I Never Wanted This

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York High School, Yorktown, Virginia:
Terry taps his pencil on his desk as he watches the clock for the bell to ring. He couldn’t wait for class to end today. After today, he would have the whole summer off, and he was planning on spending it on his sailboat.

He has been restoring it since last year. The boatyard he has been working at for the past three and half years has been letting him work on it. The previous owner had gone bankrupt and couldn’t afford it any longer. He had fallen in love with it and when the company went to auction it off. He used his whole saving to buy it.

All the money he had been saving to buy a car and get an apartment once he aged out of foster care. The group home he was living in, said that the state was going to let his age out of foster care. Which meant during summer vacation from school.

The bell finally rings. Terry gathers all his school stuff and puts it in his clear backpack. As he walks out of his classroom, he runs into Big John.

“Sorry, John.” He looks up at John. The guy stood a good foot and a half taller than him.

“It’s okay, Terry. Hey, are you coming to Sara’s party tonight?” John looks at Terry.

Terry was the shortest person in school and had a lean body. However, he could run his ass off and play softball extremely well.

“I didn’t think I was invited.” Terry knew he wasn’t one of the popular kids in school. Even though he carried the track team to state this year.

“Are you kidding me? You helped the school win state this year in track and field. If it hadn’t been for you, we wouldn’t have gone.” John liked Terry’s athletic abilities.

“Thanks. Sure, I wouldn’t mind going. What time is the party?” Terry wouldn’t mind attending the party.

“Seven o’clock tonight. Do you need a ride, or will you be okay?” John knew Terry rode a bicycle to school and home.

“No, I can catch a cab to Sara’s house.” Terry liked Sara a lot. He would give anything to go on a date with her.

“Good, I’ll see you at seven.” A smile appears on John’s face as he turns to leave.

Terry walks out of school towards where his bicycle is locked up. He looks at his mountain bike and is glad no one decided to spray paint it like they did last year. He unlocks it and peddles to the marina his sailboat was docked at. He was so happy that everything he owned, which
wasn’t much was already onboard the boat.

It takes him thirty minutes to arrive at the marina. He waves to old man Watson as he passes the check-in shack. His sailboat was docked down at slip 32. He dismounts from his bicycle as he approaches his sailboat. The name painted on the back of the sailboat was the Water Sprite. It had a water sprite from Disney painted on it.

Terry arrives at his sailboat and heads down inside it with his mountain bike. The place had a nice clean smell to it. It took him almost a year to clean and repair the inside of the sailboat. He either replace what needed replacing or repair what couldn’t be replaced.

He walks over to the icebox and pulls a cold tea out and drinks it. Terry walks towards the master bedroom and changes out of his school clothes and puts something on that was nice to wear to the party. He takes fifty dollars from a hidden safety box he keeps hidden on the boat.
He could have gone back to the group home, but he prefers to stay on his boat. He was happy that all the money he spent buying, fixing, and restoring his boat paid off. Terry sits down on the foam mattress and enjoys the rest of his iced tea.

Quarter till seven, Terry takes an Uber to Sara’s house. When he arrives, he notices the place is hopping.

“Thanks, May.”

“Have fun, Terry. Call me when your ready to head home.” May smiles at Terry as she watches him head inside a nice house.

April spots Terry walking into the backyard, where the celebrations were being held. She walks over to Terry “it’s about time you got here, Terry.”

“Sorry, I thought the party was at seven o’clock?”

“It is, but some of us were here early, helping Sara’s parent’s set-up.” April had a pleasant smile on her face.

Terry couldn’t believe a member of the cheerleading squad was talking to him. The only time they ever spoke to him, was when they needed help with the school assignment.

“Are you planning on going to college this fall?”

“Maybe, I haven’t decided yet.” Terry was still thinking about going to college.

“Well, come on and mingle with the rest of the squad.” April escorts Terry over to the rest of the girls.

The girls welcome Terry to their group. Some of them were dating the football players and the others weren’t.

“Here, Terry. I got you a drink.” Sara hands a purplish-filled drink to Terry.

“Thanks.” Terry accepts it. He looks at the drink and wonders what it is.

“Go ahead and drink it. You’ll like it.” Casey watches Terry.

“What is it?” Terry looks at the drink.

“It’s a magical color-changing margarita. My father showed me how to make it.” Sara had a smile on her face.

“Is it alcoholic?” Terry was unsure about the drink.

“Just a little. My parents are allowing it, but we have to keep it quiet.” Sara wasn’t lying about that statement.

“Okay.” Terry takes a sip of the drink. It tasted so sweet and good, that he takes a deeper swallow of it.

Once he finishes the drink, he gets dragged out to the area set up for dancing. Terry enjoys himself as he is dancing with several members of the cheerleading squad. One of the girls gives him another drink, to drink.

Throughout the evening, he drinks at least five of those purplish drinks. He starts feeling tired and sleepy around eleven at night.

“Sorry, guys.” Terry covers up a yawn as he fights to stay awake.

“It’s alright, Terry. Let me give you a ride home.” Keith from the softball team had attended the party.

“Thanks, Keith.” Terry follows Keith out to his pick-up truck.

Terry gets into the truck and puts his seat belt on. Keith gets in next “where do you live?”

“I’m staying on my boat down at Martin’s Marina.” Terry covers up a yawn.

“You own a boat?” Keith glances at Terry and notices he was leaning against the cab of his truck.

“Yeah. I bought it a few years ago at an auction.” Terry covers up another yawn.

“Cool.” Keith drives Terry to the marina and helps him down to his slip.

“This is a cool sailboat. You’re going to have to take me out on it, one day.” Keith liked the sailboat as he helps Terry.

“I will and thanks for giving me a ride home.” Terry was ready to drop.

“You’re welcome. Call me when you’re going out next.” Keith really would like to go sailing with Terry.

“I will.” Terry watches as Keith leaves.

Afterward, Terry strips out of the clothes he has on and crawls into bed. He was so tired, that he doesn’t bother putting his PJs on. As soon as his head hits his pillow, he passes out.

As Terry sleeps, his body undergoes a metamorphosis. His hair becomes a lighter color, and his skin becomes smoother and lighter. His nose becomes slender and smaller. His lips become smaller and bow little. His eyes change from brown to light blue.

He develops small breasts and small feet. His hair becomes longer and wavy. Throughout the night, his body changes.

Terry sleeps until mid-day the next day. When he wakes up, he gets up and stumbles towards the bathroom in the sailboat. He goes to drop
his Pj pants to pee and feel for his penis. When he doesn’t feel it, he touches himself and realizes he has a young girl's bottom and screams.

Just as he screams, he pees himself. He sits down on the toilet before he empty’s his whole bladder onto the floor.

“WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!” Terry realizes his voice doesn’t sound the same anymore.

He’s seen a woman on YouTube videos he has watched wipe themselves after peeing. He slips his pants and underwear off, which were wet
now and loose. He puts them in the dirty clothes bag he has hanging in the small bathroom.

He walks into the master bedroom and closes the door. On the other side was a full-size mirror he mounted. He looks at himself and couldn’t believe that he had turned into a young girl with light brown wavy hair.

“How in the hell did this happen to me? It has to be a dream!” Terry slaps his face and felt the pain from the slap.

He stands there and just looks at his reflection in the mirror. He couldn’t believe he was a girl. He sticks his middle finger into what he guesses is his vagina and felt resistant. He looks for his cellphone and dials Sara’s number.

Sara’s House:
Sara slowly wakes up and finds herself in bed with a few of the girls from her cheerleading squad and a bunch of guys. They were all naked and she felt extremely sore from her anal opening and from between her legs. Her mouth tasted funny and was sore as well.

She manages to find her cellphone and presses accept on it “hello?”

“Sara, what did you do to me, yesterday?” Terry was pacing back and forth in his small bedroom.

“Who is this?” Sara didn’t recognize the female voice coming over her cellphone.

“It’s Terry White.” Terry stops his pacing.

“This can’t be Terry White. Terry White is a boy, and you sound like you’re a girl.” Sara felt some sticky stuff on her cheek.

“It’s me, Sara. I’ve been turned into a girl. What was in that drink you gave me last night?” Terry figures it had to be that weird drink Sara gave
him to drink at the party.

“Prove it?”

“Okay, the first time I met you was in sixth grade. Then we attended junior high school together. You have been a cheerleader since elementary school.” Terry has known Sara for a long time.

“What’s my favorite color and birthday?”

“Your favorite color is baby blue because it matches your eyes and your birthday is May 26 and you’re currently seventeen years old.”

“Terry, turn your video on so I can see what you look like.” Sara sits up but tries not to move much.

Terry turns his video camera on and points the view towards the mirror at his reflection. He couldn’t believe he was a girl with small breasts and long light brown wavy hair. He wonders why Sara did this to him and how she did it.

Sara sees a cute girl reflected in a full-length mirror with small breasts, fair skin, and long wavy light brown hair holding Terry’s Star Wars cellphone. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Her cousin was right about those drugs he gave her.

“Oh, my god Terry, I’m so sorry. I didn’t think that would happen to you.” Sara felt ashamed for what she did to Terry.

“What did you do, Sara and why?” Terry was trying to remain calm. He knows Sara could be a bitch sometimes and mean-spirited towards people.

But she could also be nice and caring as well. As long as you weren’t trashing her or the cheering squad.

“Trust me, Terry. I had no idea this would happen to you. I also didn’t know the drug would turn me and most of the squad into whores either.” Sara couldn’t believe her, and half the squad last night acted like bitches in heat.

“Sara, tell me what you did to me, please.” Terry sits down on the corner of his bed.

“The drink I gave you last night had a drug my cousin gave me. He said it would turn any male into a female. I didn’t believe him and when I told the others, they didn’t believe it either. So, we started selecting people who we thought would look cute as a girl and your name came up. Everyone in school thought you were gay because no one has ever seen you with a girlfriend or even heard if you kissed a girl. Plus, you had a bunch of friends that were girls.”

“So, you thought it would be funny to see me turned into a girl? Is that it, Sara?” Terry was starting to get angry with Sara.

“Look, I didn’t know it would happen, Terry. No one has ever heard of a drug that could change a boy into a girl except in those stories on the web.” Sara couldn’t believe what Terry looked like.

“Who all was involved, Sara?” Terry wanted to know who was involved in this prank.

“Me, some of the girls from the Cheering leading squad, and some of our boyfriends. Believe me, no one thought that would happen to you. Just like no one knew if a girl took the drug, we would end having sex with everybody.”

Terry noticed how rough-looking Sara looked. He notices some glistening on her face and some of her hair looked stuck together.

“That still doesn’t justify what you did to me. Is there a counter agent or something?”

“I don’t know. I would have to ask my cousin. Terry, I’m sorry and if there is anything me and the girls can do to help you, we will. I promise.” Sara felt bad for Terry.

“Just give me a few days. I’m ready to strangle you and the others for doing this to me. I’ve never wanted to be a girl.” Terry ends the call.

He tosses his cellphone towards the head of his bed and starts crying. He turns around and falls face forward onto his mattress and just cries. He falls asleep after a while.

Terry wakes up later in the afternoon. She felt better after, also betrayed as well. Sara and some of the people at school have never done anything like this to her before. Sure, they have pulled pranks on her, but nothing so vicious as turning her into a girl.

“Hey Terry, are you down there?” Keith was a little concerned about Terry from last night and decided to come by after work to check on him.

Terry panics, because she didn’t know what she should do. She stops and takes a deep breath and lets it out. Keith is going to find out sooner or later. She grabs a pair of clean shorts and puts them on. They were a little loose on her, but she could wear them. She grabs a clean t-shirt and puts it on. The shirt didn’t stick out much, which she was thankful for. She steps into her flip-flops which were bigger on her by two inches and walk into the main part of the sailboat.

“Come on down, Keith.” Terry was nervous as she looked up at the doorway.

Keith gets a puzzled look on his face when he hears a girl’s voice coming from below. He climbs down the small ladder that connected the top with the bottom. He turns around and is looking at a girl about Terry’s height with long wavy light brown hair wearing a t-shirt with two Jedi's fighting on it and a pair of shorts with black flip flops.

“I’m here to see Terry.” Keith didn’t think the girl looked bad and he didn’t know Terry had a girlfriend.

“I’m Terry, Keith.” Terry watches Keith’s reaction.

“No way, you must have the same name or I’m on the wrong sailboat.” Keith was puzzled.

“No, it's me, Keith. You brought me home last night from Sara’s house. You had your truck radio blaring country music. I was leaning against
the side of the cab while your drove. You were also wearing your cowboy boots, faded blue jeans, and a nice black dress shirt.” Terry watches Keith for his reaction.

Keith looks at the girl standing in front of him and couldn’t believe that she was Terry. He shakes his head to make sure he heard everything right. He looks back at her “how do you know those things? Also, what happened to you?”

“I know these things because you helped me home last night and suggested I take you out on my sailboat one day. As for how this happened to me. You’ll have to ask Sara. It seemed she slipped some type of drug into that drink you saw me drinking last night.” Terry just watches Keith's reaction.

“I’m confused, you said Sara did this to you. How?” Keith couldn’t believe Sara would do this to Terry.

“Look, would you like a soda or something to drink?”

“Yeah, but it better not turn me into a girl.” Keith couldn’t believe Terry was a girl now.

“Have a seat.” Terry motions to the bench seat to her right.

Keith walks over and sits down on the cushioned-covered bench. He watches as Terry walks by him to the small kitchen he had been standing by. He couldn’t believe how much of a woman Terry looked.

Terry grabs a cold drink for himself and Keith out of the icebox. He was glad he was onshore power right now. The refrigeration unit kept things cold in it. He walks back over to Keith and hands him the cold soda.

“Thanks.” As Keith accepts the cold soda.

“You’re welcome.” Terry walks around and sits at the other end of the bench.

“So, how is Sara involved?” Keith looks at Terry.

Terry proceeds to tell Keith everything she just learned from talking to Sara earlier. Occasionally Keith will interrupt with a question for Terry to answer. After about two hours of talking, Terry noticed what time it was “I’m hungry, Keith. Do you want to go and get us some food? I’ll buy if you fly.”

“Sure. What do you want to eat?” Keith was hungry as well.

“There’s a Captain Ds down the street from here. How about some fish and chips?” Terry liked the food from the restaurant.

“That sounds good.” Keith didn’t mind seafood.

“Okay, let me go and get you some money.” Terry gets up and heads back into her bedroom and grabs the money from last night.

She comes walking back into the main saloon and hands the money to Keith. She looks at him as he sat in front of her “here you go. Get want ever you would like. Just get me the fish and chip deal. Make it a medium, I’m feeling extremely hungry.”

Keith accepts the money “what do you want to drink?”

“Sweet, iced tea will be fine.”

“Alright, I’ll be back in a little while.” He heads towards the steps and stops “which way is the Captain Ds?”

“Take a right out of the parking lot and go about a mile or two. You can’t miss it. It’s in the same shopping center as Taco Bell and McDonald's.”

“Alright, see you in a few.” Keith climbs up the ladder and off the boat.

Terry heads topside and sits down on the cushion seat and watches Keith walk down the pier. She wonders what she is going to do now, about her situation and if it can be reversed.

As Keith is walking down the pier, he thinks about what Terry told him and what Terry looks like. He has never heard of a drug that could turn males into females. If there is one, he knows a few males at work that he wouldn’t mind seeing turned into women. They were assholes and deserved to be turned into women.

He gets into his truck and follows the directions Terry gave him as he drives towards Captain Ds. He listens to the local country music station.

“What am I going to do now?” Terry looks out towards the water from her sailboat.

Keith returns twenty minutes later with their dinner and drinks. They sit up on deck and enjoy the evening and weather, instead of being down below. Keith finds out more about Terry, things he didn’t know about Terry.

He finds out that Terry has been working since he was thirteen years old. She started as a helper at the boatyard a couple of miles from them and went full-time when she was in high school. He also learns she was scuba certified and took jobs helping another diver scaping the bottom of scallop boats. The two of them enjoy the evening and when it starts getting late, Keith leaves to head home.

Terry cleans up their mess and heads down into the saloon and closes the opening. She heads into the master bedroom and takes her shorts off and puts on a pair of boxers. She going to have to remember how to go to the bathroom like a girl. She does look up how a girl is supposed to wipe their ass after pooping.

Keith and Terry start spending time with each other. He comes over after work almost every day and on the weekends as well. They go out sailing on the weekend. Sometimes Keith will bring some friends, but always clear it with Terry.

As for Terry, three days after the event that turned her into a girl. Sara and several girls from the cheerleading squad who were in on turning her into a girl come over. They all apologized for what they did to her and help her adjust.

They even take her shopping and buy her new clothes for her new body. They even teach her a few things she could have never learned off the internet about her body and wearing maxi pads and tampons. They help her pick out several swimsuits she could wear with her scuba

Terry spends weeks learning about her new body and enjoying Keith’s company on the boat. Sure, he takes her to the movies and nice restaurants. The relationship they had was more like friends than anything else. He was leaving in September for college in Georgia.

One of the girl’s fathers on the cheerleading squad was a lawyer and helped Terry have everything changed over to her new form. It seemed that there was an uptick of girls who use to be boys going on. The authorities were trying to find out how it was happening and where the drug was coming from.

Terry finally takes her sailboat on the trip she has been planning. She has been planning on sailing down to Florida all by herself. It would be the first time she has done something like it. She had advice from several people who have done the trip and showed her the best route to take.

She listens to music as she travels the route she plotted. She was finally getting used to wearing a bikini top to cover her small breasts. She found out that she wore a 32A cup bra. She didn’t need to wear a bra all the time because of how small her breasts were.

She makes it down to Florida and spend a few days down there.

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There is so much left unsaid and the loose ends are ten a penny.
You could take this so much farther. Are you?


More loose ends ...

Speaker's picture

... than an octopus eating spaghetti. :)
The motive for drugging Terry is rather far-fetched, too.



You should mark this as containing Magic, then I could have avoided starting to read it.


An intresting start to a new story.

Samantha Heart's picture

It kind of ties into a Terry & Dakota story. I loom foward to more like this.

Love Samantha Renée Heart.

Needs to be continue...

charlie98210's picture

This story needs to be continued. And I think it should continue from the point where Keith leaves the boat after their dinner together. It should continue, maybe exploring Terry' coming to grips with shifting into a new lif--before getting into that long boat trip.

(just my opinion, your plan might be a little different).

I just don't think you should let the story stop there, or rush it just to get to an end point.


Somebody deserves jail time.

Wendy Jean's picture

That was just plain evil. Sarah's parents should be paying for life.