On the Highway Chap. 12 (Final Chapter)

The next few months Sidney and Jochen crisscross the country carrying loads to various locations. Between the normal work, Jochen gets
from his employer and the extra loads he picks up when he isn’t working for his employer. He stays busy.

Sidney becomes his helper and handles the paperwork they need to do or download apps so customers can track their loads. She learns a few things from Jochen about truck driving. He lets her handle Matilda a few times when they are at a shopping center parking lot or back at the Eastern hub.

As for the business with the drones. Mrs. Blake’s people are looking into that matter. He wasn’t the only truck that had been hit and their load took. Several other truck drivers carrying government loads had been hit.

Even some of the ghost fleet trucks had been hit and their nuclear material was taken. He wasn’t supposed to know about them, but he did. He knew some of the drivers that had been around for a long time and that were good.

He and Sidney had been warned a few times that their load had been compromised and to take a different route. Of course, Jochen confirmed the message and changed in route before proceeding with it. He found out later, a decoy truck had been sent on his route with armed men in the trailer part to ambush the thieves.

An informant that he picked the load up from had given them the details about his route and what he was carrying. The trap had worked like it was supposed to. Which he liked very much.

When Matilda had to go in for her twenty-five-thousand-mile checkup. He and Sidney visited Disney World down in Florida. She had never been and she wanted to go.

Jochen had never been the amusement park type of person, but he did it anyway, to make Sidney happy. He took pictures of her in the swimsuit they had picked out for her. She got red as a lobster when they spent the day at the beach. He tried to warn her because she was fair-skinned, but she didn’t listen. So, she paid the price for it.

For Christmas, they spend at a ski lodge that belonged to Mrs. Blake. Jochen didn’t have a base of operations or a home. He normally spent the seasons on the road working. However, since he had Sidney now and she was experiencing everything for the very first time as a girl. He decided they should spend Christmas at a ski lodge. So, they did.

As for the men that were after her for stealing the diamonds. Jochen informed certain people he worked for so, they could close the man down. Jochen didn’t tell Sidney about what he did. He saw how she was slowly adapting to being a teenage girl and how she was enjoying herself.

One evening while Jochen and Sidney are at a truck stop in Wyoming waiting out a snow storm going on. He looks at her “you know this past year has been fun. I’ve never had anyone travel with me this long.”

Sidney looks at Jochen “not even when you were in Australia?”

“Well, I did for some sort trips or if they were going from one end of the continent to the other end, but not like you.” Jochen was enjoying
Sidney’s company.

“Thanks, I guess. Is something wrong?” Sidney has gotten to know Jochen and when he was trying to say something.

“No, nothing wrong. All I’m saying is, I’m enjoying having you in the truck with me, is all.” Jochen just wanted Sidney to know how he felt about her.

“I’m enjoying it and I would be bored out of my mind at a place by myself.” Sidney knew she would be bored.

“That’s good to hear.” A smile appears on Jochen’s face as he continues to eat his dinner.

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