Learning What It Means to Be Tammy Beck Chp. 6

Nyx watches as Tammy and Leland ate. She couldn’t believe how much food Leland was able to pack away all by himself. Tammy, on the other hand, managed to eat twice the amount she ate, easily.

“Where do you put all this food?” Nyx looks at Leland as he ate the last eggroll.

Leland looks towards Nyx “same place you do.” A smile appears on his face.

“Right. So, what exactly do the two of you do and how did you manage to damage that stolen suit?”

“Well, besides being married to each other. We’re security contractors that work for Chaos Private Security.” Tammy takes a bite from her beef stir fry.

“So, you two work for a Private Security Contracting company?” Nyx has heard of them but never met anyone who did that type of work.

“Yes. As for how I managed to damage that other suit of armor. I’m a sharpshooter and shooting at the opening of that weapon. It was no more difficult for me than shooting a quarter falling from the sky.” Tammy finishes her stir fry.

“Now, why don’t you tell us, what is so special about that other armor?” Leland looks at Nyx for an answer.

“Well, for one. That other armor is built to be a one-man unit out in the field. It has an experimental rapid-fire gyro-jet fire.”

“I thought gyro-jet rounds were rocket-powered rounds. How could you turn something like that into a rapid-fire system?” Tammy was curious how they did it.

“Well, as you know. Rocket technology has improved since it was first designed. So, they can launch these faster without any delay.”

“Okay, so it has an improved gyro-jet launcher. What else is it capable of?” Leland wanted to know more about what Tammy encountered.

“It’s heavily armored. You would need a rocket launcher to damage the suit. It’s impervious to all firearms and rifles, including a .50 caliber snapping rifle and minigun.”

“How was it capable of jumping away as it did?” Tammy remembered the suit of armor jumping away.

“Have you ever watched the movie Armageddon?” Nyx watches Leland and Tammy’s reaction.

“Yeah, we have seen the movie. Why?” Tammy was puzzled how that had anything to do with the armor.

“Remember the scene when Bear and the guys were being informed about their spacesuits?” Nyx figures it was the best way to describe the armor.

“I remembered that scene.The female astronaut asked Bear what would happen if she kicked him in balls, while on the moon.” Tammy loved that part of the movie.

“Yeah, and you remember what the astronaut said about having to use the MRUs on the suit to move around?”

“Yeah, I remember that part of the film.” Tammy could recall the whole movie.

“So, you’re saying that suit of armor has jump jets?” Leland figures that would be the best way to describe it.

“Yes. The wearer can use those built-in jets, to jump large crevice or long distance.” Nyx heard the sales pitch while she was at the convention.

“So, why was the suit stolen?” Tammy was puzzled about that.

“That is the million-dollar question. Whatever they are going to use it for, means that it's something of importance. Even some of my armors aren’t capable of stopping it.” Nyx knew she had nothing that could stand up to the other armor.

“I noticed that. I’m surprised you survived that blast to your chest.” Tammy was surprised Nyx was still alive after being hit like she was.

“That’s because my armor is well made, and I belong to a LARP clan of Mandalorians. So, my armor is made to a higher standard.”

Leland just smirks when he hears Nyx admit that she belongs to the LARP clan. He has seen some of these LARP groups and they took things very seriously. Some of them even pretended to be supernatural creatures. Some vampires he had to hunt down, had been preying on certain groups that pretended to be a vampire kiss.

The vampires he went after were going to turn everyone in that LARP group into vampires. Some of them he learned would be willing to become vampires. Some of them tried to stop him.

Nyx noticed the smirk on Leland’s face “let me guess, you think anyone in a LARP is crazy?”

“I didn’t say that. Certain groups make sense and some just go too far with it.”

“I agree with you on the second part of your statement. In the group I belong to, we try to live up to the code we set. We have worked with other groups/clans that are Mandalorians and a few that follow the Jedi’s code as well.”

“Well, I hate to interrupt this discussion about LARP groups, but we need to find that suit of armor before someone else gets hurt.” Tammy
looks at Nyx since she seems to be more knowledgeable about it.

“Since you damaged it. It’s going to need material to repair itself. I can make a list of places that carry the material, and we could stake out the
place.” Nyx knew Tammy damaged the other armor.

“What do you need to begin?” Leland figured he and Tammy could get whatever Nyx would need.

“I just need to head back to my hotel room and retrieve my laptop to look up who supplies the material here in California.”

“Do you know if the company that built that armor is going to go looking for it?” Tammy knew she would if it was her company.

“More than likely and if they don’t. The military will assign someone to look for it. It was built using DOD funds.”

“Sounds like we have a mystery on our hands. I think tomorrow will be very interesting.” Leland could tell his wife was interested in this case.

"Well, I think this is something we can do tomorrow." Tammy looks at the empty containers sitting on the living room table.

She gets up and start cleaning up. She moves carefully, so not to flash Nyx, since she isn't wearing any panties.

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