Adjusting To A New Life Style

Author’s Note: This story is a continuation of I Never Wanted This. It continues after Keith leaves Terry’s boat and before she leaves for her trip to Florida.

Terry wonders why Sara and the girls from the cheerleading squad did this to her. She’s never done anything to them. Heck, she helped some of them out with their schoolwork, so they could maintain their grades to stay on the squad.

Terry goes to her bedroom and goes through what little clothes she has. Most of her clothes will still fit her new form. They were a little big on her, but she could still wear them.

She sits down on the bed and wonders what she is going to do now. It wasn’t like she knew any important people that could help her. Also, she has been on her own for years. The group home she lived in, was okay. However, she never fit in with anyone there.

She takes her clothes off and head towards the small bathroom and take a shower. She had to do some research to learn how she should wash her body properly. There was so much she was going to need to learn about her new body. That was going to be a learning experience.

After her shower, she walks back into her bedroom and slips on a pair of boxers and one of her favorite t-shirts. It hung a little loose on her new frame, where it used to be a little tight on her before.

The next day Terry just lays in bed and stares up at the ceiling. She has no idea what she was going to do now that she has been changed. She knows, she needs to have her driver's license corrected so it had her new face on it and that it said female, instead of male. She’ll need to have her social security card updated as well.

She wonders what else she’ll have to do. She just stays in bed and listens as the rain starts and taps on the deck of her sailboat. She could see how hard it was raining from the clear hatch above her bed. She just watches as the rain comes down and taps against the hatch.

Most of the morning she just stays in bed and listens to the rain. Around noontime, she finally decides to get out of bed. She walks into the saloon and over to the small kitchen to fix herself some lunch. She could still hear the rain as it hit against the top of the sailboat. The boat had a slight lift to it, as the waves hit against the boat.

Terry grabs a can of soup and heats it on the stove. The stove itself was brand new. She had to replace the old one and replace it with a brand new one. Her friend Mike helped her install it.

Once the soup was ready, she dumps the contents into a plastic bowl and walk over to the cushioned bench. She places the bowl on the table and sits down.

“Alexa, play BOB Fm.”

“Playing, BOB Fm, on Tune In.”

Terry listens to the music, while she ate her lunch. While she is eating lunch, she gets a text message from Keith, asking her if she is going to be home tomorrow and if it would be alright for him to stop by?

Terry looks at the message and wonders why Keith was interested in her now? They were never close friends and barely hung around with each other in school. So, why was he coming by now? She finishes eating and washes her bowl. She could hear that the rain has slacked off some.

She opens the doors and climbs up onto the deck to look around. It was still cloudy and grey out. She notices her neighbors were still inside their boats. She goes back down into her boat and takes a book out to ready.

The rest of the day, she does some research on how she should do certain things as a girl. What she should be expecting when she has her first period. Later in the evening, she fixes some dinner for herself.

The rest of the night, Terry watches movies. She didn’t want to go out anywhere and she still felt uncomfortable with her appearance. She’ll have to go to the clinic tomorrow and try to get birth control pills. She responds to Keith’s text that she will be home tomorrow and he is welcome to come over.

Around midnight, she goes to bed. The rain started up again, but it wasn’t as heavy as it had been earlier. As she lays in bed and just listens to the rain, she slowly falls asleep and thinks about how her life has changed.

When her alarm goes off in the morning, she reaches for her cellphone and turns it off. She didn’t want to get out of bed, but she needed to go to the clinic. She gets out of bed and takes a quick shower. She read last night how she should wash her pubic area. She does as she read and heads back to her bedroom. She was going to need to stop at the closest store to buy some panties.

Once she has a quick breakfast. She grabs her mountain bike and carries it up the small ladder. Where she needs to go, was going to take her a while to peddle to. She hopes the clinic will see her.

Several hours later, when she leaves. She felt so embarrassed and never knew that the first time for any girl felt like this. She managed to bluff her way through when they checked her driver's license. She was glad her insurance was going to cover everything. She had to do a little lying saying she filled her paperwork out wrong.

Since she was on her way to the grocery store to buy some groceries. She stops at Food Lion since it was on the way home. She loved how the panties she bought felt against her skin. It took her putting what her waist was when she was a male into goggles to find out what size she needed to buy for a girl.

She found out that her measurements were 32A-23-34 and she stood 5’3” and weighed 101 lbs. when she stopped at the shoe store to get better tennis to wear and a pair of work boots. She found out she wore a size five in women's shoes. Her old shoes were a little big on her feet.

It was after two o’clock by the time Terry gets back to her boat. She was tired as she heads down inside her boat and put away the groceries she bought. The hot wings she picked up for lunch, she puts on the table. She grabs a cold Pepsi and sets it on the table.

She sits down and eats her lunch. While she is eating, her cellphone rings. She looks at the caller Id and notices it was Sara. She presses accept “hello, Sara. What can I do for you?”

“Hi, Terry. Are you going to be home tomorrow?” Sara has been talking to the other girls on the cheerleading squad.

“Yes, why?” Terry was still upset with what she did to him.

“Because I and the girls were going to come by and bring you some items. Also, we want to apologize for what we did to you.” Sara got an earful from her parents when they found out what had happened to some of the other boys at the party.

Terry sighs as she thinks about what they did to her. She also wants to know why they did what they did. Not the excuse they had given her.

“Alright, I’ll be home tomorrow. What time were you and the squad going to come by?”

“Would ten o’clock be alright with you?” Sara figures she and the girls should have everything they needed to do, done by then.

“Ten o’clock will be fine.”

“Good, I’ll see you then.” Sara ends the phone call and dials the other members of the cheerleading squad.

Terry couldn’t believe she was going to do this. She hopes the girls weren’t pulling her leg. Keith said to expect him around five-thirty tonight and he was bringing dinner with him. Terry looks at the clock and notices it was only three-thirty in the afternoon.

She thinks back to her examination at the clinic and how she had to put her legs into a set of stirrups. She now knew why some girls her age didn’t like them. Luckily, she had a female doctor and was told her hymen was still intact.

Dr. Collins gave her a rundown on what type of tampons she should wear, but Dr. Collins recommended that she should start with maxi pads first. If she goes scuba diving or is active in any sports, she should wear tampons. So, bought a box of assorted tampons and an assorted box of maxi pads as well. She didn’t know what her flow was going to be like.

“Is anyone home?” Keith had stopped by Lulu Birds on the way to Terry’s boat.

“Come on down.” Terry looks towards the opening as Keith climbs down with two bags in his hands.

Keith turns around and looks at Terry. He noticed Terry was wearing a slinky tank top and new tennis shoes. She also had her hair brushed out.

“It looks like you’re adjusting to your new form.” He walks over and places the bags from Lulu’s on the table.

“Don’t I wish? You know how much stuff a girl has to do?” Terry walks over to the table.

“Nope, I don’t. I’m an only child.” Keith sometimes wished he had a sibling and other times he was glad he didn’t.

“Well, let’s just say it takes me longer to get ready in the mornings than it use to. Also, I have a question for you, and please don’t take this the wrong way. Why are you being so nice to me all of sudden?” Terry was curious what Keith’s motive was.

Keith looks a little uncomfortable with the question. He looks at Terry “I know me, and you haven’t always hung together in school or anything. I also know how you were treated by some of the people in school as well. It’s just recently that I have regretted not knowing you better. I’m
hoping we can become friends before I leave for college in September.”

“So, it has nothing to do with me being a girl now?” Terry was curious.

“Don’t get me wrong, Terry. But you aren’t my type. I like you, but well you’re just not what I am looking for in a girl.” Keith had to make that clear to Terry.

“Oh?” Terry felt embarrassed.

“I will tell you this. I never knew you were into boats. If I had known, I would have gotten to know you sooner.” Keith has always liked boats.

“So, because I have a boat is the reason you want to become my friend now?” Terry looks at Keith with a puzzled look on her face.

“It’s not just that, Terry. I want to become your friend because you look like you could use someone now.”

Keith watches Terry’s reaction. He could see she was thinking about what he said to her.


“You’re welcome. Now, why don’t we sit down and eat, before it gets cold.” Keith walks over and sits down.

“Alright. Would you like an iced tea or a soda?”

“Soda, please.”

“Alright.” Terry grabs an iced tea for herself and a soda for Keith.

Terry sits at the other end of the seat and enjoys the food Keith brought. She noticed that Keith got her a fancy Cajun shrimp meal. When she bites into the shrimp, she moans.

“Oh! This shrimp tastes so good.” Terry loved what she tasted.

“You should try this fish. It’s got a bite to it but tasted good.” Keith reaches for his soda and takes a sip. The spices on the fish had a good burn to it.

Keith and Terry talk for a little while. Just before Keith leaves, he looks at Terry “I’m sorry we didn’t associate with each other when we were in school.”

“It’s okay.” Terry figures maybe she sort of held people at arm’s length, with her attitude.

Keith leaves after a few hours. He had something to do tomorrow evening, but he would be back on Friday.

“See you after work on Friday, Terry.” Keith walks down the dock.

“Well, I’ve learned something today.” Terry cleans up the mess in the sink.

After cleaning the kitchen up and walking the trash down to the dumpster. She comes back and heads into her bedroom and undress. She puts on the same thing she wore last night to bed.

She lays down in bed and falls asleep in no time. Tomorrow should be interesting with Sara and the girls coming over. She snuggles down under the blanket.

Terry was sitting on the deck when Sara the other cheerleaders that were behind her being turned into a girl showed up. They were carrying some bags with them and dressed like they were spending the day at the beach.

“Do you mind if we come aboard, Terry?” Sara looks at the sailboat Terry was sitting at.

“Come on aboard.” Terry watched as all six girls come aboard her sailboat.

“You look nice, today.” Sara was looking at Terry and the way she was dressed.


“We brought you some clothes we thought might fit you and a make-up kit.” Sara hands the bag she had to Terry.

Terry accepts it. She glances inside and notices it was loaded with jeans, blouses, and a few other things. She looks at Sara and the other girls
“why did you guys give me that drink?”

The other girls look at Sara because it was her idea. They felt bad about what they did to Terry and several other guys that night.

Sara takes a deep breath before she gives the reason for what she and the others did. She looks at Terry and couldn’t believe how she turned out.

“Look, we didn’t believe what we were told about what we gave you. Whoever heard of a drug that turns boys into girls?”

“But why me? I never did anything to any of you guys. Hell, I tutored some of you, so you could pass your classes and stay on the squad.” Terry looks at all the girls.

“Like I said, Terry. We didn’t think that the drug we gave you would do what it did. We also didn’t count on the drug, making us horny as hell.” Sara and the other girls couldn’t believe what that drug did to them.

“What do you mean?” Terry wonders what the drug did to them.

“Let’s just say, when I and the others tried the drug, we gave you. It made caused us crave nothing but sex. All we wanted to do, is suck and be fucked by any male, no matter what they looked like.” Sara couldn’t believe she had sex with at least ten guys that night. That wasn’t counting how many girls she had sex with.

“So, the drug affected males, by turning them into girls and it affects women by turning them into nymphos? That doesn’t seem fair. It should turn women into males since it is turning males into women.”

“Well, like we said before. No one believed that the drug would turn males into a female. We all thought it was a joke.”

“Well, we found out otherwise.” Terry was still upset with Sara and the girls.

“We’re sorry Terry. At least let us help you adjust to your new body and show you why it’s better being a girl than a male.”

“Alright, let’s go below, so you ladies can show me how to be a girl.” Terry leads the way down into the saloon.

Terry still disliked what they did to her and felt betrayed for what they did. Most of the morning, the girls show Terry how to apply make-up, sit properly and show her how to dress. They also reveal some hygiene secrets she should practice.

Sara and the other girls spend all day with Terry. Helping her adjust to her new body. They also increase her wardrobe as well. They explain to her which undergarments she should wear and with what clothes. They explain the difference between bras and panties to Terry.

By the time the girls leave, Terry knew more about clothes, undergarments, body language, and how to act than she did before. She also noticed how the boat smelled after having the girls down inside it from the perfume some of them had been wearing. She opens a few of the overhead hatches to let the place air out.

Keith shows up later in the evening and takes Terry out to dinner and go to the movies afterward. He commented on how the place smelled.

“I had the cheerleading squad over today.”

“Why did you do that?” Keith looks at Terry after they leave the movies.

“Sara and the rest of the girls wanted to apologize for what they did to me and it seemed they did the same thing to several other guys as well.
Plus, they wanted to introduce me to the world of womanhood.”

“Now, I would have paid to hear what they had to say about that.” Keith was letting his mind run free with thoughts of what the girls did.
Terry smacks Keith on the chest “get your mind out of the gutter.”

“Owe! That hurt.” Keith rubs the spot where Terry got smacked.

“Good.” A smile appears on Terry’s face.

“So, what would it take for me to convince you to take me out this weekend on your boat?” Keith looks at Terry with a smile on his face.

“Ah! Now the truth comes out.” Terry was wondering when Keith was going to ask her to take him out on her boat.

“It’s not like that, and you know it.” Keith just looks at Terry.

“I know. Do you know how to scuba dive?”

“Unfortunately, no. I wish I did.” Keith never bothers to learn how to scuba dive.

“Alright, since you have been a good boy and a good friend. I’ll take you out this weekend.” Terry figures some sailing will do her some good.

“Cool and thanks.” Keith couldn’t wait to go out this weekend.

“Be up here tomorrow at six o’clock and we’ll leave during high tide.”

“I’ll be here.” A smile appears on Keith’s face.

On Saturday, Keith shows up with his fishing gear and a cooler. He spots Terry preparing to leave.

“Permission to come aboard?”

Terry turns around and spots Keith with his fishing gear and cooler. A smile appears on her face “permission granted.”


“Stow your gear below deck, while I get us underway.” Terry was almost ready to leave.

“Aye, aye, captain.” A smile appears on Keith’s face.

Terry just shakes her head as she disconnects the lines and slowly exits from the slip, she was in. She runs the onboard motor until they leave the marina and get halfway down the York River, before turning the motor off and switching to the sails. Once the sails are up and open, Terry takes them out to the ocean. She takes the muscle shirt she had been wearing off and shivers as the bikini top, she was wearing is exposed.

Keith comes back up after stowing away his gear and notices Terry was wearing a bikini top and a pair of shorts. He had changed as well and was wearing just a pair of shorts.

“Looks like we had the same idea.” As Keith sits down next to her.

“I thought, I would be comfortable. Does it bother you?” Terry looks towards Keith.

“Let’s just say, I’m still getting used to how you have changed.”

“That makes two of us. However, I’m glad you’re helping me and giving me your friendship.” Terry wipes a tear away from her eyes.

Keith reaches forward and squeezes Terry’s petite hand.

“Any time.”

Terry smiles as she guides the sailboat.

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