Tammy: Deja Flew - Part 7

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Deja Flew  

Book 12: Deja Flew


"Deja Flew"
Part 7


Note: This is a work of fiction but a number of real people, places, and institutions are mentioned in fictitious circumstances. In short it's a story!

Christmas Eve dawned in Epping, much as it was doing across the globe, but few households were pondering saving the world from terrorists. More important issues, however, needed to be dealt with first.

"The little black dress?"

"Yes, Angela, our new LBDs"


"Because that's what Maisie and I are going to wear, and it would be nice if you did too."

"But? Why?"

"Be prepared, sis, be prepared?"

"Why?" Angela wasn't getting the point.

"One, because we can. Two, we will be dressed for almost any eventuality today. Three, dress to impress and anyone you encounter will be on the back foot before you utter a word. Four, Elsie would have insisted. Five, I bet Suzie is dressing up for today. Finally, six, there's always a chance of a party on Christmas Eve?"

"I'm not sure I want to go to a party?"

"That's irrelevant, you'll be ready."

"Oh, okay."

The girls were wrapped up warm for their ride into Central London and standard tube protocol applied, so no-one else was any the wiser. By the time, however, they passed through the security point at Richmond House their jackets had been loosened and the duty officer received a chorus of "Merry Christmas" to brighten the overcast morning.

Emily hadn't arrived, yet, but the two girls found sealed envelopes containing their new logins for HOLMES and were soon going over the new data. Maisie found the interviews with Paula Lavoska and Helen Bell.

"These were done on Friday!"

"My guess is the notes weren't loaded on there until yesterday. Did the women say anything?"

"No, nothing at all."

"Who interviewed them?"

"A John Stevens did both of them."

"I suspect a female interviewer would have been better."

"Do you, Tammy?"

She spun around, finding DI Emily Keane behind her.

"Yes, Emily, I do. Both of them got on better with women rather than the male of the species. I spent enough time with the pair to see that."

"In which case, why not go to Holloway prison and do it yourself?"

"I'm not qualified and I wouldn't be objective?"

"Correct, someone senior decided who the interviewer would be and probably made that decision based on many factors. I'm sorry that they didn't ask for your input as well?"

"I was only offering an opinion, Emily."

"That's not how it sounded to me."

Each of their phones issued a 'Bing Bong' as a headline came onto the screens.


"Shit! Not again!"

"What is it Tammy?"

"The national air traffic control system is down, that means no commercial flights in the UK."

"So your plane is grounded?"

"Strictly speaking, yes."

"Why did you say, 'not again'?"

"Almost exactly three years ago I was heading to Salzburg when terrorists took out the air traffic control centres at Fareham and Maastricht. We were stuck at Edinburgh Airport that day, for a while. Emily, do you have any more news?"

"No, give me a moment."

Emily clearly had access to much more than the girls did and soon had enough to update them.

"Explosions at the power and primary communications feeds at Fareham. All staff reported evacuated safely but operations are impossible."

"This has to be connected."

"We don't have enough information."

"Okay, but my hunches haven't been off and I call this as a True Freedom operation."

"Like that briefing, Tammy?"

"Yes Maisie."

That got Emily's attention. "You had a briefing on True Freedom? How recent?"

"Last month."

"I've been asking for an update on them since the end of the summer, but no-one had a package I could see."

"I think our package was put together just for us."

"By whom?"

"I'm not sure."

"What do you mean?"

"I know where it came from but I don't know who actually put it together. I can ask, but I'm not sure you'll get it."

"Damn, just who do you work for?"

"As I said a few days ago, I work for myself. It's an arrangement that is approved by all the relevant parties, including Sir Thomas Addington."

"So I saw. How do you know him?"

"We met at a social do in Scotland in September and I've had cause to speak to him since then."

"That's where you met me!"

"Yes, Maisie."

Emily wasn't convinced. "I do wonder Miss Smart where your loyalties lie?"

"Right now they're fully engaged protecting this country."

"I hope so."

Tammy glared. "Do not 'hope'; understand? As for the briefing, I suggest you ask John Smith?"

There was little new information by mid-morning and, as it was also Sunday, no sandwich service. The girls went out at ten to raid any shops that had suitable food, it was very early morning on the US Eastboard but Tammy made a call as they walked.

"Ram Air."

"Kerry, Tammy."

"Hi Hi, girl, what's up?"

"I guess you're up to date with our local troubles?"

"Yes, I guess you need something?"

"I'm wondering about a care pack?"

"I thought you had local suppliers?"

"I'm playing with paper and string right now, the store here has peashooters."

"Understood. Don't forget it's Christmas Eve and there's no commercial flights because of your local issues."

"Yeah, I'm aware of that."

"I'll see what I can work out, might be a while though."


"One more thing. Since regular comms are now unreliable, switch your phone over to satellite only for the duration. Enjoy your lunch. Out."

Tammy went into the settings and switched her mode to Satellite. Now her phone would work regardless of cellular failure. None of the usual stores had lunch items so they ended up in a fried chicken establishment. Tammy's diet was heading out of the window.

Kevin had arrived during their absence.

"I went to collect you from home but Angela said you left at eight?"

"We just caught the tube as usual."

"I'm supposed to be your shadow."

"We can protect ourselves."

"But who will protect the public from you?"

"Well, I suppose you can have that job?"

"If you keep doing your own thing I'll find something better to do."

"Sorry Kevin."

"And it smells like you sat in a ruddy KFC, probably very exposed?"

"Needs must. Look, what do you know about the Fareham bombs? Sounds familiar?"

"Yes, but Kelmendi is in prison."

"So who else was there?"

"I thought we had all of the original gang, either in prison or deceased?"

"Was there someone else, who was missed? Any more Kosovans in circulation? My bet is that this is being treated as a fresh investigation?"


"So nothing to stop us looking for the missing person?"

"Where do we start looking?"

"We call Heather."

Tammy realised that this could be a real 'needle in a haystack' problem, even if there was a needle. It remained a hunch that the rogue Kosovans were again involved, but it fitted a profile she'd had running in her head.

"Heather, you heard the news?"

"Yes, Tammy, I guess you're focusing on the similarities?"

"Correct, can you look for any unusual transactions in the Fareham area? I'm guessing that police resources will be predictably looking at the site first?"

"Indeed. I'll get Suzie onto this, she wasn't involved in that attack three years ago, was she?"

"No, we hadn't known each-other at that point. It was a few weeks later, just before her father's funeral that we met."

"Okay, we'll see what we can find. Oh, Suzie is waving at me .... hold on."

Tammy waited.

"It's Suzie, Heather tells me you've been watching some boats?"


"There's one called Helga IV in the English Channel."

"That's a long way South of where I last saw it, what's it doing?"

"Nothing, it's stationary between the two shipping lanes. Coastguard has asked if it's in trouble but they haven't responded. An aircraft has been sent to investigate and a Royal Navy launch is heading that way."

"Damn, we need eyes on that boat."

"We're trying but at the moment it's a shipping hazard and nothing more. This isn't a subject area I know well."

"Okay, thanks. Please keep me, erm, us, informed."

"Will do, sis."

Tammy updated HOLMES but no-one else could see what she was implying. Emily walked over.

"Right, what relevance is this boat?"

"I don't know, yet, but it shouldn't be there."

"That's not helping us find Penny Lavoska?"

"Not directly, but Maisie is picking through the reports about Penny and following up on the new Swiss searches, so the work is being done."

"Ok, humour me, what is going on?"

"Two, possibly three, converted trawlers were in the sea off Scotland in September and October. They called into Scrabster, Inverness and Aberdeen but then disappeared. The last photos we have showed a remotely operated vessel on the foredeck. Now one of then shows up in the middle of the channel, ignoring the Coastguard."

"Okay, I can see your interest, but?"

"I'm not sure, it simply doesn't smell right. Call it another hunch if you like?"

Kevin shouted from the other side of the room.

"Internet and phone links to the continent are going down."

"How? How bad?"

"According to Down Detector we've lost almost forty percent of links, some services are completely down and others have reduced capacity. Social media is particularly affected."

"Damn, that's what they were doing; cutting the cables!"

"Cables, Tammy?"

"A huge number of the country's internet links go across the channel from Folkestone to Cap Gris Nez in France."

"How would you know that?"

"It was in coursework I did at school. The thing is, it's almost a single point of failure."

"There's more than one cable?"

"Yes, there's dozens that are still in use, but damage enough of them and we have a major problem."

Kevin looked up. "She's right, it seems that some of the British companies are using cloud services based in Belgium, Netherlands or Luxembourg and those are completely off or very very slow. The banks are also reporting problems with card payments."

"On Christmas Eve? Shit. I wonder where the other boat is?"

"Another boat, Tammy?"

"Yes, I think I said there could be two, perhaps even three? Thing is, where did it go? Where are our other internet links?" Tammy paused and no-one answered. "There's a link to Spain from the South Coast, there's the US and Canadian links from Cornwall and the Irish sea route. Don't a load of the global internet companies have their UK servers in Ireland?"

Emily was rushing to her phone. "Get me the Commissioner! Now!"

Tammy called Suzie.

"Yeah, we heard."

"Okay, Suzie, see if you can find another boat, look in the Irish sea. Anglesey area, first, I think."

"We're having trouble accessing some of the websites."

Tammy looked around at Emily who was rapidly explaining to the head of the Metropolitan Police, the most senior UK police officer, what she needed.

"We need the Royal Navy to find and disable a rogue ship that might be in the Irish Sea."

Emily paused to listen.

"Yes, Ma'am. I understand that it doesn't seem plausible or relevant, but we have excellent intelligence and believe that the entire country is being isolated, cut off, by a terrorist group."

Maisie started waving her hands. "Penny's put a video out."

Kevin and Tammy went to Maisie, who had her personal phone out. "I'll play it again."

She pressed 'play' but nothing happened, followed by a 'time out' message. She tried a few times but nothing.


"What did she say?"

"That the UK would remember this Christmas, but she wanted one present to make all the problems go away. That present was her sister."

"That ain't gonna 'appen." Kevin spat the words out.

"Understandable, but we don't know what resources she has or what else she is going to do?"

"Tammy, are you seriously considering giving in to terrorism?"

"No, but perhaps we can make it look like we're considering to release her sister? It might buy us some time?"

"True, but that decision is a long way above our pay grade."

"What about Sir Thomas?"


"The same, would he have the authority?"

"He could persuade the PM to sign off on a plan, yes."

"Okay, let's call him."

"Woah, Tammy, you can't simply call someone like him?"

"Why not?"

"One, there are channels to go through and right now, for me, that's via the Assistant Commissioner. Two, we don't have his number."

"I do."

"But what are you asking? This is not the same as arranging to arrest Kelmendi in a hotel bar." Kevin countered.

"I saw that video." Maisie offered.

"Okay Kevin, but can we convene a meeting at Thames House for all the relevant folk?"

Emily shouted from the far side of the room.

"The PM has called for a COBR meeting, I'm off to Whitehall. Keep at it."


"Maisie, it's Cabinet Office Briefing Room, it's where everyone important meets when the country's falling apart."

"Not quite, Tammy, but close enough." Kevin smiled as he uttered a little put-down.

There were reports late afternoon of bank interconnects going off, so card payments and cashpoint transactions were failing. This was causing a few problems but thankfully there were few people around and most stores were shut or about to close. Those folk trying to top up fuel tanks were having the worst problems it seemed and sites were closing regardless of whether their payment system was still working.

Just before five Tammy took a call from Heather.

"The Royal Navy found the boat, exactly where you said it would be."

"Great, and?"

"The crew refused to obey orders to stand down, then used a weapon against the RN vessel. One sailor received a minor wound. HMS Monmouth's master ordered that they used their heavy calibre machine gun on the wheelhouse, tearing it apart. There are Royal Marines on board now, searching and restraining the survivors."

"Excellent news, give my regards to the crew."

"I'll pass that on. They were on their way to their Christmas anchor."

Tammy updated HOLMES with the news, no doubt someone would accuse the armed forces of using excessive force against a civilian boat? Perhaps she should have asked for the trawler to be towed somewhere quiet, or was that already in hand?

Half an hour later nothing more was happening and Tammy figured they wouldn't achieve much more.

Her phone pinged.

No Name Club 1830

"Maisie, grab your bag, we need to freshen up."

Kevin looked over. "Going somewhere?"

"Time for a drink, Kevin. Not sure how you'll get on, join at your own risk." Tammy remarked then went out with Maisie in tow.

Several minutes later the three were through through the security checkpoint and headed out. A short Tube ride later, Tammy led them down a cobbled alley to a door.

"Hope you're both ready for this? Here we go." Tammy said and opened the door.

Inside, the casual conversations paused to view the entrants then resumed. Undaunted, Tammy led the way to the bar.

"What can I get for you Miss?" The Barman asked.

Tammy glanced around and spotted who she was looking for then answered. "I'd like to open a tab; Lieutenant Smart. Wolfburn, for four, please. We're joining the Colonel."

The Barman nodded. "Straight away, Ma'am. Bruce will bring them over."

"Good evening." Tammy greeted Sean MacTaggart then leaned down and hugged him. "Uncle."

The old Scot hugged her back. "Hear you're busy. Sergeant, getting on well?"

"Yes Sir." Maisie replied. "Thank you."

Kevin stepped forward and offered his hand. "Kevin Edmunds, Colonel was it?"

"Aye. You'll be Counter-intel for the Met?" Sean asked and received a nod.

The three new arrivals took their seats whilst a man dressed as a server came over with a tray and set down drinks, removing the Colonel's empty glass before returning to the bar.

Sean turned to Tammy. "You want answers?"

"Yes, sir."

"Cooper will be out of it for five years. Fielding was sent back to New Zealand and demoted, following a debrief. They aren't thrilled with him back there."

"I see." Tammy commented.

"There's your good news, things have definitely gone down the pan." Sean grumbled.

Tammy sipped her scotch and swirled the remaining around in her glass. "Do I have anyone, besides you, left on my side?"

"A fair number. You may not believe it, but Wade is still with you. Actually, he led the enquiry into Nightingale. Wade's one of the good ones Tammy; his only real problem is that he forgets you don't fit in like everyone he's accustomed to working with. Personally, he still likes you. Professionally, he admits to looking at you one-sided." Sean stated.

Tammy gave a half-smile. "I'll give him a call soon and make nice, but I can only see him as an over-bearing older brother."

"That'll be enough to go on with." Sean agreed

Tammy sipped again. "You mentioned my 'bird problem'. I understand it made quite the racket and may be loose?"

Sean growled. "Racket is an understatement. That 'bird' has been re-caged. I have a team all over that business."

A man came over and interrupted. "Pardon me."

He leaned down and whispered to Sean then stood back.

"Damn." Sean growled then nodded to him. "Thank you for the update, Wells."

"Sir." He stood at attention then made to leave.

"Just a bit." Sean said then looked to Tammy. "Lieutenant Smart; Lieutenant Colonel Jeremy Wells."

Tammy stood up, as did Maisie. "Sir."

"Tammy's fairly naughty." Sean remarked with a grin.

Wells looked her over. "Smart. The same Smart that flattened a Colonel Cooper in the Canteen?"

"That would be me, Sir." Tammy answered.

"Well done. He was an ass." Wells smirked then signalled the Barman to bring Tammy a refill. "He was barred from here years ago."

Tammy frowned. "He ruined my suit."

Bruce returned and swapped Tammy's glass. Wells returned to a seat at the bar.

"So how are you qualifying current affairs?" Sean asked Tammy.

Tammy sipped and answered. "Domestic Tasking. Tending my garden, as it were. I'm supposed to play nice. So far; I am."

"Let's try to keep it that way. Can you name anything now, you might need?" Sean asked.

Tammy nodded. "I may need an IFF code to go where I'm needed. Military, please, NATO SHAPE access, all airports and approved landing strips."

Sean nodded. "I'll look into that."

"Colonel. May I ask what happened with the two investigators?" Maisie asked.

"They've been reassigned to other duties. As for the charges against you, those have been buried. You're safe now, Sergeant." Sean informed her.

Maisie looked relieved. "My father has been concerned about it all, they were rather hostile."

"I'll call him myself and settle him down." Sean reassured her then looked to Kevin. "I need a bit with Tammy. Would you and the Sergeant excuse us."

Kevin and Maisie understood it was an order and not a simple request, they picked up their drinks and went over to the bar.

"So Paul wants you working on this?" Sean asked.

Tammy nodded. "He insisted. Quote 'this is your yard, Smart, do what you can.' I agree. Especially with the connection I have to it."

"Rubbish removal?" Sean asked.

Tammy sighed, glancing into her glass. "He prefers I not go into those but understands they can end up with me regardless."

Sean sighed as well. "Aye, there is that. Contribute what you can and hope you don't have to go."

"To hoping then." Tammy saluted him with her glass, drank then hugged him. "Uncle."

Sean returned the hug. "Off with ya, Niece."

Tammy went to the bar and settled her bill. Jeremy Wells tossed her a wink which Tammy smiled back. Their visit had only taken fifteen minutes but they were done.

"Are you taking the tube, Tammy?"

"Yes, Kevin. Hopefully it's a bit easier than last night?" She sighed.


"Some punks tried to steam the train and my little sister made an easy target. One ran off, one crawled off and one needed an ambulance."

"I think I'll ride with you."

"We can handle ourselves."

"I'm concerned for the travelling public!"

Tammy phoned Angela and let her know they were on the way, it was still before seven. There was a sign at the entrance to the tube station.


As they walked through the open gates Maisie posed a question.

"No tube tomorrow, I thought London never stopped?"

Tammy forgot that her partner had little experience of the capital.

"There are always exceptions, Maisie."

Their ride was incident free, apart from a few drunks. Tammy, and Kevin, did however spot uniformed officers on the platforms at several stations.

Kevin saw them back to the house then left to go home as well, back down the Central Line. An evening meal was ready and it seemed Angela had spent an hour out during the day, on her own. Tammy almost gave her sister a lecture on personal security but ... that would have spoilt the evening.

Christmas Day

Tammy's phone pinged at 0730.

Thames House 0900

It rang shortly afterwards.

"Good morning, Kevin, Merry Christmas."

"And you, Tammy. How are you getting there?"

"We have a car."

"What's the registration?"

Tammy had to look out of the window before reading it out.

"Why do you need it?"

"I'll see if I can let Thames House carpark team know, plus I can register the vehicle with the Met so you won't get stopped."

"Oh, my own car has something like that?"

"Indeed, but we'll register this one in case you, Suzie or Maisie are going to be driving it?"

"Good idea. We'll see you there."

Angela had clearly been listening to one side of the call.

"So what time will you be back?"

"We'll try to be back by five, Angela."

"What about dinner?"

"Start cooking at two. I think you need to allow about four hours to cook Christmas dinner, get the turkey crown out now and do the preparation work at the same time? We'll be back to help you finish it off."

"I've never cooked a roast dinner, let alone ruddy Christmas?"

"Google it, look for Saint Delia, Nigel Slater or Nigella Lawson?. Sorry sis but we're needed elsewhere."

"Do you have to?"

"Under the circumstances, yes. Our country needs us! Don't forget, Suzie is also in this but she won't be here for dinner, and it's her own home!"

Tammy silently hoped Angela wouldn't trash the kitchen because of her apparent inexperience. At least she hadn't asked about eating out.

"If I get stuck?"

"Text me or Suzie, but don't call, please."


"Okay Maisie, we're working today. What's the most important thing now?"

"Make sure we fill in our overtime sheets?" She smiled at Tammy as she spoke.

"Ooooh, no, our appearance. Let's not be dowdy!"


"That might be difficult but we can raid Suzie's wardrobe for frocks, how about a red theme today?"

Mission accomplished Tammy picked up the car keys and hurried outside, with Maisie closely behind.

"Does she really not know how to do a roast dinner?"

"Yeah, it's a long story. Get in!"

The drive was fortunately quicker than she expected as they pulled onto Millbank just before nine in the morning.

"There's nowhere to park?"

"Yes, there is, Maisie." Tammy swung around to the rear of Thames House and pulled up at the barrier.


The two girls handed their Security Service ID cards over. "This car isn't registered to either of you?"

"It's owned by my father, Richard Smart. He has a group insurance policy on it and I'm named as a driver."

"A moment."

The vehicle was checked with mirrors and sniffing probes.

"You can proceed."

Tammy drove down and looked for a visitor parking bay, ending up taking the last space several floors down.

"Plenty of people here today, Tammy?"

"Yes, what did we miss?"

They found a subterranean reception desk where they surrendered their weapons, before being allowed inside the security cordon. Tammy made a mental note of the desk's location, having never seen it before.

"Where to?"


Tammy's instruction had been to report to the home of MI5 at nine that morning but she had no idea where they were actually needed. Based on past experience she guessed they'd be found easiest if they were in the restaurant.

They'd just picked up their drinks when a nearby loudspeaker gently bing-bonged.

"Miss Smart, Miss Staines, please proceed to the European Unit."

Tammy tried to drink as much of the coffee as she could but it was too hot, abandoning it. Maisie meanwhile downed her hot chocolate in one. "The army often pulled dirty tricks like allowing you a break and then cutting it short, hot chocolate is never scalding hot."

They were directed into a meeting room and the door was closed behind them.

"Now that we're all here?" Sir Thomas smiled at Tammy as he spoke. "Thank you for attending. I'm sure we'd all rather be at home with our families but right now our country is being held to ransom to satisfy one woman's vengeance. She's using a terrorist group to do her dirty work and claims that everything will magically return to normal when we release her sister.

"That, ladies and gentlemen is not an option. It is the policy of Her Majesty's Government that we do not accede to terrorist or criminal threats. If you had a wild plan to liberate Paula Lavoska, forget it now.

"The Prime Minister has made it very clear that she wants the threat eliminated, but she did not expressly authorise lethal force. I hope everyone understands that?"

He paused and scanned the room, possibly looking for any malcontents.

"I have asked Dave Brown to bring some co-ordination to our efforts and he joins us this morning."

"Thank you Sir Thomas, and good morning to everyone here. I would remind you that we do not currently have a location for Ms Lavoska, but excellent work is being done to narrow down where she is. On a more positive note, Ms Gainsborough has been located in France overnight and is currently detained by the CRS."

Tammy had mixed emotions about that news, ideally Sharon would be brought back to the UK for trial but what would happen if the woman wound up the French riot police? Their reputation did not include references to kid gloves and gentle treatment.

"The Royal Navy yesterday were guided to a vessel in the Irish Sea thanks to excellent intelligence from one person in this room and a major incident was averted. I'm told that the crew, Russians, are not yet talking. As for the vessel found in the Dover Straits, that has been towed into a secure facility and is being searched, but there is no trace of the crew. The damage to subsea cables is being examined but it will take several months to fully repair. Meanwhile the online services are being rerouted and most should be restored by lunchtime.

"We have also apprehended two Kazakh nationals who were acting suspiciously around Telehouse 1 on Docklands. For those who don't know, I'm told that many of the global internet links into the UK, plus the connections for the BBC and major global retailers, all pass through that building. A vehicle is being examined.

"We are, of course, grateful to the officers of the Metropolitan Police, and other forces, for maintaining an alert without causing panic amongst the public. It is unfortunate that many of these officers would also have been at home with their families today but are instead trying to keep our citizens safe."

There were grunts from around the room, some of which were forced.

"For those present who didn't appreciate my mention of the police, had a device taken out Telehouse, or any similar building, then we could be looking at mass disorder right across the country, plus disruption that would extend well into the new year. There is no way the intelligence agencies could have spotted the two Kazakh gentlemen, given there was no prior intelligence on the pair, I'm sure a transfer to foot patrol could be arranged if anyone wishes to think they are better than the police?"

The room fell silent as the point was being driven home - even through a few thick skulls.

"We need to work together, each agency or unit working to our own strengths, it does no-one any good to carry a superiority complex and Sir Thomas has reminded me that there will be a Parliamentary inquiry into this investigation regardless of the outcome. I will be checking with each agency and unit this morning."

Kevin walked over to the girls. "Well done, Tammy, a mention in dispatches."

"But I wasn't named, I guess that's doing it 'for the team'?"

"True, but the folk that matter know who you are, as for the guys over there," he pointed over his shoulder at a few leaving the room, "they are so far up their own arses that they only care for themselves and the gong they deserve."

"I've met the type, now, why is Dave here?"

"Because I was asked, Miss Smart."

She span around and gave him a kiss "That wasn't fair, creeping up on me like that! How are you?"

"I was enjoying a retirement, again, but then it's difficult to let go completely. I understand you have had a few personal changes?"

Tammy pulled Maisie close. "Indeed, Dave I'd like to introduce my fiancée Maisie Staines, Maisie this reprobate is Dave Brown. Amongst his other accolades, he's an old boy of St Andrews."

"Enchanté, Mademoiselle." He kissed her hand.

"Dave, leave her alone, she's mine! What are we doing today?"

"We have finally recovered the communications between Europol and Christine Armaud. I'd like the three of you to go through that. It's all set up in Room 14. Nice frocks, by the way, it beats the boring suits I'm going to spend the next few hours with!"

The three found the room, complete with a steaming pot of fresh coffee. "I didn't think this was allowed in the offices?"

"Desperate times, Tammy, need desperate methods."

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Christmas disruption...

So Penny & co have cut some of the 'net cables in the Channel, while their plans to do likewise in the Irish Sea and at the London Internet Exchange have been averted (but no indication yet of whether they have a Cornish boat - hopefully, Heather's on the case with that!) and Sharon's been apprehended in France.

Hopefully, they'll make significant progress in tracking down other members of True Freedom by mid afternoon so can be released to help Angela with her very first Christmas meal.

Meanwhile, a classic exchange with Kevin:

"I'm supposed to be your shadow."
"We can protect ourselves."
"But who will protect the public from you?"

As the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body, then only left-handers are in their right mind!

Outside The Box

joannebarbarella's picture

What would they do without Tammy? She seems to be the only one who can connect all the dots.

Angela is a problem. She's not only thick but she socially inept and can't cook either.

Regarding Angela

As he saying goes, “Necessity is the mother of invention.”
Let’s what Angela accomplishes.

Yay! My Tammy fix.

WillowD's picture

I got so involved in this chapter that I was startled when I realized it's not actually Christmas Eve yet but just mid December.

It seems that there’s always a few putz’s........

D. Eden's picture

That think their shit doesn’t stink. They always seem to have a vastly inflated sense of their own importance, while basically being the next thing to incompetent. I knew a few company people like that when I was on active duty.

D. Eden

Dum Vivimus, Vivamus

The girls

Podracer's picture

- Tammy at the fore - are doing nice work. Mr. Brown makes a good point; others are also doing their bit, and in the line of fire no less. These days a routine patrol or stop could go to hell in seconds.

"Reach for the sun."

Boots and eyes on the ground

Jamie Lee's picture

It's one thing to track data, it's another to be where eyes are needed most. Both data trackers and those with eyes where needed have to work together or something could be missed with disastrous results.

Arses have no place in such actions, they could be the ones causing those disastrous results.

Others have feelings too.