Tammy: Deja Flew - Part 6

Deja Flew  

Book 12: Deja Flew


"Deja Flew"
Part 6


Note: This is a work of fiction but a number of real people, places, and institutions are mentioned in fictitious circumstances. In short it's a story!
Saturday 23rd December 2017 (Cont)

At Tammy's suggestion they had stuck to a main course and a dessert, given time was potentially an enemy that night. Kevin had arranged for their driver to return in order to take them the short distance across South Kensington. Tammy was grateful when she climbed into the cab, she was still getting used to her latest heels.

Kevin exited the cab first, offering a hand to Tammy then Maisie and finally Angela. Whilst the other girls awed at the Royal Albert Hall, Tammy pulled the tickets from her purse and led the party to the doors. Inside they removed and checked their coats. A female usher offered programs which they took while another usher tore their tickets and returned the stubs.

"Please take the stairs right over there ladies and sir." The usher directed them.

Tammy again led the way toward the stairs and followed a sign to the boxes. At the top an usher showed them to their reserved box. Since neither Angela nor Maisie had been to a professional ballet before, they were offered the front seats with Tammy. Kevin sat behind them. The rest of the seats in their box were empty but Tammy suspected they wouldn't stay that way for long.

"I understand it is about Christmas, but why is it called The Nutcracker?" Angela asked.

Tammy explained. "Back when the story is set, candy and chocolate wasn't widely available. Nuts were, those were the 'treats' children enjoyed most of the time. Nutcrackers became a popular gift to children. They started making them very fancy to appeal to people, like toys. The most popular for boys was a soldier, for girls it was a prince. The children in the story are given a nutcracker. The rest of the story, you'll see."

Maisie giggled. "I always wondered why it was called that too."

"Count me as well. I understood it was a main character. I just never understood the real significance." Kevin admitted.

Angela looked around. "How does it go on? Like a movie or a play?"

"Like a play. There will be an intermission between the first and second acts. You'll be able to go to the loo or get a drink. It's when most people return calls. Oh bloody hell. Mute your cellphones now." Tammy said then reached for her purse and set her phone to vibrate.

Maisie and Angela did as well. Kevin had two and silenced both.

Kevin then asked. "Since you are more in the know; Tammy, when is the most appropriate time to applaud?"

"Beginning and end of scenes and acts are best. We can also applaud at the end of a particular dance. If they stop moving for more than four seconds, we can clap if we like. That works best for the Principal Dancers; the Nutcracker Prince and the Sugar Plum Fairy." Tammy smiled.

"The Moscow State Academy of Choreography. Is that important?" Angela asked, pointing in her program.

Tammy nodded. "Better known as the Bolshoi academy. It is a ballet academy in Moscow, more precisely the oldest in the world. More top dancers come from there than anywhere else in the world and many become Primas."

"So it's the Oxford of dance schools?" Maisie asked.

"Yes." Tammy replied then looked in her program. "The Sugar Plum Fairy, Candy Canes and some of the Flowers went to Bolshoi. The rest of the cast studied here or places I don't know. This should be excellent. Maybe once in a life. I hope you all enjoy it, I certainly intend to."

The House lights dimmed some and a spotlight illuminated a box in the off-centre. Tammy immediately stood up as did the rest of the attendees and turned.

"Up! Stand up!" Tammy said quietly.

Before anyone could ask her why, the reason was revealed. The Royal Box was being occupied. They waved to the crowd then took their seats. Everyone returned to their seats as the spotlight dimmed then went out. A spotlight then came on for Centre Stage as a man walked out. He announced himself as Kevin O'Hare, the Director of the Royal Ballet, and welcomed everyone, with a quick bow to the Royal Box. A quick explanation of the Nutcracker and its history was given then notable dancers of the production.

"Lastly; dancing as the Sugar Plum Fairy; Miss Tiffany Davareaux. Please do enjoy." Kevin O'Hare announced then exited Stage-Left and the spotlight went out.

They heard two women chuckle behind them and turned to see an older woman beside a younger one, sat next to Kevin.

"No, no, please do watch. This you must see. Cold-Shadow Tiffany is a beautiful dancer." The younger woman said in a heavy Spanish accent then turned to the elder. "Da, Madam Olga?"

"She has proven worthy." The elder woman looked as if she had never smiled in her life and spoke with a Russian accent. "I am satisfied with her training. Watch her close."

They all turned back to the stage as the curtains parted and the lights came up. A house party was taking place. Children ran and danced around as adults greeted each other. A Tree came forward and everyone hung some type of decoration on it of an ornament or candle. After a few moments the actual party began. Everyone danced as grand music played then gifts from under the tree were handed out to the children.

Suddenly the hall was filled with eight loud chimes, a cloaked figure came onto the stage followed by three large boxes and a something like a large covered bird-cage. The figure threw open his cloak to reveal himself as kindly man and the children swarmed him. He patted each boy on the head and cupped each girl's cheek, finally grandly bowing to the Host and Hostess of the party. A boy and girl were waved forward to stand with him then he opened the three boxes. Inside each was a dancer dressed like a doll. He lifted them out to stand in the middle then took a large ornate key to wind them up. The dolls danced around stiffly until they wound down.

The cage was uncovered and opened to reveal the most beautiful clockwork doll of the four. She was set on the stage and wound with the key. Her movements were perfectly stiff and mechanical though more complicated than the other three until she wound down to droop foward and stop. The two children seemed to beg the man to make them dance again, but he denied them and put the dolls away. At their dejected looks he shook his finger then reached under his cloak, pulled out something and showed it off, revealing it to be a Nutcracker made to look like a prince. The girl received it and hugged it tightly. She danced around with the other girls as if the Nutcracker were real and dancing with her.

The boy came up and snatched it away, holding it up high then danced away as the other boys followed him around. For a few moments the two children matched each other in claiming the toy until they both held it. The boy gave a firm pull and the arm came off. The boy dropped the arm and danced away with other boys seeming to believe him victorious. The girl though acted heartbroken, picking up the arm. Carefully she tried to put the arm back on but finally had to use her handkerchief to make a sling. The cloaked man took the broken Nutcracker and stood it on the fireplace mantle.

"Dirty little git." Angela hissed, clearly getting into the performance. Tammy shushed her, but smiled. Angela looked back to the two women, intending to apologize, but the younger woman winked at her with a smile and the elder simply nodded.

On stage, ten loud chimes were heard as people were leaving. The Host, Hostess and boy began to leave, the lights started to dim and only the girl remained. She looked up at the broken Nutcracker on the mantle, wiped her tears and walked away sadly. Almost all lights were out now, save for the fireplace and dim light on the nutcracker.

A few moments later, eleven chimes were heard and the girl peered around then came out. She looked dressed for bed and sat upon a sofa, looking up at the Nutcracker; slowly she began to droop then slumped over to lay down sleeping. Twelve chimes are heard and a small figure scurried across followed by another then more and finally a larger one. Several other figures began to come out and looked like gingerbread men, the dark figures turned out to be mice and the larger had a crown on his head. The rodents and gingerbread men danced around, as if fighting, and soon the mice began to take parts away. The mice seemed to be eating the gingerbread men and making an offering to their king.

The girl awoke and began to dash around in a panic then chased by the mice. Suddenly the fireplace mantle brightened to reveal a tall Prince standing where the broken toy had been, he drew his sabre, leaped to the stage and held out his sword. Tin soldiers began to march out to his command and a battle ensued. Finally the Nutcracker Prince duelled the Mouse King ending it with a thrust, killing him. The tin soldiers cleared the floor of the mice and fallen gingerbread men as the girl rushed over and hugged the Nutcracker Prince. The lights dimmed until only the two of them are seen. The lights come back up and they were now in a forest. Together they walk deeper into the forest as dancers dressed as snowflakes danced around them slowly then quickly as the lights dimmed again then went out and the curtains closed.

Tammy began to clap as did the rest of the audience, even the two women behind them clapped. The house lights came up, signalling the end of the act and beginning the intermission. Naturally ladies made their way to the restroom quickly. Kevin, on the other hand, sought the bar. Tammy and the others had the advantage of being close to the Ladies' loo and were done quickly. They found Kevin at the bar talking to three other men. Tammy was able to stop a tray-bearer and procure glasses of wine for herself, Maisie and Angela.

"Miss Smart, I'm surprised to see you here." A voice stated behind Tammy.

The group turned and faced the speaker.

"Good evening, Sir Thomas." Tammy greeted then glanced over to see Kevin discard his conversation and make his way back to them.

Sir Thomas looked at Angela. "If my memory serves, you would be Angela; correct?"

Angela nodded slightly. "Yes, Sir."

"Sir Thomas Addington. A pleasure." Sir Thomas greeted then looked to Kevin. "Ah, there you are. All quiet this evening?"

"So far, Sir. I do have a question though, if I could have a moment?" Kevin asked then directed them both to the side.

Taking the opportunity to glance around more; Tammy saw several faces she recognized from the news, but didn't know personally. It seemed every first world Ambassador was in attendance. Many celebrities were also there, mostly the older, senior, ones. The girls took their time with their drinks and Tammy discouraged a refill. Kevin rejoined them as the ushers announced the Intermission was ending.

Kevin leaned close to Tammy. "I asked Sir Thomas about the two women in the box with us. The older is Olga Perokova, The Iron Doll. She's the Dance Mistress for the Elite Corps, A Prima Assoluta. She also trained the woman dancing the Sugar Plum Fairy and the woman with her, a Spanish Prima named Esmeralda Fuente. Word is; Fuente is pregnant and stepping down, so this Tiffany woman is going to be named Prima in her place. That's why they are here, for Fuente and Perokova's determination and, if they approve, she'll get the title shortly after New Year's Eve."

"Impressive." Tammy remarked as they walked in to take their seats.

Kevin nodded. "I'm told Perokova is known to all intelligence agencies. Everybody believed she was a spy, back in the day."

"Between KGB making sure I never defect and trying to bed me, CIA trying to convince me to do both and your MI6 doing same; no small wonder why I never marry." A firm voice said behind them.

Kevin had the good grace to look sheepish. "My apologies for gossiping, Madam Perokova."

The old Russian waved him off. "You are not first and certain not last. At least you pronounce name right."

"If it buys forgiveness, I did hear you are the greatest Dance Mistress of the Academy and respected world-over." Kevin offered.

"Spasibo." Olga said then looked to Tammy. "You wish to know about name. Why I am Iron-Doll?"

Tammy nodded, seeing Olga smirk. "Please?"

Olga waved her to come close then whispered in her ear. "Because in all years, no man ever have me. Even now, I am still virgin."

Tammy then saw her smile and knew instantly the old woman had told her the truth. She had to shake her head and hold back the laughter.

"To your spiteful victory, Madam." Tammy smiled and received a wink back.

Madam Olga nodded to the stage. "If you believe before was good; do not look away. You will see Cold-Shadow at her best."

Angela looked confused. "Cold-Shadow?"

"Si." The younger woman nodded. "Cold-Shadow Tiffany. You will love her."

The House-lights had dimmed and the curtain was opening, all eyes now fixed forward to watch as the Stage-lights came up. The young girl, Clara, and the Prince emerged from the Forest in a place decorated with what looked like enormous candies. It seemed the trees and candies were all on wheels as thyey were pulled across from one side of the stage to the other, as well as an ornate gate that swung open for the couple to pass through, bfore sitting and waiting. Finally a fancy high throne came onto the stage, on the throne was the fourth clockwork doll, but now looked definitely less doll and more woman.

"Soon, Cold-Shadow. Very soon. Everyone is waiting for you." The old woman said quietly.

They had all heard the old woman and focused to watch. The Sugar Plum Fairy rose from the throne and gave a deep curtsy to Clara and the Prince. The Sugar Plum Fairy curtsied to them again then danced, joyously celebrating the throne being reclaimed. She stopped, posed high on her toes, slowly lowered into a curtsy then stood, clapped her hands twice and quickly twirled away off-stage.

Tammy glanced to her box-mates and saw a mixture of delight, awe and envy. Of the two beside Kevin, Tammy saw joy from the younger and pride from the elder. She looked back in time to see the background changing to a scene of a castle and flamboyantly dressed dancers come out in rich brown costumes.

"Spanish Chocolates?" Maisie mused glancing at her program.

Fuentes affirmed. "Si. Are we not sweet?"

"Shh." Olga shushed them.

The Spaniards were very dramatic in their dance then ended with deep bows from the men and a curtsy from the woman. The audience erupted with applause and quieted as the group danced off-stage. The background blurred again then focused to a mountainside. A group of women came out and began to 'play flutes' and dance while a group of 'sheep', obviously children, scurried around to frolic in the field.

A glance over revealed to Tammy that Angela consulted her own program to learn this group were the Danish shepherdesses. Smiles were on every face that could be seen for the adorable scene. All too soon it ended and the audience expressed their approval with applause. The background blurred again as the group danced off-stage, the flock herded by the shepherdesses behind them. The background came back into focus to show the domes and minarets of Arab palaces and Mosques.

"Arabian Coffee." Kevin commented quietly.

A group of musicians took their places and began to 'play' as a pair of Saracens came out bearing a sedan-chair, perhaps more like a fainting couch inside a canopy. Inside, a woman in harem costume with veil lazed seductively until the Saracens set it down. Slowly she came out, languidly moving as the music picked up. The woman danced a mixture of ballet and belly-dancing as her guards danced around her with their swords flashing. The trio finished with the Saracens leaping high into the air to land, kneeling to their Lady, while she smoothly dipped to the floor. Left leg forward and resting on her right knee behind her, she bowed forward holding her arms out gracefully. Again the crowd erupted at the fantastic display and slowly quieted as the Lady returned to her transport. The two Saracens carried her off-stage while the musicians followed behind as the background blurred again.

Angela was smiling as she looked to Tammy and whispered. "WOW!"

"The best is yet to come." Tammy smiled and whispered back.

A gong sounded as the background focused to an Asian looking castle with a giant Buddha. Musicians came out with strange instruments and took their place as two men in the stereotypical Kung-Fu clothing came out with spectacular acrobatics. After landing, with a backflip ending the tumbling routines, they looked up as a woman came swooping in on a pair of Ariel Silks. She flew about and performed several moves then landed by dropping to the ends and let go to slide across the stage, stopping almost dead-centre. Her Guards lifted her up and literally threw her high into the air to perform a complete twist, catch her and propel her forward to twirl almost off-stage. She stopped short to throw herself over into a back-handspring, the very edge of the stage under her toes.

The music had paused and now resumed as she returned to dance with her warriors in a mixture of ballet, acrobatics and martial arts. After their heart-stopping finish, the warriors picked up their Lady and once again threw her into the air. She caught her silks as they swept across the stage and literally flew away. The background blurred again as the musicians followed the warriors off-stage performing animal inspired fighting moves. This time the crowd were on their feet as they clapped.

Tammy looked to Maisie and Angela. "Chinese Tea. I've never seen it like that before!"

The changing of the scene had to wait longer as the ovation was held. Finally the background came into focus, the Romanov Palace. Musicians came out to take their place and a pair of Cossacks leaped and twirled out to the stage. A beautiful girl, resembling a princess danced out to join them. Instead of sabres, the Cossacks duelled and flourished a pair of candy canes, narrowing missing their princess as she danced without fear.

"Katerina has grown so much, look at her now." Fuente commented.

Olga chuckled. "She will never fail, her Prima will not allow it."

"You mean she will not dare Lyssa's wrath again." Fuente giggled.

Tammy looked back. "THE Lyssa?"

Olga nodded with a vicious smile. "Da. Ekaterina was taken to task by the Ghost-Legend. She will not disappoint her again. Watch her now."

Tammy remembered her own time with Lyssa and had to suppress a shiver as she looked back to the stage. To say this production was like none she had ever heard of was an understatement. The previous times she had seen the ballet with her father and biological mother were boring compared to this. The Russian Candy Canes were an exhibition of precision and flawless grace. The Cossacks duelled and struck at the floor with their canes, barely missing the Princess' feet and legs, thrusting forward almost skimming along her hands and arms. Finally the candy cane swords struck together and held as she dropped into a curtsy. The crowd roared and were on their feet again.

Tammy glanced back and saw the elderly Russian sitting with look of absolute, smug, satisfaction.

Olga noticed and confirmed Tammy's suspicion. "Da, she is one of mine."

"She's incredible!" Tammy complimented.

"Just wait, Devushka. You will see." Olga smiled.

The background blurred again as the Cossacks escorted their Princess off, followed by the musicians. Applause filled the Hall again then quieted as the background focused again to gingerbread house. A woman wearing a very large skirted dress came out and began to move about as music played. Suddenly children began to come out from beneath the huge skirt. They danced, chased each other and played at her direction. The segment was very cute to the audience and over before they wanted as the children returned to Mother Ginger's skirt. She made her exit as the background blurred again to the audience's applause.

The background focused again to a field of colourful flowers and the music became lively as three lines of dancers came out for the Waltz of the Flowers. The large group were in perfect sync and it was hard to pick just one to watch. And then, it was done. The flowers were all down in a deep curtsy. Tammy wanted to laugh at herself. She had been so busy trying to watch the dancers, she had missed the dance. Applause filled the Hall again as the background blurred and the dancers left the stage.

Tammy whispered to Maisie and Angela. "The Grand Pas de Deaux is now."

The background focused and it had returned to the Land of Sweets. A handsome man came out wearing an elaborate uniform. He danced, displaying his strength, yet gracefully. To Tammy, he was quite the masculine specimen. She glanced in her program and read quickly. His name was Enrico Maretti, La Scala Theatre Ballet School in Milan Italy. Suddenly, the Sugar Plum Fairy danced from the wings, like a bird drifting through the sky. A quick leap and the Cavalier caught her as if weightless. The well-built man was obviously a powerhouse to hold her firmly, without looking efforted.

Together they danced as if she were light as a feather and delicate as smoke in a glass. The music was slow and the duo were almost sensual together. He cradled her easily when she fell back to what seemed like impossible angles on her toes yet remain rigid in her pose. The lifts were breath-taking and when set back to the floor she spun between his hands like a cyclone then go into a painstakingly slow pose on one toe while dipping forward to almost touch the floor with her tiara. Finally they stopped dead-center holding hands as he bowed and she curtsied.

The audience applauded as the Sugar Plum fairy Danced away and the Cavalier had the stage to himself. The music became light and quick as he claimed the whole of the stage for his own. Great leaps crossed distance then took him to heights above the floor Tammy couldn't believe. He was quite the dervish with the way he spun, even jumping for turns like an ice skater. When he stopped Centre-Stage and held his right arm up, the audience were quick to applaud. The Cavalier danced away and all eyes went to the wings as the Sugar Plum Fairy stepped out and posed.

"Now. This is your time, Cold-Shadow. The world has waited long enough. Show what you do." The old woman said quietly.

Tammy watched, as did the everyone else, in amazement. The Sugar Plum Fairy danced like they'd never seen. At some points her movements were so slow and precise, it looked to be controlled agony. Other times she spun and twirled with blinding speed then leaped as if launched from a springboard. In all; she was so controlled, her movements were smooth and flowing, like tall grass blown by gentle breezes. For Tammy, time stood still. Like she had been charmed by a swaying cobra, she couldn't look away. She wanted to watch. She even believed her breath was caught, her heart had paused and all was still and silent, save the music and Her. Spellbound, Tammy wanted it to last forever.

When the Sugar Plum Fairy stopped moving, she had ended in a deep curtsy. It took several moments and the applause came, then they were on their feet.

Maisie looked to Tammy. "I almost shouted for her not to stop."

Tammy nodded. "Me, too."

Tammy looked back and even the old Russian Dance Mistress was on her feet. The look of proud approval was unmistakable as she clapped, her smile of pleasure was beautiful. Tammy looked back to the stage as the Sugar Plum Fairy rose easily and continued until high on her toes then twirled off-stage. The applause continued even when the Cavalier returned to the stage. Once again he was raw energy, fast and powerful. The Sugar Plum Fairy rejoined him and they danced in tandem, crossing each others paths like race cars circling around and through a track until they ended by her leaping to his arms and him catching her then settling her on his shoulder. The Sugar Plum Fairy was set down and they walked forward hand-in-hand to bow and curtsey to the audience.

The ovation was the loudest of the night as they danced to the wings and the background changed to a night version of the Land of Sweets. The Nutcracker Prince and Clara descended the Throne and a sleigh pulled by 'reindeer' came out. An old man and woman wearing glittering crowns and wearing white furs rode in the sleigh, which stopped before the Prince and Clara. Clara climbed into the sleigh as the Nutcracker Prince bid her goodbye. The Snow King and Queen waved as the sleigh went off. The Nutcracker Prince returned to his throne and the lights dimmed until a single spot light shone on him then the background blurred and all went dark.

The audience clapped until the lights slowly came back up and reveal the house, dimly lit and the sleigh came. The Snow King and Queen bid Clara goodbye as she climbed down and waved as they went off. Clara looked to the fireplace and light shown on the mantle. The Nutcracker stood as before. Quickly she ran to it and took the wooden doll down and held it up in joy, the arm no longer damaged. She hugged it and danced about until the lights dimmed to only a spotlight and carried him away happily. The lights went out and the curtains closed. The audience took to their feet again, clapping and cheering.

The House lights came up dimly and the Stage lights came up fully as the curtain parted. Kevin O'Hare walked out and began introducing the dancers by Act and Scene.

The Nutcracker Prince came out and was announced. "Our Nutcracker Prince; Alan Mitchell!"

Mitchell being a full member of the Royal Ballet received thunderous applause. He bowed twice and stepped off-centre. The Sugar Plum Fairy came out gracefully.

"Lastly, our Sugar Plum Fairy; Miss Tiffany Davareaux!" Kevin O'Hare announced.

Tiffany curtsied gracefully to the crowd then turned to the Royal box and curtsied again then stood up to smile brightly. A man from the audience stepped up to the stage and presented her with a bouquet of red roses.

The elderly Russian chuckled, prompting Tammy and the other three to look back.

"The American Ambassador. He give red roses. Cold-Shadow Tiffany prefers roses called Sterling Silver. He did not read the note given last week." Olga informed them.

Angela asked. "Ma'am; why do you call her that name?"

Fuente answered. "Some dancers earn a name. If they are lucky, is good. They get name by how they are to people or something they do. Tiffany earn part of her name in America; Shadow. She teach little girls to dance. They learn by watching her. She danced, they follow, like shadow. Then other way. They dance and she follow, they see right and not. Shadow-Tiffany, Si?"

"That's cute." Angela smiled.

"At Bolshoi some of the older girl think they will do as they please in her class because they see her with the young first. Very wrong. Tiffany was harsh and unsympathetic. She was Cold. And so became Cold-Shadow Tiffany." Olga finished with a grin.

Kevin asked. "Did she pass the test tonight?"

"She dances better than I ever did, Señor. I am jealous." Esmeralda Fuente giggled.

The cast began to filter back-stage after another round of bows then the curtains closed. The House lights came up and the audience began to make their way out. Tammy and her party followed the two other women out of the Box, but they turned to the opposite way of the Ladies' loo or exit.

"I suppose they are allowed back-stage." Kevin guessed.

Tammy turned toward the stairs. "Most likely. Well, as wonderful as it was, the show is over. Let's go."

They stood inside waiting for the crowd to thin enough to claim a taxi.

"Kevin, did you call our transport?"

"Yes, why?"

"Call him back and send him home. We can catch the tube."

"Are you sure, Tammy?"

"Yes. Where are you heading?"


"So, West from here a few stops."

"Yes." He took a look towards the floor. "It's a little walk to the tube station from here, are you going to be okay?"

"I'll be okay, there just wasn't room in my bag for a pair of DMs."

Maisie and Angela appeared to have been observing the glitterati so had missed the exchange.

"Come on, we're going."

"Where's the cab?" Angela asked.

"We gave him the rest of the night off."

Maisie wasn't phased by the change in plans, no doubt having suffered regular disappointments from the Army Logistics team. "Where we going?"

"South Kensington station."

Kevin led the way along Exhibition Road and ensured the three girls made it through the gates intact.

"Tammy, are you sure?"

"Of course, Kevin. We'll be fine."

He took himself down the steps onto the District & Circle Line platform, whilst Tammy went towards the escalators. "Pick up your skirts! And watch around you!"

They reached the Piccadilly northbound platform without incident and it wasn't long before a service arrived in the platform. The three girls boarded and took seats. At Holborn Tammy led them through the subterranean tunnels to the Central Line. The second train past there was for Epping.

"My feet hurt."

Yes, Angela, so do mine."

"But ...."

Her complaints were ignored. Tammy and Maisie kept watch, with Angela facing them across the walkway. It was after Liverpool Street that Maisie spotted something and nudged Tammy. "Coming up from the left."

"I see them."

Angela's bag was dangling and Tammy decided against saying anything, choosing instead to make a grab for the bag.


"You should look after it!"

"I was!"

The three coming up the train had now reached the girls. One made a grab for Angela's bag whilst another went for Tammy's.

"Ou.....shit! You bitch!"

"Move along boys and no-one else gets hurt."

The one with blood coming out of his hand was more concerned for his own welfare, which the other two weren't. One went for Maisie's bag, she pushed out of her seat and knocked the lad on his back, his head caught one of the steel grab poles. The third looked at Tammy as the train pulled into Bethnal Green then jumped onto the platform as soon as the doors opened. The one with a damaged hand stumbled after him, they left the last one.

"Angela, follow me."

"My bag?"

"Shut it!"

Tammy led them down to the front carriage, she wanted to be away from the scene before they reached Mile End. Her makeup wipes quickly cleaned any marks off them.

Nothing more was heard but a police car was waiting at Epping Station, alongside an ambulance. The girls walked out of the station and ten minutes later were securely indoors.

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