The Contractor's Daughter Part 8

Lexi was out clothes shopping and grocery shopping with her aunt Rose. Her uncle had gotten together with some of his friends, and they were out fishing on their favorite lake. Lexi never enjoyed fishing, but she did enjoy spending time with her uncle and listening to the tall fish stories his friends told.

The first place Lexi and her aunt stop at was the gap. Her Aunt Rose thought she could use more upscale clothes, instead of her coveralls and blue jeans. Sure, she had some dress slacks and such, but she needed a few dresses, skirts, and a few more shorts.

“Aunt Rose, can I get a few leggings, please?” Lexi spotted a few that were on sale.

“Sure, but get a few shirts to go with them.” Rose spotted a few that were on sale.

“Okay.” Lexi walks over towards the display where the leggings were and selects a few.

She spotted her aunt looking at some nice summer dresses and skirts. Lexi saw some thigh-high socks that she liked that were nearby. She looks through the selection and picks a few.

Most of the things Lexi saw were on sale. Which, she knew would please her aunt a lot. She spotted some full-length shirts that would go with her leggings. She selects a few to go with the leggings.

“Lexi, come over here, please.” Rose looks at Lexi to see what she found.

“Yes ma’am.” Lexi carries what she found over to her aunt.

Rose watches as Lexi walks over towards her. She could tell Lexi had selected several leggings, shirts, and thigh-high socks.

“What’s up, Aunt Rose?” Lexi looks at her aunt.

“I want you to try these clothes on sweety.” Rose had a handful of dresses and skirts for Lexi to try on.

“Okay, can you hold these, please?” Lexi gives what she was carrying to her aunt.

“Sure.” Rose gives the clothes she wanted Lexi to try on to her.

Lexi takes the clothes her aunt handed her into the dressing room with her. She tries the skirts on first since they were the easiest to put on.
They were a little snug but fit her waist. She tries all of them on and set them aside as she took them off. She undresses all the way and tries the dresses on next.

Lexi steps out to let her aunt look at the dress she puts on. She liked how the dress was cut and fit her.

“This one fits nicely, Aunt Rose.” Lexi twirls around in it.

Rose watches as Lexi twirls around in the dress. She had to agree that it fits Lexi perfectly.

“Can you move around freely in it?”

“Yes ma’am.” Lexi moves her arms without any restrictions.

“Good! Now go and try the others on.” Rose liked how the dress looked on Lexi.

“Yes, ma’am.” Lexi turns around and heads back into the dressing room to change outfits.

She tries on the rest of the dresses. There was only one dress she didn’t like, and her aunt didn’t like either. After trying on the dresses and skirts. Rose and Lexi head to the shoe store. They were having a buy one, get one sale on shoes.

Lexi selects a few shoes she likes. Her Aunt Rose select a few she thinks would be proper for Lexi to wear to work either at her place or on the construction site. After spending nearly eight hundred dollars on clothes, shoes, and a few odds and ends.

Rose and Lexi have lunch at a nice restaurant, that was nearby. Lexi watches as the waitress and waiters took care of the customers in the restaurant. Lexi looks at her aunt “do you think Uncle Howard is catching anything?”

“With your uncle, I think he’ll bring some fish home for us to cook.” Rose knew her husband always came home with something.

After lunch, Rose and Lexi go grocery shopping. Lexi liked shopping because her aunt let her choose what dinners they are going to have during the week. She loved picking out the ingredients. While they are shopping, Rose runs into some women she knew either personally or from the flower shop.

One of the older women spots Lexi as she came walking back to her aunt Rose. She looks at Lexi and a smile appears on her face “I didn’t know you had a niece, Rose.”

“Yes, this is my niece Lexi. She’s staying with me and Howard.” Rose looks fondly at Lexi.

“Really? Is she going to be going to school as well?” Megan was curious.

“Lexi already has her degree. She’s going to be working with me sometimes or with Howard sometimes.” Rose figures Lexi could spend her time between the two of them. She also knew that Lexi was planning on getting her GED.

“Oh?” Megan looks at Lexi as she stood near Rose.

She could tell Lexi was observant. A smile appears on her “well it's been nice, catching up with you Rose.”

“You too, Megan. You should come by the flower shop sometimes.”

“I’ll be by soon.” Megan waves as she walks off.

Lexi and Rose continue their grocery shopping.

Blake’s Hotel Room:
Rachel feels Athena lying next to her. She must have crawled into bed with her last night. She knew Athena was still overcoming what had been done to her. She places a kiss on Athena’s cheek.

“I’ll never let anyone ever hurt you again.” Rachel couldn’t believe that the people who had kidnapped Athena. Had been responsible for her losing her sight.

It turned out that Rachel’s birth parents didn’t want to pay the kidnappers. They knew their daughter was slowly losing her eyesight. Neither one of her parents should have never had children.

Her brother Jamie had rescued Athena along with several other kids that had been kidnapped. He and his men located the kids by an implant one of the kids had. It was a safety measure one of the parents had done, because of how rich they were.

She slowly gets out of bed without waking her daughter. She heads into the bathroom and does her business. As she is walking out of the bathroom, Rachel spots Athena sitting up on the bed.

“I hope I didn’t wake you, sweety.” Rachel walks over and sits down next to her daughter.

“You didn’t mom. I didn’t feel you next to me and I got scared.” Athena reaches for her mother’s hand.

Rachel lets Athena grab her hand. She knew Athena didn’t feel safe unless she had physical contact. She was still getting used to her blindness.

“Did you need to go to the bathroom sweety?”

“Yes ma’am.” Athena carefully scoots to the edge of the bed, while still holding her mother’s hand.

Rachel helps Athena to the bathroom and lets her do her business in private. She knew it was a little confusing for Athena because she was in a weird place. She waits until she hears her daughter wash her hands.

She watches as the bathroom door opens and Athena runs her hands along the sink towards her. Rachel walks over to Athena “I’m right here, sweety.”

Athena holds her mother’s hand as she is escorted over to the bed. She sits down on the mattress “are you going to be working on the Hudgins case?”

“I’m hoping to sweetie unless you need me for something?” Rachel sits down next to her daughter.

“No ma’am, I was just wondering if I can help?” Athena wanted to be useful.

“I don’t see why you can’t sweetie. Your grandmother did build you a special laptop so you can access the internet. Why don’t I get it set up for you, and I’ll give you a few things to do?” Rachel knew her mother built a special laptop for Athena.

“Thank you, mom.” Athena hugs Rachel.

“You’re welcome.” Rachel returns the hug.

Afterward, Rachel helps Athena get dress. She lets her daughter dress but helps when Athena has problems or tries putting her bra on backward. She could tell that Athena felt frustrated. She knew with time; her daughter will figure it out.

“There, you look decent. Now, why don’t we go and get some breakfast and when we get back. I’ll set up your laptop and you can do some research for me.”

A smile appears on Athena’s face. She doesn’t like feeling like a burden to her mother. She grabs her cane, glasses, and lets her mother escort her out of their hotel room.

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