Desert Rose Part 23 (Final Chapter)

Belka stretches as she wakes-up. The bed she slept in last night was amazing. They had gone out for dinner and afterward, her mother took her shopping. She stares up at the ceiling in her new bedroom and a smile appears on her face.

She gets up and heads towards her mother’s bedroom. She opens the bedroom door and walks into the bedroom. She crawls into bed with her mother and snuggles close to her. She could still smell the perfume her mother had worn last night.

Maria felt Belka snuggle against her. She wraps her arms around Belka and pulls her against her body. She was so happy to have her baby again. She places a kiss on Belka's forehead.

Maria just holds her daughter as the two of them just lay in bed. She knew Belka was serious about wanting to be a girl. She went ahead and made an appointment with her doctor to examine Belka and was looking into how much it would be, to give Belka the type of figure she wanted.

Her former husband was going to receive the punishment he deserved. He tried to kill their child and kept her hidden from her for sixteen years. Now he was going to get what he deserved.

Mesquite Police Department, Nevada:
Richard Axium and several other convicts are loaded on the prison transport. Richard couldn’t believe that his lawyer couldn’t get him parole. When he gets out he is going to have Judge Lockhart and Detective Branston killed.

“Move it, convict.”

Richard gets shove from behind by one of the deputies overseeing their loading. He turns to look at the deputy with a snare on his face.

“Stop shoving us, fat man.”

“What did you say, convict?” As Deputy Harris slams his fist into Richard Axium’s stomach.

Richard winces in pain as he butts head with the deputy. He was about to let this fat deputy get away with hitting him.

“Alright, break it up.” Deputy Carlson steps in between Richard and Deputy Harris.

He looks at Mr. Axium and figures this man is going to be trouble. He heard a rumor that he tried to kill a bunch of teenagers, including his child. He already had a busload of killers, drug addicts, and thieves.

Mr. Axium gets on the bus and takes his seat. He was going to make sure both deputies are killed if it is the last thing he does. He watches as other convicts are loaded and once they were on and secured.

The bus starts heading towards the prison they were heading for. Halfway to their destination, the road under the bus explodes, sending the bus flipping. Smoke fills the bus as gunfire could be heard. Just as Richard Axium is passing out, he spots two guys dressed in black body armor with their heads covered by some sort helmet.

One walks over to him and cuts his restraints. He helps Mr. Axium up off the broken window. He catches Richard Axium, just as he passes out.

Several of the four armored guys escort several people from the bus to a waiting, van. Once everyone was loaded, one of the armors figures bangs on a wall separating the cargo area from the drivers.

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