Sweet little spy pt 30

Sweet Little Spy Part 30

Just before Allison went down for dinner. She received a response.

Allison, It is possible. There is so much that happens to the body we don't know about. That side effect could be one of them. I am sure once your daughter is born. The programming will take over again.


“Makes sense.” I told myself as I headed downstairs.

I checked in the back yard. Lynn and Shelby were sitting on the porch.

“You, guys all done.” I asked. They both nodded. “how'd it go?”

“Pretty good. She is getting the hang of the runs.” Lynn was breathing heavy. But I know she wasn't tired in the least. I could tell that Shelby was out of breath. Both her hands were grass stained.

“We are working on a routine for our first game.”

“ When is our first game?”

“Friday after first day of school?”Shelby mentioned.

“That is in two weeks, do you think you will have something ready and practiced by then.” I asked.

“We hope to by tomorrow,”

“You going to start with something new on Mondays practice”

“We sure will.”

Just to tease, Lynn. As she knows that I learn new routines fast. “Awe great. Not only do I have to remember all the AACT routines now new ones here.”

“You poor baby.” She stuck her tongue out at me.

I just turned and went back inside. It smelt like dinner was ready. Just as I turned into the dinning room.

“GIRLS, Dinner is ready!” Mom hollered, almost right in front of my face.

“Gee, Mom. You don't have to yell. We are here.”

“Sorry, Honey. I didn't know you were there.”

“Yeah, both us girls are here.”

“It was girls,not just you.”

“Gosh, Grandma. You don't even include your granddaughter.”

“Allison Meagan Wilson, You know I love my granddaughter. But you know what I mean.”

“Yes, Mommy. I do.”

With 5 place settings It seemed like Shelby was eating with us.

It was a great dinner. Emily was happy. I help mom with the dishes when we finished. Lynn and Shelby continued working on the new routine. Daddy worked on something in the basement.

Once dishes were done and put away. I did some reading in the living room. Mom came in and sat in her normal chair.

“You had better relax while you can. Miss Allison. Once a little lady comes into the world. That changes. After she eats, trying to get a burp out of her. then it is her bath time. Then trying to get her to sleep. Once she is asleep. You will have to try and get the stuff you need done, done. Without waking her up. If you do. Then it is trying to get her back to sleep. Her waking up and crying as soon as you put her down.”

“Yeah, I realize that Mommy. I am ready. I did the deed and got Robin pregnant. But I would never give it up.”

“You say that now. You just wait, Missy.”

“Mom, I am a responsible young lady.”

“Now, you are.” Mom giggled.

“Nawh” I stuck my tongue out at her.

“Alli, I am so thankfully that we got you straightened around. The very thought of you going away for a long time. Just scared the hell out of both me and your father. I didn't want that for my child.”

“Mommy, I realize that now. I may not have made it out. Thankfully I am now a cultured and proper young woman.”

“Yeah, one that is 12 and pregnant.”

Giving an exaggerated exhale. “I just hope I am not this bad to Emily?” Shaking my head.

Mom just giggled.

“What's so funny?” Daddy came up from the basement.

“Your youngest daughter.” Mom pointed at me.

“What has she done now?”

“I was just telling mommy that I am now a cultured, responsible, and proper young woman. I had to remind her that she is also 12 and pregnant.”

both Mom and Dad laughed.

Rolling my eyes, “Parents” I headed for the bathroom. Talking to my daughter, “ Emily, I will ask you to forgive your grandparents. They are just weird.”

As I turned into the bathroom, I heard, Daddy. “Remember you are one too now Alli.”

“Yes, Daddy.” I closed the door.

I did my business. I returned to the couch. I didn't even get a chance to sit down.

Daddy starts, “So, my granddaughter is already grounded. Huh.”

I just glared at mom. “Yep, till she is 21.”

“I here by take her off of her grounding.” Daddy said.

Shaking my head, “Doesn't work. I am the parent so I make the rules. For my child.”

“But, I am her grandfather. I get to spoil her rotten and then give her back to you. That includes taking her off of her grounding.”

“OK, fine,” I joked. Looking down at my belly. “You are only grounded till you are 18.” all three of us laughed.

I heard the phone upstairs ring its special ring. It was the program. I hurried upstairs. The phone was put in my room.

“Hello,” I answered.

A computer voice came on, “Bravo, gulf, one four, tango. Code in.”

“Zebra, four, eight, nine, nine, one, Quebec. Enable” I answered.

A woman's voice came on the line. “Knight to king seven.” She stated.

Responding, “Rook to Queen four, check mate.” saying the final counter sign.

“Good Afternoon, Allison.” The lady started.

“Good Afternoon, Central.”

“This is a full team activation.”

“Competition?” I quarried.



“Tomorrow, 1300hrs.”


“one week.”

“Location if available.”


Being it is a non competition team activation. I asked. “Event”

“International Cheer-leading symposium.”

“Roger, Equipment?”

“Standard, competition.”


“Highly probable.” Meaning that one of the team could be kidnapped.

“confirm mission”

““Conformation, Echo, Lima, nine, three, two.” I gave the conformation for both me and Lynn.

“Copy,” the line went dead.

Cool, Disneyland. I thought. I had better tell Lynn.

I headed down to stairs.

“Was that central?” Daddy asked.

“Yeah, full team activation. We're going to Disneyland.”

“Can you drop us off back at Willow Run, Tomorrow at 9.”


I went out the back door. Lynn was showing Shelby the start of a run.

“Lynn, I just got a call from coach Scott. They want us to attend a Cheer-leading symposium this week. The whole team.”

“Really, Last symposium we attended. Sucked it was in Scotland. Rained all the time we were there. Where to this time?”

“Disneyland” .

“Cool, Disneyland. This is the first time we have been there.”

“You are so lucky.”Shelby told us.

As I went back into the house. I heard Lynn telling Shelby to start the new training routine. I also heard her make a call to Coach Masterson.

She came in, still talking. “Yes, Coach I know. I will put my mom on.” She went into the living room.

“ Mom, Coach Masterson wants to talk to you.” Lynn handed mom her phone.

“Hi, Kim. Yes. They both have to. I know it is short notice. It happens sometimes.”

“Yes, both the girls and I heard you say that it was mandatory to attend all practices.”

“Well, Since you won't be flexible about their commitment to the AACT, I guess they will just quit the Rangerettes. I'm sure I can find a cheer studio, where they would be welcome.” Mom winked at us.

“OK, I will a wait your call back.” She hung up and handed Lynn her phone back.

Turning to us, Mom started. “Girls don't worry. I am sure that Coach will yield. You two are the best thing to happen to Ridgemore Cheer-leading. That I am sure of.”

“I hope you are right.” Lynn sounding upset.

“Lynn McKenzie Wilson, You made the commitment to the All American Cheerleading Team. You are on one of the worlds best cheer team. Do you want to quit the team just to be on your schools squad. You have a chance at a good career with the AACT back ground. You, Hell both of you were chosen because of your dedication to the sport.

“I remember,” Mom laid it on thick. “Both of you not sleeping for two days waiting to hear if you made the team. Jumping out of your skin every time the phone rang. I couldn't talk more than a minute to anyone. All I would hear from both of you. Mom, Hurry up they might call.”

Shelby giggled. “You guys were bad.”

Mom just nodded. “ they sure were.”

“I wasn't, it was all, Lynn” I exclaimed.

“Oh, No No No dear little sister. You were defiantly the worse.”

“Was not!”

“Was too.”

“Uh, Uh.”

“Uh, Huh.”

“OK, Enough ladies. You both were and that is the end of that,” Mom stopped our argument.

I just stood there shaking my head.

Lynn put her hand to her ear and close to my head. “MMM, Shhhh. I hear something rattling around in there.”

“Oh, Shut up.”

Just then the house phone rang. I ran over to get it. Just to have it snatched out of my hand by Lynn. Damn her long legs.”


“Yes, coach she is here.” Lynn held out the phone. “mom, Coach Materson.”

Mom took the phone. Just as daddy came up from working on something in the basement.

All of my stories are purely fictional, the some places are real, some are not. The names and personnel used in all my stories, are also fictional. They may be based on people I knew but, Any resemblance to anyone living, dead, or un-dead are purely coincidental.

I write my stories as a fantasy. While based on this world. Things in my story could stretch reality. However I write my stories from my mind. I reserve all rights to my work. Any form of duplication without my permission is forbidden. Please enjoy reading them as I have in writing them.

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