Tammy: Deja Flew - Part 10

Deja Flew  

Book 12: Deja Flew


"Deja Flew"
Part 10


Note: This is a work of fiction but a number of real people, places, and institutions are mentioned in fictitious circumstances. In short it's a story!

Wednesday 27th December 2017 (Cont)

"You said you have an apartment in Paris?" Maisie asked.

"Yes, it's not far from Gare Du Nord, so it's handy for the Eurostar to London."


Tammy opened up the mini-galley. "Leave our weapons locked away, I don't fancy having to explain myself to a Gendarme officer." She collected her handbag to leave, ensuring she had her passport and phone. Once they had secured the plane they walked through the business terminal, although Tammy first had to pause to pay her landing fee. Next stop was an ATM, this would place her in Paris but right now she had no Euros. Finally they made it back into the open air and picked up a cab from the rank outside.

"Numéro onze Rue Jean Robert, svp."



Their vehicle set off and they were quickly on the A1 heading into Central Paris, the taxi was flying along at 130km/h and Maisie was agog. "Is this car safe?"

That was a question that wasn't truthfully answerable. "We'll get there, that much I know."

It wasn't long before they went past the French sporting edifice, the Stadt de France, but as Maisie was watching the scenery pass by her window the road suddenly dived into a tunnel. They emerged just before a major junction.

Maisie pointed up. "What's that?"

"Le Peripherique. It's the M25 of Paris."

On the far side of that junction the road became a traditional Boulevard, five minutes later their driver had executed a series of right turns then, finally, pulled over.

"Trente cinq Euros."

Tammy handed over forty. "Reviens ici a tres heures pour le retour."


They extracted themselves and Tammy walked to the door. "Let me see ...." She tapped a code into the number pad but nothing happened. "Ah, I remember." A second attempt and they were in.

Tammy led Maisie up the stairs and into the lounge.

"I haven't been here for a while, a few years in fact."

"What did you say to the taxi driver?"

"I asked him to pick us up at three, to go back to the airport."

"Okay, so what are we doing here?"

"There should be some long-life milk and cookies in the cupboard so let's have a coffee then jump in the shower before grabbing some kip? I don't know about you, but I really should recharge my batteries, I don't know how much longer the adrenalin will last?"

"Sounds like a plan."

Tammy first went into her old room and sat on the single bed. The room had been cleared in the past year when Joan and Richard had spent a long weekend in the city earlier in the year. Tammy had sent out a change of clothes, just in case, and had unopened packs of plain undies available, plus a couple of tops and skirts, she checked everything was stowed and opened the sealed packs. Moving to the main bedroom she went for her father's wardrobe, finding several large t-shirts that would suffice as nightwear for the girls.

More importantly there were clean, wrapped, towels and hot water was instantly available. The coffee, and much more, was forgotten as the pair walked into the large shower.

Suitably cleansed they dressed for bed, taking the only double bed in the apartment. Sleep came very quickly.

Tammy phoned her father when they awoke, finding several missed calls.

"Hi dad, sorry I was asleep."

"What's going on? I just heard that Lavoska woman was found and is now in London?"

"Really, I haven't seen the news?"

"You're not in London?"

"No, we're in the Paris apartment. Did you still want to be picked up?"

"Paris? I should ask why? Never mind, can you get to Geneva airport?"

"Sure, do you want to be picked up and head back to London?"

"Yes, can you get on your way but I'll go to check with your mother again, she may have changed her plans in the past five minutes."

"Okay, we'll be at least an hour."

Another, quick, shower and they dressed. It was icy outside but Tammy went for the skirt, albeit with a pair of tights borrowed from the master bedroom.

Maisie redressed into the same outfit but 'borrowed' new undies from Tammy.

Tammy's phone rang, although this time it was a secure call.

"Hi Tammy, I'm back from Cornwall and just had a nap."

"Hi Suzie, sorry but we're in Paris and hoping to get back later but first we're picking up mum and dad in Geneva."

"Get back soon please, Angela's trashed the kitchen! She said that she had a bodyguard last night but he left at ten saying he wanted to get the tube home and he wasn't expected back?"

"That was DI Edmunds. You could call him and ask why he wasn't there this morning?"

"I think I can guess, see you later Tammy?"


They had time to walk to a nearby boulangerie for a couple of croque monsieurs and tidy the apartment before their cab arrived. Tammy's phone rang again as they pulled away from the kerb.

"Your mum agrees, it's time to go home."

"Check out of the hotel and get yourselves over to Geneva airport, business terminal."

"Understood, how long will you be?"

"Two hours, maybe a bit longer. I'll have to refuel somewhere."

"That's just enough time for your mum to get ready!"

"I'll tell her you said that, Dad!"

The call ended just as they reached the Tunnel du Landy so Tammy put her phone away.

"What did he say, Tammy?"

"Something that females would find quite offensive and possibly even divorce material!"


The same driver had collected them and, this time, only charged Tammy thirty Euros for the return trip. She added a €5 tip regardless.

Once inside the Business Terminal, she booked her flight-plan to Geneva but first decided to fill the tanks, that would reduce the time they spent in Switzerland.

Richard rang whilst she was waiting to taxi. Tammy put it on speaker to keep her hands free.

"Your mum has changed her mind, she's sitting in the lounge and chatting, plus the hotel has a special menu for tonight that she says she doesn't want to miss, apparently it's a festival day here."

"Great, I'm waiting for permission to taxi and we have no frocks."

"Take your time in Geneva and I'll get you both a bed for the night, a double room?"

"Yes, but tell mum it's a twin if she asks, just in case she's going to have an issue."

They were in the air ten minutes later and climbed quickly under direction from the local ATC. Once auto pilot could be engaged Tammy grabbed her phone and, using the plane's wifi, searched for frock shops in Geneva. One concern was that the shops were due to open that day and might still be open well after five in the evening.

She managed to find a recommended place called 'Jupes & Plus'. She emailed to ask that the shop was open for the pair as an emergency? There wasn't an immediately reply and Tammy had to put her phone to one side when she was contacted by Geneva ATC for her finals. The descent into Geneva had come up quicker than Tammy had thought.

They were short of time so, once on the ground, Tammy skipped topping up the tanks and the pair made a beeline for the bus into the city centre. Her phone had pinged with a suggestion that the pair arrived before 6.30pm, they made it by two minutes. Given the hurry, they'd agreed on black as the main colour of their evening outfits so that would restrict their choices, and the time required.

"Ah, bonsoir, etes-vous MMe Smart?"

"Bonsoir, c'est moi-même et MMe Staines. Comme j'ai dit au email nous voudrons en urgence quelquechose en noir pour ce soir au restaurante en Lausanne."

"D'accord, suivez moi."

The range wasn't extensive but the pair added another LBD to their collections. Fortunately the store also had a selection of lingerie so they added that to the ongoing pile. A change of clothing for the following day was also needed .... Tammy left there several hundred Euros lighter, having no alternative than to use a card and thus more evidence of her travels. At least the manager felt it had been worth her while to open late.

They picked up the local metro and rode the thirty or so minutes into Lausanne. Tammy hadn't been here for several years but still remembered the way to the hotel Angleterre et Residence located on Place du Port.

Tammy checked them in. "Miss Smart and Staines."

"Ah, room 35. Your parents are in the bar."

Tammy decided they would leave the parental units alone and head upstairs. There wasn't time to wash hair but a mutual shower did wonders for Tammy's attitude. They went for minimalistic, understated, face paint before heading back down towards the bar. They were intercepted in the lobby.

"Oh, there you are!"

"Good evening mum."

"We'll be late for dinner!"

It was eight in the evening but Tammy wasn't rushed. "Drink in the bar first, I haven't had a drop since Christmas eve."

Richard hadn't left the bar, but rose to greet his daughter and future daughter-in-law.

"Lovely as ever. What are you having?"

"A Chablis, I think? Maisie?"

"A glass of that beer, a large one?" She pointed at the 6% local beer.

Richard caught the barman's attention to place the order, then they waited quietly until the drinks were brought over to them. Richard was looking at her strangely and Tammy wondered if her father was having trouble forming the right question. She had her glass in her hand when he next spoke, almost whispering..

"Is the world safe?"

Her glass returned to the table. "To be honest, no, it'll never be safe, Dad, and I think you knew that. However, the actions of a few honourable people have averted more mayhem and ensured that two, probably more, criminals will face justice."

"So what's your reward?"

"The thanks of faceless people in odd places and the love of my Maisie, that will be enough for me."

"Good, I had a horrible thought you were in this for the glory?"

Tammy now took a long sip as she decided on her response.

"Dad, there's no glory, just pain and suffering; that's how it has to be. At any time I believe that I'm working for glory is the moment that I must finish, must leave, walk away."

"That's a bit deep. Have you seen a shrink?"

"I think you'll find that my mental health is monitored continuously."

"That seems scarily strange and appropriate?"


Tammy decided that the questioning had to end before they were overheard. "Shall we join mum?"

The dinner was good, although Maisie wasn't entirely certain what the dishes were and, as it was a set meal, there wasn't a menu to aid them. When Richard tried to return to his earlier topic, Joan gave him a hard stare and the table went silent.

That, however, meant that the meal was slightly rushed as there was little interruption. When they rose to return to the bar Tammy made her apologies.

"Sorry, but we've had a very busy couple of days and I'm, er we're, exhausted. Goodnight."

Her statement was entirely true as sleep came quickly.

Thursday 28th December 2017

Breakfast was a mostly quiet affair.

"What time do you want to leave, Dad?"

"Nine? We'll get a bus to the airport?"

Joan objected. "No, book a Taxi."

Richard shrugged. "I'll ask the desk to arrange it."

That gave them an hour. "Mum, it'll be a bit of a squeeze in Suzie's car back at North Weald. If you can just take essentials in your small case, we can leave the large case in the plane?"

Joan had headed back to her room without answering Tammy so the girls went up to pack their limited clothes and toiletries, the frocks from the previous night would be creased during transit but they'd get them to a dry cleaners once back in the UK.

They returned to Geneva Airport almost without incident, their driver went to drop them at the main terminal.

"My plane is at the business terminal."

Loading the luggage took some time, Joan changed her mind twice as to which seat she wanted.

Once in the cockpit Tammy and Maisie slipped on their headsets whilst Richard and Joan strapped themselves into the rear seats. Conversation across the plane during the flight was minimal, almost nil, but the girls up front probably wouldn't have heard anything from the passenger compartment regardless.

Auto pilot was engaged as they left Swiss airspace but Tammy's attention didn't waiver and her headset remained over her ears. Her sixth sense told her that trouble was ahead.

They landed just after lunchtime and Tammy was thankful that, so far, the return journey had been largely without incidence. Fortunately the car was still parked airside by the business terminal, where Tammy had left it two days earlier. With the tower's agreement she taxied the plane to a spot close to the car then phoned Suzie to let her know they were back.

Outside it was damp and that seemed to seal the cloud of doom that had emanated from a rear seat once Tammy finished her call and turned around. Richard unlocked then opened the door but, despite the earlier request, Joan pulled all her bags off the plane and demanded they went into the car first. "I don't want anything getting damp and I don't know what I might need for the next few days."

She then took Richard's bags off the plane and instructed him to start loading the car. Tammy had to rummage in the plane before she found the keys and simply handed them to her father without comment, receiving a small shrug in response.

It was clear there was only room for one of the girls, and none of their bags, so they opted to stay. Tammy needed to post-flight and write up her log, although what could she say? Would the CAA ever query her flight plans for those few days?

Suzie arrived half an hour later to collect them.

"Mum's in a mood, what did you say?"

"I asked her to be sensible with her suitcases, that's all. How's the kitchen?"

"It's fine now, my sister simply doesn't know how to organise herself. I gave her some advice and she's coping better. Have you seen how much laundry there is?"

"No, but I can guess. We had almost no time off!"

"I had to stop her shoving a gorgeous frock into the machine, she said she wore it to the ballet but might have spilt wine on it?"

"I have some photos somewhere, surely she remembered that they have to be professionally cleaned?"

"We're talking about Angela here."

"Perhaps a little gentle guidance will help?"

"Already on it, Tammy, already on it. Now what are you doing?"

"Can you drop us in the High St then take the bags back to the house?"


"It's gone two and I really don't want an argument over a late lunch. The pub serves food all day, feel free to join us?"

"I had a tuna jacket two hours ago."

They finished loading the car then arranged with the local agents to stow the plane in a hanger; refuelling could wait.

The George and Dragon wasn't busy when they arrived so they found a table in a quiet corner. They both had a menu in their hands when Tammy's phone rang.

"Yes, Kevin?"

"Where are you?"

"Off duty."

"Not as far as I'm concerned. I heard you were flying back so jumped on the tube to give you a briefing. Your mum virtually slammed the door in my face."

"Come around to the High Street, we're in the George and Dragon. The two of us are having scampi and chips, what do you fancy?"

"Put me down for the same."

Tammy turned off her phone and suggested Maisie did the same then placed the orders at the bar. Kevin arrived ten minutes later, but first ordered a beer at the bar.

"That was quite a stunt you pulled, Tammy."

"Sorry, Kevin, I don't get what you mean?"

"Arranging Sophie to deliver a dopey Penny Lavoska into Paddington Green police station yesterday afternoon?"

"I had nothing to do with whatever that was."

"So where have you been?"

"Collected my parents from Lausanne after a day in Paris."

"You get around?"

"If truth be known, it was to get away from my sister."



"I understand, completely."

Tammy had given Maisie a few hard stares to suggest she kept quiet and, so far, it had worked. Their plates soon appeared so munching took over.

Kevin was finished first. "Well, Sir Thomas came and congratulated everyone on the job this morning, so you'll get a thanks from him at some point. Emily's a bit pissed though, what did you say to her?"

"Nothing, but I guess she ended up as a team of one just as the endgame played out?"

"Ouch, she's not used to working on her own, her usual job is pushing chess pieces around and being kept in every loop?"

"Now she knows how I feel!"

"So where were you?"

"Like I said; Paris, sorting a logistical matter, then Geneva. We flew into Paris yesterday morning and spent the day in the apartment that I own. We flew late afternoon into Geneva to collect my parents but my mother decided to stay a further night in Switzerland so we took a suite in the same hotel."

Tammy smiled at Kevin who was finishing his beer.

"Well, you deserved some family time, does anyone know the names of the team who collected the woman?"

"I've no idea."

"Fair enough, there's a round of debriefings going on but I guess you'll be excused that?"

"That sounds about right, Kevin."

The girls finished their drinks and decided it was also time to go. "Would you mind escorting us home?"

"Are you in danger?"

"If my mother's still around, yes!"

Friday 29th December 2017

Unsurprisingly Tammy and Maisie had received a summons to Richmond House the previous teatime and were due there before eight thirty that morning. That meant quietly escaping the house at seven in order to take the tube into Central London, Suzie had gone ahead to Thames House as usual and the house was left very quiet at that hour.

There was hardly anyone in their carriage when they boarded at Epping. They walked forward before taking a seat then Maisie looked around before speaking.

"Tammy, are you flying your parents home?"

"Right now, I'd happily fly my father back, but as for Joan....I really don't know."

"It's not my place but did she take Angela's side?"

Tammy sighed. "Yes, apparently a national emergency was not a good enough excuse to leave my sister on her own, and it was also my fault Suzie was sent away over Christmas."

"She wouldn't talk to me."

"Don't take it personally, I couldn't have a civil conversation with her."

"How long will she keep the attitude?"

"No idea. She's been distant since I moved out."

"That was a few months ago, has your dad said anything?"


"So what's your plan for the weekend?"

"How about we do New Years Eve down here? I'll have a word with Suzie."

"Why not a hotel?"

"I doubt we would get a booking right now, plus all our kit is back at the house. I think, if Suzie's okay with it, we will stay there."

They were approaching Loughton and any privacy was about to disappear when Tammy saw how many were waiting on the platform. She had picked up a copy of the free paper 'Metro' at Epping but was now scanning the carriage for trouble whilst Maisie scanned the pages.

"Apparently a trawler captain has been arrested for allowing his nets to snag some undersea cables off Wales."

"Such irresponsibility."

"And an unknown vessel snagged cables in the English Channel but the Coastguard are on the lookout for a rogue boat."

Tammy continued to discreetly watch the carriage. "Deplorable."

"A separate article says a trawler was towed into Ramsgate after putting out a mayday! An otherwise unknown anarchic environmental campaign group took responsibility for the devices that took out the air traffic control centre, apparently it was their fight against the carbon that's produced by flying."

"Of course. Let me guess, the perfume deaths were blamed on some government conspiracy?"

"No, a woman has been arrested in France and will be brought back to the UK for questioning. Her motives are unknown, it says."

"A trawler captain, a woman, and a bunch of manic tree huggers are to blame for everything that happened?"

"So it would seem, my dear."

Tammy sighed. "The public are outraged that their Christmas streaming will have been disrupted, but thankful that the culprits have been found. They won't look any deeper, why should they?"

They arrived at the office in Richmond House a few minutes after eight, only finding Sophie with a coffee.

"On your own?"

"No, Emily is here, but she's trying to find out where you've been."

"What did you say?"

"I showed her a copy of my report."

"What? Shit!"

Emily walked into the office with a very disturbed look on her face.

"We've been called to appear for a meeting at Thames house. We have ten minutes."

Maisie looked up. "All of us?"

Emily scowled. "We are all going. Myself, Sophie, you, and Tammy. I think there's some explaining to do!"

Everyone collected bags and coats then followed Emily out. Just getting onto the street took a few minutes and the ten minutes allocated wasn't enough.

Suzie met them inside the building and took them up a couple of levels then down a hall to a door. She knocked and stood back, allowing Emily to take the lead. The door opened from the inside and a suited man nodded.

"DI Keane. They will see you all now." He gestured for them to enter then closed the door on his way out.

"Ladies, come in and be seated." Sir Thomas stood and greeted them.

They had barely sat when the door opened and Sean MacTaggart walked in.

"Apologies, I was held up at Security." MacTaggart grumbled.

Tammy and Maisie had immediate stood and saluted.

"As y' were." The big Scot returned their salute, then shook hands with Sir Thomas and took a seat.

Sir Thomas addressed them. "This meeting is Top Secret and the contents may not be discussed outside of this room. Understood?"

All uttered "Sir."

"Good. There was fine work from this group, however there are some issues in the reports."

"I believe all the reports are accurate, though there is some confusion." Emily said.

Sir Thomas picked up a document and looked over to Sophie. "DI Grieve; you stated in your report that there was a fourth, yet undetermined, member of the team that went to 'procure' Miss Lavoska."

"Yes Sir. A woman joined us at the airport before take-off. I believe her to be American. Though, I have no idea as to her identity." Sophie stated.

Sir Thomas set the page down. "I'm afraid the report is inaccurate. The team tasked with apprehending Miss Lavoska consisted of only three members; yourself, Sergeant Staines and Lieutenant Smart as Officer in Charge; Task Force Claymore. Claymore being a temporary element within Special Operation Force Broadsword. Colonel MacTaggart, here with us, is in charge of Broadsword. Colonel?"

MacTaggart stood. "Thank you Sir Thomas. DI Grieve, I understand military procedures and protocols are a bit alien to you and I'm sure you are rather confused as well DI Keane. I'll clear that up, this was not a Police operation and the normal protocols did not apply until Ms Lavoska arrived in that cellblock. Any report is subject to military vetting and most certainly marked Top Secret.

"DI Keane, to answer a few of your concerns, Lieutenant Smart does not have a convenient pigeon-hole like most personnel. She does hold the rank of Lieutenant, but can also be regarded as a private contractor. Given her non-traditional status, she is able to operate in various circles, some of which are outside our regular military fields. There are also times when she has access to specific intelligence, other times she does not. She has attachment to the Security Service and therefore able to operate in country. She also has NATO status, which allows her to operate outside our country."

Sir Thomas took over. "Furthermore I did read that you did have questioned the Lieutenant's integrity? I'll lay such concerns to rest, Tamara Smart's allegiance is without question. In fact, there has been occasion to which our own allegiance has been under question more than hers. She was assigned to your team for her abilities to move within both civilian and military aspects, which were deemed essential to conclude this aspect of the investigation. There is no question that the judicial and military decision to involve Miss Smart has been proved quite correct. I should add that her access to certain intelligence, that you did not have, brought critical results."

"You mean those boats?" Suzie asked.

"Precisely." MacTaggart nodded. "Lieutenant Smart had previously been tasked to observe those boats. That intel was overlooked by all others in the know. Not her, she remembered and brought them back to attention. Also her capacity as a pilot, she and her plane are able to go various places with little to no undue attention."

Sir Thomas looked to Sophie. "Such as emergency airfields in neutral countries."

Sophie sighed, it seemed the secret runway wasn't as big of a secret as she had thought, and that designation had caused her trouble when writing her report, which was seemingly about to be shredded with malice.

"Sir Thomas, if I may?" Tammy interrupted and received a nod. "That airfield was made by the Americans back during the cold war. Its purpose was for emergency landings of their strategic bombers and reconnaissance aircraft. Later on, all NATO members were made aware of its existence for the same use of their own aircraft of such classification."

Tammy was glad she had asked Kimberly about it whilst en route to Switzerland. Sir Thomas wanted to chuckle, she knew more about it than he did. Though she had conveniently left out that the only way to use the field, was by asking the Americans.

"Lieutenant Smart, with her NATO clearances, was able to use that airfield. I take it you now are beginning to understand the value she added to your team?" The Colonel asked Emily.

"Er, yes." Emily replied.

MacTaggart grinned at Tammy. "Smart does have certain attraction to trouble. She can find it, most times it finds her. Either way, she has been able to get through it and cleared up more than one mess."

"I'll spend the rest of the day determining the praise to insult ratio on that Colonel." Tammy quipped back.

Sir Thomas did chuckle. "I believe it's to your favour this time."

"Huzzah." Tammy commented.

"Speaking of favour, do not forget to file your refuelling invoices. I understand there were two, and possibly a third is outstanding? Submit the first two before day's end." Sir Thomas instructed then turned back to Sophie.

"DI Grieve, please resubmit your report, minus the unsubstantiated activity of suspected Americans. Ensure any existing copies, paper or digital, are destroyed forthwith. All that needs to be recorded is that our American allies merely lent us specific technical support. The CIA and NSA, although they did kindly offer assistance, were strictly hands-off in this matter."

Sophie sighed. "Yes Sir."

Sir Thomas smiled. "I'm certain you'll all be thrilled to know that letters of commendation are being added to your files. I'm not certain as to who, but there may be some wage adjustments as well. Please pass that on to Mrs Young as she too, was included on this team."

Suzie looked hopeful at that news, as did Maisie. Emily looked to be mulling over asking questions and Sophie was trying to conceal her upset at having been told off.

"I believe that concludes the general aspects. The work put forth by this group is quite appreciated. You may all return to your normal duties and postings." Sir Thomas said then added. "Lieutenant, please remain, Sergeant Staines if you would wait outside, please?"

"Yes Sir." Maisie said then stood and saluted the Colonel and followed the others out.

When the door fully shut, Tammy was waved to sit closer.

"That went well." Sir Thomas commented.

Tammy sat down. "Sophie and Emily aren't thrilled."

"An eye will be kept on them for a while. Nice gift-wrap service." Sean chuckled.

Sir Thomas shook his head. "Miss Lavoska was quite upset when whatever drug that was wore off. She was none too thrilled about a certain bruise as well. I presume your efforts?"

"She slipped." Tammy dead-panned.

Sean smirked. "Sure she did, Lassy. And you tried to stop her fall with a rifle butt but she smacked it with her head, aye?"

"Aye, Colonel. The poor, clumsy, woman." Tammy drawled.

Sir Thomas shook his head at the pair. "I see. Moving on, Tammy I'm sure you have at least two main things on your mind?"

"Yes Sir. I am concerned for Kevin." Tammy stated.

Sir Thomas nodded. "You may lay that to the side, DI Edmunds is back to full status and duties. Fully cleared."

"Kevin is a good one." Tammy reminded.

Sir Thomas assured her. "The right people know. I'm sure you now want to ask about Miss Gainsborough."

"I heard she attempted a second escape, and it didn't go well for her." Tammy said.

MacTaggart laughed. "That'd be putting it mildly!"

"Indeed. Never the less, the French have grudgingly agreed to let us have her under a European Arrest Warrant given that we have a prior claim. A team from the Extradition Unit will be escorting her back next week." Sir Thomas informed her.

Tammy snarked. "In a straight-jacket and pet carrier?"

Sir Thomas stared in minor surprise then consulted a paper. "Not quite. Handcuffs and leg restraints will suffice."

MacTaggart just chuckled. Tammy put all of her charm into a smile.

"Moving on. I commend you on the results you brought us. I dare say our mystery guest was quite heavy handed. The implication is, her real purpose was to keep you from such work. That I can't say I approve of the method, I do understand the reasoning behind it." Sir Thomas remarked.

Tammy took her time to respond. "The way it was presented to me, by yourself Sir, was that I should refrain from any actions pertaining to Lethal Outcome. Defend or Die is one thing, and that concept I have no trouble processing, but I am not a choice for assassination. That was my instruction and, as it happens, I am in agreement with that methodology. To be honest, I felt very safe and confident with our guest."

Sir Thomas resigned himself to the facts. "There is no arguing success. No matter how chilling the means, the ends justified them this time. Colonel, you seem to be on better terms with the other gentleman in command than I. Perhaps you could convey our sentiments. Tammy, we are grateful for their limited involvement."

"I understand Sir Thomas, some things aren't exactly cricket. I remain steadfast Sir; I am loyal to my own country but my place is with them." Tammy said firmly.

MacTaggart spoke up. "Well that's something to come up. You do remember Lieutenant Colonel Wells?"

"Yes Sir, from the other night." Tammy nodded.

"His turn at escorting Royals on Holiday is coming up again. The Royals will be visiting the Caribbean." MacTaggart said.

Tammy thought then realized. "Sir Branson's island, Nekker Island, I believe?"

The big Scot nodded. "Aye. Not far away is another private island. They've let us station there before, we got on well. You and Staines will be assigned to go along. The owner of the island is a man named Rodrick Mason. Ex-SEAL with the U.S.Navy, now a private charter pilot. He has a shady reputation, but it's just cover. He does a lot of favours for the U.S. He does an occasional for us as well. We respect his privacy, he pretends to charge us the proverbial arm and leg. You don't mind Easter in the tropics, do you?"

"I'll be sure to pack my sunglasses." Tammy grinned.

Sir Thomas closed the file. "That's it then. Continue on with you regular activities, Tammy. Do be sure reports are filed accordingly. Submit your fuel invoices through the Colonel for this Operation. Your wages will be coming from Broadsword also."

"Yes Sir." Tammy said then stood up. A nod to Sir Thomas and salute to MacTaggart and Tammy was on her way. Her smile was genuine as she went out the door.

"What now, Maisie?"

"I take it that we have been relieved?"

"Apart from submitting those receipts, yes."

"Can we be tourists for the rest of the day?"

"Sure, I doubt anything can go wrong?"

"And I thought I was the one called 'trouble', Tammy?"

The girls collected weapons half an hour later after also submitting an interesting overtime claim. They headed out onto the street, Tammy turned her phone back on.

"Where to, Maisie?"

"Buck House?"

"Her Majesty will be in Sandringham, I think."

"I know, Tammy, but I bet there will be a load of overseas tourists down there hoping for a glimpse of her anyway?"

"That doesn't strike me as exciting?"

"Maybe, but one of my training guides was all about profiling. I want to work out which ones are out to cause trouble?"

"It's two days before New Years Eve, we're in the capital, and you want to go profiling? Maisie Staines, what are you on?"

She giggled. "Come on, Tammy, loosen up!"

Once on Parliament Square they took Birdcage Walk towards Buckingham Palace, the pavements were relatively clear and the only real traffic were the ubiquitous London Cabs. Tammy took out her phone and called Suzie.

"Do you mind if Maisie and me hang around for a few days?"

"I though you were taking the others home?"

"After being treated like I was, no way! You know it was my fault you ended up in Cornwall and Angela was on her own!"

"I heard, but couldn't get a word in edgewise. It was strange being in Cornwall but Heather's great to be with, it almost didn't feel like work!"

"Don't forget to claim for it!"

"Already done. And stay if you like, any ideas for New Years Eve?"

"Embankment fireworks?"

"Really? It's a load of hassle and you don't see much more than if you watch it on the TV!"

"I've never seen them, but I guess it's a bit late for tickets."

"True, how about a restaurant?"

"We'll be lucky to get a table anywhere, Suzie? Ah, I think I know the place."

"Okay, got the boss bearing down on me, have to go. See you later?"


Next call was from her father.

"Where are you?"

"At the bottom of The Mall."

"Your mum wants to go home."

"Tell her to book a flight."

"What? You said you would fly back so we could do Hogmanay in Thurso?"

"Maisie and I will be staying in London for the next few days."

"It's at times like this I wish I had a licence to fly that plane."

"Best book some lessons then?"

Tammy killed the call. She hadn't wanted to be rude to her father but knew Joan had prompted him to make the call. Tammy had no hard feelings and hoped he'd see her side of it, although the same wouldn't be said for her step-mother. She was having trouble with this side of Joan, given her previous submissive role when married to George. Was it the freedom, travel and money that had brought this on?

The girls held hands as they observed the few tourists near the palace gates. Suddenly a few flakes of snow started to fall and they could hear the excited chatter near them.

"It's as if they've never seen snow, Maisie!"

"It doesn't snow much down here, but I thought you were from London?"

"I never seemed to spend any time down here, I was either at school or staying in a hotel somewhere on the planet. I remember doing Christmas in Japan one year and New York the next."

"You make it sound boring?"

"It was, Dad was in meetings much of the time and I was stuck in the hotel room, so I never got to see the cities."

"Oh, so where do you want to go on holiday this year?"

"Somewhere warm where there's no insurrection?"

"Like a tropical island?"

"Yes, but we have a working trip to one of those coming up."

"I'm sure there's plenty more available, we can get married on a beach?"

"Yes, Maisie, but I'm assuming I'll be talking to my parents again by then, and I have a feeling they would want to be there?"

"And I'll want my Dad involved?"

"Indeed, but not in the adjacent hotel room!"


An Epilogue will follow.

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