Night of the Cow

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I exited out of fullscreen, grinning to myself. I could still picture the two girls going at it, clear as day. The entire video was practically embedded in my brain at this point. It was one of my absolute favorite porn videos; not a lot of plot - but you could tell from the way the girls touched each other that they actually cared for one another’s pleasure. Since it was an amateur video, I was willing to bet that they were in a relationship in real life.

Not that it was any of my business. I was just an avid fan. I used that video whenever I needed to “prime” myself - usually about half an hour before my wife came home. It’d become such a habit that I’d done it at the usual time today without even thinking about it, only to remember halfway through that my wife was going to be late.

I probably should have turned the video off then and there. That would have been the smart thing to do. But then I hit the ten-twenty timestamp, where the brunette nips the blonde’s thigh, causing her to let out an adorable little scream, and just like that, I’d gotten sucked in again.

Now I was stuck with a boner so hard it was painful, and a bulge in my sweatpants so big that it could probably be seen from outer space. I could take care of things myself… but the whole reason for this setup was so that I could give Mary a little stress relief after she got home from work. She liked to fuck almost as much as I did.

I just needed a way to take my mind off things. Thankfully, I had something that fit the bill. Mary herself had brought it home, hoping to add yet more variety to our sex life. Between the bondage, the candle wax, and the light spankings I thought we were pretty covered already, but hey, if my wife wanted to spice things up I wasn’t going to object.

Placing my laptop on the end table, I got up from the recliner and moved to the bookshelf. I found what I was looking for right where I left it, tucked between Naughty Knots, and my signed copy of Demon Queened: a book of transformation - one focused specifically on naughty forms. I’d leafed through it already, and it had options for pretty much everything. I could buff up my current form and stay human, I could turn into a satyr (known for their insatiable sexual appetites), or I could become a dragon man, known for everlasting stamina. The book came complete with pictures of each species, and details about their behaviors, so that people would know exactly what they were in for. 

The only real problem with it was that Mary had bought it second-hand, at a thrift shop. There were stains on the book - chocolate, and jam mostly. I didn’t want to know why someone was eating while reading it, but I was glad that the stickiness didn’t come from anything worse. As it was, the stains were so bad that entire sections of pages would sometimes clump together, and you’d have to carefully leaf through it bit by bit.

It was in a relatively clean section of the book that I found something interesting: The Virile Minotaur Transformation. Apparently, my face would become that of an anthropomorphized bull, while my body would bulk up considerably. From the book’s description, minotaurs were known for insatiable appetites and endless endurance, as well as strong seed. Not that it would matter with me wearing a condom, but it would be fun for roleplaying, especially since we both had something of a breeding kink.

I turned to the page for the spell and began to read.

Drosicka Loreesh, norvess moreen. Flendora mortoon teless, Holstaur!

The moment the last word rang forth, a tingle ran across my skin. I glanced down at my arm. I’d always felt a little self-conscious about just how little body hair I actually had, but the minotaur depicted in the book was fairly hirsute, so I was expecting great things.

Which made it all the more surprising when what arm-hair I did have began to fall out.

“H-huh? That doesn’t seem right…”

I didn’t have much time to think about it though, before I felt a sudden intense itching on my scalp. I reached up and found two budding points in the middle of my head. Horns! From the way the book was illustraited, they were supposed to get large and pointy like a bull’s, but for some reason, the horns stopped growing almost immediately, leaving me with two tiny nubs.

Even stranger, the weight on my neck kept increasing and my head was beginning to feel heavier and heavier, despite the lack of horn growth. The cause was my red hair, which had already grown down to my ass by the time I noticed what was happening. It continued growing a few more inches, ending around my upper thighs.

“What’s going on?” I shouted, fear creeping into my voice. Had I said the wrong words? A miscast spell was serious business! But I’d read it so carefully...

A sudden rumble in my stomach caused me to press a hand to my abs. Except… I didn’t have abs anymore. The minotaur spell was meant to make me burlier, but now my washboard stomach was suddenly flat as an ironing board. Where were the muscles I had worked so hard to train?

It wasn’t just my abs, either. My arms were slender as toothpicks and felt like they had about as much tensile strength. My legs were covered by my sweats, but I was willing to bet they were the same. It was honestly scary to have the strength I’d trained over years disappear in what felt like an instant.

“Okay,” I whispered to myself, “I just need to thi~ink!” My voice cracked in the middle of the last word, and my throat began to burn. When I reached a hand up to touch the spot, I was surprised to find that the area was completely smooth. My Adam’s apple, which had always been prominent, was nowhere to be seen. 

“Th-this can’t be happening,” I assured myself, pulling my hand back. My voice told a different story. It was usually deep, and a little gruff. Now it was high-pitched, breathy, and honestly… cute. 

It was fairly obvious what was happening, no matter how little I wanted to admit it. I didn’t want to consider the fact that I might have mangled the spell so badly, I’d not only messed up the species but even the gender. Reality wasn’t kind enough to share my denial, though. As if to hammer home the final nail in my coffin, I felt a sudden heat gathering behind my nipples. Grabbing the hem of my white tee, I tugged it up and over my head in time to see my areola swell to the size of quarters. It might have just been my eyes playing tricks on me, but I thought my nipples were a little bigger, too.

“I’m… turning into a girl…”

As if my words were the final trigger, my chest began to swell. Starting first as two baby bumps, little more than bee stings, my breasts grew bigger and bigger before my eyes. Without thinking, I pressed my hand against the growing boobs, only to nearly whiteout from a sudden bolt of pleasure as my palms squashed down my nipples. 

“Wh-what was th-thaaat?” I let out a low moan as my tits overspilled the confines of my hands, my flesh pressing pleasurably against my fingers. When it got to the point where two hands wouldn’t quite be able to close around a single breast, the growth finally stopped. 

“N...No way!” I protested, trying to deny the reality before me. My hands lifted up to my ears, as my face began to itch. I could feel my cheekbones shifting, and my nose shrinking. My entire face re-molded itself, bit by bit, but I kept my hands on my ears and squeezed my eyes shut, trying to block it all out.

That plan fell apart when my ears began to change, becoming elongated and furry. From the feel of them, I thought them similar to a cow’s. Did that mean I’d gotten the species right after all? But my head didn’t feel at all like a bull’s, anthropomorphized or not.

Forcing my eyes open, I looked down at myself. The first things to greet me were my own obvious breasts, large and surprisingly perky, despite their lack of support. My areola had gotten even larger, ending up the size of half dollars, and my nipples were standing at attention. Or maybe it would be more accurate to say they were begging for attention.

But the transformation wasn’t done yet. Even as I stayed focused on my tits, I could feel my lower body shifting beneath my sweats. With grim curiosity driving me, I shoved my pants and boxers down over my swelling ass and hips, dropping them to the floor and stepping out from them. A moment later, as if to take advantage of the open air, I felt something sprout above my backside. It was a long and thin tail, with a tuft of fur at the end. What’s more, white fur with black spots was beginning to sprout across my legs. Soon my entire lower body was encased in a thin coating of fur.

Next to change were my feet. My toes pressed into one another, becoming hard and black, before slowly merging into bizarre, cloven hooves. Unable to stand properly on these things straight out the gate, my arms windmilled as I tried desperately to keep my balance. If I hadn’t been close enough to the recliner to flop down on it, I would have fallen onto my newly fat ass. 

As it was, sitting on my bubble butt, staring down at my fuzzy crotch, I had the perfect seat to watch as my dick started to shrink. 

“No!” I cried out, reaching for it, trying to keep it from vanishing. But it was no use. I could feel something opening, and then a slit that hadn’t been there before eagerly slurped my little buddy inside. My balls followed right after, the bag turning into soft folds as the testicles disappeared inside me.

The transformation ended with one final change: a warmth that radiated out from slightly above my pelvis. Even without being able to see it, I knew what it was. I’d just grown a uterus.

“This can’t be happening,” I repeated, trying to make myself believe it. Compared to the reality before me, my words weren’t that convincing, though.

My eyes traveled down to the book. Had I really gotten the spell wrong? If I had, there was no telling when this would wear off. That would be bad. You couldn’t overlap transformation spells, casting another to cancel out the first - you had to wait for them to wear off naturally. In the worst-case scenario, this could be permanent.

I read over the spell again. It didn’t feel like I’d missed any of the words, but memory alone made it hard to tell. Was it possible I’d mispronounced one of them? It was hard to believe that a simple misread would have resulted in all this. Most of the time misspeaking a word would only lead to a failed casting.

I flipped the book back over to the minotaur page, looking for the duration of the spell, hoping that the time constraints, at least, hadn’t changed. Except when I flipped the page, I didn’t land on the minotaur.

“The Fertile Holstaur transformation? The pages were stuck together!?” I cursed furiously at the empty room, but honestly, I was relieved. If I’d simply read the wrong spell, then it would eventually wear off. Glancing at the bottom of the page, it looked like I had twenty-four hours as a holstaur to look forward to.


Morbidly curious, I looked at the picture of a holstaur. It featured a girl with furry legs and a tail, as well as cute little horns poking from her head. The girl in the picture was clutching one of her breasts, with her head tilted back, and her mouth open in what was probably meant to be a “moo.”

My eyes traveled to the description, only to dart up from the book entirely when I heard the doorknob turn. I stood up quickly, accidentally fumbling the book so that it tumbled to the floor. I almost went with it, thanks to the damn hooves, but my wife caught me before I hit the ground, turning me up to stare into her eyes.

“Well hello there, hot stuff,” she said with a grin. “I don’t suppose you’d know where my beefy husband got off to?”

“H-Hi Mary,” I managed, my cheeks bright red. “It’s… Um…. Surprise?”

“Surprise, huh?” Mary set me on my feet, and gave me a slight push, likely meant only to give herself a little space. Unfortunately, with me completely off balance thanks to my hooves, that little push was enough to send me tumbling backward into the chair.

“Oops. Sorry! Guess you’re still getting used to the new body?”

I nodded, my face heating with embarrassment. 

“So, I see you were messing around with the spellbook. I’m surprised you picked a female form. I mean, not that I’m against experimentation, but you’ve always been pretty firm about wanting to look manly.” She leaned forward, pouting at him, “And it would have been nice to discuss it first.”

“S-sorry,” I whispered, looking down at the floor in shame. “It was… um… actually an accident? I wanted to be a minotaur…” I gripped my thick thighs tightly as I spoke, unable to help the scarlet blush that now adorned my cheeks.

“Honey...” Mary’s fingers gently cupped my face, lifting my head and forcing me to look at her. 

She really was a beautiful woman. She had long blonde hair that went down to her midback, soft brown eyes that always lit up when she was happy, and deep red lips which were currently pulled into an amused smile.

“Honey,” she repeated, speaking firmly but softly. “It’s a temporary form, okay? It’ll wear off. And if you aren’t fond of it, then I’ll try not to tease you about it. Even if you do look adorable right now.”

“But I don’t want to look adorable,” I whined, pulling out of her grip and crossing my arms beneath my chest. I knew it made me look petulant, especially with my lower lip sticking out in a pout. I couldn’t help it, though. “I just wanted to look hot for moo...” Wait. Moo?

“I mean…” Mary’s eyes flicked up and down over my form, distracting me from my worries. The expression on her face was one I’d never seen before - hungry, and a little predatorial. She licked her lips, and a shiver ran down my spine.

“Mary… A-are moo… Um… Actually interested in me like this?”

“Is that so surprising?” she asked, smirking. 

“I um… Well. I always thought moo were straight?” She’d always seemed interested enough in sex with me, after all.

“I am,” she assured me. “Or. I guess, I just always assumed so? I mean, you were my first and only boyfriend, so it’s not like I really got to experiment.”

“O-Oh…” Then… Did she want to experiment? I was a little afraid to ask. If she said yes, then I’d probably end up agreeing to it. But did I really want to have sex in this form? What if it… changed me somehow? I knew I was being ridiculous, but I couldn’t get it out of my head that there would be ‘no going back’ if I had sex as a woman.

“You know… we don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to, but it would be sort of a waste if we didn’t take advantage, don’t you think?”

My thoughts momentarily flicked over to the video I had been watching earlier. The two girls touching each other. Their fingers entering one another, their lips playing against each other... That could be me and Mary. The thought made me feel… warm.

“I-I don’t know,” I managed to stammer out after a long moment, trying to shake the thought from my head. It wouldn’t be like the video, no matter what we did. Because I wasn’t really a girl, despite how I looked.

“No pressure,” Mary promised, stepping back to give me a little space. “Though I do hope you’ll consider it. It might be a lot of fun…”

“Fun, huh?” I muttered, mostly to myself. It wasn’t like I wasn’t curious. My thoughts shifted again to the video. The warmth I’d felt earlier returned - centered on my crotch. I could feel myself growing moist, an entirely alien feeling, and my cheeks turned bright red as I realized I was experiencing arousal like a woman.

“For now, why don’t I read up on your new species?” Mary suggested, reaching down to grab the book I’d dropped. She flipped through the pages for a few moments, as she sat down on the arm of the chair beside me.

“Let’s see…” She read aloud. “Holstaurs. ‘Naturally shy, they are nevertheless eager to please those close to them. Highly submissive by nature, they will do almost anything to bring their partners joy. They are well known for their large tits, which produce milk at a constant rate. It is said to grow quite painful if they go more than twelve hours without a milking.’”

“What!? Give me that!” I demanded, reaching for the book.

Mary tugged it away with a grin. “Say please.”

If my cheeks were warm before, now they were on fire. I wanted to yell at her to stop joking, but instead, I found myself ducking my head down and staring at the ground in embarrassment. Was this the result of the submission they’d mentioned? Was it already affecting me? First I started mooing, now this...

“Please,” I managed, after a moment of building myself up. “I- I want to see what’s happening to me.”

“Huh?” Mary tilted her head slightly to the side, her eyes turned towards the cieling, like she always did when she was thinking about something. After a minute, her lips pulled into a smile, and she held the book out to me. “Alright. Feel free to read about what’s happening, all. You. Want. But after, you’re going to have to let me at those tits..”

“H-huh!?” I stammered. “M-Moo can’t… Moo’re not serious, are moo? I mean. I… I don’t…. I haven’t even agreed to…”

“Oh, relax,” Mary laughed, good-naturedly. “I don’t mean for sex, unless you want to,” There was a pregnant moment as she looked me over, as if judging my reaction. Maybe she enjoyed my embarrassed expression because she smiled before continuing. “But the book says you need milking - you wouldn’t want to find out what it feels like after twelve hours, would you?”

“N-no… but… do we have to do it now?” I asked, fidgeting in my chair.

“Well, if we don’t do it before bed, and you end up waking up in the middle of the night from need - you better not expect me to wake up with you,” she warned.

I swallowed hard. Was that a possibility? The book said it got painful after half a day, but it probably became uncomfortable well before. A milking probably would help me sleep through the night.

“A-Alright,” I agreed, shuddering from head to hoof. “Okay. But can I please read the book first?”

“Of course, babe!” she agreed, handing the book over.

I took it with trembling fingers, scanning the contents. They were exactly as she had read to me, though seeing the words myself made them feel much more real. Apparently, my new species was naturally submissive, eager to please… and had a very high libido. As should perhaps be expected, considering the source material...

“Why is it so different than the male version!?” I complained, angrilly slamming the book shut and dropping it on the table, on top of my laptop. 

“Who knows?” Mary shrugged, but the smile on her lips was anything but annoyed. “Does it really matter, though?”

“It does to me.”

“Complaining won’t solve anything,” Mary pointed out, “but feel free to keep doing it. Assuming you can keep it up while I’m sucking on those tits.”

“S-sucking?” I parroted, eyes wide.

“Well, you wouldn’t want all that milk to go to waste, would you?” she pouted. “I could put it all in a glass if you’d prefer…?”

“N-no. It’s fine. I just… didn’t expect it…” My cheeks, which had finally begun to regain their original color, were again red as a brick. I knew that Mary was teasing me, at least in part. If I said no, she would back off without complaint. But by the same token, if I didn’t say no, then she would most definitely go through with it. Already she was leaning down, her lips coming closer and closer to my exposed nipple. In another second it would be too late.

“W-” I lost my nerve at the last second, and started to protest, but by then her lips were on my nipple. The simple brushing of her soft flesh against my hard peak was enough to make my entire body go rigid. Then her wet red lips actually sealed themselves around my nipple and my world went white as milk. I was distantly aware of her pulling on my teat. The part of me that knew she was drinking from me felt even more pleased, knowing that I was sating someone’s thirst. But all of that was secondary to the sheer, unadulterated pleasure that was running through my being. 

“There,” Mary declared, gasping for breath. “That’s one breast done. How are you holding up?”

“Moo….” I found myself staring at the ceiling, the white light of the overhead lamp blaring down on me. Mary had just said… something, but it took me a moment to review it in my head.

“I-I mean… Um… Fine. I’m fine. Th-That was just one breast, though?”

“Uh-huh… Do you want me to wait a little before going to the next one?” Mary asked the question, but from the way she was biting her lower lip, and staring at my other tit, I could tell what answer she wanted. It was sweet that she was willing to hold back for my sake, but...

I shook my head rapidly, red hair whipping from side to side. Honestly, I didn’t want to wait a moment more than necessary for that pure pleasure’s assault.

“Good. Because that milk was delicious.” 

With those lascivious words, Mary again lowered herself to my breast. Her lips sealed themselves about my teat, and she began to suckle. This time, though, I wasn’t washed away by the pleasure. Not that it felt any less wonderful. Indeed, the edges of my vision were already slipping back into that blessed white. But somehow, it felt like I could hold onto my awareness of the world this time. I could feel her tongue darting against my nipple, each stroke bringing with it a new burst of delight. I could feel her lips, clenched tight around my areola, and her teeth, which occasionally grazed my most sensitive skin.

All too soon, Mary parted from my teat. Then, with a smile, she leaned forward to press her lips against mine. My mouth opened to accept her, and the sweet taste of my own milk touched upon my tongue. It was so sweet…

“Moo… I-I mean, more?” I pleaded with my eyes, ignoring the pitiful noise that had slipped unthinkingly past my lips.

“You’re certainly eager to please,” Mary teased, “but if you want more, it’ll have to be on my terms. I mean, holstaurs are supposed to be submissive, aren’t they?”

I hesitated. I was usually the dominant one. But, wouldn’t it be nice to let someone else take the lead? Or was that just the holstaur in me talking? But… I was a holstaur, and I was having fun, so… What was the point in resisting?

“A-alright,” I conceded, with some trepidation. “If... If moo promise to make me feel good, then I’ll let moo do whatever moo want with me…”

“Good girl.” My wife again leaned forward to again capture one of my nipples in her mouth. This time, she nipped at my teat as she pulled away, sending a thrilling mix of pleasure and pain running through my being.

“That felt moo-d… I mean good!”

Mary laughed at my mistake, then reached out to touch my forehead. Her fingers momentarily lingered on my horn, then wove themselves through my long red hair.

“You know, I never thought of myself as a lesbian... But after kissing your nipples… Hmmm. I think I’d be fine with a girl, too.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” I demanded, worried. Was my wife going to leave me for a girl once I turned back? I didn’t want that!

But Mary laughed, ignoring my words. 

“I wonder,” she mused, leaning forward to kiss me between my breasts, and lick the taught flesh that stretched between them.

I glowered down at her, not liking the lack of an answer. I couldn’t maintain it long though, not when she kept kissing and sucking on my tits, nipping the flesh every few seconds, before licking the spot she’d bit. 

“You know,” she murmured, coming up for air after a few minutes, “considering how eager holstaurs are supposed to be, you’ve been letting me do a lot of the pleasing…”

“Did you want me to return the favor?” I’d be happy to! I wanted to remind my wife that I knew her body better than anyone - and to convince her that I could bring her more pleasure than anyone else on the planet. 

“Please me, and I’ll think about returning the favor,” she said with an exaggerated scoff. 

I laughed at her playful teasing and started to get up but the moment I rose to my hooves, I started to fall again. Thankfully,, Mary’s hands slipped beneath my arms before I could hit the floor, and I found myself pulled snugly against her chest.

She was strong. I’d never really thought about it before, considering I had been stronger. Sure, she always worked out with me, but since she didn’t have as much ‘showy’ muscle, it had never really registered that she was building strength too. But my new body was significantly weaker, and when I was held against her breast by arms that were well defined by hard work, I couldn’t help but marvel at just how strong she really was.

It was strange, though. Why did being held by someone strong make me feel so much safer than my own muscles ever had?

“You’re so light,” my wife laughed, sliding one of her arms down to squeeze my ass. Then, before I could respond, she scooped me up into her arms, one hand supporting my back and the other still on my rear. “There we go. Kind of nice to be the one doing this for once…”

I didn’t say anything. I just ducked my head and hoped to the heavens she wouldn’t notice that my cheeks had turned red as my hair, all over again. Why did this feel so good? It had to be the holstaur transformation, right? It was messing with my head. But it would be over in less than twenty-four hours! I just had to hold on.

Mary carried me down the hallway, and into the open bedroom, kicking the door as she passed to make room for me. When we reached the bed, she smiled down at me, and for a moment I thought she was going to kiss me. Instead, she pressed her lips into my cleavage and sucked at the taut skin between my breasts.

“Hmmm… You taste good,” she cooed when she was done, before tossing me onto the springy mattress and grinning down on me.

“Moo!” I yelled, angrily crossing my arms beneath my chest. “I mean. Did moo have to do that, right then? Couldn’t moo have kissed me and whispered how much moo love me in my ear or something?”

“Sorry, sorry,” Mary apologized, laughing. “You were just so cute, I couldn’t help but take a taste.”

“Moo… I-I guess it’s fine,” I submitted, gazing down at the bed. What was wrong with me? Getting embarrassed just because my wife called me cute. And after I’d protested “adorable” just a few minutes earlier! Were the mental changes progressing? Would I want to be a holstaur forever by the time the spell was over?

“If I didn’t know any better… I’d think you were enjoying this,” Mary teased, leaning down to kiss my cheek.

“Moo! I’m not! It’s just this stupid spell… Making me feel like a real girl does, I guess.”

“That so?” Mary challenged. There was a dangerous glint in her eyes, and her lips held a playful smirk. “So it’s just the spell making you act like this, huh?”

“Of course it is!” I insisted. “I mean, why else would I suddenly feel so weird and… girly?”

“Why else, indeed?” Mary mused, with a casual little shrug.

“Moo!?” I pushed myself up on my arms, staring at her in disbelief. . “What’s that’s supposed to mean?”

“I wonder?” She laughed, responding without really answering. Dropping her hands to her waist, she wriggled out of her black skirt, exposing her underwear.

“I don’t like it when moo hide things from me,” I complained. “We shouldn’t have secrets!”

“Really?” Mary arched a neatly trimmed eyebrow. “Then I’ll be sure to answer all your questions… after you’ve earned it.” She stepped out of her skirt and then tugged her white blouse over her head, tossing it expertly into the hamper. That left her standing over me in only her black underwear and shiny red heels. 

“Let me guess - I earn the answers by making moo cream?” It was my turn to laugh. Mary really did have a one-track mind sometimes, and she’d come home to this after a long day of work… I wasn’t going to argue if she needed a little stress relief, before ending whatever game she was playing.

“Not quite,” she countered. “You get the answers by following my instructions. And my first instruction is to put your head between my legs and lick.”

I nodded, an easy grin playing across my face as I positioned myself on the bed. Mary remained standing, and in her heels, she was at just the right height for me to simply lean forward and press my head into her crotch... just as soon as I did something about her underwear.

“Uh-uh,” she chastised, smacking my hand away when I reached for her black panties. “You do that with your teeth, this time.”

My teeth? But that was so… embarrassing! I’d never allow myself to be caught dead doing something like that… But I wasn’t exactly myself, was I? I was someone else. Someone ...submissive, and cute. And what would my current self do if ordered to take off another girl’s panties with her teeth? She’d give in, of course!

I leaned forward, gripping hold of the elastic band with my teeth and eagerly tugging downard. It slipped from my grip, just as I was getting it over her hips, and snapped back into place. I let out a mournful “Moooo!” in frustration and then leaned forward to try again. This time I managed to tug it entirely down past her thighs and dropped them down to the floor.

“Good girl,” Mary hummed, running her fingers through my hair.

I didn’t respond or even lift my face. If I did, she would surely see how pleased and embarrassed her words had made me. She’d never let me live it down.

Instead, I leaned forward to press my lips against her tight slit. She gasped above me, which encouraged me to start pushing my tongue inside. To my surprise, she grabbed hold of my hair and I was tugged firmly away from her nethers.

“Now now,” she chastised, “I’ll give you orders on when and how to use your tongue. Understood?”

I tried to nod, but her grip on my hair was too tight, and a spark of pain ran through my skull. Instead, I let out a small, quiet, “Yes.”

“Yes what?” she demanded, tugging at my hair again.

“Ah! Y-yes, moostress!” 

“Good cow. Now start licking - slowly.”

I did as Mary instructed, pressing my tongue against her slit, and again starting to work it inside. I went slow, this time, as instructed, and my reward was a quiet little moan of pleasure from my wife.

“Faster,” she demanded, and again I did as I was told. My tongue began to move quicker, darting in and out. 

“Now use your thumb on my clit.”

I lifted my head from her crotch to make room for my hand and gently pressed my fingers against her smooth skin. I could feel the faint blonde stubble of her landing strip, too small and fair to see. My thumb brushed against her clit, eliciting a soft moan.

“K-kiss me, honey,” Mary breathed. I obeyed, pressing my lips against her slit, and moving my tongue inside her, licking and sucking. More instructions came - how to move my tongue, how fast to go, what to do with my fingers. I obeyed every command, and at last, was rewarded by the sweet taste of my wife’s cum as she screamed.

“Good cow,” she let out, breathless.

“Then moo’ll tell me what moo meant, earlier?” I asked her, bouncing eagerly. “About what might be making me act this way? Assuming moo weren’t just joking, I mean...”

“In a second,” she promised, with another smirk. “I’m not finished giving you orders. If nothing else, when a pretty girl gets you off, you’re expected to return the favor, right?”

I flushed and nodded, not trusting myself to speak. If something other than the spell was affecting me mentally, making me more… submissive and girly, then I wanted to know. But if there really was something I needed to worry about, I thought for sure that Mary would tell me. The fact that she hadn’t yet meant it was probably nothing. Just a prank or something.

“Good girl,” Mary said, moving over to the nightstand. She reached into her sock drawer and pulled out something long and purple.

“I-is that a dildo?” I asked, panic hitching in my throat. “I didn’t think moo had one…”

“I mean, I rarely ever use it,” she admitted, with an easy shrug. “You usually keep me pretty satisfied. But today, it’s my turn to work on you. I mean, considering our breeding kink, it would be a shame if we ended the night without you getting to experience the other side of things a little bit.”

I swallowed nervously. My eyes were locked on the purple dildo. It was huge - twice as big as my own member, with a thickness to match. The idea of that thing being inside of me should have been repulsive… but for some reason, I really wanted it. I wanted to know what it felt like for my wife when I penetrated her. And… since I didn’t want a guy to touch me (ever) - this was probably the closest I would ever get to the experience of being bred.

“Alright,” I agreed, hesitantly. “I’ll moo it. Moostress.”

“Good cow. Now spread your legs wide.”

I did as asked, laying back on the couch, and pulling my legs as wide apart as possible, exposing my slit. My wife stepped forward with the dildo, but to my relief, she didn’t immediately try to slam it into place. Instead, she reached for one of my oversized tits, grabbing hold of the breast and bringing the nipple to her lips. Somehow, even though I’d been drained such a short time ago, I could feel liquid coursing through my nipple, into her mouth. She drank it eagerly, and my vision blurred from the pleasure of it.

When I came back to myself, I was staring at the ceiling. Mary was laying next to me, a self-satisfied smile on her face. Her hand was between my thick thighs, and the dildo was already positioned at my wet entrance.

“You ready?”

I squeezed my eyes shut, but still gave her a nod to go ahead and do it. I didn’t know what to expect when the dildo first started to slide past my lips. I certainly didn’t expect it to feel so good. It wasn’t just the heated pleasure I felt when she pushed it in. It felt somehow right, having something like this inside me. Being filled up to the brim, slowly but surely. I thought it would feel as if I were being invaded. But instead, it was as if I were being made whole. 

Then my wife’s thumb brushed against my clit. A shiver of pleasure ran through me and my pussy squeezed down on the silicone shaft inside of me. It surprised me when Mary started to pull the dildo out, slowly but surely sliding it out out of my body. I mooed faintly, not wanting it gone, but it turns out, I needn’t have worried. Just as it was about to leave me entirely, she drove it back in, filling me completely. Then her thumb teased at my clit again, right before she pulled the dildo out to the head, and then shoved it in all over again.

I moaned loudly, head tilted back, eyes unable to focus on the world around me. Because of that, I didn’t even notice when she decided to add her mouth to the fray, placing her lips against her favorite nipple, and sucking once more. That, combined with the dildo inside me, and her thumb on my clit, was enough to push me tumbling headfirst over the edge like never before. I screamed as my world went first milky white, then black as night.

When I was able to see once more, I found myself staring up at Mary, who was waving the cum-covered dildo directly in front of me.

“Want a lick?” she asked, holding it close enough that I could see it glisten.

I shook my head. “Thanks. But the mental changes haven’t gone that far. At least not yet...”

“About that, actually…” Mary murmured, avoiding my gaze. “I… should probably tell you something.”

“Moo mean moo weren’t just joking? There really was more to it then the spell?”

“Not exactly.” Mary met my eye with a faint smile. “Actually, it’s more like… there are no mental effects whatsoever. Except for a strong compulsion to moo, anyway.”

I stared at my wife, mouth opening and closing uselessly for a few moments. “What do moo mean?” I finally managed to sputter out. 

“I mean that there are no mental effects,” Mary repeated. “The submissiveness, the pleasure you felt - and anything that’s gone through your head during this last hour or so… that’s all on you.”

“But that’s impossible! There’s no way I’d… I mean, why would I want to be… filled like that? Why would I enjoy being submissive? Why would I like moo being stronger than me? Moo’re… Moo’re the girl! I’m the guy. I’m supposed to be the strong one! I’m supposed to be-”

“You’re not supposed to be anything,” Her voice was firm, and caused my ears to twitch. “That right there is the problem. That’s exactly why I got the transformation spellbook. You’re always so convinced that you have to be who you appear to be. I was actually hoping I could convince you to take on a girl form, and explore it with me… but I didn’t think you’d end up doing it on your own.”

“That was an accident,” I protested. “A mistake. All of this was a mistake. There’s no way I’m… I’m not… I can’t be…”

“A girl?” my wife finished for me, arching a knowing eyebrow.

I didn’t respond, instead staring down at myself. Milky breasts. Dripping wet snatch. Long red hair. A cute face. I’d enjoyed myself so much like this. And now my wife was saying that it was all me. And the way she was talking…

“How long have you known I was a girl?”

“I’ve suspected for a while,” she admitted. “Between your internet history and the way you talk about my outfits, it seemed a pretty safe guess. But I could never figure out a way to actually check… Until I came across that book of spells, anyway. I… thought maybe if you liked being a girl… we could make the spell permanent. Though my plan was for your first feminine experience to be as a human.”

“...Maybe it’s best it wasn’t. I don’t think I would have been able to… to feel this way if I didn’t think it was the spell making me.” To allow myself to feel this way...

“But it wasn’t the spell. It was you. And you know that now, so… what are you going to do about it?”

I looked down at my hands, just...considering her words for a long moment. My fingers were so slender. My hands looked so weak. I’d done so much to beef my body up for so long, it should have been terrifying to see myself looking so fragile. But it wasn’t. Maybe all those muscles, all that bulk, was just me trying to run away from who I truly wanted to be.

“Do moo think we can make a form kinda like this?” I asked her, hesitation causing my voice to waver. “I mean. Assuming moo’re okay with it? And without all the moo-ing...” The vocal tic was starting to get old.

“More than okay,” Mary promised, gently rubbing my back. “But uh...we’re going to need a new name for you, honey. I don’t think your old one will do.”

“...Katherine. I want to be called Katherine. It was what my moo-m would have called me if she’d known I was a girl. I asked her once.”

“Katherine, then,” Mary agreed. “I like it. I’m married to a girl named Katherine…”

“And she’s the luckiest girl in the world.” I leaned forward to press my lips against Mary’s, then held it for a long few seconds before pulling back. “Moo know… We still have another twenty hours or so with me as a fertile holstaur. If moo wanted to breed me like a cow…”

“Hold on,” my wife said with a grin. “I’ll get the big dildo.”

I swallowed, hard, eyes wide. “That wasn’t the big dildo!? Oh boy…”

“Sorry. No boys here. Just us girls… Now lean back and listen to your ‘moostress.’”

I could already tell it was going to be a long twenty-four hours. And that I was going to enjoy every last moo-ment of it.

Author's Notes: (HI! Been a while, hasn't it? I actually wrote this a while back, but it's only just getting its public release~ If you'd like to get access to stories like it at an earlier pace, do please consider joining my patreon at Chapter 11 of Demon Queened has already been posted there, if you're a fan of it!

This story was written by me and edited by paradoxicalWitchling !)

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Surrender to the Moo

laika's picture

Amoo-sing little story with a good moo-ssage: "You're not supposed to be anything"
As a male Katherine had been hung up on what she figured a man should feel,
and should want. Virility (a minotaur, fer god's sake!) and dominance, and that
to enjoy girliness and submission would somehow be shameful, even though
the desire had been there all along. But thanks to that book of magic, some
bizarre body moo-difications and a wonderful, loving, sexually adventurous
wife Katherine was liberated, shedding all those toxic learned supposed-s
and discovering her true self. Or a close aproxi-mootion to it anyway.
I found her transformations and their interspecies play more erotic
than I'd care to admit (I'm a totally normal trans mermaid, dammit!
I'm not suppose to fantasize anything as weird as being a cowgirl!)
I'll probably be mooing at random moments for several days now.
It's strangely gratifying; like I've finally found my mantra
(or should I say...)

So when she returns to human form it will be as Katherine? CooL!
And they still have the rest of that book of magic spells to explore...
I wonder what transformative adventure they'll embark on next...
~hugs, Veronica

(Sorry about all the bad puns. I fear you've created a moooooooo-nster.

I'm glad you enjoyed! If the

I'm glad you enjoyed! If the moo is contagious, then so much the better~