Thunder Creek Ranch Chp. 9

Clair was woken up from the sleep she just managed to get. Her new husband has been making love to her all afternoon and part of the evening as well. She looks down between her legs and spots Rebecca laying between her legs, licking her. Stan was still knotted in her.

“What are you doing between my legs, Rebecca?” Clair was curious why she was there.

Rebecca looks up at Clair with a smile on her face “tasting you. It is common practice for a new couple to be tasted by the pack. Unfortunately, no one follows the ancient tradition anymore.”

“I wonder why?” Clair knew it was going to be a while for Stan’s knot to shrink.

“Because if we were a big pack, it would take days for all the members to taste you and Stan. Besides, it tastes like you and Stan are going to be parents.” A smile appears on Rebecca’s face.

“Are you sure about that?” Clair hadn’t realized she was going to get pregnant.

“Oh, you are going to be a mother.”

“Great! Something I’m not prepared for.” Clair just looks at Rebecca with a disappointed look on her face.

“You’re just one of those women now, that no matter what precautions you take, you’ll end up having children.” A cheshire smile appears on her face.

Rebecca knew no matter what Clair did to prevent herself from getting pregnant. It wasn’t going to work. The only way to stop it would be for her not to have sex and she knew that wasn’t going to happen.

“What makes you say that?” Clair looks at Rebecca suspiciously.

“It’s time for me to go.” Rebecca jumps off the bed and into the darkness.

Clair feels herself grabbed by Stan and pull towards his body. He places a kiss on her cheek and just holds her against him.

Erin and Job’s bedroom:
“Okay, I have your over bag packed and your briefcase ready as well. Are you sure you don’t want me to come with you?” Erin looks at her husband.

“Yes, I’m sure. You have a ten-year-old demon hunter to deal with here and a newly mated Werewolf as well.” Job had felt Clair turned into a Werewolf and the mating bond forming between her and Stan.

As for the young girl, she and Job had talked about adopting Mace. He had nowhere else to go and no family member still alive.

“Well, at least let me drive you to the airport.” Erin wanted to spend a little more time with her husband.

“Okay, at least I won’t have to leave one of our cars at the parking lot.”

Job and Erin head down to the garage and get in Job’s old pick-up truck. Rebecca was watching their baby.

“I’m driving.” Erin takes the truck keys from her husband, as she gets in on the driver's side.

Surveillance Van:
Blake and John watch as the Alpha and his wife leave the ranch. Both of them wonder where they were going.

“Where do you think they are heading?” John glances towards Blake.

“Who knows. Let’s go ahead and launch the drones and start mapping the ranch.”

“Launching drones.” Blake activates the surveillance drones they were equipped with.

Eight drones launch from their housing mounted on top of the van. They head towards the ranch and start spreading out. Each drone scans, identify and records everything it encounters.

“I’m not seeing anything unusual going on. It looks like a normal ranch.” Blake watches as the drones survey the place.

As he is watching the feed from the drones, several feeds stop transmitting. He looks at the signal location as several disappear.

“What is taking out our drones?” Blake was confused.

John looks over towards Blake’s monitor to see what was happening. Four of the eight drones that were sent out have disappeared.

“What is taking our drones out?” John and Blake try to locate who or what was doing it.

Rebecca had reappeared in her parent's bedroom. She couldn’t wait till Clair learns that she was a fertile myrtle. She’ll be one of the few Werewolf women in the pack that will help the pack grow. She walks over towards the bay doors in her parent's bedroom and steps out onto the balcony.

As she is standing there, she spots several black things flying around the perimeter of the ranch and then slowly moving further towards the house. She walks back into her parent's bedroom and grabs her father’s hunting rifle and several bullets to go into it. She aims at a nearby object and fires the rifle.

It explodes from the hunting round hitting it. She reloads and aims at another one and fires. When that one explodes, she fires at two more.
She had to wait for the right angle, so she could take two out with one shot. Her dad taught her how to hunt and she was good with his rifle.
Andrew was out in the field when he heard his rifle being fired. He looks over towards the house and saw his daughter firing at things.

“I wonder what Rebecca is shooting at?” George was near Andrew.

“It looks like she is firing at some sort of black helicopters.” Andrew couldn’t tell, because the objects were too far away.

“Recall the rest, before we lose all of them.”

“I’m on it.” Blake sends the recall signal to the last three drones.

Rebecca fires on more time before the others scattered and leave. She watches as the fifth one she shot falls from the sky. She spots her father and George walking towards the house.

“I don’t know what they are daddy, but at least three got away.” Rebecca looks down towards her father and George.

“That’s okay, sweetie. George and I will investigate they were.”

“Okay, daddy.” Rebecca smiles at her father, before turning and walking back into the bedroom with his hunting rifle.

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