Who Is Tammy Beck?

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Mayberry Apartments, Apt. 3B, San Diego, California:
Sonya looks at the address written down in her notepad. She couldn’t believe Leland has finally found his mate after the last hundred years.
Maybe this new woman will keep Leland out of trouble, so she can spend more time with her four husbands.

She was still getting uses to having four husbands. She never thought that when she agreed to become a woman, that she would end up marrying four Werecats. Not that she minds that much, she enjoyed all the sex and cuddling they do.

Ben comes up behind Sonya and squeezes her ass and places a kiss on her cheek. He loved the fact that she was his, Joey, Henry, and Lee’s wife. No one had ever heard of four male Werecats sharing one wife. Normally, it was one man and woman, or whatever your sexual preference was. However, in their case, it was four men to one woman.

“So, why are we here again?”

“To pick up Leland’s new mates’ stuff and to leave a message to the bastard that cheated on her while she was away.” Sonya had received their orders from Leland himself.

“Okay.” Ben knocks on the door.

Thanks to his enhanced hearing, he could hear movement on the other side of the door. After a few seconds, the door opens. A guy with short black hair, wearing a pair of boxers and stinking of booze stood before them.

When Jason opens the front door, he spots a woman with long silver hair wearing a tight leather corset that showed off the top of her breasts. She also had on seven-inch black stiletto heels and tight black leather leggings that showed off her slim firm legs. He notices she had on an inch wide silver choker with a silver dollar size cat's head in the middle of it that rested against her throat. When he looks into her eyes, they looked like she had cat eyes. He couldn’t tell if it was because of the way she did her eyeliner or if her eyes were cat eyes.

Standing behind her were four men that looked like they were models and worked out. All of the men were wearing tight dark blue jeans and matching grey t-shirts that were tight against their chest.

“What can I do for you?” Jason looked at the woman and the four men standing behind her.

“We're here to retrieve everything that belongs to Tammy Beck. She has permitted us.” Sonya pulls out a letter from a hidden pocket on her corset that permitted them.

Jason accepts the letter and reads it. It was short and brief. He notices it was written in Tammy’s handwriting.

“Now isn’t a good time for this.” Jason hands the letter back to the woman.

“Tough.” Sonya starts walking forward.

Jason tries to stop the woman as she came forward. He didn’t care if they had Tammy’s permission. They weren’t coming in right now.

“Boys, please remove this guy out of my way.”

“With Pleasure.” Joey steps from behind Sonya and grips the guy in his arms.

Jason notices the guy who spoke and that looked like Lee Majors in his younger days step in front of the short woman. He had to be at least six feet tall or more. He tries to move out of the way when the guy goes to grab him but is caught. He couldn’t believe how fast the guy was. His arms were pinned to his side, and he was lifted off the floor by several inches.

Joey walks into the apartment while holding Jason off the ground. He looks at Jason and couldn’t believe Leland’s mate found this guy attracted.

“When the lady says move, you move.” Joey looks at the apartment and notices there was a bunch of clothes leading towards the bedroom.

“He’s got company.”

“Doesn’t matter. We're here to pack and pick up Tammy’s stuff.” Sonya walks forward with the other three men behind her.

“What do you want me to do with this guy?” Joey looks at Sonya.

“Put him to sleep, until we are done. I’ll handle the woman.” Sonya heads towards the bedroom.

“Nightie, night.” Joey uses some of his magical ability to knock Jason out.

Jason’s body goes limp in Joey’s grip. He lays the man down on the sofa sectional in the living room.

“I hope this doesn’t belong to her.” As Joey turns around to see the others already packing things up.

Sonya steps out of the bedroom, after putting the woman in there asleep. She mumbles a few words, and several packing boxes appear.

“It does, but don’t worry about it. Be careful with those nick-knacks. She loves those glass-blown figures.” Sonya could see the emotional attachment to several glass-blown figures inside a glass cabinet.

The next four hours, Sonya and her men pack and clear out everything that belonged to Tammy. Lee and Henry were impressed by how many weapons she owned. Also, by her trophies as well.

“Remind me when we met her, not to piss her off.” Ben couldn’t believe how many awards she owned.

“Leland did good finding a woman like this. She’s a walking arsenal.” Lee loved her collections of guns.

“Her taste in lingerie isn’t too bad. She looks like she enjoys some BDSM activities.” Sonya was packing all the clothes Tammy didn’t take with her. She found all her sexy leather outfits.

“I wonder what she looks like?” Henry wanted to know what Tammy looked like.

“Here’s a few pictures of her.” Sonya shows Henry the pictures she found.

Henry looks at the picture “she doesn’t look like much of a catch.”

“Hey, not everyone can look like me.” Sonya smacks her husband’s chest.”

“Sweetie, no one will ever look like you.” Ben comes up from behind Sonya and squeezes her big breasts and kisses her again.

“Hey! We have work to do here. We can fuck her later when we are done.” Henry wanted to get everything done and get back home and make love to their wife.

“You are such a party pooper, Henry.” Ben stops squeezing their wife’s breasts and kissing her.

Washington D.C., Marriot, Tammy’s and Leland’s Hotel Room:
Tammy bounces up and down on Leland’s thick cock. Each time she goes up, she comes down hard, so he hits against her cervix opening. She knows he couldn’t enter into her uterus, because of the mucus plug sealing the entrance. The fetus she was currently carrying was slowly developing inside her womb.

Tammy looks down into Leland’s green eyes “what have you done to me?”

“What do you mean, sweetie?” Leland was helping Tammy bounce up and down on his cock.

“We’ve been having sex for the last four hours and I want to keep going.” Tammy shakes from an orgasm she just had.

It had to be her twentieth orgasm in the last four hours. She feels Leland empty into her vagina.

“I haven’t done anything to you. Your sex drive is your doing.” He holds Tammy against his chest as she rested. Her watermelon size breasts
were pressed against his muscular chest.

Tammy had gone from wearing a B cup size bra to wearing a K cup size bra. Even her hips and waist had changed. She had a nice hourglass figure. Big breasts, small waist, and big hips. Her hair had taken on a silky texture as well.

“I have never been this sexually active before.” Tammy kisses Leland, as she shoves her tongue into his mouth.

Leland captures Tammy’s tongue and gently bites it. He loved the taste of her blood as it enters his mouth. He squeezes her ass cheeks and lets his claws dig into her.

A low moan escapes from Tammy’s throat as she feels Leland’s claws dig into the flesh of her ass cheeks and when he bites down on her tongue. There was a part of her that loved pain and liked it when he did things like he was doing to her. She feels him release her tongue as he lightly rakes his claws along the curve of her ass cheeks, leaving welts of blood behind. She has another orgasm from him doing that to her.

“God, I didn’t know you enjoyed a little pain with your sex.” Leland kisses Tammy.

“I didn’t either.” As she returns the kiss.

After a while, Leland stops kissing Tammy before she blacks out due to lack of air. He could tell she was content just laying on his chest and having him buried deep inside of her body. He could feel her vaginal muscles holding him in and milking his cock.

“So, have you decided how you’re going to find out how you ended up with Elf genes in your DNA?” Leland knew Tammy wanted to find out why she fully transformed into a female elf.

“Well, I know my mother did a DNA test for Ancestry.com and I did a family tree report of my family when I was in high school. My family didn’t come to the West coast until the 1920s. I do know on my father's side and my mother’s side that we have had members in every war there was. So, I’m betting my great, great, great grandfather when he came back from either World War 1 or World War 2 brought his wife back with him.”

“You have to remember, Tammy. Elves live for centuries, bearing sickness and being exposed to cold iron. So, your grandparents could have met them over here.” Leland looks into Tammy’s elven eyes.

“How can I find out?” Tammy looks down into Leland’s eyes.

“You could ask Sunny and Naeun. They have been around for a long time and they might know a spell or someone you can talk to.”

“That’s true. They have been around for a long time.” Tammy hadn’t thought about that.

“Let’s hop into the shower and go and see them.”

“Carry me like we are.” Tammy sits up so Leland could carry her to the bathroom.

“Oh, you are so attached to my cock.” Leland manages to get out of bed, with his cock still buried inside of Tammy.

He carries her into the bathroom and over to the shower. He watches her, as she adjusts the water temperature to what the two of them like and step inside. He presses her back up against the wall in the shower and starts pumping in and out of her, while the water cascaded down their bodies.

Half an hour later they come walking out of the bathroom. Tammy was walking kind of funny, with Leland watching her behind jiggle as she walked. There were claw marks on her back and teeth marks on her breasts.

“I’ll never be able to cover these teeth marks up unless I wear a t-shirt.” Tammy looks at the marks on top of her breasts.

“You wanted them.” Leland smacks Tammy on the ass as he walks by her.

“Not on top, where everyone can see them.” Tammy dries her body and pulls out her new corset. It had steel ribbing and would support her big breasts.

She slips the corset on and looks at Leland “can you tighten this up for me?”

“Sure, how tight do you want it?” As he starts pulling on the strings.

“Right, there.” Tammy takes a breath because Leland has made it so tight it was compressing her ribs.

Leland just smirks as he starts getting dressed as well. He was going casual today, which meant blue jeans, a t-shirt, and his favorite pair of cowboy boots. The boots themselves were custom-made for him. He turns around and notices Tammy was dressed as well. She had on the corset, tight faux leather skintight pants, and her hidden holster which held one of her XD’s.

Leland knew she didn’t go anywhere without one of her guns on her. Her permit and license were tucked down in her corset along with a few dollars she carries with her.

“Are you ready?” Leland watches as Tammy struggles to put on her stiletto high heels.

“Yeah, as soon as I get my heels on right.” Tammy finally gets her heels on.

“There.” She stands up. She had on her six-inch stiletto heels.

“Why you like wearing those, I’ll never know.”

“Because they make me look badass.” Tammy arranges her hair to hide her ears.

The two of them walk out of their hotel room. Tammy holds Leland’s hand as they walk to the elevator and walk inside it. They take the elevator down to the ground floor and walk out of the hotel they were staying in.

Sunny and Naeun were staying at a different hotel not far from theirs. Plus, Tammy loved feeling the sunlight on her breasts. The top portion of her breasts was exposed. She was holding Leland’s hand enjoying the walk.

“Mmmm! I love the feel of the sun on my skin.” Tammy felt energized after all the calories she burned having sex.

“It’s the breed of elf you are. Sunlight energizes you and makes you feel warm.” Leland could smell the fragrance of wildflowers coming off of Tammy.

“What do you mean the breed of elf?” Tammy was curious.

“Well, the smell of wildflowers is coming off you and with your golden hair, means you are a Spring type of elf. I bet you could cause flowers and such to bloom.” Leland figures with some training, Tammy could tap into her magical abilities.

“Do you think so?” Tammy looks at Leland for an answer.

“You’ll need a teacher to teach you how to tap into your magical abilities.”

“I can already tap into my magical abilities. Tiffany showed all of us how to do simple spells and how to tap into our magical natures.” That was how Tammy and the newcomers could hide who they were.

“Those are simple spells. What I am talking about takes more training. When you are done with this bodyguard job. I’ll show you how to tap into your real abilities.” He gives her hand a little squeeze.

After twenty minutes of walking, they arrive at the Embassy Suites in downtown Washington D.C. They head up to the fourth floor to room 420 and knock. A few seconds after they knock, the door opens revealing Becky in a French Maid outfit with a slight bulge to her stomach and wearing no panties.

“Did we interrupt anything?” Tammy walks into the room.

“No, I just got done having breakfast.” Becky licks her lips and closes the door behind them.

Sunny pats her knee for Becky to sit on. She was wearing a gaze dress that showed off her figure underneath it.

“Still not letting Becky wear any panties, Sunny?” Tammy has never seen Becky so subservient before.

“Why should she?” Sunny wraps her arm around Becky as she straddles her knee.

“For hygiene reasons.” Tammy noticed Sunny had her other hand between Becky’s legs and was fingering her.

“I keep her clean down there. Besides, she’s an elf now and we don’t have the same problems that normal human females have.” Sunny places a kiss on Becky’s cheek.

Becky was close to having an orgasm. She loved when Sunny used her and played with her vagina.

“Hold it, sweetie. You can only cum when I tell you.” Sunny had felt the sexual buildup inside of Becky.

“That gives me some ideas for you later tonight.” Leland had lend in and whispered to Tammy.

Tammy shivers when she feels Leland’s breath on her ears. She tries to compose herself.

“So, what brings you to our hotel room today, Tammy?” Sunny looks at Tammy for an answer.

“I need to know if there is a spell or someone, we can talk to that can tell me how I received the elf gene in my DNA.”

“I was wondering how you were transformed into an elf. I and Naeun had to share our blood with Sophia and Becky and then used magic to
turn them into dark elves to save them.”

“Could that had been done to someone in my bloodline?” Tammy was curious.

Sunny looks at Tammy and uses a simple spell to find out. The spell would reveal if her DNA had been changed at some point in her family. She drew on Becky’s magical energies as well to help her.

“No, it was already in your blood and your mate there activated it. If he hadn’t mated with you and used his special gift on you. It would have faded from your bloodline. Now, however, your full elf with no human DNA in your blood.”

“Please?” Becky was straining to keep from cumming.

“You may cum, sweetie.” Sunny makes a cup appear, just as Becky started squirting.

“Oh, I have never seen a woman do that before.” Leland was watching Becky with fascination.

“You mean Tammy has never cum like that?” A smile appears on Sunny’s face.

“Not yet, but I think she will tonight.” Leland had an evil smile on his face.

“Can we stay on point people?” Tammy was just as fascinated as Leland with what Becky did.

“To answer your question, there is a person here in Washington D.C. that can answer your question. She’s a member of the Archive group and she works over at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. She can help you and give you the answers you are looking for.”

“How does she do it?” Tammy was curious and puzzled at the same time.

“Beats me. All I know is, she’s got a talent for history and can give you exact details about anything or anyone.”

“Do we have to pay her anything for this information?” Leland knew there is always a cost for information.

“You’ll have to ask her that question. Sometimes she does things for free and other times, there is a small price to pay.” Sunny has only used her a few times.

“Thanks, Sunny. Are you going to be okay, Becky?” Tammy was a little concerned about her friend.”

“Oh, yes. I’m going to be fine.” Becky starts kissing Sunny and stroking Sunny’s cock.

“I think we better leave.” Leland turns Tammy around and walks out of their hotel room.
Tammy shakes her head “I have never seen Becky like that before.”

“It’s the mating bond between them. Becky is willing to do whatever Sunny wants her to do. In this case, Sunny wanted a mate that is always hungry for sex and subservient to her. Which only enhances how Becky must have been feeling subconsciously. She must have wanted to be the perfect wife.”

“So, it’s the mating bond fault?” Tammy was still trying to understand how that worked.

“Only thing the mating bond does, is bringing out your greatest desires. It also lets the couple know who what is. Is one mate happier being subservient to the other or vice versa? In your case, our mating bond has let me know you want to be equal, but you also want me to take charge and treat you like the slut you feel you are. You want to experience all sorts of sexual things and you’re willing and trusting enough to let me.”

Tammy blushes because she does feel like that. She wants to experience all sorts of sexual things and she wants Leland to show her those things. Just as she knows he wants her to do all sorts of sexual things that she would normally not do.

“I guess you get the better part of the mating bond.” She squeezes his hand.

“No, we both get what we want.” He squeezes her hand.

As they are walking, Tammy stops for a second “I forgot to get that person’s name from Sunny.”

“I’ve already got it. Sunny sent it to me privately.” Leland had asked before they left.

“You never told me you are telepathic.”

“I’m not, but Sunny is.”


Tammy and Leland walk over to the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. The metal detector went off when it detected her gun. Tammy had to pull her cards out that said she was allowed to carry them in a government building. Everyone on the team had to get them when they became bodyguards for the Senators and Congressmen they were assigned to protect.

Her Senator had flown back to their home state. Their team was only contracted for Washington D.C. Anywhere else had to be approved and paid for by the Senator and Congressman or woman. The guard on duty at first didn’t want to let her in but relented after he looked closer at her permit.

“For a second there, I didn’t think he was going to let us in.” Tammy tucks the permit back in the cups of her corset.

“Oh, he was seriously thinking about it, until he read the permit carefully.” Leland had watched Tammy.

“Gina knows how to cover us. I heard when she was negotiating the contract that she wanted us to have the same rights and responsibilities as a secret service agent.”

“I bet that went over well with the secret service.” Leland has met Gina Bounty and learned she was one woman you didn’t mess with.

“Oh, they learned why her last name was Bounty and why the private security company she runs has the best reputation.” Tammy liked Mrs. Bounty and her assistant.

“So, who are we looking for?” As Tammy stops to look at a display.

This was the first time she has been to the Smithsonian. It was also the first time she has been to Washington D.C. as well.

“Melanie Jones. She is a research professor that works here.” Leland looks at the display Tammy stopped at.

He’s been to Washington D.C. several times. He knew every inch of the place.

“Okay, do we just go up to an employee and ask to see her or go down to her office?” All of this was new to Tammy.

“Let’s try asking first.” Leland puts his hand around Tammy’s waist and gets her to follow him over to one of the roaming security guards.
Tammy leans into Leland as they walked towards an African American security guard. He was physically older than the two of them.

“Excuse me, sir, I was wondering if you could tell Professor Melanie Jones that she has some people who liked to talk with her, please.” Tammy was smiling at Security Officer Watershed.

Security Officer looks at the two people who had approached them. One was female and dressed all in black faux leather. She had beautiful shoulder-length blonde hair that covered her ears and framed her face.

The man standing next to her had a military-style haircut and had dark brown hair. He stood taller than the woman, even with the six-inch stiletto heels she was wearing. He looked like he could be a professional wrestler or boxer the way he was built.

“Is she expecting you?” Officer Watershed kept watching the couple.

“No, but we would like to talk to her about a matter that is important.” Tammy kept smiling at Security Officer Watershed.

“Let me see if I can get her for you.” Watershed walks over to one of the house phones and dials her extension.

Professor Melanie Jones Office:
Karen was sitting at the professor’s desk working on the assignment she gave her to complete. One of the researchers they worked with found an unusual object out in the desert and sent it to them to identify. She already knew a little bit about it, because she had found one of them and it had turned her into what she currently looked like.

While she is sitting at the desk looking through the microscope, the desk telephone starts ringing. She looks up from the microscope and lowers her glasses back down onto her face. She reaches over and picks the receiver up “hello, Professor Jones office, Karen speaking. What can I do for you?”

“Karen, this is Security Officer Watershed up here at the main exhibit. I have a couple here that would like to talk to Professor Jones. Is she currently available?” Watershed has met the professor’s new assistant. She looked like she belonged in high school.

“She’s currently working on a new artifact, but I’ll see if she will be willing to talk with them. Please hold.” Karen puts Security Officer Watershed on hold.

She spins around on the chair she is sitting in and looks over at Professor Jones. She was standing nearby at a large table examining the artifact that came in.

“Hey Melanie, there’s a couple upstairs that wants to talk to you about something.” Karen brushes the reddish-orange color hair out of her eyes. She hated the color and the fact that it kept getting in the way.

“Did they say what it was about?” Melanie kept looking at the artifact under the magnifying glass.

“Nope. Do you want me to go and get them or tell Mr. Watershed to send them on their way?” Karen didn’t care either way.

“No, go ahead and bring them down here. This artifact isn’t going to reveal any more of its secret to me today.” Melanie looks over at Karen and couldn’t believe she was turned into a teenager by some alien artifact.

Lately, there have been forty accidental or purposeful transformations in Utah, Arizona, and Nevada areas of the United States. A few had been found in New York and the deep south, but the largest concentration of them have been in those states.

Karen had been a sixty-year-old man from Colorado who loved to explore and had been accidentally changed when he sat on one of those alien devices. Two days later, he discovered that he had been turned into a teenage girl with reddish-orange long hair.

“Alright, I’ll go and retrieve them.” Karen walks out of the lab/office she was working out of with Professor Jones.

She uses her keycard to enter the elevator and enter. She presses the lobby button and feels the elevator head upwards. She was still getting uses to her new body and the things she was experiencing with it. It was a good thing she had experience in raising girls because she was currently experiencing what it felt like to have a period and hated it.

When the elevator stops and the doors open, she walks towards the main exhibit. The long hallway she had to walk down, lead to other areas in the museum.

“Dr. Jones is sending her assistant to retrieve you.” Security Officer Watershed hangs the phone up.

“Thank you.” Leland still had his arm around Tammy’s waist.

Tammy has gotten used to Leland being a little possessive of her. It was the tiger inside of him that liked to keep her close. She just leans against him and waits for Professor Jones's assistant to arrive.

Karen enters the main exhibit hall and spots Security Officer Watershed standing with a tall blonde hair woman dress in black leather biker chick clothes. She was leaning against a man with his arm around her waist. He had military-style hair cut and his hair was dark brown. He looked like he could be a professional wrestler or something. He was as tall as she was even with the heels she was wearing.

Leland spots a teenage-looking girl with long reddish-orange color hair looking at them. She looked like she was at least five feet tall and was skinny. She had no chest whatsoever. He could tell she had hazel color eyes and a cute face.

“That must be Professor Jones's assistant.” He mentally informs Tammy.

Tammy looks at the young girl. She couldn’t believe someone so young who should be in high school as an assistant.

“God, she looks so young to be an assistant.”

Karen walks up to the couple and stops. She holds her hand out to shake them “I’m Karen Jones and I’m Professor Jones's assistant.”

Tammy shakes Karen’s hand “I’m Tammy Beck and this is my husband, Leland Vega. It’s nice to meet you.”

Leland shakes the young girl’s hand as well. His power couldn’t get a read on her. Which was curious to him.

“It’s nice to meet you two as well. So, Security Officer Watershed says you would like to speak to my mentor and boss Professor Jones. Can I ask what it is about?” Karen was curious about the couple standing before her.

“Well, is there somewhere we can speak in private? I don’t feel comfortable talking about this matter around others.” Tammy didn’t know who was around them.

“Yes. If you’ll follow me, please.” Karen’s curiosity was piqued now.

She turns and starts heading back towards the hallway and elevator. Once they were in the elevator and were heading down to the sublevels.

“So, can you explain to me now?” Karen looks at Tammy.

“Well, it is kind of strange that I’m about to tell you.”

“It can’t be any weirder than what I have experience.” Karen still hasn’t gotten uses to her new body.

“How so?” Leland was curious now.

“I would rather hear what you have to say before I say anything.” Karen looks at the two of them. She was rather short compared to them.

“Well, the short of it is, I use to be human before I was exposed to magical energies and transformed into this.” Tammy moves her hair aside to show her elven ears.

“What did you use to look like?” Karen was curious. Because this was the first time, she has heard of someone transformed by magic, instead of alien technology.

“Like this.” Tammy pulls out her cellphone from a hidden pocket on her corset.

She brings up a picture of her former self. She shows Karen the picture. She was dressed in her Golden Eagle uniform after a competition they had been in.

Karen looks at the picture and then back at Tammy. She does a second look and couldn’t believe the change.

“Where were you exposed to the magic that did this to you?” Karen was watching Tammy and Leland.

“My ability allows me to activate whatever ability you might posse. When I mated with my wife, I activated a dormant gene that was in her DNA.”

“Which I would assume was from an Elven family member that intermarried with your family?” Karen has been reading up on all the tomes and books Professor Jones gave her to increase her knowledge.

The thing was when she was changed. Her ability to recall and store information had increased. She could recall everything she has seen, read, smelled, and experienced.

Karen looks at Leland “that would mean you are some sort of Were, aren’t you?”

“Yes.” Leland gives Karen an evil smile.

“Can it, I’m not impressed. I’ve seen things that would turn you pale.” Karen has experienced some strange things while working with Professor Jones.

The elevator stops and the doors open “if you’ll follow me, please.” Karen starts walking towards Professor Jones's lab/office.

Tammy and Leland follow behind Karen. They walk into a huge room, that could double as a warehouse. Tammy and Leland feel a tingling sensation on their skin as they pass through the door.

“What was that?” Tammy rubs her arms.

“That was the security field identify you and recording you. This room and several others on this floor have a very special security system.
That’s what you have felt.”

“So, does everyone in the government know about this?” Tammy was looking at Karen for an answer when an older voice replies.

“Only certain members of congress and the pentagon do. Some presidents of the past have learned about the research we do.” Melanie had spotted Karen and the couple that came to see her.

“How about the current president? Does he know anything about what goes on here?” Leland was curious and he knew Tammy was as well.

“No, it's kept from him and his supporters in Congress. He’s too mentally unbalance to learn about what goes on here.” Melanie was glad the fool didn’t know.

“That’s good to hear. The reason we have come seeking you out, Professor. Is I was wondering if you could tell me how my family line ended up with an elven DNA in our bloodline?” Tammy watched Professor Jones as she walked towards them.

“Let me get a sample of your blood and I should be able to tell you what you need to know.” Professor Jones holds her hand out toward Tammy.

“Professor, she’s already been transformed by her husband into what she is now.” Karen felt Professor Jones should know.

“It won’t matter. I can still see her family history.” Professor Jones kept her hand out.

Tammy tentatively places her hand in Professor Jones's hand. She flinches when Professor Jones cuts her hand quickly and blood forms. She watches with fascination as droplets of blood float up and over to a crystal ball.

When the blood drops down onto the surface of the ball, it glows, and several images appear. It shows what Tammy use to be and shows her devolving to when she was first formed in her mother’s womb. It does this several times until it gets to when the elven DNA was introduced into her mother’s side of the family line. The woman it shows matched exactly who she looked like now.

“It seems you have inherited your great-grandmother's looks.” Professor Jones couldn’t believe how much of twins they looked.

“How far back is this?” Tammy looks at her great-grandmother.

“1500’s, I would say. It seems your great grandmother was of royal blood.” Professor Jones was watching the images.

“Do I have any siblings or relatives still living that carry her blood?” Tammy was curious.

“Unfortunately, no. You’re the last one until you have the children you are carrying inside of you.” Professor Jones had sensed that Tammy was pregnant right now.

“Children?” Leland looks at Professor Jones with a surprised look on his face.

“She’s going to have identical twins and they will be female.” Professor Jones had a smile on her face.

Tammy places her hand over her womb. She knew she was pregnant, but she didn’t know she was having twins.

“Are they going to be like me or my husband?” Tammy was curious.

“One will inherit your husband’s ability, but her transformation will come from her elven magical blood, and your other daughter will be like you. She can weld magic if you find a teacher for her and be able to enchant her weapons to hurt supernatural creatures.”

“That crystal ball is sure about that?” Leland was a little skeptical about what Professor Jones was saying.

“Yes, this crystal ball use to belong to the great Madam lava Sevryukova. The reason I use your blood on it is it does better.”

“Can you tell me what my great-grandmother’s name was?” Tammy wanted to know who her great-grandmother was.

“She was Catherine of Aragon. You are a direct descendant of hers and look just like her.” Professor Jones brings up a picture of Catherine.

“Wow! She does look like her identical twin.” Karen was surprised and so was Leland.

The image disappears after Tammy takes a picture of her. She saves it to the cloud and looks at Professor Jones.

“So, what do we owe you for doing this for me?” Tammy had been warned by Sunny there was always a cost.

“Nothing right now, but somewhere down the line, I may require your and your husband’s help with something. It won’t be something that goes against your morals, I promise you that. Just know I will require a favor for a favor.”

“We can live with that.” Leland has done similar deals before.

“Thank you for all you have done for me.” Tammy shakes Professor Jones's hand. She notices Professor Jones may be old but has a strong grip.

“You’re welcome, my dear.” Professor smiles at Tammy like a proud mother.

“Here, let me show you back to the main exhibit.” Karen grabs her security badge and escorts Tammy and Leland out of the office.

By the time Leland and Tammy get to the main exhibit. They noticed how long they have been down below talking with Professor Jones.

“Let’s go and get some food.” Leland heard Tammy’s stomach growl.

“I agree with you.” Tammy felt better knowing more about herself. She places a kiss on Leland’s cheek.

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This was

Samantha Heart's picture

An intresting stand alone that ties in to the other stories. I like this one.

Love Samantha Renée Heart.