Life Goes On Chp. 8

“Artemis, I got this bicycle done.” Billy looks over towards Artemis.

Ever since the shipment she was expecting from Amsterdam came in. She has been busy fixing and repairing some of the unique bicycles she bought. At first, she had only restored some of the normal bicycles and they took a few weeks to sell.

There were a few electric-powered bicycles in the shipment. The motors on them needed to be fix and new wiring had to be installed as well. She managed to get everything done, thanks to some help from Mr. Rexon down the street.

He used to work at an alternator shop before it was closed. The reason it was closed was that it was cheaper to buy the alternators at auto repair places, instead of having them rewired. If they couldn’t be fixed, he found a supplier that would sell them to her for dealer cost.

The bicycles that were selling like hotcakes right now, were the cargo bicycles. They were like the tricycles, but the seat and pedals were in the back with a wooden or metal box upfront. They were like the old ice cream bicycles from the 1940s.

Which she managed to find two of. She did some horse-trading with the person who owned them. He was looking for a three-person bicycle, but it was a special type of bicycle. She managed to locate three of them, but they needed a lot of work. So, she borrowed some money from her mother and bought them.

She managed to keep the cost of the repair work down and traded all three bicycles for the ice cream bicycles. So, she had the ice cream bicycles torn down and being fixed along with the cargo bicycles. The cargo bicycles boxes were either metal or wood.

She learned how to repair them both. The body shop guy she used to fix some of the body repairs. He took her under his wing and taught her how to pound the dents out and straighten everything. He also taught her how to use Bondo for metal and wood.

When Halloween came around, she went to her first party dressed as one of the Disney Princess. She went as Cinderella and loved all the frills that in the costume. The funny thing was, Billy went as Prince Charming and acted like her escort. He started hanging out with her after school and on the weekend.

He even took an interest in the work she was doing on the bicycles. When she started learning how to weld and do bodywork. Billy got a job at the local Taylor Do It Center. One of the contractors he worked with at Habitat for Humanity saw him working and said he could use a helper on the weekends.

So, between Billy helping the contractor on the weekend and helping Artemis when he could. He was enjoying the things he was learning.

“Cool, it looks like we might just make that deadline.” Artemis looks up from the bicycle she was working on.

They were working in a Ranch house Gable 16 ft. W x 14 ft. D solid and manufactured wood storage shed. Her mother had it delivered to the house and she was making the payments on it. She outgrew the space inside the garage her mother allowed her to work.

Between her schoolwork, the bicycle business, and working part-time to learn how to weld and do bodywork. She barely had any free time for anything else. Around Thanksgiving, Artemis spends with her new family. She has already met most of them when she was adopted by Roxana. There were still many she didn’t know.

The bike business had slowed down, because of the weather, but the cargo bicycles were still selling. So, were the refurbished electric-powered bikes. Some of the restaurants that did delivery, wanted electric bicycles.

By the time eight o’clock runs around. Billy and Artemis were tired and hungry. The two of them had worked through lunch and dinner.

“I can’t believe we pulled it off.” Billy looks at Artemis as she sat nearby.

“Me neither. I didn’t think we would get it done tonight.” Artemis figured they would have to work tomorrow morning.

“At least we can take tomorrow off and relax.” Billy wasn’t working with the contractor tomorrow. He didn’t work on Sundays unless it was an emergency.

“Hey, the winter dance is coming up in a few weeks. I was wondering if you would like to go to it with me.” Billy has been staling about asking Artemis to the dance.

Artemis was a little stun. She didn’t know Billy liked her like that.

“Yes! I..Yes!” she was tongue-tied.

“Really?” There was a sign of relief on his face.

Billy didn’t think Artemis would want to go to the dance with him. He didn’t want to jeopardize their budding friendship.

“Yes.” Artemis looks at Billy and noticed how surprised he was when she said yes.

There was a big smile on Billy’s face. He was happy Artemis said yes.

“I’ll let you know what time; I’ll be by to pick you up.” Billy hadn’t made any other plans, because he didn’t think she would accept.

“Okay.” Artemis starts turning everything off inside the shed.

She turns the heater off and makes sure all the tools she used are put back into the proper place. She had her tool chest now and a spare unit so Billy could have access to the tools he needed. Her mother and aunt found the tool chests at a flea market for a reasonable price.

“Billy, thanks for coming over and helping me today. As soon as I collect the money from the buyer. I’ll give you half.” Artemis couldn’t have completed the order without Billy’s help.

“You don’t need to do that, Artemis. I enjoy working with you. I better get going.” Billy walks over a bicycle Artemis gave him.

“Thanks for everything, Billy.” Artemis watches as Billy pedals away. A smile appears on her face, as she locks the doors on the shed and heads into the house.

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