“What If I’m the One” Chapter 3 “Leaving Eden” (starter)

The next to volunteer was a guy dressed in a long flannel shirt with a crumpled pack of cigarettes in the front pocket. His hands were gnarled for such a young looking guy. He grumbled his name was “Joshua”

Leaving Eden

I’m just going to flat out say it…life sucks.
No, no, that’s not good enough. Life is shit.
Yes, I said it. Yeah, I’ve been swimming in it for seven years. I’ve had everything on my back while I tired to just stay afloat. I don’t deal, I don’t do drugs, but, if I’m going to be honest with myself and this group, I wouldn’t mind taking something very strong. Anything to take the strain of it all away. But, if I did that, then I’d never get to see my daughter. She was born six years ago, and I’ve seen her in person for, maybe a month.
Ever since her mother, Cherry, died.

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This story is 166 words long.