Bad Choices (Updated)

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Diamond looks at her reflection in the mirror in her bedroom. She couldn’t believe how her body has developed as it has after a year of taking an experimental hormone drug. The drug has caused her body to develop and reshape itself into a cute curvy teenage girl. She loved everything that has been done to her.

She spots the man she has been living with coming out of the bathroom. He was well endowed and had a lot of muscles. He was also fourteen years her senior as well. The thing was, she loved his enormous penis. She loved feeling it going inside her short petite body. She never thought she would since she uses to be a male herself.

She fingers the inch wide silver choker that went around her neck. It was decorated with real diamonds, rubies, and emeralds. It made breathing a little difficult, but she didn’t mind. It had hurt when he welded the choker shut around her throat. After having sex with him and several of his buddies. She knew it was a small sacrifice to make, so she could enjoy what she did with those men.

“Enjoying your collar my pet?” Logan steps up behind Diamonds' body.

He towered over her small petite body by at least a foot and a half. He reaches around from behind and cup her breasts and give them a gentle squeeze.

“Yes master, I love it very much. I also love what you have done with my body as well.” Diamond was told that she was to never answer Logan by any other name, except by Master.

Logan leans down and places a kiss on Diamond’s cheek. A smile appears on his face as he squeezes her breasts hard and twists them “that’s a good pet. I have a party for you to attend, tonight and I want to hear good things about you, or you’ll be punished.”

“Yes, Master.”

“Good, now go with Tina so she can prepare you for your party.” Logan slaps diamond on her bare ass.

Diamond walks towards the bedroom door and walks out of the room. She knew Tina decorated all the girls that her Master owned. She was his newest property, and she was going to make him proud.

She walks down to Tina’s workroom and knocks on the door. She was told to never enter the room or Tina would punish her. Among the other girls she lived with, Tina was known to deal out some serious punishment.


Diamond opens the door and walks into Tina’s workshop. She was still amazed at how much stuff Tina had in the room. There were all sorts of outfits, sex toys, and other things that a client could request them to wear or be used.

“Ah! Diamond, it's so good to see you today. Let’s get you outfitted and on your way.” A smile appears on the middle-aged woman’s face.

“My Master said it was a special party.”

“That it is. You and the rest of the girls are going to be very busy tonight. Now, let’s get you ready.” Tina pulls a BDSM leather outfit off the rack and starts dressing Diamond.

Tina pulls the laces to tighten the leather, metal rib corset tighter. She keeps on pulling it tight until Diamond had a nice mound of breasts showing.

“Can you still breath, Diamond?” Tina was told to make it extremely tight on Diamond.

“Barely.” Diamond was finding it hard to breathe. Between the choker encircling her throat and the corset squeezing her chest. She was finding it hard to breathe.

“Take small breaths.” An evil smile appears on Tina’s face.

Tina walks around to face Diamond. She grabs the crotchless panties, garter, and stockings. She helps Diamond put all three on.

“Now bend over, Diamond.” Tina grabs a pink egg shape device from a sealed package.

Diamond bends over, using a table for support. She could feel Tina behind her as she rubbed something on her vaginal opening. The next thing she feels is something shoved up inside of her body.

“Stay like you are, Diamond.” Tina grabs some lube and a medium size butt plug. She lubes the butt plug and shoves it up inside of Diamond.

Diamond winces as the butt plug is shoved up inside her ass. It felt like someone had shoved a fist up inside of her. It was a good thing she hasn’t had anything to eat in the last two days. All she has been given was chicken broth.

“Now, I know this is the first time you have had something like this shoved up inside of you. I want you to experience what that butt plug does.”
Tina turns the voltage up on the remote and holds the button down.

Diamond feels her body getting an electrical shock that starts in her ass and travel throughout her body. Every muscle in her body just seizes up as she feels it travel throughout her body. It stops after a while and the next thing she feels is the vibration coming from inside her vagina. In no time, her body is filled with pleasure.

“You’ll be experiencing that all night tonight, so have fun. Oh, one more thing.” Tina picks up a thin cable and attaches it to the back of her choker and runs it down her back on the inside of the corset and attaches it to the butt plug.

“Why did you do that?” Diamond was curious about why she did that.

“So, you don’t lose your butt plug, when it is taken out for your guest to enjoy your body.” A smile appears on Tina’s face.

Tina puts a pair of seven-inch heels on Diamond's feet. She knew Diamond could wear higher, but Logan said nothing higher than seven inches on her petite feet. Once the heels are secure on Diamond’s tiny feet. She applies the make-up Diamond was supposed to wear.

“There, you’re done and ready to party. Now, go and join the other girls down in the garage and remember to be a good girl tonight.” Tina slaps Diamond on her ass as she walks past her.

Diamond could feel the egg vibrator inside her vagina vibrating on low as she walked. She knew Tina did it on purpose. The string that was attached to the egg hung down from her opening. Now, she knew how women felt with tampons inside of them.

She makes it to the garage area where the other women she was traveling with were waiting for her. All of them were dressed like her. She noticed they had the same type of butt plugs in them.

“Alright, ladies. Time for you to earn your keep. Now get into the Limo.” Stephen and Carlos look at the new girls they were supposed to transport to the party.

Diamond follows the nine other women into the Limo. She noticed she was the only one with a fancy silver choker around her neck. All the other girls were wearing jewelry and such.

Stephen and Carlos drive them to a nice Highrise casino hotel. They are taken to a private garage and escorted to a private elevator. The elevator takes them up to one of the penthouse suites where a bunch of men is waiting for them.

For the next nine hours, all the girls are used by the guys in every way possible. By the time they had to leave, Diamond and several other girls could barely move. When they didn’t move fast enough, an electrical shock was given to them. Which caused them to pick up their pace.

Diamond’s life changes a lot that following year. She and all the women working for Logan are given a drug that drives them into a sex frizzy. All they could think about while on the drug is doing anything the person wants. There was nothing they wouldn’t do.

Diamond becomes one of the most requested prostitutes by Logan’s special clients. She is flown to their location, escorted by men that Logan trusted. The only rule the client had to follow, is that there could be no marks or injury to her body.

It is on one of these assignments that things go bad for her. She is in a suite with a rich Sheikh from Saudi Arabia straddling him and enjoying the sex they were having. She was in a sexual frizzy when she is blown backwards off his body. The door leading to the sheik’s bedroom was blown off its hinges.

Diamond looks up off the floor feeling horny as hell. Her body was craving sex and all she could think about was remounting the sheik and putting his cock back into her body. When she stands up, she spotted four men dressed in black outfits walking into the room. A smile appeared on her face because she wanted to see how those four men were.

She watches as one of the four figures spots her and shoots her. Whatever they shot her with knocks her backward and knocks her out. She passes out and doesn’t feel it when one of the men zip cuff her and pick her up off the floor.

Unknown Location:
Diamond wakes up and finds herself in a room with just a bucket and a mattress on a stone floor. There were no windows and the only source of light in the room was a recess light feature in the ceiling. She was stark naked, and her body felt like it was on fire. She couldn’t believe how she was feeling.

She gets up off the floor and goes over to the door and knock on it. She knocks again “let me out!”

She wraps her arms around her chest and starts shivering. She never noticed the side effects of the drug she has been using when she pleased her clients. Her body was getting hotter as her groin area starts dripping and aching. Her nipples become extremely hard and aching as well. Her brain feels like it is on fire.

She drops to the ground in a fetal position as her body goes through withdrawal. She has never felt like this before. After a few minutes, she passes out.

The next time she becomes conscious. She finds herself being violated. Some smelly bearded guy was using her body. She tries to fight him off, but she felt so weak.

After he was done with her, several more dirty, smelly, guys come in and use her body. They aren’t gentle with her. After they are done with her, more guys come in and use her.

Her days and nights turn into pleasing smelly, dirty old and young men. She doesn’t understand the language they speak to her in. A few times, some of the men try removing the silver choker that encircles her neck.

There are few times the place she is in shakes. She looks at the bowl of mush they have been feeding her. She didn’t feel like eating it. She has already lost lots of weight since she has been imprisoned in her cell.

The months go by as her body is used daily. The men that come to use her body have changed as well. They no longer look like the ones that used her since she was kidnapped. These men were different and spoke a different language, which she could only piece together now.

During her imprisonment, she manages to learn their language. It was rough because she had to see what they were talking about. Sometimes, she would get a few men that just wanted to talk to her and didn’t treat her like a piece of meat to be used and discarded.

She had a few that tried several times to try and break the choker going around her neck, but all they managed to do is hurt her or cut her. There was one time a guy trying to remove her choker got so frustrated with it. That he took his anger out on her.

It took weeks for her to recover from the beating he gave her. She had been tended to by a woman dressed in a black robe that went from her head to toe. That told Diamond she was in some Muslim-controlled country.

She might not have been the best student in school, but she does remember some things. She looks at the marks she managed to make on her cell wall and discovered that she has almost been imprisoned for a year now. She wonders if Logan thought she ran away or got killed. She knew her parents didn’t care. They were against her becoming a woman, all because of their stupid religious beliefs.

They were so conservative in their beliefs and listened to wick jobs that said they should live as God had said in the bible. Also, sending the church money, so they would be accepted in heaven. All of it was nothing but a bunch of crap.

She notices that recently, she was being visited by anyone in the following weeks. The person who normally feed her and gave her didn’t bother to anymore. She starts to become weak and thirsty.

She manages to hold out for a few days before she passes out.

Omega Squadron
“Hawkins! Take squad two and search these tunnels.” Captain Gibbs looks over towards several black armor individuals.

“Yes sir!” Hawkins looks at the men and women that made up his unit.

It was a good thing each unit needed to have a medic assigned to them. In this case corporal Kara Brett. He was lucky to get her assigned to his unit.

“You heard the captain people. Let’s move out. Midnight and Thorin, you two take point.” Hawkins looks at his two best shooters and trackers.

“Roger, boss.”

Midnight and Thorin take the point of as they enter the cave system. They knew the Taliban and Isis used these tunnels to live in and operate out of. Sometimes they leave behind surprises.

“Hey Thorin, you think we’ll encounter anything?” Midnight had switched over to their private channel to talk with Thorin. She was also itching for a fight.

“Is fighting all you think about Midnight?” Thorin knew his partner loved fighting.

“Not all the time. I like having sex as well.” Midnight loved a good shag in the sack.

“Mind on the job, Midnight.” A smile appears on his face beneath his helmet.

Midnight moves forward checking for heat signatures and traps. The suits of body armor their employer gave them had all sorts of goodies built into them. After a while, they come to a fork in the tunnel.

“Which way do you what to go?” Midnight looks at her partner since he was more senior.

“You take right, I’ll take left. If there is any trouble, do what you always do.” Thorin knew Midnight was a killing machine.

“Don’t I always?” A smile appears on her face as she heads down the right tunnel.

“Tech, what is their progress?” Hawkins knew Tech was monitoring Thorin and Midnight’s progress.

“So, far nothing yet, sir. They just split up. There are several chambers ahead of Thorin and it looks like Midnight has entered a section of the caves they either used for storage or held prisoners.”

Midnight entered an area that had six locked doors. Two on her left, two on her right, and two directly ahead of her. She approaches the doors carefully. She checks the first door on her left first and finds it locked.

A smile appears on her face, as she picks the locks. She always carries her lock picks with her. When the door opens, it was empty inside. It looked like it had been used as a holding cell. She checks the one next to it and it was empty as well. She tries the cell door right across from it and when she opens it, she spots a naked young girl laying in the middle of the dimly lit room.

“I got a person.” She moves in slowly to check the person.

According to the thermal imager built into her helmet, the girl was still warm. She puts her fingers on the pulse point on the person's neck and discovers the girl still had one. It was weak, but she still had one.

“Send Brett boss. The girl still has a pulse. It’s weak, but she is still alive.” Midnight looks at the young girl and wonders how long she has been
here. She noticed the choker around the girl’s neck and several empty spots on it.

“Roger, Midnight.” Hawkins looks at Brett “go and see what you can do for the person. Hyde, go and protect Brett.”

“Roger, boss.” Hyde was always assigned to protect Brett. Someone would have to be really stupid to attack her when he was near her.

“You’re going to love what I just found, boss.” Thorin just found a bunch of information that was going to help them find other locations.

Tech looks at the information as Thorin looks at them. They were all written in Dari and Pashtun. He was recording everything Thorin was seeing.

As for Brett, she goes to work stabilizing the young teenage girl. When she did her cursive examination of the girl, she discovered all sorts of dry fluids and such on her. She also discovers half-healed bruises and such.

She does what she can for the poor girl. They need to get her medical attention. She hears Hyde as he enters the room. He was a big man and had to duck to when he entered.

“Hyde, we need to get her out of here.” Brett looks at her partner.

“Can she be moved safely?” Hyde knew from working with Brett and other medics there could be internal injuries.

“She can be moved safely.” Brett closes her medical backpack and stands up off the floor.

Hyde gently picks the short petite girl and carries her out of the cell. It was a good thing he was wearing a helmet, because if he could smell her. He would be disgusted and angry at what he smelled.

On the way back towards the entrance, they are passed by other members of their unit. The other cells didn’t have any people, but some weapons and explosives that got left behind. Hyde carries the girl out to their APC and lays her down inside it. He watches as Brett makes it so they can transport her easier.

A Week Later:
Diamond wakes up and covers her eyes from the bright light shining down at her. She tries to move, but she discovers that she couldn’t. The choker that had been around her neck has been removed. As her eyes adjust to the light in the room, she discovers she is in some sort of bedroom.

There was a nice breeze coming in and smelled like she was near the ocean. As she looks around the room, she spots that she had several machines hooked up to her. The room itself looked like it was something out of old Greece.

“Where am I?” Diamond was confused about where she was.

After a few minutes, a young woman wearing light green medical scrubs comes walking into her room. She had some sort of tablet in her hands and a light blue stethoscope hanging from her neck. She was walking over to Diamond.

Thena looks at the tablet as she approaches Ms. Cabral. It had her latest vitals from the machines hooked up to her. She was in serious condition when the Phoenix Foundation brought her in. If they hadn’t found her when they did, she would have died.

“It’s good to see you awake, Mrs. Cabral. I’m Thena and I have been your nurse since you arrived here. I like to know how you are feeling this morning?” Thena looks down at the young brunette hair girl.

“How do you know my last name?” Diamond was curious how this woman knew her last name.

“I know a lot about you, Mrs. Cabral. However, we can go over your file later. Right now, I’m more concerned about how you are currently feeling.” Thena looks at Mrs. Cabral for an answer.

“Tired, sore, confused, and thankful I’m still alive.” Diamond looks at Thena when she answers.

“Well, all of that can be explained. I’m going to check your vitals and explain to you what we found and had to do.” Thena puts the earpiece on her scope in her ears and check Diamond’s breathing and listen to her heart.

Diamond noticed that she wasn’t wearing a standard hospital gown, but a cream color nightgown. She watches as Thena checks her over. She notices that Thena inputs her stats onto the tablet she was carrying with her.

“Well, your breathing is better, your blood pressure is back to normal and your lungs sound good. The doctor noticed that there were strange things in your blood when she tested it. Your estrogen levels are that of a normal woman, but we know you use to be male. When the doctor examined you further, she saw that you had surgery to have a vagina. They did a good job giving you one. There were some damages that she had to go in and fix.”

“What type of damage?” diamond didn’t want to lose her vagina.

“There was some tearing, and scar tissue in your vagina lining. Also, if you had taken one more person who was longer than the six inches you had. It would have torn right through you. A lot of the tearing and scaring was around your opening and at the end of your vagina.”

“Was the doctor able to fix everything?” Diamond was curious.

“She was able to fix everything and managed to give you a few more inches. You’ll need to refrain from having sex for a while to heal.”

“That shouldn’t be a problem. I think I have gotten tired of being used little a piece of meat.” Diamond didn’t want to go through what she has gone through ever again.

“That’s good to hear. While you’re here recovering, you might consider picking up some new skills, since you want to get out of that line of work.”

“I think your right. By the way, where am I?” Diamond was curious about where she was.

“You are on the Greek island of Crete. At a private hospital located by the coast. You have free roam of the grounds and if you want to, there is a nearby village that you can visit.”

“But I don’t have any money with me.” Diamond knew she never got any money for the jobs she did.

“Well, normally we give people a twenty thousand bank account to help them get back on their feet. In your case, that choker that was around your neck is worth thirty thousand dollars. Which would you like?” Thena had been told the choker was solid silver and it had gems in it that someone had removed.

“That’s an easy answer. I’ll take the thirty thousand dollars. You can keep that choker.” Diamond didn’t want to be reminded of what that collar stood for.

“Your doctor thought you might feel like that. A bank account has been set up for you. If you would like a new name as well, that can be arranged for you.” Thena knew the organization that sponsored the hospital. They could arrange for any patient to have a new identity.

“Thanks. Can I think about it?” Diamond didn’t know if she wanted to change her name.

“Sure. How about I have some food brought to you? Afterward, I’ll come back and wheel you outside for a while. You could really use some sunlight.”

Diamond looks at her skin and notices how pale she was from being locked inside all the time. It would be nice to feel the sunshine and enjoy the fresh sea air.

“I’ll have some breakfast sent to you.” Thena turns and leaves the room.

Diamond sits up in the hospital bed and closes her eyes. She was enjoying the fact that she was free and that she could start a new life. She knew she made a mistake when she agreed to do what Logan wanted her to do, but she really enjoyed the sex she had with him and the way she was treated.

A petite girl about Diamond’s height and build with neon pink long hair comes walking into Diamond’s hospital room, after knocking with a cart. She had a pleasant smile plaster on her face. She looks towards Diamond “hi, my name is Marie and I’ll be your server this morning.”

Marie was wearing a pair of medical scrubs as well, but the pants were a solid pink color. The top she was wearing had white fluffy clouds on it. She had a youthful-looking face with a small nose and oval-shaped eyes. What eyebrows she did have, were neon pink as well.

A smile appears on Diamond’s face. It’s been a long time since she has been around another woman.

“What did you bring me, Marie?” Diamond was curious about what Marie brought her.

“How about some waffles, smothered in cinnamon apples, freshly made sausage links, and a glass of fresh-squeezed orange juice?” Marie had fun making Diamond’s breakfast.

“It sounds wonderful. It’s better than what I used to get if I was lucky.” Diamond couldn’t wait to taste the food.

“Well, you don’t have to worry about anything here or on this island.” Marie rolls the portable table over to Diamond’s bed. Once she had it adjusted right. She places the covered food tray on it.

She sets a pitcher of orange juice on the table with a clear glass that had the logo of the hospital on it. It looked to be of an ancient design. The glass itself looked to be hand-blown.

Diamond looks at the food tray as Marie sets it on the table. When Marie removes the lid, she gets a whiff of the aroma coming from the food. Her mouth starts to water as her stomach growls loudly. Her cheeks turn red from how loudly her stomach growled.

“Sorry about that.” Diamond looks at Marie when she says that.

“Don’t be. Your body is just saying feed me.” A playful smile forms on Maire’s face.

“Thank you, Marie.”

“You’re welcome. Now enjoy your breakfast. I’ll be back later to get your dirty dishes.” Marie turns to leave.

Diamond picks up the fork and knife and starts cutting into the waffles. As soon as she tastes them, a low moan escapes from her mouth. She had forgotten what waffles covered with cinnamon apples tasted like.

She notices she was wolfing down the food and slows down. She was going to savor this meal, instead of just wolfing things down. She finishes everything that was brought to her to eat. This was the first time in a long time she has felt this full.

She lays back against the pillows and sighs. She thinks about what she wants to do now that she is free. She was no longer anyone’s plaything or whore.

In the following weeks, Diamond goes through therapy, counseling, and schooling. Her doctor, Dr. Halstead recommends one of the
counselors that work at the hospital. She thought that it would help her overcome the trauma she suffered both as a high-class prostitute and captive.

During her recovery, she spends as much time as she can outside enjoying nature and the ocean. She finds out that the hospital helps all sorts of people and creatures. Some of the ones she encounters were either cursed or purposely changed to look like they do. Either by magic or technology.

Every once in a while, the team that rescued her would arrive on the island for realization or to bring in more people they rescued. Most of them were normal-looking humans, but a few of them looked alien or something out of myths. Some of them even looked like Maria as well. Like they stepped out of a cartoon magazine or anime movie.

She finds out from talking with some of the staff at the hospital that those people and Marie had been experimented on by a secret
organization. They did illegal medical experiments on people. Sometimes it was just simple experiments like what was done to Marie or more drastic experiments done to a few victims that had to be put down because there was no way to change them back. The change they had experienced had driven them insane.

She decided that she should experience life and get a job in the village helping out at a little café. The owner was a single guy and took a liking to her. She liked him as well. She learned to speak and write in Latin and Greek.

Diamond and the owner start dating and decide to take things slow. Both of them wanted to get to know one each other better. She knew she didn't want to end up being hurt again. They decide to get marry the following year.

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Nice story

but the ending was very abrupt when taken in context with the rest of the story.



sorry about that. Let's see if I can do something to fix it.

If there's a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it.”
― Toni Morrison

A bit diffrent

Samantha Heart's picture

Not a bad story though. The ending is better then it was, but the issue of how they knew her name was never addressed....

Love Samantha Renée Heart.

an odd story

But enjoyable.