Who Wear’s the Pants in The Marriage?

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Sara looks at all the boxes and containers that have been delivered to her and Billy’s place. All their stuff from South America has finally arrived. She goes about unpacking one room at a time. Her wife, Billy was helping her father at his forensics lab.

While she was being trained by Mr. Bounty, her wife was recovering from being shot and learning to become a computer forensics analyst. Billy was just as smart as she was, if not smarter.

“Alexa, turn volume up by twenty-five percent.” Sara was listening to her favorite playlist, as she works.

She was happy to be back home after being away for the past two years. She spent three months at a specialized training facility over in Europe. That was after she had her SRS surgery after she was rescued by Mr. Bounty. In return for what he did for her, she agreed to work for him. She also asked him to look after her girlfriend Billy.

He not only looks after her, but he also paid for her schooling and took care of her medical bills. While Billy was going to school, she was doing special jobs for him. She went undercover as an escort for a rich baron visiting England. She spent several weeks undercover watching over him. Then she was assigned to another job. Her first year was working for Mr. Bounty’s European branch. The reason she spent so long in
Europe, was because she was good with languages and could adapt easily. She has worked with high-level royalty to blending in with street and common people.

It was within her second year working for Mr. Bounty that she found out her girlfriend Billy had been offered a job working for him as well. They got married when they did a job in Argentina.

Sara finishes putting the living room together and heads into the kitchen to put away all the kitchen stuff. A smile appears on her face, when she pulls out the knife set, they bought together. Not only were they extremely sharp, from being laser edged, but strong as well. She could use them to kill someone with them.

By the time she finishes setting up the kitchen and moving onto the dining room. It was around lunchtime and instead of cooking something for lunch. She orders some Vietnamese food to be delivered to the apartment. Billy and she had found it the first day they had been out looking for an apartment.

While she waits for the delivery, Sara continues to unpack the containers and boxes. Fifteen minutes later, there is a knocking noise coming from the front door. She walks over and looks through the peephole and spots a young Asian man with her delivery.

Yang hears the door unlock and opens. Standing in front of him was a short Filipina woman. She had silver highlights in her shoulder-length hair and had on a light gray oversize shirt and a pair of leggings.

“So, how much do I owe, you?” Sara looks at the young man standing in front of her.

“Fifteen dollars, ma’am.”

“Here’s a twenty. Keep the change.” Sara hands a twenty-dollar bill to the young man.

“Thank you, ma’am.” Yang hands the order to Sara, as he accepts the money.

“You’re welcome.” Sara accepts the order.

Yang turns and leaves, after tucking the twenty-dollar bill inside his pocket.

Sara watches as the young delivery guy walks off. She turns around and head back into the apartment and walk over to the sofa and sit down. Her mouth starts watering when she smells the aroma coming from the paper bag.

She takes out her order and starts eating it. She knew Billy loved this type of food as well. She’ll have to take Billy out sometime this week. As of right now, she was on mandatory leave by order of Mr. Bounty.

After lunch, she sets up her workstation and arranges Billy’s desk the way she likes it. She also sets up Billy’s desktop computer. She didn’t have Billy’s passwords, so Billy will have to establish connections to some of her secure sites.

She glances at the wall clock and notices it five in the afternoon. She wonders when Billy will be home. She walks into the kitchen and looks at what they have. In the freezer, she had some frozen meals from her mother’s restaurant. Her mother knew how much she loved her food. She also had the additional food she and Billy had bought a few days ago.

She wasn’t sure what she was in the mood for, so she pulls out everything she needed to make tacos. It was their fallback food when neither one of them felt like cooking. She pulls one of her favorite knives and chops up some lettuce, tomatoes, onions. She also grates some cheese. She could have bought a bag of grated cheese, but she and Billy liked using blocks of cheese.

Outside Parking Lot:
Billy couldn’t believe the information she found on the computer at her father’s lab. There were so many naked pictures of children and teenage girls that she found. That it made her sick to her stomach. She knew people could be perverted and such, but those were little children. How could anyone get their jollies off pictures of little kids?

She spots her wife’s motorcycle as she pulls into her assigned parking spot. She figures Sara must have spent all day at home, getting everything unpacked. All their stuff from their South American villa finally arrived.

She heads up to their apartment and when she walks in, she smells the aroma of homemade tacos. She notices her desk and the desktop computer had been set up. She walks over and hangs her purse from the back of her chair. She sets her laptop bag, next to her desk.

She spots Sara in the kitchen cooking. She could already see that everything had been set up for tacos and that most of the boxes and containers have been unpacked.

“I see you have been busy today.” Billy walks into the kitchen to kiss Sara.

Sara returns the kiss “I almost have everything unpacked. So, how was your day?”

Sara could tell that Billy looked tired. She knew Billy loved working with her father, so something must have been upsetting.

“Let’s just say, I saw things today I never want to see again.”

“Is it worst than some of the jobs we have done?” Sara knew they have done some sick jobs.

“Yes, I would rate what I saw today, worse than anything we have done. On a scale of one to ten. I would rate it an eleven.” Billy walks over to the refrigerator and grabs a cold soda.

“Okay, do I want to know what your father had you doing today?” Sara knew, since she was on mandatory vacation, Billy was going to work for
her father.

“I don’t think it is wise for me to say, sweetie. If I told you, you might want to kill the person we’re gathering evidence against.” Billy knew Sara all too well.

“Wow! It must be bad if it will set me off.”

“So, how much longer, before dinner is ready?” Billy tastes the hamburger meat to see if it needed more spice.

“It’s ready now.” Sara turns the stove off and scoops the meat into a serving bowl.

“Are we eating in here or in the living room?” Billy starts making her tacos.

“Wherever you want to.” Sara makes her tacos after Billy makes hers.

“Let’s watch a movie.” Billy wanted to watch something to get what she saw today, out of her head.

“Okay, how about Son in Law with Pauly Shore?” Sara liked the movie.

“Sounds, good to me.” Billy didn’t mind it.

Sara puts the movie in and sits next to her wife. She and Billy enjoy their tacos and the movie. When the movie finish and they were done
eating “why don’t you go and take a shower, while I put the leftovers away?”

“Thanks, sweetie.” Billy was feeling a little better.

“You’re welcome.” Sara places a kiss on Billy’s lips. She loved kissing her best friend/wife.

Billy starts stripping out of the clothes she was wearing and walks into the bathroom. She steps into the shower and gets the water the way she wanted it. She just let the water cascade down her fit body. During her physical therapy, her nurse suggested she starts exercising.

So, while Sara was off training and she was recovering. She started exercising and getting into shape. She also started lifting weights, so she could develop some muscles and trim her body. She washes her body and hair. She lets the water wash away how she was feeling.

Sara gets undress after cleaning the kitchen and putting things away. She grabs some bottles of massage oil and lays a towel down on the bed. She figures she’ll give Billy a body massage.

Billy steps out of the shower and dries off. When she steps into the bedroom, she notices the lights were turned off and several scented candles were burning. She spots Sara over at their bed standing in the nude.

“Come on over and let me give you a full body massage.” Sara pats the bed.

A smile appears on Billy’s face. She knew there was a reason she loved Sara so much. She lays down on the towel on the bed. She feels Sara straddle her body as she sits on her butt cheeks.

Sara straddles Billy’s naked body and sits back on her butt. She puts a little bit of oil on her hands and starts rubbing it into Billy’s skin. The oil heats some, as she continues to rub it on.

“You have some tight muscles, sweetie.” Sara tries to loosen the muscles up.

Billy was enjoying Sara massaging her body. She loved the oil Sara had picked out. It heated up when applied to the body. It had a nice floral
scent to it, that the two of them loved.

She lets out a moan when she feels Sara work on the tense muscles she has. Goose pimples form when Sara stroke the sides of her breasts. She feels Sara’s hands moving down her body.

“Spread your legs open for me, sweetie.” Sara moves down between Billy’s legs.

Billy spreads her legs open for Sara. She feels Sara move off her butt and move between her open legs. She shivers when Sara’s hands start rubbing her legs.

Sara leans in and rubs Billy’s thighs. She leans in and licks between Billy’s legs. She loves tasting Billy.

Billy shivers when she feels Sara lick between her legs. She was finding it hard, to keep her legs open. She feels Sara lick her again and a low moan escapes from her mouth.

Sara licks Billy again and hears Billy let out a low moan. A smile appears on her face as she continues massaging her legs.

“Flip over, sweetie, and keep your legs open.” Sara moves out of the way.

“You just want to get between my legs and tease me some more.” As Billy flips over so she is laying on her back.

“Yes and no. I want to play with your breasts.” Sara puts some more oil on her hands and starts massaging Billy’s body.

Billy just lays still and lets Sara have her way with her. She feels Sara massage her breast and then start kissing down her abdomen and down between her legs. She grips the towel under her body when Sara buries her head between her legs and starts licking her.

The next few hours, Sara and Billy explore each other’s bodies. They end up in so many different positions. Billy let Sara be the dominant one during their lovemaking. They end up falling asleep embraced in each other’s arms.

When morning comes around, Billy wakes up with Sara snuggled against her body. She felt the hickey Sara left on her neck and her breasts. She looks down at Sara’s sleeping form and places a kiss on her cheek. Afterward, she manages to slip out of bed, without waking Sara.

Billy freshens up and gets dress. She still had work to do at her father’s lab. She looks in on Sara one more time, before leaving for work.
Sara stretches as she was slowly waking up. She rolls over and sniffs the pillow Billy used last night. She so loved how her wife smelled. She didn’t want to get out of bed, but she was meeting up with her mother and the rest of her family today.

She gets up out of bed and strips the sheets off. They smelled from their oil bodies and lovemaking from last night. She tosses them into the washer and hops into the shower to freshen up.

When she finishes her shower, she puts on one of the dresses she bought in South America. She looks over at her workbench and wonder should she wear some of her special bracelets. She thinks back to one of her jobs back in France.

She made the mistake of not being prepared or keeping her guard up. It almost cost her, her life. She walks over to her workbench and puts her special bracelets on. She also pockets some of her smoke pellets and explosive pellets she uses for distraction.

She grabs her cellphone and calls her favorite Uber driver. While she is waiting for them to show up. She grabs some spare cash from the lockbox she keeps stored under the bed.

Her phone beeps to let her know, the driver has arrived. Sara grabs her purse and heads downstairs to the Uber driver. A smile appears on her face when she gets in.

“Where to, Sara?” Simon looks at his favorite passenger.

“My mom’s house, Simon.” Sara knew Simon knew where her mother lived.

“No problem.” Simon drives Sara to her mother’s house.

When they arrive, Sara noticed her two sister’s cars were there and her brother’s car was there as well. She pays Simon and gives him a nice tip.

“I’ll call you later, Simon.” As she gets out of the car.

“Okay.” Simon watches as Sara exits from his car. When she was completely out, he heads towards his next pickup.

Sara walks up the sidewalk towards the front door. She knocks on the door and waits to see who was going to answer. After a few minutes, the front door opens and standing on the other side was her father.

“Hi, daddy.” Sara hugs her father.

“Hey, sweet pea.” Ghalen hugs his youngest daughter.

He was so proud of the work she has been doing lately. He was also happy she was home, safe and sound after being away for two years. He closes the front door behind her as they walk towards the living room where the rest of the family were.

Agata gets up and walks over to her husband and Sara. She hugs Sara.

“Hi, mom.” Sara returns her mother’s hug.

“Where’s Billy?” Agata liked Billy a lot.

“She’s working with her father on a case.”

“Isn’t she a computer expert?” Ghalen was curious why Billy’s father would need her help.

“She is, but there are other skills she has that can be helpful.” Sara knew Billy had intense training in a lot of scientific programs, while she was being trained by Mr. Bounty.

“Oh? What other skills does your wife have?” Agata looks at Sara for an answer.

“Well, that’s something I don’t know, mom. While I was being trained, she was getting training as well.” Sara couldn’t tell her mother everything they did.

Agata just looks into Sara’s eyes. She could always tell when her daughter was hiding stuff from her.

“Mom, there are things I can’t tell you or daddy. The things I do, and Billy does have to be kept secret.” Sara wishes she could tell her parents everything.

“Okay.” Agata just smiles at her daughter.

“So, what are we doing today?” Sara looks at her parents.

“We are going to have a family day.” Ghalen couldn’t wait for his other children to arrive with their grandchildren.

Twenty minutes later the rest of the family shows up. Sara was happy to see her sisters again, and both her older brothers as well. Along with their wives and children. She was surprised that her older brother was in town. She didn’t know he was station here in California.

Pierre walks up to Sara, while she was in the kitchen helping with a side dish. Their mother still wouldn’t allow her to do any cooking.

“So, little sister. I’ve been meaning to ask you. What type of work do you do for this Mr. Bounty person?” Pierre was curious about the things he has heard about Mr. Bounty.

“I do escort work sometimes, other times I do courier work or intelligence work for him. Why? Did you hear something that has you worrying about me?” Sara looks at her older brother.

“I’m going to always worry about you, little sister. It’s my job as your big brother. I’m just concerned about what type of work you do.”

“Well, do you mean, do I assassinate people? Or am I a trained killer?” Sara looks at her older brother for an answer.

“I’m just being cautious is all. I’ve heard stories about your employer and the type of work he does.”

“Well, let me tell you this. I don’t know what you heard, but I can tell you he does things that sometimes or own government won’t do. There is
a lot I have seen that shouldn’t be allowed to exist, but it does. The rich want to stay in power and they don’t care who they hurt. However, that isn’t my job. My job is to scout and gather information about things. Mr. Bounty has specialized teams that do that type of work.”

“And you trust him?”

“Yes, I trust him with my life. Remember that night I went after the people who hurt Billy?”

“Yeah, I remember. Mom and Dad were concerned when they got the call from the hospital about you being hurt.”

“Who do you think saved me that night? If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be here right now.”

“You were stupid thinking you could take those guys on, by yourself. You should have called Alcides and let him handle the matter.”

“They hurt the person that meant a lot to me, Pierre. The whole thing had been a setup to force Billy’s father not to testify against them. I wanted them to pay for hurting her. I would have done it for any of you if someone hurt you guys.”

“You’re not the law, Sara. We have rules and no one is above the law.”

“Unfortunately, big brother, the law doesn’t apply to the wealthy or the well connected. They either have the money to buy themselves out of it or strike you even from prison. They have the connections to hurt you or those you love. Trust me on this. I have seen what happens.” Sara has done a lot of work for Mr. Bounty in the last two years.

Pierre just looks at his little sister and hopes she isn’t selling her soul. He’ll trust her judgment on this matter for now.

“Come on, we better get outside before mom starts wondering where we are.” Pierre picks up a few items to carry outside.

Sara spends the rest of the day with her family. Later in the evening, she gets a ride from her younger brother back to her apartment. As she walks into the apartment, she notices that Billy was upset. She walks over to her and gathers her up in her arms and just holds her.

“Another bad day?”

Billy nods her head yes, as she buries her face against Sara’s shoulder. She found more images on the computer that was more disgusting than the ones she found yesterday. She just holds onto Sara and wonders what makes a person do what they do.

Sara holds onto her wife and lets her calm down. The case she was working on with her father was affecting her. She is surprised when Billy starts kissing her aggressively. She feels Billy shove her hand down into her pants and start aggressively fingering her.

“I see someone is feeling better. Why don’t we take this to the bedroom?” Sara picks up Billy and carries her to their bedroom.

When they arrive in the bedroom, Billy stands up and tosses Sara onto the bed. She starts taking her clothes off. Sara doesn’t resist, because she knew when Billy was mad or angry, she became sexually aggressive. She didn’t mind, because she loved being treated roughly by Billy.

The next two hours, Billy channels her anger into having rough sex with her wife. She knew Sara didn’t mind, if nothing else she enjoyed it. As they lay in bed together, she turns and looks at Sara.

“Thank you. I needed to release my anger.”

“I’m glad you are feeling better.” Sara was feeling sore from the rough treatment.

“I’m sorry I was so rough with you.” Billy kisses Sara.

“Hey, I love pain. You know that.” Sara returns the kiss.

The two of them fall asleep next to each other.

A couple of days later, while Sara is out shopping. She spots a middle-aged couple harassing an Asian couple out walking their dog. She walks over to the two couples “hey, why don’t you morons leave this nice couple along.”

Sara was standing next to the Asian couple as she looks at the other couple. She wonders why they were being so mean to the Asian couple.
The middle-aged man looks at Sara “why don’t you go back to your country, you Chink!”

A smirk appears on Sara’s face “I am in my country, you jackass. Why don’t you be a good little boy and leave and take that Karen of a girlfriend with you.”

“You can’t talk to me like that. I’m an American, I was born here. You’re the foreigner here. You Chinese, bitch.” The woman looks at Sara with a disgusted look on her face.

“First off, dumbass. I’m not Chinese, but Filipino you dumb bitch. Secondly, I was born here in California. So, why don’t you and Ken over there leave.”

“You can’t talk to us, like that you Chink.” The man starts moving towards Sara.

Sara stands her ground and just smiles. She was looking forward to this. She touches a button on her wrist shooters.

“This is your only warning, Ken. Get away from me, before something bad happens to you.”

“What are you going to do to me, chink?” The man pokes Sara in her shoulder.

“This!” Sara launches the needle from her wrist shooter into the guy.

The needle buries itself into the man and he starts shaking from the electrical charge coursing throughout his body. Sara notices the middle age woman moving towards her boyfriend.

“I wouldn’t touch him, right now.”

The woman ignores Sara’s warning and grabs hold of her boyfriend. The electrical charge coursing through the guy travels through the woman as well. Both start shaking as the electricity does its job.

“I warned you not to touch him, Karen.” Sara taps the button on her wrist shooter.

The electricity being sent down the thin wire into the needle stops. The needle pulls out of the man’s body and back into the wrist shooter. Sara glances at the charge indicator to see how much she had left.

She looks back at the two middle-aged people “now, why don’t you be like a tree and leave?”

The couple looks up at Sara and wonders what the hell just happened. Every muscle in their body was hurting and they were still twitching.
They slowly stand up and start walking away from her and the Asian couple.

The Asian woman turns towards Sara “thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” A smile appears on Sara’s face.

Sara continues to do her shopping and wonders why that couple was acting the way they were. She knew that there were small-minded people in the world, but no one has ever acted like that. She also knew the current pollical environment in Washington D.C. was toxic, because of the current president and members of his party that do nothing but act as yes men for him. Maybe, Mr. Bounty should send some of his hard-hitting agents to give them talking too. Maybe that would change their tune.

Sara does her shopping and heads back home. When she enters the apartment, she spots Billy sitting on the sofa eating a sub from their favorite sub shop.

“Your father let you go early today?” Sara carries her purchases to the kitchen.

“Yes, I bought you a sub as well. I got your favorite.” Billy knew all of Sara’s favorites.

“Thanks, sweetie.” Sara spots her sub in the refrigerator.

She continues to put away all the groceries she bought. When she is done, she grabs her sub and put it on a paper plate and head into the living room to sit with her wife. She notices that Billy had changed out of her work clothes and into something more comfortable.

“So, anything bad happened today?” Sara takes a bite from her sub.

“Nope, I finished what I had to do, and my father said I could leave. He knew how I felt about everything I found.” Billy felt the person who had all those pictures and videos she found. Should have his penis cut off and raped by some big gorillas in prison.

“Are you feeling alright?” Sara was concerned about Billy.

“I’m alright today. All I had to do, was transfer everything I found to a disc. That way, the prosecutor can show it during the hearing.”

“Yikes! I would hate to be on the jury during that trial.” Sara knew if she saw what Billy described to her. She would want the person thrown in jail.

“Enough about my day. How was your day so far?” Billy looks at Sara.

“Oh, it was kind of weird. I ran into a middle-aged couple, harassing an Asian couple.”

“Oh? Why?” Billy was curious.

“Beats me. The guy from the couple started poking me. So, I had him do the 20,000-volt boogie.”

“You said there was a couple. What did his girlfriend do?”

“She grabbed him after I warned her not to. You know how my little wrist shooters work.”

“Yeah, it sends a low-level electrical charge into the person. I learned not to touch anyone when you are shocking them.” Billy learned never to touch someone when Sara was shocking them.

The electrical charge traveling down the wire connected to the needle. Sends a low-level charge to the victim’s skin. So, if you touch the person, while they are being shocked, you’ll be shocked as well.

“I wonder why the couple would do something so stupid?” Billy knew things like what Sara describes have been happening lately.

“I think it has something to do with the morons in Washington D.C. I think Mr. Bounty should send some of his hard-hitting agents to have a
talking with the people supporting the president. Maybe they could make them see the light.”

“That, I would love to see. I know we have some agents that would be perfect to explain things to them.” Billy has met some of the other agents working for Mr. Bounty.

“I have an idea, sweetie. Why don’t I order us a nice pizza and we just snuggle up and watch a movie tonight?” Sara watches Billy.

“That sounds like a good idea.” Billy didn’t feel like going out tonight.

Later in the evening, Sara orders their favorite pizza. She gets comfortable and the two of them cuddle up on the sofa watching movies. While they are watching a movie, she wonders what their next assignment will be.

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Samantha Heart's picture

The anti Asian thing didn't happen till after Biden took over. Why IDK people are just.... STUPID! As for Mr. Bounty only time will tell.

Love Samantha Renée Heart.


Sorry to have to dispute your comment, but Trump started the anti-Asian thing off before Biden was elected. Trump started calling the Covid-19 virus the "China Flu", and AIR the "Chink Flu". His rhetoric encouraged many "MAGA" followers to start attacking any person of Asian descent, even though most of them were born right here in the US. Heck, most of them can't even tell the difference between a Chinese, Japanese, Korean, or (in this case) Filipino descended person. They don't all look alike.

Besides, if they knew anything about China they would know that Chinese citizens have no control over or say about any actions the Chinese government takes. So, if the Chinese government did engineer the virus (no proof of which actually exists) the Chinese citizens could have done nothing to stop it. So when people attack Asian-Americans they are attacking people who are already victims.

Any further discussion should be taken offline.

"Life is not measured by the breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away.”
George Carlin


Andrea Lena's picture

Despite requests to describe the virus by the Covid label, it was being called by anti-Asian terms almost from the beginning of the outbreak. And that led to an almost immediate backlash against Asian Americans and other Asians in the United States. The article linked below is a year old.



To be alive is to be vulnerable. Madeleine L'Engle
Love, Andrea Lena


It seems half of the USA and MSM like to blame Trump for everything. He gave it a label based on its origin. Not the first time this has happened. This is a serious epidemic but it's not the first and they all get labels.
Asian flu occurred in 1957( in the UK ), Hong Kong Flu in 1968, Spanish Flu in 1918, Black Death in 1346, Swine Flu in 2009, 3 Plagues in 165, 541 and 1855. Plague of Athens 430, Great Plague of London in 1665, Cholera in 1817. then 1846 and 1899. West African Ebola virus in 2013, Japanese smallpox in 735 and SARs in 2005.
It seems like the USA were funding virus research in the institute in Wuhan, China and Anthony Fauci has been just as secretive as key personnel in China and the WHO. Trump apportioned most of the blame to China and did initiate an investigation. Biden was not as outspoken and seems to have backed Fauci with his party taking advantage of the scaremongering in the election.
To his credit Trump took action focusing immediately on the development of the vaccines. UK collaborated and we have a lot to thank him for. Now 80% of our adult population have received 2 doses and 3 options of vaccine are available. We will never get 100% of the population protected since we allow people to decide. We are now protecting younger adults if they accept. Life is returning to 'normal' but other countries are miles behind so it's a slow process.
Trump is not a career politician like Biden. He is a businessman in politics who became disillusioned as many of us in business are. He speaks out and takes action that is not the politicians way. They hide behind diplomacy. He cares about the USA and his style is extremely uncomfortable for most politicians and the bulk of MSM including in the UK. He calls a spade a spade. That honesty is rarely appreciated at the time.
USA is a country of immigrants just like the UK. We are all protective of our space when stick comes to lift. It's a human trait.


Actually this has been going on for ages

The History of Asian/Oriental-Americans/Canadians

(I hope I used the correct identifier, I apologize if I hadn’t & will be happy to fix it if needed)

I do not know much, but enough to understand, that it goes far back. Originally, when the immigrants to the new-world in which that came from Asia, japan, korea etc (oriental/asian) the jobs permitted to them by law, at first was normal, most at the time went to the mining & making tunnels for the railroad.

As many know, those of the united states tend to hold a high degree of racist idiology & narccistic perceptions, although the world does not revolve around them, they for a long time believe themselves to be the center of the world, or so it seems by pretty much everywhere, other then themselves of course. The misinformation taught in schoool particularily related to history & politics, is why they have alot of issues with such subjects, they do have a degree of information of politics, but their perceptions are misplaced, over the last few generations.

That groups of a nearly identical individuals that seem alike, such as the eyes issue are placed under a secular definition by general society. This is why, there have been so many issues especially since roughly the 90’s when ‘political correctness’ had started to become a ‘burden’ of society, the population grew since then, number of minorities & education upgrading gave more information, more need for change & more concepts in order to keep the peace. Dispite worrying, if someone is going to consider us racist, the reality is most individuals of a completely different ‘race/ethnicity’ may find it more difficult to pin point which specific subcategory they are from; I will honestly say I have this issue myself. Someone oriental/asian will most likely be able to tell if that person’s race is mixed & or if by apearances if they are thai, chinese, japanese, korean etc, whereas someone alike myself who is of the ‘caucasian’ branch, really cannot tell the differences by just appearances, which is truly how most individuals first percieve an individual during the first meeting. How many of us can actually tell the difference if side by side between say sweedish, danish, german & polish individuals? Even I may have difficulty with that too.

I read of learned this I believe from a documentary, but I did learn it from somewhere. Back when the United states was first starting to take international trading with Japan, there was a disagreement, I forget what it was but there was a serious rift with ALOT of threats to Japan from the USA, if Japan did not heed to their demands, not uncommon from them, their was a threat regarding war or something, this was I think the 1890’s (see much of it if memory serves me in the movie ‘the last samurai’ with tom cruise). I do believe it was similar to what has happened since practically day 1 with the settlers against the aboriginals/Native Americans. Japan was dispite some civil warmongering, were peaceful & their way of life was different & as such percieved by the USA to be primitive. Japan told them where to go & the civil rift was not just between the countries with a distance of the sea.

From what I understand is the stipulations on Asian/oriental individuals in North America were to pay the price. Laws banning & intentions of legally binding humiliations were set forth. Mainly it was against the men in general, in a way it ‘sort of’ belongs here. The stipulations basically forbid by law Asian americans from getting any career in any male dominated profession & forced them to only choose jobs in which societal ways back then considered ‘womans work’, sort of like one of heracles labours being enslaved to a woman and emasuclated & feminized with domestic duties.

Somehow the stipulations resulted in well a less then typically ‘masculine’ exterior, which caused the added & permitted abuse towards the Males, often with being considered ‘queer’ & ‘effeminate’etc. While the women were percieved as all to be popping out babies, geisha (prostitutes) or wife-slaves to be mocked. Even and it still goes on, a breeding regulations permitted a set amount kids each couple were allowed to concieve.

When the issue of ‘pearly harbour’ happpened the Asian not just japanese, were put in concentration camps (not nazis death camps) in the USA & even in Canada. During this time, their property was forfeited, mainy that owned their own homes, lost them to the government. It is possible that is why so few even considered it a ‘crime against humanity’ to bomb the two cities in japan with nukes, most did not care & had absolutelly no positive feelings towards them, much like what is still going on in the middle east. When the war was finished, there was and still is ALOT of racist anger towards them, even some millenials use it as ‘reason’ for their racism.

The other issue, is due to alot of manufacturing & department corporations such as walmart, holding sweatshops in China, korea & japan (primarily china).

They will use anything to show distain, things some of us may not agree with such as the who canine consumption thing. Most do not even do it, those that do, its a ‘spiritual’ matter for them.

These days things although changed, the asian population societally is commonly given disdain in a way that alot of jewish still are, mainly around money, class/status, professions (many focusing on scientific professions, many of which doctors) & with all the ‘white washing’ & normatives of Caucasian appearances, many asian americans are getting plastic surgury to ‘correct’ their eye to ‘normal’ peramiters. I honestly think it is sad, I feel for them.

The Racism focused around Asian Americans, have increased since covid, mainly because news & the likely informed the general public that it was a lab in china that invented & then accidentally let loose ‘covid’. Honestly, it might have been but who knows, its not uncommon for one country to blame the other, especially if it is them that did it & want to divert blame.

We should remeber although & or if it is truly as informed, they were not the ones that did it, some may never have even stepped forth on Asian soil. Blaming every single Asian, over something a very tiny select few individuals may have done, is ridiculous. When 911 happend it was the same towards the middle easterns & it still goes on.

North America, Canada & USA have a high degree of Bigotted idiologies that are relativelly seen as tolerable, for the individuals not on the wrong side of it that is. While Canada is known to be more multicultural & have 2 focused cultures as the primary cultures in Canada (French & English), I have noticed that the same allowances are now becoming common, such as finding more asian based language on common products, which I know is also upsetting people.

Bigottry is a curable disease, its called education & ‘taking your head out your a$$’ or so I have heard relatives claim.

The claim that Racism towards Asian-Americans started by the introduction of the ‘biden administration’ is complete hogwash. To be honest, the influx of bigotry was a huge focus of the ‘trump administration’.

That is the best of my knowledge over the situation. I do apologize if anything I said is percieved as Bigotted in any way, it is by no means my intention & will fix my mistake if needed. Education is key to our future & would appreciate it if honestly given civiliy.

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With Love and Light, and Smiles so Bright!

Erin Amelia Fletcher