The Christmas Clown

“Dashing through the snow
In a one-horse open sleigh
Joker's on the go
Laughing all the way
The bells on Penguins ring
Make Riddler wanna fight
Two-Face wants to flip a coin
And sing this song tonight
Jingle bells, Batman smells
Robin laid an egg
Batmobile lost a wheel
And Joker got away
Jingle bells, Batman smells
Robin laid an egg
Batmobile lost a wheel
And Joker got away
A day or two ago
I thought I'd take a ride
On Catwoman and Talia
With Ivy on the side
My Bat was lean and lank
And Alfred left the house
So I took them to the Batcave
Had a foursome on the couch
Jingle bells, Batman smells
Robin laid an egg
Batmobile lost a wheel
And Joker got away
Jingle bells, Batman smells
Robin laid an egg
Batmobile lost a wheel
And Joker got away
Where is he?
I'll murder him
Where is he?
My Batarang, my Batarang
I want you to play with my Batarang
My Batarang, my Batarang
I want you to play with my Batarang
Every single night
Batman's out there fighting crime
Punching bad guys in the face
And all that on his dime
Even if it's Christmas
Bad guys never quit
And Batman's getting fed up
Of all their stupid shit
Jingle Bells, Joker smells
Harley laid an egg
Batmobile found a wheel
And Batman saved the day
Jingle Bells, Joker smells
Harley laid an egg
Batmobile found a wheel
And Batman saved the day
My Batarang, my Batarang
I want you to play with my Batarang
Jingle Bells, Joker smells
Harley laid an egg
Batmobile found a wheel
And Batman saved the day”

Selene hangs the Christmas lights on the gutter on the front of the house. She was wearing a high-neck sweater her parents gave her last year. It had Christmas decorations silked screened on it. She also had on the knit hat her mother knit herself. She was wearing her favorite pair of faded blue jeans and matching tennis shoes.

A smile appears on her face as Jingle Bells starts playing from the Bluetooth speaker she was listening to. It was linked to her new Samsung Galaxy S20 she just got when she renew her cellphone contract.

“How much do you have left?” Leon watches Selene as she hung Christmas lights on the gutter.

He thought she might like a mug of her favorite hot chocolate.

Selene climbs down the ladder she was on and looks at Leon. Her cheeks were red from the cold air.

“I’m almost done. Is that for me?” Selene looks at her favorite mug. It had a clown riding a unicycle on it.

“Yep! I thought you might enjoy a hot mug of cocoa.” Leon had put marshmallows in it.

Leon knew Selene loved marshmallows in her coca. He watches as she walks over to him. He noticed her cheeks were red and the tips of her fingers as well. Leon hands Selene her favorite mug.

“Thanks.” Selene takes a sip from her mug and enjoys the rich chocolate and marshmallow as it slides down her throat.

While Selene is enjoying her hot chocolate. Leon looks at all the decorations Selene has been busy setting up out on their lawn. He knew she enjoyed Christmas a lot, she also enjoyed Halloween as well.

“You have been busy this morning.” Leon turned around to look at his roommate.

“You don’t think it’s too much, do you?” Selene watches Leon’s facial expression.

“For you? No. I’m surprised you haven’t covered the whole yard in decorations.” A smile appears on Leon’s face.

“Give me time.” Selene takes another sip of her hot chocolate.

She walks over to her small speaker and turns it off. She finishes drinking her hot chocolate and sets her mug on the porch rail. She was done with putting the lights up for today. She had a party she needed to be to in a few hours.

She lowers the extension on the ladder and carries it towards the backyard to put it back in the shed. She walks into the shed and hangs it up on the hooks on the wall and walks out of the shed. She makes sure she closes the door and locks it afterward. Her hands were feeling cold as she blows on them. She walks back towards the front of the house and grabs her coffee mug and Bluetooth speaker as she walks into the house.

She inhales the scent in the air as she heads towards the kitchen to put her mug in the dishwasher. She saw Evan at the stove making his famous chili. He has won several awards from chili contests he has entered over the year.

“Mmm!!! I love the smell of your chili.” Selene takes a clean spoon out of the drawer and tests it.

“Hey, no dipping into my masterpiece.” Evan goes to smack Selene’s hand.

“Sorry, but I wanted a taste before I leave. I have a party to get to in Virginia Beach.” It was going to take an hour for Selene to get ready.

“Aren’t you going as your normal clown self?” Evan knew Selene loved being a clown.

“Not this time, I’m going as an elf.” The person who had hired Selene asked if she could dress as an Elf because her daughter was afraid of clowns.

Selene didn’t mind. Because she loved children and showing off. She just had to cover up her pink cotton candy hair. She strips out of the clothes she had on and wraps her towel around her body. She walks across the hallway into the bathroom and takes a nice relaxing shower. The hot water warms her up. She spends a good twenty minutes in the shower.

Afterward, she walks back to her bedroom and blow-dries her hair. The next thirty minutes she spends transforming herself into a blonde hair elf. She checks her appearance in her full-length mirror. She makes sure her candy cane stripe tights are right, and her elf shoes are polished.

Selene takes one more look at herself in the mirror and smiles. She hopes the party she is going to like her. She grabs her purse, car keys and heads out to her VW camper van. She puts the address into her GPS unit and follows the directions to the address. According to her Garmin, it was going to take her thirty minutes to arrive at the address.

Selene listens to Christmas music as she drives towards the party. She has always loved Christmas and spending time with her family. The only thing she missed is the snow, but the Hampton Roads area hardly ever got any snow.

She turns onto the street the address was on and notices there were several cars parked at the address. She finds a parking space and locks her purse up in the van. She tucks her car keys into a secret pocket on her outfit and walks towards the house. She knocks on the door and is greeted by a young black woman.

“Hi, Mrs. Jackson. I’m Pinkie and I’m here to entertain your daughter.” Pinkie could already hear the kids in the house.

“Oh, thank goodness you are here. Please come in.” Mrs. Jackson steps aside to let Selene into the house.

Selene walks into the house and follows Mrs. Jackson to where the kids were. She stops and looks at the kids whose ages range from twelve to fifteen years old.

“Hi, kids, who want to see why Santa sent me to you?” Selene looks at all the kids.

For the next two hours, Selene entertains the kids with tricks, making balloon animals, and singing Christmas carols. By the time she receives
her money and leaves. She was still energized and ready to do another performance.

She heads to one of the hospitals she normally visits and checks in on the kids. Some of the ones she knew had gone home, but some new kids have taken their place. She entertains them for a few hours.

She loved seeing the smiles on their youthful faces. She may not be in her clown outfit, but she knows these kids are enjoying her in her elf outfit. When she is done, she has used up all her balloons and made several paper animals for the kids.

“You guys get better, and I’ll be back to see you in a few days.” Selene gives some of the younger kids hugs as she leaves.

Selene covers up a yawn as she drives home. She loves those kids and wishes that all of them get better. If there was anything, she could do to help them, she would.

When she pulls into the driveway at home. She notices there were several cars she didn’t recognize. She gets out of her VW camper and walks towards the house. She wonders who visiting. As she walks in, she heard a bunch of guys in the living room. She looks in and saw they were watching a movie. She didn’t know what movie it was.

She heads towards the kitchen to get a bowl of chili that Evan made. She noticed someone used the rice cooker to cook some rice. She scoops some rice out and puts it in a bowl. Afterward, she scoops out some chili and puts it on top of the rice. She adds a second scoop to the bowl. The chili was still hot, so she gets some grated cheese out of the refrigerator and sprinkle some on top of the chili.

“There, that should be enough.” Selene puts the cheese back in the refrigerator.

She heads towards her bedroom, so she can get out of her Elf outfit and enjoy her late lunch. Selene turns her television on and goes through their collections of movies. She selects the movie Santa Clauses with Tim Allen.

She sits in her computer chair in a pair of silk shorts and an oversized t-shirt. She leans back and props her feet up on the edge of her bed. Once the movie starts to play, she begins eating the bowl of chili. She likes most of the movies Tim Allen makes. While the movie is playing and after she finishes eating. She picks up her shopping list and looks at what gifts she still needs to get.

The gifts for all the kids at the hospital she normally, go to every week. She still had a few to buy. Her parents, she has already bought their gift. It’s something they have been wanting to do for ages. She still needed to get gifts for her roommates and Mickey down at her favorite garage.

There have been times where she couldn’t figure out why her bug or her VW camper wouldn’t either start or would run rough. So, she went looking for someone who could work on her VW. Mickey had a little shop that could only hold one car at a time in the bay and he worked on old VW’s.

She took her vehicles to him and he managed to fix the problems she had and didn’t charge her a lot of money either. So, since that day if there is something she can’t figure out. She takes it to him to fix.

Selene pauses the movie and goes back to the kitchen to have seconds. She loved Evan’s chili. She fixes herself a second bowl and heads back to her bedroom to continue watching her movie.

After her movie is done. She takes her dirty dishes into the kitchen and rinses them. She puts them in the dishwasher, along with the ones the guys left in the sink.

Late in the evening, Selene heads to bed. She has a full week of gigs ahead of her. She wants to make sure all the kids in the hospitals she visits, get the presents they want, but their parents can’t afford them.

The next few days, Selene gets up early and gets dressed in her Christmas clown outfit. She has a few businesses that have hired her to do tricks and entertain their customers. Since she is dressed in her Christmas clown outfit. She juggles Christmas ornaments, candy canes, fudge, peppermint barks packages, peppermint patties, and such.

The candy Selene gives to the kids that come into the store along with little teddy bears and penguins. She also gives out gummy bears and gummy shape trees. When Selene stops for lunch. She goes to a Mexican restaurant to eat. She was getting a lot of looks as she walks in still dressed as she was. She waves to all the kids in the restaurant.

The waitress she had was nice to her and she gives her a nice tip along with a few candy canes. After lunch, she walks around the mall she was working. She spots Santa over an elf village with a long line of waiting kids to see him.

A smile appears on her face as Selene goes over and entertains the kids, while they wait to see Santa. Occasionally, she could see that the elves helping Santa, were glad she was there to help. By the time the mall was ready to close, and Santa had stopped taking pictures with kids. She is approached by one of the elves.

“Thanks for helping us out today.” Damon was glad that Pinkie was there to help.

“It was my pleasure, Damon. I had fun doing it.” There was a smile on Selene’s face.

“Are you going to be here for the next few weeks, because we could use your help? The kids and parents loved you.” Damon saw how happy the parents and kids were.

“I think so. The mall manager has me booked for the next few weeks.” Pinkie needed to check her appointment book to make sure.

“Well, thanks again. You were a big help.” Damon waves goodnight as he starts walking away from Pinkie.

A playful smile appears on Selene’s face as she gathers her gear up and walks towards the exit where she parked her VW bug. She inhales the crisp cold air as she walks to her bug. She loved Christmas. She loved seeing the smiles on children's faces and the joy older people got from it. The memories that would surface from when they were younger.

Once Selene was at her bug. She puts her gear away in the trunk and climbs into her baby and starts her up. The car starts on the first turn of the key “that’s my girl.”

Selene pats the dash as she puts the bug into gear. She stops at the nearest Wendy’s to pick up some food on her way home. She was feeling
a little hungry from all the tricks she performed.

The next few weeks she shows up at the mall to help. The kids and parents in line enjoy her performance. As she is performing, she spots a young girl in a torn and dirty jacket watching her. The poor thing looked like she hasn’t been sleeping or eating well.

Selene makes her way over to the young girl and does a few tricks for her. She kneels before the young girl “you know, Santa told me to look for you.”

Beverly looks at the clown kneeling before her. She had come to the Mall to see Santa. But, every time she came to see Santa, the lines were extremely long. She would wait to see him, but she never got the chance to.

Beverly looks at Selene “what did Santa say?”

“Well, he wanted to know if you are alright and is everything okay?” Selene saw and smelled that the poor girl could use a good bath.

Beverly didn’t know what to tell the clown in front of her. She was hungry and didn’t know what happened to her daddy. Her father had dropped her off at the mall and never came back for her.

“Can Santa find my daddy? He hasn’t come back to get me.” Tears start to leak from her eyes.

Selene gathers her into her arms and holds her. She stands up with the young girl in her arms and lets her cry. Selene just holds the young girl in her arms as she walks towards the back hallway and down to the room where her stuff was.

Selene could feel the girl stop crying and fall asleep in her arms. She places her in a chair and grabs her coat to cover her. She still have a few hours left to work, before she could leave. She takes a picture of the young girl and sends it, plus a text to a friend of hers at the Norfolk Police Department. Once that is done, Selene heads back out to finish her performance.

Beverly wakes up the next day and finds herself in a strange bedroom. She was wearing a t-shirt with penguins on the front of it, on a comfortable bed. She notices she was covered up by baby blue sheets with a handmade quilt covering the sheets. The bed smelled of Lavender as she continued to look around the room.

There were pictures of clowns and balloons mounted on the wall. There was a small dresser with a mirror mounted on it and a nightstand next to her bed. The last thing she remembered from last night was being held by the elf-looking clown.

She gets up out of bed and looks down at the floor and notices there were a pair of bunny slippers. They looked to be about her size. She slips them on and walks towards the bedroom door. It was slightly opened. She opens it and walks out of the bedroom and notices there was another room across the hall from hers. When she looked right, she noticed there was another room.

Beverly walks down the hallway and into what looks like a small foyer. She smelled the aroma of bacon in the air and follows her nose towards the kitchen. She spots the woman with red hair, like the clown from the mall.

Selene had gotten up early and decided to fix breakfast for everyone. She had already cooked the sausage links and was working on the bacon. When she looks up from the stove, she spots the young girl she brought home last night looking at her.

“Well, good morning sleepyhead. Are you hungry?” Selene watches the girl.

Beverly nods her head yes.

“Well, let’s get you set up, shall we?” Selene grabs a plate from the cabinet.

She places some sausage links and bacon on the plate. Since she already had pancake mix already made. She makes some pancakes with smiley faces and places them on the plate. She grabs the maple syrupy and some silverware.

“Okay, let’s go and sit down at the table.” Selene leads the young girl to the dining room.

Beverly follows Selene to the dining room. When she walks into the living room, she saw the place was decorated for Christmas. There was a small Christmas tree sitting in the middle of the table.

“How about, you sit at the head of the table?” Selene looks at the girl.

“Okay.” Beverly sits down at the head of the table.

Selene sets the plate and silverware down in front of the young girl. She sets the bottle of maple syrupy down as well. She looks at the young girl “I hope you like real maple syrupy.”

“Thank you.” Beverly sits down in the chair and pours some syrupy onto the pancakes.

A smile appears on Selene’s face as she walks back into the kitchen to check on the bacon that was cooking. She also pours a glass of milk for the young girl as well. She brings it back to her and sets it on the table.

“You know, Santa’s friend didn’t tell me your name last night.” Selene has been wondering who the girl was.

Beverly stops eating and looks at the woman “it's Beverly Wilcox. What is your name?”

“I’m Selene Abbott or you can call me Pinkie, The Clown.” A smile appears on Selene’s face.

“You’re Pinkie the Clown?” Beverly has heard the name before.

“Yep! I’m Pinkie.”

“Last night, you said Santa asked you to look after me. Do you work for Santa?” Beverly was curious.

“All of us clowns do. Who do you think, tell him who is naughty and who is nice?” A smile appears on Selene’s face.

“Will he be able to find my father?” Beverly was worried about her father.

“He told me last night before I brought you home. He has his best elf detective working on it. How long have you been sleeping or hiding out at the mall?” Selene was curious.

“For weeks. I was waiting on my father to return.” Beverly was hungry as she bites into several sausage links.

“How were you surviving?” Selene didn’t find any money on Beverly.

“I would sometimes dig through the trash and eat what the vendors threw away.” Beverly had no choice.

“Well, Santa has personally asked me to look after you, until we find your father. Until then, you’re welcome to anything you want to eat and
after breakfast. We are going to go shopping and buy you some clean clothes. Santa already dropped some clothes off for you to wear.” Selene went out to Walmart early this morning and bought some new clothes for Beverly.

Johnathan comes walking into the kitchen and saw all the bacon and sausage cooked. He also noticed there was a large mixing bowl filled with batter. He peeks into the dining room and saw a young girl and sitting at the dining room table eating and he heard Selene’s voice. He and his husband were asleep when Selene came home last night.

He saw that the griddle was still hot. So, he stirs the batter and ladles out several spoonsful of batter, and pours it out on the griddle. While the pancake mixture is cooking. He fixes himself some coffee.

He wonders who the young girl is. Also, this has been the first time Selene has brought any children home. He’ll have to ask her who the girl is later.

Selene noticed Beverly was almost done with her breakfast. She wonders if the poor girl was still hungry.

“Would you like some more?” Selene figures Beverly might be still hungry.

Beverly nods her head yes. Even after eating three pancakes, several sausages links, and several strips of bacon she was still hungry.

“Okay.” Selene stands up and heads back into the kitchen.

When she walks into the kitchen, she spots her roommate Johnathan. He was flipping some pancakes on the griddle.

“Morning, John.” As Selene walks over and stands near him.

“Morning Selene. Who’s your new friend?” Johnathan was curious who the girl was.

“Her name is Beverly and her father abandoned her at the mall about or so ago. I brought her home because the poor thing hasn’t eaten anything, except what she could dig out of the trash.”

“Why would a father abandon his child?” Johnathan wonders what happened to her father.

“Who knows. I sent Franklin a picture of her and asked him to see if he could locate her father.” She hopes Franklin can help.

“Did you give him her name?”

“I sent it when I found out her name.” Selene had texted Franklin Beverly’s name while they were sitting at the table.

Selene makes some more pancakes and loads some more sausage and bacon on the plate for Beverly. She takes it back into the dining room to Beverly.

After breakfast, Beverly takes a nice long bath. She puts on the clean clothes Selene bought for her. They go shopping for more clothes, hygiene items, and a few things Beverly wanted, that weren’t too much.

Later in the evening Johnathan and Leon make homemade beef stew. While they were cooking the stew. Beverly and Selene make Christmas cookies and listen to Christmas music.

During Christmas week, Beverly helps Selene carry Christmas gifts to the different Children's hospitals and normal hospitals Selene performs at. Beverly felt sorry for the kids that were stuck in the hospitals. She wonders how long a lot of them have been in the hospital.

When Beverly and Selene were walking towards Selene’s camper van. Her cellphone starts ringing. She pulls her cellphone out of her work bag and notices it was Franklin from Norfolk Police Department. She answers the call “hey Franklin, what can I do for you?”

“Hey Selene, can you bring Beverly down to the police station today?” Franklin hopes the John Doe he found isn’t Beverly’s father.

“Sure, I’ll be down in about an hour.” Selene was still dressed in her clown outfit.

“Thanks.” Franklin ends the call.

Beverly looks at Selene “who was that?”

“My friend Franklin. He might have some news about your father. He wants us to come down to his office.” Selene opens her side door and puts her gear away.

She looks at Beverly who was dressed in an elf outfit. Beverly has been going on some of her gigs with her and helping.

“Do you think he found him?” Beverly wanted to know what happened to her father.

“Well, let’s go and find out.” Selene gets into the van on the driver's side.

Beverly gets into the van on the passenger side. She fastens her seat belt, after closing the van door. She watches as Selene starts the old VW van. She had never ridden in one before, until a week ago when she and Selene went shopping.

Beverly hears Frosty the Snowman playing on the radio. She starts singing along with the radio. She loved Christmas music and has been listening to it a lot to the music. She found out that Selene liked Christmas music as well.

Last weekend they went down to the boardwalk and saw all the Christmas lights on display. It was the first time she has ever seen them. Afterward, they go back home to have smores and hot chocolate.

After about forty minutes of driving. Selene pulls into the parking lot across the street from the police station. She and Beverly sprint across the street towards the police station. The two of them were still dressed in their costumes. So, a lot of people were smiling and slowing down to watch them.

When they go into the police building, Selene and Beverly get a lot of looks. Selene waves to a bunch of the police officers, as they take the elevator up to the floor Franklin is on.

“Everyone seems to know you here.” Beverly looks at Selene.

“I do a lot of community work for them.” There was a smile on Selene’s face when she makes that statement.

When the elevator stops on the fourth floor. She and Beverly get off and walk towards Franklin’s office. She comes to his office and knocks on his door.

“Enter!” Detective Franklin Woodrow glances at his door as it opens.

He watches as it opens, and Selene comes walking into his office dressed in a Christmas clown outfit. Walking behind her was a young girl dressed in an elf outfit.

“I see you are in a festival mood.” A smile appears on Franklin’s face.

“Santa said he needed me to spread the cheer. He also, sent me one of his elves to help out as well.” Selene motions for Beverly to stand
before her.

Beverly moves to stand before Selene. She looks at Detective Franklin and smiles at him.

“You must be the elf Santa sent to help Pinkie here.” Franklin had a friendly smile on his face.

“Yes sir.” Beverly smiles back at Detective Franklin.

“Beverly, could you describe to me what your father looked like?” Franklin wanted to know what Beverly’s father looked like.

“He has dangly dark hair and he’s a little taller than you. He also has brown eyes and a short beard.”

“Do you remember what he was wearing when he left you?” Franklin was writing everything down.

“He was wearing an old green Army jacket, dirty blue jeans, a red flannel shirt, and worn black boots,” Beverly remembered everything about her father.

As Franklin listened to Beverly’s description of her father. The more it matched the James Doe they recovered four blocks down from the mall. A garbage man making his rounds found his lifeless body behind a trash bin.

Franklin stops writing and looks at Beverly “if I show you a picture of a man we found. Can you tell me if he is your father?”

“Yes sir.” Beverly grabs Selene’s hand to hold.

Franklin pulls a photo from his folder and shows it to Beverly. It had Beverly’s father laying on an examination table.

“Is this your father, Beverly?”

Beverly looks at the picture and it was her dad. Tears start to stream down from her eyes and in a small voice “yes sir. That’s my father.”
Beverly turns and wraps her arms around Selene’s waist.

She buries her face against Selene’s stomach and cries. She was hoping he was alright and that he was coming back for her.

“How did he die, Franklin?” Selene holds Beverly against her body.

“The coroner said he died from complications from the liver.” Franklin had gotten the cause of death.

“Have you been able to locate any other family members?” Selene wants Beverly to be happy.

“Unfortunately, no.” Franklin has been searching for other family members.

“Is there anything else?” Selene picks Beverly up and holds her in her arms.

“Yes, but it can wait until after the holidays.” Franklin felt sorry for Beverly.

“Thanks for everything, Franklin.” Selene turns and walks out of Franklin’s office.

She carries Beverly back to her van, rubbing Beverly’s back. She knew Beverly was upset. She didn’t mind being Beverly’s guardian. When Selene gets back to her van. She puts Beverly in the passenger seat and fastens her in. She walks around and gets in on the driver's side.

Selene looks at Beverly “everything will be okay, Beverly.”

Selene starts the van up and takes the long way back home. Normally, she would hop the interstate and get off at the Military Circle exit. Instead, she takes Princess Anne Blvd. straight up and turns left onto Military Hwy.

By the time Selene arrives home, Beverly has cried herself to sleep. Selene notices when she pulls into the driveway, that all three of her roommates were home. She carries Beverly in first and lays her down on her bed, after removing her elf shoes. Once Beverly was laying on her bed, Selene goes outside and get her gear to bring inside the house.

When she comes walking into the house. She spots Leon walking towards his bedroom. She carries her gear to her bedroom and removes her make-up and clown outfit. She gathers all of it up and takes it to the washer, after putting on some sweatpants and an oversize t-shirt.

The next few days, Selene manages to sneak out of the house, while the guys watch over Beverly. Selene notices Beverly was depressed about her father dying. Everyone in the house has been trying to cheer up Beverly, but it wasn’t working.

On Christmas Eve, the guys and Selene take Beverly caroling in the neighborhood. Some of the guy’s friends come over and join them. Selene had her Christmas clown suit on and was entertaining people with her roommate's help.

By the time they get back home and had their coffee and hot chocolate. Selene tucks Beverly in bed. She looks at Beverly “I don’t know what type of mother I’ll be to you, but I want you to know I’ll always be here for you. I can guarantee we will have a bunch of fun and lots of laughs.”

“Thank you, Pinkie.” Beverly hugs Selene.

“You’re welcome, sweetie. And remember, Santa has special gifts for you under the Christmas tree.” Selene places a kiss on Beverly’s forehead.

Selene walks towards the door leading out of Beverly’s bedroom. She looks at Beverly one more time before she leaves. She reaches into a pouch on her waist and tosses some fake snowflakes towards Beverly.

“Sweet dreams, my little helper.”

Before Selene and the guys go to bed, they set up all the Christmas gifts they bought for Beverly. While they are setting things up, Johnathan
and Leon look at Selene “are you sure your ready to be a mother?”

“I’m sure. She was sent to me and just as I need her. She needs me as well.” Selene knew her parents were going to enjoy having a grandchild.

“Well, this is one weird Christmas, Selene.”

All three guys look at Selene “Merry Christmas, Pinkie.”

“Merry Christmas guys!” Selene gives all three of them hugs.

After all, the gifts are wrapped and set up. Selene goes to bed herself. As she is undressing, she stops and looks at her reflection in the mirror
“Merry Christmas, to everyone!”

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Songwriters: Kamakazi / Nick Gagnon

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