The Contractor's Daughter Part 15 (Final Chapter)

Shawn was heading up seventeen when a state trooper pulls in behind him with his lights flashing. He thought he would be able to get away before the cops caught up to him. He tries to outrun the state troopers. He knew they wouldn’t try anything right away, except to chase him down.

He speeds down the highway as he tries to outrun them. He spots several police cars ahead of him blocking the highway. He starts to slow down because he knew he was caught. There was no way he was going to break through their roadblock.

Azura was out checking a few places when she hears over her police scanner that a person matching Shawn’s description had been spotted heading Northbound on seventeen towards Fredericksburg. Azura turns her car around and starts heading towards the location.

She kept listening to the police as they described Shawn trying to outrun them. They were herding him towards a roadblock that had been set up. A smile appears on Azura’s face when she hears that news.

It was too bad the state troopers found him first because she wanted to work the guy over for what he did to an innocent teenage girl. She still to this day doesn’t understand why grown men and sometimes women go after children. Sure, they can be unresponsible at times and bothersome as well. But that still doesn’t justify hurting them. After all, every adult has been a kid before.

She spots at least four state troopers herding Shawn’s car towards a roadblock that had been set up. An evil smile appears on her face, as she pulls off the highway and onto the shoulder. She takes her camera out and records Shawn being arrested and him trying to explain his actions.

She continues to record everything as he is handcuffed and placed into a state troopers’ car. While the troopers are at it, they search his car and find the paintball gun that had been used to hurt Lexi.

They also find some leftover devices he used to set firebombs at the construction site. She made sure to record everything. She watches as the state trooper that had Shawn in his patrol car head off. One of the other troopers pulls Shawn’s car onto the side of the road and waits for a tow truck to come and tow it.

Azura follows the tow truck back to the lot. She wanted to see if there was anything else in it. She waits until the tow company closes before she breaks into the place. She activates a jammer she has had to conceal her movement. The device distorts the picture, so when you play the recording back. You can’t recognize the person in the recording.

She moves among the other cars and trucks until she gets to Shawn’s car. She starts searching it, looking for anything the police might have missed. She finds a hidden compartment and opens it. Inside was money and a few fake passports as well.

She finds a gym bag in another car and puts everything in it. Lexi could use to money for her surgery. As for the passports, she could use those. From what she could see with her flashlight, they looked professionally done.

She spends a few more minutes searching the car but doesn’t find anything else. She leaves the way she came and head towards Rachel’s hotel room. She’ll show Rachel what she found and give her the money, for Lexi.

A few weeks later:
Lexi was feeling high as a kite from the drugs the doctor gave her. She was doing better and would be allowed to go home in a few days.

“So, how does it feel to finally have your vagina, Lexi?” Rachel looks at Lexi as she laid in bed.

“I can’t believe I finally had one.” Lexi was surprised when she woke up and found out that the doctors had gone ahead and given her, her vagina.

“You should have seen the look on her face when she woke up and discovered she had a vagina.” Rose couldn’t believe that Lexi’s doctor went ahead and did the SRS surgery.

After the doctor repaired the damage done by Shawn, there wasn’t much left for him to give Lexi a normal bottom. So, the decision was made to go ahead and give her, her vagina. They used a section of her intestines to form it.

“I bet it was a bit surprised. She may or may not have to testify in court. If she does, the judge is going to allow a video interview to take place.”

“How come?” Rose and Howard were curious.

“One, because Lexi will be unable to attend court in person. Secondly, the judge, defense, and prosecutor might have questions for Lexi. Don’t worry, I and the prosecutor have a solid case against Shawn and your family as well.” Rachel has been working with the prosecutor and showing her what evidence and everything they had.

The defense lawyer Shawn hired was a sleazeball. She had Azura do a background check on the man and found some interesting things. She was expecting a fight from him and a few dirty tricks as well.

“I hope they go to jail for life.” Lexi wanted her family to pay for what they did to her.

“Oh, by the time I get done with them, they will.” An evil smile appears on Rachel’s face.

Several Months Later:
Lexi looks out from the back porch of her aunt’s and Uncle’s place. She was finally out of the hospital and saw a counselor about the nightmares she was having from Shawn’s attack. She was cautious around the house, any time she was left alone at home.

Her uncle found a stray at the construction site and brought him home. He was just a puppy, but he looked so cute. His paws were big and according to her uncle, that meant he was going to be big. He looked to be a mixed breed, so there was no way to tell exactly what he was.

“Come here, Samson.” Lexi claps her hands together to get Samson’s attention.

She watches as Samson stops what he was doing and runs towards her. He was so awkward as he ran. Sometimes, he would trip over his big feet.

“That’s my good boy.” Lexi rubs his ears as he rests his head on her lap.

Rachel looks at Lexi sitting outside with Samson. She’s been keeping her eyes on Lexi as she recovers from her ordeal.

“I see Lexi is recovering.” Rachel looks at Rose and Howard.

“She’s doing better. Her counselor said she still has a rough road ahead of her. How is the case going against Shawn and my sister-in-law?” Rose was curious about that.

“Let’s just say, Shawn and your sister-in-law won’t be seeing the outside for a long time. The judge has given Shawn twenty years with no
parole for attacking Lexi, also, another thirty years for setting fire to your husband’s construction site. As for your sister-in-law, she’s only getting ten years, but the boys are getting thirty years for all the girls they raped. They will be eligible for parole in fifteen years.” Rachel wanted the boys to get more years, but the judge went soft on them.

“They should have gotten more years after all those girls they raped.” Rose saw the video that had been made of Lexi and several other girls.

“Oh, they are going to learn what it feels like in the prison they are going to.” Rachel had her mother pull a few strings. The boys will know what it's like to be treated the way they did the girls.

“Good.” Rose watches Lexi as she pets, Samson.

“Rose, I’ll be dropping by ever so often to check on Lexi and if you guys need anything as well. I’ll also keep you informed about the case as well.”

“Thank you, Rachel.” Rose looks at Rachel.

“You’re welcome.” Rachel walks out to her car.

As for Lexi, she starts going back to work with her uncle. She takes time out of her day to follow the doctor’s order. She carries on with her life and enjoys that she has her own vagina.

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