Project: Night Bird Chapter 24 (Final Chapter)

Room 232 West Kingman Medical Center, Kingman, Arizona:
April walks into the hospital room to check on her mysterious patient. She checks her vitals and pain medicine. She wonders, who this woman was? She had been transferred from Aero Flight Industries by helicopter.

A pregnant red hair woman had flown the helicopter that brought her in. No one knew who this woman was or how she incurred the injuries she had. April opens the blinds in the hospital room, so the woman could get some sunshine. Once she was done, she walks out of the hospital room to check on her other patients.

“How’s our mysterious patient?” Jenny looks over towards April as she comes walking out of the hospital room.

“She’s still out of it. I have to say, she has a nice collection of Tattoo’s that cover her body. Especially, the owl that is between her breasts.” April loved tattoos, but she has never gotten up the nerve to get one herself.

“I know what you mean. She has a nice collection of tattoos. Did you see that scar on her back, where her left kidney is located?” Jenny had noticed her chart and saw the information and location of scars on the woman’s body.

“Yeah, it looked like it was done out in the field or by someone with no medical training.” April had seen the scar when she changed the sheets.

“Who do you think she is?” Jenny was curious.

“I don’t know, but Mrs. Blake said we are to let her know when she wakes up.” April wonders when she will wake-up. According to her medical record, she had a lot of wounds.

Cora’s Place, Native American Reservation:
Melissa gets up from the sofa bed she slept on last night. She stretches and heads towards the bathroom. She couldn’t believe that Cora had found the other person and where the woman had come from. When Cora got back to Katie’s place, she did a Facebook search of the person, but there wasn’t any information on Facebook.

They had stayed at Katie’s place, until late and instead of going back to Melissa’s apartment. Cora brought her to her place.

Melissa starts fixing herself some coffee. She knew where Cora kept her coffee and everything. She looks out the window in the kitchen area.

She knew the house that wasn’t too far from Cora’s trailer, belonged to Cora’s friend, George. He was visiting some family members out of state.

Ten minutes later, Cora comes stumbling out of her bedroom. She had on an oversized t-shirt and a pair of black panties. She covers up a yawn as she walks over to the coffee machine and brews herself a cup of coffee. She waves to Melissa as she waits for the coffee brew.

Melissa knew better than to talk to Cora before she had her first cup of coffee. She waits to ask her, about what they were going to do today. She finishes her coffee and rinses her coffee mug out.

Once she saw Cora take her first sip of coffee “so, what’s the plan for today?”

Cora looks at Melissa “first, I need to get in touch with Aviva and talk with her. Secondly, we need to go by your place, and I’ll loan you the money to get your rent up to date and pay whatever bills you still owe. Thirdly, the manager at the Trading Post is looking for a stock person and a nighttime cashier. Do you have a driver's license?”

“Yes, but I don’t own a car.” Melissa never had enough money to buy a car.

“You can use my little Ford Ranger. It should take you about thirty minutes to get from your place and to the Trading Post.” Cora takes a sip
from her coffee mug.

“Are you sure about this Cora? It will take me a while to pay you back for everything.” Melissa knew it would take her a while to pay Cora back.

“Don’t worry about anything. A dear friend helped me out when I needed it. So, all I am doing is paying it forward. I will be checking up on you and making sure you’re not hooking.”

“I promise, I’ll give it up, and thank you.” Melissa walks over and hugs Cora.

Just as Melissa hugs Cora. Cora’s cellphone starts ringing.

“You’re welcome, Melissa.”

Cora heads back to her bedroom to retrieve her cellphone. She looks at the caller Id and notices, it was Aviva calling her.

Aviva’s Van, Walmart Parking Lot:
Aviva wakes up suddenly. She had been in a nice deep sleep when she remembered where she knew Becker Thompson from. She reaches for her cellphone, which was sitting in the wireless charger near the bed she was sleeping on. She reached down to the jeans she wore yesterday and take Cora’s business card and call.

There was a slight chill in the van. She had gone to bed in the panties she wore yesterday and her favorite Iron Man t-shirt. She dials Cora’s phone number.

“Hello?” Cora’s voice comes over the speaker.

“Cora, sorry for calling you so early, but I remembered where I know Becker Thompson from. I did a temp job at a construction site and he operated the heavy equipment there.”

“Do you remember where the construction site is located at?” Cora figures she could go there and speak with the site supervisor.

“Yes ma’am. I remember who the site supervisor is. His name is Brandon Hale. The company is called Bridget Construction.” Aviva moves the curtain on the window near her aside to see what the weather was like. She didn’t see any rain, which she was thankful for.

“Aviva, where are you?” Cora was curious.

“I’m at the Walmart parking lot at Henry street and Walmart way.” Aviva closes the curtain.

“I’m going to send you my address. Could you come over to my place?”

“Sure, just send me your address.”

“Alright, I’ll see you when you get here.” Cora ends the call.

Aviva grabs a pair of shorts from the stack of plastic drawers. She slips them on and makes her way up to the driver seat. She slips her cellphone into the wireless charger.

A smile appears on her face, as she puts her van into gear and drives towards Cora’s place.

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