Wrong Place Right Time Chapter 24

Wrong Place

Right Time

By Jamie Lee

Most often people talk about being in the right place at the right time. Maybe they achieved a beautiful photo of a sunrise, or the antics of children or animals. Maybe they found something someone lost and received a big reward when it was returned. But how often do they talk about being in the wrong place at the right time? If they do, it’s often about the death of someone or maybe witnessing a crime. And if this is the case, they are sad or horrified. Walter Williams often is in the wrong place at the right time, though his reaction to the incidents he encounters is much different than anyone would expect. And, life-changing.

Chapter 24

Kathy may have appeared to be better after her ordeal, but Terry knew better, as she could see it in Kathy’s eyes. It was Terry who said, “Hi, Jenny, didn’t take you long to arrive.” Marsha, Marge, and Kathy turned as one to see Jenny Thomas walking down the hall towards them. Then the three, as one, turned to look at Terry, who was still watching Jenny approach. “Okay, mom, what gives?” Kathy asked, as she then turned her attention back to Jenny. When Jenny reached the three women, she hugged Terry and told her, “I got here as fast as traffic allowed. No since getting into a wreck or speeding ticket.” “Mooom…?” Kathy said in a questioning tone. It didn’t take Marsha but a moment to realize what was taking place, and told the others, “I think we should take this into the exam room, ladies. Don’t you?”

Kathy barged past Marsha and went into the exam room first. Marsha looked at Terry and mouthed, ‘Dumb move Terry.’ Terry didn’t care what Marsha thought, Kathy was her only concern at the moment. It didn’t take a puzzle master to decipher the look on Kathy’s face when the four women walked into the exam room. And Kathy didn’t hold back when Marsha closed the door after Jenny had entered the room. “OKAY, MOM, WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? WHAT IS JENNY DOING HERE? IF YOU THINK I’M ABOUT TO TELL ANYONE BUT THE POLICE WHAT HAPPENED, THEN YOU ARE SORELY MISTAKEN?

Terry was no one to let her daughter speak to her in that tone of voice. Marge saw what was about to occur as Terry quickly walked over to Kathy. Marge was closer to Kathy so she quickly stepped in front of Kathy, facing her, and hugged her to pin her arms to her side. She then told Terry, “You don’t want to do that Terry. Given the state she’s in, she will hurt you. And believe me, she can do it, thanks to those lessons you insisted she take.” What Marge said pulled Terry up short, causing her to stop and step back. When Terry looked into Kathy’s eyes, she could see the truth in Marge’s words. Kathy was in a state, and not one Terry’s seen before. Jenny stepped up behind Terry, put a hand on her shoulder, and told her, “Terry, you need to calm down and step back from all of this. If you don’t, you could lose your daughter and any chance the lawyers have of getting a conviction against the two boys. I would tell you to step out in the hallway with me, but because Kathy is a minor you have to be here. The only question is, what state are you going to be in while you’re in this room?”

The nurse in the room had come around the exam table and was standing next to Marsha, both women ready to grab Terry if she made another move towards Kathy. Terry dropped her head, nodded, then let Jenny lead her to one of the two chairs in the room. The tension in the room had dropped, but hadn’t dissipated. Marsha had the nurse take out a gown from one of the drawers below one of the counters, held it out to Kathy and asked her to step behind the screen and get completely undressed before putting the gown on. Marge let go of Kathy, but Kathy didn’t let go of Marge, as she grabbed Marge’s hand as she took the gown in the other hand. Both girls went behind the screen and Marge held Kathy as the girl broke down and sobbed into Marge’s shoulder. Jenny felt Terry start to get up, but kept a firm hand on the woman’s shoulder, keeping her in her seat. “She needs this, Terry. Let her be,” Marsha told Terry, pushing harder as Terry tried to break free of her grip. Terry almost broke free of Jenny’s grip and if it hadn’t been for Marsha standing before Terry with a hypodermic in her hand, Terry would have succeeded. “Now Terry, you have a choice. I can sedate you to calm you down, or, you can calm down on your own,” Marsha told her, the look in Marsha’s eyes telling Terry she meant every word she said. Jenny felt Terry relax, and she lessened her grip on Terry’s shoulder; but kept her hand there just in case.

Marsha set the hypodermic on a gauze pad on the counter, just in case it was needed, and watched as first Marge then a gowned Kathy came out from behind the screen. Marsha then went through a preliminary exam, height, weight, DOB, before having Kathy get up on the exam table. She had Kathy sit at first, taking her blood pressure then her temperature. She checked to make sure Kathy’s pupils were equal and reactive, then had Kathy lie down. Kathy insisted Marge hold her hand, even though Marsha wanted to examine her arms for any signs of injury. She spotted bruises on both of Kathy’s upper arms, bruises in the form of fingers. Marsha then asked if either boy hit her. Kathy told her, yes, she’d been slapped on the right side of her face. Marsha gently turned Kathy’s head to get a better view of the right side of Kathy’s face, noting the welt that was on display just below Kathy’s right cheekbone. The gown stopped at Kathy’s knees, so Marsha started examining Kathy’s lower legs next. She started at each knee, going down to each foot, articulating the lower leg and foot to see if anything was damaged. When she reached Kathy’s right foot, however, she saw a semi-circle imprint on the instep of the foot. Knowing what happened to Tony, she asked the nurse to get Kathy’s right high heel shoe from behind the screen. When the nurse returned with the shoe Marsha gently put the shoe on Kathy’s right foot, and saw how the curve of the top portion which covered Kathy’s toes exactly matched the imprint on Kathy’s foot. Marsha tried to not let on how much force Kathy had used to cause such an imprint when she kicked Tony, but Kathy’s keen eyes caught it nonetheless. “What, Marsha? What do you see?” Marsha looked at the nurse, then Jenny, then Terry, hoping to get some affirmation if she should tell Kathy the truth. But no one offered a sign. Marsha sighed, then said, “Kathy, you kicked Tony with so much force that an imprint of this portion of your shoe is on your foot,” and she showed Kathy the location on the shoe that caused the imprint. “It isn’t anything to worry about, none of the blood vessels look damaged, so it should fade in a few days.” Marsha had been drawing things out, trying to slowly work up to what she had to do next. She only hoped Kathy wouldn’t come apart when she did.

Still drawing things out, Marsha asked if Kathy needed anything to drink. Jenny saw the look on Marsha’s face when Kathy told her no. She also realized what had to be done next, and whether both mother and daughter could tolerate it.

Marsha took a deep breath, and told Kathy, “Kathy, I need you to be completely honest with me because I’m going to start examining your upper body. Did the boys touch your breast, punch you in the stomach, hit you in the back? Did you bang into anything when they took you into the locker room? Or did they just take off your skirt and panties?” Jenny tightened her grip on Terry’s shoulders, as tears fell from Kathy’s eyes. “I don’t know what it was, but I bang my back on something as they took me into the locker room. Then they sort of dropped my feet and my heels hit the floor, before they took off my skirt and panties.” Kathy’s grip tightened on Marge’s hand as she told Marsha the whole truth. Marsha took a tissue and dabbed Kathy’s eyes, catching the tears which had slid towards Kathy’s ears.

Taking another deep breath, Marsha asked, “Kathy, did either of those two boys enter into your body with themselves or anything else?” Just after Kathy told Marsha, “No,” she rose up from the table and took Marge in a death hug, as she again cried on Marge’s shoulder. Jenny firmly pushed Terry back into her seat. She bent down and whispered in Terry’s ear, “remember what I told you about losing your daughter and fucking up the case against the boys.” Terry again relaxed in her seat. When Kathy had cried herself out, Marsha did insist Kathy drink quite a bit of the bottled water Marsha gave her. When Kathy had drunk half of the water in the bottle, she had Kathy sit up and turn so her feet were hanging over the edge of the exam table. She told Kathy to hold on to the front of the gown so it didn’t fall down, as she untied the back so she could examine Kathy’s back. What she saw was a good bruise that ran just below Kathy’s shoulder blades and from left to right. Kathy jumped slightly as Marsha palpated the entire area, paying close attention to the backbone that lay under the bruise; That place would need to be scanned. Marsha checked the rest of Kathy’s back, before having the girl lie back down on the exam table.

Kathy again flinched, and gripped Marge’s hand harder as Marsha gently pulled the top of the gown down to expose Kathy’s upper body. Even with her eyes tightly closed, the tears fell as Marsha gently examined every inch of Kathy’s upper body. Kathy then felt the gown being placed back over her upper body, and knew what was coming next. She couldn’t speak, but only nodded, when Marsha told her, “Kathy, I have to examine your groin now. I want you to lie how you are right now. Then I’ll tell you when to raise your legs so your feet are flat on the table. Okay?” When Marsha saw Kathy nod, she said, “Okay, here we go.”

Marsha took the hem of the gown and lifted it and pushed it up until it lay just below Kathy’s chin. It wasn’t hard to see the fear in Kathy, as her body had started to shake. Kathy let out a cry, then whimpered, as Marsha started to palpate Kathy’s abdomen and upper thighs. Kathy reached out with her other hand towards Marge when Marsha had her raise her legs until her feet were flat on the table. Kathy had let Debbie Marlow examine her groin, and didn’t bat an eye as she did so. But that was before what Tony and Patrick had done and planned to do to her. Now she only muffled her crying as Marsha examined the inside of both thighs, both sides of her groin, and the entrance to Kathy’s body. It got to be too much for Kathy as Marsha examined the folds of skin, and the girl burst out in tears. Marge had bent down to let Kathy hold her as Marsha said, “I’m almost through, Kathy.” Marsha tugged the bottom of the gown out from under Marge, and pulled it down to once again cover Kathy. Marsha patted Kathy’s arms and told her, “Okay, sweetheart, I’m all through. No more. You can get dressed now.”

Marge pulled Kathy into a sitting position, before Kathy swung her legs off the exam table and got off the table with Marge’s help. The two girls went behind the screen and were there for some time as Kathy had more tears to shed. While Kathy was getting dressed, Marsha wrote up her notes, then turned to Terry and told her, “There are no signs of penetration. No bruising in the groin region, though there is the welt on the right side of her face, and a bruise just below her shoulder blades, running from left to right. Because it runs across a vertebrae I’m going to send her down to imaging so they can have a good look at that area. Also, I know why you called Jenny, and agree with your decision. So, I’m going to prescribe that she see Jenny three times a week to start with, then leave it up to Jenny to set further appointments. I know of Walter’s past and how he reacted to situations. But even Walter couldn’t have come out of something like this unscathed. As for you, Terry,” and Marsha wrote on her prescription pad, “I want you to get this filled and follow my instructions. These won’t put you to sleep, but they will help you calm down and get through all of this crap.” She tore the script off the pad and handed it to Terry, looking her in the eye and telling her, “I meant what I said, Terry. The needle or the pills, and I’ll be checking with Shelby to make sure you’re taking the pills. Don’t risk blowing things by letting yourself get out of control. I know what you’d like to do, but that won’t undo what’s been done.” Jenny was nodding her head at everything Maraha was telling Terry. Then a shocked Terry heard, “And Terry, I’ll call you and let you know the time and date for your appointment with me.” When Terry looked up at Jenny, Jenny told her, “You need me as much as Kathy does at the moment. You both have been attacked.” Terry thought about Jenny’s last words and nodded her head in understanding. By now both girls had come out from behind the screen. Marsha picked up the phone in the room and dialed a number. Then she said, “This is doctor Taylor in exam room three. I need an orderly to take Kathy Williams and friends up to Imaging. I’ll be calling up there to let them know what I need. Okay, thanks.” A few minutes later there was a knock on the door. After opening the door, Marsha gave instructions to the orderly and after hugs were exchanged, Marsha apologizing to Kathy, watched as the four followed the orderly to the elevators. It was the first time the nurse with Marsha spoke when she asked, “Do you think she’ll be alright, Marsha?” Marsha chuckled, then told Betty, “Betty, let’s go get some coffee and I’ll tell you about the exploits of one Walter Williams. Better known today as Kathy Williams.”

Kathy’s experience in Imaging went much better, as they took her in right away then asked her to put on another hospital gown. Marge stayed with her, right up until it was time to perform the scan of Kathy’s back. Except for some of the noise, Kathy was able to relax as the scans, and images, were taken. When they were done, Kathy was allowed to get dressed, and asked to wait in the waiting room; Marsha had told the person in charge to make sure to let the Williams know of their findings before the Williams left. And, a little more than an hour later the doctor handling the scans and images came out to the waiting room. “Marsha was insistent I tell you of the results before you left the hospital, she was concerned there might be some damage to the vertebrae that would warrant further treatment. I am glad to say everything looks fine, there were no signs of fractures or anything out of the ordinary. Judging by the bruise you have, young lady,” and the doctor looked at Kathy, “you’re going to be sore for several days. Momma,” and she looked between Jenny and Terry, as Terry raised her hand. “Mrs. Williams, I want you to keep an eye on your daughter. Watch for any signs of out of the ordinary movement, pain when none had occurred before. Any dizziness, nausea, anything you know your daughter has never experienced. If you see anything out of the ordinary, get her back up here yesterday, last week, two years ago. Otherwise, I’d use a cold compress wrapped in a towel for 10 to 20 minutes a day. Also, if you notice any abnormal swelling, get your daughter back up her pronto. And young lady,” she addressed Kathy, “you take it easy. No jumping, twisting, or anything else until that bruise is gone. Understand?” When Kathy, and Terry, nodded their understanding, the doctor shook everyone’s hands before bidding them goodbye. The doctor then returned to her office, where she sent the results of the scans to Marsha, where it would be added to Kathy’s file, which would be turned over to the police.

The hospital work was done, but Jenny had yet to start her part, as she suggested getting something from the hospital cafeteria so they all could talk. Jenny walked behind Terry, Marge, and Kathy, watching to see how relaxed, or tense, they were now that the tests were over. Kathy and Marge were holding hands, and Kathy was almost attached to Marge’s right hip, something Jenny hadn’t seen the girls do at school. She also noticed how robotic Terry was as she walked, again, something she’d not seen Terry do before. She also saw Terry clench and unclench her fists, a sure sign Terry really needed to unwind. The only one who seemed to be doing alright was Marge, the rock Kathy and Terry had been, and still were, leaning on.

When they reached the cafeteria Jenny asked what everyone wanted to drink, or snack on. Once she had everyone’s preference, it only took a few minutes before she sat a tray of drinks and snacks on the table the girls chose. Jenny waited until Kathy and Terry had their mouths occupied by their snack before she said, “Okay, you two,” and she pointed to Kathy and Terry. “Kathy, I want to see you after school in my office at school Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. And if you need Marge to come with you, that’s okay. Terry, I will see you in my downtown office Tuesday evening at 7 pm, no ifs ands or buts. And if I have too, I’ll have Shelby bring you. And if neither of you shows up, I’ll be at your home within fifteen minutes after your appointment. I’m deadly serious, Terry. While Kathy and I need to talk, you may be the one who needs my help the most. This is a first for you, having your daughter attacked, something that Walter would never have gone through. So,” and she looked both Kathy and Terry in their eyes, “are you two going to corporate of your own free wills, or do I have to get a Court order to get you both to comply? And believe me, after what happened, I know just the Judge who will agree with me.” Kathy nodded straight away, while Terry, more reluctant to agree, since she didn’t feel the need to speak with Jenny, finally nodded her head in agreement. “Good,” Jenny said, “then I think it’s time to get Kathy home and let her get some rest.”

They all finished their drinks and snacks, before Jenny walked with them out to the waiting room to pick up Shelby. Terry filled Shelby in about Kathy’s exam, and Jenny told him about the appointments Kathy and Terry had with her starting the following week. She then suggested Shelby take his girls home so both could relax and get the rest they needed. It was Kathy who then turned to Marge with pleading eyes, and as Jenny, Terry, and Shelby watched, Marge pulled out her cell phone and called her mother. Thomas and Dorothy had been notified by the high school about the incident, so Dorothy wasn’t surprised by what Marge told her over the phone. “Hi mom. I’m going to spend the night with Kathy, she’s still upset and wants me with her. I know we have to be at the police station at 9 am, so I’ll catch a ride with the Williams and meet you and daddy there. I love you too, mom.” Jenny was rather pleased at the non-reaction from Shelby and Terry, when they heard Marge basically invite herself to spend the night with Kathy. But it was easy to see the change of expression on Kathy’s face when she learned Marge would be with her throughout the night. And Jenny had a feeling it was going to be a rough one at that. The small group walked out to the parking lot together, where Jenny said her goodbyes, and watched as the Williams, and Marge headed to Shelby’s car. She walked the short distance to her car, got in, pulled out her cell phone, and when her call was answered, said, “Hi sweetheart, I’m on my way home. See ya in a few.”

After everyone was in the car, Shelby asked where everyone wanted to eat. Marge kept quiet, as the question was directed at Terry and Kathy. When both answered with, “I don’t care,” Shelby turned so he could look at both Kathy and Terry. “Look, girls. I know Marge will eat anything we choose, she isn’t picky. But you two are somewhat picky. If I have her pick a place, it might not be one either of you likes. So, what do you want to eat tonight? And don’t say pizza, we’ve pizza’d things out for a while.” Shelby waited, and almost started pulling on his hair, when Kathy said, “Um...Chinese sounds good.” Shelby looked at Terry and watched as she nodded her head in agreement. Shelby continued looking at Terry’s face, seeing how tense she was and hoping his idea, when they got home, helped her relax. He might have to force her to corporate, for her own good, but he knew if she didn’t relax it would be one hell of a weekend. Shelby started the car, backed out of the parking space, then pulled out of the parking lot and headed to their favorite Chinese buffet. As he drove, he watched Kathy and Marge through the rear view mirror. Kathy had almost laid herself down on Marge’s lap, though she actually was resting her head on Marge’s breasts. Her eyes were closed, and she saw Marge mouth to him, ‘She’s asleep.’ Shelby nodded his head and concentrated on his driving.

No one spoke the entire drive to the restaurant. Shelby occasionally glanced at Terry, who looked the same as when they first got into the car. Shelby slowed the car as he turned into the restaurant parking lot, then shut off the engine when he’d parked in a space near the entrance. Marge hated to do it, but she quietly spoke to Kathy in order to wake her. When Kathy finally opened her eyes, and realized where her head had been, she quickly sat upright and tried to apologize to Marge. Marge looked Kathy in the eyes and told her, “Kathy. You were tired, and needed to lay your head some place you felt safe sleeping. I was here and offered you a safe place, which you took advantage of. You haven’t caused me any embarrassment or shame, so to apologize for feeling safe is not needed.” Kathy reacted by throwing her arms around Marge’s neck, and thanking her for being there with her. It was Shelby who broke the spell by suggesting they head inside to get something to eat.

Normally Terry would wait for Shelby to open her door, as he always did. Not this time. This time Terry all but bolted out of the car and was at the entrance to the restaurant before the others had gotten out of the car. Shelby had to call out to Terry and order her to wait on them, as she was just about to open the door and go inside the restaurant. As the three walked to the entrance, Shelby did something he’d only done a few times in their marriage. He told the girls to wait and grabbed Terry’s arm and dragged her away for a private conversation. Terry had been angry in the hospital and the entire drive to the restaurant, but she was now pissed because of what Shelby just did. And Shelby didn’t mince his words.

“Now you listen to me, Terry Marci Williams, and you listen good! None of this is about you, as you are trying to make it. It’s about our daughter, and the animals who attacked her. It’s about something our daughter, as Walter, would never have considered happening to him. You’re pissed because of the way people have kept you in line, to keep you from fucking up the case against those animals, and from causing our daughter more trauma.” When Shelby mentioned Terry causing more trauma she gave him a sharp questioning look. “Yes,” he went on, “you could cause Kathy more trauma than she’s already suffered. You would smother her with your concern to the point she would start rejecting you, doing anything to keep away from you. You would start running her life, just to make sure this type of thing doesn’t happen again. You’d have to be everywhere she went. You’d probably hire someone to be with her the whole day at school. She’d never be rid of you if she wanted to go out with her friends. And perish the thought she and Marge would ever have a moment to themselves. In trying to protect Kathy so this type of thing never happens again, you’d push her away from you because of your actions and attitude.”

And then it happened, Terry cracked. She threw her arms around Shelby’s neck, pulled him close and began to cry. It wasn’t long before she felt other arms go around her, as she lifted her head off Shelby’s shoulder, she looked down and saw Marge and Kathy there with them, their arms around Terry. Terry let go of Shelby and grabbed Kathy and pulled her in close. Through tears that continued to fall she said, “I’m so sorry baby. I’m so angry about what happened to you that I forgot it wasn’t me who needed the support and love. Oh sweetheart, please forgive me.” Both were letting tears fall freely now, as Kathy told Terry, “It’s okay, mom. I’ve seen you this way before. You’re angry with yourself because you couldn’t do anything to prevent it from happening. And you took that anger out on others, as you often do. But it’s okay, really. Because if you hadn’t done this, it would have shown you didn’t really care about me or daddy.” Shelby found he had something in his eyes, as she took out his handkerchief and wiped his eyes. Marge even opened her purse and took out a tissue to use on her eyes. The healing of these four people had begun, but it would take much more time before they let all of the tension they carried fall away. And more time before Terry and Kathy could come to grips with what was done to Kathy.

Because the girls’ makeup was in shambles, Shelby entered the restaurant first. The ladies followed but made a beeline to the ladies room to make the necessary repairs. Shelby was shown to a table for four, sat down and because he knew what everyone would want to drink, ordered their drinks. It was just a few minutes before he saw his girls walking toward their table, Marge on one side of Terry and Kathy on the other side; Terry had her arms around both girls. Shelby stood when his girls reached the table, telling them he’d ordered drinks and they should go and get their meals from the buffet carts. Through the years of work Shelby did, he’d developed the ability to tell when tensions were high during a conference with a client. And he reached out with that ability now and discovered the tension he felt in the car had drastically dropped, which pleased him no end. His plans for Terry when they got home just might work. The rest of their time at the restaurant was pleasant, thought stilted. Terry and Kathy were talking again, which was good, but skirting the issue they needed to talk about.

Marge and Kathy went to the buffet a second time, wanting to try some of the other dishes offered. This gave Shelby a chance to speak with Terry for a short time. “Terry, I’m sorry I spoke to you the way I did outside. But I just couldn’t let you steam roll over others in the state you were in. And frankly, it was the only thing I could come up with at the time.” Terry reached over with her right hand and gently rubbed Shelby’s right cheek, telling him, “I’m glad you were able to get me to see how wrong I’ve been acting. And you were right, I was trying to make all of this about me and my not being able to keep Kathy safe.” She then chuckled before going on with, “I’d forgotten she’ll be leaving us one day and I can’t be there to protect her no matter how much I’d want to be there. You’re one hell of a man, Shelby Williams. And you do have your moments.” She then leaned over and gently kissed Shelby on the lips, just as they heard, “Eww...get a room.” Terry turned her head so her cheek was against Shelby’s cheek. What they saw was two girls who had the biggest smiles on their faces, and each holding a plate piled high with food. As if a signal had been given, Shelby and Terry stuck out their tongues at the girls, at the same time, causing both girls to start laughing. More healing had occurred.

The drive to the Williams’ home found the couple in the front seat, and the couple in the back seat cuddled together. Terry had her head on Shelby’s shoulder, while Kathy had her head on Marge’s shoulder. Shelby couldn’t put his arm around his wife, as he wanted, but Marge could put her arm around Kathy and had pulled Kathy tight to her; they even practiced applying each other’s lip gloss with their lips during the drive. Because they had to be at the police station at 9 am Saturday morning, Terry and Shelby decided they all needed an early bedtime, though nothing was said what time they each had to be asleep. Each couple bid the other a goodnight, and hand in hand, the couples headed to their respective bedrooms.

At some point during the evening, Shelby’s idea for Terry somehow reached Marge’s brain. Marge had planned to shower with Kathy. She planned to completely wash Kathy, making sure to get the girl aroused while they were in the shower. She’d try to bring Kathy to orgasim while they showered together, keeping her on the edge afterwards, so that when they got in bed, Marge could work her magic again and make sure Kathy was so relaxed she’d have no trouble sleeping. This was pretty much Shelby’s idea, but with an adult flair. Marge’s and Shelby’s plans worked great, until about three o’clock in the morning.

Marge had brought Kathy to ecstasy three more times in bed, before Kathy fell into a deep, exhausted, sleep. Marge cuddled Kathy to her and fell into her own exhausted sleep. The clock showed three in the morning, when the house rang out with a horrid scream. Even though the door to Shelby and Terry’s bedroom was closed, they had no trouble hearing it. Both were out of bed and running down the hall to Kathy’s bedroom as another scream was heard. Terry was through the door first, and flipping on the ceiling light, saw Marge tightly holding a hesterial Kathy. Just as Marge had done in the exam room, she had her arms tightly around Kathy’s arms, a bruise already forming on her right cheek. “She had a nightmare about what they were going to do to her,” she told Terry and Shelby, as she softly talked to Kathy, trying to get her to calm down. It was then Terry and Shelby realized Kathy was still asleep, and trying to fight the boys again. It took a few minutes, and soft words from Marge, before Kathy finally woke up, only to find herself sitting up and Marge holding her arms at her side. “What happened? Oh gawd, I dreamed those two assholes were about to rape me. How’d you get that bruise, Marge? Did I do that?” Kathy then broke down, Marge releasing her arms and taking Kathy in her arms to let the girl cry as long as needed. Only then did Shelby let Terry walk over to the bed and help Marge comfort Kathy. Shelby had something in his eyes again. Kathy cried for ten to fifteen minutes, before Terry suggested everyone head to the kitchen for something hot to drink. Hot chocolate maybe. Terry moved back so Marge could help Kathy out of bed, and with Kathy wrapped about Marge, Terry and Shelby led the way to the kitchen. While Terry made everyone hot chocolate, Marge took Kathy to the bathroom. After using the toilet, Marge helped Kathy wipe off her face with a warm washcloth. It took about an hour and a half before Kathy felt calm enough to go back to bed, and hopefully just sleep. Terry and Shelby followed the girls back up to Kathy’s bedroom, watched as they both got into bed, and as Marge laid on her side, Kathy spooned into her, pulling Marge’s arm tight to her chest. Shelby shut off the ceiling light, and followed Terry back to their bedroom, where Terry did the same to Shelby as Kathy had done to Marge. The rest of the early morning was peaceful, until an alarm went off at 7 a.m., and four very tired people stumbled out of their beds.

Showers were again taken, and as was done the previous evening, Terry and Kathy enjoyed the time Shelby and Marge spent helping the two relax, though Shelby and Terry in an adult way. Once everyone had finally dressed, and powdered their noses, they met in the kitchen for a simple breakfast; Shelby planned to take them out for brunch after the interviews were over. At 8:30 a.m. they piled into Shelby’s car, drove to the police station, where they met Marge’s parents and the nine football players and their parents. The desk Sergeant called upstairs and informed detective Barbara Stevens, the detective handling Kathy’s case, that all of the witnesses of the high school attack were in the waiting room. It was only a moment later Barbara arrived and asked everyone to come with her. The sight of several big teens following the petite woman made quite the sight, as more than one male detective stopped and asked if everything was fine. When Barbara explained why they all were there, more than one detective removed their hand from their firearm.

With the number of interviews that would be conducted Barbara had reached out to other departments and borrowed other detectives so the time the teens spent giving their statements could be kept as short as possible. She didn’t want anyone just sitting around waiting their turn. Each detective took a football player and their parents to an interview room, but a problem arose when Barbara wanted Kathy to go with her while Marge and her parents went with another detective.

Kathy refused. She wasn’t going anywhere without Marge by her side. Much like Shelby did to Terry at the restaurant, Marge grabbed Kathy’s arm and pulled her over to a bench sitting by one wall. She wasn’t kind as she shoved Kathy down onto the bench, and lit into her with a full head of steam.

“Listen, girl. You are not acting like the person I learned I was in love with back in grade school. The one who always got up off the ground when ‘he’ was knocked on his butt. I can understand how frightened you are because of what those ASSHOLES did to you, but you can’t let them control the rest of your life. You have to take control, act like Walter would have acted afterwards. Spit in those BASTARDS’ faces. Kick them again in your mind and watch as they again hit the floor. And watch in your mind as your friends come to your rescue. If you continue being afraid of every man, boy, shadow, being without me at your side, those ANIMALS will have done within your mind what they weren’t able to do in the locker room. And you risk losing me in the bargain. Because I’ll have a hard time staying with a person who allows herself to continually be raped in her mind. I realize getting through this isn’t going to be easy, and I’ll be there with you, but only if you’re willing to fight your way through.”

Marge had verbally slapped Kathy across the face, and Kathy knew it. Especially the part about possibly losing Marge. It was as though Marge’s words were a sledge hammer that shattered the glass wall Kathy had formed in her mind after the attack. And as everyone watched, Kathy turned to Marge, grabbed her love and broke down harder than ever before. Terry and Shelby walked over to the girls and sat down on either side of the girls, reaching out to hug both girls. Terry could see tears falling from Marge’s eyes, and Shelby could see tears falling from Terry’s. He too, he realized, had something in his eyes. In fact, many watching the girls found their cheeks wet from tears, especially Marge’s parents.

When Kathy had cried herself out, Terry suggested she and the girls go to the ladies room, to freshen up, as she put it. Shelby and Terry helped the girls to stand, as Officer Dunnley showed the women to the ladies room. After Shelby’s women left, he sat back down hard on the bench, putting his head in his hands and his elbows on his knees. It wasn’t long before someone had sat beside him and placed a hand on his back. He looked up only to find Barbara sitting next to him, a concerned look on her face. “There wasn’t anything I could do to protect my daughter, Barbara,” a tearful Shelby confided in Barbara. “And I can’t even fully understand how Kathy is feeling right now, or how to help her through all this,” he lamented. Shelby watched as Barbara nodded her head, in understanding, before she told him, “Shelby. One thing I learned with my kids is that I can’t be there with them 24/7, and wherever they go. I can only give them the tools to try and keep themselves safe. No one knew your daughter had been targeted by those two boys, but she did give them exactly what they deserved--and you didn’t hear that from me. As to helping Kathy through all this? How’d you help Walter when he had something hit him? Didn’t you listen to him when he needed to talk with you? Weren’t you just there for him when he needed you? You may not understand how Kathy feels after that attack, hell, she doesn’t even know how she feels at this point. But you can be there for her, listen to her, and hold her when she wants you to hold her. Every woman fears what Kathy experienced, and it will take time for her to want you to hold her, because you are a man and the memory of those boys is fresh in her mind. But she will eventually trust the man in her life and want his arms around her.” Officer Dunnley had returned with her three charges, and Barbara patted Shelby on the back before she got off the bench and walked over to the three women. “How’s everyone doing?” She asked, as she paid close attention to Kathy. It was Kathy who spoke first by saying, “I think I can go with you, Detective Stevens. I think someone spanked me hard enough to make me realize you don’t bite. And that I’ll be safe with you.” Three groans sounded when Kathy said ‘bite,’ but Kathy, holding Terry’s hand, did let Barbara, and Office Dunnley, lead them into a room so Kathy could give her statement. Shelby sat back down hard on the bench and waited. He understood why Kathy shied away from him, and wished he could have five minutes alone with those two boys, no, animals. But if he did that he would do the very thing he’d already told Terry. No, he’d wait until Kathy came to him, needed him again. And he hoped it was soon, because he missed hugging his daughter and being needed by her.

Barbara had a meeting with all of the detectives who would be interviewing the teens an hour before the teens arrived. She outlined the questions they should ask, making sure to cross every ‘T’ and dot every ‘I.’ She pushed her own memories back down into the depths of her mind, lest they interfere with the case, as she told them she was tired of boys like these two getting off with a slap on the wrist.

The interviews with eight of the football players lasted a little over forty-five minutes, since they hadn’t really witnessed much of anything other than the two half naked boys. Bobby’s interview lasted almost an hour, since he’d seen more. Because Marge and Kathy were the primary witnesses, their interviews lasted almost an hour and a half, as Barbara made sure every question a defense lawyer could ask was asked by her.

Shelby had put his head back against the wall and closed his eyes as he sat on the bench, so he was unaware of the nine football players who’d formed a semicircle in front of him. It wasn’t until he heard, “Is Kathy alright, Mr. Williams?” That he opened his eyes and brought his head forward. There, standing in front of him, were nine rather large teen boys, each having a concerned look on their face. When Bobby realized Shelby hadn’t heard his question he asked it again. “Is Kathy alright Mr. Williams? We’re kind of concerned about her.” Shelby had watched each of the boys in front of him grow up, and he’d worked with their parents at some point in the past.

“Thank you for asking, Bobby. And to answer your question, all of your questions, yes and no.” The boys’ parents had joined their sons to hear what Shelby had to say, and a few of the wives held tight onto their husbands when they finally heard what Shelby did say. “Guys, physically Kathy has a few bruises where those two an...boys grabbed her arms and banged her back against something hard. Physically, she’ll just need time to heal.”

“Mentally? She’s a mess, to put it bluntly. All of you boys grew up with Walter, so imagine how you’d feel suddenly finding yourself transformed into a girl and then have something like this happen. She was still coming to grips with being transformed into a girl, and then two boys grab her and want to...well, all of you were there and know what they were about to do. Guys, right now she’s going to be afraid of you and every male who comes near her, because of those two as...boys. Give her time. Give her space. But be there if and when she needs you.” Shelby’s voice cracked as he added, “And guys, please watch after my daughter. She means the world to me and her mom.” Shelby then reached up and wiped tears off his cheeks. Bobby was the first to offer his hand to Shelby, who stood and shook eight other hands. The boy’s parents were slowly following behind their sons as they filed out of the detective’s room. The last thing they heard as they left, was Shelby saying, “That’s a mighty fine bunch of boys walking out of here.”

Shortly after the football players and their parents left, two more doors opened and Marge and her parents, and Kathy, supported by Terry, came out of the interview rooms. To Shelby’s eyes, both girls were a mess, as it was obvious both girls, and their parent or parents, had been crying. Shelby squeezed his eyes shut until he saw red, clenching his fists as he did so. Five minutes with those assholes, he thought, just five minutes. He relaxed, opened his eyes and hands, hoping Kathy would come to him for the comfort he could give her. But she didn’t. She even flinched when he reached up to wipe tears off her cheeks. Even though Shelby understood why Kathy flinched when he touched her, it still hurt.

Terry and Dorothy said they were taking the girls to the ladies room before they left the police station. Shelby and Thomas watched as the four ladies left the room, before both men sat down on the bench. It was Thomas who broke the silence as he said, “I bet you’d like to get your hands on those two little monsters. I bet if you did, it’d be you going behind bars instead of them, right?” Shelby nodded before saying, “Yeah, Thomas, I would like to have just five minutes with both of them. But what I want and what is right has to be considered. So what I want has to stand aside and let what’s right lead the way. But whoa if the Judge slaps them on the wrist. And double whoa if a defense attorney comes after Kathy. If that happens it won’t be me who might get to see the inside of a jail. It’ll be Terry, and me visiting her.” Thomas nodded his head, knowing from Marge just how bad off Kathy was at the moment. Thomas kept his own counsel, as Shelby continued with, “She had a nightmare at three this morning. Thank God Marge was there to be with her, Thomas. If it wasn’t for your daughter, I really believe Kathy would be totally out of it. We’d have to commit her until she was mentally well enough to be released. Five minutes, that’s all I’d need, Thomas.” Thomas put his hand on Shelby’s shoulder and squeezed it, just as the four ladies returned.

The two men stood up and as Shelby cleared his throat, he said, “Um, would you and Dorothy like to come with us for some brunch, Thomas? I’d like the company, and I think Terry would too.” Thomas looked at Dorothy, who nodded her head in agreement, as she knew for a fact Terry needed the company. Shelby got his answer as Thomas told him, “Yes we would, Shelby. We’d like that very much.” Led by Marge and Kathy, holding hands, Dorothy and Terry followed behind the two girls, with Thomas and Shelby bringing up the rear. Everyone was throwing out a name for brunch, and when one name kept coming up, it was settled they would have brunch at that restaurant. Thomas looked at Shelby, and Shelby at Thomas, as the two men watched as Terry took Dorothy’s hand as the six walked out of the police station. Dorothy had suddenly become Terry’s Marge, something Terry definitely needed at the moment. Both men simply nodded their heads in a silent agreement.

Chapter 25

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