It's a hard life for a bright boy in the Feminine Queendom

Melody Davis had grown up like all other girls in the Queendom. She was a little disappointed when they were separated from the boys
in her early teens. She understood that her teachers told her boys brains could not handle much more than an elementary level of education.

She thought that was wrong, as some of the boys in her class were smarter than her. She kept that too herself. She went to uni to study business management and had a few relationships with girls like everyone else. None of these satisfied her though. They just didn't feel "right". They were fun, but she felt no love. It was like scratching an itch.

She used to wonder if she was normal. She always found herself getting very turned on watching the gardener work outside her window. His tanned skin and broad shoulders made her so hot and bothered, she had to go into her bedroom to take care of her urges. She had always been taught that men were the enemy. They were only kept around for menial jobs and sperm donation. The only real love is between two women.

She saw her friend watching the gardener through the window one day. She saw her nipples poking through her blouse and her face flush.

"Oh Mandy, he's turning you on isn't he? What would all the feminists think if they knew you lusted after prick sex?"

"Mel, don't you dare tell anyone. I've been like this since I hit puberty."

"Don't worry I'm the same. We must be a couple of perverts."

"That's just it Mel, we're not. It's everyone else. What we feel is what women feel all over the world. We have all been brainwashed."

It started to make sense to Mel now. She couldn't understand why it was wrong not to hate men. Most of the boys she talked to were nice. As an adult woman you have little to do with men. Men tended to avoid women where they could. She understood they could be accused by a woman for the slightest phrase they uttered that the women didn't like. Women were poison to men.

She had been taught that men kept women as slaves and abused them before the women rose up and defeated the men. Everyone was taught that early on in school. She just accepted it as truth. There was so much missing from herstory. The things they were taught about were all negative. Adolf Hitler, Gengis Khan, wars and death all caused by men. They never learned about the wonderful inventions, like television, antibiotics, electrical power. She asked once and her teacher, she told her women invented them and men stole the credit.

"Mel, I can show you something if you promise not to tell anyone."

"What Mandy, is it anything to do with our messed up society?"

"There are so many women like us. We just dare not tell anyone. Women that want to be with men, have babies in the natural way. If they push the matter they get locked away and declared insane. My mother’s friend lived with a man for two months. Someone reported it and they were arrested. She is in a mental ward and he is in prison now."

"But we have been taught all our lives that men are evil beasts, just little more than apes."

"Outside this country there are several like ours, but there are many large countries where men rule. If all men were dumb beasts, how would they run countries? Some countries are equal, with males and females in government. They work together for the good of their people. Some treat women almost as bad as we treat our men. Men here seem dumb, because we make them dumb."

"How do you know all this? It makes sense, but I've never seen any of this."

"Our herstory has been censored. That's not even the right word did you know that?, it should be history. Our internet is restricted to safe content. All we have access to backs up the feminista agenda. Extreme feminists are very noisy, the rest of us all think there is something wrong with us if we don't agree with them. So we all just go along with it to fit in. The country is run by feminista for feminista. When have you seen an opposition party try to ease up on male curfew laws?"

"Well, never, all the parties seem the same, just with different leaders."

"Exactly, so we will never change. We will stagnate. The natural order of things has been ruined. Our birth rates are falling. Who would want to bring as boy up in this country? Mothers love their children, it's unfair."

Mandy gave Mel and IP address that allowed her to access the web outside the Queendom. Over the next few months she was shocked by what she learned.

Years later she was a manger at a large supermarket. She had a baby boy called Peter. She watched Peter grow in to a bright eyed, intelligent child. He was top of the class in many subjects, much to the annoyance of some of the teachers. When he was ten, one of the teachers told her that he should be considered for feminisation.

Mel did not know how to feel. Peter would have a brighter future as a girl. He should have a bright future as a boy though. It disgusted her that he must have his genitals removed and altered if he wanted to avoid a life of lonely drudgery. This was all because some idiot feminist decided the only bright boy was a girl.

She wanted to discuss it with Peter. It was his body, she thought. She rang clinic that she would have to take him to. The woman she spoke to was just awful. She told her the first thing they would do was to "cut his nuts off". The woman laughed, she seemed to think it was funny. Then she went on about giving her son female hormones.

Mel asked if all the converted boys were happy. The woman said she supposed so, it must be better than being a boy. She said that only about 30% of the boys made the full transition. She told Mel that if they didn't finish in the top 10% of their classes they were considered a waste of time. The woman said the ones that don't pass become Mals. Mel had seen Mals working as cleaners and carers in women's areas. She had also seen them working in schools. Some were still quite masculine, but dressed as women.

The woman from the clinic had told her that the word mal had started as a joke. They were males with a bit missing. She giggled again. Mel told her she didn't think that was funny. The woman got angry and told her if it wasn't for mals, real women would have to do all the dirty jobs around women and children, men could not be trusted. She said once a boy was a mal, he was harmless.

Having the facts laid out like that horrified Mel. She could see how oppressed men were. She never realised, only the oppressed can ever really see it. Although women like her were oppressed. Women that wanted to be with a man, she thought.

She discussed it with Peter later that night. She described it all, she left nothing out.

"I think our dinner ladies are mals mum. Simon is being feminised. He came back to school wearing a girl's uniform. We have to call him Simone now. Most of the boys won't talk to him, and the girls call him ugly. He cries a lot now. He told me his mum made him do it.
“Oh poor Simon.”
“You won't make me do it will you mum?"

"Oh my beautiful boy, I'd never force you. So you don't want to then."

"No mum I like being a boy, even though I know I will have to live in those horrible rookeries one day."

The rookeries were male ghettos where most of the male population lived. Men were allowed to live with their mothers, but some women sent their sons away when they got older.

"I love you so much son. You are welcome to stay with me forever. You will have to hide that clever brain of yours though. Start failing some tests. Don't put your hand up in class."

"Why mum , that's not fair. I am the best in my class at a lot of things. Why do I have to pretend?"

"When they find someone really clever, they can force you to be a girl. If you are as clever as I think you are, It might happen."

Mel used the I.P. address to access an I.Q. test from a free country. She made sure Peter knew how to use the mouse and keyboard. Boys were not encouraged to use anything more than simple computers in the Queendom. They were only given local access to files, they were not even allowed on the censored Queendom internet.

She sat and watched him. He amazed her He had an I.Q. of 145. The average in the Queendom was around 92. It used to be 100, she knew there was some concern about this. She was told by a her friend , who’s lover worked at a genetics lab.

She knew if he was to stay a man, he would have to hide his talent. What a waste, it was so unfair.

She watched as her happy bright child, became a sad morose teenager. At 14 he got a job as a dustman. She could see smothering his intellect and acting stupid was killing him. He had twice the intelligence of his female supervisors, but had to suck up being called a dumb male by many of the females around him.

When he was 15 he told Mel he thought about suicide. She held him tight and knew she had to do something. She gave him free access to her computer. It was forbidden to do this. They could both be put in prison. He would get life in a labour camp probably.

His mood improved daily as he sucked up information on cultures all over the world. Then one day he called his mother to the screen.

"Look Australia, has just declared equality."

"What? they were like us, well not as many police, but they were a feminist country. Why?"

"I have been picking up bits of information for hours. This site is run by an anti feminist group run by women and mals."

The site showed a blurred picture of a tall man talking with, what the picture said was, the Australian prime minister.

"This man is from here mum, he came from the Queendom. He offered Australia the secret of anti-grav if they gave men equal rights."

"But Anston Aerospace invented anti-grav."

"No mum, this Charlie bloke invented it. I think they stole his invention. You know they would never let a man take credit for anything. We're just dumb, abusive apes."

She could see his anger building.

"Is there anything else?"

"Yes he was the one writing messages on the moon! He has built a spaceship. This could be amazing for the human race. I'm just happy our horrible country never got it. Can you imagine. Feministas in space? With that much power you could take over the world. "

"I shall see if we can emigrate. If we are quick they may let us go, but I suspect they will stop anyone leaving UQ for a non-feminist country now."

"Bloody hell, I could get a job where I could use my brain if we moved there."

"Yes and your old mum could get a man. I'm only 45 and would love to meet a nice guy to share my life with."

Peter starred at her. He had seen enough on the internet to know what his mum wanted was normal. It was just he had never heard a woman say that before.

"If only something like that could happen here. This bloody government needs taking down a peg or two. We just need something like that, or someone like him here."

"Well mum, you never know. There is a lot going on in the world now. Things are changing."

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