Transformed Females in 2121

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Transformed Females in 2121
Part 1
An original story by Julia Miller


In the year 2121, human civilization was in tatters. We had robots and machines that performed the formerly dangerous jobs that only men could do. Worldwide, women were almost all feminists, and they no longer felt they needed men. The marriage rate between women and men had dropped below 0.1%; for every 1000 men, less than one was getting married. Divorce laws had only gotten more restrictive, and most men avoided marriage at all costs.

Even the few women who wanted to marry would only consider the top 1% of men. Usually, they only wanted a wealthy, fit, handsome man who stood over six feet, and they would ignore all others. Men rarely attended universities, and women made up over 95% of college graduates. Most men were single and idle slackers, working just enough to get by and often living with their mother well into their thirties.

The Feminist governments realized that their populations and economies were crashing since birth rates had plummeted over the years. Their populations were shrinking, and people were only getting older. In 2021, the world population was just under 8 billion people. There are fewer than 2 billion people left on the planet, and the population continues to drop. The once-great United States of America was now a shell of its former self. Much of the country was now deserted, and many former cities were in ruins. In addition to the birth collapse, climate change, pandemics, and civil war had dropped the country’s population to under 70 million people, and two-thirds were women. The few young people left didn’t want to become married. Women were more interested in education and careers, paying off their student loans, and not even bothering to date men, never wanting to become pregnant. If this trend continued, in 50 years, there would be no one left on the earth.

As a last-ditch effort, Feminist governments around the world turned to science. Maybe there was a way to reverse this trend and save humanity.

Scientists studied this problem and came up with an answer that was very simple on the surface and shocking in its implications.

They developed DNA replacement therapy and cloned Stem Cells to change a man into a fully functioning woman. It also used nano-bots to restructure their skeletons to the proper size while removing unneeded soft tissue. They would use these legions of sexually frustrated single men to create a new female population that would become pregnant to restore the world’s population. Even more impressive, this technology would transform men of any age into young fertile women. If you were a man and still breathing, you would qualify.

They demonstrated this new technology to the world governments. Soon, all countries passed new reproduction laws which would draft all single men into this program. All single men who were not engaged to be married or deemed essential workers were required to report to sexual reassignment centers for sexual transformation or face arrest.

Despite all of these new laws, women didn’t have to reproduce since the Feminists had long passed laws to protect their reproductive rights and were in control of most of the world’s governments. They felt that requiring these unwanted single men to be transformed into females was a great way to unload this responsibility of reproduction onto men.

A sub-class of women was created and designated as Transformed Females, so they would not be legally considered natural-born women or have the same legal rights. These transformed females all had surgically implanted identity and tracking chips placed inside them, forever identified as transformed females. Once transformed into a female, they became legal wards of the state, and their only job would be to have children and live in a state-run facility. They were all required to give birth to five children over five years before they could regain their freedom though they would never be women legally. There had been some talk of eventually reclassifying these females as women after they had served their terms, but for now, once a transformed female, they would remain that way.

Many women retrained to staff these new facilities since highly educated medical personnel were needed to run them.

Chapter 1

One of the first transformed females, Rachelle Chalmers, wrote an account of her new life as a transformed female.
Let me tell you my story. My name used to be Randy Chalmers, but now I am Rachelle. I am now a pregnant, transformed female for the state.

I was born in 2081. My parents, like most, were divorced, and I rarely saw my father. I grew up in a single-parent family with my mother. After I became 18, I drifted through a series of minimum-wage jobs to help support myself and my mother. I never was involved with any women, and I was single, though it wasn’t by choice. I just gave up trying to find a wife after realizing I had nothing to offer her, and even if I did, most women were not interested in dating a man.

A few days after my 40th birthday, I received a letter from the Federal Government’s new Department of Population Restoration, informing me that I had to report for sexual reassignment at a Transformation Center. They drafted me to become a Transformed Female since my tax return had listed me as single.

I showed the letter to my mother, and she smiled and told me I would make a good mother. She was all for it since she wanted me out of the house. I had a minimum wage part-time job since I never went through higher education. That was a girl’s thing, and most men didn’t see the point in spending all that money to have enormous college debt. Girls had the advantage of all the scholarships and incentives to attend higher education; these were never available to men.

I called my friends, and they told me the same thing. These new Population Restoration laws had just been passed in our country by the Feminists, and since we were deemed useless to the state, we were all drafted into this new program to increase the population.

We got together at a local bar the night before we reported, and we drank ourselves into a stupor. All of us felt that we were failures in life anyways, and maybe it was for the better that we were all going to become transformed females.
“Well, guys, what do you all think? It seems we don’t have any choice in this matter, and the Feminists in control of our Government have made that decision for us.”

“Sam replied, “Notice that even though every single one of those women could give birth, none of them are stepping up. Instead, the Government is spending billions of dollars turning us into women to get pregnant for them.”

“Terry agreed, “It seems we have been made redundant as men. My question to you guys is, Raise your hand if any of you ever dated a woman or had sex with one?”

Charlie laughed, “Well, don’t look at me. I’m as big a loser with women as the rest of you.”

I looked around, and none of us had raised a hand. We were all virgins, and none of us had ever dated a woman.

I commented, “Yes, I agree. It’s pretty frustrating. I long ago gave up the idea of getting into a relationship with a woman. They are all Feminists now and aren’t interested in dating us, and they treat us like we are beneath them. Even my mother is a Feminist and treats me like giving birth to me was her biggest mistake in life.”

I ordered everyone another round of beer and shots for all of us. We raised the whiskey shots and toasted to ourselves, hoping we would have more success as a transformed female than we did as single men.

The next day, I crawled out of bed with a terrible hangover. Today was the day. I was required to report to the Transformation Center and surrender myself. I thought about running, but where would I go, and what would I do? They would only track me down and arrest me, and I would end up becoming a transformed female regardless. I couldn’t even leave the country. I would be detained at the border and sent to a center anyways.

My mother drove me down to the center, and I told her she could keep my car or sell it if she liked. Mom kissed me goodbye and said if I had been born a girl, she would have named me Rachelle, and I kissed her back and said, it sounds like a good name. I walked into the center.

I looked around, and I saw my friends waiting for me. The four of us got into the line of dejected-looking men. A sour-looking woman told me to sit down, and she told me to surrender all my ID, and then she clamped a pink plastic wristband on my wrist. I asked her if I could choose my new name, and she said, sure, sweetie, what would you like us to call you? I told her I wanted to be named Rachelle, and she wrote it in my file. She gave me a locked tablet and told me to take it through the door into the next area. The rest of the guys followed behind me.

We all got into the following line until they called me to the next station. A nurse then told me to strip naked, and she gave me a paper hospital gown to wear. She threw my clothes into a bin, and she smiled and told me, you won’t need those anymore. She then gave me a complete physical and took a blood and urine sample. She took the tablet I was holding, unlocked it, entered a few things into my record, and told me to walk through the next door as she handed the tablet back. I padded through the door in my bare feet and, of course, stood in the following line. The other guys soon joined me in the line, and we all stood there shivering in these silly-looking paper gowns.

A doctor called my name, and I walked over to her. She took my tablet and said, Please follow me. I walked behind her down a long hallway, and we entered a sterile-looking room that contained several horizontal chambers. She first pointed at a shower room and told me to take a shower, wash my hair, make sure I lather up my body with the liquid soap, and then report back to her. I removed my paper gown and threw it into the trash. After showering down, I noticed no towels were available, so I returned to her, soaking wet. She walked over to an empty chamber and raised the cover. The doctor then told me to climb up into it.

I climbed up into the chamber and laid down on my back. The doctor started fitting various sensors on me and injected several syringes into my arms and legs and at multiple points on my torso.

She then fit a mask over my face, and I soon blacked out. I didn’t remember anything after that until I woke up again.
I realized that I was completely immersed in an opaque solution when I woke up. I fought the urge to panic, and I heard a faint alarm sounding. The liquid was then drained out of my chamber, refilled with clear water, and flushed a few times. The chamber’s lid then opened. And someone removed my mask. As my eyes focused, I smiled at a doctor.
She smiled and said, “Hello Rachelle, welcome to your new life.”

I coughed a bit, and my voice sounded different. I asked the doctor, “How long was I unconscious?” My voice now sounded like a girl.

She told me to lay still and be quiet, then removed several I-V lines and sensors on my body.

“You have been under for approximately a year, so you will be very weak. I will help you out of this chamber, and we will place you on a gurney.”

There were straps under my body that she used with an overhead lift, and she raised me and swung me over to a gurney. I was still very groggy and wasn’t in any condition to do much of anything.

A female orderly placed a blanket over me pushed me out of the room and down a long hallway. I ended up in a room with several other patients. I turned my head, and it looked like they were sleeping. A female nurse came in and smiled at me, and then she gave me another shot, and I fell asleep again.

I awoke once more, and I was now in a room with one other person. I looked down at myself and realized I now had large breasts since that was about as far as I could see.

A nurse soon entered the room and said, “Good morning, Rachelle,” and she raised my bed slightly. “I have some breakfast for you, and it consists of vanilla pudding and some apple juice.” She also gave me a cup of pills and a glass of water, which I took first. She smiled at me and said, “Enjoy breakfast.”

I still felt nauseous and slowly ate the pudding and chased it with the juice. I heard the person beside me cough, and I said, “Hello, is anyone there?”

I was still shocked at my voice since it was no longer the baritone I was used to, but my much higher alto voice sounded very feminine.

A girl answered back, “How are you feeling?”

“I feel lousy right now. I woke up today, and I don’t have any idea of what is going on.”

“Well, dear,” the other girl said, “My name is Samantha. We are in the rehabilitation center, and we will spend at least a month here to regain our strength since we spent over a year transforming in those chambers. We now have little muscle mass left, and we will be training to walk again and bring our muscles back so we can function.”

“Hi Samantha, my name is Rachelle, and I just woke up today, I guess. God, my voice sounds so different now. I’m still a bit out of it.”

Samantha laughed, “ Just wait until you get a look at yourself in a mirror.”

That afternoon they started my muscle rehabilitation program. I first learned to walk using a walker, and they made me go through weight training programs on a machine. I felt sore and tired after the first afternoon. I was so weak that I could barely walk, and it wasn’t easy, even just raising my arms.

I returned to my room in a wheelchair, and when Samantha returned, we chatted.

“Hey, Sam, how did things go with you today? I am so weak, and I couldn’t even stand up without a harness.”
“Samantha smiled, “I am the same as you, Rachelle. After a year in one of those vats, I have no muscles left either.”
We chatted some more, and she told me that her name used to be Samuel Higgins.

“Sam? Is that you? I used to be Randy Chalmers, and we went out drinking the night before we came here.”
We both giggled with each other. We were lifelong friends, and now we would be girlfriends for life.

Sam replied, “Hey, former Randy, I like your new name, Rachelle. We have both come a long way now. Haven’t we?”

I had to agree. When the nurse first lifted me off the bed and into a wheelchair, I saw myself in a full-length mirror on the wall. A young 18-year old girl with long blond hair and blue eyes looked back at me. There were no facial features left from my old self, and nothing in my reflection resembled the person I was before. I was beautiful and had nice breasts and hips, giving me an hourglass figure.

I had naively thought they would transform me into the female version of myself, but this was much more involved. This procedure had completely overwritten my old DNA, transforming me into this completely new person. I was amazed that my memories still existed, and I still remembered my old life and the fact I had once been a boy but was now a girl.
Samantha and I renewed our old friendship, and we worked together for the next month, learning how to walk again and at least regain a fraction of the strength we formerly enjoyed as men.

“Have you seen Charles or Terry? I am sure they are here somewhere.”

Samantha replied, “ We will have to ask around once we can walk again. I am sure they are here since we were all transformed at the same time.”

They also required that we listen to audio recordings while we slept. I assumed they were hypnosis tapes meant to condition my mind to accept that I was now a girl. I wasn’t upset at becoming a girl since it was just all so different to me being like this.

Sam and I were in the center for just over a month. When we were both able to walk again and regain some strength, they gave us a set of new clothes and brought us to a waiting bus with many other girls. When we walked onto the bus, I looked at the other girls, and I was intrigued that many of us looked like sisters, though we were not all completely the same. The white girls mainly were blondes, but there were a few variations on hair color and eye color. Some girls were black and Asian, with other races as well.

The bus then left the facility and drove us into the countryside, where we stopped at a gate to a fenced-in compound, and the bus stopped.

A couple of women came aboard, and they had scanners and asked us to show them our wristbands. We were all scanned, and then the bus proceeded into the compound. They also used a scanner on the back of our necks, and I heard it give a beep as they used the scanner on me. A microchip tracker was now inside me, and they probably had implanted it during the procedure.

We stopped at one of the many tall buildings and lined up in front of the bus.

A woman in a lab coat stood in front of us all, and she had a megaphone. Her name was Dr. Stilton. She smiled at us and began her speech.

“You have all been transformed into females and are now at The Transformed Female Reproductive Center. Your new job is to become pregnant and give birth to babies for the state. Shortly, you will all be inseminated and become pregnant with a child. You will give birth, have three months off, and then be inseminated again and become pregnant with a second child. Over the next five years, all of you will continue to do this until you have given birth to 5 children. You have a choice to be artificially inseminated, or you can have reproductive sex with one of our trained alpha male employees. Their job will be to inseminate you until you become pregnant. Some of you may not wish to have sex with a man, so we have given you this choice. Once you have successfully given birth to five babies, your tour of duty here will be over, and you will be allowed to leave this facility. Would you please follow the nurses into the building where we will process you and assign your living quarters?”

We were all assigned rooms and would live two girls in a room. There was a communal dining hall where we would eat our meals, and our rooms contained a shared bathroom. The center provided uniforms for us and size changes as our pregnancy progressed.

We all received personal tablets that we could use to go online. There was also a recreational center with many video game systems. There was an exercise center as well as a track and swimming pool. We were not allowed to leave the facility until we had completed giving birth to five children each. After we gave birth to our babies, we would not have to care for them. They would be removed from the facility and taken to a different site, where childcare workers would raise them or adopt them out to new parents.

While in the building lobby, we asked around for our former friends and soon found them. Charles’s new name was Charlene, and Terry was now Terrie. We hugged each other and giggled and laughed since none of us looked at all like the men we once were.

I managed to get a room with my friend Samantha, and we proceeded to enter our new home for the next five years of our lives. We had a room on the tenth floor, and large windows overlooked a park-like setting. Terrie and Charlene got a room across the hall to ours. The accommodations were very nice, but as far as I was concerned, it was still a prison, and we had to complete our sentence before we were released from custody.

Sam and I both sat down on our beds, and we just looked at each other.

“How are you going to get pregnant, Sam?”

She grinned and told me, “I have never had sex with anyone in my life, so I want to do it the old-fashioned way.”

I replied, “Being a virgin myself, I want to get one of the alpha males to knock me up too. I heard that they are all handsome and muscular too.”

We giggled at the thought of a couple of former guys who were now looking forward to being fucked like the girls we are.
The doctors told us they wait until after our period, then run daily tests to check for ovulation. When they determine we are the most fertile, we either are artificially inseminated, or one of the alpha male employees will have sex with us up to three times during our ovulation. They will check if we are pregnant the day after our insemination. If we become pregnant on the first try, we wait nine months to give birth.

If we weren’t yet pregnant, they would implant us with fertilized eggs. If this occurred, there was a greater chance we could give birth to twins or triplets. In the unlikely event we could not become pregnant, they would release us early from the facility. Our DNA originated from very fertile women, and so far, every transformed female has become pregnant in this facility.

We started in on the fertility testing and would line up every morning after breakfast for testing. Finally, one day, both Sam and I were told we were ovulating, and we had both decided to try natural sex first before resorting to artificial methods. Charlene and Terrie both got a green light as well. We played some video games in the rec center, and we all went to lunch together.

Sammi was so excited, “I can’t wait for this to happen to me. I will make sure I have fun and make the most of this. I never thought I would have sex as a woman, but sex is sex and if I have to be taking a cock like a girl now, then so be it. The guys here are super hot too, and I saw a few of them earlier.”

I agreed.”It’s the first time I will have sex with another person in my life, and I am looking forward to it as well. As Sammi said, it’s not how I envisioned it, but damn those guys are hot, and I am getting wet down there just thinking about them.”
Charlene and Terri both felt the same way as we did. We were all sexually frustrated as men, but now we have a second chance to get it on with someone else, and even we are now female, we were all looking forward to it.

As we finished our lunch, we heard our names announced over a speaker, telling us to report to the Insemination wing. We all got up and walked over to register.

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