Operation Trouble

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This story occurs after Who Wears the Pants in The Marriage.

Billy’s and Sara’s Apartment, Santa Monica, California:
Sara was working at her workbench developing a new electric dart that keeps a charge but delivered 2,000 volts to a person when it is fired at them. She’s been working on the design for a while now and has miniaturized them down to the size she wanted.

The problem was, she was trying to build them into a specialized wrist shooter like her needle types are. She already designed a handgun to use them. But she wanted to be able to use them in a newly designed wrist shooter.

“Sara, lunch is ready.” Billy comes walking over to Sara’s workbench.

“Okay, let me make this last connection.” Sara carefully solders the capacitor she was installed in the new shooter.

Billy watches as her wife solders the capacitor into her new shooters. It has taken her wife several months to design and build her new wrist shooters. She knew the new wrist shooters will come in handy out in the field.

“There, I’m done.” Sara removes her soldering glasses and plugs the shooter into charge.

“So, does everything work?” Billy was curious as she leans down and look at Sara’s wrist shooter.

“I won’t know until the batteries are charged.” Sara turns to look at her wife.

“Well, lunch is ready. I was thinking about going down to the beach today. Why don’t you come with me?” Billy wanted to get some sun.

“Okay.” Sara gets up and heads towards the kitchen.

Billy and Sara sit down at the counter and eat their lunch together. Billy had made subs for them for lunch. Lately, they have been spending more time at home, because of the pandemic.

A few members of Billy’s family and some of Sara’s family caught Covid-19 and were in the hospital. If the president had reacted faster, instead of playing political games. Their family members wouldn’t be sick in the hospital now.

“How is Alice doing, Billy?” Sara knew Billy’s cousin Alice had contracted Covid-19 and was in the hospital.

“She’s doing okay. They caught it in time, and she should overcome it. I just wish they would hurry up and develop the vaccine for it.” Billy was worried about some of her other relatives. Especially, the ones that were first responders.

“I know what you mean. My brother has to wear a mask when he pulls anyone over and sterilizes his patrol car after his shift.” Sara has been staying in contact with her relatives.

“Well, don’t forget your mask.” Billy grabs her beach bag and their chairs.

“Okay.” Sara puts her mask on and follows her wife down to her car.

It was a short drive to the beach. When they arrive, they noticed that there weren’t very many people at the beach. Sara helps Billy with their gear and carries it out to the beach. They find a nice area that was away from the people already on the beach sunbathing.

Billy lays their blanket out on the sand and sets their small cooler on the blanket. Sara takes her mask off because no one was near them. She squirts some suntan lotion onto her hands and starts rubbing it onto Billy’s body. She loved touching her wife’s body.

When she is done rubbing lotion onto Billy’s body. Billy rubs some onto her body. Sara smiles when she feels Billy’s fingers slip under her bikini bottom. She looks at her wife “are we having fun?”

“Yes.” Billy gives Sara’s butt a light slap.

Sara just smiles as she watches Billy lay down next to her. She was enjoying the mandatory shutdown. Some of their favorite take-out places were hurting due to the shutdown and losing some of their staff. But they were still opened unlike a few places, that relied on foot traffic to come inside their place.

“I wonder how this is going to affect our missions.” Sara was curious.

“Me, not that much since I’m in the surveillance van. You, on the other hand, might want to consider wearing a head covering or mask while in your uniform.” Billy just hopes Sara doesn’t catch anything while working.

After about an hour, Sara and Billy head out into the ocean and chase each other. The two of them loved swimming and were experienced swimmers. They goof off for a while in the water and head back to the blanket to dry off. Sara sits down in her chair and looks around her.

There were families out enjoying the beach and ocean. Billy hands Sara flavored water.

“Thanks.” Sara opens it and takes a sip from the bottle.

While Sara is drinking her water, her cellphone starts playing the theme song to Hawaii Five-O. She pulls her cellphone out of Billy’s beach
bag and presses accept.

“Hello Alcides, what can I do for you?” Sara wonders what her brother wanted.

“Are you and Billy home right now?” Alcides was out on patrol and needed his sister and her partner to do a job for him.

“No, we're at the beach.”

“How long are you planning on being at the beach?”

“Alcides what is going on?” Sara wonders why her brother was pestering her.

“Look, I need to speak to you and your wife in private. It’s important.” Alcides hated going outside the chain of command, but he couldn’t trust anyone in his command.

“We can be home in an hour. Meet us at our place.”

“Alright, I’ll see you in an hour.” Alcides ends the call.

“What was that about?” Billy caught half the call.

“Alcides needs to talk to us about something. He wouldn’t tell me over the telephone what it is about.” Which has piqued Sara’s interest.

“I wonder why he is reaching out to us. He’s a police officer for the city of Santa Monica.” Billy was curious because her brother-in-law wanted to talk to them.

“Who knows.” Sara gets up and starts gathering their things.

She folds the blanket after shaking the sand off it. She puts it back into Billy’s beach bag.

“So, much for spending the day at the beach.” Billy was hoping they could get some sunshine.

“You know Alcides wouldn’t ask us for help or favor if it wasn’t important. He doesn’t like that we work for Mr. Bounty.” Sara follows Billy back to her car.

“I know.” Billy gets into the car.

Sara puts their things in and gets in the car as well. She fastens her seatbelt as Billy starts driving towards their apartment. Once they are inside the apartment, Sara starts stripping out of her bikini. She walks up to Billy and yanks on her bikini strings.

“You couldn’t wait until we got to the bathroom, could you?” Billy stands in the middle of the living room naked looking at Sara.

“No, because I like looking at your naked body.” Sara walks up to Billy and kisses her.

Billy returns the kiss and grabs Sara’s hand “come along my lovely wife.”

The two of them walk into the master bedroom and the bathroom. Sara sets the water temperature and switches it to shower mode. The two of them step inside the shower and wash each other’s bodies.

An hour later, Alcides, Sara, and Billy were sitting in the living room looking at each other. Alcides was in his police uniform wondering why he was sitting in his sister’s apartment. He knew she worked for a dangerous man and did a lot of things that would be considered illegal in the court of law. However, he needed someone who operated outside of the law to get evidence/ information about a company and what it did.

“So, big brother, what’s on your mind?” Sara looks at her big brother with a confused look on her face.

“I need a favor and it has to be kept off the books.” Alcides looks at Sara when he says those words.

“What’s the favor and why does it need to be kept off the books?” Billy was curious and wondering what was going on.

“Have the two of you ever heard of a company called Avari Pharmaceutical?”

“No, can’t say we have. Why are you so interested in it?” Billy wanted to know why Alcides was interested in the company.

“I’ve been hearing rumors of illegal experiments going on inside the place. The problem is the information I got came from a known drug addict with no proof to back up his statement. I can’t go the legal route on this.” Alcides wanted to get proof that experiments were going on inside the building.

“So, you figure since we do a lot of questionable jobs for Mr. Bounty. That you would ask your little sister and her wife to get what you need, am I right?” Sara looks at her big brother with mischief in her eyes.

“Yes, since you two can operate outside of the law.”

“We don’t technically operate outside the law, per se. We play in the grey areas of the law.” Sara was trying to make what they do sound not so dirty.

“You know what I mean, Sara. If you get caught or investigated, it can’t be traced back to me or the police station.” Alcides has always played by the rules. There’s only been a few times he has stepped over that invisible line.

Sara looks at her big brother and could tell this was bothering him. He has always tried to work within the system. It was one of the traits she loved about her brother.

“Don’t worry about it being traced to you or the police station. We are classified as Special Agents and there’s nothing you or the law can do about us.” Sara never told her brother about their classification before.

“How can you operate outside the law?” Alcides looks at her sister for an answer.

“Special order signed by certain individuals no longer around.” Sara knew that much about their operations.

“So, you're classified as black ops or kites?” Alcides knew a few people like that.

“Something like that. How soon do you need this information?” Sara would like to have time to scout the place out, so they knew what they were facing.

“I can give you at least a few days, Sara. This job needs to be done as soon as possible.”

“That is a short time frame, but we can do it.” Sara was sure they could do the job.

“Keep in touch with me, sis.” Alcides stands up to leave.

“I will, big brother.” Sara gives Alcides a hug.

Alcides returns Sara’s hug. He hopes everything goes okay. He turns and leaves the apartment.

Sara watches as her big brother leaves. She turns around and looks at Billy “so, what do you think?”

“I think we need to get to work. Are you up to this job?” Billy stands up off the sofa and walks over to Sara and looks into her eyes.

“Oh yeah.” Sara leans towards Billy and kisses her on the lips.

Billy returns the kiss and afterward, she walks over to her computer desk and starts looking up Avari Pharmaceutical. While Billy is researching the company, Sara grabs her keys and helmet.

“I’m going to do some physical scouting.”

“Alright, be careful.” Billy turns around in her chair to look at Sara.

“Always.” Sara grabs her backpack and walks out the front door of their apartment.

She heads down downstairs towards her motorcycle and mounts it. She starts it up and brings up the location of Avari Pharmaceutical on the HUD display on her visor. She pulls out of the parking lot and rides towards the location of the company.

According to the map on her HUD, it was going to take thirty minutes to arrive. When Sara arrives at the location. She finds a place to observe while being cloaked from view. She sends one of her scout drones out to survey the place.

The building was five stories tall and had a gleaming outside exterior. All the windows were the type of glass that absorbed solar energy from the sun shining on the glass. The parking lot was separate from the building and from the look of it, used card readers to let you in.

She sends the drone higher up above the building to get a bird’s eye view. There was an elevator service shack on top of the building, but you had to get to it from the roof access door. She couldn’t tell if there were any security systems up there.

She sends the drone around the building, being careful not to let it be seen. She scans each floor, locating where the big wig's offices were.
She summons it back to her and puts it back into her pouch. She glances at her watch and wonders what time they shut down for the night.

“Hey, Billy, what time do they shut down for the night?” Sara was curious.

“With the shutdown mandate in effect, they should send their employees home around six or seven o’clock.”

“Unless they are working on the vaccine.” Sara wonders if they were working on the vaccine, like the rest of the companies.

“Not according to their web page or any other government sites.” Billy had done a complete background search on them while she was at home.

“Can you penetrate their systems and help me bypass their security measures?” Sara knew Billy was a good hacker.

“Not with my desktop here at the apartment. I’ll have to use my computer aboard the mobile command center.” Billy couldn’t get into the systems from her homebound computer.

“Alright, why don’t you head to the command center and I’ll keep scouting this place out.” Sara figures it was going to be a long night.

“I’ll contact you in twenty.” Billy puts her system in sleep mode and grabs her security badge and keys for the mobile command center.

She grabs a soda from the refrigerator on her way out the door. She knew it was going to be a long night. She walks down to her car and drives to where the mobile command center was stored. When they didn’t need it or the mobile medical center, they parked it at a business owned by Chaos Private Security.

It takes her twenty minutes to arrive at an old bus terminal that had been turned into a storage lot for buses. She enters her code into the security console and watches as the gate opens. She pulls into the lot and heads towards the back storage area. She pulls up to the garage doors and enters her code into her cellphone. The doors were open for her as she drives into it. The doors close behind her as the lights come on.

She parks near the command center and walks over to the command center and enters her code to gain entry. She walks over to her station and power everything up. The command center was connected to the building power grid. She logs onto her computer and goes to work trying to break into Avari’s computer system.

Sara finds another place she could observe Avari from, without being spotted. She grabs some food from a nearby vendor and watches the company. The next few hours she records everything that goes on. The changing of the security guards, how many were on duty, what their routines were. She also monitors all cellphone traffic going in and out of the place.

She takes pictures of every employee, executive, and researcher that comes and goes from the building. She thinks she might have found a point of entry through the delivery area. She could easily blend in and slip inside. Security was kind of lacking in that area. They only checked the driver's identity coming into the place. They search under the trucks or anywhere else either.

Around two in the morning, Sara sends a text to Billy letting her know she was heading home. She puts her helmet on and heads home for the night. While she is heading home, she notices the car behind her had bright flashes of lights going on inside it. She watches as the car loses control and plows right into a parked car.

Sara wonders what caused that and turns her motorcycle around heads towards the wrecked car. When she approaches the wrecked car, she spots a young girl wearing some sort of yellow and black bodysuit. You could see her light brown hair underneath the lights.

Yellow Jacket spots a woman wearing a black helmet on a motorcycle coming towards her. She couldn’t see any weapons or anything on her. She looks at the men in the car she just escaped from. She raises her right arm, and a yellow energy beam comes from her gauntlet and incarcerates the men inside. Before the woman gets any closer, she shrinks down and flies off.

Sara stops and sits there in amazement at what she just saw. Whoever that girl was, possessed an amazing gift. She has heard of people who possessed amazing gifts, but she had never encountered one before.

“Billy, you aren’t going to believe what I just recorded.” Sara turns her motorcycle around and heads back to Billy.

Yellow Jacket follows discreetly from above the woman. She couldn’t fly as fast as the motorcycle was going, but she could still follow the person. She wonders who the person was and why they were dressed all in black. The motorcycle itself didn’t look factory, but custom. It didn’t make any noise.

She continues to follow the woman to an apartment complex. She continues to follow the woman up to an apartment on the third floor. She watches as the woman punches in a code on an electronic lock on the door. She darts in before the door closes on her. She spots a place she could hide and observe what was going on.

The woman she followed, removes her helmet. She could now see that the woman was of some sort of Asian ancestry. She watches as the woman strips out of a black suit and puts the backpack she was wearing on the back of a chair.

She keeps observing the woman as she moved about the apartment. She notices the place was decorated with all sorts of things. There wasn’t a central theme of how the place was decorated.

Twenty minutes go by and another woman with dirty blonde hair comes walking into the place. She walks over to the Asian-looking woman and kisses her. The two of them head into the bedroom.

Yellow Jacket waits an hour before she grows and starts looking around the apartment. She looks at some of the pictures mounted that showed both women she saw. When she walks by a small statue of a jaguar, the jaguar’s eyes flash red and turn its head towards her.

The next thing Yellow Jacket knows, she is on the ground doing the 50,000 volts jig. Sara and Billy come out of their bedroom in the nude and look at the figure jerking around on the floor.

“Get the zip cuffs and the collar. She can shrink.” Sara had the remote to the robotic jaguar in her hand.

Billy walks over to Sara’s workbench and grabs the zip cuffs. She makes sure to grab the collar as well. She grabs a set of rubberized gloves as well and puts them on. She walks over to the strangely dressed young woman and slips the collar on and the cuffs.

“Okay, you can stop shocking her.” Billy stands up and away from the person.

Sara presses the remote and the needles that had shot from it retract back into the statue and goes back to security mode. Sara walks over to her wife and looks down at the young woman “why are you trespassing in my home?”

Yellow Jacket turns to look at the woman and couldn’t believe she had been caught. Normally, she was careful about hidden security systems. She looks at the two naked women standing nearby. She tries to shrink to escape but gets a shock instead.

Billy and Sara look at the young woman and notices she starts jerking again. A smile appears on Sara’s face “I wouldn’t try that again. That collar measures your nerve impulses. It can tell when you try to use your special gift because your nerve impulses increase.”

“Now, why did you come inside my wife’s and my place and who are you?” Billy looks at the young woman.

Yellow Jacket looks up at the two naked women. She doesn’t know if she can trust them.

“Before I tell you why I am here. Who do you work for?” Yellow Jacket watches both women.

“Why should it matter?” Sara wanted to know why this young woman wanted to know who they worked for.

“Because, if you work for the government people that gave me my abilities. I am going to kill you.” Yellow Jacket wanted revenge for what the government turned her into.

“We don’t work for the government. We work for Mr. Jack Bounty.”

Yellow Jacket has heard his name among some of the people where she was created and trained. The people there wanted him and his organization wiped out because he didn’t play by their rules and they couldn’t control him.

“Look, I’ll tell you why I came here. But you need to stop these shocks, first.” Yellow Jacket was getting frustrated from the electrical shocks being given to her.

Sara looks at Billy “should I?” Sara had used her Cajun language to ask Billy.

“Yes,” Billy responded in Cajun as well.

Sara deactivates the collar. She looks at the young woman “don’t make me regret this.”

Yellow Jacket stands up off the floor and removes her head covering. She looks at both women “the name is Yellow Jacket and I work for the government, or I use to.”

“Why did you leave, Yellow Jacket?” Billy looks at the young woman with short brunette hair. Her hair cut reminded Billy of the ones the men get in the military.

“Because I am getting sick of killing people.” Yellow Jacket couldn’t believe the last assignment she had been sent on.

The agency she worked for. They sent her to kill an autistic teenage boy that could crack their codes with ease. He could figure out any of the coded messages they sent without a decoder.

“Our government sent you to kill people, why?” Sara was curious.

“Before I answer you two, can you at least cover your bodies up first, please?” Yellow Jacket was having a hard time taking two people in the nude, serious.

“Does our nakedness bother you?” Billy was curious.

“It’s hard to take you two serious when you are standing in front of me naked.” Yellow Jacket wasn’t into women, not in a sexual way.

“No problem.” Sara turns and leaves Billy with Yellow Jacket.

Sara walks into her and Billy’s bedroom and grabs their nightshirts and a pair of panties as well. She puts hers on before walking back out into the living room. She wonders why the government created someone like Yellow Jacket.

Sara walks back into the living room and over to Billy “here you go, sweetie.”

“Thanks.” Billy gets dressed, while still watching Yellow Jacket.

“Is this better?” Sara wonders what Yellow Jacket was thinking.

“Yes, and thank you.”

“Why don’t we sit down and let you start from the beginning?” Sara walks over and takes the handcuffs off, and the collar as well.

“Thank you.” Yellow Jacket walks over to a nearby recliner and sits down.

Billy and Sara sit together on the sofa. They look at Yellow Jacket “alright, start talking.”

Yellow Jacket takes a breath and looks at Sara and Billy. She hopes she isn’t making a mistake telling them this information.

“As you know, our government doesn’t always tell the public everything they are doing. Back during the Cold War are government started experimenting with enhancing the human body. They would build on the experiments the Nazis did during World War II. Hitler would send out scientific teams to investigate rumors and look for alien devices and such. Well, one of his scientific teams uncovered a strange alien device that could rewrite the human gene. However, it didn’t do him any good because the war was coming to an end. So, the device was hidden away. If Germany couldn’t have it, no one could.

So, since 1945 this device has been hidden away in a secret location. It was eight years ago when a group of explorers found the bunker that this device had been hidden in along with a few other devices and items. Of course, the discovery was kept quiet and our government
smuggled it out of Germany.”

“I don’t mean to interrupt you, but how do you know all about this history of the device?” Billy was curious.

“Because I did some sneaking around and found the archives where they store all records of who has been experimented on and how many failures they have had. For the device to give people special abilities like mine. They have to be born with an extra gene in their DNA makeup.
They tried to give normal people abilities like mine but couldn’t. The first time they used their abilities, it killed them. It could enhance their
physical attributes or change them, but couldn’t give them special abilities.”

“What do you mean by changing them?” Sara was curious and so was Billy.

“I mean they could take the genetic make-up of a person and change another person into them. It didn’t matter if it was a man or a woman.
They could take a man and change him into a fully functional woman or take a woman and turn her into a fully functional man.”

“How could they do that?” Billy wanted to know.

“There’s a special chemical that is needed that Avari makes. It’s based on the same chemical that women carry in their bodies when they are pregnant with a developing fetus. It’s those chemicals in that developing fetus that can be used to rewrite a person’s genetic code and change them. However, it is extremely hard to reproduce, and other chemicals are needed as well. As for the device, it can use that chemical to unlock and reprogram a person's genetic structure to develop special gifts. However, the person has to have an extra gene in their makeup to be changed.”

“So, how many people have that extra gene in their makeup?” Sara was curious.

“About one percent do, but sometimes it manifests itself in unusual normal ways. Nothing like what mine did when it was activated.”

“So, this device you are telling us about, needs a certain chemical that is found in pregnant women to work? Why don’t they just pull the chemical from pregnant women?” Sara figures there has to be a lot of Pregnant women around.

“It’s not that simple and the quantity alone is extremely high. The device needs the chemical to change a person.” Yellow Jacket covers up a yawn. She has been on the run for the past four days getting very little sleep.

“You look like you tired. We can continue this in the morning. You’ll be safer here in our apartment. I’ll get you something to wear other than your working suit.” Sara gets up to head to her and Billy’s bedroom.

“Thank you.” Yellow Jacket starts taking her boots off.

Billy gets up and heads towards the linen closet and grab some sheets, blanket, and pillow for Yellow Jacket. She moves the coffee table and pulls out the hidden bed built into the sofa.

“It’s more comfortable than it looks.” Billy makes it up.

“It’s better than where I have been sleeping lately.” Yellow Jacket finishes undressing.

Billy noticed she was a little shorter than Sara and had a slimmer well-toned build to her. She also had small to medium size breasts. The type that would allow her to wear an A cup bra or a small B cup bra. She could also get away with wearing no bra with the right type of shirt.

“Here you go YJ. These should fit you. They are the smallest I have available.” Sara walks into the living room with a pair of shorts, panties with kittens on them, and an old Iron Maiden t-shirt.

“Thank you.” Yellow Jacket accepts them.

“You know, we need to come up with a better name for you, other than YJ or Yellow Jacket when you are out of uniform.” Billy looks at Yellow

“I haven’t used my real name in a long time, but you can call me Katelyn.”

“It’s nice to meet you, Katelyn. I’m Billy and that black hair woman standing in front of you is my wife, Sara.”

“Thank you both.” Katelyn felt she could trust these women.

Once she lays down on the foldout bed, she falls instantly asleep. It felt so soft and better than where she has been hiding out until her capture. She falls into a deep sleep.

“Come on, sweetie. Let’s go to bed as well. We can ask her more questions in the morning.” Billy takes Sara’s hand and pulls her into their bedroom.

The two of them lay down in bed and snuggle. As she falls asleep, she thinks about what Katelyn told them. She feels she could trust her. She was good at reading people’s body language.

For the next two days Katelyn, Sara, and Billy work together to map out every security system, guards, and everything they needed to know. Katelyn had informed Sara and Billy that Avari does do some testing onsite. However, the testing normally took place down under the building in the lower levels where security was to the extreme. Biometrics scanners, body reading software that could compare how you moved with what was on file.

The servers that contained all the information from the experiments and development of the chemical, weren’t connected to the main. It was an isolated system that you had to access. Which for her, wasn’t a problem, because she could use the ventilation system to move around in. However, there was no way Sara could get to them, without setting off a security system.

If the volunteers they were experimenting on were still on the property. They were kept in hotel-quality rooms.
Sara looks at Katelyn “do you think you could get into the server room and plug a device in?”

“That’s if they haven’t shut those ports down, yeah, I could get in there. What do you have in mind?” Katelyn knew she could easily get into the system.

“I was thinking I could come down the elevator shaft.” Sara was looking at the plans they constructed.

“Okay, but what are you going to do after that? The security system down there will pick you out right away.”

“Not unless you haven’t entered her metrics in the server.” Billy looks at Katelyn.

“Ah! I see what you are getting at. Once she’s in the system, she could pass all the systems easily.”

“By George, I think she has it.” A smile appears on Sara’s face.

On the third night Sara, Billy, and Katelyn put their plan into action. They chose nighttime because the place didn’t have so many people in it. Sara manages to get past the security guards on duty without a problem.

She uses a fire key to access the elevator that went down to the lower levels. She uses the climbing grips she had to climb down the shaft. If she had to, she could release them to free-fall faster.

Once she reaches the floor, she needed access. She covers her working suit up with a white lab coat and fake badge and exists onto the floor. Katelyn had given the okay to Billy that she was in the system.

She walks down the hallway without setting the security system off. She had her jammer on just in case they go back to review the footage. They would get nothing but a distorted image.

“So, far so good, guys.” Sara continues to walk to where the people were held.

“Don’t jink it, Trickster.” Billy knew how her wife sometimes gets overconfident.

“Killjoy.” Sara checks the holding area but doesn’t find anyone.

She checks the computer system and finds out that the ones that had been here, were moved out to something called The Citadel. She records the information and turns around to leave. She knew a lab was nearby. She couldn’t get the evidence her big brother needed, but maybe she could get what they were working on instead.

Sara walks into the lab where the chemical and device was being used. She takes pictures of it and the whole setup. As she looks around, she spots the chemical itself. It was a blueish color crystal substance. She takes two of the bags it was in and leaves the lab.

“Alright, I got what we came for. Let’s get the heck out of here.” Sara heads back towards the elevator and goes back up the cable.

Once she gets to the top floor, she opens the elevator door. As she opens the elevator door, a security guard was standing on the other side of it. Sara was surprised that there was a guard there.

“Hi, do you come here often?” As she swings out of the elevator shaft and knocks him down with her feet.

Sara lands on her feet, as she starts running towards the front doors. She spots several more guards trying to cut off her escape route.

“Sorry guys, but I can’t stay and play.” Sara tosses some flash pellets at them to blind them.

One of the guards manages to pull his gun and fire at her. The bullet hits Sara’s left shoulder but doesn’t do any harm to her.

“Better try again fellows.” Sara runs past them and tosses several of her explosive balls at the glass door.

The glass door explodes, sending glass and debris towards her. Several pieces of glass cut the skin on her neck. She ignores them and runs out into the night. She has already planned her escape route. She disappears into the night and meets up with Katelyn and Billy later.

When Sara meets up with everyone, she shows them what she took. When she looks at Katelyn, she notices she wasn’t sure about something.

“What is it, Katelyn?” Sara looks at Katelyn for an answer.

“That doesn’t look right. This stuff is different than the stuff they used on me and several others.” Katelyn looks at Sara.

“Are you sure?” Sara picks up one of the bags and looks at it.

“It’s got the same markings and such, but it's different.” Katelyn didn’t know what to make of it.

“Damn! That means I got the wrong stuff.” Sara lets the bag drop to the table.

The bag rips open and a small cloud of the stuff shoots upward towards Sara. She inhales it and gets it on her skin where the cuts are. She falls to the floor and her body starts shaking.

Billy and Katelyn run over to Sara’s shaking form. Billy looks at Katelyn “what is going on with her?”

“I don’t know.” Katelyn tries to get Sara to stop shaking and gets zap from touching her.

“That stuff is activating the dominant gene in her DNA. Don’t touch her right now.” Katelyn knew that gene that the stuff worked on, only
occurred in one percent of the population.

Who knew she would run into someone else that had that gene in their DNA. The shock she received felt like it was electrical energy. She wonders if Sara will be able to generate her own electric energy.

After a few minutes, Sara’s body stops shaking. She just lays there looking tired.

“I’m going to change, touching her.” Billy starts reaching for Sara.

“Be careful.”

“I will.” Billy kneels beside Sara’s body and touches her.

She doesn’t get shocked by touching Sara. She also notices that Sara’s hair now had blue streaks of neon blue highlights in it. She picks her wife up and lays her down on the sofa.

“I thought you said you need that machine to activate the gene with the stuff.” Billy touches Sara’s forehead and felt that she had a slight temperature.

“You did. They must have refined the process and created something else.” Katelyn was confused about everything.

“Is there anything else we should be worried about?” Billy didn’t like that they were in the unknown here.

“I don’t know. That stuff is new, and I don’t know what it is capable of.” Katelyn looks at the bag and saw where it had popped open.

“Looks like we are spending the night here.” Billy makes Sara comfortable as she puts a monitoring device on Sara’s forehead. It looked like something they used in the movie Star Trek.

“So, what do we do now?” Katelyn wonders how long they are going to wait here.

“We’ll see how she is by morning.” Billy walks over to the refrigerator in the command center and grabs a frozen dinner. She looks at Katelyn
“would you like one?”

“Yes please, I’m starved.” Katelyn hasn’t eaten anything in the last forty-eight hours.

Billy pulls out another frozen meal for Katelyn and puts them in the microwave. While the microwave is warming the meals, she looks over towards the table where the stuff was. She wonders what it was and how it worked.

After the meals are ready and the trash is thrown away. Billy goes back to downloading information from Avari’s servers. She watches as Katelyn sits down in a nearby chair and slowly starts to doze off. She looks at the medical data she was getting from Sara and notices a spike in her electrolytes.

Sara’s brain activity was normal for her and so were the rest of her vitals. Billy makes sure she records everything, that way they can go back and compare Sara’s vitals to her old ones. As for the information she was receiving from Avari’s computer network. She finds what Sara’s brother needs, but the problem is. There weren’t any experiments going on when they penetrated the place. The rest of the night, she gathers the intel, while Sara and Katelyn slept.

Alcides receives an email from Billy. He opens it and it shows pictures of experiments that had taken place at Avari. She also shows him the chemical they recovered and informed him his sister has been exposed to it. She does inform him, that she is doing fine.

He sends a reply that he’ll be by tomorrow evening to check on her. Alcides worries anytime his sister is hurt. She has a bad habit of getting either injured or hurt.

Sara’s and Billy’s Place, The Next Day:

Billy looks at her wife as she sat on the sofa. She still looked so tired and worn out.

“How are you feeling, sweetie?” Billy hands Sara an energy drink.

“Thanks.” Sara accepts it and takes a sip from it.

The ring app on Sara’s and Billy’s cellphone let both of them know, someone was at their door. Billy looks at who it was and saw Alcides at the door. She walks over to the door and opens it.

“Hi, Alcides. Please come in.” Billy steps aside to let Alcides into the apartment.

“Hey Billy, it's good to see you again.” Alcides walks into the apartment and spots his sister curled up on the sofa.

Billy closes the door behind him. She knew Katelyn was in the bathtub taking a nice long bath. She was so happy to take a nice relaxing bath.

“It’s good to see you as well, Billy. How have things been with you?”

“I think you already know that answer, Alcides.” Billy walks over after closing the door and sits on the sofa next to Sara.

Alcides sits down in a recliner nearby. He looks at his sister and his sister-in-law.

“So, tell me. What happened last night.”

“Okay, but don’t get mad.” Sara knew how her brother was.

Billy tells Alcides everything that took place and what happened afterward. She watches his reaction the whole time. She explains that they had no other choice in the matter.

Alcides listens to what his sister and her wife tell him. He shakes his head at certain parts of the story and gives his sister a look of I can’t believe you did that type of thing. When both of them are finished explaining everything.

“So, what are you going to do with the rest of the chemical you found?” Alcides looks at his sister when he asks that question.

“It’s going to be turned over to whomever my boss tells me to turn it over too. This stuff is too dangerous to let out on the streets.”

“You could give it to me as evidence.” Alcides it would help his case.

“You know as well as we do, someone will take it out of evidence and replace it with a fake. So, I rather deliver it to whomever my boss tells me to. Then I would know it would be safe.” Sara didn’t trust the police with evidence this sensitive.

“Why do you trust the people your boss would want you to deliver it to?” Alcides has never met his sister’s boss.

“Because he isn’t a man you want coming after you. If you give your word to him, you better live up to it. He doesn’t tolerate betrayal.” Sara knew the rumors of Mr. Bounty and what happens when you betray him.

“Well, just keep me in the loop, little sister and I hope you feel better.” Alcides gets up and hugs his sister.

“Thanks, big brother.” Sara hugs him back.

“You’re welcome.” Alcides turns and leaves the apartment.

Two Days Later:
Katelyn was watching a movie and enjoying a nice hot sub that Billy made. Sara was over at her workbench working on some sort of gadget that could harness her electrical ability. Billy was at her computer desk looking over everything they downloaded from Avari’s severs.

The ring app on Billy’s and Sara’s cellphone beep letting them know someone was at their door. Sara looks at her cellphone and notices it was two men dressed in black suits and wearing dark sunglasses.

“The Men In Black are here.” Sara gets up and walks over towards the front door and opens it.

Agent Ronald watches as the front door opens at the apartment of Sara and Billy Evans. He spots Sara Jefferson opening the door. It had taken them only a few days to locate their resident.

“What can I do for you, sir?” Sara looks at the older man standing before her.

“May we come in?” Agent Ronald looks at Sara.

“That depends, Mr.?”

“Ronald, Agent Ronald.” He looks at Sara.

“Well Mr. Ronald, what are you here for?”

“It’s a sensitive matter, Mrs. Jefferson. One that I would prefer not to talk about out on your apartment landing.” Agent Ronald knew his partner was standing behind him and that a tact team was nearby.

“Okay, please come in.” Sara opens the front door wider and steps aside to let Mr. Ronald and his partner in.

Agent Ronald walks in first, followed by Agent Brinkley. Once they were fully inside the apartment, Sara closes the door behind them. She walks around them and stands in front of them.

Katelyn spots the two men and knew agent Ronald. He was in charge of capturing her. She puts her sub down on the paper plate on the coffee table and looks at him.

“Hello, agent Ronald. I hope you got my message.” An evil smile appears on Katelyn’s face.

“I’ll deal with you later, young lady.” Mr. Ronald gives her an evil smile.

“I don’t think so, Mr. Ronald.” Katelyn lets her fingers glow.

“Gentlemen, must I remind you that you are a guest in my home. Any violence that occurs here, will be met by an equal or greater force.” Sara wasn’t going to allow any fighting in her apartment.

“Very well, some other time.” Agent Ronald and Agent Brinkley look over towards Sara.

“So, gentlemen, what can I do for you?”

“You can give back what you took.” Agent Brinkley had answered.

“Umm, No! I don’t think so.” Sara wasn’t going to turn over anything.

“You will if you don’t want to go to jail for stealing government property.” Agent Brinkley was willing to have backup come in and arrest these women.

“We don’t think so, agent Ronald.” Billy had a smile on her face.

“Ladies, we’re not going to ask twice.” Agent Brinkley wasn’t going to put up with any sass.

“This is what going to happen, Agent Ronald. You and your partner there are going to leave and never come back. As for the stuff I took from you, it’s going to go to my boss, after I inform him what was going on. If he decides to return it, then that is up to him.” Sara will let Mr. Bounty decide what to do with it.

“And who is your boss?” Agent Brinkley looks at Sara.

“The big bad wolf. He is someone that you never want to come after you.”

“You don’t mean Jack Bounty, do you?” Agent Ronald has heard about him.

“The one and only. So, how about you walk away and go back to where you came from.”

“I don’t think so. Give us what you took, or we’ll take it from you.” Agent Brinkley was getting tired of the talking.

“And I am telling you, Mr. Agent. That it's going to my boss and if you want it back. You can talk to him. And believe me, if you try to take it by force. You’ll regret it.” Sara was willing to go to war.

“Are you daft, man? My wife said no and if you don’t leave now. We will call the cops to remove you.” Billy had her cellphone in her hand.

Katelyn was ready to spring into action. She has been sitting quietly watching both agents.

“You do know we have back-up, outside.” Agent Ronald looks at Billy and Sara.

“You do know we don’t care, don’t you?” Sara had their apartment wired to take out any intruders.

Agent Ronald looks at Sara and the other two girls. The question was, was he willing to start a war with someone who is known to leave crarters where cartel homes use to be.

“This isn’t over.”

“Yes, it is, and if you want to go to war, with Mr. Bounty. He’ll be happy to let you dig your graves.”

Agent Ronald looks at his partner “let’s go. This is a lost cause.”

“Are you sure?” Agent Brinkley looks at his partner.

“Yes, I’m sure.” Agent Ronald turns around to look at Sara “there will be a consequence for this matter.”

“I’m more than happy to send you to the hospital or jail any time.” Sara opens the front door “your time has expired gentlemen.”

Agent Brinkley and Agent Ronald turn and walk out of the apartment. Sara shuts the door behind them.

“You better tell our boss.” Billy looks at Sara when she says that.

“Oh, I will and I bet he’ll handle this his normal way.” A smile appears on Sara’s face.

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Will the government ever learn

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LEAVE THE BIG BAD WOLF & HIS PEOPLE & FAMILY ALONE. If you do nothing happens if you don't well... thats YOUR problem when he comes after you. Oh & ummm the BIG BAD PUDTY TAT AS WELL. She is just as if not MORE dangerous then "The big bad wolf".

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