Lover of Cars and Poker

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“Sarina, are you done pulling that front end for Mr. Lang?”

Sarina picks up her walkie-talkie and presses the button “I’m almost done pulling the front. I have one more bolt to remove.”

Sarina wipes the sweat from her forehead as she waits for a response. She knew Jordan could be a royal pain in the ass when it came to pulling parts. Most of the guys she worked with, treated her indifferently. They didn’t care what she use to be.

“Well, hurry up and get that part up here to the customer.”

“Roger.” Sarina puts the walkie-talkie back in her tool bucket.

She crawls back under the car and removes the last bolt. She saves the bolts just in case the customer needs them. She pulls the part out from under the car and puts it in the wheel barrow she uses.

Sarina was still getting used to her new breasts. It cost her some serious money to have her chest enlarged. She walks into the office with the part and over to the counter.

“Here you go, one sub-frame support for a 97 Chevy Impala.” Sarina leans it up against the front of the counter.

Mr. Lang looks at it. He kneels in front of it and inspects it for any damage. He stands back up and looks at Sarina “it looks good.”

“Thanks. If you need the bolts, I managed to save them as well.” Sarina puts the bolts in a Ziplock sandwich bag. She hands the bag to Mr. Lang.

“Thank you, Ms.”

“You’re welcome.” Sarina turns around and heads back out to the yard and starts working on another project.

She works on pulling parts that are commonly asked for. Around lunchtime, Sarina clocks out and heads towards her small pick-up truck. She had a few errands to run during her lunch break.

The first place she had to stop at was the local fabric store to pick up several bolts of fabric and accessories she needed. She had a couple of dresses she needed to make for her drag show. She stops at the Post office and picks up a package waiting for her.

It was a part she needed for the 1982 Pontiac TransAm she was restoring. She was almost done with restoring the car. Once she was done at the Post office, she glances at the time on her cellphone and notices she had twenty minutes left on her lunch break. She stops at Wendy’s and buys two double-decker hamburgers and eats them on the way back to work.

By the time she clocks in, she still had seven minutes left. She walks over to the work orders hanging behind the counter. She searches through the work orders to see which ones needed to be completed right away and which ones could wait a day. There were at least four that needed to be done by tomorrow. She grabs the work orders and her tool bucket. She also grabs the wheel barrel she normally uses and heads out into the yard to pull parts.

The rest of the afternoon, she pulls parts and marks them. She attaches tags to them with whom they are for and what car or vehicle they go to. By the time she tags the last part, it was quitting time.

“What are your plans for tonight, Sarina?” Cameron looks over towards Sarina as she clocks out.

“I have a few things I need to do this evening.” Sarina didn’t have to perform tonight at the club she normally worked at.

“Don’t you ever stop working?” Cameron watches Sarina.

“Nope, I always have projects going on. Are you and Cookie going out tonight?” Sarina couldn’t believe Cameron was dating a woman that goes by the name of Cookie.

“Yep, we’re going out for dinner and later, taking in a movie.” Cameron has already selected the movie.

“Good luck.” Sarina walks out to her pick-up truck and secures her work bucket in the bed of the truck.

She gets in and heads towards her house. On the way home, she stops at Big Boy’s and picks up a meal for dinner. She didn’t feel like cooking anything.

When Sarina arrives home, she parks her pick-up truck in the driveway. She grabs everything and remotely opens her front door and heads inside her house.

“Goggle, turn lights on.” Sarina continues to walk into the house.

The lights automatically turn on as Sarina continues into the house. The special lights that she installed were controlled by the goggle voice dot system. She walks into her workroom and puts everything she bought to construct a new dress in there. Once she was done with that, she heads into the living room and set her dinner on the living room table.

She takes her work boots off and her work pants off. She takes her work shirt off so that the only thing she was wearing was her bra, undershirt, and panties. She opens the container that held her dinner and started eating it. She couldn’t wait to get started on her new dress for her performance on Thursday.

“Hey Goggle, play songs by Tom Petty.”

“Playing songs by Tom Petty.”

Sarina listens to the music playing while eating her dinner. She was lucky that the inheritance she received from her aunt Sara paid for the house. Otherwise, she would have to find a cheap studio apartment. Her pay from the salvage yard was minimum wage. Which for her was twelve fifty an hour.

She used some of the money to pay for her SRS surgery and to have some cosmetic surgery done to make her look more like a woman. She wanted her breasts to be the same size as her cousin Kelli. Her cousin and she were close and would give her some of her clothes to wear when she was younger.

They uses to play all sorts of pranks at school and go on double dates. She would dress up as a girl with her cousin's help. They would either date guys from another high school or a few times they went out with single men. None of the men they dated knew she was male. Her cousin
taught her everything a girl should know. Not even her parents knew what she was doing.

They worked for Hooters and the manager didn’t know she was a male at the time. Her cousin went on to become a cheerleader for an NFL football team. On the other hand, she started doing drag shows and working at the junkyard. She loved cars and would go to different junkyards or salvage auctions and buy cars to repair. Some of them she kept for herself, while some she sold.

Sarina loved her car collection and went to some of the cars shows to show them off. After she finishes her dinner, she throws her trash away and takes a nice relaxing soak. She keeps listening to the music from goggle, but she had it playing her favorite playlist.

She so loved soaking after a hard day’s work. At least tomorrow won’t be too bad. She looks down at her new breasts and liked the fact she was the same size as her cousin. Now they looked similar to each other.

When the water starts getting cold, she gets out and dries off. She pulls the drain plug and lets the tub drain. As the tub drain, she blow-dries her hair and runs a brush through it. She hated her natural hair color. But the last time she had her hair dyed blonde, it didn’t look right on her.

So, now she highlighted her light brown hair. She kept it short because it was easier to take care of. Plus, it didn’t get tangled up when she had to crawl under cars.

Once Sarina is done with her hair, she heads to bed. She places her cellphone on the wireless charger and turns the music off playing over the goggle dot in her bedroom. She snuggles down under her blankets and falls asleep.

The next few days are miserable for Sarina. If it's not the high temperatures and humidity making things worse for her. It’s the rain that comes down a day later, turning the junkyard into one big mud puddle. Somehow mud manages to get inside her work coveralls. Plus, she is soaked to the bone as well.

Eric is one of the counter people in the office. He keeps giving her the wrong parts to pull and, on several occasions the wrong section of the yard where the car or truck is located. She knew the yard pretty well and tried telling him he was wrong, but he threatens to fire her if she didn’t do what he said. So, she did what he said and took her time.

He was the one that the customer was going to fuss out, not her. Most of the customers that came to the junkyard knew her and knew how smart and right she was most of the time. If there was one thing her customers knew. They knew she had the knowledge that could help them.

One day while Sarina is sitting inside the office enjoying her lunch. Eric comes over to her with a broom and several cleaning rags “I need for you to sweep and dust everything in here.”

Sarina looks up at Eric “that’s your job. You’re the customer service counter person, not me.”

“And I’m making it your job now.” Eric shoves the broom and cleaning rags towards her.

Sarina looks at the broom and cleaning rags. She knew Bob Cornelius wouldn’t allow an asshole like Eric to do this carp to her. She stands up off the upturned five-gallon bucket she was using for a seat and looks at Eric.

“Look, it's your job, so do it.” Sarina wasn’t going to put up with Eric’s stuff today. She was already fed up with his carp.

Eric steps closer to Sarina “I gave you an order and I expect you to do the work. Otherwise, you can take the rest of the day off.”

A sly smile appears on Sarina’s “if you insist.”

Sarina starts gathering what was left of her lunch. She flips the bucket she had been using as a seat and grabs her work bucket that held her tools. Just as she was walking towards the time clock.

“What are you doing?” Eric watches Sarina as she reaches for her timecard.

“Clocking out. You did say I could take the rest of the day off.” Sarina clocks out.

“That’s not what I said.” Eric was getting angry.

“Well, maybe next time you should clarify yourself.” Sarina looks at eric and could tell he was getting angry with her.

“I’ll make sure you are fired.” Eric knew when he threatens to fire her, she always did what he said.

“I hate to tell you this, smartass. But you don’t have the authority to fire me. There are only four people who work here that have that authority.
And all of them like how I work. So, go and sit on a stick shift.” Sarina starts walking towards the front door.

She walks out to her truck and heads towards the gay bar she performs at. It was called Rainbow Cocktails. She finds a parking space near the entrance, which was normally impossible to get. She was glad that the rain had slacked off some.

She walks into the place and over to the bar. The bar was in the center of the club so the bartenders who worked it could serve customers on both sides of the room. She spots Debbie behind the bar. She walks over and takes a seat on the stools.

Debbie was busy pouring a drink for a customer when she spots Sarina take a seat at the bar. She knew it was too early for Sarina to be at the club. Normally, she was at work until six in the evening. Once she serves the customer, she walks over to Sarina.

“You’re here early. Did you get fired or something?” Debbie looks at Sarina. She has known her since she was born.

“No, I still have a job. I just did what the prick at work told me to do. I need a rum and coke, please.” Sarina wanted a stiff drink.

“No problem.” Debbie starts making a rum and coke for Sarina.

Sarina spins around on the stool as she looks at who was in the club. She’s never been in the club at this hour before.

“Here’s your drink, sweetie.” Debbie places the drinking glass in front of Sarina.

“Thanks.” Sarina picks it up and takes a sip from it.

Debbie watches the expression on Sarina’s face as she swallows the drink. She could tell she made the drink the way Sarina liked it.

“You’re welcome. So, who pissed you off today?” Debbie knew it took a lot to make Sarina mad.

“Eric Newman did. The prick wouldn’t know what a wrench was if it hit him on the side of the head.” Sarina takes another sip of her drink.

“Does he pull parts or something?” Debbie knew when Sarina wasn’t performing at the club, she worked at the salvage yard pulling parts.

Sarina looks at Debbie’s face “he thinks because he is at the counter helping customers, he can boss me around or get me to do his chores.”

“He sounds like a real butt head.”

“What did he do to you today?” Debbie knew Sarina worked her butt off for Richie. He was the owner of the salvage yard.

“He wanted me to sweep and dust the customer area for him after I finished lunch. He could have done it since we had no customers in the shop. It wasn’t like he was doing anything, anyway.” Sarina takes another sip of her drink.

“Would you have done it for him, if you guys had customers?”

“Sure, I don’t mind helping out. But we had no one in the shop and would have taken him all of twenty minutes to properly sweep and dust the
shop. Even if he did a lousy job, it would have taken him ten minutes.” Sarina knew how long it took to clean the customer area.

Debbie watches as Sarina finishes her first rum and coke and orders another one. She knew Sarina could pack away a few drinks. She spots a customer motion for her.

“I’ll be back.” Debbie walks off.

“No problem.” Sarina turns around on her stool and watches the customers.

She wishes that Juan would get rid of Eric. She knew it wouldn’t happen because Eric was the cousin of James Day. James was good friends with Wayne and played poker with him sometimes on Fridays.

A smile appears on her face when she thinks about the last poker game, she played against them. She wiped the floor with them and the two others that had been at the game. Her uncle taught her how to play poker before he died while rescuing a baby in a burning building.

He played against some of the best poker players around the world. There was one player he could never beat. The player was a woman from Virginia Beach, Va. She won the biggest pot of cash there was. She wonders what happened to that woman?

She turns back around to face the bar and drinks her second drink. When that one is done, she orders another drink and a hamburger with onion rings to go with it. Sarina spends the rest of the afternoon and into the evening at the bar drinking and snacking. A few times she gets hit on, but she wasn’t in the mood for any company, besides Debbie.

Later, a few of her drag buddies show up and she goes to sit with them at a table that had been a reserve for them. Stephanie Staton took real good care of her performers. She was a former performer herself before she was attacked one night. Her attackers beat her within an inch of her life and left her for dead in a trashcan.

She was lucky that the trashman that normally picked up her trash, spotted her and called the police. She spent weeks in the hospital, but the police did manage to find her attackers and charge them with a hate crime. She sued them and won. That was how she managed to afford to open this club.

She had another business that did the catering and sold sandwiches. The sandwiches that came out of that store were famous and had been featured on television by a famous chef. He visited her delicatessen and loved five of her sandwiches. He didn’t have time to try all of them, but the ones he did try. He bragged about it on television. After that, the place became extremely popular.

Sarina stays and watches a few of her drag friends perform. When it approaches midnight, she gets up and drives home. She was still feeling a little tipsy, but wasn’t so drunk she could drive safely home.

When she walks into her house. She strips out of the clothes she was wearing and left them laying on the floor of the living room and hallway leading to her bedroom. By the time her head hits her pillow, she is out of it.

The next day when Sarina walks into the shop to clock in. There is a note on her time card for her to come to Richie’s office. It wasn’t the first time he has left a post-it on her time card. She clocks in and heads towards Richie’s office. The door was closed, so she knocked on it.

“Enter.” Richie looks at his office door when he hears someone knock on it.

He watches as Sarina walks into his office. A smile appears on his face “close the door behind you, kiddo.”

“Okay.” Sarina closes the door behind her.

Afterward, she walks over to Richie’s desk and sits down in the chair in front of it. She looks at him “am I in some trouble?”

“No, you're fine. I just wanted to see if you’re free this weekend. I and the guys are getting together over at my place for a poker game. We were wondering if you would like to come over and play?”

“Do you want me to beat you guys as bad as I did last time?” Sarina wanted to see how badly he wanted her to play.

“You think you can do it again?” Richie leans forward to look at Sarina.

Sarina leans forward and looks into Richie’s brown eyes “you bet.” An evil smile appears on her face.

“You’re on.”

“What time is the game and when?” Sarina had the weekend off from work.

“This Saturday at seven o’clock.” Richie was glad he could talk Sarina into the game.

“I’ll be there. Is there anything else you want to talk to me about?” Sarina was curious.

“Do you mean about yesterday?” Richie got an earful from Eric this morning.


“Tell me what happened, so I’ll have your side of the story.” Richie wouldn’t fire Sarina. She was a friend of the family and have been working at the salvage yard since she was seventeen years old.

Sarina tells her side of what happened yesterday. Afterward, she looks at Richie to see what he thinks.

“You have nothing to worry about, Sarina. You handle the problem the way I thought you would. If you have any more trouble with Eric, let me know.”

“Okay and thanks, Richie.” Sarina gets up and walks out of the office.

She grabs a couple bottles of water and puts them in a bucket. She fills the bucket with ice just before walking outside. She knew the day was going to be hot and humid as hell.

She spots Eric cleaning the customer area like he should have done yesterday. A smile appears on her face as she walks outside. Sarina just shakes her head as she goes to pull parts.

Sarina spends all day outside pulling parts. She drinks all the bottles of water she had and when she stops for lunch. She grabs some more bottles of water to put in her ice bucket.

Sarina is worn out by the time she clocks out. She still had a performance to put on later tonight at the club. She clocks out and heads home to shower, and shave. She grabs the dress she finished designing and everything she needs to do the number she had planned for tonight.

Unlike most drag queens, she could sing. So, she planned on singing tonight on stage. She hopes the customers like her performance.

Sarina takes her stuff out to her truck and puts it in the cab. She gets in and drives to Rainbow Cocktails. When Sarina arrives, she notices the parking lot was packed. She manages to find a parking space in the back of the parking lot.

“I should have gotten here earlier.” Sarina grabs her stuff and heads towards the entrance.

As she got near the entrance, she notices Bear was at the door. He was dressed in black leather and showing off his muscular chest.

“Hey, Bear.”

“Hey, Sarina. Are you performing tonight?” He notices her makeup case.

“Yep, can I go in?” Sarina wanted to go inside and start getting ready.

“Yeah.” Bear stamps Sarina’s hand and lets her pass by him.

Sarina stops and places a kiss on Bear’s cheek. “Thanks.”

A smile appears on Bear’s face as he watches Sarina walk into the place. He liked her and if he wasn’t already married. He might consider dating her.

Sarina makes her way to the dressing room. There were six other drag queens in there. She recognizes all of them.

“Boy! They will let anyone in here.” Sarina sits down at the only available makeup table not taken.

She hurries up and prepares herself. She doesn’t go on for another two hours, but she still needs to hand her music to the DJ and make sure she is made up properly. Once she has her makeup on and the outfit she was going to wear.

Sarina locates Dr. Fever “hey, here’s my music for tonight.” As she hands the thumb drive to Dr. Fever.

Dr. Fever smiles at Sarina as he accepts the thumb drive. He liked when she sang on stage.

“What song are you performing tonight?”

“My give a damn is busted by Terri Clark.” Sarina liked that song a lot.

“That’s a good song. Anything else, darling?” Dr. fever knew Sarina loved performing.

“I’m here for the party by Gretchen Wilson.” Sarina was in a country mood tonight.

“Oh, you are trying to get the crowd going tonight.” A smile appears on Dr. Fever’s face.

“You bet.” Sarina returns the smile.

“Break a leg, darling.”

“Thanks.” Sarina turns to leave.

For the next few hours, Sarina has fun out on stage performing. She gets the crowd all pumped up and does the third song. The last one was by Terri Clark and it was the world just needs a drink. That song increased the bar business big time when she started singing it.

Once she changes out of her clothes and takes off all the makeup she was wearing. She counts her money and realizes she brought in over two thousand dollars. A smile appears on her face because she was going to use the money for the poker game this weekend over at Richie’s place.

Sarina covers up a yawn as she heads towards her pickup truck. She was feeling proud of herself and was humming the tune to girls lie too. She was thinking about performing that song next week. She was glad she had her job at the salvage yard. It meant she didn’t have to perform a lot like some of the other girls.

She manages to get to her truck without any problems and head home for the night. Tomorrow was Friday and that meant payday. She figures after she fills her truck up with gas, pays some bills, and goes to Applebee’s tomorrow night for dinner. She should have at least a hundred and fifty dollars left over. Three-quarters of that should cover her groceries.

Sarina drives home and pulls into her driveway. She heads inside the house and gets ready for bed. As she snuggles under the covers, she dreams of a nice warm beach and several muscular men serving her. A smile appears on her face.

When Sarina arrives at work the next morning. She notices that her friend Jordan had bought donuts for everyone. They were the good ones that came from Molly’s Bakery.

“Sorry Sarina, you don’t get a paycheck this week.” Jordan looks at Sarina as he says those words.

“Stop playing and give me my paycheck.” Sarina knew Jordan was joking around with her.

“Why? You’re are just going to lose it tomorrow night.” Jordan was going to be at the poker game.

“Don’t you mean you’re going to lose yours?” An evil smile appears on Jordan’s face.

“Yeah, we will.” Sarina folds her check in half and puts it in her purse.

During lunch, she goes to her bank and deposits the check. She was going to keep the cash she got last night to use in the poker game. While she is at lunch, she pays some bills and puts fuel in her truck. She stops at a Jack in a Box to get some lunch. She also stops at AutoZone to buy some more car wax and a few other items.

By the time lunch is over, Sarina drives back to work. She still had a transmission to pull and the heads off a Ford Bronco as well. She parks her truck and grabs her wheel barrel that had everything she needed in it. She gets one of the forklift drivers to lift the car she needs to pull the transmission off of.

The transmission takes her most of the afternoon to pull. She had to use the torch a few times on the bolts holding the converter to the flywheel. She manages to get them off without any problems. When she is ready to drop it, she gets some help from Thomas. He was built like a Spartan warrior and had muscles to spare.

After pulling the transmission. She goes to pull the heads off the Ford Bronco. The bolts gave her some trouble, but she didn’t need to use the torch. She had a nice long pipe that gave her enough leverage to break the bolts free.

There were times she hated being short and weaker than the guys she worked with. She was just glad that she learned a few tricks from the guys over the years. She manages to get everything tagged and marked before clocking out.

“What are your plans for tonight, Sarina?” Jordan looks over towards Sarina as she stood by the time clock.

“Install the new part I got for my Trans-Am and after that, take it for a test drive.” Sarina wanted to finish that car up and add it to her collection.

“How many cars do you own now?” Jordan forgot that Sarina collected cars.

“The Trans-Am will make six. I have the cars from the Dukes of Hazzard show, The pickup truck Lee Majors drove in Fall Guy, and my father’s
pride and joy. The 1949 Cadillac Series 62 Coupe de Ville.” Sarina’s father loved that car. He left it to her in the will he prepared should something happen to him at work.

“I forgot that you had that car. That’s a big car for a small person like you to drive.” A teasing smile appears on Jordan’s face.

“I know, but it runs like a dream and I like driving it to car shows.” Sarina knew Jordan was right. She had to use a booster seat to drive it.

After work, Sarina heads home to work on her Trans-Am. She wanted to finish the job she started on it. Once she arrives home, she goes to work. It takes her two hours to finish the job. She grabs the keys to the car and starts the motor. At first, it doesn’t want to turn over, but when she tries a second time, it starts.

She pulls it out of the garage and drives it around to make sure everything works right. It looks like the original Bandit car, but it wasn’t. It was one of the stunt cars the filming crew used. Just like her General Lee car was one of the original stunt cars that had been restored.

The guy who restored it did a good job. But there were still a lot more that she had to do to it when she bought it from him. Now it ran like it did when they used it in the television series.

Sarina goes by Applebee’s for takeout and heads home with it. She parks the Trans-Am next to the Lee Major truck. She takes a picture of it, before closing everything up and locking it.

Sarina walks inside the house to enjoy her dinner. After dinner, she takes a nice relaxing bath and lays down in bed. She watches a movie until she falls asleep with the television still on.

The next morning, she has breakfast and pulls each of the cars out to be washed and waxed. She gives her father’s old car a little bit more care than she does the others. She remembers him driving it in parades and taking it to car shows. It always drew a crowd, because of how big it was and well preserved it was.

Once all the cars have been cleaned and run them for a while to circulate the fluids and charge their batteries. She goes grocery shopping. Sarina couldn’t believe how busy the store she had gone to was today. Sure, they had several specials going on, but nothing to draw the crowd it had.

While she was shopping, she recognizes some of the men that come down to the salvage yard. Some of them look different than they did when she saw them last. Instead of being covered in grease and such. They were cleaned up and shopping with their wife and kids.

A smirk appears on her face when she spots a guy named Jeff Martian shopping with his wife and five kids. He had four girls and one little boy. His wife looked like she could use a break from all of them as they shopped. The oldest girl looked like she was twelve years old.

Which was the age she realized that she should have been born a girl, instead of a boy. It was weird when her parents discovered that she liked wearing girl clothes. They caught her dressed as a girl by her cousin. She was enjoying it a lot and fooled a lot of people.

A smirk appears on her face as she thinks about how many times she and her cousin pulled pranks on people. They were so much alike in everything they did. She had to give her cousin credit for letting her know herself better.

Sarina finishes shopping and checks out. She had a poker game to get to later this evening. As Sarina is walking out to her truck. She stops to admire a fully restored Chevy Nova someone had parked near her. The car looked nice and from just looking at it, it looked like someone had done some custom work to it. The windows were tinted, so she couldn’t see inside them.

“It’s a Beast.” Jake spotted a woman with short light brown hair looking at his Chevy Nova.

He could tell she knew about cars from the way she looked at his car. He watches as she runs her fingers along the body. She lets out a low whistle “nice lines.”

“That she is. Do you normally go around parking lots looking at old cars?”

“Only the ones that catch my eyes. What size motor do you have under the hood?”

“The Chevy 572. She’s putting out about seven hundred horsepower.”

“Wow!” Sarina knew how much that motor cost. Plus, he would have to change out the transmission and rear axle as well.

“You should come down to the track sometime and watch me race this car.” Jake wonders if she’ll come.

“Maybe I will. By the way, what is your name?” Sarina looks at Jake for an answer.

“Jake Wilson. I work over at Heavy’s Motorsport. What’s yours?”

“Sarina Gibbs. I work over at the salvage yard.”

“I thought I recognized you. I bet you come across a lot of old cars.” Jake has been there a few times.

“Not as much as I use to. Most of the older cars have been replaced with cars from the late ’80s and up.” Sarina noticed how the cars have changed since she started.

“Well, I guess I have to visit you some more.” Jake smiles at Sarina.

“I’ll see you.” Sarina walks to her truck and loads her groceries into the bed of the truck. She secures them so nothing goes flying.

Sarina drives home to put everything away and get ready for her poker game tonight. She spends the rest of the day cleaning the house and doing laundry. That way tomorrow she can sleep in and watch a few movies later in the day.

07:00 P.M. Richie’s House:
Sarina is the first to arrive at Richie’s place. She parks on the street, instead of in the driveway. She gets out of her truck and walks up to the front door and rings the doorbell. After a few seconds, the front door opens.

Richie hears his doorbell ring. He heads towards the front door and notices Sarina was on the other side of the door. He opens the front door “you’re early.”

“I know. I wanted to see who my victims are tonight.” Sarina smiles at Richie as she walks into his house.

“Well, we have a beer, liquor, and soda. Also, snacks, subs, and fresh chicken wings for everyone.” Richie had done a store run and went by the Wing Shack to pick up a hundred wings of various flavors for the poker game.

“Cool.” Sarina spotted the poker game table already set up and ready to go.

For the next twenty minutes, everyone that had been invited arrives. A big smile appears on Jordan’s face when he spots Sarina drinking a soda.

“Ready to lose all your money?”

“We’ll see.” Sarina takes a sip from her soda.

Everyone takes a seat at the poker table, after grabbing a drink. Richie looks at everyone present “you already know the rules and how much the chips are worth. So, let's see the cash before we begin.”

Everyone pulls their cash out and receives their chips from Richie. He puts the money in a lockbox. Once he is done with that, he starts dealing with the cards. They start with five-card stud.

For the first thirty minutes, Sarina loses on purpose. She is observing everyone looking for their tells. She already knew her bosses and Jordan’s. It was the other three players she didn’t know. One guy reminded her of Uncle Jessie from Dukes of Hazzard. The second guy, she was able to pick up his tells after four hands. He was slick, but he messed up and she got him. The last guy, she noticed would start drinking a lot when he had a terrible hand.

A smile appears on her face as she prepares herself for the next hand. Now that she has everyone’s tells, she was going to enjoy the game. She places her bet as she gets into the game.

Several hands later, Jordan looks at Sarina “I think I liked it better when you were losing.”

“Hey, I had several bad hands.” Sarina wasn’t about, to tell the truth to Jordan.

Sarina continues to either bluff her way through the game or beat the other players. She had gone from losing a lot of money to winning almost every hand. There were a few times she got bluffed or beaten by the guy that looked like Uncle Jessie.

The game was getting to the point where they were knocking other players out of the game. Richie was the first to leave the game. He couldn’t believe he was already out of money. The next person was one of the newbies. He thought he had a good hand until the Jessie fellow beat
him. The next newbie lost as well. That left Sarina, Jordan, and the Jessie fellow.

“Sorry about this, Jordan.” Sarina lays her hand down and had four aces, King high.

“Damn! I should have stopped when I still had a lot of money left.” Jordan couldn’t believe Sarina beat him. He was hoping to beat her.

“Looks like it's you, Mr. Penn and Sarina.” Richie knew how good Mr. Penn was.

“I think your right, Richie.” Mr. Penn smiles at Sarina.

“Bring it, old man.” Sarina was feeling lucky tonight.

The next few hours it bounces between Sarina winning and Mr. Penn winning. The last hand was winner takes all and there was a lot of cash on the table.

“Let’s see what you have, Mr. Penn.” Saina didn’t reveal anything about her hand.

Mr. Penn lays down a straight flush. He had a big smile on his face.

“Damn! That’s the best hand I have seen all night.” All the men couldn’t believe it.

“That’s a very good hand, Mr. Penn. However, I think I have you beat.” Sarina lays down a royal flush of diamonds.

“Damn! Sarina. Remind me to never invite you back.” Richie couldn’t believe how good Sarina did.

“Young lady, I submit to you.” A huge smile appears on Mr. Penn’s face.

Sarina looks at Jordan “I told you I would beat you again.”

“Yeah, yeah. I’m not playing cards with you again.” Jordan just smiles at Sarina.

A few hours later, Sarina gets her money and heads home. She had a big ole smile on her face. She enjoyed herself and wouldn’t mind doing it again. Once she arrives home, Sarina puts the money away and puts on her nightclothes.

As she lays down in bed. A pleasant feeling fills her as she drifts off to sleep.

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Dang! "First & first".

Looks like I got in the first Kudo and first comment ... And since I'm working on a little (very little) recreational computer program involving poker .. this story comes at a nice time. Thanks!

Good Story!!

I'd like to see more of this!!

"Life is not measured by the breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away.”
George Carlin

loved it

Miyata's picture

so many people see someone and misread who that person really is. even when the tell-tell signs are there, they still refuse the capability of what they see.


'Do or Do Not, There is no Try' - Yoda

The girl is a card shark

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Not to mention a good mechanic & performer lol.

Love Samantha Renée Heart.