The Angels

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Debbie looks at the other girls in the band. As they stand there and think about what Sara (aka Tinker) just told them. She just got offered a job with Middle Wood Hospital as a nurse. She would be working nights and wouldn’t be able to play with the band anymore.

“Now, what are we going to do? We need a drummer, and we don’t have a lot of time.” Angela knew they had a gig coming up in two days and didn’t want to cancel it.

“I might be able to get us a temporary one.” Jessie looks at Angela since she was the lead singer and one of the owners of the band.

“Who are you thinking about, Jessie?” Beverly looks over towards Jessie.

“My cousin, Cassady McCloud.” Jessie knew her cousin has been having a hard time at her current job.

“How well does she play? And can she get up to speed on our current music?” Angela knew they needed someone right away.

“I can call her right now and see if she can come in and play for us.” Jessie pulls her cellphone out of her back pocket and dials her cousin’s number.

Western Auto, Morning shift:
Cassady looks at her list of supplies as she checked the shelves to make sure everything was right. Inventory has been off these past few weeks and her manager was blaming her. Normally, she was the one that did inventory every Friday, so they could place their replenishment order and get what they needed.

She was halfway down aisle one when several customers come walking into the store. She glances over towards the counter and notices that the store manager hasn’t come out of the office to help them. She walks over to the counter and smiles at the customer “how can I help you today, sir?”

“I need to talk to someone who knows something about older cars. Is your manager or one of your shift managers here?” Keith didn’t like dealing with young women like Cassady.

He figures she didn’t know a starter from an alternator. He also didn’t like the fact she had pink neon emo hair.

“I’ll be back.” Keith turns to walk away from the counter.

“Keith, I got you.” Thomas was down one of the back aisles listening.

Cassady moves on to another customer who needed her battery checked. She gets the mechanics cart they have and goes out to check the battery. Besides the battery being bad, the battery cable ends needed to be replaced as well.

No sooner does she gets done finishing that customer's battery than she ends up installing a set of wiper blades and another battery. It seemed that every time a customer went inside the store for something, she ended up doing it.

While she is installing a new battery into a customer’s van, her cellphone starts ringing. She taps her blue tooth earpiece “hello?”

“Cassady are you busy right now?” Jessie knew her cousin worked at an auto parts store.

“Sort of. I’m outside in this hundred-degree heat installing a battery for a customer.” Cassady wipes the sweat off her forehead.

“I feel sorry for you, cousin. Hey, I have a favor to ask. Could you come by my band’s studio and play something for them, please?”

“Why do you need me to come by and play something for your band?” Cassady was feeling there was more to this request than her cousin was saying.

“What’s going on, Jessie?” Cassady finishes connecting the battery cables.

“Our drummer just got her dream job and won’t be able to play drums anymore for us. Could you fill in for a while, until we find someone else, please?”

Cassady sighs. She loved playing the drums but hasn’t found a group she could play for. She’s done a few YouTube videos demonstrating how good she was.

“How long will the gig be for?” Cassady would rather play the drums than sell auto parts.

“We have four gigs coming up, so the rest of the month. But they are weekend gigs.” Jessie is hoping her cousin will say yes.

“Anything afterward?” Cassady knew Jessie’s manager was working hard for the band.

“Yes, but I don’t know what the plan is yet. Come on, say yes. You owe me, cousin.” Jessie was going to play the guilt card on her cousin.

“I know, I owe you, Jessie.” Cassady knew she owed her cousin a lot.

Her cousin was her support when she started transitioning. Her father could barely handle it when he thought she was gay. Most of her relatives could handle her being gay, but if she was transgender, they couldn’t handle it.

That wasn’t the case with all her female cousins. They showed her how to be a girl and taught her how to do her make-up. They even invited her to all the sleepovers and events they went to. Hell, they showed her how to even give a blow job.

Her cousin Kimberly, blindfolded her boyfriend and had her suck his cock. Her friends and cousins loved playing pranks on their boyfriends and such. Hell, she even dated a guy for a while, until he found out she was transgender, and then he dropped her. She planned on telling him the truth, but she wanted to know more about how he felt about transwomen.

When she had her SRS surgery, she asked her cousin if she could have hers done like hers. They were always close, and her cousin helped her through the operation. She was still paying off the loan she took out for the surgery.

“Well, Cassady? Are you going to help me out?” The line had gone quiet for a while.

“Okay, I’ll come by after work and try out.”

“Thanks, Cassady. Love you.”

“Love you too, Jessie.” Cassady heads back inside the store.

She walks over to one of the terminals and brings up the time off request and fills it out. Just as she is about to submit the form. John stops behind her “watch what are you doing, Cassady?”

“Submitting a time-off request. My cousin needs me to help her band out.” Cassady sends the form off.

“Well, you should concern yourself more about your performance here.” John heard that Larry was putting in a request to have Cassady transferred from the store.

“What does that supposed to mean?” Cassady was curious now.

“Just watch your back, Cassady.” John walks over to help a customer at the counter.

Cassady grabs her clipboard and continues doing inventory. She found items that weren’t on the inventory list and dug up a bunch of items that had been misplaced. When her lunchtime arrives, the store manager wasn’t back yet. She couldn’t believe how casual he acted about being late.

Cassady clocks out and heads to her favorite burger joint. She was in the mood for a triple-decker, bacon burger, with onion rings and there was only one spot that served that. She walks down to Jacob’s burger unit.

When she opens the door to the place, the aroma floating around inside hits her in the face. The place wasn’t very big and only had seating at the counter, but the food was amazing. A middle-aged guy by the name of Jacob owned the place.

Cassady spots Becky, Jacob’s wife behind the counter taking orders and serving customers. She walks over to an empty stool and sits down.

“Cassady, what brings you in today?” Becky knew Cassady loved their food. She has been coming to them since she started at Western Auto.

“I want your triple-decker, bacon cover cheeseburger with onion rings.” Cassady didn’t even need to open the menu or look up at it.

“Vanilla flavor coke to go with it?” Becky writes Cassady’s order down.

“You know me too well, Becky.” A smile appears on Cassady’s face.

“I should. You have been coming here for the last two years.” Becky remembers the first day Cassady came in.

“I love the way you cook my burgers.”

“Well, let me get your order on the wheel.” Becky turns around and places the order on the wheel.

Cassady turns around on her stool and looks around. Most of the customers she knew were in the restaurant. Some of them were employees like her for the different businesses around the area or customers that come for the food.

Fifteen minutes later, the burger and onion ring Cassady ordered are served to her. Becky also serves her drink as well.

“Thanks, Becky.” As Cassady picks her hamburger up.


“Thanks.” Cassady bites into her triple stack burger and enjoys it.

Cassady alternates between eating her hamburger and eating the onion rings. By the time she is done eating and drinking two glasses of vanilla coke. She is stuffed and ready to take a nap. She leaves a twenty for the lunch and walks back to her store.

As Cassady walks into the store. She spots Larry at the counter as she walks over and checks in.

“Your request for time off has been approved, Cassady.” Larry looks at Cassady and wonders what he did to get a girl like her. He’s already spoken to her about her neon pink hair and how she had it styled.

“Thank you, Larry.” Cassady takes the duster and goes out on the floor to dust the product.

The next three hours go by fast. Cassady was ready to head home and take her tennis shoes off. However, she promised her cousin she would come by the studio her band practiced. She gets into her Jeep wrangler and drives over to the studio.

She enters the small parking lot and parks. She could see that everyone was already there waiting for her. She grabs a set of drum sticks from the glove compartment and heads inside the place.

As soon as she walks into the building, she spots the members of The Angels band.

“Hi, ladies. I heard you ladies need a drummer.” Cassady stops and looks at the members.

There was Debbie who played the synthesizer, Angela who was the lead singer and could play the guitar as well. Her cousin Jessie played the bass guitar and Joni was the lead guitar. All the ladies had a style about them that blended well together.

Debbie looks at Cassady and wonders if she could play. She knew Jessie spoke very highly of her cousin.

“Do you think you can cut it, Cassady?” Debbie looks at Cassady with a curious look on her face.

“Show me to the drums and let’s find out.” Cassady was ready to show her stuff.

“Follow me, cousin.” Jessie escorts Cassady to the studio where a drum set was already set up.

Cassady waste no time as she walks over and checks the drums out. She taps a little to see if any of them needed to be tuned. She thinks about a practice piece and starts playing it.

She was in the zone and ignored the other ladies as she played. Once she was done playing, she looks at the other ladies “so, what do you think? Can I play or can I play?”

“Let’s see how well you can play with the group.” Angela looks at Cassady as she takes her place.

“Give me the song you want me to play.” Cassady twirls the drumsticks in her hand.

Jessie starts playing with Debbie joining her. Cassady listens to the tune and joins in. She follows along and sets the tempo for the song.
Halfway through the song, Debbie changes the tune and the other girls join her. A smile appears on Cassady’s face as she plays the drums to match them.

For the next few minutes, the girls in the group test her and she manages to stay with them. She had an ear for music and could keep up with them as they changed things up. After a while, they stop and the girls walk away to talk.

Jessie looks over towards Cassady and could tell she was watching them. She turns back around to talk with the girls. After a few more minutes, the girls walk over to Cassady and look at her.

“Alright, you’re in. Be here Thursday night at eight o’clock so we can get everything loaded up into the trailer.”

“Are there any songs I should practice or be familiar with?” Cassady wonders what they were going to play.

“As long as you know the major songs from AC/DC, Metallica, RAT, and Def Leopard. You should be okay. We’re covering for a house band this weekend.” Angela didn’t like covering for house bands, but Leon got them a good deal.

“Oh, I know their songs like the back of my hand. I grew up on them, thanks to my father and uncles.” Cassady could remember hearing her father playing songs from them.

“Thanks for giving me a chance.” Cassady knew the girls could have used someone else.

“Thank your cousin, Cassady. She vouched for you.” Angela looks over towards Jessie with a smile on her face.

“Thanks, Jessie.” Cassady was glad she was close to her cousin.

“You’re welcome. Let’s go out and celebrate.” Jessie wipes her guitar down and put it back into its custom case.

“Sounds good to me.” Cassady helps the ladies close everything up.

Afterward, all of them go out clubbing. She was the shortest among all of them. Debbie and Angela were five foot, nine inches tall. Her cousin Jessie and Juni were five foot, seven inches tall. She was only five feet tall.

The club they go to first, the people there knew all the girls. The reason the club knew them, was because they played there before. Cassady ends up going home with Jessie because she was drunk off her ass.

“I forgot you can’t hold your liquor.” Jessie helps Cassady to her bedroom and undresses her. She puts one of her nightgowns on Cassady. She puts a trash can on Cassady’s side of the bed.

Jessie undresses and slips her nightgown on and lays down next to her cousin. She feels Cassady snuggle up to her. This wasn’t the first time the two of them have slept together.

When morning arrives, Cassady gets up out of bed, feeling like someone was using her head like a bongo drum. She walks into the bathroom and sits down on the toilet and releases her bladder. Ever since she got her surgery to become a woman. She notices she couldn’t hold liquids back like she uses to.

“How’s your head this morning?” Jessie looks at Cassady from the bathroom doorway.

“Like someone is using it for drum practice.” Cassady finishes doing her business and wipes herself.

She gets up off the toilet and flushes it. She washes her hands afterward. She stumbles over towards her cousin, using the sink and doorframe as support.

“Are you working today?” Jessie was concerned for her cousin.

“Yes, but not until later in the afternoon. My boss put me on the afternoon shift and I’m closing with Pete tonight.” Cassady knew Pete liked everything spice and span when they closed.

“Would you rather go and get breakfast or have me make breakfast?” Jessie didn’t mind making breakfast for them.

“I don’t want to be a pest, but can you cook breakfast this morning, please?” Cassady looks at her cousin with puppy dog eyes.

“I hate it when you do that. Fine, I’ll make breakfast for us.” Jessie heads into the bathroom and does her business. Afterward, she walks into her bedroom and slips into something comfortable to cook in.

Cassady walks in behind her cousin “do you mind if I borrow some clothes from you?”

“I don’t mind. But remember, I’m a little bit curvier and more built than you.”

“Don’t remind me. I wouldn’t mind having your body measurements.” Cassady was slim and had moderate breasts, thanks to some estrogen she took.

She wanted to be more like her cousin and aunt. Both of them had wider hips, chest, and waist. Instead, she looked like an ordinary woman with her body measurements.

Jessie makes breakfast for herself and Cassady. She spots Cassady wearing a pair of tights that were a little loose on her.

“Looks like you found something to wear.”

“Yeah, but they don’t fit as well as they would on you.” Cassady sits down at the dining room table and watches her cousin.

“Well, I still think you look cute and you’ll make someone very happy.” Jessie knew Cassady liked having a boyfriend.

“As long as they accept me for me. Do you think it would be wrong for me not to tell them I use to be a guy?” Cassady looks at her favorite cousin.

“I think you need to be honest with whoever you decide to spend your life with. Sooner or later, they are going to find out. You know that your father still has a hard time accepting you as a girl. So, it's better if the truth comes from, then someone else.” Jessie knew how Cassady’s father couldn’t accept her being a girl.

When breakfast was ready, Jessie sets a plate in front of Cassady and another one for her on the table. She grabs some glasses and fills them with juice. She sits down afterward and enjoys breakfast with her cousin.

Cassady helps her cousin after breakfast to clean up. When everything was done. Jessie takes Cassady to her car “you be careful going home, cousin.”

“You too and thanks.”

“You’re welcome. Now scoot.” Jessie smiles at her cousin.

“Yes ma’am.” Cassady walks over to her car and gets in.

She starts the car and heads home to freshen up and get ready for work. While she is driving, she thinks about what John told her. She knew Larry didn’t like her at all. He hated her hairstyle and color. She has already reached the top of her pay grade.

Cassady clocks in and starts working on a planogram the company headquarters sent for one of the end aisles. The new product was a bunch of car cleaning stuff they were supposed to get in. She works on the planogram, while the guys work the counter. She knew most of the customers coming into the story didn’t want to have a girl like her helping them.

“Hey Cassady, I need for you to put that on pause for now and go out and do a copy of tests for me.” Pete looks at Cassady’s back as she knelt.

“No problem.” Cassady stands up and put the printout in one of the boxes for the product.
Cassady spots Mr. Green waiting for her.

She walks towards the back where the cart was stored and grabs it. Once she has the cart, she walks back towards the front with it. When she approaches Mr. Green ‘what seems to be the problem, Mr. Green?”

“Every morning when I go to start my car, it drags. Like it's not getting enough juice from the battery.” Mr. Green didn’t know much about cars.

“Let’s test the battery and the starter.” Cassady was thinking the starter might be on the way out.

She pops the hood and hooks the machine up to the car. She looks at Mr. Green “alright, try starting the car.”

Cassady listens as Mr. Green starts the car and her guess was right. The starter was on the way out. The machine confirmed her guess.

“Leave the car running, Mr. Green.” Cassady disconnects everything hooked to the car.

“You have a bad starter, Mr. Green. You might want to take it to your mechanic and let him replace it.” Cassady looks at Mr. Green.

“How much is a new starter?” Mr. Green looks at Cassady when he asks that question.

Cassady pulls her cellphone out and goes to the store’s website and looks up the part. She lets out a low whistle and looks at Mr. Green “it’s a hundred and sixty-seven dollars and I would have to order it. We don’t keep it in stock.”

“How much is the core along?”

“Seventy dollars, Mr. Green. So, if you don’t have the part of the car, you’re looking at a total cost of two hundred and thirty-seven dollars. But the good thing is, you get the seventy dollars back when you bring the core in.” Cassady knew automotive places jack the cost of the part up by thirty-five percent.

“Thanks, Cassady.”

“You’re welcome, Mr. Green. Let me close your hood before you leave.” Cassady shuts the hood.

She waves as Mr. Green starts to back out of the parking space. She gets flagged down by another customer and goes over to help them. By six in the afternoon, she has down twelve battery checks, six windshield wiper replacements, and twelve bulb replacements as well. While she is restocking the batteries in the back of the pallet. One of them falls from the top of the half-ass stacking someone did and spills battery acid on her hands and arm.

She rushes to the battery acid wash station and neutralizes the battery acid that spilled onto her hands and right arm. She spots red spots on her arm after she washes them. Her hands were red as well, from the acid lightly burning them. She flexes her hands and didn’t feel any pain.
So she could still play the drums.

She makes sure all the acid is off her hands and arm, before heading towards the front of the store to fill out an incident report. Before doing that, she takes pictures of the way the batteries were stacked on the pallet. She looks at her uniform shirt and it had some burn holes in it where the acid splashed on it.

Pete spots Cassady coming from the back “what was that noise back there.”

“Someone didn’t stack the batteries right and one of them fell when I was straightening them up.” Cassady grabs her purse and puts some lotion on her hands and arm.

“Are you alright?” Pete saw how red Cassady’s hands were and the damage done to her shirt.

“I’ll be alright. I just need to fill out an incident report.” After putting the lotion on her hands.

Cassady walks over to the computers on the counter and starts filling out an incident report and what action was taken. Once it is filled out, she double checks it, before sending it off.

“Why don’t you take it easy for the rest of the afternoon and finish up that planogram.” Pete noticed Cassady wasn’t happy.

“Thanks.” Cassady walks over to her planogram and works on it until closing.

Afterwork, Cassady heads home and checks the chemical burns she received. She was lucky that she washed her hands and arm when she did. She packs an overnight bag and double-checks everything. She makes sure she brings spare drum sticks and her practice pad.

She hears her cellphone beep letting her know she received a text. It was a message from Angela informing her she needs to be at the studio tomorrow night to help pack the trailer. Also, the name of the place they were going to be playing at.

Cassady fixes herself some crackers and peanut butter and sits down at her drum set. She looks at the name of the place and goggles it. The place was a honky tonk bar and they were playing this weekend. The house band was a group called Four Brothers.

Cassady dials Angela’s number right away and hopes she knows what they were getting themselves into. She picks up a drumstick and starts tapping on her drum. After a few seconds, she hears Angela’s voice.

Angela’s place:
Angela was moving around some money for their gig and hotel room. The manager of the bar they were playing at got their rooms at half the normal rate. As she finishes transferring some money into the band’s account. Her cellphone starts ringing. She picks it up and notices it was Cassady’s number. She presses the accept button “hello?”

“Angela, thank God I got you. Do you know what type of bar we are playing at?”

“No, I figured it was just another normal bar. Why?” Angela hadn’t asked Leon about what type of bar it was.

“It’s a Honky Tonk bar and the house band plays country music.” Cassady couldn’t believe they were playing at a country bar.

“You got to be kidding me.” Angela brings the place upon her cellphone.

“Nope! I didn’t think you guys did country-western bars.” Cassady couldn’t recall if Jessie ever said.

“I am going to kill our manager. I’ll call you back, Cassady.” Angela was going to kill Leon for booking a country-western bar for them.

“Alright, while you figure this out. I’ll select some songs we can play. There’s a lot out there and without style of playing, it shouldn’t be too much of a stretch for us.” Cassady already had a few in mind.

“Alright and thanks.” Angela ends the phone call.

Cassady just shakes her head as she searches through some of her favorite country songs. She gets up from her drums and walk over to her sofa and grabs her notepad.

“Let’s see.” As Cassady scrolls through a bunch of songs she had.

Comin’ to Your City by Big & Rich, Play Something Country and Hillbilly Deluxe By Brooks & Dunn, My Last Yeehaw and Daisy Dukes and Cowboy by cowboy Troy, I Want Your Sex by George Michael, Cowboy and American Bad Ass by Kid Rock, Girls Lie Too and The World Needs a Drink by Terri Clark, Red Neck Woman and All Jacked Up by Gretchen Wilson. She continues to add enough songs for four hours.

By the time Cassady is finished making the list, she sends it to Angela. She’ll have to call in sick tomorrow and she has the perfect excuse to justify it. She closes her laptop and grabs a blanket and pillow from her bedroom. She sends an email informing John she won’t be in tomorrow due to her injuries. She’ll go by her doctor and have her look at the burns.

Thursday Morning:
Cassady visits her doctor and lets her examine the chemical burns. Dr. Karr prescribes an ointment for Cassady to put on her hands and arm. Also, the chemical burns on her stomach as well. She makes sure to get a doctor’s note saying she showed up.

After visiting the doctor, she stops and grabs a soda. While she is waiting in line to pay for her soda. Her cellphone starts ringing. She looks at the id and noticed sit was Angela calling her. She presses accept “what’s up Angela?”

“How soon can you get to the studio?”

“I was on my way. I figured you would want to practice some of the songs I sent you.” Cassady steps up to the counter and pays for her soda.

“Yeah, our manager got the groups mixed up and give the other group he manages the gig we were supposed to do and we got theirs. I’m glad you noticed that the bar was a country bar.” Angela was still pissed at Leon.

He should have noticed that he messed up. The other gig was too far away for them to get there on time. Plus, the other group was already on route to it.

Once Cassady pays for her soda, she walks out of the store. She walks over to her car “I’m leaving the store now, Angela. I should be at the studio in twenty minutes.”

“Alright, be prepared to work your arms off.” Angela knew they will have to practice all day learning the words and songs.

“Don’t worry about me.” Cassady starts her car up and drives towards the studio.

Later In the Day:
Angela looks at everyone as she calls it quits. They have been practicing since ten in the morning and they have managed to learn all the songs they have agreed to play. She could tell everyone was tired and ready to go home, but they still had to load the trailer up and pack the SUV as well.

“Can we kill Leon next time we see him?” Juni looks at Angela when she asks that question.

“I agree with Juni. He messed us up big time on this one.” Debbie didn’t like little surprises like this.

“I’ve already chewed his ass out for this mistake, ladies.” Angela chewed Leon up one wall and down another one.

“Look, he made a mistake and we learned some new songs because of it. Let’s get everything loaded up and get some sleep.” Jessie was feeling tired from practicing all day long.

“Yeah, I guess you are right.” Debbie was just frustrated because she had to improvise on some of the songs.

For the rest of the evening, the girls pack everything up. They had talked about how they should dress and came to the conclusion they should dress in western gear, which all of them had. Jessie helps Cassady with the drums.

“Hey Angela, are you going to ask Betsy to come and handle our soundboard?” Juni looks at Angela for an answer.

“We’re picking her up on the way to the bar.” Angela already spoke to her friend about handling their sound mixer.

Cassady looks at Jessie “who’s Betsy?”

“She’s Angela’s best friend and DJs at clubs and such. She doesn’t have anything this weekend and she volunteered to come.”


After everything is loaded in the trailer. Angela looks at everyone “I’ll see you, ladies, tomorrow morning at five AM.”

“Urgh!” Jessie hated early morning.

Cassady ends up staying with her cousin, so they could ride together. It made more sense for them to ride together. They stop to get coffee and doughnuts for everyone.

The drive to the bar after they picked up Betsy at her apartment complex was uneventful. The manager meets them and lets them inside the place to set up and do a soundcheck. The bar itself didn’t open until midday.

The place was your typical country-western bar. It had a stage for them to play on and a room for them to rest in between sets. Their drinks were on the house, but they were limited to two drinks each. They could also get something to eat as well if they are hungry.

The bar manager had been surprised that the group was all women. Cassady noticed how the manager was eyeing Angela and her cousin. She was invisible to him. Betsy on the other hand was being eyed by a few of the other guys in the place who were watching her.

“Are you okay, Cassady?” Jessie had noticed how Cassady looked a little down.

“I was kind of hoping to get the attention you and the others were getting, but no luck.” Cassady was disappointed.

“There will be plenty of men here tonight cousin. You’ll get noticed.”

After the equipment and sound checks were done. Everyone heads over to the hotel they were registered at and prepares for tonight.
Everyone was dressed in western gear and looked good.

“We are going to knock them dead, tonight.” Debbie looks at herself in the mirror.

“I hope so.”

All the girls leave the hotel and head over to the bar to play.

The Next Morning:
Cassady wakes up with a strong arm slung over her side. She was naked and could feel a strong chest behind her. She turns around and looks at the guy she had gone back to his house with. He had a few scars on his body, and tattoos as well. She doesn’t remember much of what happened last night, but she does remember enjoying herself.

She starts placing butterfly kisses on his chest and then his lips. She feels him wake up as she feels his penis resting between her legs. She looks into a set of brown eyes.

“Good morning, Aaron.” Cassady was surprised she remembered his night.

“Good morning.” Aaron looks down into a set of hazel eyes. He was trying to remember who he went to bed with last night.

Cassady noticed the confused look on Aaron’s face “forgot my name already?”

“No, I’m still waking up.” Aaron racks his brain trying to remember her name. He was drunk when he hit on her.

“Someone had too much to drink last night.” Cassady gets up and walks toward the bathroom in the nude.

Aaron finally remembers who he went home with last night. It was Cassady and she was the drummer from The Angels. When he notices Cassady coming out of the bathroom “it’s Cassady and you’re the drummer from The Angels.”

A pleasant smile appears on Cassady’s face “so, you did remember.”

“Yes.” He kisses her.

Cassady returns the kiss. They make out for a while, before finally getting dressed and getting some brunch.

The rest of the weekend goes by fast for everyone. Cassady was sad to be leaving because she learned, Aaron worked at the local radio station and was going to give them a good review.

Jessie notices the look on her cousin’s face “you’ll see him again, cousin. I’m sure of it.”

“Maybe.” Cassady just looks out the front windshield as they drive off into the sunset towards home.

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A good story

Samantha Heart's picture

All girl Rock band turns country rock thanks to a manager screw up. Welll things happen.

Love Samantha Renée Heart.

It Happens

When Garth Brooks first started playing at Willies (in Stillwater, OK) he pretty much played rock. (Favorite tune - American Pie.) The wife of the owner asked him to learn a Moe Bandy song for her cousin. One thing led to another, and the rest, as they say, is history.

I know, I was there! :-)

"Life is not measured by the breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away.”
George Carlin


Dee Sylvan's picture

I am from the Detroit, MI area and a guy named Bob Seger used to play at a local bar near me (a long time ago). :DD