Tammy: Deja Flew - Part 3

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Deja Flew  

Book 12: Deja Flew


"Deja Flew"
Part 3


Note: This is a work of fiction but a number of real people, places, and institutions are mentioned in fictitious circumstances. In short it's a story!
Wednesday 20th December 2017(Cont)

Emily went to the office window and looked down.

"Good, your transport is here. Suzie, go back out the door and take the stairs to the bottom, there's a fire exit. Your driver is parked there. It's a marked police car so you won't get in the wrong vehicle."

"What will the neighbours think?"

"They can think anything they bloody want to, go!"

Sophie was smiling and Tammy was struggling not to laugh.

"Seriously Tammy, is she always like that?"

"Sorry Emily, she's a Monday to Friday nine to five desk jockey, she doesn't adapt well."

"Clearly, will she be okay with Heather?"

Sophie answered. "The pair know each-other and liaise often so it'll be a good working relationship."

"That's a relief, I'm taking responsibility for this team's actions and I'm expecting good results."

"What's our brief, Emily?"

"Locate Penny Lavoska and use whatever means necessary to detain her."

"Legal means?"

"No, I know what I said. For this purpose your military rank will allow you to operate in any NATO country, with Maisie as your backup."

"Won't we rely on the local forces to detain Ms Lavoska?"

"That would be ideal, but once we get to the twenty fourth then we'll be lucky to get anything and anyone activated away from these shores. What we need is our own mobile team that isn't under national control; and that, Tammy, is where I'm told you come in."

"Okay Emily, but I guess that for the time being this is a paper operation to find the woman?"

"Yes, we'll stay here until we have good evidence of her location."

"You do know that Maisie and I didn't have to be there this morning?"

"Indeed, but we would have fetched you so you saved us the effort. I was pleased to see you in Thames House, it showed foresight. The same for you Maisie, although I didn't know who you were until John Smith told me.

"I'm only here because Tammy told me to go with her."

"So, did you want out?"

"I'm still training until next month. This sounds like it'll be a good experience for me?"

"For the time being you are off training and fully operational."

"Yes, ma'am."

Emily called for a tech to attend the group. Sophie still had a Met Police login but Tammy and Maisie needed accounts on HOLMES. Tammy was familiar with the system but this was new to Maisie. Sophie explained.

"It's the Home Office Large Major Enquiry System, a pretty awful acronym. It's used for any serious investigations, especially those that span police forces and agencies."

"Oh, what am I expected to do?"

"Look at the data that comes in from everyone and see if you can see connections, links. Check the news media and see if there's information that officers have missed but be careful, do not input unverified information. One other thing, in the early hours of an investigation there's usually a flood of data but it's not always tagged properly so don't limit yourself to defined parameters and if you see something's incorrectly tagged, fix it."

"I'm not sure?"

"Look, your target is to locate Penny Lavoska. Tammy, when did you last see Penny?"

"Two years ago, she wanted me to work in Geneva with her."

"I remember, you refused, obviously?"

"No, not at first. Hilary, I mean Helen, suggested I seriously considered it."


"I now realise the implications if I had gone with her, I could have been a wanted woman myself?"


"Emily, has anyone interviewed Helen or checked her visitors?

"No, did you fancy interviewing her?"

"To be honest, no, she tried to manipulate me. I'm also not trained in interrogation."

"Which, Tammy, is the correct answer. Don't try to do something that you are not trained to do, there is no time for amateur hour."

"Can you answer this for me, Emily? I dealt with Kevin when Sharon Gainsborough was on the course with me, just before she went rogue. Kevin knew about her, so why did you claim to have no information about her?"

"Because all the intel that Kevin learnt was bundled up for the Security Service and we were told to destroy any local copies."

"As if someone didn't want her investigated?"

"Correct. My guess is that we've lost a year, maybe more, and many opportunities to stop Ms Gainsborough."

"Damn, but why aren't we going after her?"

"For his sins, that's Kevin's job. He has a team back at Thames House to dig up her travels and will be given back his own reports. If you come across anything relevant flag it for Kevin but don't actively research her."

"Okay. One more question?"


"Where's the loo?"

"Out the door and the other side of the stairwell."


Tammy picked up her bag and made for the door, Maisie wasn't far behind.

"Do you need a wee as well?"

"Yes, but do you have any tampons or pads?"

"I have pantyliners, why?"

"I think I've just come on."

"I thought you were on the pill?"

"The army offered a jab to all the female staff, it covered me for three months. I was due my next jab a month back."

They'd reached the ladies loo, Tammy opened her bag and handed two liners to Maisie who then went into a cubicle. Tammy took an adjacent one and soon relieved the pressure on her bladder.

Maisie took a minute longer than Tammy but was soon washing her hands.

"Thanks, I clean forgot to pick up any supplies, I haven't had a period for several years. Thing is, why do you need them?"

"Overactive secretions!"

Maisie giggled, "oh yes!"

"Come on, they'll send a search party for us."

They walked back into the room as a box of food was delivered.

"Girls, I had to order this a few hours ago so I don't know what you like. There's ham, cheese and fish sandwiches, tuna I think. There's also crisps and soft drinks plus some fruit. There's a flask on the way here for coffee. Let's not get hungry while we work!"

Tammy was kicking herself for not bringing her Security Service laptop with her, it was currently in a locked box back at their house. She asked, forlornly, whether Emily had an MI5 terminal she could use?

"I think you already know the answer to that? Now, why did you want access?"

"I had some addresses for Penny from when I bought a plane. In the end it was found to be a deathtrap and was taken apart by the AAIB. Penny was involved in the supply of that plane."

"Did the AAIB know about her?"

"No, that information wasn't passed on. Above their pay-grade."

"Bloody hell."

"I wasn't responsible for the dissemination of that report, unfortunately. There's no evidence she was in the UK at all but we did place her in Belgium."

"Anywhere else, that you have evidence of?"

"The last time I met with Penny and her sister Paula, when they wanted me to work with them, they mentioned Geneva. I also remember hearing that Penny had a suite at the Hotel au Lac, Lausanne."

"Tammy, which hotel are your parents staying in?"

"Of course, the Angleterre et Residence. Oh, damn, that's almost next to Hotel au Lac. My mother, Tara, often stayed at Hotel au Lac."

"When are they due into Geneva?"

"They were on a flight at eleven, so they should be landing in about an hour."

"Has your father met Penny?"

"Yes, a couple of years ago when I assisted with the fashion show at my school."

"Is there any reason to think their travel could have been compromised?"

"No, Pru booked everything separately, it might be more expensive but it gives us complete control over the travel. Pru would also have put it through the company account."

"I see, and you trust her?"

"Absolutely. She was cleared a while back when we took her on."

"So there's no reason to believe they're compromised?"

"No. Dad also knows the area well, although it's Joan's first trip."

Tammy's phone rang, the display said 'Angela'.

"Tammy, are you coming back for lunch?"

"No, Maisie and I are stuck, no idea when we'll be back."

"A courier came by for you, I had to sign for an envelope."

"Who was it from?"

"It says 'Box Office, Royal Albert Hall'."

"Open it please."

A moment later Angela said. "There are four tickets to; The Nutcracker, on the twenty-third. TAMMY; it says they are BOX SEATS!"

"Box seats? For The Nutcracker?"

Emily looked up from behind her terminal and Sophie had turned to look as well.

"Tammy, I know that is a ballet. Isn't it fancy dress?"

Tammy was still wondering why she would get tickets. "It's formal, Angela. Evening gowns for ladies, tuxedos for men. Four tickets? That would have been all of us. I'd hate to waste one as Suzie won't be able to go."

"I can't get hold of Suzie?"

"She's on her way to you now."

"Oh, I thought she was working?"

"She is, but I can't tell you any more."

"Will she do me lunch?"

"No, but she might appreciate it if you prepared a sandwich for her."

"I don't know what's in the fridge?"

"Open it? I have to go now." Tammy killed the call.

"Do you always talk to your sister like that, Tammy?"

"No, Sophie, but at times she does stretch my patience. You've not met her, have you?"

"Only at a distance, when we met you in Wick?"

"Ah, yes. She has grown up a bit since then, but not much."

"Box seats for the ballet? I read they have been sold out for a month."

Tammy shook her head. "It is a surprise to me as well. My parents would have mentioned getting them, if they were responsible."

Emily told them to get back to work, Tammy was to write up the Swiss connection to the Lavoskas.

"From memory?"

"Well, unless you have your reports with you, which would probably be a security breach?"


"Remember, the system will allow someone else to add more data, especially if they have access to your reports."


Tammy opened a new record and started to type. In their last conversation, Penny Lavoska had suggested she had met Tammy in Lausanne in the summer of 2011, when Tammy was a 14 year old Thomas. Try as she might, Tammy couldn't remember much of that period other than that she'd been bored. Thomas had been a bind to his mother and she'd made certain he knew it. She tried to remember the hotel, it had been the au Lac on that occasion as well.

For a fleeting moment Tammy considered contacting Tara to see what she could recall, but it was unlikely that Tammy could use any of the information, if any, that Tara still remembered. It didn't help that Tara remained a convicted criminal, albeit one who had avoided a trip to jail.

Her phone chirped with a secure text message, it seemed Suzie had spent her ride back to Epping transferring numbers.

Using my new phone. On way to Heathrow, Angela moaned that you told her to make her own lunch and make some for me, nothing made so expecting to get an expensive sandwich at Heathrow. Did not tell Angela where I was going, I suggest you eat out. You got tickets to RAH for the ballet? How? Heard in the Evening Standard it's been sold out for a month or more. Suzie

Tammy picked up a couple of the sandwiches on offer and started to munch, whilst she tried to remember more about Ms Lavoska. She allowed her mind to drift back five or six years and recalled a woman tell her mother about the lunches at The Lacustre restaurant on the lakeside. That woman had been brunette but could she have been Penny, or perhaps Paula Lavoska?

Tammy noted it regardless, it was a tenuous link but, it could be useful.

It wasn't long before someone else accessed her entry and attached a note.

Request sent to Swiss Police via Europol for possible tracing of Penelope Lavoska. DI Edmunds

"Emily, I thought Kevin was working on Sharon Gainsborough?"

"He is, but he has an inter-agency role as well so will have sent a request to Europol on your behalf."

"Oh, because I can't send that request?"

"Exactly. That was a good piece of intelligence, placing her there."

"It's not recent."

"Maybe not, but she mentioned Geneva to you at a later time and suggested she'd been there more recently?"


"So you have now provided two locations in that region where she could have been recently, or could even still be?"

"Yes, I suppose so. It's not enough to go and get her though, is it?"

"Indeed, we'd need much more, like a sighting or documentary evidence, but we need to know where to look first and you've given us a location. Well done."

Tammy tried to remember more, either from six years earlier in Lausanne, or three years earlier at the school or even two years earlier in the shop or Le Bistro. She'd met the two sisters on several occasions, but did she really know much about them?

She looked around the room and there was quiet action taking place, but it was impossible to identify how much work was actually being done.

"Sophie, how well do you know the Fourani files?"

Emily's head appeared over her monitor, but she said nothing.

"Only in the broadest sense."

"Were there any properties in Switzerland?"

"Are you suggesting that there's a connection between the Fourani empire and True Freedom?"


"That's a dangerous suggestion, if you're wrong?"

"But it seems to fit? Where did True Freedom spring from? Where did the financing, weapons, munitions, vehicles, electronics and the safe houses come from?"

"And you believe that some of the Fourani assets were acquired?"

"Yes, Sophie."

"I'll pass that to Heather."

Emily now spoke. "How sure are you, Tammy?"

"It just seems to make sense. An organization suddenly appeared overnight, fully functional, but nobody saw it develop? There was no intelligence, no media coverage, before their encryption was cracked and that led to the planned strikes in London and outside. Just Rumour Intelligence and all of it misleading. That doesn't work for me, there had to be resources in place?"

"It was assumed that the resources were coming from Iranian or Kurdistan sources?"

"Why not from arms dumps and money drops in Germany, Austria, Switzerland? My guess is that all that's been looked at has been the UK angle?"

Sophie replied.

"No, Tammy, we've investigated links to Dusseldorf and shut those down."

"Okay, Sophie, but what about Munich or Frankfurt? Both are about an hour by air from Geneva and half a day's drive by car?"

"I can't remember more than a mention of Munich, but I'll let Heather know."

Maisie walked over.

"What is Fourani?"

"He was an Iranian who ran a large business in London. He was killed a few years ago and in his files was evidence of drugs and arms running, stockpiling even, plus money being laundered regularly through building purchases and sales."

"What's Heather's connection?"

Tammy looked up to see Emily shaking her head.

"Hmmm, it's the kind of thing she's good at."

"Oh, follow the money?"

"That's right."

"That was her favourite phrase when I was with her."

"Okay Maisie, let's crack on?"

"I think I need to go and get some supplies?"

Emily was clearly keeping tabs on the pair. "Supplies?"


"Ah, your best bet is Boots on Bridge St, behind Portcullis House."

"Where's that?"

"Sophie, would you mind helping? You know the area and you can get back into the building, Miss Smart can't."

Tammy wondered how that would look, Maisie was dressed in her combats and Sophie was in her Devon and Cornwall Police Inspector's uniform, they would certainly look like an odd couple but it was unlikely they would be attacked.

That also reminded her of another fashion concern. The ballet was formal; neither she, Maisie nor Angela had brought any evening wear beyond party frocks, but what did Suzie have in her wardrobe? It certainly looked like Tammy's recently installed styling club app was about to get some exercise.

Maisie had wanted a kiss before she left, Emily looked as if she was going to say something about fraternisation in the office but she'd not anticipated that Maisie would be accompanying Tammy, having only learnt that from John Smith that morning.

Tammy took herself off to the loo, her phone chimed a message before she reached the door into the 'ladies'..

check email.

Tammy debated a moment then sent back.
working a case, will check later.

Breakdown: Nightingale leaked records, went to school with Gainsborough. Hope you're working the 'overdosing/poisoning' incidents, they need the help. It's a mess according to our ground reports.

"Ground reports?" Tammy whispered to herself then realised. "They have somebody here?"

Tammy typed out.
Do I have more family in town than I thought I did?

The reply made her eyes go wide with a single word.

Tammy was thinking who it could be and drawing a blank. Then the phone rang with a secure call. She unlocked the sub-screen and answered.


Dannigan's gruff voice came through. "If I guessed you were in a building that belonged to letters and a number, would I be correct?"

"Hello Uncle. Yes, almost, I'm in London for the holidays. It's so busy, I may not get all my shopping done though."

"Very well. I'll update your status to Domestic Tasking. Do what you can to contribute, you're in your yard, Niece. Virginia farm-boys are around, but don't expect them to be neighborly to you."

Tammy understood that to mean the CIA were monitoring the situation, but weren't getting involved unless they really had to. Having said that, the misfit guy in desert camo back at Thames House was certainly Agency so would likely be on someone's team.

"Yes Uncle, I will do my best to behave and not tease any country boys here in the city."

"Thank you. They might have a problem following that charming highland humor of yours."

Tammy decided to risk asking. "Will I have a chance to say hello to my cousin?"

"That cousin is working as well, but not cross-purposes. You will see each other, but have to catch up some other time. That is if something doesn't come up. If that happens, you'll get together. I also understand you are up to speed on your bird-problem."

"Yes, sir. A true annoyance. Apparently that bird didn't understand to be quiet. It may not be in the cage either. Should I bring it to my other Uncle's attention?"

"Do that. It's his bird, he can fricassee it."

Tammy laughed. "I think I'll stick to my diet if he invites me to dinner!"

"I would too. He's a lousy cook, unless he took a class recently. That'll be all for now."

"Yes Uncle, Happy Christmas."

"Enjoy the ballet. Out."

Tammy glanced to the phone as it disconnected and wondered how he knew about that. Her bladder alerted her to an imminent need, forestalling any more thoughts on the matter.

Once she was sat on the 'throne' she accessed the fashion app and put in her search parameters. Of course, as she was in London, the options were plentiful. Tammy didn't want the girls dressing similarly or with the potential to be wearing the same dress as anyone else, so that ruled out any national chain stores.

One shop that grabbed her attention was apparently only just over ten minutes from her location and promised to stock bespoke wear at affordable prices. She pulled up the phone number for Manga Vintage and made the call.

"Hello, I'm looking for evening wear for myself and two others for Saturday evening?"

"Which event will this be?"

"The Nutcracker at the Royal Albert."

"Oh, you should have called a few weeks ago."

"I was given the tickets this lunchtime without warning."

"I see, I may be able to help but you'll have to come here."

"Of course, when would be appropriate?"

"I can book you for ten in the morning, that's the only time available I'm afraid. It is coming up to Christmas. Name please."

"Indeed." Tammy gave her contact details and ended the call. She heard flushing from one of the other cubicles but there wasn't anyone in the loo when Tammy emerged. She washed her hands and returned to the office.

"Family issue?" Emily asked as Tammy re-entered the room.

Tammy sighed. "A cousin is about, but we won't be able to catch up. I do need to call another uncle in regards to a problem pet. I'll do that later."

"I'm not happy about using mobiles in this building but it is meant to be a time of year for family." Emily replied then added. "Since Suzie is away, why not ask Sophie to join you for the ballet? Tickets like that shouldn't go to waste and it might help keep the night without incident?"

"Thank you, I will ask her."

It was another twenty minutes before Maisie and Sophie returned; Tammy stood to get a better view, Maisie was carrying bags from Tesco and Next whilst Sophie had a small bag from Next.

"I thought you were going to Boots?"

"Yes, but I told Sophie I wouldn't mind getting a few other bits so she guided me to Trafalgar Square instead and both of these shops were close by." Maisie raised the three bags briefly, followed by a dig into one of the Next bags to pull out a purchase. Sophie ignored the display but Emily wasn't happy.

"You're not being paid to wander around the shops or participate in a fashion show!" Emily was quite gruff.

Tammy sat down, closely by Maisie dropping audibly onto a chair and dropping the bags on the floor. Tammy could see that the girl had been on a little buzz, probably after her unexpected visit to a famous London landmark followed by the adrenalin-inducing clothes shopping experience.

Maisie leant towards Tammy and whispered. "I didn't know we were that close to Parliament either, it's like just around the block. Oh, we're in a building called Richmond House, not the tall one with the spinning sign?"

Tammy's phone pinged and she could see it was a notification from her latest app. Maisie grabbed something out the Tesco bag and Tammy saw her disappear out of the room before she picked up her phone.

Had some replies re your personal investigation. Kirk Angus McDuff born 29 Feb 1956 in Thurso, died Sunday 1st March 1987. Unmarried and only child of Frank & Maureen Kirk (from Musselburgh, moved to Thurso in 1954. Father worked at Dounreay, mother was a hairdresser with own salon.

Swiss police have one record of him being detained before boarding a flight at Zurich in 1986. He was acting drunk but hadn't been to any of the bars. Was allowed to board a later flight. On that day he travelled with Birmingham European Airways, that airline was bought out in 1992 and broken up in 1993 so no flight records exist.

Tammy tapped a quick thanks to Heather and wondered if she'd ever learn any more about the former resident at Taigh Cluaran. A ping from her HOLMES terminal brought her back to her current job. Kevin updated her Swiss entry for Penny Lavoska.

Swiss Police report no trace of Lavoska sisters. Via Europol.

"That can't be right!"

"What's that?" Asked Emily.

"The Swiss have no record of the Lavoskas!"

"Okay, ignore that and move on."

"No, it isn't possible."

"Why not?"

"The Lavoskas are Estonian of Russian birth."

"Estonia is a member of the EU so they would have free movement?"

"Switzerland isn't in the EU. If you stay in a Swiss hotel then your details are recorded and submitted to the regional tourism office. If you trade in Switzerland then the Federal Department of Finance will have your details and if you live in Switzerland for more than three months in any year you have to register with the police and the Federal Department of Home Affairs."

"How do you know this?"

"My father was working in Geneva and Zurich at least once a month and my mother virtually lived out there. I spent part of almost every summer in that country and I asked questions."

"Ah, so you're saying that there must be a trace of them?"


"I'll call the Europol rep and ask her, Christine Armaud."

"No, Emily. I have another route to try."


"Yes, via Heather."


"She's just done some research in Switzerland for me, on a different matter."

"I'm not convinced."

"Emily, all I'm asking to do is to verify the information that we have. My own experience tells me that it's wrong, but unless I can check it then it may be an opportunity lost?"

"Okay, but log it."

Tammy agreed, but would delay this until she had something to write. She pinged the request to Heather but noticed Sophie also typing a message on her phone., Sophie looked at Tammy when she'd hit the 'send' button and smiled.

Tammy's phone buzzed and there was a two word reply

On it

Hopefully this reply wouldn't take the several weeks her personal request had taken.

By five they'd achieved little more so Emily told them to go and rest.

"Err, Emily? Maisie and I have an appointment in the morning. I doubt we'll be here much before midday."

"That's not good enough!"

"Okay, how about we go home? Unless I'm mistaken I'm volunteering to be on this operation so I get to choose what to do? My deal with the Security Service might give them a hold over me, but you don't."

"That's not a healthy attitude Miss Smart?"

"Maybe not, but all I was asking was for a few hours tomorrow. It's up to you?"

"I see. Where is this appointment?"

"New Pye St."

"That's not far from here, off Victoria?"

"Yes, we'll walk here as soon as we're done, although I'm not sure what to do with Angela."


"My sister, she is not cleared for anything and has no idea how to get around London. Is there a crèche here?"

"What? You want to put your sister in a crèche whilst you work?"

Sophie and Maisie who'd been listening quietly now turned to see what Tammy was going to say.

"She's qualified as a child carer and could easily assist?"

"But she wouldn't have a Disclosure certificate for the City of London?"

"Oh, damn. She's certified in Caithness, Dundee and Berwick."

"Okay, there may be something, but it still sounds like you want to place her with responsible adults whilst you're working?"

Tammy laughed. "Well, yes, but I'd like her to be useful? It's that or we physically put her on a Central Line train and hope she gets out at the end of the line."

"I hope you're overstating the issue?"

"Call Suzie, she'll verify."

"Hell, look, if she comes in here she'll have to sit out of the way and not take part. My guess is that she has been cleared, but only to a minimal level. I'll ask."


Her fiancée was waving.


"Tammy, have you forgotten something?"

"Oh, sorry Emily. Sophie, we have a spare ticket for the Nutcracker on Saturday, would you like to join us?"

"I'm not sure, I'm expected back in Cornwall and was catching the Night Riviera tomorrow evening. I'm already booked and it won't run again until after Boxing day."

"Oh, the offer's there anyway."

Tammy and Maisie picked up their rifle bag and shopping then walked out of the office with the aim of finding the street. With Maisie as a guide they found the main entrance, although it didn't look like a Met Police building. Tammy set off an alarm however.

"Excuse me Miss, could you come here?"

Tammy did as requested. "Sorry, I guess my rifle and my Glock set it off?"


Tammy carefully opened her bag and pulled out the A5 document wallet. "Pass, new firearms certificate, Home Affairs Committee authorisation .... anything else?"

After a quick inspection she was okay'd to leave.

"Maisie, can I take one of those bags?"

"I can manage?"

"I want to lose the rifle, and a Next bag is ideal."

"Oh, okay. It won't crease my things, will it?"

They made it onto the street and turned towards Westminster Tube.

"No, Maisie, it won't. Anyway, what did you buy?"

"A jacket, skirt and trousers, all matching, and couple of blouses. Oh, a new nightie."

They were approaching one of the tube station entrances so Tammy carefully retrieved her Oyster card whilst there was plenty of space around them. By the time they hit the stairs into the station it was getting busy, with queues at the gates. There was queuing at the top of the stairs towards the Circle Line so Tammy grabbed Maisie. "Jubilee!"

That direction was quieter, just, and they found an Eastbound train in a couple of minutes.

"Where are we going?"

"Stratford, we'll get the Central line there."

"What about food, I don't suppose Angela's been shopping?"

"I doubt it. I wasn't too harsh about her, was I?"

"I don't really know her, but she couldn't handle what we do?"


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Nightingale went to school with Gainsborough

As in Captain Nightingale who got arrested for giving Tammy's information to Cooper?

Oh my, now that is an interesting link if so.


WillowD's picture

Life is good. I have my Tammy fix.


WillowD's picture

Life is good. This story is great for re-reading too.


WillowD's picture

And it's still great for re-reading. Shiraz and company write awesome stuff.


Unfortunately, even with its aid, finding the Lavoska sisters is proving to be far more than elementary (the pun was too obvious to resist!) - although given during Maisie's Abigail Adams House training, it was noted she was very good at making connections between disparate data, it sounds as though this might be just up her proverbial street. It also seems we have a further tie-in to the Fourani investigation (which kick-started Unaccounted Gains), and the sisters may be using pseudonyms.

Meanwhile, with Angela likely to be brought in to help out with the creche, I wonder if that's going to be a precursor to her somehow accidentally managing to get involved in the investigation (and having her clearance bumped up a few notches as a result).

Given the Lavoska sisters have been associated with a hotel around the corner from where Richard and Joan are staying, Richard may be able to do some digging at his end into any pseudonyms they've used there (something that can be done without needing to know anything about the current investigation - and he knows better than to ask).

I think I'd better stop my speculations there before I get carried away and have the entire Smart/Small branch of the family working for MI5! :D

As the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body, then only left-handers are in their right mind!

"I think I'd better stop"

WillowD's picture

Oh, please don't stop. I love the way your speculation is going.

Air Assault

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*drops a rope out of the door of a UH-1(slick) and rappels down to ding the Kudo to number 101* AIR ASSAULT, HOO-AHHHHH!

quidquid sum ego, et omnia mea semper; Ego me.
alecia Snowfall

Thank you!

Thank you!

First, Identify

joannebarbarella's picture

There will be something in the Swiss files if they dig deep enough. The Swiss are as thorough as the Germans in documentation. The Nazis were hunted and caught after WW2 because all of their activities were meticulously recorded by the bureaucracy.

She couldn't handle what we do?

I don't think the girls can handle what they do, until they are moved from the floating limbo they are caught in. The higher ups need to decide who Tammy and crew are assigned to and then make that known to the lower chain of command, so the girls don't get dumped on all the time. Mushroom management only works until the mushrooms have to take a bite and then friendlies may get caught up in it too.