I Put A Hex On You

Hex sits and watches the Pawn store she has been hearing so much about. The owner of the pawn store was a very dishonest person. Not only was he selling drugs out the back door, but his cut for selling stolen items for people was very high.

She has already cased the joint twice and mapped out the security system. She also managed to get her hands on the building blueprints. She makes a few notes of the coming and going of the employees and the owner.

Since working with Mrs. Midnight and Sasha Wolfhart she has sort of changed why she did things. She still enjoys getting revenge on her family. The latest trick she pulled on them was changing the remote fobs frequency on their cars. She had hacked her way into the engine
management system and reprogrammed the remote.

She wasn’t a computer hacker, but she understood how the engine management systems work on cars. It had been funny, watching her mother, sister, brother and father try to get into their cars or get their cars started. After everything they did to her, she wanted them to see what it was like to be treated like dirt.

Hex puts her stuff away and heads back down the emergency fire escape. She had a beat-up looking van waiting for her. She makes her way to the van and heads towards the garage she recently bought to store a lot of her gear.

When she arrives at the garage, she parks the van and head upstairs to the office. She walks over and writes some notes on the blueprints of the pawnshop. She already planned how she was going to get into the place.

Hex looks at the medical report she was given by the doctor she went to. She could have been a normal teenage girl if her mother had started her on hormones. She might have been better looking than her sister, but no. Her mother let her grow up with a semi-functional ovary, that was in the shape of a U instead of a normal shape.

Hex looks at the time and notices she, needs to get ready for work. She was working as a bartender at a gay club. She strips out of the clothes she had on, and head towards the showers. While she is washing her body. Hex notices the testosterone hormones she has been taking lately, has given her more muscle mass.

Hex liked the fact she was building muscle tissue and a six-pack ab. She finishes her shower and looks at her face. She didn’t want facial hair, but if it happened, she would deal with it. She hated how her face looked anyway and was thinking about having plastic surgery.

Hex grabs her helmet, wallet, and heads back downstairs to the garage. She slips her helmet on and presses the remote to open the garage door. She mounts her black Triumph Daytona 955i and heads towards The Dirty Hole.

When she pulls into the parking lot, she spots a parking space not far from the entrance. She parks her motorcycle and secures it. She installed a kill switch to prevent anyone from stealing her motorcycle. She bought it a few days after working with Mrs. Midnight and Mrs. Wolfhart.

“Hey Carlos, are you working tonight?” Jade looks over towards Carlos.

A smile appears on Hex’s face. Carlos was the identity she was using now. She figured, since she was going to pass herself off as a male, she
should have a male name. So, she created Carlos Anderson Williams. She knew a person that did forge identities and paid him to create a profile for her that went back ten years. That way if someone got nosey about her and did a background check. They would find a complete person.

“Yeah, I’m here till closing, Jade.” Hex looks over at Jade.

She was a young drag queen who worked hard to impress people. Hex knew Jade’s life hasn’t been easy. The poor girl was multi-racial and came from a low-income family. She worked as a nighttime cashier at an all-night gas station.

“Cool, do you know if David is working tonight?” Jade liked David. She thought he was a hunk.

“Tonight is his night off. He’ll be here tomorrow night.” Hex didn’t like David that much. The man was a hound dog and couldn’t keep his penis in his pants.

Jade walks over to join Carlos as they walk inside the club. She heads towards the dressing room, while Carlos heads towards the manager’s office to put her helmet away. She notices the place was hopping.

“Hey Carlos, get your butt over here and help me out.” Frankie glances towards Carlos.

“On my way. Don’t get your panties in a twist.”

“I don’t wear panties.” Frankie just smiles at Carlos.

Hex just shakes her head back and forth. She gets to work making drinks and refilling drinks. Later in the evening, the drag show starts. The first girl on stage was an old pro and people knew her. She did pretty well. The next girl after her was one of the house favorites and did a Cher song. There were two more queens that came on stage and performed before Jade finally appeared.

Jade was wearing a nice dress that showed off her figure. She didn’t lip-synch her song but performed it. Hex listened to her singing and thinks she would do good. At the end of her performance, she ends up with a lot of money being thrown towards her.

Hex even sends money her way as well. She loved Jade’s performance. She figures Jade would do well if she ever decided to go professional.
Jade gathers her money up and put it away in her purse. She liked being a woman all the time. She has been thinking about dressing full time as a girl. She leaves the dressing room and out into the club to mingle with the customers.

“Hey Carlos, I need a Jack on the rocks.” Bunny walks up to the bar with her tray.

Hex looks at the blonde bunny girl that Garrett just hired. She was new to the gay scene and a little bit of an airhead. She loved dressing like the old Playboy bunnies. She was also a pleasure to work with. Hex knew Garrett had a thing for her.

“Coming, Bunny.” Carlos fixes the drink and places it on her tray.

“Try not to spill this one.” Carlos had watched Bunny drop the first open.

“Hey! Someone grabbed my ass. I don’t know who did, it but I was startled.” Bunny felt someone grab her when she walked by.

“Well, be careful this time around, please.” Hex knew Garrett would give her several passes, before making her pay for the spilled drinks.

The rest of the night becomes busy for Hex and Frankie. By the end of the night, they still had a large crowd in the bar.

“Alright people, you need to go home. The bar is closing.” Larry manages to get everyone out of the bar, so they could close.

He spots Jade standing nearby “hey, Jade why are you still here?”

“My ride didn’t show up and the bus has stopped running.” Jade would take a cab, but she needed the money she made tonight to find a new apartment.

“Come on in. Maybe Carlos can give you a ride home. He has a thing for you.” Larry escorts Jade back into the bar.

“Thanks, Larry.”

“You’re welcome, Jade.”

Larry watches as Jade walks back into the bar. She was a good kid, that just has had nothing but bad luck. He knew she was just coming out of the closet.

Jade heads inside the club and notices Carlos and Frankie were cleaning the bar and washing the glasses. She walks up to the counter “hey Carlos, could I get a lift from you, please?”

Hex looks at Jade “what happened?”

“My ride didn’t show up and the buses have stopped running.” Jade had a little pout on her face.

“No, problem. However, I only have one helmet, so you’ll have to hold on tight to me.” Hex didn’t mind giving Jade a lift home. Her place wasn’t too far out of the way from her place.

Jade sits at the bar and watches as Carlos and Frankie restock the bar. She notices that Carlos lets Frankie count the money. They also split the tips the bar was given between the two of them.

Hex grabs her helmet from the manager’s office. She pulls her keys out “you ready, Jade?”

“Yep! I’m ready when you are.” Jade grabs her oversize purse and follows Carlos out to his motorcycle.

Hex gets on first and puts the key in the ignition. She also flicks the kill switch to turn the motorcycle on. She feels Jade climb on behind her.

“Hold on tight, Jade.” As she feels Jade’s grip tighten on her waist.

Hex starts the motorcycle and heads towards Jade’s apartment complex. It felt weird having someone grab her hips. She has never had anyone do something like that before.

As they get closer to Jade’s place, they could see flashing lights. Hex slows down and is stopped before she could get any closer. There were fire trucks, ambulances, and police cars in front of Jade’s place.

Jade hops off the motorcycle and runs up to the policeman keeping people away from the building. She tries to get past him but is stopped.

“Sorry Mrs. You can’t go towards the building.” Officer Coggins looks at the young woman standing before him.

“But I live there.” Jade looks towards her apartment and noticed it was damage. The apartment next to hers and the ones underneath hers were all damaged by fire.

“I’m sorry, ma’am. Until the fire inspector can determine what caused the fire. You’ll have to wait before you can claim any personal items.” Officer Coggins felt sorry for the young woman.

Jade turns around and heads back towards Carlos. Tears were leaking from her eyes.

“Is everything okay, Jade?” Hex was concerned when she saw Jade crying.

“No, my place has been destroyed by a fire and I don’t have any place else to go.” Jade throws her arms around Carlos's neck and cry.

Hex just holds Jade. She knew if she let Jade stay with her, it was going to be awkward. She tends to walk around in just a t-shirt and boxer shorts.

“You can stay with me until you can get back onto your feet.” Hex figures she lost all her drag clothes and such.

“Thank you, Carlos.” Jade was thankful for the offer.

“Come on, let's head back towards my place.” Hex starts the motorcycle up and heads home.

Jade holds on tight to Hex’s waist. She couldn’t believe she lost everything she worked hard for. She tightens her grip when she feels Carlos shift gears.

After twenty minutes, Hex pulls up at her house. She presses the garage remote button. Once the door opens, pulls into the garage.

The garage door closes behind them. Hex parks her motorcycle next to her car and turns the engine off.

“Home sweet, home.” Hex removes her helmet as she starts getting off her motorcycle.

Jade looks at Carlos’s place and couldn’t believe how nice it looked. She has never seen a garage so clean before. She spots a workbench over against the left-hand wall and the car she has seen Carlos drives to the bar.

Hex looks at Jade “come on upstairs with me. I might have some clothes you can wear.”

“Okay.” Jade follows Carlos up a set of stairs against the right-hand side of the garage. She also notices that there was an elevator near the stairs as well.

Jade follows Carlos up the stairs and into a nice foyer. As soon as Carlos entered the place, the lights automatically came on.

“Wow!” Jade was amazed at how clean and decorated the house was.

Hex hangs her helmet on a peg near the door. She also puts her jacket there as well.

“If you think this is something, wait until you see the bedroom, you’ll be sleeping in.” Hex escorts Jade up another flight of stairs to the second floor.

As soon as they leave the downstairs, the lights turn off. The lights on the second floor come on.

“Are your lights on motion detectors?” Jade was curious.

“Yep, all the lights in the house are on motion detectors. Now, you have a choice. You can have the bedroom across from the bathroom or you can have the bedroom next to the bathroom, but you have a nice view of the backyard.”

Jade investigates each room. One had a view of the front yard and a person could see directly into the room. The other room had a nice view of the back yard and a small deck.

“I’ll take this bedroom.” Jade liked the small deck.

Jade turns to look at Carlos “where’s your bedroom?”

“Mine is the whole third floor.” Hex had renovated the third floor as one big room.

“Oh!” Jade thought Carlos's bedroom was on the same floor as hers.

“Here, let’s get you settled in and we’ll talk more in the morning.” Hex opens the linen closet and pulls out a blanket.

Jade follows Carlos into the bedroom and helps spread the blanket out on the bed. Once the bed was made up.

“Let me head upstairs and get you some nightclothes.” Carlos turns to leave and then stops “do you prefer female nightclothes or male night clothes?”

“Female, if you have any.” Jade preferred women’s clothes over males.

“Okay.” Hex heads up to her bedroom and grabs some clothes she uses to wear.

It was some of the clothes she left her home with. She hasn’t worn them since she left and since she decided to just dress like a boy. She takes them back downstairs and hands them to Jade.

“These use to belong to a friend of mine before she left.”

“Thanks, Carlos.” Jade accepts them.

“You’re welcome. Now, why don’t you get some sleep.” Hex turns around and leaves Jade to herself.

Hex heads up to her room and starts taking off all her clothes. She grabs a pair of boxers and slips them on and a t-shirt to wear. She crawls into bed and quickly falls asleep.

Jade undresses and slips the old nightgown on. She wonders where Carlos got the nightgown. She could tell it was freshly washed because it had a nice lavender scent to it. She heads towards the bathroom and removes all the make-up she was wearing off.

Once she has all the make-up off and is ready for bed. She heads back to the bedroom and lay down. She hopes everything she owned wasn’t burned up.

Jade wakes up late the next morning. It takes her foggy mind a few seconds to recognize that she isn’t in her apartment. The events of last night come back to her and tears start falling from her eyes. She cries for a while, before wiping her eyes.

Jade gets out of bed and head towards the bathroom. She had to pee badly. As she is sitting on the toilet, she hopes she has a spare set of clothes to wear. The clothes she wore last night smelled like smoke.

Once Jade is done in the bathroom, she heads downstairs to the kitchen. When she walks into the kitchen, she spots Carlos sitting at the counter eating breakfast and listening to the news.


“Morning, sleepyhead. There’s cereal in the cabinet or if you know how to cook, there’s eggs, sausage links, and patties in the refrigerator. If
you like a cup of coffee, it's over there. Pick whichever you like.” Hex bought a multi-pack of different flavors.

“Okay.” Jade walks over towards the coffee maker and grabs a Garfield mug hanging nearby.

Hex watches Jade as she moves around in the kitchen. She could see the male features Jade has.

“Jade, if you don’t mind me asking, are you taking hormones?” Hex was curious.

“When I can get them. I can’t afford to see a doctor to have them prescribe to me.” Jade knew she should see a doctor have the right dosage
prescribed to her, but she couldn’t afford to see one.

“Have you tried one of the clinic’s?” Hex knew of a few clinics that would help the gay community.

“No. Even if I did, I couldn’t afford the cost of the hormones.” Jade adds sugar and cream to her coffee.

“Let’s see what items of yours survived and we’ll see about getting you on hormones, properly.” Hex was given the number to the underground
doctor Sasha Wolfhart knew here in Memphis.

After breakfast, Jade and Hex drive over to Jade’s apartment complex, or what was left of it. Jade was wearing a pair of pants that Hex gave her. They were around the same pants size. She was also wearing one of his t-shirts as well.

The fire inspector was at the apartment complex as well. The second floor where Jade’s apartment was, was off-limits. It was too dangerous for anyone to go up to it. The ceiling had collapsed into her apartment.

Hex stood by as Jade talks with the fire inspector. She could see Jade was upset again. Tears were sliding down her cheeks when she comes walking back over to Carlos.

“When can you come and retrieve your belongings?” Hex was concerned.

Jade sniffles and looks at Carlos “the fire inspector said it will be a week before I can claim anything that survived the fire. The thing is, I can’t replace most of what I lost.”

Hex gathers Jade in her arms and holds her. She knew what it was like to start over with nothing. If it hadn’t been for her friends, letting her live with them and teaching her a trade. She might have ended up on the streets or a shelter.

Hex holds Jade for a while. After a few minutes “let’s go and get you some clothes, make-up and material so you can remake your drag collection.”

Jade steps back and looks at Carlos “I don’t have a lot of money.”

“Don’t worry about it. You can put your purchases on my credit card.” The card Hex was thinking about, was the one she took out in her father’s name and has been using. Her father didn’t know anything about it either.

She had another card she took out in her mother’s name and uses it as well. She makes sure she pays the bill on both. That way neither one of her parents will find out about the cards.

Hex takes Jade shopping so she could replace all the clothes, wigs, accessories, and other items she lost in the fire. Hex was never the type of girl who liked shopping, but she was enjoying watching Jade shop and model the clothes she wanted to buy.

“How do I look?” Jade comes out of the dressing room in a nice dress that stopped mid-thigh.

She was wearing a pair of pumps that had a two-inch heel on them. She walks by Hex wiggling her butt. She turns and walks by Hex again and winks at her.

A smile appears on Hex’s face. She loved the way Jade was flirting with her. The thing was, how would she feel about her. Once she told Jade the truth about herself?

Hex and Jade continue to shop for a few more hours, before heading back home. She presses the remote for the garage and once the door was opened. She pulls into the garage and turns the car off.

Jade turns to look at Carlos “thanks for letting me stay here and for buying everything.”

“It’s no problem. After all the bad luck you have been having lately. It’s nice I could at least lift your spirits.” Hex leans over and places a kiss on her cheek.

Jade blushes because she has never had anyone kiss her, while she was dressed as a girl. She follows Carlos up to the second bedroom. She has turned it into her workroom. She was happy that Carlos didn’t mind her using it.

After putting her stuff away, she follows Carlos back down to the kitchen and starts working on dinner. She learned that Carlos was a fairly decent cook. She could cook, but she wasn’t as good as Carlos.

After dinner, she helps Carlos clean the kitchen up and put the leftovers away. She takes a nice relaxing bath, while Carlos went up to his room to work on a project. She was curious about what he was working on.

She spotted all the antenna and a few dishes around the property. She asked him about them, and he informed her that he was a ham operator. That was something she didn’t know about Carlos.

Hex’s workroom and Bedroom:
Hex couldn’t believe she had another person living with her. She was normally a solitary person and enjoyed her privacy. Not only that, but most people also thought of her as a guy. She wasn’t sure what she was. It wasn’t like she had any feelings for anyone.

She gets undress and slips on one of her favorite t-shirts and a clean pair of boxers. However, she did like Jade a lot. She lays down in bed and slowly falls asleep.

Two Months Later:
Jade looks at herself in the mirror at the club. Only a few of her things had survived the fire. Her laptop had been damaged beyond repair. She learned that Carlos wasn’t named Carlos, but a young girl who was born without any reproductive organs named Carlee Winslow. Carlee had the bottom part of a girl, but no vaginal opening or breasts.

When Carlee explained things to her, she could understand why she went by the name of Carlos. She also understood why Carlee passed herself off as a man. Which made her happy because Carlee suggested she should go full time as a girl. She liked how she looked as a girl and Carlee put her in touch with a doctor that was willing to put her on some hormones.

He did warn her that they were experimental, and she could experience emotional outbursts. He also suggested that her appetite might increase because of the fat in her body being redistributed. She did notice one side effect right away. Her hair has become thicker.

Normally, her hair was kind of thin and didn’t grow as much. Now, she was thick and full. When she first cut it, it grew back in a week.

As for Hex as she likes to be called, she couldn’t believe how she felt about him. She introduced Hex to anal sex for the first time and she didn’t mind him penetrating her with a strap on. However, Hex didn’t care for it when she penetrates him with her cock. Now, Hex didn’t have a problem giving her a blowjob and she didn’t mind sucking Hex’s artificial penis.

She finishes her makeup and gets dressed in her new clothes. Hex bought her a brand-new sewing machine, glue gun, and whatever else she needed to dress in drag. She knew Hex did extra curriculum activities that he kept her in the dark about.

The pawnshop that she has dealt with off and on had been robbed. She knew the place was corrupt, but it was the only pawnshop that would take what she had. A few days later after it had been robbed, the DEA busted it for selling illegal drugs.

When she asked Hex if he had something to do about it. All she got was a smile, as Hex walked off.

“Jade hurry up. You’re on next.” Sherry motions for Jade to come out on stage.

Carlos/Hex watches as Jade comes out on stage and starts singing. She never thought she would find someone she could fall in love with and she couldn’t believe how she felt about Jade now.

Her life was being turned upside now and in a way, she was enjoying it. She finally decided to become a man, since she enjoyed fooling people already.

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