Doing The Right Thing

“Move it, Chloe.” Robyn looks back at her friend as they ran through a grove of walnut trees.

“I’m trying, Robyn. But something doesn’t feel right with me.” Chloe was dressed as Daisy Johnson from Agents of Shield.

The two of them, along with several others had gone to a Halloween party. It was taking place out at an abandoned farmhouse in the countryside. The party was being hosted by a famous online blogger and several respected local bands were playing at it. It was opened to the public.

It began around sunset and was supposed to continue till sunrise. Robyn had spoken to her mother about going, along with several of her friends. She was permitted if she called them if she was going to stay the whole time.

The beginning of the party had started with several local entertainers performing tricks. Later in the evening several bands took the stage and started playing music. Instead of being dressed in her Ace outfit like last comic con. She decided to go looking like her mother, Sasha. She was wearing a costume designed similar to her mother’s outfit. It had a few special tricks to simulate her mother’s fire ability.

Her friend Chloe was a big Daisy Johnson fan and dressed up in an Agent of Shield costume based on the television series. Chloe was a transgender person like her. They meet at the outreach center she volunteered at. Chloe’s mother and father supported her and did everything they could to help her.

A bullet hits the tree as the two of them ran through the grove. Robyn wished she had brought some of her playing cards with her. She figured since she was going dressed as her mother, she wouldn’t need them. Next time, she wasn’t going to make that mistake.

“Chloe, get ready to hide.” Robyn takes out some of her mother’s smoke pellets and explosive golf balls and tosses them behind her and Chloe.

As soon as they went off, Chloe and Robyn duck to the right, into a hole left from one of the trees falling. Robyn glances towards Chloe and she wasn’t looking too good. She was pale under the moonlight, and she was sweating badly.

“What did those guys shoot you with?” Robyn was worried about her friend.

“I don’t know. Didn’t they hit you?” Chloe thought she saw Robyn get hit by one of the guys.

“I’m wearing one of my mother’s old outfits. It’s bulletproof.” Robyn had felt something hit her. But thanks to her mother’s suit and the low-level energy field that surrounds her. Whatever it had been bounced off her.

“I wish my outfit was bulletproof.” Chloe had sewn the outfit herself based on the images from the television show and what she found on the web.

“Trust me, it's not all fun and games. I still feel the impact of the bullet when it hits. There’s no way to stop kinetic energy.” Robyn didn’t like getting hit with bullets even when she wore her suit.

“Still, you’re protected better than I am. Who are these guys and what do they want with us?” Chloe has been wondering why they had been singled out of everyone at the party.

“I don’t know, but I’m going to find out.” Robyn was about to hand Chloe some of the explosive golf balls from the utility belt she was wearing when her arm is grabbed.

Chloe grabs Robyn’s arm “please don’t leave me.”

Robyn could see that Chloe was scared. She could understand why Chloe felt that way. She didn’t have her training or skills.

“Alright, I’ll stay here with you.”

“Thank you.” Chloe closes her eyes and slips into unconsciousness.

Robyn looks at Chloe as she passes out. Whatever hit her must have taken its toll on her body. She checks Chloe’s pulse to make sure she was alright. She could barely feel it, but it was there.

“Okay, assholes where are you?” Robyn tries a new trick she learned about her ability. She could detect the electrical current of things.

She holds her hand up and feels for the electrical impulses of the men looking for her and Chloe. She feels one, not too far from where she and Chloe were hiding. She looks down at Chloe’s unconscious form “sorry Chloe, but I need answers from these guys.”

She climbs out of the hole as quietly as she can and move quietly towards the guy. She wishes she had her suit and gear with her. At least she knew what everything did on it. Her mother’s old suit had some of her old gear and tricks built into it. The problem was, she only knew how to use some of the gadgets her mother’s suit had.

She spots the guy as he looked for her and Chloe. She moves quietly up behind him and hits him with a taser charge she could generate. She watches as he falls from the charge. The tree next to her explodes from a bullet hitting it.

She turns and looks in that direction and reaches into the utility pouch and grabs an explosive golf ball. She tosses it at him “let’s see how you like that.”

The golf ball explodes when it hits his covered face. He falls back towards the ground. Robyn moves over to him and saw the damage the golf ball did to the guy's faceplate.

“Ouch! I didn’t know they were that strong.”

The guy was missing his face from the explosion. She grabs his radio and wrist cuffs. She didn’t use guns and she knew her mother wouldn’t approve of her if she did.

She looks around for another guy to take down. She knew there had been four guys chasing her and Chloe through the grove.

“Don’t move.” Robyn hears the voice coming from behind her.

“I wouldn’t dream of it.” Robyn presses a hidden button on her thumb.

She takes a quick breath, as a quick-acting knockout gas sprays from the suit. It forms around her as it cloaks her in a white cloud. She hears the guy fall to the ground. She waits a few minutes as the cloud slowly dissipates.

“I have to get my grandmother to add this to my suit.” Robyn turns around and spots the guy sound asleep on the ground.

She kneels beside him and starts removing what gear she needs. She wonders where the fourth guy was hiding. She feels a sharp pain as a bullet hits her in the back. She falls forwards towards the ground and waits. Her mother's old suit stopped the bullet, but it hurt like hell.

She hears movement coming towards her. She waits until whoever it was right upon her. She feels his hand grab her shoulder and flip her over.

“Surprise Asshole!” Robyn hits the guy in his chest with her fist with her strongest electrical charge.

The guy goes flying backward with a smoking hole in his suit. Robyn flips up and felt pain in her back when she does that.

“Who goes around shooting people in the back?” Robyn walks over to the guy. She notices he was still shaking from the electricity she hit him with.

Robyn kneels beside him and starts securing him with the quick cuffs he was carrying. She wonders who this clown was and why they came after her and Chloe. She stands up and pulls her cellphone out of the utility belt. She wasn’t getting a signal at where she was.

She adds a little bit of her energy to her cellphone and manages to connect to a tower. She dials her mother’s cell number. Robyn knew her mother was going to have all sorts of questions for her.

Susan and Sasha’s Mansion, Around Midnight:
Sasha and Susan were laying in bed enjoying the peacefulness of the house. Grace was spending the night with some of her friends. Bunnie had gone to a Halloween party being held at a bar she and Thumper liked going to. Robyn was enjoying herself at an all-night party at a walnut farm three hours away.

Sasha had her arms wrapped around her wife and was holding her against her naked body. Both of them had enjoyed each other’s bodies and were now just enjoying the peacefulness in the mansion.

“The house seems so empty without the kids here.” Susan was running her fingers up and down Sasha’s arm.

“I know. Maybe once all the kids are grown and have moved out, we might want to consider getting a smaller place.” Sasha knew how much Susan loved the mansion they currently owned.

“I don’t know, Sasha. I like living here. We have so many memories here.” Susan loved the mansion she bought when they became popular.

“Just think about it, please. I’m thinking about letting Robyn and Emily have my apartment.” Sasha was going to cut back on some of her agent assignments.

“Do you think that is wise?” Susan knew Robyn and Emily have been doing more and more lately.

“They have proven that they are capable of fulfilling my shoes. Mom has taught them well and so have I.”

“I think you should reconsider, at least for a little while longer.” Susan had a feeling the girls were going to need Sasha’s help and that her mother-in-law would still require Sasha’s help as well.

Just as Sasha was about to say something, her cellphone starts laughing. The ring tone was the jokers laugh from Batman. Sasha knew right away who it was as she picks it up from her nightstand “what’s wrong Robyn?”

“I need for you to send a medical team and one of grandma’s security team out to my location.”

Sasha could hear static coming through on the cell signal. She figures Robyn must be amplifying the signal with her power. “Where are you, sweetie?”

“I’m at the Walnut farm, but where exactly I couldn’t tell you.” Robyn lost track of where she was.

“Press the center buckle on the utility belt, sweetie. It’s a homing signal and so your grandmother can lock onto you.” Sasha was glad that Robyn was wearing one of her old uniforms.

Walnut Farm:
Robyn presses the center of the buckle and watches as it lights up. After a few seconds, it starts flashing.

“It’s flashing, mom.”

Susan and Sasha’s Bedroom:
“That will let your grandmother know where you are. Stay where you are and wait for reinforcements to show up. Are you okay?” Sasha was worried about her daughter.

“I’m fine mom, except for taking a bullet to my back. It’s Chloe I’m worried about and the others who have been attacked.”

“Well, reinforcement is on the way. I’ll meet you at grandma’s house. Stay safe.”

“I will mom.” Robyn ends the phone call.

Susan and Sasha’s Bedroom:
“What is wrong?” Susan caught half of the conversation.

“It seems something happened at the Halloween. Robyn is okay, except she took a bullet to her back.”

“Was she wearing one of your old uniforms?” Susan sat up and turned around to look at Sasha with concern on her face.

“Yes, she was wearing one of my old uniforms. The worst she will have is a nasty bruise where the bullet hits her. The suit would have stopped it.”

“Why does Robyn need a medical team?” Susan gets up out of bed to get dressed.

“She said Chloe needed medical attention and some of the others at the party.” Sasha gets up out of bed and gets dress as well.

“I wonder what happened?” Susan looks at Sasha with a concerned look on her face.

“We’ll find out when Robyn arrives at my mother’s place.” Sasha was concerned about her daughter and her friend.

Walnut Farm:
Robyn heads back to where she left Chloe to check on her. When she arrives, she couldn’t believe what she saw. Chloe didn’t look the same anymore. She looked identical to Daisy Johnson off of Agents of Shield.

“What the hell?” Robyn looked puzzled as hell. She hakes her head to make sure she wasn’t mistaken.

She kneels next to Chloe and lifts the shirt. She reaches down into Chloe’s pants and didn’t feel anything like she should.

“That’s impossible.” Robyn couldn’t believe what she felt.

She takes Chloe’s belt off and notices it was a little tight on her body. She lifts the shirt and check Chloe’s chest and notices she has a pair of small breasts. They weren’t very big and knew Chloe stuffed the bra she wore to fill it to give her the same look Daisy Johnson had.

“This is fucking weird.” As she redresses Chloe.

Robyn stands up and wonders if Chloe was going to develop Quake's ability as well. She wonders what these guys were supposed to do and why? She drags the unconscious bodies over to where Chloe and she are hiding. She drags the dead guy over to her location as well. She’ll have to remember not to toss the exploding golf ball into a person's face.

While she is waiting for her grandmother’s security team to show up. She searches the unconscious guy’s body for any clue on who they are. None of them had any ids on them, but they all had some sort of tattoo that resemble a dragon and some sort of implant inside their body. She could feel the electrical impulses going to it.

Thirty Minutes Later:
Robyn feels the wind pick up as several figures slide down ropes at her location. Among them was her mother dressed in her updated uniform.

“You didn’t need to come, mom. I had everything taken care of.” Robyn stands before her mother.

Sasha looks at her daughter in one of her older suits “you are my child, and I will never stand by and let someone else protect you.” Sasha wraps her arms around Robyn and holds her against her body.

Robyn returns the hug and was happy her mother was there with her. She felt safer in her arms.

“What happened to this guy?” James was looking at the guy that had his face blown off by the exploding golf ball.

“I threw one of mom's exploding golf balls at his face. I didn’t realize how powerful those things are.”

“Sweetie, you should have used one of the marble size ones. The golf ball size ones are used to blow locks out of doors.” Sasha looked at the poor dead guy.

“Sorry, mom.” Robyn needs to learn more about her mother’s gear.

“Let’s get Chloe up to the aircraft and have the EMTs look at her.” Sasha walks over to where Chloe was laying.

“Mom, Chloe isn’t Chloe anymore. She’s the person who plays Daisy Johnson from the television series Agents of Shield.”

“How did that happen?” Sasha kneels next to Chloe and examines her.

“I don’t know, mom.” Robyn looks at her friend and wonders herself.

“Well, we need to find out. Where did you park your rental car at?” Sasha looks at Robyn for an answer.

“Back where the old farmhouse is, along with the other cars.” Robyn reaches into the pouch that held the keys to the rental.

“Here give them to me, Robyn. I’ll drive it back.” James held his hand out for them.

“Here you go.” Robyn hands the keys to James.

It takes the team about two hours to get everyone that had been changed loaded into the multiple aircraft that had shown up. As for the guys, Robyn had knocked out. They are transported to a black site where they are going to be interrogated.

Robyn sits next to her mother and leans against her. She was starting to feel sleepy but knew she couldn’t fall asleep, while she worried over her friend.

“Mom, what do you think did this to Chloe?”

Sasha looks at Chloe’s sleeping form. The EMTs gave her a clean bill of health. The reason Chloe hadn’t woken up, was the EMTs think whatever did this burned a lot of Chloe’s energies.

“I don’t know sweetie. Your grandma or your great aunt is going to need to examine Chloe and figure out what did this to her.”

“I hope everything is okay with her.”

“Me too, sweetie. Me too.” Sasha wraps her arm around Robyn’s shoulder and holds her.

Several days later, Aero Flight Mountain Complex, Medical Floor:
Robyn looks at her friend as they walk around on the floor. She was looking older and better than she has ever looked.

“So, how does it feel to be a fully functional girl, now?” Robyn was curious.

“Weird. I still can’t get over the fact that I’m a girl inside and out. Your aunt said I should be having my first period in a few days. She gave me instructions on what I should do.”

“That’s good. How many others have been changed?” Robyn wishes she could have experienced what Chloe did.

“About twenty guys were turned at the party. It seemed that those guys who were chasing us were rounding up everyone who had been turned and putting them inside a box truck. The organizer of the Halloween party was using it to collect people and selling the ones they turned.” Chloe had been told what had happened and why.

“I guess they underestimated me.” Robyn felt kind of disappointed and glad as well.

“Yeah, I’m finally the person I admire the most. The thing is, what am I supposed to do now?” Chloe looks at Robyn.

“What do you mean?” Robyn was confused.

“I’m no longer a teenager. According to your aunt, I’m in my early twenties now and in the best shape I have ever been.”

“Well, you could ask my aunt to train you and turn you into one of her agents. What does your mom and dad think about what happened to you?”

“They are adjusting to my new appearance and situation. It was a lot for them to accept. However, they said they will stand by me and help me adjust.”

“Well, you can count me in as well. I’ll stand by you and help you as well.” Robyn wasn’t going to let her friend go through everything by herself.

“Thanks.” Chloe wipes some tears away.

“You’re welcome.”

Chloe and Robyn head down to the driving course, so Chloe could start her driving training. Robyn watches as the instructor works with Chloe. As she is standing there watching, she hears her aunt Ivy’s voice.

“Is everything okay, Robyn?” Ivy walks up to her cousin.

“I’m okay. I’m just worried my friend is going to outgrowing me, now that she is older.”

“If she is your true friend. She’ll always be your friend, no matter what.” Ivy doesn’t think Chloe will toss aside Robyn.

“Are you sure, Ivy?” Robyn knew her cousin was hardly ever wrong.

“There are no guarantees in life, Robyn except death and taxes.”

“Ha, ha! Very funny.”

“I thought it was.” A smile appears on Ivy’s face.

“So, do we know what that dragon tattoo means?” Robyn has never seen it before.

“No, but I think I might know someone who might.” Ivy had looked at the tattoo and knew it wasn’t of any earth design. She ran the image through every database they had access to and asked a few tattoo parlors about it.

“Who is that?” Robyn was curious now.

“Let’s just say they aren’t from around here.” Ivy was thinking about the aliens that they have been working with.

“Who are you talking about, Aunt Ivy?” Robyn had a puzzled look on her face.

“You’ll see. Come with me.” Ivy starts walking over to the motor pool.

Robyn follows behind Ivy as she headed towards the motor pool. She tries to copy the way Ivy walked. She was still working on her style of walk.

“Hey, Cara can you give me the keys to Sam’s Jeep?” Ivy spotted Cara under the hood of her race car.

Cara stands up and looks at Ivy and some young teenage girl with shoulder-length red hair standing next to her. She doesn’t recognize the teenage girl.

“You know, Sam isn’t going to like you driving her Jeep.” Cara knew Samantha didn’t like anyone driving her Jeep.

“Where I’m going. I need an all-terrain and my BMW isn’t four-wheel drive.”

“Alright, if you damage it, I’m not covering for you.” Cara walks into her office and grabs the spare keys to Samantha’s Jeep.

She walks out of the office and over to Ivy “here you go.” As she hands the keys to Ivy.

“Thanks.” As Ivy accepts them.

Robyn knew most of her great aunt Janet’s family kept their vehicles here in the motor pool. She couldn’t believe all the different styles of vehicles in the motor pool.

“Come on Robyn. There are some people I want you to meet.” Ivy walks over to Sam’s Jeep.

“Okay.” Robyn follows her cousin over to a desert brown color jeep wrangler.

When she gets into it the jeep. She discovers that it was equipped with several radios and a mini-radar and GPS unit as well.

“Why would Sam need all of this gear?” Robyn looks at Ivy.

“Because Sam is the chief engineer here at the mountain complex. She monitors and sometimes goes out into the field if one of the planes or drone lands. Now fasten your seatbelt.”

“Yes ma’am.” Robyn fastens her seatbelt.

Robyn watches as Ivy drove them from the mountain complex. She has never spent this much time here at the mountain complex, before. Normally, she stayed in California, but because of what she and her friend uncovered out on the walnut farm. Her great aunt Janet wanted to know everything she knew.

“So, who are these people we are going to see?” Robyn looks at Ivy for an answer.

“They are people who might be able to help us. I can’t tell you exactly, Robyn. Because of the promise mom and Patricia made to them.”

“Who’s Patricia?” Robyn didn’t know she had another relative that was related to them.

“She’s like you and your mom.” Ivy knew her cousin, Sasha possesses the ability to control fire. She also knew Robyn possessed the ability to generate electricity.

“So, what does she do?” Robyn was curious.

“She can control any type of computer or anything that has a computer in it.”

“That has to be so cool. Does that mean she can hack any type of computer system as well?”

“Yes, she can hack any system and make it do her bidding.” Ivy was kind of jealous of that ability.

“Man, I would love to be able to do that.” Robyn could think how that could be helpful.

“Your mother would be very upset with you if you do what you are thinking about.” Ivy had the feeling she knew what Robyn was thinking.

“Your no fun, Ivy.” Robyn sits back and enjoys the ride.

After two hours of driving, Ivy turns onto a gravel road. The gravel road cuts through a desert until after twenty minutes, they spot a two-story farmhouse. As they get closer, the yard around the house gets blueish-green and extends out to about half a football field from the house.
Ivy parks the Jeep next to an older black Land Rover. She turns the engine off and unfastens her seatbelt.

“Is this where your friends live?” Robyn looks at Ivy as she gets out of the jeep.

“Yep, if anyone should know what these tattoos mean. These people will know.”

Robyn gets out of the jeep and follows Ivy towards the front of the house. The house looked brand new. They walk up to the front of it and ring the doorbell.

Inside the House:
Kelly was walking by the front door when she hears the doorbell ring. She knew the only people in the house were her, her mother, and Kira.
She knew her mother was in the den going over the bills they had. She walks into the den “mom, someone is at the front door.”

Moya looks up from balancing the books. She had the day off from her job.

“Okay, I’ll see who it is, kiddo.” Moya gets up and heads towards the front door.

She opens the door and spots Ivy standing on the other side with a red-haired teenage girl. A smile appears on her holographic image “what brings you out here?”

“Do you mind if we come in?” Ivy looks at Moya’s holographic human form.

“No, not at all.” Moya steps aside to let Ivy and her companion into the house.

Robyn follows Ivy into the house. The woman that was letting them in, felt weird to her. She could feel an energy field surrounding the woman.

“Can I get you anything to drink?” Moya shuts the front door behind them.

“So, what brings you out here, Ivy?” Moya watches Ivy.

“I need some advice from you. My cousin here was almost kidnapped by a group of me, that had this tattoo on them. I’m hoping you might be able to identify it.” Ivy takes her cellphone out of her back pocket and brings the picture of the tattoo up.

Moya holds her hand out to Ivy. She watches as Ivy places her cellphone in her hand. She looks at the image and recognizes it right away.

“This symbol belongs to The Crimson Dragon Riders. They normally roam the Astraeus Nebula raiding small colonies there. What they are doing here on Earth, is a problem.”

“What do you mean, what they are doing here on Earth? Are these people aliens?” Robyn looks at Moya with a puzzled look on her face.
Moya looks at Ivy “you didn’t tell her?”

“Tell me what?” Robyn looks at Ivy.

“I made a promise to you and your companions.” Ivy didn’t want to break that promise.

Moya looks at Robyn “I’m from space.”

“No way. That can’t be.”

“It is.” Moya lets the hologram surrounding her drop to show her true form.

“Wow!” Robyn was looking at a humanoid female black cat woman.

She was wearing a purple leotard that covered her torso. She also was wearing an ankle pair of purple boots as well.

“Okay, my mother never said anything about this.”

“She doesn’t know anything about this, Robyn.” Ivy didn’t like keeping Sasha in the dark.

“What have they done now?” Moya was curious.

“They are turning males into females with some sort of drug.” Ivy knew her sister Cleo was working on the case.

“That doesn’t sound like their style. It’s possible they branched out to some of the gangs here on Earth.” Moya knew how they operated.

“So, you’re saying they may have formed a group here on Earth.” Ivy made sure she remembers that.

“It’s possible. That could only explain why they have that tattoo.” Moya couldn’t think of any other reason.

“Alright, thanks. So, what else has your group been up to?”

Robyn couldn’t believe that real aliens were living among them. She couldn’t wait until she sees the other ones.

“Chasing after slavers, drug dealers dealing alien made drugs and weapon dealers.” Moya couldn’t believe some of the alien weapons her group has confiscated so far.

“Okay, I’m confused. What is your mission here?” Robyn looks at Moya.

“To save and protect us, so bad aliens don’t kidnap us to sell as slaves or eat us.” Kelly had walked back into the room, after getting some laundry done.

She walks over to Moya and hugs her adopted mother. If she hadn’t saved her life and took her in, she wouldn’t be here today. She looks at the other people. She knew Ivy but didn’t know the other girl.

“How have you been Kelly?” Ivy looks at the dark-haired girl as she hugged Moya.

Someone had left her out in the desert to die. Moya and the leader of their group had found her and nursed her back to health. Moya adopted Kelly as her child.

“I’m better thanks to mom and my adopted family.”

“That’s good to hear. How is Kira doing?” Ivy couldn’t believe the missing person named Anthony had been turned into a little girl with all her memories intact.

They had located him here living with Moya and her team as a ten-year girl. Susan and Jackal were her parents on paper, but she didn’t need them. Since she retained her memories when she was changed.

“She’s doing fine. Sometimes she forgets she is ten years old, instead of the middle-aged man she used to be.”

“How can a ten-year-old girl, use to be a middle-aged man?” Robyn looked confused.

“It’s a long explanation, Robyn. I’ll explain everything on the way home.” Ivy looks at her cousin.

In the next hour or so, Robyn gets to know and meet some of the other members of Moya’s team. On the way back to the mountain, Robyn listens to her cousin’s explanation of how a grown man went from being middle age to being turned into a ten-year-old girl.

Once they arrive back at the mountain complex. Robyn goes to check on her friend. Ivy goes and reports to her mother what she found out, so they can pass the information onto Felica.

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