Tammy: Deja Flew - Part 9

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Deja Flew  

Book 12: Deja Flew


"Deja Flew"
Part 9


Note: This is a work of fiction but a number of real people, places, and institutions are mentioned in fictitious circumstances. In short it's a story!
Warning: This chapter includes violence

Boxing Day (Cont)

Tammy could see land ahead so she announced. "Stronghold; Tartan-One is dry."

"Copy Tartan-One. Looks like you caught a tail-wind. Ten minutes ahead of schedule. Sierra Delta, the Load-out is ready and waiting."

"Thank you, Actual."

"Something else. Gainsborough tried to escape again."

Tammy swore. "Damn her!"

"She barely made it down the hall from the interview room. The agent she tried to get past took offense to her line of bullshit."

"Something tells me that Gainsborough didn't think this through?" Tiffany snerked.

Kimberly replied. "The female agent responsible competes on the women's pro karate circuit. Let's just say that when the idiot was seemingly unattended the bitch attempted to talk her way out of the block, she tried force when nothing else worked and it did NOT go well for her."

Tammy's anger dropped. "Not well?"

"If the report is right; broken nose, three teeth needed work and her jaw was dislocated on the left side. They'll keep her under tighter guard at the hospital whilst they make her presentable then send her straight back to London."

"Oh, I like her. Send that agent some flowers, chocolate and BIG bottle of bubblebath!" Tiffany laughed.

Tammy laughed and continued. "Have the card say, on behalf of Her Majesty!"

"Doesn't someone's eyes blacken if their nose gets broken?" Maisie asked from the rear.

Tiffany called back. "Usually. It doesn't get counted though. Like dropping a building to nail a terrorist bomb-maker and you take out the guy planning to deliver it too."

"That's so callous!" Sophie snarled.

"Nice guys end up in body bags, Grieves. Tonight, you're on the front line." The voice on the laptop stated.

Tammy winced. "That hurts."

"Tango-One deserves a double-tap to the head, but the management says to bring her in alive. Sometimes orders suck, but we carry them out - Without Dissent! Lets get on with this job." Tiffany said.

"Is she alone?" Maisie asked.

The voice on the laptop answered. "Negative Sergeant, that's why Sierra Delta is with you. Her task is to get Tango Mike to the target. She's all yours Tango Mike."

"Understood, Stronghold, I'll bring her in. Are there any special instructions?" Tammy asked.

Kimberly replied. "There are. Alive, intact and functional. Sierra Delta has something that will make her extraction more manageable."

Tiffany took a small plastic case from a pocket. "A dose of Twilight Zone and she's down for hours. No more than two are advisable, side-effects are likely."

Tammy saw Tiffany smile at the last part. Obvious that in some cases, side-effects on the person weren't really a concern. Tammy gave her attention back to flying, the terrain was changing again. Paris ATC advised she gain altitude, so Tammy climbed to thirty-thousand and slowed down forty knots to compensate. Higher altitude meant more fuel would be consumed, so slower speeds were recommended.

"Time check; zero-one-thirty local." Tiffany announced, checking her phone.

Kimberly stated. "E.T.A. to Hawk's Ridge; Zero-three-eighteen local. Another nine-zero mikes to the hard-site."

"That puts us around five in the morning." Sophie surmised.

Tiffany called back. "Can't be helped. We just have to go with what we got. It sucks, but it's all we have. If we wait, she'll bail and we have to start all over again."

"We can't afford to risk losing her again. This is for all of the marbles, right?" Tammy asked.

Kimberly replied. "Correct."

Tammy flew on. The mountainous terrain passing safely under her plane. There were winds that made her correct to stay on course occasionally, but weren't a serious problem to her. Soon it was time.

Tammy called in. "Geneva Tower, Claymore-three-seven. Deviating from course per flightplan."

"Affirmative Claymore-three-seven, good luck. Geneva Tower, out."

Tiffany reached over and switched the channel and called out. "Hawk's Ridge, this is Claymore-three-seven; do you copy?"

Several tense moments later. "Hawk's Ridge, copy. Approach from the South."

"There it is!" Tammy said.

In the distance, the lights of a runway were dimly lit. She checked her heading then adjusted to approach from the South.

"Ready?" Tammy asked.

Tiffany nodded back. "I'm with you."

"Buckle up." Tammy called back to Maisie and Sophie then turned back. "We're going in."

The plane descended and roared in at full speed to set down without bouncing on the runway. Tammy was concerned about possible black-ice. The best way to land was at full-speed, landing as lightly as possible then drop the throttles and let the plane slow on its own. The runway was longer than she thought and was glad for it. It was also very wide. When the plane slowed down enough she gently applied the brakes and stopped then throttled up to turn around and approached a small building to stop again. She shut down and began her post-flight checklist.

"Stronghold, Tartan-One is on the ground." Tiffany announced.

Kimberly replied. "Roger that. Load-out drop is being sent to your phone. Re-establish comms on station, Stronghold, out."

The multiple windows on the computer screen went blank. Tiffany went back and packed up her laptop. Tammy came from the cockpit and set her cup in the sink.

Tiffany looked to Tammy. "Get changed. Our ride will be here soon."

Maisie was looking on the window. "I think there is a truck coming toward us."

Tiffany let down the stairs and went outside. A fuel truck came to a stop and she directed the driver into position for refuelling. Sophie and Maisie had stepped out at Tammy's instruction. Inside the plane, Tammy opened her medium suitcase and removed what she needed. Before the truck finished refuelling Tammy stepped out to join them.

"Oh Holy Hell." Sophie groaned.

Maisie blinked then looked over at the other woman and saw she had shed the coat and stood unaffected by the cold in a form-fitting one piece uniform, weapons harness, gloves and boots. The uniform seemed to be in various shades of grey. Tammy's, however, was in all black.

"Leave the hardware, Cousin. You'll be using ours." Tiffany called out.

Tammy ducked back inside then came back out, the holsters empty. Tiffany directed her to sit on the steps and took out a small compact.

"I'll help you out this time." Tiffany gave her a smirk then began painting her face in waved streaks of black and grey and blended the edges.

Maisie shook her head in disbelief and asked. "Just WHO do you work for?"

Headlights from an approaching vehicle caught Tiffany's attention prompting her to greet the arrival.

"Santa Claus, Kid. I handle the naughty list." Tiffany dead-panned as she passed Maisie.

An SUV stopped and two men got out.

"Konbanwa." Tiffany greeted them and bowed.

Both men gestured with their hands then bowed. "Konbanwa Itoko-chan."

Tammy was waved forward and Tiffany introduced them. "Extended family. More Cousins."

The men bowed to Tammy. "Konbanwa, good evening."

"Konbanwa. Thank you for coming. Arigato." Tammy replied then muttered to Tiffany. "Please tell me I said that right."

Tiffany chuckled. "You said it fine. They will stay here and guard the plane while we borrow their ride."

The elder of the men opened the rear passenger door and came back with a long object in a bag. He untied an end, withdrew a sword and offered it to Tiffany saying something quietly to her. Tiffany took the sword and bowed to him.

"Arigato Itoko-sama." Tiffany said then looked to Tammy. "Let's go. The clock's ticking."

"Help yourselves to coffee in the plane." Tammy said then waved to Sophie and Maisie. "Let's go."

The four piled into the SUV and Tiffany drove out. For forty minutes they drove in silence, using Tiffany's phone for navigation. When it beeped she slowed down then pulled over. She and Tammy got out and pulled a large case from beneath some roadside brush to load into the cargo area then drove on.

"I find it strange you're letting us see all these things." Sophie remarked.

Tiffany didn't glance away from the road. "Like what?"

"Secret runways, supply points?" Sophie answered.

Tiffany shrugged. "Your government knows about the runway. What supply point? We just stopped at a random spot along the road. It's a drop. Won't be used again."

Tammy fought to suppress the giggle, but did smile. She had never seen Sophie outsmarted so easily before. Before they realized it, Tiffany was pulling over again and turning off the lights.

"This is it?" Tammy asked.

Tiffany pointed ahead. "A quarter mile out. We have to stop here or tip them off. Come on."

At the back, the case was opened and Tiffany began distributing items. Two pistols for Tammy then a knife. Tammy smirked at the old-style Fairbairn–Sykes commando knife. The sheath was fixed to the back of her right thigh. Two pistols remained, one apiece for Sophie and Maisie. They each took a CAR-15 and suppressors were fitted onto the end of the barrels. Tiffany adjusted the sights on Tammy's rifle then her own.

"That should be zero'ed to you. Unless somebody didn't write down your settings right. No way to test, just have to go with it." Tiffany stated then gave out magazines to Tammy followed by the others. Tammy held still as a radio was clipped onto her back shoulder strap then a strap wrapped around her neck.

"Throat-mic, voice activated." Tiffany told her then handed her the ear-piece. Maisie and Sophie were both fitted with radios as well, but had to tuck them into their coat pockets. A pair of cameras were next, attached to Tiffany and Tammy's shoulder-straps.

"Body-cam. Others are watching." Tiffany said quietly to Tammy.

Tammy nodded. "Right."

Finally Tiffany took out four sets of foam panels which turned out to be lightweight snowshoes they could strap onto their boots.

"Are these some kind of prototypes?" Maisie asked.

Tiffany chuckled. "No, they've been commercially available for the last couple of years; easier to use than traditional snowshoes."

Tiffany then took out her phone and tapped on the screen. "Strike team to Stronghold, comm-check."

"Five by five, Sierra Delta. Standby." Kimberly replied.

Their ear-pieces were silent for a few moments then they heard the woman's voice again. "Strike Team is online, gentlemen."

"Copy that." A man's voice stated.

Tammy smiled at hearing his voice then her jaw dropped at the next voice.

"Understood." The cultured voice of Sir Thomas Addington came through.

Tiffany nodded to Tammy then spoke up. "Stronghold; Strike team is go, no-go for infiltration."

"Your orders, gentlemen?" Kimberly asked.

Sir Thomas answered first. "Strike team; Go."

"Strike team; do not fail, Go to war." Dannigan ordered.

Tiffany and Tammy both replied. "Yes Sir."

Tiffany slid the sword into the back-straps of her harness as she turned and led the way off the road, deeper into the tree line. The sound of the snow being compressed was muted by the soft material of the snowshoes. Ten minutes later they stood at the edge of a clearing and could see a dark building ahead.

"Is there anything that will let them know we're here?" Tammy asked.

Kimberly's voice answered. "Negative on a perimeter system. Entry points of the structure may have anti-intrusion."

"What's that noise?" Sophie asked.

Tiffany answered. "Generator. Sounds diesel."

"The site is off any service. No electrical or hard communications. They do have satellite." Kimberly informed them.

Maisie mused aloud. "So that's how she's been able to keep communications going without being tracked."

"Cut comms or seize comms?" Tiffany asked.

Kimberly answered. "Seize comms. Get us access, we'll deal with their system accordingly."

"Roger that." Tammy replied.

Tiffany looked at each one then told them. "No voices from us. One click is yes, two clicks for no. Ignore three clicks. I'm on point, Tammy second, Grieves third and Staines on rear-guard. No shooting unless I say so. If either of you two shoot me; you won't like it."

"She means it." Tammy told Sophie and Maisie.

"Real deal, cousin, not an exercise. This zone is Live." Tiffany said to Tammy then called over the radio. "Strike team, starting infiltration. Quiet comms."

"Copy Strike Team, twenty minutes on the assault clock. Standby. Standby. Mark!" Kimberly informed them.

Tiffany waved them to follow and led the way slowly toward the main structure, an old Chalet style manor typical of rural alpine property. The distinctive smell of smoke hung in the air and they could easily hear the increasing, albeit muffled, noise of the diesel generators as they moved forward. The four of them arrived at the exterior wall of the manor and began to circle around to the back, ducking beneath windows. The windows seemed unnaturally dark though to Tammy and she tapped Tiffany's back for attention then pointed to the window.

Tiffany leaned so close Tammy could feel her breath. "What?"

"Why are they so dark? We should see lights of some kind inside." Tammy whispered back.

Tiffany shook her head. "Those aren't curtains. The glass has been spray-painted. Keep moving."

The four moved on silently and turned a corner. Tiffany looked up and pointed to something above them.

"That's it. Our way in." Tiffany whispered.

They heard Kimberly over the radios. "Rover, opposite corner in thirty seconds."

Tiffany slipped off the snowshoes and advanced alone, waving the others to crouch down low. At the corner she drew the sword slowly and waited. A man turned the corner, complaining loudly to himself. Tiffany stepped away from the wall, the sword flew through the frigid air. The man who had come around the corner stood frozen place as his head fell to the ground then his body followed. A flick of the sword slung the blood off the blade. They all heard three clicks over the radio-net.

"Rover; down." Kimberly announced over the net.

Tiffany turned, sheathed the sword and stalked back. Overhead was a small balcony at the second floor. Using hand signals Tiffany told Tammy they would use the balcony to go inside. Tammy was positioned to watch one way, Maisie the other. The wall was made of fieldstone, not cut block, so Tiffany was able to find small finger and toe-holds to climb up. The three minutes seemed more like three years as they kept glancing up. Finally she lunged to grabbed the top of the balcony then pull herself up and over. A moment later a black rope dropped down. Tammy patted Sophie roughly then pointed up. Sophie slung the rifle over her shoulder then grabbed the rope. She struggled to climb up with her gloved hands, but finally managed to go high enough for Tiffany to grab her shoulder and be dragged over.

Maisie was swatted next. Tammy gave her a stern look then pointed up. Maisie slung the rifle and climbed the rope. She went up faster than Sophie, but didn't find it easy. Finally Tammy climbed the rope. She gave Tiffany a look of self-loathing then nodded. Tiffany nodded then motioned for them to resume guard. From a pouch at her back, Tiffany pulled out a small cylinder. She passed it around the perimeter of the window and stopped along one side.

A glass-cutter traced the inside of a pane after a small suction cup was pressed against it. Carefully the glass square came away from the frame. Tiffany reached inside with a mirror then reached in with her knife and worked it. A minute later she pushed up and the window lifted.

"Inside. No noise." Tiffany whispered to them then climbed through the window.

Maisie climbed in next, then Sophie after Tammy tapped her back. Tammy entered last then pulled the window down. Sophie looked at her in confusion. Tammy waved her on anyway. An open window let in cold, cold would get attention. That much, Tammy knew for certain. At the door, Tiffany inched it open and checked outside. Carefully she opened it more and leaned out. Hand signals indicated the hall was clear. Slowly they edged out. Tiffany looked to Tammy and waved her to go down the hall, but stopped her.

"Check the rooms. I'll secure downstairs." Tiffany whispered. "Alive. Take her alive. Dead is done. Go get her."

Tammy nodded. Tiffany pointed to Maisie and Sophie to follow her then eased down the stairs. Tammy went to the next door. As carefully as she could, Tammy cracked it open then looked inside. It was empty. Tammy closed it then moved to the next. Maisie stood on one side, Sophie on the other, watching the hall. Tammy repeated opening the door. Again the room was empty. Tammy waved them to the next. Four more times, they came up empty. Tammy turned a corner and found another door. Maisie and Sophie set up their guard again then Tammy cracked the door open. Inside she saw flickering light from a fire, burning in the fireplace. A laptop on a table drew her eyes.

"The trawlers were always disposable. I'm not concerned. Tomorrow night, eight gliders will cross the English Channel. Radar can not see the gliders. They will carry bombs to drop at key communications and electrical facilities. 'Great Britain' will drop into chaos overnight." Penelope Lavoska chuckled.

A male voice snarled. "I don't care! All I care about is the MONEY and release of my family they are holding!"

Tammy recognized the accent and edged closer until she was right behind her then slowly rose up, gripping her rifle tightly.

"I will keep my word, I assure you.." Penelope started and was cut off.

"BEHIND YOU!" The man on the video call pointed and shouted.

Lavoska turned, but only in time to catch sight of the rifle before the butt slammed against the side of her head and fall over. Tammy gave the man on screen a feral smile then ended the call. Downstairs they heard a man scream wildly then shots ring out.

"Cuff her!" Tammy ordered then bolted for the door. "Maisie stay with Sophie!"

Tammy ran for the stairs, jumped onto the bannister and slid down. Another scream, wild and animalistic. Tammy brought the rifle up and rushed through the open doorway. She froze just inside the doorway. Tiffany was facing the doorway, sword held along her side. A man with his back turned was falling forward, literally sliding off the sword through his chest.

"Let fly the wings of fury, on cold winds. I am Death and I have called your name." Tiffany said coldly then spun around and severed the falling man's head.

A glance to the left revealed Tammy standing in the doorway.

"You're supposed to be catching an annoying bitch, cousin." Tiffany remarked calmly. "Got your target?"

Tammy nodded slowly, now seeing several bloody bodies on the floor. "Yes. I stroked her with my rifle butt. Sophie cuffed her after that. I heard, um, them and came to help."

"They needed help." Tiffany slung the blood from her blade and sheathed it. "Stronghold, Sierra Delta; Hard-site now secure."

Kimberly answered. "Copy that. Tango Mike, disposition of Tango-One?"

"Uh, alive. She's unconscious." Tammy answered. "I interrupted her video call on a laptop."

"Grieves and Staines; are you with her?" Kimberly asked.

Maisie answered. "Yes Ma'am. She's still out, but cuffed anyway."

"We need to access that laptop." Krystal spoke up over the net. "Sierra Delta, breach those servers. Tango Mike, go back to the laptop."

Tiffany went over to one of the servers and inserted a flashdrive. Tammy ran back upstairs and went to Penelope's room.

"I'm at the laptop." Tammy announced.

Kimberly spoke up. "Follow my instructions."

Tammy did as she was told. The laptop then began running codes. Penelope started to stir, groaning.

"Oh, somebody's waking up." Maisie said.

Tiffany walked in. "Yeah? Here."

Tammy took the case handed to her and removed one of the three syringes. "How do I use it?"

"Pop off the needle guard and jab her in the ass." Tiffany quipped.

Tammy blinked at the bluntness of the instructions then shrugged and did so. Penelope yelped, which Tammy had to grin at, the injection was anything but gentle.

Penelope Lavoska glared. "Bitch! What did you give me?"

"I have no idea really. Honestly, I don't care either." Tammy replied.

Any other hostility from Penelope would have to wait, her eyes rolled back and she fell over.

Sophie looked over. "Maybe it would have been better to wait? She could have been walked out instead of carried?"

"I would've dragged out by her hair." Tiffany commented, looking around the room.

Maisie winced. "That is so primitive."

Tiffany found a purse and suitcase. "I didn't mean the hair on her head. Grab all this, falls under Site-Intel."

"What about the servers downstairs?" Tammy asked.

"They'll be a giant paperweight in a few minutes, the array is being stripped." Tiffany answered then made to leave the room. "I'll go back and get our ride. Be ready."

Sophie began gathering up all of the personal effects while Tammy and Maisie carried their quarry downstairs. Downstairs Maisie and Sophie looked into the room with all the computer equipment and were immediately sickened. Ten men in all added to the night's body-count. They had been armed, for all the good it had done them. Three did try to use their pistols, but were unsuccessful. The front door opened and closed with a quick blast of cold air from outside.

Tiffany walked up to them. "You did search her, right?"

"Sorry, no." Tammy admitted.

Tiffany nodded. "Do it now. Strip her completely, jewelry too, and search her body then clothing. Take no chances, she could have made plans in the event of capture."

Sophie removed the cuffs and Tammy began stripping the unconscious woman. When completely naked, Tammy searched her body, feeling for anything under her skin or hidden in her hair. She was about to stop when Tiffany corrected.

"Mouth, too." Tiffany instructed.

Tammy used the light of her phone to look inside, but saw nothing out of the ordinary. "I don't see anything weird."

"What could be in her mouth?" Maisie asked.

Sophie looked puzzled as well then looked over. "You mean like a poison tooth? I thought that was just movies and books?"

"I wouldn't put it past her." Tiffany said.

Sir Thomas cut in over the net. "She will be thoroughly inspected, erm, Agent."

"Continue with the mission, ladies. Your clock is not going backwards." Dannigan prompted.

"Yes, Sir." Tiffany and Tammy replied.

Lavoska was redressed after the clothing was checked then cuffed again.

Sophie pointed to the suitcase. "I put all her effects in the suitcase. Anything else?"

"I took pictures and video of everything, high-rez. Her and her stuff comes with us. Let's go." Tiffany said and waved them to follow.

The group went outside. The back opened and they deposited the weapons, radios and other equipment back into the case. Penelope was heaved inside along with her suitcase. The four climbed back in and drove away.

"What will happened to the house?" Maisie asked.

Tiffany shook her head. "Above our pay-grades. We weren't here. That didn't happen."

"Just like that?" Sophie asked.

Tiffany smirked in the mirror at her. "Unless you want to admit to breaking eighteen Swiss laws and nine international ones?"

"Careful Sophie, police officers never fare very well in any prison." Tammy snarked.

Sophie's jaw dropped in realization. Switzerland was a non-extradition treaty country and they were, in effect, now conducting a kidnapping following breaking and entering and killing of multiple individuals. All regardless of their crimes, perceived or proven.

Sophie groaned. "Bloody Hell. That's me, buggered."

"So we can't talk about this, ever?" Maisie asked.

Tammy glanced back. "Talk about what? We're enjoying a quiet drive around London today."

Maisie caught on. "Oh."

"I'd like to pick up my parents and bring them back, but I think it would be a problem." Tammy commented.

Tiffany nodded. "Serious problem. Ask if you can retain the IFF to come back and get them. You have to get out of Swiss airspace fast. Fly over to France and get in a nap. Maybe your buddies can meet you at an airfield to make a pick up. After some rest you and your honey can go pick up your folks. Your cop buddy can ride back with dingbat."

"If I don't ask, I definitely won't get." Tammy said. "I'll call before we take off."

The sun was fully up when they returned to the airfield. A small power unit had been parked beside the Epic and was providing service to it. The two men saw their return and let down the steps to meet them.

"Okaerinasai, Itoko-chan." The older bowed.

Tiffany bowed. "Arigato, Itoko-sama."

Tammy followed suit. "Arigato."

The younger man bowed. "Your plane, very nice!"

"Thank you! I mean, Arigato." Tammy said politely and bowed again.

Tiffany said something in Japanese and the younger man went back into the plane then came out with her luggage. Tammy looked to her in confusion.

"This is where we go our separate ways, Cousin." Tiffany told her with a kind smile.

Tammy frowned. "Too bad. I would like more time."

"The future is unwritten. I'll always be with you. We all are." Tiffany said.

"Not alone, not afraid." Tammy repeated.

The men began loading the unconscious woman and her case into the plane then bowed to Maisie and Sophie. Then the equipment case was set onto the ground.

After a tight hug, Tammy climbed into the Epic, followed by Maisie and Sophie. The power unit helped with start up then Tiffany disconnected it. Tammy taxied down to the end of the runway turned around and powered up to take off in the brightening sky. She made a pass and wagged her wings slightly, getting return waves from the woman standing beside the SUV. She saw her put something in case, jump into the vehicle and drove away very fast. Just as they crested the ridge, she saw the case explode.

"WHOA! Why did she do that?" Maisie exclaimed.

"And that's what disposable means." Tammy sighed then changed frequency. "Geneva Tower, Claymore-three-seven. En-route flightplan, Geneva to Paris. Charles De Gaulle."

"Request received. Proceed Claymore-three-seven."

"Bollocks." Tammy said to herself. "I forgot to call before we took off. I'll do it when we get there."

They landed at Charles de Gaulle after circling for over ten minutes, waiting for a slot. It appeared that post Christmas business had arrived. Tammy checked the date, it was the 27th. Finally, close to ten in the morning she rolled the plane to a halt by the business terminal.

"Fuel, Tammy?"

"No, Maisie, there's enough to get us back to London or Geneva."

"What are we doing now, then?"

"Good question. I have an apartment in Paris if anyone wants a wash and a nap?"

"I hope we're not taking our prisoner there?"

"No, Sophie, although I had kinda forgotten about our guest."

Tammy's phone rang, she engaged secure mode.

"Bonjour Sir Thomas."

"Bonjour to you too. Are you on the ground?"

"Yes, what are your instructions?"

"I'm told the RAF are sending some transport, but for now this is a medical extraction, DI Grieve is to accompany the prisoner."


The call ended. Tammy shrugged, they now had to wait and any British plans could easily be delayed by French bureaucracy, heck they even invented the word! She took three pictures of her face then began to scrub the combat paint off with disposable wipes.

"Why the selfie?" Sophie asked.

Tammy grinned. "So I can do my own paint if I need to. Maisie, coffee please?"

"Emily would be having kittens after all this." Sophie muttered then added. "Suzie was right, maniacs indeed."

After cleaning her face off, Tammy changed back into civilian clothes and hid her uniform away. She suggested Maisie did the same.

There was a tap on the plane door half an hour later and a young corporal was stood there, wearing a red cross armband.

"Corporal Dagmar, Ma'ams, I understand you have a patient?"

"Indeed Corporal." Tammy pointed and, on cue, Lavoska moaned. "Do you have anything for pain? Preferably to intensify it?"

"Our Doctor will assess the patient. I understand one of you is responsible for her custody?"

"That'll be me, I suppose." Offered Sophie.

"Excellent, I'll be back shortly."

Maisie decided to step out to have a look.

"There's an RAF Chinook sat about a hundred metres away."


It was a few minutes later when the Corporal returned with two orderlies and a wheelchair. Lavoska was coming around.

"You bitches! I'll kill you all!"

Tammy reached for the pack and took a second injection out, lost the cap and jammed it into the woman with a grin. This time was definitely more 'stab' and less 'jab'.

Lavoska screeched and went silent again.

"Ma'am, what did you give her?"

"I have no idea, but you should have around four to five hours before she's a pain in the ass again."


The orderlies removed the limp body of their captive from the plane and strapped her into the chair. The Corporal took her pulse and confirmed Lavoska was still alive.

"I guess she's my responsibility now, Tammy?"

"Yes, Sophie, and you're welcome to the bitch."

The orderly started to push Lavoska away.

"I'll do it by the book, you know that!"

"Sure, we don't want her to get away with anything on a technicality?"

"Don't worry Tammy, I'll make certain she gets into a cell and that justice will follow."

"And if you don't get a move on, she'll leave without you!"


The story continues in Chapter 10



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I don't think it's so much that she's a trouble magnet as that, unlike most people, she notices when something doesn't look right and does something about it. Which attracts the attention of the bad people who don't want to be noticed. And she does an awesome job of surviving the attempts of the bad guys to kill her.

Yes, Tammy's gotten pretty bad ass thanks to getting some of the best training in the world. But it was made quite clear during her trip to the Bahamas that her job is not to go take out the bad guys. It's to observe and report and to survive anything she encounters.

Although I will admit this particular mission does NOT fit that profile. I suspect that she was given this particular mission so that she had a chance to practice being bad ass when she had Tiffany to step in if things got too bad.

But knowing Tammy, I suspect this won't be the last time she wears that particular pattern on her face.

And A Happy New Year

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To Ms. Lavoshka.

Congratulations to Shiraz and Snowfall on this enthralling chapter.

Tammy's heart

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- is in the right place, and most of her training. Still has her impulsive moments though, it seems, witness her bolting from the upstairs station. Tiffany knows better, and her blade is in the right place. It would be nice for the entire mission to end with all the objectives and paperwork "dotted and teed" wouldn't it?

"Reach for the sun."


So Tammy's taken last in her first big OCIS operation, seen Tiffany at work and taken Maisie and Sophie along for the ride.

No doubt Krystal, Kimberley and Co back at HQ will have plenty to leaf through from what they found on the servers (and quickly, given there are further True Freedom operations to disrupt and Penny's handler to capture). Meanwhile, there's Richard and Joan to collect from Geneva, almost certainly a debriefing at Thames House (plus a further one back home after the break) and New Year to celebrate...

... plus, of course, seeing how much sanity Kevin has retained after babysitting Angela all day...

As the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body, then only left-handers are in their right mind!

Poor Kevin

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Will he ever be the same?

What a waste of a good story....

Ok I know this is against popular opinion but I just find it ridiculous. 8 Chapters of well written intrigue and then one cartoon out of kill bill. Where did the story go???? There was a story going with actual worry for the characters that have been built up nicely and then....... someone calls up "Here's your bad guy, all the nobody bad hats are dead" end of story. And those characterless, cliche spouting super soldiers? Wheres the jeopardy, the suspense? Did the author have to be somewhere? I'm sure people could have waited for the proper ending not the mickey mouse substitute cartoon (and no it's not even comic book, it's tom and jerry level)

I've kept reading these stories because on the whole they are very good. The cartoon stories are amusing too, but I'd prefer that they'd stayed separate.

Sorry for the gripe, please keep up the good story telling