they spot Rachel waiting for them.

“Hi, guys. It's about time you showed up.” Rachel steps aside to let her teammates in.

“We heard you had a visit from some men. Did you show them a good time?” Hondo had a smirk on his face.

“Oh, I showed them a really good time.” There was a smile on Rachel’s face.

Hondo just laughs as he stands near Rachel. Once everyone was inside the building, Rachel closes the door behind them.

“So, what did you find out about them?” Patton looks at Rachel.

“Nothing from them, but some of the photos. I recognize some of the people. I’ve served with a few of them.” Rachel hands the cellphones to Warewolf.

“What do you mean, you recognized some of the photos?” Patton looks at Rachel with a puzzled look on his face.

“I recognize some of the people. Some of them I have served with before I joined you guys.”

“Well, let’s see what we can get out of your attackers.” Patton walks over towards the unconscious men were laying.

Hondo and Warewolf were following. Warewolf was going through the cellphones looking at the pictures and phone numbers. He recognized a few of the photos as well.

While Warewolf goes through the phones. Hondo, Rachel, and Patton look at the men Rachel knocked unconscious.

“So, who’s first?” Rachel looks towards Patton for an answer.

“Which one asked about you, first?”

“This one.” Rachel kicks the guy she choked with the brake cable.

“Alright, let’s start with him. Hondo, will you do the honors.” Patton looks at Hondo.

Hondo picks the guy Rachel pointed out up and looks for something to hang him from. He spots the car lift and the motorcycle lifts as well. He looks up above him and saw that the building had an open steel rafter.

“Hey, Rachel, do you have a chain or rope you can toss over the rafters?”

“Yeah, I have something that will work.” Rachel walks upfront of the building and grabs some climbing rope she transferred from her storage unit to her shop.

“Here you go, Hondo.” Rachel tosses the rope to him.

“Thanks.” Hondo tosses the rope up and over the steel rafters.

He takes the other end and secures it around the man. Once the man was secured, he pulls him up off the floor of the shop and suspends him up in the air.

“Let’s wake our sleeping guest up, shall we.” Hondo smacks the guy hard across his face.

Hugh wakes-up from the blow to his face. He tries to remember what happened to him. He notices a big black man was standing in front of him. He also noticed he was suspended off the floor and felt the binds of the rope holding him, squeezing his body.

He spots the woman he came to kill standing behind the big black bald man. She was standing next to a white man that had all sorts of tattoos on his body. He was bald as well.

“Oh, look he has woken up.” Rachel was watching the guy.

“Good, now we can get some answers from him.” An evil smile appears on Hondo’s face.

“Do your worst, because I won’t tell you anything.” Hugh has experience things most others haven’t.

“Oh, you will speak to me or you will die.” Hondo punches Hugh's body several times.

Hugh felt the first punch and nearly screamed when it landed. The pain he was feeling was nothing he ever felt. He keeps feeling the punches
to his body as the big muscular black man used his body as a punching bag. After a few minutes, the big black man stops.

Hondo treats the man’s body as a punching bag. Landing blow after blow to the man’s body. He stops after a while and looks at the person
“now, do you want to tell me why you came after my teammate?”

Hugh looks at the big black man “go to hell, infidel!”

“Wrong answer.” Hondo goes back to uses his body as a punching bag.

Rachel looks around her shop and notices the gas welder. She walks over to it, about push it over to Hondo.

“Hey Hondo, let’s see how he likes having a limb removed from his body.” She unwraps the hose and turns the gas on. An evil smile appears on her face as she lights the welding torch.

“Oh yeah, now we can have some fun.” Hondo walks over to Rachel.

“Here you go. Have fun.” Rachel hands the torch to Hondo.

Hondo accepts the torch and turns around to face Hugh. He had an evil smile on his face as he walks over towards Hugh.

“Now, where should I begin?” As he comes closer with the torch.

“Start with his feet. He won’t need those after this.” Rachel wanted the man to see her expression.

“Good choice.” Hondo moves the torch towards Hugh’s feet.

Hugh could hear the hissing sound from the torch and feel the heat getting closer to his feet. He squirms just as the torch starts burning his boots. He screams as the hot rubber touches the skin.

“I’ll talk.” Hugh could smell the burnt rubber and some flesh.

Hondo turns the flame off on the torch. He looks at the man “now speak or its barbecuing time.”

“The leaders of Isis wants her dead for the killing of their soldiers. That includes the others on my phone as well.” Hugh knew his life was over now.

Patton looks at Rachel “looks like you have brought a bunch of trouble on to your head.”

“Good, I’ll be happy to add more of their followers to my kill count. After what they did to me and the doctor that saved me. They deserve to meet Allah and I’m happy to send them there.” Rachel had a big hatred for Islam and the way they treated women. The extremist treated women like they were whores to be used for their pleasure. The doctor that saved her, shouldn’t have to die.

Patton looks at Hugh “so, you saying all these people in your phone have either been killed or on a hit list?”


“Their last victim was a former special forces person. According to the file they had on them. They once used to be male but had sex changed. She lived in Utah and had a unique tattoo on her chest and the squadron she uses to belong to.” Warewolf comes walking over.

“Is she dead?” Rachel looks at Hugh.

“She’s dead as a doornail, along with her husband.” Hugh knew because he left her body out in the desert for the blizzards to pick on. Her Husband was left beside her as well.

Rachel punches Hugh straight in his face. Now she remembered who the person was. It was her best friend. They had entered the service together and were assigned to the same unit. Her tattoo had been removed when she was rescued a second time.

However, she didn’t know her best friend was transgender. After she came back to the states, she lost contact with him. Now she knew why she lost contact with him.

“Who else is on that list Warewolf?” Rachel looks towards him.

“At least fifty more names. Some of them I recognize, but the others I have no idea who they are.” Warewolf knew a few of the people from their photos.

As Warewolf and Rachel are talking, Patton’s cellphone starts ringing. He looks at the number on the display and notices it was the company they work for. He presses the accept button “hello, Patton here.”

“Patton, I need for you to contact Rachel and tell her to head to the airport with her gear. I have a special job for her.”

Patton recognized the voice on the other end as belonging to Mr. Bounty himself. He wonders why Mr. Bounty needed Rachel.

“No problem, Mr. Bounty. However, we have another problem. It seems that Isis has fitted her for a toe tag. Two hitmen tried to take her out today.”

“Alright, find out who else is fitted for a toe tag and put them in protective custody or at least warn them. As for Rachel, she’ll be safe where I am sending her. Afterward, I’ll send a team to track down any more hitmen and take them out.” Jack had a specialized team in Europe that he could send a message to Isis leadership.

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Cool. New people.

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I think I like them.

Rachel is going to have fun.

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LOTS OF FUN going after those who hurt others like the hunters.

Love Samantha Renée Heart.


This we need more of. You have got us hooked on Rachel, we need to know more now. We also need more on Maia. She has the potential to become a major supporting character. Living with Rachel will insure she will have some involvement as ISIS seldom concerns itself with collateral damage. In fact the more the better.

"Life is not measured by the breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away.”
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"Rachel wonders why"

. . . "the young woman is holding her ankle."

Duh! Forest trail, unimproved, girl sitting holding her ankle. Come on! Rachel is no hot house flower city girl! A 10yr old could figure that out!

"Life is not measured by the breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away.”
George Carlin