Life finds a way part 02

Life finds a way part 2


December 2021 Christmas Holidays Story Contest Entry


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What most people were not aware of was that these extreme weather events were exacerbated by the Earth’s mana being drained for the spell dedicated to separating the magical and non-magical worlds and on Christmas Eve that spell fell. When that spell failed the mana that normally went to maintaining it was suddenly free and it reacted unexpectedly to being unrestrained for the first time in a thousand years as it washed over the world changing everything.

Overnight strange phenomena occurred around the world and when Christmas morning rolled around it was chaos as the rush of mana over the world awakened dormant bloodlines rekindling magic where it had long slumbered. Overnight millions of people suddenly had strange and magical things occur around them this caused bedlam in the ministries of magic worldwide as suddenly the spells concealing the magical world failed. Not only that but there now millions of people using accidental magic.

On top of muggles now being aware of the magical world ministries around the world the enormous numbers of new magic users forced the ministries to implement extreme measures. Several of those measures included recalling retired ministry workers and hurrying to quickly train up more workers. The expansions of the ministries of magic were massive with the hiring of many thousands more workers and some of the more populated countries having to borrow workers from some of the smaller countries to cover the shortfall, unemployment in magical communities fell to near zero.

It was three more months before the frantic pace at the ministries finally started slowing down and most of the new witches and wizards were given their introductions into the magical world. New magical schools for adults had to be created and the regular schools dramatically expanded, there were so many teachers hired that the magical community went from a surplus of teachers to a shortage as they tried to fill all the new positions.

Unfortunately, the magical community's exponential increase in size wreaked havoc on the economy as it experienced a severe shortage as there were suddenly millions of new witches and wizards and the magical communities were normally not that large. It was a further three months before the world once more began to stabilize as the new members of the magical community began to get settled in to their new world. With the magical community no longer a secret the magical and non-magical communities sent their best minds to a summit to deal with the climate threat and after a month a plan of action combining magical and non-magical methods to deal with the climate threat.

It took more than a year for the implementation of the plans to start bearing fruit, since the magical community was no longer hidden, they could do things like transfigure some of the planet's water back into ice that would never melt, and vanishing some of the gases in the upper atmosphere. It gradually looked like climate change had finally slowed over the following two years.

After two more years where, magical help made the difference in looked like the planet was finally cooling off. The year after that people began to be hopeful again and the extreme weather events had begun to be only a yearly occurrence, with a population in the billion's humanity was still putting a strain on the planet when the planet struck back.

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