Georgia’s First Christmas As A Girl

Georgia glances at her pubic area and could not believe it looked just like her sister’s. It took some fancy talking to get Alex to allow her to have the same vaginal details as her own.

“Are you still looking at your vagina?” Alex comes walking out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her body.

“Yes, I never knew how beautiful it could look.” Georgia turns around to face her sister.

The two of them were a spitting image of each other. Georgia spent a lot of her money to look identical to her sister. Her bandmates thought she was crazy, for wanting to look like her sister.

The band she was currently in was doing extremely well and they had several gigs lined up for the holidays. She starts getting dressed for the performance her band was putting on tonight. While she was getting ready, Georgia watches her sister getting dress as well. Her boyfriend was coming by to pick her up.

“Are you going to be home tonight?” Alex looks towards her sister.

“Nope, after the performance tonight. We are going to be heading towards another gig we have tomorrow. We are going to be there for a few nights, so I will not be back till next week. Have you heard from mom and dad?”

“Yes, they said that they’re going to be spending Christmas with Aunt Charlotte this year. Mom is also a little curious about why you wanted to look like me as well.” Alex recalls the conversation she had with their mother, about Georgia having surgery to look like her.

Their mother already knew how Georgia looked up to her but did not know she uses to let Georgia wear her clothes and such. Their mother also did not know that Georgia helped her sister become the girl she was now. Well sort of, she did it on her own, while she was deployed overseas.

Once Georgia was dressed and packed. Alex drops her off over at Knox and Harmony’s house. Georgia could have taken her car, but they were going to be gone for a while. The Rv Larry bought, was going to be their home for a while. It cost him three thousand dollars and he had to put new tires, fuel pump and get a complete tune-up done to it.

“Hey, guys, let’s get this party started.” Georgia could not wait to get on the road.

“Before we go anywhere, Georgia. I need your help putting the last of our stuff in the Rv.” Harmony looked exhausted.

“Okay.” Georgia helps Harmony finish loading the Rv. up.

Once they were done, Harmony looks at Georgia. It has been about a month now since she had the surgery to make her a girl. She knew that
Alex had agreed to let the surgeon photograph her vagina and make Georgia’s look exactly like it.

“Alright guys, let’s get a move on if we’re going to make this first gig.” Harmony had to get the guys to hurry up.

Georgia goes in and sits down on the sofa. She takes her Fire Kindle out and brings a book up to read to pass the time. Larry sits across from her and put his headset on. Knox and Harmony sit upfront. Knox was driving and Harmony was looking over their gigs on her portable
netbook. The Rv. had a portable hotspot, so everyone would have internet access.

“Harmony, how many gigs do we have this time around?” Georgia looks towards Harmony up in the passenger seat.

“Five and a Christmas party we have been hired to perform at. The costumes for the party will be waiting for us when we arrive.”

“You mean the ones we had to get measured for?” Georgia had to go in, while she was recovering from her surgery to get measured for the costumes for that gig.

She and Harmony were wearing skimpy costumes that showed their legs off and were very short. It also showed off their curves as well. The guys were going to be dressed as male elves. The gig was being sponsored by a company called Pyrogen.

“Hey, Georgia. So, have you told your folks yet about you joining the girls club?” Harmony looks at Georgia with a smirk on her face.

“Yep, I told my parents. My mother wanted to know why I wanted to be like my sister.” She got an earful from her mother about that.

“Why do you want to be like your sister?” Harmony had been curious about that.

“She has a nice figure and well-developed breasts. Plus, she has always been there for me when I discovered what I was. She uses to let me
wear her clothes and kept my secret from my parents.” Georgia owed a lot to her sister.

“Still, it is strange that you wanted your body to be like hers.”

Georgia puts her hands under her breasts and jiggles them “Oh, you can’t say you don’t like these guys.”

Georgia knew Harmony liked her breasts. If she were ever invited to have a threesome with Knox and Harmony, she would jump at the opportunity. Larry was a nice fellow, but he was too straight for her taste.

They arrive at their first gig and park behind the club. Georgia checks her appearance, before getting out of the Rv. She was the lead singer,
so she got to organize the order of songs they were going to play tonight. She helps the rest of the guys with their instruments, cables, amps, and such.

The manager of the place was a middle-aged guy. He was a nice guy and the place has been doing well, mainly because he always brought in bands to play. Sometimes, he had a list of songs he would like played, and sometimes he left it up to the manager or lead singer of the band to play their music. In this case, he was letting them play their music. He heard them play at another place and liked what he heard.

“Is there anything I can get you guys, before your setup?” Marcus watches as the members of Dutch Girl bring their equipment and instruments in to be setup.

“A couple of cold waters would be nice.”

“Coldwater, coming up.” Marcus heads towards the bar and grabs a few bottles of filtered water for the group.

He hands them to everyone, while they set their equipment up. He thought the lead singer was kind of cute. He watches as she bends over to
pick up a cable to plug into their amp.

“Thanks, Mr. Stanton.” Georgia accepts hers and takes a sip from it.

“You’re welcome.” Marcus had a smile on his face because it was her ass he was looking at.

Once everything was set up and a soundcheck was done. They head back to the Rv to wait to go on. Georgia warms up her vocals.

Around eight in the evening they start performing. They play for two hours and take a break. Marcus sends over more cold water to them as they relax at a table. Georgia had to pee and so did Harmony. The two of them manage to get to the women’s bathroom without a problem.

Georgia could not believe all the women in the bathroom and how many stalls were available to women. At least in the men’s bathroom, they had four urinals and three stalls. They go out and join the guys for their second set and a third one. They finish up their set by one-thirty in the morning. By the time they get their gear broken down and packed, it was a little after two in the morning. Marcus offers beers to everyone.
Georgia declines, and so does Harmony. They both drunk sodas. However, Larry and Knox down at least four beers a piece.

Harmony drives the Rv to the hotel they will be staying for a while. Larry gets a room to himself, while Georgia bunks with Knox and Harmony. She slips on an oversized baby blue t-shirt and just her panties.

By the time Georgia’s head hits the pillow, she was already asleep. She was so tired that she did not move at all during the night. Which for her was unusual. She had a habit of moving around when she slept. It was difficult for her, after her SRS operation to stay still.

The alarm on Georgia’s cellphone starts playing Another One Bites the Dust, by Queen. She smacks it and goes back to sleep. She did not want to get up.

The alarm goes off again. She reaches over and turns it off. She turns over in her bed and notices that Harmony and her husband were still asleep. She gets out of bed and heads towards the bathroom.

Since her operation, she notices that sometimes she has little accidents when she laughs or sneezes too hard. She figures since Harmony and Knox were still asleep, she will enjoy a nice soak. She fills the tub with hot water and goes back to her suitcase. She grabs a few bath beads from her suitcase and heads back into the bathroom to drop them into the tub.

When the tub is filled, Georgia slips into the tub and soak for a while. She rested her head against the folded-up towel behind her head. She does not know when Harmony or her husband was going to get up, but while they were asleep, she was going to pamper herself.

Georgia lays in the tub and enjoys the scent and oil from the bath beads. She closes her eyes and just enjoys her bath. They had today off but had to leave by early afternoon. To get to their next gig at a place called Araiza.

The place was still new and has only been opened for about six months. They have been booking bands for the weekend and contacted Harmony. Harmony was their band manager and handled all the money and such.

After twenty minutes, Georgia is woken-up by someone knocking on the bathroom door.

“Georgia, it's Harmony. I’m coming in.” Harmony opens the bathroom door and enters.

She rushes over towards the toilet and drops her panties as she starts peeing. A moan escapes from her mouth as she relieves her bladder.

“You had to go that bad?” Georgia looks at her friend as she sat on the toilet.

“Yes, I woke-up when you came in here for your bath and been holding it this long.” Harmony was relieved she was able to empty her bladder.

A smile appears on Georgia’s face as she watches her friend sit on the toilet. She knew the feeling of having a full bladder.

Harmony looks over towards Georgia “so, what does your new vagina look like?”

“Like my sister’s. I pleaded with my sister to let me copy hers.” Georgia had to do some fancy talking to get her sister to go along with her on having her vagina made to look like hers.

“Come on, show me what it looks like.” Harmony was curious. She has seen Georgia when she still uses to tuck her package.

Georgia looks at Harmony and thinks about it. Sooner or later she was going to see her naked.

“Fine.” Georgia stands up out of the tub and shows Harmony her new vagina.

Harmony looks at Georgia’s groin area and could not believe how it looked. She wonders how sensitive Georgia’s vagina is.

“Do you mind if I touched it?”

“Go ahead.” Georgia has never let another person touch her body before.

Harmony leans in and runs her fingers against Georgia’s vagina. She is amazed at the handy work the doctor did, giving her a neovagina. She feels Georgia shivers from her touch. She looks up at Georgia’s face.

“You felt that?”

“Yes, I felt a tingling sensation when you touched me there and when you ran your finger inside the folds of my labia.” Georgia had shivered from Harmony stroking the inside of her labia.

Harmony had a wicked idea and sticks her finger inside of Georgia’s vagina and tickle her G spot. She felt Georgia shiver from her tickling the spot.

“You’re not playing fair.” This was the first time Georgia had felt anything like she was experiencing.

“I just wanted to see, if you felt anything.” Harmony had a playful smile on her face.

“Yes, I felt it. Maybe we should have a one on one or a threesome, one night.” Georgia wanted to experience what it would be like.

“I think something can be arranged.” Harmony had a smile on her face.

Harmony washes her hands, before leaving the bathroom. She had a smirk on her face as she walks out of the bathroom. Georgia was a good friend and as a guy, she was not someone she would invite to her bed. Now that Georgia was a girl and equipped as a girl, she would invite Georgia to her and Knox’s bed for some fun.

Once Harmony leaves the bathroom, Georgia dries off and wraps her towel around her body. Now, that Harmony has seen her naked, there is no reason to get dressed in the bathroom. She grabs her nightclothes and walks out of the bathroom.

Knox squeezes past her and into the bathroom. He was wondering when she was going to come out. He shuts the bathroom door behind him.

“Well, looks like I won’t have to hide when I’m getting dress.” Georgia lets her towel drop and grab a pair of panties to slip on.

“No one ever said you had to hide.” Harmony was smiling.

Georgia just blushes as she continues to get dress. She decided to put on a black, halter short jumpsuit. She puts on a pair of small hoop earrings.

She puts on a necklace her sister gave her for her sixteenth birthday. Her sister gave it to her in private, because it was one, she has been
wanting for a long time. There was no way it would pass as a necklace for a male.

Harmony notices Georgia’s necklace “that’s a cute necklace.”

“Thanks! My sister gave it to me on my sixteenth birthday.” The necklace meant a lot to Georgia. It was the first piece of female jewelry she was ever given.

Knox comes out of the bathroom and looks at Georgia “you have a cute ass, Georgia.”

“Thanks. Should I go ahead and put my suitcase in the Rv or leave it here?”

“We’ll start packing the Rv after breakfast.” Harmony wanted to get some food first, before doing anything else.

“Sounds like a plan. So, where are we going for breakfast?”

“The Waffle House across the street.” Harmony was in the mood for some Belgian waffles.

“Then let’s go and enjoy a good breakfast.” Georgia grabs her purse.

“Hold your horses, Georgia. I’m not dressed yet.” Knox was putting on a clean pair of blue jeans.

Georgia looks at Knox with an impatient look on her face. She was ready to go and have breakfast.

“Should we tell Larry where we are going?” Georgia looks towards Knox and Harmony.

“Yeah, go ahead and send him a text.”

Georgia grabs her cellphone and sends a text to Larry. A few seconds later, her cellphone beeps, and a reply text from Larry arrives. She reads it “he says he’ll meet us over there. He’s still recovering from a hangover.”

“I told him he shouldn’t drink too much.” Knox just shakes his head.

“Looks who talking.” Harmony looks at her husband.

“What? I didn’t drink that much last night.”

“All because I stopped you.” Harmony knew if she did not stop her husband, from having a few more beers. He would be suffering from a hangover.

“She’s right, you know. Now, let's go and get some breakfast.” Georgia turns and walks out of the hotel room.

The three of them sprint across the road to the waffle house. They get a table together and place their orders.

“Boy, this place is busy.” Georgia looks around the place.

“That means the food must be good.” Harmony already knew what she wanted for breakfast.

Their waitress comes over, just as Larry walks into the place and over to their table. Before the waitress takes their order.

“Excuse me, Ms.” He sits down next to Georgia.

Once their waitress takes their order. Larry looks at everyone “so, when are we leaving?”

“After breakfast.” Harmony looks over at Larry.

“Cool, how many days are we going to be at Araiza?”

“Two days, and we move on to another gig. By the middle of next week, we should be home. Once we're home, we have a Christmas party at
the end of the week to play at.” Harmony had pulled up their schedule for the next two weeks.

“And between those gigs, I have to finish my Christmas shopping.” Georgia still had a few more gifts to buy and wrap.

When everyone was finished with breakfast. They all head back to their hotel room to pack and load the Rv. Once the Rv. is loaded, they hand in their hotel card keys. The desk clerk is impressed that they did not get any complaints about the band. Normally, when a band stays at their hotel. They get complaints and the band trashes their room.

“We hope you will come and stay with us again.” Harry finishes checking them out.

“Thanks, we definitely will, next time we’re in the area.” Harmony double checks the room charges and signs the receipt.

Harry hands Harmony her credit card back, along with her copy of the receipt. He watches as she walks away from the desk and out the door.

“So, are we ready to go?” Larry was ready to get underway.

“Yep.” Harmony scans the receipt and added it to her file on the laptop.

Knox starts heading towards Araiza. It was going to take four hours to get there. Georgia slips her shoes off and curls them up under her. She was looking over a list of songs the manager of Araiza wanted them to play.

“You know, some of these songs aren’t our normal songs.”

“Are the songs ones we can play?” Harmony turns the seat around to look at Georgia.

“Yes, it shouldn’t be too hard. I know the lyrics to the songs. Also, he has allowed us to play some of our songs as well. I was thinking about the order in which we can put them in.”

“What are you thinking about?” Harmony was curious.

“First two songs we do what they want and then three of our songs after that. We go back and do two more songs and three of ours.” Georgia looks at harmony to see what she thought.

“Sounds like a plan to me. Are any of the songs Christmas songs?” Harmony knew the clubs they were playing at liked it when they did Christmas songs during this season.

“No, but we could do I saw mommy kissing Santa Clause and I want a hippopotamus for Christmas. If you don’t like those, we could do Jingle
Bells instead and another Christmas song instead.” Georgia had a list of songs they could play.

“No, those will be okay, especially with I saw mommy kissing Santa Clause.” Harmony figures they could choose something different on their second day of playing.

Four hours later, Knox pulls into the parking lot of Araiza. They had made good time getting to the club.

“Hey Larry, we’re here.” Georgia reaches over and wakes Larry up.

Larry opens his eyes and notices the Rv had stopped. He stands up and stretches. He moves towards the door and opens it.

Georgia steps out behind him and looks around the area. The parking lot was huge, and it looked like the club had the whole corner lot to itself. The building looked nice and clean on the outside.

“Well, it’s better than the joint we played at in Montgomery, Alabama,” Georgia remembered that joint.

“I’ll go and see if someone is inside to let us in and set up.” Knox starts walking towards the club entrance.

Harmony was finishing up their reservation at the nearby Marriot hotel. She figures while her husband talked to the manager of the bar, she
would book them some rooms.

“They want us to pull around to the back and come in through the loading doors.” Knox comes walking back to the Rv.

“Okay.” Larry and Georgia board the Rv and takes their seat.

Knox gets in on the driver's side and drives the Rv around towards the back of the bar. When they come to a stop, the loading doors are open. Georgia noticed an older man standing at the door opening and two well-built bodybuilders standing with him.

Georgia watches Knox and Harmony get out and walk over to talk to them. She looks at Larry “we better start unloading everything.” As she grabs her work gloves and heads out of the Rv and towards the back to the trailer attached to the Rv.

Larry grabs his work gloves and follows Georgia. He stands back, while Georgia unlocks the combination lock and opens the trailer doors. She steps inside and starts handing equipment to him.

Knox and Harmony come over and start helping to unload everything. Even the two muscular guys that had been standing with the manager help out. They carry the speakers and the soundboard into the club and set the speakers up.

Georgia helps Harmony set her drum set up. Larry and Knox do a soundcheck on the guitars. Once the drums are assembled, Harmony does a soundcheck as well. They make a few adjustments to the soundboard and have Harmony do another test.

Once everything is set up and tested. The manager informs them what time they need to be on stage, and they could leave their equipment setup. Larry and Knox take their guitars with them. They weren’t about to leave them at the bar.

“We got a few hours to kill before we have to be back. Let’s go and check into the hotel.” Harmony looks at everyone to see what they thought.

“Sounds good to me. We can order room service and prepare ourselves for the show tonight.” Georgia was thinking about taking a nice relaxing bath.

Later in the evening, they all show up to play. The crowd wasn’t very big, but once they started playing. The place started filling up with patrons. They play for two hours and take a thirty-minute break and play for another two hours. There were a few songs of theirs, that the crowd wanted them to play again.

By the time, one in the morning arrived. The bar starts closing. The manager pays Harmony for their first night. Their drinks were on the house. Georgia drinks mostly water with a twist of lime in it. Harmony drinks water with lemon in it. The guys have a few beers. Harmony makes sure to limit her husband and Larry.

They end up going back to their hotel room. Harmony and Knox have accepted her and were comfortable with her since she had her surgery. She starts changing her clothes in front of Harmony and Knox. All three of them were too tired to do anything. Georgia crawls into her bed and watches as Knox and Harmony climb into their bed.

The next morning, Georgia wakes-up early. She heads into the bathroom and goes about doing her morning business. Instead of heading back to bed, she gets the shower going. She figures she would take a morning shower, while everyone was asleep.

While Georgia is in the shower, Harmony comes walking into the bathroom and join her. Georgia is surprised when she joins her in the shower.

“I thought you were asleep?”

“I was until my body woke me up.” Harmony steps close to Georgia and kisses her.

Georgia returns the kiss and feels Harmony's arms wrap around her waist. She is pulled close to Harmony’s body, as Harmony’s free hand
reaches down between her legs. She felt Harmony’s insert two fingers into her vagina.

“Oooohhh.” Georgia couldn’t believe the sensation she was feeling.

The next thirty minutes or so Georgia and Harmony spend in the shower together. Georgia learns what it is like to be pleasured as a girl.
Something, she has never done before.

By the time they were done, her legs were weak. She looks at Harmony “girls experience that all the time?”

“If we have a partner who knows how to bring us to that. Sometimes, the best lovers are women themselves, because they know what their
lovers enjoy.” Harmony dries her body off.

She had to admit, that having morning sex with Georgia was fun. She still had a lot to learn about pleasing other women, but with time Harmony figures Georgia will learn. She walks out of the bathroom first, wiggling her ass.

Georgia watches as Harmony walks out first. A smile appears on her face as she watches Harmony's ass wiggle. She follows behind her, with her nightclothes in her hands.

Knox was still asleep as the two of them come out of the bathroom. Georgia starts getting dress and watches as Harmony gets dressed as well.

“Do you want to wake the guys or go and get breakfast without them?” Georgia looks at Harmony.

“We’ll bring Knox and Larry something back.” Harmony grabs her purse and heads out of the hotel room.

Georgia and Harmony go-to breakfast and when they are finished. They get takeout for Larry and Knox. Georgia wakes Larry up and gives him his food.

“Thanks, Georgia.” Larry was half awake.

“You’re welcome.” Georgia smiles at Larry as she heads back to the hotel room.

Later that evening, they head back to the club to perform again. The crowd was much bigger than the other night. They also took in more money that night as well.

Later, when the club was shutting down, they packed up their equipment and headed for their next gig. That gig wasn’t as profitable as the previous gig. They end up losing money on it.

The next two weeks leading up to Christmas and their biggest gig were busy. For some of their gigs, they made good money and for others, they broke even with all their expenses.

Harmony closes her laptop and watches as the rain comes down. She was riding up in the passenger seat with Knox driving.

“We’ll make a small profit after all of this.” She was hoping they would make a little more money.

“How bad are we in the red?” Georgia was curious.

“As of right now, between our expenses and paying everyone, we broke even.” Harmony looks at Georgia.

“Is there anything we can cut back on?”

“Not unless you don’t want your share.”

Georgia could live without her share this time around, but she does see Harmony’s point. If they didn’t get a gig, the band would have more money.

“How about this. I’ll invest my share this time around into the band.”

“Alright. It’s your money. This last gig is a corporate event, so we will be wearing the costumes for this.”

“Are we getting dress there or here in the Rv?” Larry was curious.

“There, they set aside a conference room for us to use.” Harmony had the instructions the manager sent her.


Georgia couldn’t believe the building they were pulling up to. They are instructed by the security officers on duty to pull around to the loading docks and unload their equipment there. They are met by a young woman by the name of Elisa Smelt. She was the person Harmony has been in touch with.

They spend the next few hours setting up and tuning their instruments. The conference room they could use wasn’t far from where the Christmas party was taking place. All the costumes they have been waiting on had arrived earlier that day.

When Georgia and Harmony put their costume on. It was cut just right to show each of their figures. Georgia looks at Harmony “boy, you weren’t joking about these costumes showing off our figures.”

“I know. I think mine is a little tight in the crotch area. How about you?” Harmony looks at Georgia as she stood nearby.

“Mine is fine.” Georgia does a few jumps and splits.

“Show off.” Harmony had a smile on her face.

Once everyone has changed clothes, they wait for a little while before going out. Georgia looks over the list they had been given of songs they
were getting paid to play. It was a standard list of Christmas songs, that everyone knew by heart.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, Dutch Girl!”

That was their cue to come out of the conference room. Georgia exists first, followed by Harmony, then Knox, and finally Larry.

“It's so good to be here today and help all of you celebrate Christmas. Now let’s kick this celebration off with one of our favorites.”

Knox and Larry start playing the opening cord to I’m dreaming of a White Christmas. That is followed by Jingle Bell Rock and I saw mommy kissing Santa Clause. The next few hours they play all sorts of Christmas songs. They also play some slow music, so people can dance to it.

The celebration continues well into the late evening. By the time they stopped playing. A lot of the people were heading home to their loved ones.

Georgia covers up a yawn, as she helps pack the equipment up. She was feeling tired of singing and dancing around.

“So, what are you going to do tomorrow, Georgia?” Harmony looks over towards Georgia.

“I am going to sleep in and when I get up call my folks and wish them a Merry Christmas.” Georgia and her sister were going to spend the holidays at home.

When Georgia gets home, she notices her sister had decorated the apartment. She peeks into her sister’s bedroom and spots her asleep. Georgia walks over to her and places a kiss on her cheek.

“Merry Christmas, sis.” Georgia turns and leaves the bedroom.

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