Royal Sissy

.Royal Sissy

Written by Dauphin
A boy is asked to pretend that he is a princess when the real princess is kidnapped. Of course he can do this, he is a real sissy. Or can he do this
"Inspired by an old tale, This story will keep you on the edge of your seats." Diana
"This is a trading places story, but I wanted to do it my way. It is quite sweet" Dauphin

Being re-written, to correct the spelling and grammer mistakes

Royal Sissy

Chapter 1 - Kidnapped

I am now an old woman. It’s about time that I write my story down. How did I become the Queen of this lovely country? How I became who I am now? I know when I finish this story; it will be put in the archives of the kingdom, never to see the light of day. When people do read this story, they will think it’s a fairy tale. I cannot help this; my job is, to tell the truth. To let everyone know what happened and who I really am.

The fact is that I was not always a Queen. Now I hear you saying that this is true. I have been a princess. But now I tell you this, I was not always a princess. I was once a boy. This is my story of how I became the royal Sissy

I was born in the poor part of the capital. At an age where most children had the latest play station and computer, my family was poor. I had no father and my mother worked so hard to make sure that we had enough to eat. Social Services were never happy, as they thought because we had old clothes or didn't have time to have our hair cut. But anyone who says my mother didn't love us is dead wrong. Her love for us was the reason we lived and were happy

Our country was like the United Kingdom. They had a parliament and a monarchy. Some people hated the monarchy, and some people loved it. The country was divided. However, the Queen had a daughter. This put a stop to all those that wanted to get rid of the monarchy. Amazing what a sweet little girl could do to stop a civil war. Even the Prime Minister knew that if he got rid of the monarchy then the country would fall into a civil war. So he did his best to make the monarchy as popular as possible.

I was born into this world in a world of poverty. But I didn't know any better so I was happy with my life. I loved my family. The only problem I had was that I was teased at school because we were poor and of course I looked like a girl because I had long hair. Sometimes I even wore my older sister’s old clothes. Everyone thought I was gay and a sissy. I do not think that I was a sissy. I was just me. I did play with my sister's toys, but we didn't have that many. That didn't make me a sissy. I was just me.

When I was 11, it happened.

I just came home from school where I felt a huge pain in my back. I feel to the ground. My friend came and started shouting. He said that it looks like someone has shot me. I thought who would shoot me? I was just eleven years old and I never bothered anyone. My friend tried consoling me. I thought it would be better if he rang to get an ambulance. Looking back at it, he must have been in shock. I just remember the pain and thinking that I did nothing to get shot. I was so mad at everyone. But as the pain hurt my back so much, I thought that I shouldn't use my last minutes being angry at the world. I started consoling my friend. I don't remember what I said.

My friend's name was William. We were also best friends. He didn't care if I was a sissy or not. He always hung around with me. Once I remember that I had no lunch in school, he offered me half his lunch. Another time I was wearing my sister’s tights because my socks were all old and dirty. Next day he came with a pair of his football socks. It was one of the best presents I ever had.

He was my best friend. We loved each other. Not in the gay way as we really didn't know what that was anyhow.

Here I was, after being shot by someone that wanted to get rid of me. Maybe he wanted to shoot another person but hit me. William kissed me deeply. Maybe he thought he would give me the kiss of life. He told me that he loved me and would really miss me.

I heard an ambulance coming with two black cars. Who called the ambulance? As they were lifting me in the ambulance, I closed my eyes. Everything went slowly dark. I thought I was dead.

The next thing I knew was that I was awake. I was lying in a huge canopy bed and the pain was gone. I was tired though. I went to sleep again and after I woke, I was still in the same place. I looked up and seen that everything was white. It must have been all those hospital lights that were pointing at me. They were really blinding. However, I could also see a bit of gold through the lights. Once again I felt so tired and weak. I looked under my bed sheet to see if I had my arms and legs. I was happy that I had them, but I was also shocked. I was wearing a nightdress. It was pink and white and had flowers are butterflies all over it. It was a girl’s nighty. Then I looked at the bed sheets. They were also pink and fluffy. It was obvious that I was in a girl’s bed. I was too weak to speak. I went back to sleep thinking I was either dead or it was a dream.

I woke up again. It must have been the next day. This time there were no lights or hospital things. I still was so tired that I could not speak. I looked around. It was obviously a girl’s room I was in and I was in girl’s clothes, but this girl was rich. She must have had about a hundred stuffed animals and she must have had every toy that a girl could ever want.

Then this nurse came and lifted back the bed sheets. She said that it was time for me to get dry? What did she mean? I looked down and seen that I was wearing a diaper. What the....? Why was I wearing a diaper? Maybe it was because I was sleeping so much that I couldn't go the toilet. I must admit, it was very embarrassing getting my diaper changed when I was 11 years old and wearing girl’s clothes. The Nurse kept on calling me princess, which made my heart pump fast. Still, it was embarrassing. She must be blind that she couldn't see that I was a boy.

Then she sat beside me and took this baby bottle and stuck it in my mouth. I was about to spit it out again, but she explained that I was too weak yet and I needed something to drink, so I wouldn't fade away. Now I was wearing a diaper, and drinking from a baby’s bottle and wearing girl’s clothes in a girl’s room. William (my best friend) would never believe this. The milk didn't taste that bad. It was a bit thicker than the milk I used to drink at home. It was obviously something that rich people drank. It also made me sleepy and once again, I fell asleep.

When I woke up, this man was sitting beside my bed. He was brushing my long hair away from my eyes. I slowly woke up and felt much better. I felt like jumping out of bed and going home, even though the bed was the most comfortable bed that I ever slept in my life. I sat up and looked at the man that had a fine suit on and to be honest looked a bit snobby.

"Welcome to the palace,” He said

"The palace?” I asked

"Yes, the royal palace. You are now in the princess room. What I am about to tell you is a secret. I hope that you can keep secrets. Can you promise me, that you will keep this secret, and never tell anyone?"

"I promise I can keep a secret"

"You have been kidnapped, but now you have a choice, you can go home or do your nation a service. Before you decide, let me tell you what we hope you will do. The country is in crises. Some people have kidnapped our princess. You can see that this could bring our country into a civil war if people find out that she is kidnapped.

We have noticed that you look exactly like the princess. What we are asking is that you will be the princess until we find her. When that is done, you and your mother will never have to worry about being poor again. Now, I know that you are a boy. But our intelligence shows that you like being a sissy, so this might be fun for you.
No one knows about this except your maids and the Prime Minister. Not even the King and Queen know. We are afraid that they will go in panic and people will know that there is something wrong.
I understand it was wrong for us to kidnap you, but you can see that sometimes, national security is very important"

This was a lot for me to take in. I slid down under the pink covers to think about what it all meant. I was about to be a princess until the princess is found. I would have to fool everyone, including her own father and mother. I could go home, but then my family would be poor. If I did this for a short time, I could give my mother everything she wanted. I told the butler that I would do it.

"That is great,”he said with a smile.” there just one more thing. We do not want people to see that you are a boy if you are in public and bend down and your panties show. So we going to make you wear diapers, so they cannot see the bulge in your panties. We will say that you have a bladder problem if they are unlucky enough to see your diaper."

My heart fell. I agreed to be a princess, but not a baby one. But this was part of my new job and it was for the good of the country. But still, diapers?

Chapter 2 - Now a Princess

The next few days went to being trained as a princess. The easiest part was wearing clothes. They were mostly frilly dresses, and I loved these. The princess had so many clothes, that I was so happy that I could now try them all on.

I didn't like the diapers but got used to them. They were big and I must admit comfortably. I could pee anywhere I wanted to and after a few days, I found myself doing it without even knowing it. I was slowly losing control of my bladder.

I was taught everything about being a princess, how to smile and shake hands and how to look cute. I was taught how to speak and even when to speak. I was taught how to curtsey and when others should do it for me.

They also bought a beautician that curled my hair that was already long to look a bit more like the kidnapped princesses hair. She has straight hair but it curls at the bottom. Now my hair looked the same. She also did my nails, so they didn't look so poor and were clean. I liked when she put the nail polish on.

I looked in the mirror. I could no longer see that I was a boy. I was now a princess. It was time that I had to see my dad, the King.

I put on a satin white dress with a pink ribbon around my waste. I also had the same colour ribbons in my hair. I thought that no 11-year-old girl would wear a petticoat and ribbons, but then again I was no ordinary girl. I was a princess, or to some a royal sissy.

I went into the sitting room where I met the King and the Queen.

"I heard that you were sick the last few days," He said looking at me sternly


"Yes, what?"

"Yes ... yes, papa."

"You should always treat adults with respect!" He said showing that he was a bit annoyed.

"And what's this I hear, that your bladder had some infection so you have no control over it"

"Yes, papa."

"So you have to wear diapers?"

"Yes papa"

"So now my girl that is supposed to inspire other girls across the country is wearing diapers like a baby... I will tell your staff to get rid of your bed and give you a crib and a nursery; maybe this will help you control your bladder."

"Please Papa, not a crib, it’s not my fault. Please -"

"You dare to speak against me! A crib it is. Get your bladder working"

I ran out from the room and went up to my room. I didn't care how impolite this was. I didn't care that he was the King. I was doing him a favour. I was stopping a civil war.

When I came up to my room, the staff was busy taking everything that an 11-year-old would have and replacing it with a crib and changing table.

I wasn't going to stay here. I ran out into the garden and hid in some bushes. I knew that my dress was torn and it was dirty. I didn't care anymore. The King, who is supposed to be my father, was so mean and the Queen didn't say a word. What a great mother she was. I just sat in the bushes bawling my eyes out.

Then two men that looked like they were in that men in the black movie came up and found me. The looked around and quickly led me to the palace again.

I was set on the changing table and my diaper was changed, and a nightgown was put on me. Not a word was said. I was afraid someone would spank me or something. But the nanny and the other staff was just quiet. This was a punishment in itself. I felt like screaming or them screaming at me.

The butler came in and didn't say a word. He lifted the sides of the oversized crib I was in and gave me a pacifier. I just held the pacifier and thought this was not what I agreed to. I agreed to be a princess, but I never agreed to be a baby one. Before he left he smiled at me, "You did a good job, and the King believes that you are his daughter. I know you are disappointed that he got mad at you and is making sleep in that crib, but you have convinced him that you are his daughter. Good job. Good night princess, and tomorrow you will get a new nanny"

I bet even the kidnapped princess had a real bed to sleep in. I cried and cried, thinking what I got myself into. I put the dummy in my mouth to keep me from shouting at the top of my lounges. I fell asleep. No longer a royal sissy, but a royal baby sissy.

The next morning, I was woken up. As I opened my eyes, I thought I was dead. It was my mum looking down at me.

"Hi princess," She said

"Mum, it’s you!"

"Do not call me Mum here. I am so happy to see you again. I thought you were dead. They wouldn't tell me what hospital what you were in. Then they told me the truth and I must admit you do look like a girl. You look so pretty and I am happy and so proud of what you are doing."


"When I am here, do not tell anyone that I am your mother. Only a few people know. We cannot let too many people really know who you are. It’s not just for the princess' sake; it’s also for your sake. Remember how big of a temper the King has. That's why you have to sleep in a crib"

"I know. I understand all this. I may be blonde, but I am not stupid."

"Ok, let us get you dressed for today. You are visiting a retirement home. You will be wearing a denim skirt and a blouse as well as your diaper"

"What if people see my diaper?

"You have to be careful"

I got my skirt and blouse on as well as the diaper. The skirt went to my knees, and I was denim, so it wouldn't fly up and show the whole world that I was a baby. I was happy about this and when I looked in the mirror no one could see that I was a boy. I looked like the princess. I was the princess now.

The limo came and I climbed into it. I was never in a limo before and I can tell you that it is an experience that you have to try. If you’re thirsty, there is a drink and if you are hungry there are some chocolates. If you were driving far, then there was a play station and DVD. A thought came to my mind that I wished the princess would never be found. I could get used to this life of pretty clothes. I even liked the diapers. I don't know why, but I liked them. As long as others didn't see them, and teased by saying I was a baby. In any case, if they did see them, they wouldn't see what was below them, which would be far more embarrassing.

We arrived at the retirement home. I got out but was nearly blinded by all the lights. There were so many that was taking pictures. Honest, what's the big deal; I just got out of the car? But I suppose it was weeks since they saw the princess, so this was a big event. I smiled at them and waved as I was taught. Then I saw this little girl about 4 years old that had flowers in her hands. I obviously made a mistake because I walked towards the girl and said Hi to her. I could see that she was extremely happy and gave me the flowers. While I was doing this, the security was in a panic. They thought I was too close to the people. I didn't mind them; it was fun after all these weeks with adult servants and the grumpy king and silent queen.

After the fuss outside, I listened to the security guards and went to the retirement home. There must have been a hundred people that wanted to shake my hand or kiss me on the cheek.

After speaking with the old people, this old man asked me to sit on his lap. One of the security guards said it was OK, and that it would be a good picture for the media. Little did he know this would be a national embarrassment?

I sat on his lap, and while I sat, the denim skirt rose up and then a lot of pictures being taken. Everything happened so fast, that I was rushed out of the home by the security guards. Needless to say, I was embarrassed. I didn't know what was happening. Our drive back to the palace was quiet.

I thought the visit went quite well. I smiled and I shook hands. I was the charming princess. But then Mom came to me and looked a bit disappointed with me and said that I was on the front page:


Tears came to my eyes as I seen this. There was a picture of me on the old man’s lap. Everyone in the country could see the diaper. Now everyone thought that I was a baby. I could never show myself in public again.

Chapter 3 - Now a Princess forever

There were whispers around the palace. Everyone knew that I wore diapers. At least they did not know that I was really a boy. Even though I no longer felt like a boy. I felt like a girl. Not because my hair was now longer but I felt like a girl. It was not just because of the pretty clothes and the dresses and tights and nice shoes. It was because I felt more like me with these on. It was not just because of all the dolls I had and the other toys. It was because I loved playing with them.

What would happen when the real princess return? Would my mother raise me as a girl or did I have to go back being a boy? This saddened me. I didn't want to be a boy, because I already knew that deep down inside me that I was a girl.

And now everyone in the nation knew that I wore diapers. This made me blush. But to tell you the truth I got used to them. I liked the special attention that Mom gave me when she was changing me. It was like we were so close during these diaper changes. It is so hard to explain. Someone at my age that was happy to wear diapers. Of course, I didn't like the idea that everyone now knew that I wore diapers. How would I ever go out again?

I hid in my room after my secret (part of my secret) was revealed to the whole nation. When I turned on the TV, I saw some smart people trying to discuss why I needed diapers. Some thought that I became incontinent after the sickness that the palace said I had. Others say that I was spoiled and was never was potty trained. On some programs they made fun out of me, saying that I probably slept in a crib. If they only knew!

I hid in my room, as I said, only going down to eat with the King and Queen. She said nothing and did not even look at me, neither did the King. He was obviously disappointed with me and said that I brought shame on the royal family. This was hard because after every meal time I rushed up to my room and cried and cried. I was so unhappy. It wasn't my fault.

After a few days, the Prime Minister came into my room.

"It was a shame that the newspaper took pictures of your diaper," he said

"I know"

"You should have been more careful."

"I tried to be."

"The staff here at the castle has tried to dampen this, but it is hard to. We have not achieved anything and the King is mad at the whole incident"

"I noticed."

"It’s not your fault. You are still doing a great service for the country. Look on the bright side, if you had panties on, they would have seen your boy’s thing and that would be far worse."

"I suppose."

"Keep your head high. You have to realize that a princess is always in public eyes and everything you do and say will be in the media. You have a big responsibility and it is hard. You have to be someone else and you have to be a sissy in order to do it. You should know that I respect you fully for what you are doing. I will try to support you as much as possible. I am on my way to hold a press conference to get this under control"

"Are you? Thanks."

And with that, the Prime Minister left.

I looked out the window and thought for a few minutes. Then I called my mother in and told her to find my best petticoat dress. The white and yellow one with the ribbons and lace. She quickly put this on, and then tights and Mary Jane shoes. I said thanks and said I was going for a walk.

I rushed down some hallways that no one ever used. My bodyguards tried to follow me, but the palace is like a maze, so it was no problem losing them. Finally, I came to the press room. I peeked through the door and seen that the Prime Minister was sweating. The Press obviously did not accept his excuses. I rushed into the room and walked up to the journalists.

The Prime Minister was in shock as I stood there. He wanted me to leave, but this was my problem, and I would take care of it. The press was so quiet that you could hear a needle falling. Then I opened my mouth, and you could see that cameras were zooming in and microphones were nearly pushed in my face.

"You have all seen the picture in the newspapers,” I started,” first I would say shame to the media for showing this picture. It is impolite and rude. It is a private problem that I have. I am lucky that the majesty loves me and lets the doctors and others try to find out why I have this problem. You all know that I was very sick and this problem I have is something I have to deal with. It was deeply embarrassing to me and I cried when I heard that I had to wear diapers. It made me feel like a baby. But I tried to be brave and trust that the doctors could make me better again.
I visited the retirement home because these people have worked so hard for our country and sometimes they find the routine in the home boring. I wanted to show my support for them and thanking them for what they have contributed to our country. This should have been the headlines. A tribute to them that has helped build the country we live in. But now the secret is out. You all know that I wear diapers at the moment.

Think that there has to be a press conference about this. This is a little thing. A lot of children wet their beds. A lot of children have problems with their bladder. Why don't you write about them or how they get bullied? I don't want the country feeling sorry for me or thinking this is a national disgrace. I think that children that have cancer or another serious sickness should get our sympathy and attention. My health does not need prayers and media attention. The Child that is dying because of cancer or has just lost a leg because he was hit by a drunken driver needs prayers and media attention"

I turned around and seen the King. He obviously rushed when he heard that I was in the press room. He thought I was going to make a fool of myself. I walked towards him, and we looked at each other. Finally, he hugged me and told me how sorry he was and that he was proud of me. I cried once again, but this time it was not because the king was mean, but I was happy.

The next day I sat in my room reading the newspaper. It showed a picture of me in the press room. I couldn't believe my eyes. I looked like a girl. I even stood like a girl. The newspapers wrote that my heart went out to children that were sick or dying. The media said they thought I was wise for my age and that the media should concentrate more on the people that were forgotten. In some newspapers, there was a picture of me and the King hugging. We really looked like father and daughter.

I was so happy once again. I felt like I did something good.

Then the Prime Minister came into my room, and said,

"I have bad news. The princess has returned. However, she was murdered and we cannot let the people know this. The King knows the whole story now. He wishes to speak with you."

Chapter 4 - Now a Real Princess forever

I was saddened and my heart went out to the dead princess. Imagine what she went through with the kidnappers. Imagine the death she had. Now I had to see the king who really knew who I was. I was not his real daughter. I was an imposter. I was not even a girl. I was a royal sissy. I was afraid that he would behead me for lying to him, pretending that I was his own daughter.

When I came to the King, I was surprised that he was not dressed in black. He told me to sit on a chair and not to say a word. This could not be good. He knew I had a big mouth and this would be the only way that he could finish a sentence.

"My daughter is dead. This is a major disaster for the country and could mean the end of the monarchy. The Prime Minister told me how you pretended to be my daughter. You even fooled me. When I heard this first, I was mad that I have been deceived. But the Prime Minister and you did what was best for the country. I am so proud of you, and since you came here, I can see you have the same looks and personality as my daughter. I am grateful for what you have done."

I looked at the King, and my mouth started to open. But the King raised his finger

"You were asked to be the princess until my daughter returned. She is no longer here but in Heaven. This means I will ask you something else. I will now ask you not to pretend to be a princess but be a princess. Before you answer, I will explain what this means. You will be a princess. We have someone secret here in the palace that will make you into a girl. You will no longer be a boy. When you are a girl and even look like a girl, you will be my daughter and one day be the Queen. What is your answer?"

I thought and then said, "Your Majesty, I feel like a girl and I want to serve my country so my answer is yes."

"Do you feel like a girl, or are you just a sissy?"

"I am a girl"

"Then it’s about time you look like a girl"

With that, I was led to a secret place in the dungeons of the castle. In a dark room, a man with the longest beard I ever saw stood there and said he was Merlin. I started to laugh. We all read about Merlin, so this could not be him. He looked at me and told me that he is a descendant of Merlin. But he had far more knowledge and was much better!

Then he told me to take off my clothes.

"You are a girl on the inside, but have a body of a boy," He said

He told me that he will give me a drink. That I will now be transformed into a girl. I was never to tell anyone what this drink is, how it tasted or what colour it was. I will keep this promise now.

But I can say it didn't taste good, and the colour was strange and a colour I never have seen before. I drank it. I felt like I was going to vomit but managed to swallow it. Then a green radiation like light glowed from my body. First I felt like I was burning. I feel pains throughout my body as if there were snakes crawling through my body. I fell to my knees. It hurt so much and it felt like I was being kicked in the chest, throat and my privates. I thought that this whole thing was a trick. I was really being executed.

Everything went black

Chapter 5 - Now it’s my turn

I woke up later in my bed. The pain was gone and I just felt a bit tired. I looked below the sheets and I had some breasts. Wow. I was surprised to see these, even though they were not that big. I looked a bit further down and seen I was wearing panties. I was shocked once again, there was no diaper. Then I lifted the panties up and then I nearly died. My boy’s thing was gone. It disappeared. Instead, there was a girl’s hole. My hole. I was no longer a sissy. I was a girl.

Mom came in and explained that I was now a girl. I didn't need diapers or baby things anymore, as I had nothing to hide. She felt sorry for the pain that I had to go through. I said that it was well worth it.

Later I said that I wanted to visit our new neighbourhood. It would show the royal support for the poorer areas of town. My new dad The King thought that this was a great ideal.

We went to the local area where I lived. It was great, all the children I once knew was there. Some of them used to hit me and tease me. Others I played with. Now they were all cheering for me and trying to give me flowers.

I saw my old friend William. He went up to him and could feel my heart pumping. I really missed him. The last time I saw him was when I was shot. I spoke to him a lot and then gave him a hug. I felt like kissing him but knew that this would be in the newspapers the day after.

When I hugged him, I heard some shots. I looked around; the security guards were on the ground. There was a pool of blood around them. Then some men in black masks told everyone to hit the ground. No way was I going to dirty my pretty dress over this. While everyone hit the ground, I stood up. I figured that they were after me, and would kill me. I would not put others in danger. If they wanted to kill me, then they now had a clear shot.

One of the men came over to me and lifted me across his shoulder. I looked around and tried to see if William was OK. I couldn't see him. Where was he? I was more worried about him than I was about myself

In the car, I was blindfolded. I couldn't see but I could hear. I heard them arguing that they really did kill the princess. Maybe the princess was not dead, but the Royal doctors saved her. The fact that this was the second time they kidnapped the same princess confused them.

We came to their hideout, and I was thrown into a dark room. They told me that they wanted some of their friends released from jail and they wanted the King to abdicate. I said that would never happen and then they laughed and said this time they would shoot me in my pretty face so that I would really be dead. They left the darkroom and I sat there shaking. I wondered what the princess' last moments were like when I heard she died. Now I would find out.

I fell asleep crying. I knew that there was nothing I could do. I didn't sleep for long because I heard the top window break. I was so frightened. I thought it was a bomb or someone shooting. I was about to scream but then I heard a familiar voice say to be quiet and not wake the terrorists up. I looked up and it was William.

He took my hand and I know I didn't weigh that much, but it was hard climbing that wet wall. Now my dress certainly was dirty. We struggled as I held his hand trying to climb. I was afraid I would fall and then they would come in and shoot me. Finally, I had my head out the small window. And after some struggle, I managed to come out.

"William. You saved me." I proclaimed

"How do you know my name?"

"Long story I will tell you later. How did you save me?"

"Well, when they kidnapped you I held to the back of the car with my skateboard and hung on to the car for my life. It was not that easy. Before I lifted you out, I called the police and told them that you are free and where the terrorists are."

The Police and military came. Needless to say, while William and I hid in the bushes, there was a lot of gunfire. In the end, the terrorists were killed and I was sent back to the castle.

Chapter 6 - And I lived happily

I was kidnapped, and the King was happy that I was saved and that the terrorists that killed his real daughter were now dead.

William was rewarded by being my companion at the castle. I told him the whole story and as you know, I married him when he was older.

I was now a princess, everyone thought I was brave and wise. When I became Queen, I was loved and tried to help my country as well as I could. But that is another story.

This means I was not always a princess. Now you know the truth. You do not have to believe it, then why would I admit it? I believe in truth, and want to die with the truth being known. You deserve the truth

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