A chance meeting... then, again, in different circumstances, a glimpse across a
room brings questions, possibility and longing.
Feelings you were previously unaware of. Although...

This is a work of adult fiction.

No resemblance to reality should be inferred or expected.
Copyright KLS 2008.


By Kristina.L.S.

I'd been living in the old house for several months and having somewhat odd hours I didn't really interact too much with the others. More of a nod hello as we passed from time to time and as long as the rent got paid and no one had a hate on for you no one cared too much who did what. I often worked late and rose late as I tried to come up with witty fillups for the weekend edition stars or copy-edits for bigger pieces. Not to mention the spec articles that mostly came back with a 'thanks not at this time' note attached. Freelance writing is no way to make your fortune unless you're very good or get very lucky. So far neither seemed likely.

She had moved in a few months later after Jenny, or was it Jackie had moved out. The big airy rooms and feeling of privacy amidst company had she said attracted her. Better than some sterile little apartment somewhere she said. She liked to be around people.

Seemed she worked in the music business in management or promotions I was never quite sure. One thing I was sure of she was the most beautiful and amazing woman I had ever met. She moved with a fluid grace and her smile was… Well I wanted to kiss her fingertips and stare into her green blue eyes and watch her lips quirk in friendly amusement at my silliness.

She was at twenty-four five years older than me and was far more worldly and knowledgeable than I would have believed. My knowledge of women was scant and largely second-hand, but I was up on events and had I thought a good wide knowledge of the world and people in general. Still there was no topic that we raised between us where she could not add to my thoughts. Arriving home as she often did after one or later she would stop and ask what I was working on and chat, perhaps make a tea or something and stand sipping in the doorway as she watched me work.

Of course as she stood there all thoughts of work left and it was pure bluff and luck that I could make an intelligent response to her questions.

It had been almost a month and once she had established herself and then ascertained I was up and open to a chat the routine had been established. Perhaps a week or so later she had stood in the door sipping soup and casually sucked the air from my lungs with a simple question.

"So tell me, how long have you been dressing? I'd like to meet her one day."

The air had sucked from the room and I sat unable to breathe as my vision narrowed. I'm honestly not sure how long I sat like that and was only vaguely aware of her slight shrug as she pushed off the door frame and headed to her own room.

I didn't see her for several days and was in turn terrified that she would and saddened that she didn't stop at my door. So of course when she did finally manage to synch her schedule to a doorstop visit to my room it was practically a relief.

There I was, staring at the screen and trying to decide whether an allusion to colour worked as a metaphor to the changing feelings of the hero and suddenly she was there.

" So, hey there girlfriend, how's everything?" leaning as was her wont against the door frame, only this time she was dangling a heavy paper carry bag in a dark purple from her right hand fingers.

In the couple of seconds it took for my body to react to that statement with a jolt as of a mild electric shock and a deep blush, while mentally trying to think of a response somewhere in the negative… well, in that few seconds she entered the room, something she had never done…. and closed the door.

"You seem a little shy, a little unsure. Scared that I know your secret perhaps. I know most people are too self involved to notice the traces of eyeliner or nail polish, but some will. If you are in the closet you need to be more careful." She smiled a small smile while raising the carry bag and waving it slightly. "I did some shows with a semi punk underground band, you know alternative goth type grunge. Gender is fluid and Lou Reed would have a fit trying to decide who was a girl or a boy. Anyway, the singer, a lovely girl with some serious fashion flair and I got talking and I told her about you…"

She actually laughed as I paled and gasped softly, " Oh don't worry yourself. I didn't tell her who you were, just described you and the situation. She got all excited and insisted I meet her the next day at this little boutique she worked in. Weeeell, was that a different experience. The girl behind the counter was a boy and gorgeous if you like that black and purple with lots of lace with pouty red lips semi vampire look. My friend from the night before had a bunch of things picked out as I'd told her already what I thought your measurements would be. I demurred on some as I couldn't see you as a new romantic goth type, but the basic pieces, well those I said I 'd buy. She just gave them to me, insisted as I'd helped her band and she was helping you. All part of the circle she said."

This time she extended her arm and then dropped the dangling bag at my feet. "Have a look and then tell me what you think before I leave you alone... to play."

I hesitated to move. Oh alright, I stalled, as I tried to figure out what the best course of action might be. Ultimately of course after a few minutes I had no choice but to pick up the bag and look. Initially I ignored the larger rolled heavy fabric piece and pulled several small packs of stockings in shades from black to nude shimmer. Two heavily elasticised black bikini briefs and finally the roll, which was a beautiful silk brocade corset in black with small red and gold flowers shimmering upon it.

It was likely another few minutes before I turned my gaze up to meet hers. The small smile had become a slight smirk as she stared at me knowingly.

"I take it you like your pressie then. I'll leave you in peace, but you let me know when you get the balls to wear them girlfriend. I want to see how they look." With that she turned and strolled out the door seeming not to actually move to pull it open.

I quickly stuffed everything back in the bag and dropped it beside the desk just in case anyone passed the door and glanced in. Highly unlikely, but paranoia is hardly logical.

It was several nights later when I saw her again. It had taken some effort to work the laces and achieve a suitable result but the feeling it gave and the symmetry it produced made the effort worthwhile. Two nights had been in vain and now terror as she stood in the doorway. Standing before I could change my mind I invited her in.

She cocked her head slightly in mild surprise and then slowly smiled that small slightly wicked, knowing smile she had. Stepped into the room closing the door behind her. Beckoned me closer with a small gesture and watched as I moved. She pressed a hand against my thigh and felt the button of the suspender strap and ran it up to my hip and then waist pressing lightly with her fingers. The toe of her right foot pressed on my left and tapped the exposed stocking.

"Well girlfriend, I'm slightly disappointed. Trousers and baggy T do not really suit the undergarments. Are you wearing the gaffe?"

I blushed and nodded as her thigh pressed gently between my legs to feel the smooth junction.

"Anything else?"

I again blushed heavily and nodded, "Some… um, some black lace French knickers that seemed to go with the rest. "

Her small smile widened, "Yes I suspect they would look right. What did you get your waist to?"

"Um… twenty six, only two inches. It's not easy to do on your own."

"Oh, is that an invitation?"

The blush deepened and spread all over. Then with an effort I straightened and looked her in the eyes, which with her heels on were a few inches above mine.

"Why? I don't understand. I'm terrified of you mocking me and that you saw through me in the first place I suppose. You smile and tease a little and then give me this beautiful present and I don't understand…"

She cocked her head to the side again and her smile slipped slightly as she thought.

"Honestly, I'm not sure. You're about the only one up when I come in mostly and you seemed like a nice guy if a little bookish. Then when I noticed the small traces of makeup I assumed you were gay or maybe just a closet case. But then I began to see there was more to it as I passed you during the day now and then. A gentleness and grace to you that wasn't foppish or overblown." She shrugged slightly, "I guess I was curious as to what it meant to you and… and maybe what that meant to me."

For the first time since I had met her she seemed a little uncomfortable.

"What, some toy to play with?", my voice flat.

With a slight shake of her head she exhaled softly, "No, not a toy. But something, sorry, someone that I had not really come across in quite the same way before. A person that through no obvious action had tilted my idea of what I wanted in a friend or maybe partner and even a lover. Is that enough confessional for you?" This last said with a tilt of her chin and a mild defiance in her voice. "In short girlfriend, the idea of you all dressed and no doubt looking gorgeous really turned me on. And that surprises the hell out of me."

I stood speechless as my goddess told me that I affected her. That, 'me' caused doubts and uncertainties in her mind. The idea of ridicule or abuse was not one I was unfamiliar with, but this was something different.

The glint returned to her eyes as she pressed into me gently making me suddenly aware of just how close we were standing and amazed that I hadn't pulled back before.

"So girlfriend. I'll be back about two tomorrow morning. Why don't you take a little time and make the effort to show me if my mental image is up to the reality. Keep the door closed and I'll knock if there's a light on. If not…" With that the small smile returned full force as she pressed her thigh forward and then turned and walked out. It was only then I realised my breathing was heavy as though I'd run a long flight of stairs.

If not she says, if not. As if, or not oh stop it you're rambling. You knew as did she that there was no way you would not if humanly possible, so stop trembling like an eighteenth century virgin on her wedding night. That image of some girlish Bronte acquaintance had me laughing out loud to the extent I got the damn hiccups. Which did wonders for the equilibrium if not the decorum. It had taken two hours to get the makeup right, fix the hair then dress. The gaff first, keeping things in line, at least at first was necessary. Corsets are a bitch, but they do feel lovely once gently tightened and with a bit of tugging of skin and some subtle gel stuffing to give the lack of nature a hand actually looked pretty nice too. Midnight shimmer stockings, which was sort of a slinky charcoal. The strappy soft black sandals with three inch spikes. The fluid silk spaghetti strap dress that flowed from chest to just to below knee with a harbour at twilight gloss. Lastly the sheer black rayon close fitting long sleeved overblouse that hugged gently and hid nothing, tied with two small bows just below the bust and at the navel as it flared ever so gently at the hip.

Just after one thirty there was a tap on the door. With a cattle stampede storming around my belly I opened the door… "Uup." And blushed like a fool, damn hiccups.

Her eyebrow raised in amusement for as second as her gaze took me in. "Not the… ah, not the greeting I was expecting. Well not in one sense, but… You… damn girlfriend, you went all out and you look absolutely wonderful. I feel a little false pretenses here, not to mention underdressed. Never mind, got a bag? No? Doesn't matter come on."

One second I felt elated but terrified and a pinch embarrassed because of the hiccup. The next second terror is winning hands down as she pulls me out the door swings it shut with a click and hustles me down the hallway then the stairs and out the front door to her car sitting at the curb across the short stretch of grass. Before I had even understood we were going somewhere I was in the passenger seat and she was clunking the drivers door closed and starting the engine. Can someone be scared to death? Popular phrase, but the next minute or two might prove it one way or the other.

She was grinning like an idiot as she pulled out and headed down the road, "Oh my, you should see your face girlfriend. It's a funny mix or fear and I am going to kill you anger. Don' t worry so much, we're just going to meet a friend have a quick coffee and then back home. Mind you looking like that I know a club or two I could sell you no problem."

The bitch, she actually laughed as I went even more pale than I had been.

"Oh will you relax. You look great and I'm all hot and bothered but that sort of defeats the purpose here. Just be cool, I will not do anything to hurt you okay."

It took a minute but I did relax a bit as she manoeuvred the Volvo city slicker 4x4 easily along. I'd never really thought but she must be worth a bit, these were not cheap. I appraised her silently for a minute as she smiled at my not really hidden indignation. Her dark red hair was casually pulled back off her face and held by one of those big fat toothy clip things to fall casually over her shoulders. The slinky dark red bustier top showed her off brilliantly and the black silk skintight pants did nothing to diminish her sensuality. I had to snort a little in laughter as her shoes were almost exactly the same as mine. I'd never tried driving in them though.

Her smile widened and she winked at me. Hooo, she was beautiful.

"Would you like to tell me where we're going?"

"Ah, well girlfriend I feel a little guilty. I did perhaps give you a false impression but I wanted you to look good and put in some effort and I have to say I am truly impressed, which bothers me a bit, but never mind. See there's a do on this weekend. Bunch of Music nobs getting together for a big charity thing. All glitz and tits and probably a fair bit of blow. I have a mate. Lovely bloke that really doesn't fancy women, but he's not quite gay either. He's a gentleman…."

"Oh, no fuckin way. I am not some dial a tranny to cover some blokes image…"

"Now don't be like that. This is not a pay for sex deal. I wouldn't do that to you, you have my word." She slowed and waited till I'd settled a little and nodded for her to continue.

"Okay, sorry for how that sounded. This is a chance for him to show off a good looking lady as his escort for the evening. Plus it gives you a chance to get out and be yourself with no pressure. There is no way he would even think of trying anything on at this stage. Later… well who knows. That's up to you guys. " It seemed that a frown crossed her features for a second there, but it was probably a shadow.

"Look, let's just meet with the guy and have a coffee and then home. If you really can't face the idea he won't push and I will apologise for messing you both up and take you home."

I nodded as it was really just a pinch childish to back out at this point and at two am the chances of being busted were slim. Fear will have to wait a while to claim me. Of course right then I hiccupped and she cracked up and swerved a bit out of her lane, fortunately with no trouble.

I glanced across and that frown seemed to be back on her face, she was thinking and seemed troubled. Well serves you right.

She pulled over and jumped out pulling on a light tailored cotton jacket as she headed around to open my door and help me out, smirking just a little as I struggled.

"Being a lady's tough eh girlfriend." The smirk changing to a laugh as I slid out and practically exposed myself to the world as the skirt rode up. Blushing I tried to pull it down a little which hanging off the edge of the seat was a lost cause. Not helped at all as she reached over and snapped the garter strap against my thigh. She laughed aloud and then stopped so suddenly it startled me as she stepped in and with her hand still pressed against my smooth skin helped me down and shielded me from view if anyone happened to be looking, which they weren't, but still…

I looked up into her eyes and she looked flushed and a little, worried? Even with the matching shoes she was a couple of inches taller, Um, even with me in heels, oh you know.

"What's wrong?"

With a shake she smiled at me, "Sorry… nothing, just a muscle twinge, don't worry I'm fine. Lets do this and go huh."

Now it was my turn to frown. Wasn't this all her idea and now she seemed off the whole thing.

Taking my hand she led me into a small Italian bistro and across to a table where a guy was fidgeting nervously and with a start jumped to his feet as we approached.

First impression was he was pretty good looking. Trim, about six foot, sort of trendy architect look in the linen jacket and longish hair. His eyes locked on mine and then roamed up and down as he measured and judged the likelihood of being sprung I guess.

"So Neal, did I lie to you?"

"N… no, you didn't." He waved and I guess ordered coffee for three, which normally I would have been pissed off about but I let this one slide. Surreal sort of took precedence to pride.

We all sat and sort of gazed about. Even my abductor seemed subdued now it was going down.

"So…" My voice broke as I stuttered and bloody hiccupped for good measure. Deep breath.

"So, Neal seeing you've had me kidnapped and I apparently meet some predetermined standard of semi girl. What is it you want from me?"

Hah, I crowed silently as she blushed at the kidnap bit. Neal to his credit looked alarmed and switched his gaze back and forth between us.

"Oh relax as I keep getting told. I actually feel semi normal right this second so before I get terrified and faint, or throw up why don't you explain."

Three chock sprinkled cappuccinos clunked down on the table as the other hand of a formidable looking Italian woman plonked the sugarbowl next to them. Amazingly she had not spilled a drop, the saucers were unsullied. Though a dribble did creep slowly down the side of the cup facing me. Hoo, that smelled good, real coffee.

We all busied ourselves with sugaring and stirring. Then Neal outlined the idea and promised he would be a complete gentleman. Pick me up, drop me home. Seven Saturday night till midnight or so depending. Dinner and some mingling, a bit of drunken dancing which we could avoid he assured. Just…he wanted cover. He hated being hassled by women and a few men. Having me on his arm would slow it up some.

"Oh, so I'm not good enough to stop it huh?"

Both of them swallowed desperately at that barely avoiding a milky spray. Neal coughed a few times. She looked like she'd swallowed a spoon.

He looked at me very seriously once he'd regained his composure. "Actually I think you will cause a riot. I seem to be considered desirable and having this gorgeous unknown hanging on my every word will, you will won't you?" I nodded gently and smiled.

"Well having you as my date will mess with a few bitchy ego's. That alone will make my month. "

I glanced sideways to see her sitting back and frowning again, her coffee cup held in both hands as she stared at the table directly in front of her.

We sipped and sat and settled the details and at a little before three we all headed out with Neal giving me a solemn handshake and then a hurried and hesitant hug. Before he hurried away.

Surreal was back as we walked to the car and headed home. Strangely it was a silent trip. She seemed to be thinking almost as much as me.

The next two days were weird. Can imaginary butterflies eat you alive from the inside out? Probably not, but it might be better than twenty four hour nervous sickness. Talk about bloody stage fright. God I hope everyone is out at seven.

Wear the same outfit she said as she handed me a little black clutch bag and with a strange not quite smile squeezed my hands and left. So what was her problem? I'm the one going out with some near stranger and probably outing myself in the process.

My phone buzzed causing my stomach to flip as I clenched my muscles and held my breath, no throwing up, Neal was on time. Picking up the bag I opened and closed the door and I guess I walked out and down the hall. Luckily I didn't bang into anything because I had my eyes closed for the first few seconds.

I did hear a muttered, "what the f….." as I opened the door and tried to appear calm as I clipped down the front steps. Elegance personified, well I didn't go arse over anyway.

I held my breath again for a moment as Neal took my arm and helped me into the car. I settled and exhaled with a small gasp. Thank Christ I didn't have the bloody hiccups again.

Neal settled himself and smiled across at me, "You look lovely, thanks for doing this."

"You only live once or something, No Fear, wasn't that a Tshirt? Besides I think you're a nice guy and I guess I need to do this for me too. Hopefully I won't throw up on your leather seats. I am so fucking scared."

"Believe me you look terrific. No one will know and I guarantee a few little bitches jaws will be out of joint when you walk in with me."

"What, mister eligible bachelor are you? You do have the looks and the car for it. Shit this little Merc probably costs more than I've made in my entire life."

He actually blushed and then smiled softly as he started the car. "Seeing you're what, eighteen or nineteen I guess that's so, but give it time. And yes I am mister eligible bachelor, but I'm a damn picky one."

Now that got me blushing and for some reason we both laughed which cleared the air as he pulled out.

We chatted a little as he drove and when he pulled in and helped me out, I could get used to that, I was relaxed and looking forward to the night.

The room was large and tastefully decorated with twenty round tables seating six with simple floral arrangements centred all identical and tied with silk ribbons. Roving waitresses and waiters all in black trousers and shirts roamed passing out champagne or taking orders for other drinks. Others carried trays of little hors d'oeuvres, smoked salmon, turkey, sushi, pickles and stuff me, caviar. Hmm, not impressed. Thought that was supposed to be heaven on a cracker.

I was introduced around with the name we'd agreed on and apart from a few stutters as I adjusted my history to fit everything was good. My ego did get a little boost as I realised I was indeed getting a few raised eyebrow appraisals and at least one look designed to rupture me in various places. One mildly off his nut rock star with a top ten hit got a hand in my knickers from behind before I knew he was there. The elbow in the sternum dropped him breathless as I strolled off. I hate that fuckin' song.

Neal was good guy and easy to be with which made this much easier and more enjoyable than I’d feared. I was enjoying myself I wondered what she was up to. I half expected her to be watching from a door way with a smile on her face and muttering silently way to go girlfriend while raising her glass to me. Pushy bitch but she was right and she was absolutely gorgeous, "Sorry Neal what did you say..?"

Could have sworn. A tall figure across the room in a deep burgundy gown, dark red hair pulled up slightly and held with a jewelled clasp and pin.

The food wasn't bad, but nothing to write home about. The auction was fun, assorted painted jeans donated by various celebs. Coupla hundred thou' going to research into Autism.

The dancing was a bit strange and tentative at first. I couldn't quite get my head around dancing with a guy regardless of how I was dressed. Buy hey a few glass's of bubbly and I loosened up a bit and doing the nutbush with a whole line of sexy girls got me tight in a whole other way.

Neal grabbed and swung me about in a vague approximation of a waltz as Constant Craving washed the floor as that wonderful voice got everybody up dancing to feel close. More than a few same sex couples, which made me smile, hah, must have had enough drinks. This felt nice.

As we swung around at the end of the song he whispered he needed the bathroom and had to have a quick chat with a friend, back in a minute. As I turned, there she was. Standing at the side of the floor. The burgundy rippling slightly as the air moved about her. Her eyes locked on mine as she headed straight across the floor seeming to glide as my heart began to race with the intensity of her gaze.

She stopped just short of touching and reached up with both her hands as her fingers as gentle as feathers caressed my cheeks and leant in with a whispered. "hey there girlfriend", her voice a little husky and her gaze pouring emotion that got me tingling and blushing though I didn't understand why. Then she kissed me softly and taking my hand led me off the floor to a quieter, slightly darker area.

Now I felt flushed and nervous and excited and glanced from one of those lovely eyes to the other as I tried to understand. "What…?"


She smiled gently and pressed me back against the wall brushing the curled fingers of her right hand across my left cheek as she pushed her right thigh between my legs and rubbed it up and down against my compressed crotch.

Leaning in as I began to pant slightly she brushed her lips across mine, increasing the pressure from her thigh as my legs involuntarily spread a little wider and my breathing became faster and slightly laboured. Her left hand that had been sitting at my corseted waist now moved up as her right hand nails gently scraped my cheek and cupping my face in both hands she kissed me, hard and deep sucking my will and reason away as she probed with her tongue.

She obviously felt the tension and sudden attempt to move, to breathe to… she simply moved both hands to my waist, pressed harder and kissed deeper as my whole body jerked and spasmed and then slumped. The mixed cry groan that had escaped my throat was, thankfully, muffled by her mouth, hard upon mine.

She leant back away from me slightly but still held my waist and I could feel her breath upon my wet lips. My eyes were somewhat unfocused as I gazed at her, able to make out the small smile that played across that amazing face.

"You… my girl…. belong to me. Don't move." Her breathy whisper brushed across me as I shivered.

I watched as she backed away a few steps watching to make sure maybe that I didn't slide to the floor in a heap. Then turning to two nearby tables she pulled the silken ribbons that wrapped the vases of flowers and turned back to me with an expression somewhere between love and lust that again made me shiver.

Again she brushed her lips across mine as I pushed out to try and hold that kiss a moment longer. She turned the movement and took my hands, pressing them gently together behind my back as I tried to understand her intent. Then she wrapped one of the ribbons three times around my wrists and tied a bow, gently imprisoning my arms. The second ribbon she turned about my neck twice and then twisted it once as though to again tie a bow, but this time left it open and the ends trailing down across my faux bust.

Once again she pressed me against the wall and pushed her thigh between my now slightly rubbery legs and smiled that same small not quite kind or gentle smile. With a languorous and utterly seductive movement she reeled me forward by the trailing ribbon and as soon as I was close enough ran her tongue across my lips as though tasting and again kissed me softly.

"Now you my lovely will go and find your date and say goodnight, I'll meet you at the door. Don't be long."

She looked deeply into my eyes seeking an answer and nodded at what she saw as her smile widened.

Then she turned and moved away into the room with a feline grace and power that held my gaze until others intruded as they moved about. People that had no idea the world had just changed.

It took a moment as I tried to comprehend the last few minutes. Felt the heat of her breath and the ribbons holding my wrists and circling my throat. With an almost unconscious movement I pushed away from the wall and went to find Neal.

I needed to say goodbye.

~~~ an end and a beginning… ~~~ aint imagination wonderful ~~

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