Night Stalkers

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Mystique picks her cellphone up and turns the annoying alarm off. She covers up a yawn as she looks around her dark bedroom. Her eyes adjust, so she could see better in the dark. She still wasn’t use to what has happened to her. She was still adjusting to her new body and condition.

She gets out of her coffin and grabs her black silky robe to cover up her pale naked body. She runs her hands over her perfect round breasts and shivers from the silk rubbing against her sensitive skin. She should be mad at what happened to her, but she wasn’t.

If anyone were to blame, it was her fault. She should have never injected the drug her ex-boyfriend gave her. She opens the door to her bedroom, after unlocking it. She kept her room locked, because of the other people she shared her spooky house with.

She heads downstairs towards the kitchen. As she walks past the living room, she notices Clarence was up and playing his PS 4 on their big-screen television. She just shakes her head as she heads into the industrial style kitchen. She couldn’t believe how much money it took to restore the old Southern plantation she inherited from her rich uncle.

The most expensive part of the restoration had been updating the kitchen and adding an H/Vac system to the house. Restoring the old woodwork and painting the building was the next expensive cost. She goes over to the second stainless steel refrigerator and grabs a bottle of artificial blood. She puts it into the microwave to warm the blood up to human temperature, before taking a sip from it.

She could drink it cold, but it tastes nasty when cold. She liked it at proper human temperature. Mystique walks over to the bread box and pulls out the container that had freshly baked muffins in it. She takes two out and put the container back into the bread box.

To a normal person, a blood substitute and a banana nut muffin would be sick and disgusting. However, to someone like Mystique, they tasted pretty good. She walks over and sits down on a high back stool at the island counter.

“I see you’re up early, Mystique.” A humanoid feline looking tiger woman comes walking into the kitchen.

She was bare naked and had long brunette color hair. Her body looked like she worked out daily and she had a tail that moved on its own.

“Don’t you ever wear clothes?” Mystique looks at her other roommate.

Tigress walks over to the first refrigerator and pulls out a bottle. She pops the lid on it and gulps some down. She looks over towards Mystique “not since I was turned into this beautiful creature. Also, I know you’re not wearing anything under your silk robe.”

“At least I’m wearing something to cover my naked body.” Mystique still had a problem with nudity sometimes.

“Why? You have a beautiful body, and you shouldn’t hide it.” Tigress takes another gulp of her drink.

“I agree with Tigress. You have a sexy body, and I should know.” A dark hair teenage girl comes walking into the kitchen.

A young teenage girl with long straight dark brown hair, wearing black lacey lingerie comes walking into the kitchen. She looked like she could be fifteen or sixteen years old. She looked like she was Hispanic or maybe Mexican.

“Don’t you start on me, Sofia? I might decide to drink your blood.” Mystique looks at her youngest roommate.

She knew Sofia was over six hundred years old and couldn’t be killed. She had freed Sofia from the tomb she had been buried in. Whoever had placed Sofia in the tomb, bound and entombed Sofia in a steel coffin, and wanted to make sure she never got out.

“You know it tastes nasty. I don’t understand why it does.” Sofia had let Mystique taste her blood once and it nearly made Mystique sick.

“You never said why you were entombed in a steel coffin, Sofia.” Tigress looks over towards Sofia.

“There was a plague running through the city and people were dying from it. They thought I was the cause of it since I’m immune to most
diseases and placed me in a metal coffin. They made sure I could never free myself, so they bounded my hands and feet. You know what it’s like to spend centuries in a dark metal coffin?” Sophia looks at Tigress for an answer.

“Nope, I don’t. Do you know what it is like to have a curse placed on you because you touched something you shouldn’t have?” Tigress and her mate Darrel shouldn’t have traveled to Thailand and explore an ancient temple they found.

“I’ll trade you curses.” Sofia walks over to the refrigerator that Tigress was standing near and pull out a carton of eggs, a can of biscuits, two packages of bacon, and butter.

“Are you fixing breakfast for everyone?”

“Might as well. I figure Darrel will be hungry and I know Clarence will be hungry as well. He’s been up all night playing that game system of
his.” Sofia had checked on his room when she woke up and noticed his bed hadn’t been slept in at all.

“That boy needs to get a life. Spending all his time playing video games, isn’t good for you.” Tigress finishes the drink she had and grabs a second one.

“It’s hard for him to be around normal people, Tigress. He has a high IQ and we live out in the middle of nowhere.” Mystique would love for Clarence to socialize with other children his age.

However, they lived far out in the country and it was hard for him to be around normal people. She tried to get him interested in sports, but he didn’t like playing sports and he only liked horseback riding sometimes.

“Well, he could come out and help me and Darrel on the fencing. We still have several acres of fencing to replace.” Tigress and Darrel were the handy people around the house.

“You mean, you’re not done yet?” Sophia was beating the eggs in a mixing bowl.

“Hey, I can’t just wave my hand and have the fence put itself up.” Tigress looks at Mystique when she says that.

A sly smile appears on her pale face. Mystique was a direct descendent from witches that survived the Salem witch trials. Her family had managed to hide their mystical abilities during the trails and from their neighbors.

It wasn’t easy, but they did manage. There used to be thirteen different houses of witch families, but now there were only four families left that possessed actual magic. She knew the heads of all four families. She was supposed to marry one of them, before what happened to her.

The kitchen started to smell heavenly from the food Sophia was cooking. Clarence comes walking into the kitchen and over to Mystique. He sits on her lap and leans against her.

Mystique wraps her arms around Clarence’s skinny body and holds him against her. She places a kiss on his cheek.

“I heard you stayed up all night, playing your games. What did we talk about staying up and playing games?”

“You said I should go to bed at a reasonable time, but I wanted to finish the level I was on, mom.” Clarence looks up at Mystique.

“I’ll let this pass this time, but tonight you’re to be showered and in bed by nine o’clock.” Mystique places a kiss on his cheek.

“Yes ma’am.” Clarence liked being held by his new mother.

His birth family only loved him because he was smart, and he could calculate the odds of which horse was going to win. He could also tell them which slot machines would pay out money right away. They didn’t care about him, just his smarts. When he refused to help them anymore, they would beat him, until he did.

He ran away from home and was found begging for food and money on the streets. Mystique spotted him while she was out shopping for supplies for the plantation. As much as she never wanted children herself, she saw how unloved and broken Clarence was.

She took him off the streets and gave him a loving family. When his family tried to get him about. She visited them at night and made them sign over their paternal rights to her. She had to use a little bit of magic, but it got the job done.

She learned weeks later that they had been found dead. According to what she learned, they owed large amounts of money to a bookie. She was lucky she got Clarence away from them when she did.

“Okay, people. Breakfast is ready.” Sophia puts the scrambled eggs and bacon on the counter, along with some plates and silverware.

“Go ahead and eat some breakfast, sweetie.” Mystique puts Clarence on a nearby stool.

A huge muscular humanoid tiger stripe man wearing just gym shorts comes walking into the kitchen. You could see every muscle on his chest, arms, and legs.

“Did someone say food?” Darrel smelled the scent of the bacon in the air when he came upstairs from the downstairs gym.

“Yep, breakfast is ready.” Sophia was busy cleaning up the dishes she used to make breakfast.

“Great, I’m starving.” Darrel sits on the other side of Clarence.

“Hey kid, how did your game go?” Darrel knew Clarence had stayed up all night, playing his game.

“Great, I made three more levels.” Clarence starts putting food on his plate.

“Cool, are you up to helping me and Tigress put up some fencing after breakfast?” Darrel knew Clarence stayed up all night.

“Sure.” Clarence still felt energized.

“Okay. After breakfast, we’ll go and do the fencing in the back pasture.”

“Well while you guys do that, I’m heading into town to pick up a few items. Is there anything special any of you want?” Mystique looks at everyone.

“Can I come with you, Mystique?” Sophia had a few places she wanted to visit.

“Sure, the more the merrier.” Mystique didn’t mind the company.

Twenty Minutes Later:
Mystique glances over at Sophia as she drove the two of them into town. Sophia had put on a backless bodysuit with thin straps and a pair of leggings. Covering her tiny feet were a black pair of two-inch-high heels.

Mystique on the other hand was dressed in her standard gothic leather halter top with the inverted pentagram pattern in the middle of the halter top. She also had on a pair of tight black form-fitting low cut jeans and high heels. Her silver and pastel purple long straight hair hung on either side of her head, like a curtain. Sophia had her hair tied back into a ponytail.

“You know people in town still freak out when they see you, don’t you?” Sophia glances towards Mystique.

“I know, they think I’m going to either suck their blood or cast a spell on them.” Mystique didn’t like the taste of fresh human blood. She could
drink it, but she didn’t like it too.

“How did you become vampiric?” Sophia never did ask Mystique how she became vampiric before.

“Doing something stupid and the magic that courses through my veins. I was with a bunch of friends of mine at a bloodletting party and we were experimenting with some new drugs. The leader of our coven invited a new person to our bloodletting party. Unknown to all of us, he was an actual vampire. When he mixed his blood in a chalice with the rest of us. We drunk it afterward.”

“You drunk blood out of chalice a vampire added his blood too? Are you stupid?” Sophia knew all about vampires.

“We didn’t know he was a vampire until things started to happen to us. See, we added a drug called ruby to the mixture of our blood in the chalice. So, between whatever ruby was made of and the blood of the vampire, the thirteen of us started to get deathly ill.

I was the first one to pass out after drinking the blood. My body felt like I stuck my fingers into an electrical outlet. I started foaming at the mouth and shaking all over. I wasn’t the only one doing that either. Most of my other coven members were going through the same thing as I was.

My heart stopped several times and the next thing I know, it started up again. I sat up and looked at the vampire my friend was tricked into bringing and attack him. Flames shot from the palm of my hands and set him on fire.”

“What happened to your follow coven members?” Sophia was curious about that.

“The ones that managed to be turned into full fledge vampires, were taken in by another vampire clan that happened to be in the area. At first, I didn’t trust them, but their leader was an ancient vampire, and when she gave her word to take care of them. It was binding. She would never go back on her word.

My friends who died from drinking the blood mixture were cremated.” Tears leak from Mystique’s eyes. She missed the ones that died.

“So, how has the vampire blood affected you?”

“It turned me into a dhampir, because of the magic in my blood.” Mystique couldn’t believe that the magical energies that have been so dominant in her blood had saved her from being fully turned into a vampire.

“Wow and I thought my situation was weird.”

“So, how did you become immortal?” Mystique never asked Sophia for her origin story before.

“I was a cabin boy on a pirate ship. I was forced to join them after they captured the vessel I was traveling on. I spent a few years traveling the
ocean’s under pirate Captain Lew’s command. One day he heard about a mystical pool of water down in the Caribbean. According to what he heard; it would bestow immortality upon the person who bathed in the waters. However, first, they needed to sacrifice a virgin and place their body inside the pool.”

“Let me guess, you were the sacrifice, right?” Mystique glances at Sophia.

“Yep, I was the sacrifice. What Captain Lew and the fifteen men that had joined him in the ritual didn’t know. Was that they were the sacrifice. I was on the verge of death, when all of sudden, my body started changing from male to female. I was surrounded by a swirling pool of water as
I was changing and once the change was done. I was tossed out of the pool of water.

I woke-up days later back on the ship and we were out at sea. Some of the crew on the ship wanted to know what happened to Captain Lew and the men who accompanied him. They also wanted to know who I was.”

“So, what happened to you after that?”

“Let’s just say some of the men on board the ship hadn’t been with a woman in so long, that they decided to have their fun with me. I became the ship's whore and when we pulled into a port. I jumped ship, after poisoning the men who raped me daily.”

“I traveled around for a while and learned different languages and establishing identities for myself. I also learned about myself as well. I traveled this whole planet and spent time with different cultures.

I was captured by the Nazis during World War II and experimented on. Talk about learning my limits. I found out how much pain I can withstand and how long it takes me to recover from having my limbs separated.” Sophia can still remember everything the Nazis did to her.

“So, how did you end up in entombed where I found you?” Mystique had been investigating a rumor about the tomb she found Sophia in.

“The village I was living in, started to come down with a mysterious illness. People around me were getting deathly sick and dying. So, I got blamed and was captured. They sealed me in that tomb where you free me from.”

“I didn’t think the legends were true when I started investigating the rumor. So, you were very lucky that I did find you.” Mystique spotted the store she needed to visit.

She pulls into the parking space “well let’s go and do some shopping.”

“Sounds good to me.” Sophia gets out of the car and follows Mystique.

Back at The Plantation:
“I told you he would pass out from exhaustion.” Tigress carries Clarence inside the house and up to his bedroom.

“I know.” Darrel follows behind Tigress as she carries Clarence.

Tigress carries Clarence into his bedroom and tucks him into bed. She places a kiss on his forehead, after tucking him in.

“You know, there had been times I wouldn’t have mind having children of my own.” As Tigress backs out of the bedroom.

“I know what you mean. If what happened to us hadn’t happened. I might be a great grandfather right now.” Darrel regrets what happened to them.

He should have translated the images better before they walked into the temple. Tigress and he go back downstairs and take the pickup truck back to where they were working. He glances over to Tigress “do you ever regret being turned into a tiger lady?”

“Sometimes, but I’ve learned to enjoy my new form. Why do you ask?” Tigress looks at Darrel.

“Just wondering what our lives would have been like if we hadn’t been cursed.”

“There’s nothing we can do about it. Only another cat god can remove our curse or the cat god who placed it on us.” Tigress had spoken to a few people she knew who dealt in removing curses.

“Besides, it’s not all bad. We do have some amazing sex in our new bodies.” Tigress reaches her hand over and squeezes Darrel’s groin area.

“Keep doing that, and I’ll be forced to use it on you.” Darrel glances at Tigress.

“The person you should use it on is Sophia. She has been wanting to see what you are like in bed. Plus, she is a pain slut.” Tigress knew
Sophia wanted to have sex with her and Darrel.

They finally arrived at where they stopped at the fence. Darrel gets out and goes back to work. Tigress plants the next post. Darrel follows behind her. He watches her tail as it swishes back and forth.

He picks up some more boards and follows behind Tigress as she sets the post. They continue to work late into the afternoon. By the time they run out of boards, they still had much more to do.

“It looks like I’m going to need to go to the lumber yard tomorrow.” Darrel picks up his hammer and the bucket of nails they were using.

“I love it when people look at us.” Tigress loved it when people give her weird looks.

“Thank goodness we can blame our appearance on body modification.” Tigress has used that excuse on a few occasions.

“True. I wonder if Mystique and Sophia are back from shopping?”

“I hope so. I could use a nice thick steak right now.” Tigress sits down in the driver seat of the truck.

Darrel shuts the tailgate and gets in on the passenger side. He leans back against the truck seat. Tigress drives back to the main house. She parks the truck in the garage, behind her and Darrel’s Land Rover.

They noticed Mystique’s SUV is parked. Darrel looks at Tigress “I think that answers your question.”

Kitchen Area:
Sophia and Mystique had spent the whole day shopping and picking up supplies in town. They had lunch in town, before going to the grocery store and filling six carts up with food. The looks they got from some of the shoppers were priceless. Most of the people inside the grocery store didn’t know what to make of the two women.

After they finished shopping at the grocery store, Sophia and Mystique stopped at the butcher shop and picked up at least three hundred pounds of fresh meat and a few other items. As they are walking out to Mystique’s SUV “you know Darrel and Tigress are going to enjoy all this fresh meat.”

“I hope so. I hope they don’t mind Elk and Moose meat.” Mystique bought a lot of it because it was different, and she knew Darrel and Tigress liked different types of meat.

“So, what are going to have for dinner tonight?” Sophia looks at Mystique as she puts the last bit of grocery away.

“I was thinking about Elk stew tonight. I figure we have so much of it, that it would make a good meal.”

“Sounds good to me. I’ll grab the big stainless-steel pot and the spices for you.” Sophia knew Mystique was the better cook between the two of them.

“Alright.” Mystique goes about gathering the vegetables, meat, and a few other items.

While she is in the process of getting dinner going, Clarence comes walking into the kitchen rubbing his eyes. He walks over to Mystique hugs her.

“Well, good afternoon sleepy head.” Mystique felt Clarence hug her body.

She picks him up and holds him on her hip. He was a little too big to be treated like a child, but she knew he enjoyed being held by her. He was twelve going onto thirteen and of small stature.

“Did you sleep well?” As she looks into his hazel color eyes.

“Yes ma’am.” Clarence rests his head against Mystique’s shoulder.

Mystique just holds Clarence as she goes about cutting the meat and vegetables. She gained some strength when she was turned into a Dhampir. Once everything was boiling, Mystique sets Clarence down on a nearby bar stool. She waves her hand to open the second refrigerator and have a pint of ice cream to come floating out to her.

“Dinner is going to be awhile. So, I’m going to allow you to either eat this ice cream now or you can wait until after dinner to eat it.” Mystique keeps the ice cream floating in front of Clarence.

“I’ll wait until after dinner, mom.” Clarence wanted the ice cream, but he figured he could wait until dinner was ready.

Mystique causes the ice cream to float back to the refrigerator it came out of. She was proud that Clarence was willing to wait, until after dinner for the ice cream. She grabs a treat from the cabinet she bought for Clarence to snack on.

Darrel and Tigress come walking into the kitchen. Darrel smelled the scent of fresh stew cooking.

“When is the stew ready?” Darrel walks over to the big stainless-steel pot and lifts the lid to look inside.

Mystique smacks Darrel’s hand “Soon. Go and clean up.”

Tigress just smirks as she grabs one of her juices out of the first refrigerator. She grabs a Thai beer called Singha for Darrel. “Here, drink, your
beer.” As she tosses the beer to him.

Darrel catches it one-handed, without any problem. He pops the cap off and takes a swig from it. He looks towards Clarence. “How was your nap, Clarence?”

Clarence blushes because he fell asleep while helping Darrel and Tigress. When he woke up in his bedroom, he was confused. He couldn’t remember how he got to his bedroom.

“I’m sorry for falling asleep on you, Darrel.”

“It’s alright kid. We knew it was going to happen.” Tigress winks at Clarence.

It takes about an hour for dinner to finish cooking. Sophia sets the dining room table with Clarence’s help. Tigress brings a big serving bowl out filled with stew and sets it in the middle of the table. Mystique made some garlic bread to go with the stew.

They all sit down and start serving the stew. Clarence is served first because he was a kid, then Tigress and Darrel are next. Whatever is left over is split between Mystique and Sophia, Mystique doesn’t take much, because she was drinking a few bottles of blood.

Clarence helps his mother and Sophia clear the table and put away what little leftover they had. Normally, they never have leftovers because Tigress and Darrel finish everything.

“I can’t believe we had leftovers.” Sophia looks at Clarence.

“They weren’t very hungry.”

“Oh, they were hungry. I think your mom made a little extra.” A smile appears on Sophia’s face.

“What did I do?” Mystique had walked out of the kitchen to do something.

“Made a little extra tonight.” Sophia looks at Mystique when she says that.

“I think your right.” Mystique had to think about it. She was positive she followed the recipe she normally uses.

She looks over to her son “alright, Clarence. I want you to start getting ready for bed. Once you're ready for bed, you can have the ice cream.”

“Yes ma’am.” Clarence heads upstairs to take his bath and put his night clothes on.

Mystique watches as her son's heads upstairs. She listens as he starts filling the tub with water.

“You enjoy being a mother, don’t you?” Sophia looks at Mystique.

“Yes, and the strange thing is. I never dreamed of being a mother.” Mystique was never interested in being the mother type.

“I know what you mean. During those years I traveled around to different countries. I must have adopted at least a hundred children and raised them to become important people. The only one I regret raising was Adalwolf. I couldn’t believe my son joined the Nazi party.”

“Your son joined the Nazi party?” Mystique was surprised by that admission.

“Yep. That’s how they got a hold of me and did experiments on me.” Sophia was still angry with her son for turning her in.

Once she escaped from the Nazis, she took her revenge on the scientist and her son for what they did. It took her almost two years to get it, but she did.

“I’m glad I didn’t live back then. I would have ended up killing a lot of soldiers.” Mystique remembered her great grandfather telling her about family members they lost during the war.

“Trust me, there was a different war going on, behind the curtain. Hitler infected a squad with the Were virus and created several vampires with help from some of the oldest vampires that have lived. The supernatural community was battling to keep these creations from being known. That’s why I was experimented on. Hitler wanted my blood, so he and several of his top people could live on. The thing is my blood doesn’t
hold the key to my immortality. The pool I was created in does.” Sophia remembered having her blood drained several times.

“How did you survive that?” Mystique knew if her blood were drained completely, she would have to drain a normal human or a supernatural to stay alive.

“Easily, the magic that gave me by immortality kept me alive.”

Mystique listens as Clarence starts coming downstairs. She could tell by his scent that he washed his body and hair. When he appears in front of her and Sophia “okay, you can have your ice cream now.”

“Thanks, mom.” Clarence hugs Mystique.

“What? I don’t get one?” Sophia had a teasing look on her face.

“Sorry, Aunt Sophia.” Clarence hugs Sophia as well.

Sophia returns the hug. She enjoyed hugging her children.

“Go get your ice cream, Clarence.” Sophia places a kiss on Clarence’s cheek.

“Yes ma’am.” Clarence turns around and heads towards the kitchen to get his ice cream.

He comes back into the living room and sits on Mystiques lap. He likes it when she wraps her arms around him. He feels loved and safe in her arms.

Mystique places a kiss on Clarence’s right cheek. She holds him as he eats his ice cream. While he eats, Sophia selects a movie for them to watch.

Clarence falls asleep curled up on Mystiques lap. She carries him upstairs to his bedroom and tucks him in. She places a kiss on his forehead “sleep tight, my little ghoul.”

As she is walking out of his bedroom, she receives a tingling sensation. Someone just trespasses on her property. It happens several more
times. She walks to Darrel’s and Tigress's bedroom door and knocks on it, before opening it. She spots Tigress kneeling and naked between
Darrel’s opened legs. Her head was bopping back and forth “when you’re done pleasing Darrel, we have intruders on the grounds. I’m going ahead.” As Mystique teleports to the location.

Mystique appears in a small clearing on the edge of her property. There was an old fashion stone well that was overgrown and needed to be repaired. She sniff’s the air and picks up a foul stench.

“I would suggest, whoever you are, to come out now. Your trespassing on private property and my territory.” Mystique waits patiently for whoever trespasses on her property to come out of the darkness.

“You think you can come to my county and claimed this property like yours?” A huge naked muscular male with long black hair steps out of the darkness.

“I know I can. Because this property belongs to me. As for control of this county, you keep acting like a horse’s ass and I’ll take it from you.” Mystique was willing to do what she needed to.

“Is that so.” Csenger didn’t know much about the new vampire in his area. But he was going to show her he ruled this area.

Four other men come walking out of the shadows. They take up positions around her.

“Now you had to go and spoil our conversation.”

“Do you want to submit now or become my slave?” Csenger was already thinking about what he was going to do to the young vampire.

“How about, neither?” Mystique felt the palm of her hands becoming itchy.

“Take her, boys.” Csenger directs his men towards attacking Mystique.

Several of his men start charging towards Mystique. Flames shoot from her right hand as she brings it to bear on one of the men. The poor fellow burst into flames. An evil smile appears on Mystiques face. She points her left hand at another man as he stops in his footsteps.

Mystique screams as claws strike from behind. She turns around with anger in her eyes. She spots Csenger standing behind her in his hybrid form. Blood was dripping from his claws from where he struck her.

“Two can play at that game.” A pair of tonfas appear out from nowhere.

She twirls them and moves to strike him. Mystique was a blur, as she struck him three times in a row. She put some of her enhance strength behind each strike.

Csenger couldn't believe what he was experiencing. The woman was a blur as she moved and struck him three times in a row. He felt and heard three of his ribs break from her hitting him. He looks at her and notices she had an evil smile on her pale face.

“I told you, I could even the odds.” Mystique twirls her tonfas.

“You’re still outnumbered, bitch.” Csenger smiles at Mystique, showing his long wicked-looking teeth.

“You think so?” Mystique feels the pressure in the area change as a portal opens up. Two humanoid Bengal tiger stripe people come walking out of it.

“Look again, dog breath.”

Csenger looks past Mystique and spots a male and female humanoid Bengal tiger stripe people coming through the portal. They were armed with swords and wearing armor.

“So, would you like to surrender now, or do you want to be beaten to a bloody, pulp?” Mystique knew who just came through the portal.

“I’ll die before I surrender to anyone.” Csenger charges and attacks Mystique.

Darrel and Tigress smile as they came through the portal. They were pleased that Mystique constructed a permeant portal at the main house that could open anywhere on the property. Tigress was extremely excited because it has been a while since she has fought against

She glances towards Darrel and noticed he was excited as well. The two of them spot the other wolves trying to get the drop on Mystique, who was facing off against their leader.

“Shall we?” Tigress looks ask Darrel.

“We shall.” Darrel twirls his huge sword.

Darrel and Tigress begin fighting the other wolves that had come along with their leader. Darrel swings his sword and cuts one guy in half. Another wolf tries to attack Darrel, but he meets his end with a punch to his face.

While Darrel and Tigress are fighting, Mystique blocks and counters a strike from Csenger. She uses her enhanced reflexes to block and counter his strikes. She gets in a few serious hits.

‘ENOUGH!” Mystique incinerates Csenger with flames from her hands.

Csenger screams as he catches fire. He tries dropping to the ground and rolling, but it doesn’t put the flames out. After a few more seconds, the flames enter his body and cremates him.

Mystique turns around to see how many of his wolves were still alive. She spots all of them chopped up with Tigress and Darrel covered in blood.

“You didn’t have to kill all of them. Now, we don’t have anyone to question.”

“Sorry Mystique, we enjoy our work too much.” Darrel pulls a ragout and clears his face of the blood on it.

“Gather the bodies up and take them to the slaughterhouse and prepare them to be cremated.”

“You’re the boss.” Darrel makes his sword disappear.

“I’ll give you a hand.” Tigress makes her sword disappear.

“While you two are doing that, I’ll call Mistress Velvet.” Mystique makes her cellphone appear in her hand.

Velvet Club:
Mrs. Velvet watches her court as they mingle. She rubs her pet in her favorite place.

“Ma’am, you have a phone call.” Bruce hands the phone to Mrs. Velvet.


“Hi, Mrs. Velvet, it’s me, Mystique.”

“What can I do for you, Mystique?” Mrs. Velvet was wondering why the new vampire in her area called her.

“I just had a visit from a rouge Werewolf and his small pack. He was trying to take over this county and my property.” Mystique couldn’t believe someone would try to take her home.

“Did you handle the intruder, Mystique?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Good. Mystique, I would like for you to be the local steward of that county. You and your family have demonstrated your loyalty to me.”

“Does this mean I have to bind myself to you?” Mystique didn’t want to bind herself to any Master vampire.

“No, you have demonstrated your loyalty to me. I will accept your word, that you will be faithful and protect that county.” Velvet knew she could
trust Mystique. Not because she didn’t think Mystique would backstab her, but because Mystique trusted her with her friends that had been changed.

“You have my word, that I will protect this county to the best of my abilities.” Mystique figures those words would bind her only to protecting the county.

“Very well. I would like to see you next weekend, so I can inform the court of your authority.”

“I’ll be there, Mistress Velvet. Until then, have a nice night.”

“You too, Mystique.”

Darrel and Tigress come back to where Mystique was standing “so, how did things go?”

“We’re now the protectors of this county.” Mystique makes her cellphone disappear.

“Oh, joy. Now we get to have more fun.” Tigress couldn’t wait.

Mystique just shakes her head. Only Tigress would get excited over being a sheriff of an area.

“Let’s head back to the house.” Mystique turns and starts heading back to the house.

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"Only Tigress would get excited over being a sheriff"

WillowD's picture

I know lots of people that would love to be sheriff. At least, until they figure out that actual work is involved. Snerk.

Thank you so much for writing new chapters for us to read most every day. You are awesome Lady Dragon.