A Muddy Mess – 9 A Complication Before Harrison’s Prom

A Muddy Mess – 9
A Complication Before Harrison’s Prom

By Jessica C

My big mess now is the feelings…
And romantic emotions with Harrison and Prom...
Reality is that I find Susan’s interest attractive…

Mothers’ Day weekend we went up to see Grandmother Rogers on my Mom’s side of the family. Grandma Rogers had encouraged my Mom to bring me along as Danica. Jodi Sinclair, Melanie, and younger sister Trudy rode up to see both Grandmother Sinclair and Grandma Cole. The closer we got to Grandma’s house, the more the memories were coming back to me. I was wondering what Melanie’s Cousins Madison and her brother Cole Taylor were going to think as I was here as Danica again.

This time the Sinclairs came with us to visit our Grandma’s first.

Grandma Rogers hugged me and wasn’t concerned if she embarrassed me in doing so. “My, my how you have grown into such a beautiful young lady. I understand you’re supposedly doing someone a favor. I was told you’re going to the school prom and staying as a girl until the end of the school year.”

Mom interrupted her, “Hopefully she has enough clothes, not to repeat too often.”

“Well I’m happy then that you are here; I heard that Madison Taylor is eager to go shopping with you. When she, Melanie, and you can go shopping, I’ll give you a gift card. Melanie’s Cousin Madison should be here soon and she is eager for the two of you to go shopping for some of your own choices. Her prom is tomorrow so you’ll also get to see her at her prettiest.”

My Mom plans to use some time to visit friends from when she was in school. Mom took Jodi and Trudy to Grandma Cole’s.

Cousin Madison, Melanie, and I went shopping and the women's shops do have some different clothes from what I had seen elsewhere. A short peachy pink skirt caught my eye and I tried it along with a camisole coordinate. But as Melanie told me, “Set it hidden away in the rack. We want the freedom to look and try on oodles of possibilities. We'll come back to it if you still want it.”

By now I am into how girls shop; having fun trying on various outfits. Madi’s gown is in and before paying for it, she tried it on again. She made sure it fitted properly and show it off to us. I like the puffy short sleeves that are worn just off her shoulders.

We were back to selecting outfits and dresses to try. Taking a break we went to the food court where groups of Madison’s friends were. We could tell there was one who was not very happy. The irony was that it was Lisa who gave me a hard time when I first came here as Danica. We found out that a girl from Penfield had just called Lisa last night. She was backing out as her prom date. Lisa is kind of a distant cousin to me, but not and years ago when I first came as Danica she enjoyed giving me a difficult time.

Distant cousin or not we’re like good friends that pick up where we left off. The big difference is as with Danica, my feelings are in tune with how Lisa must feel in being given sad news unexpectedly.

Then I saw Melanie and her cousin Madi looking at me. When I caught what they were thinking of, I said, “No way? I love Lisa but there is no way that this works.”

Madison speaks to Lisa, “I have a good idea how to help you, but I need to talk with you alone before I talk the other person into going with you.”

I hadn’t heard what she said, I was left alone with my imagination of what they were talking about. She walks with her far enough to be outside our ability to hear them. Lisa looked over at us twice. I thought of numerous reasons why it wouldn’t work for me to be Lisa’s date. I didn’t have time to get ready; I’d need a salon appointment. Though I have my gown to show Grandma. I want my prom gown first used at my prom with Harrison.

Lisa desperately wanted to go to her prom, but she backed off when Madison told her. “If you’re okay with someone like Danica we can probably get you a date.”

A smile creeps onto her face, “Are you in fact talking about Danica that would be great. But how is she going to be able to get a gown, and a salon appointment in time?”

Madison told Lisa, “You must put on a sad face to communicate a broken heart until she gives in.” In good temper tantrum form, Lisa kicks a chair across the food court. It was then Melanie and Madison went to work on me as Danica.

The fates were with them as Debbie Montross was just calling. Debbie had been my beautician those many years ago. And she had done my hair again once since then.

Debbie called, “Danica, I heard you were back in town and my niece just lost her prom date for tomorrow. I know this is unfair, but she’s special. If you would be willing her Mom is willing to spring for a special gown that you could wear and even keep if you want. What do you say? We could sweeten the pot a little more, but then I’d question your motive.”

I asked, “Does her first name happen to be Lisa.” Debbie responds, “How did you know?”

“Some friends are already trying to convince me to do it, but I don’t want to. And I’m hoping my Mom will agree with me.”

Debbie says, “Your Grandmother won’t. And as early as tomorrow morning many of us will be loving you for it. I will even do your hair. You should get your ass to the Gown Shack. The first three gowns out for you to try on are my suggestions. The one costing over a thousand dollars is something you will never again get a chance to wear let alone own it.” Believing she has me hooked, she says, “I will need you at our shop at 6:00 a.m. to work you in. I am glad you’re going to help. Bye, I’ll see you in the morning.”

I turn to Madi and Melanie; they already figured out that I’m doing it. “I’m supposed to get to the Gown Shack immediately to select a gown.” I then ask, “What kind of place has gowns but calls itself a ‘Shack’?”

Madi says, “When you see it, you will see the irony of the name.”

We quickly excused ourselves and Madison’s older sister is driving us there. She laughs as she's driving. "Weren’t you trapped into looking like a girl when you first came here?”

Melanie blurted out, “It was Tim’s fault then and Danica’s choosing to do it this time. Plus next weekend Danica is going to a prom with her boyfriend Harrison.”

The Gown Shack is a converted mansion. Many of its customers help Helene Forrest to keep her dream alive. During the 2008 recession, she was in trouble and in danger of losing the place. Eleven of her patrons came forward and paid five to thirty-five thousand dollars to help her save it.

The Gown Shack is just the opposite of the shack it sounds to be. Helene Forrest greeted us at the door. “Are you the special person to do this? I think you will be well rewarded with a prom gown that will be your go-to gown for any formal.”

“I’m only pretending to be a girl to help someone else by going to his prom in another week.”

Helene said, “From what I’ve seen of some others like you; denial is normal for you. If I am correct you can’t deny you’re liking this.” She said, “You call the boy you’re going with your boyfriend. That makes it clear enough to me.”

Lisa’s Mom is there and takes me over to three gowns that she and Deb chose for me to consider. I walk up close for a better look at each and each is beautiful and in vogue for today’s look. There are no prices on the gowns. It is not hard to figure out which of the three is the most expensive, but I had seen a picture of Lisa’s gown. Either of the other two would go better with it. Picking the most expensive gown would be like announcing I was doing it in part for the dress. Lisa found a dress like hers and in comparing them, I chose the pink gown with tooling and pink roses embroidered around the lower half of the gown.

I tried the gown with Lisa’s lookalike next to it. They complimented one another beautifully. Helene called over a seamstress, and I am taken by how nice two simple changes changed the fit and improved the look of the gown on me.

Helene says, “You. Lisa and another couple get to stay the night in a luxury suite. And I remind you the gown is being given to you at no cost.”

I stood my ground and said to Madi and anyone else listening, “Madi, I am willing to go with Lisa to the Prom and act appropriately, but I am not going to promise to do anything more.”

Lisa steps in, “Don’t worry, it will be more like a fancy sleepover. I think it will be a good time, but nothing more is expected or would be forced on you.”

The next half hour was pure pleasure with two women helping me to put on the gown and pin it. Supposedly it is to be ready for me in the morning at the salon where Debbie works.

Lisa takes me out and we walk around to become friends. I am surprised by how warm and soft her lips are when we kiss. I can’t help but correlate this to what I hope to find with Susan Reed. But this isn’t pretending, this is real, and being with Lisa excites me. We didn’t stay out late. Lisa knew where Grandma Rodger lives, and walked me to the door.

Before she left she had to meet my mom, again. “I thank you for allowing me to take Danica to my prom on such short notice.”

As requested, I’m at the salon at six in the morning. The time at the salon is wonderful. My own hair with its extensions went well with the hairstyle Deb was suggesting. This is my feminine side that I could get used to. My nails reflect the pinks and the white of my gown.

I met Tonya and Myla two of Lisa’s friends that will at the prom. We took time for something to sip on and visit before going our separate ways.

Come, the prom it’s new for me to be dancing with another girl. Lisa treats me to a great time at her prom as did her friends. The good news was her friend from Penfield had not been a longtime girlfriend. Lisa and I did well dancing together and I worked hard to help her to have a good time.

We had gone to the after-prom party for a short time, seemingly Lisa was only interested in putting in an appearance. I had asked to go home after that. But now, I was having too much fun being with Lisa that I changed my mind. Melanie had anticipated the possibility and had me take a satin satchel with some delicates.

I could blame my actions on the possibility that I took the spiked punch, but it was purely me and feelings that were coming forward for Danica. I had kissed Lisa once as we were dancing. It was easy to see that our affections for one another were soon mutual.

“Danica, I’m attracted to you as a woman. If you’re not comfortable being in the same bed or room, I can stay out here. I appreciate everything you’ve done to make this night special for me.”

I step towards her and I’ve picked up my skirt to do so. “Please don’t apologize. If I didn’t want to be here, I would have gone back to Grandma’s. I may ask to stop sometime, but I feel an attraction to you as well.”

The other girl was Rachel, Lisa’s best straight friend with her boyfriend Todd. Seemingly, they were quite comfortable with Lisa and her dates. Rachel even put on some mood music we could dance to before each couple went their way.

Lisa encouraged me to use the bathroom to change. There was an extra panty with a note awaiting me. “Please pardon my insistence, but if it causes you to change your mind, I’ll understand. I have no interest in your boy parts nor do I want to chance of getting pregnant. I request that you wear this panty with or in place of your undie.”

I’m sure my giggle could be heard by Lisa. I liked the camisole and the loose-fitting briefs Melanie had chosen. Though it is a bit embarrassing that one of my best friends knew what I was wearing and likely up to tonight.

We were both very shy and uncertain in responding to the other, despite our attraction being quite strong. Lisa was kissing me as she finally guided one of my hands to her breasts. She whispered, “And in case you don’t know a girl being warm and moist down by her legs is good. Just remember girls are more sensitive to a gentle touch.”

The tips of Lisa’s fingers over my back caused a sensation that she continues as it brings a warm response from me. We kiss with more passion as our hands caress the body of the other. It is a joy to discover some touches are more pleasurable. A hand goes to the inside of her upper legs and it is very pleasing to Lisa, but she becomes impatient. And guides my hand, fingers, to touch her gently. The warm moist edge and inside is a discovery of entering a new part of a woman’s world. Our kisses become warm, gentle, compassionate. That is duplicated as I caress her other warm moist lips with my fingers. The sighs that come from Lisa come with whispers encouraging me not to stop. My own body has become greatly sensitized to Lisa’s caressing touches as well.

Lisa had moved and my fingers are trapped between her lower lips and my thigh and she is moving to increase the sensation she is feeling. One of her thighs is rubbing me in a way that arouses me as well. I thought I knew everything about how my body might respond but this is blowing my experiences in new ways. I became nervous and wanted to stop before more happened.

Lisa said, “But we might have an explosion of feelings. It hasn’t happened to me, but I hear it’s wonderful.”

“You might not like a boy exploding, plus I’d think we should be in love more.”

“Enough!” Lisa says empathically, “You’ve disrupted the moment, I’ ewe.” But she hugged me anyway, ”I’m happy Danica’s here.” Soon we’re back to being Lisa and Danica. “I do care a lot about you.”

“But do you love me already,” I asked? We hugged, “I feel like I’m starting to, but then I think about my other prom.”

The mood is definitely changed then... We fall asleep, though it was a restless sleep for me. I showered and got dressed as did the others. Going to breakfast after a prom is so neat. People look at you, you’re not quite as beautiful as before, but the gowns and we are still very pretty. Other women can’t help knowing and some compliment us. One person asked where the other two boys were, thinking there must have been three couples.

Lisa’s Father picked us up after breakfast; he laughed upon seeing me, “I can’t believe my daughter was able to find someone so nice and attractive as you, Danica. I hope you don’t mind if I tease your Uncle Scott how pretty some of the boys are on his side of the family.”


Once back to Grandma Rogers, I was greeted with a big hug by Mom and Grandma Rogers. I said, “Happy Mothers’ Day, to both of you! I’m jealous, I can’t be a mom too!”

Grandma Faye hugs me, “You would make a good mother too. I could easily see you as a beautiful bride…”

I was dressed as Danica as I sat next to Grandpa and we enjoyed watching a baseball game together. He didn’t say much, but I was moved when he said, “Tim, I love you even as Danica. I’m sorry we sometimes joke too much.” I wanted to speak up and promise I wasn’t Danica, but I remained quiet knowing better.

After our time celebrating Mother’s Day, it was time to pack up and head home. Riding home, Jodi Sinclair and mom were busy talking and not paying attention to us. Melanie’s younger sister was looking over my shoulder when she blurted out. “Melanie! She’s got messages both from Lisa and Harrison!”…

To be continued…

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