Velvet Part 18

My wolf side is mad that we are hurt and wants to lash out at our attacker, but she knows we are too badly hurt to move. The pain is beyond experience. It feels like every bone in my body is crushed. I try to take a breath, but it hurts to even do that simple movement. I want to wake up and move, but I feel so tired, and I couldn’t feel my legs.

I slowly open my eyes and as the world comes into focus around me. I notice my next-door neighbor looking down at me. I can smell the dirt on him and the scent of fresh-cut grass and something else I hadn’t notice about him. As I look up into his eyes, it reminds me of looking into my husband’s eyes and seeing all the years he had lived without me. I can see the years he lived reflected at me. A slight smile appears on his aged-weather face.

“How are you feeling Victoria?” The concerned look on his face tells me he was worried about me.

“As I got ran over by a truck.” I look past him and see my husband. Normally, I can’t tell how he is feeling, but the worried look on his face tells me he is not liking this at all.

“I’ll be okay sweetie.” I give my husband a reassuring smile.

“I know sweetheart.” He moves towards our bed.

He kneels and takes my dainty hand into his callus one and holds onto it. He looks down into my eyes and just holds my gaze. The wolf in me would feel like she was being challenged if someone else did this, but she knows her mate and knows he would never allow anyone to harm us.

“Is the girl okay?” I look at both men for an answer.

“She’s fine., She’s downstairs right now with Jack and Ajax. They are keeping her entertain until you can speak to her. She feels guilty about you getting hit as you did.”

“I wonder why? It’s not her fault, That I decided to jump in front of a moving car. I should have paid more attention to the weirdness going on around her. Instead, I went with my first instinct and that was to protect her.” I close my eyes for a second and think about that moment. I could tell things were going on about her, but I didn’t follow through with what I was seeing, I just reacted instead.

My husband notices me thinking about everything. As long as we have been married, he can always tell what I am thinking by watching my facial expression. He told me once during a poker game that I was terrible about playing poker because he could tell. Even when I let a little bit of my wolf out to help me from broadcasting my emotions. He could always tell.

“Vicky, you did what you felt was right and I can’t fault you for that. Just for now on, be a little bit more careful. You nearly gave me a heart attack when I felt you get hit. You broadcasted the pain so strong to me, that I had to keep myself from hitting an oncoming car.” He brushes some of my hair out of my eyes.

I open my eyes and just stared at him. That’s the first time Tom has ever said he felt pain from me from my injuries.

“How did that happen?” I look towards him and my neighbor, who has been standing quietly watching the two of us.

Tom sits there and thinks about it for a second.

“It’s the magic that binds you two together Victoria and Tom. It’s mostly from you Victoria, because of your family line. You must have tapped into the fey magic in your DNA and sent it looking for your husband. I bet now that he has felt how you felt after being hit, that it will now tell him what mischief you are up to. Tom will always be able to locate you and help you. In return, you’ll be able to draw on his strength and will to help you. There might be other things that will come in time between you two, but this is the first step.”

I look at him stunned in silence. I’ve heard of things like this happening between different members of my family because of our fey blood, but I wouldn’t have believed it was ever going to happen to me. The fey blood in my veins was recessive and I was born normal. No normal woman or guy in our family ever experience this.

“Wow!, I guess I’m going to have to be more careful from now on.” I try getting out of bed.

My body protested as I tried to move. I fall back against the mattress panting from the effort of moving.

“Give your body time to heal Victoria. You should rest today and let your body build up to its strength.” Oilibhear looks down at me with a fatherly look on his face.

“I’ll think about it., I have too many things to do about this case. I still need to find that boy that was kidnaped and find that pedophile Vampire that some rough vampire let loose., There are just too many things that still need to be done before I can just lay here and relax.” I just look over at Oilibhear. “Plus!, I’ll need someone to watch over Kimberly while I am out looking for this vampire.”

“I’ll watch over her Vicky., She posse elemental magic and I know a little about how that works.” Oilibhear looks out Vicky’s and Tom’s bedroom door and down the hallway.

I look towards my husband “I wish I could help you Vicky, but I have a meeting I need to get to in Washington D.C.”

He reaches forward and cups my head.

I press into his hand “I’ll be okay while you’re gone.”

He bends down and kisses me on my forehead. I close my eyes after a few minutes and let myself fall asleep for a while.

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