Cheese, Chalk and Plenty of Pork – Part 10 of 10 – The End

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Cheese, Chalk and Plenty of Pork – Part 10 of 10
by Lin Dale

Synopsis: When Greta meets Gavin at her rich father’s second wedding, she immediately falls in love. But, just like cheese and chalk, he is a beautiful, slim young man and she is heavily obese; she needs to find some way to stop him wandering off. Her father’s new wife has problems facing up to her role as a Lady, so she decides to involve Gavin in a project with certain challenges.

Author’s Note: This story is complete and in ten parts which will be released at approximately daily intervals. It contains items such as crossdressing, non-explicit sex between adults and language typical of that between English adults. If you feel this may offend you, then please do not read.

Part 10 – Then Things Really Change!

It was a few months later that Greta told him, “I’m pregnant.”

Michelle gaped. “But you told me you were on the pill.”

“I didn’t actually say I was on the pill,” Greta corrected him. “I said there was no need to be worried about me getting pregnant. That’s because I want to get pregnant, and you have done it very nicely, thank you.”

“Does that mean you want to get married or… something?”

“How can you marry me?” Greta asked. “You, Michelle, are already married to my father. It would be bigamy if you married me.”

“Right,” he said, trying to get his head around his position. In spite of Greta’s prediction, the real Michelle had not returned from The Sanctuary; neither had The Sanctuary reported her to have died, so Michelle’s role had continued. At the beginning of each month, he, as Michelle, had written a cheque for five thousand pounds to Gavin, and had paid it into his account. He had serviced Lord Carver, fortunately at not too frequent intervals, and Lord Carver definitely seemed to be more alert as a result. And on a far more regular basis, Greta and he had great sex. And now she was pregnant.

“The point is,” Greta said, “that with my weight, I reckon I can probably go almost full term without being noticeably pregnant. So, I want you to pretend to be pregnant with Daddy’s child. When my bump starts to become noticeable, we’ll go away to some distant location where I can go to full term and give birth to a baby as beautiful as you. When we return, everyone will be told that our baby is that of you and Daddy.”

“But you’ll be the child’s mother. How can you give it to someone else?”

“I shall turn from housekeeper to nursemaid,” Greta said.

“Isn’t it all being rather dishonest,” Michelle queried.

“Firstly, you are a parent of the child, so the only deceit is that you are a man, not a woman, which is a part you’ve been playing for ages,” she said. “And over the years, many women have fooled their partners about the father of their babies. Dad will be totally chuffed. Hopefully, it will be a boy, in which case he will be over the moon. I was a bit of a disappointment to him, you see.”

Michelle pulled a face. “Your pregnancy isn’t accidental, is it? How long have you been planning it?”

She smiled at him. “I fell in love with you the moment I saw you at the wedding. That was when I decided I was going to have your babies. But I’m not stupid. I knew there was zero chance of having a permanent relationship – or even marriage – with you in the conventional way. So, it was just thinking through a way of developing the situation to achieve my objective. Michelle’s going away wasn’t part of my plan, but it opened up the possibilities wonderfully.”

“But what happens,” Michelle asked, “when she either turns up or dies, mid-term?”

“I’m afraid that Chelle is already dead.”

Michelle was indignant. “What! Why didn’t you tell me earlier? How long have you been keeping that a secret?”

She grimaced. “Since your very first hunt, when she so unexpectedly disappeared.”

“What! But what about The Sanctuary?”

She gave a tiny smile. “I made that up on the spur of the moment. She never went away.”

“You mean she died here, whilst me and your dad were out on the hunt?”

“It was an accident,” Greta told him. “And it wasn’t here, in the house. It was on the estate.”

“I don’t understand.”

“I’d better start at the beginning,” she said. “Firstly, you know how you and I were surprised at Chelle’s underwear, that first time you went for your riding lesson.”

“Yes, but what’s that got to do with it?”

“She’d asked a man to meet her in the cottage as soon as we left. I think her lover was staying at the Fox and Hounds, which is why she was so willing to pick up your things from there the day after you had dinner here. I guess that every time you went for your riding lesson, as well as during that first hunt, she was bonking him in the cottage.”

“Bloody hell!” He thought back to the smarmy man staying at the Fox and Hounds who Clarissa said had been hitting on her.

“The problem arose that day of the hunt when, shortly after mounting up at the stables, Daddy needed to go for a pee. As you know, it was incredibly busy at the stables, so he thought it would be better to go to the crofter’s cottage and pee there.”

“Oh!” Michelle said, understanding suddenly flooding through him. “He found them and murdered them.”

“No, Nothing as melodramatic as that. He told me later that as he approached the cottage, he thought he heard Michelle laughing, which was strange because he'd just watched you ride off in the opposite direction to the start of the hunt.”

She pulled a face. “Sure enough, Michelle was there, having sex with a man in the woods, au naturel, as it were. Dad was livid and rode his horse at the pair of them, intending just to break them up. But the horse reared, kicking out and knocked them both to the ground and Dad rode on to the hunt. As his temper calmed, he realised he might well have seriously hurt one or both of them, but then he got to the start of the hunt and saw you still on your horse. You couldn’t possibly be on the horse in front of him and back in the estate having been kicked to the ground. He thought he must have had some kind of terrible dream.”

“I remember,” Michelle said. “He looked at me really strangely and I thought I’d been rumbled. But then he said something like, ‘Oh! You’re here,’ as though that was weird. ‘Yes,’ I said. ‘I thought you were right behind me.’ He shook his head and muttered something like, ‘Must be going mad.’ And that was it. I never realised.” His eyes narrowed. “Had he… killed them?”

“I never found out,” Greta said. “When I met Daddy in the stables at the end of the hunt, he was obviously disturbed and, unusually for him, he’d remembered much of what happened. I ran straight over to investigate but by that time, the Large Blacks were finishing off the last few bones.”

“You mean the pigs… The pigs ate them?”

“They’ll eat anything,” Greta said. “You mustn’t blame them.”

“Holy shit!” Michelle said. “So, the two of them may just have been unconscious…”

“There’s no point in dwelling over it. I knew you had probably already got back to the stables so I had to think up something on the spur of the moment. Which I did. Later on, I kept my ear to the ground in the village. The man she was with was known to be having an affair with someone. When he didn’t turn up that night, or ever again, it was simply assumed that he’d run off with them.”

She gave a little smile. “So, Michelle will not be returning to claim her place back here. Hence, you will become the pretend mother of our child. Any more questions?”

“You should have told the police. I have to ring them, now.”

“That would be bad for all kinds of reasons, not the least that they would put down my Large Blacks and they have done nothing wrong. There would also be a lot of stress for my father even though, in his condition, they’d never put him in prison.”

“And they’d probably prosecute you,” Michelle said, “for not reporting a death.”

“Death? What death?”

Michelle was puzzled. “Why the ones you’ve just told me about.”

“You must be imagining things, Michelle. “I haven’t told you about any deaths.”

“Even if you deny it, the police are bound to investigate if I report it. They will realise those two people have disappeared.”

“OK,” Greta said. “So, if you’re unconcerned about the mother of your baby going to prison, I’ll be forced to confess that I failed to report it. But don’t forget that you, too, will be prosecuted when I tell them how you were blackmailing us.”

“Blackmailing you?”

“We’ve had to give you five thousand pounds a month and allow you to dress as a woman in order for you not to expose us.”

“That’s not true,” Michelle exclaimed. “You’re making it up.”

“All I’m saying, my darling lover,” Greta smiled at him, “is that reporting the mother of your baby to the police would lead to all kinds of complications and none of us know exactly where it would all lead. No one tried to kill them; it’s not murder. In his state, there’s no way that Daddy could even be brought to trial for manslaughter. With my plan, you continue to receive a regular salary, Dad continues to enjoy being with his wife, and I continue to rear my Large Blacks.

“And,” she added, her smile broadening, “all three of us can give a loving home to our new baby.”

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Wendy Jean's picture

That certainly did not end well.

Many thanks, Wendy…

…for your many comments.

As for it not ending well, I think that Gavin was becoming increasingly close to Greta even though she was not the classic picture of beauty. They have a child on the way and even Carver will take pleasure from that. And if the money is important, Gavin playing the part of Michelle will inherit Carver’s wealth when he dies.

I think that’s a pretty good result in which three major players benefit and Michelle, who married Carver for his money and was not only denying him sex but having an affair with a smarmy guy in the pub, didn’t make it to the end.