The Contractor's Daughter Part 13

Lexi channel surfs through the channels looking for something to watch on television. They had so many channels, and nothing was of any interest to her until she spots Guy’s Grocery Games. She selects that channel to watch.

Her back was slowly returning to normal. Her aunt took pictures of her back when they got home, just in case they found the person who shot her. Her uncle had several men he trusted to check the perimeter of the construction site where she had gotten shoot at. They found footprints, but not the person responsible for shooting her.

The episode of Guy’s Grocery Game was a spicy challenge. She felt sorry for the judges when they went to taste the food. Her uncle loved spicy food, but she doesn’t know if he could withstand the peppers they used in the food.

She sits there and watches as the judges suffer through the food. She felt so sorry for them. Guy on the other hand was having fun and took a bite himself. She shakes her head as she watches the show.

When the show is over, she gets up and head towards the bathroom, and fill the tub with cold water, as her aunt told her to. She didn’t like it, but it helped with getting the swelling down. She grits her teeth as she lowers herself down into the cold water. She could feel her nipples getting stiff from the cold water.

“God! This is so cold.” Lexi tries to keep her teeth from chattering as she sits in the tub.

She listens to some music while soaking. She needed to spend some time in the tub to let the water do its job. When the time was up, she gets
up and dried off. Just as she was walking out of the bathroom. She is punched right in the face by a person.

“You think you can ruin my life, BITCH!” Shawn glares at Lexi as she stood before him.

Lexi felt blood coming from her nose. She heard the bone break when he punched her. She tries to block another punch to her face, as he forces her back into the bathroom. She slips and lands on the floor.

Shawn kicks Lexi as hard as he could. He wanted her to pay back for what this cunt has cost him. He saw the police at his residence on his way back from buying beer. He knew then that she had been the one responsible for the police being at his place.

He kicks her again and again. After kicking her, he picks her up by her hair and pulls his switchblade out of his pocket, and starts cutting her hair off. Every time he feels her fight back, he smacks her hard across the face.

“Move again, bitch and I’ll cut your scalp like they use to do.”

Lexi tries to fight back but keeps getting smacked or punch each time. She feels her hair removed each time his knife cuts through her hair. When Shawn is finished, he looks down at her on the floor.

“Since you want to be a girl so badly. Let’s help you on your way, bitch.” Shawn starts cutting into Lexi's groin area.

Lexi screams as loud as she can as Shawn’s knife cuts into her body. She tries to kick him, but he had her legs pinned. She spots the toilet brush and grabs it and tries to shove it into his body.

Shawn brushes aside the toilet brush Lexi had grabbed. He punches her in the face again, as he digs his knife in deeper. He finishes his job and looks down at her “now you’re a woman.”

Shawn gets up and runs out of the bathroom. He makes sure he takes his knife with him. He rushes out of the house and to the car he borrowed from his cousin.

Lexi was in pain and knew she needed to stop the bleeding. She grabs her towel and presses it against her groin. She looks around for her cellphone and spots it. It had landed behind the toilet bowl. She uses her free hand to reach for it but is a little short. She could almost touch it with her fingertips.

She spots the toilet brush and uses it to extend her reach. She manages to pull her cellphone to her and dial 911.

“911, what is your emergency?”

“I need help.”

“What type of help do you need, Miss?”


“The paramedics are on the way.” The dispatcher had the address on the screen where the call was coming from.

Lexi starts feeling weak as she tries to stay awake. She tries to keep pressure on her groin area. Just as she is about to pass out. She hears the paramedics as they enter the house.

The paramedics saw the bloody footprints on the carpet and follow them to the bathroom. They spotted a naked young girl. They saw she was bleeding from her groin area and they noticed, all the hair laying nearby. Someone had done a hack job on her hair.

They rush over and try to stop the bleeding. Lexi passes as the paramedics work on her. Once they stopped the bleeding. They put her in the back of the ambulance and head towards the hospital.

Howard was finishing up some paperwork when he gets a phone call from his neighbor. His neighbor informs him about the ambulance showing up at his house. He thanks his neighbor and tries to call Lexi, but his call goes straight to voice mail.

He tries calling his wife Rose. He wonders if Lexi had been hurt. He hopes his wife might know.

Rose was finishing up the last arrangement that needed to go out for delivery when her cellphone starts ringing. She pulls it out of her apron and looks at the number. She notices it was her husband’s number. She presses accept “hey honey, what can I do for you?”

“I just got a call from Mrs. Mouch. She said the paramedics just left our house. Have you heard from Lexi today?” Howard was walking towards his truck.

“I haven’t spoken to Lexi, since this morning. Have you tried calling Lexi?” Rose watches as the delivery driver leaves the shop.

“It goes straight to voice mail. I’m going to head to the hospital and see if she is there.”

“Alright, call and let me know what you find out.”

“I will sweetie.” Howard climbs into his truck.

“Okay, love you.” Rose was worried now.

“Love you too.” Howard ends the call.

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