Life finds a way part 03


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Life finds a way part 3

Over the next six months new magical diseases emerged that had never been seen before and while some of them were contagious others were caused my magical contamination from so much magic now in the world. Unfortunately, the number of cases were in the thousands, with the number of cases continuing to rise.

There was a rapid expansion of St Mungo’s and several new wings for research were constructed. One of the most prominent new diseases was called magicae deficio this was caused when children’s magic began to manifest and something went wrong causing the magical energy to deform inside the person.

In Britain a year later and this was the case for little ten-year-old Jess Abbot whose year had started out great when her parents had finally sent her to therapist to get help with her depression. Her parents were not that accepting of people being different. This led her to become even more depressed after she finally identified the cause of her depression with her therapist. However, there was nothing she could do about while she convinced her therapist to try and help in expanding her parent's horizons.

Over the next six months my parents began to become more open and she was looking forward to being able to be open with them about her being Jessica and not Jesse. During those six months odd little things began to happen to her and she just assumed it was the normal at first. Things like her hair becoming notably thicker and growing faster with a nice shine to it, her voice stopped breaking and changing staying in the female register. She just assumed things were normal until one day some bullies cornered her because of the feminine habits that she sometimes accidently let slip while at school.

They cornered her in the bathroom and two of them held her arms while the third slugged her because she outscored him on a test. After a minute or two blood was dripping from her mouth and she felt faint, and then there was a flash of light a loud noise and she saw the bullies lying on the ground and then suddenly darkness claimed her as well.


When I woke up, I was in a hospital and it felt like my insides were on fire and I cried out in pain. A funnily dressed young woman in lime green robes appeared and called out, “oh your awake dearie, let me get the chief healer and your parents in here’.

My parents came in first followed by an older woman in lime green robes and by the looks on their faces it wasn’t good news it hurt for me to breath. “Mom. Dad where am I? Why does it hurt so much?” The older women answered instead. “You are on the second floor of St, Mungo’s Hospital for magical maladies and injuries, I’m sorry to have to tell you this but you have magicae deficio apparently you have magic and what happened to you in the restroom caused an unexpected reaction with your latent magic, it can sometimes happen when someone’s magic is unleashed completely for the first time in a stressful situation.

She continued, “Unfortunately there is no known cure and it can be fatal, however there is a chance your magic will sort itself out. We are going to have to keep you for observation in the wing dedicated to this disease, muggle healers don’t have the ability to relieve the pain. The Ministry of Magic will cover the costs for your care and we have a room where your parents can stay while visiting you, it's time for your medicine. I’ll give you a minute to say goodbye.”

She left the room and my parents came over and gave me tearful hugs and promised to visit often. The young woman who had been there came back and shoed my parents out. “This is the Draught of Living Death it is the only sleeping potion strong enough to let you sleep, we will wake you up once every couple days to check on your condition.

As four months went by, I felt worse and worse every waking moment was painful only the visits my parents brought any joy. Three months later I was awakened to the somber chief healer and my parents who looked like they crying they were hanging off each other. The chief healer who I later learned was named Hannah Abbot, was apparently was an extremely distant relative of mine. She informed me that my magic was tearing my body apart and she didn’t think I would make it through to the new year and this would be my last Christmas.

After that my parents visited every day and I continued to feel weaker and weaker, however the pain had diminished and as Christmas Eve approached, I wondered if I would make it. On the twenty third of December the chief healer in the Magicae Deficio ward informed the occupants that Ollivander’s would be paying a visit to the hospital on Christmas Eve to offer those in the ward a chance to find a wand for free, we were surprised because good wands were supposedly extremely expensive.

Christmas Eve arrived with my family around me and Mr. Olivander arrived with narrow boxes floating behind him. I was surprised at his age he seemed ancient at least ninety years old yet he moved with the grace of a much younger man, he had wide silvery eyes the glowed like a moon and noticed everything around them.

As I was one of the most ill in the ward, he came to me first. “Mr. Abbot what is your wand arm?” I was confused I’m left-handed?”. He asked me to hold on my left arm and a tape measure began to measure me on its own, while Mr. Ollivander was going through boxes when the tape measure started measuring my ears he finally turned around and told it enough and it dropped on the ground.

As he turned to me, he said “Every Ollivander’s wand has a core of a powerful magical substance, Mr. Abbot. We use unicorn hairs, phoenix tail feather and the heartstring of dragons, here Cherry eleven inches Phoenix Tail Feather. The Wand chooses the witch or wizard no one is sure why.” Waving the wand around I felt silly, we went through dozens of wands Mr. Ollivander's eye brow’s rose higher and higher.

Finally, he pulled out a wand from ancient wooden pine box that looked at least a century old. “Ten and three quarters inches, Willow, Phoenix Feather.” He handed me the wand and I felt a pleasant warmth suffuse my entire body and pink sparks came out of the end. The warmth suddenly became burning hot and it felt like my body was melting, thankfully I passed out.


I awoke once more in my hospital bed but the first thing I noticed was the absence of the pain that had been my constant companion for six months was missing. The second thing I noticed was that my body suddenly fight right in a way it had never felt before. As I opened my eyes my vision was blocked by a curtain of hair as I brushed it out of the way I realized it was mine, It was very bright it must be Christmas morning, sitting up I felt a small weigh shift on my chest and looked down surprised to find I had breasts, quickly reaching under the covers I felt my groin and was elated. Happy tears suddenly started streaming down my face as my parents rushed over.

My mom gave me a hug and asked, “Are you alright honey?” I answered with a firm hug and told her that I had never been happier and more myself and that this was what I had been working with my therapist about. “Can I see a mirror please.” my mom retrieved one from her purse and I drank in what I saw there staring back at me was a young girl just entering puberty who looked like a younger version of my mom.”

“What happened I asked?” a voice from the corner answered, I looked over to see Mr. Ollivander in the corner with a bemused smile on his face. “The Wand chooses the witch or wizard no one is sure why I guess for you it did more than just choose you”, my smile kept growing

The chief healer came in announced I could go home tomorrow and that I had to get my strength up because I would be starting at Hogwarts next year. My smile lit up the room, what was once going to be my last Christmas suddenly, felt like just the beginning. As I sat there feeling comfortable in my skin for the first time in my life, I reflected on what had happened. I suddenly felt like I had been given a new lease on life and like a phoenix was born anew from the ashes of my life, which considering the core of my wand it seemed appropriate. I had gotten my Christmas miracle it felt like a new beginning and next year I would start at Hogwarts.

Finis for now

Disclaimer: I own nothing all of it belongs to J.K. Rowling borrowed some of the dialogue from Sorcerer's Stone
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