Thunder Creek Ranch Chp. 13

The GPS map directions inside Alice’s helmet informs her that the entrance to Thunder Creek ranch was only fifty feet in front of her on the left-hand side. Alice slows down when she spots the entrance to the long driveway. She signals she is turning left and turns onto the driveway. Lady Betty and Karen had sent her here to work with a female elf by the name of Letno. According to new information that the two of them came across. Someone or something is going around and turning ordinary people into elves and pixies. She had been turned into a female elf by a boundary marker that had absorbed the residue of magical energies in the area it was placed.

As she gets closer to the main house, she spots several people coming outside. She slows down as she gets closer. Once she was close, she spots where they park their vehicles. She parks her motorcycle and takes her helmet off. She sets her helmet on the seat of her motorcycle and looks toward the group of people that had come out to greet her.

After breakfast, Letno had gone to her office to look over pictures and reports the search team she sent out sent back. Nothing unusual had been found, but there had been reports of strange lights. As she is sitting in her chair reading the reports. She receives a tingling sensation when someone crosses the magical alarms that go around the perimeter of the property.

She gets up and grabs her sword as she walks out of her office. On her way downstairs towards the front door. She encounters her husband, daughter, and Erin as well.

“We felt the alarm as well.” Andrew looks toward his wife when he says that.

All of them walk outside the mansion and spot a figure dressed in all black coming up the driveway. They were riding a black hi-tech-looking motorcycle. They watch as the person parks the motorcycle over where all the other vehicles were parked. When they removed their helmet, they could see that the person had short black hair and was a woman.

Andrew sniffs the air and could smell they were female and had another scent to them. He watches as the person walks over towards them while leaving their helmet on the motorcycle. All of them wonder if this person was sent by Lady Betty or another elf. Andrew was sure this person was elven.

Alice looks at the welcome committee that came out to welcome her. She could feel the power coming from the neon blue hair woman. The figure felt like they were a walking nexus of ley line energy. As for the other woman, who looked to be a dark elf. She had a teenage human girl standing in front of her and a well-built human male standing next to her, she could tell the male was the dark elf’s husband. She could see the mate bond between them and the bonds extending to the young human girl standing in front of the woman as well.

She spotted movement coming from either side of the house. Ever since she was turned into an elf. She has been able to see and sense things around her. Lady Betty told her, it was because of how strong the mystic energies that were stored in the boundary marker had been.

“I come in peace. I was sent here by Lady Betty from Virginia Beach, Va. She said I’m to work with a dark elf named Letno.” Alice had her hands raised to show she meant no harm.

“You can put your hands down, Mrs.?” Erin looks at the short black hair woman. She had lightly tanned skin and stood taller than her, but shorter than Andrew.

“Alice, Alice Cooper.” Alice figured since Alice Cooper was her favorite singer, she would rip his name off.

“Well, Mrs. Cooper. Welcome to Thunder Creek Ranch. I’m Erin the Alpha here, this is Andres my husband’s second in command and my second in command.” Erin motions to Letno.

“It’s nice to meet you, Lady Letno. Lady Betty has said a lot of nice things about.” Alice smiles at Letno.

“Hey, how about me?” Rebecca looks at Erin.

“Sorry, Rebecca.” Erin smiles at Rebecca “this is Rebecca, she is Letno and Andrew’s daughter.”

“It’s nice to meet you, Rebecca.” Alice looks at Rebecca with a smile on her face.

“Why don’t we go inside and talk about this.” Erin wanted to know more about the problem and what could be done to solve it.

“I think that might be best, Alpha.”

Andrew and Letno turn and lead everyone inside the mansion. They head towards the main conference room to discuss what has been going on with people being turned.

60 Miles Away from The Pack House:
A teenage boy wearing a pair of his female cousin's shorts, a light blue race back tank top with Girl Power printed on the front of it. He was wearing a strawberry blonde wig that had pigtails hanging on either side of his head. He was also wearing a pair of pink tennis shoes as well.
His cousins had given him the clothes after she found out that he liked dressing as a girl. This was the fourth time he had dressed up as a girl and his first time being outside dressed as a girl. It was the teacher's workday and his parents were at their jobs. They didn’t know he liked dressing up as a girl. Tomorrow, he was planning on wearing the sundress his cousin gave him. She outgrew it when her boobs started getting bigger.

He walks down the tracks that ran behind his house that wasn’t used anymore. No one came back here to explore them, except the homeless people. There was an old rail station not far from where he was. He practices how to walk like a girl while balancing on the old rails.

He watched how his mother and cousin walked. So, he copied how they walked. He wanted to dress up as a girl on Halloween and make the boys guess if he was a boy or girl. As he is walking the rails, he looks down at the railroad ties and spots something shiny. His curiosity gets the best of him and he kneels on one of the railroad ties and tries to dig it out of the ground.

He looks around for a stick and spots an old railroad spike laying nearby. He picks it up and uses it to dig the object out of the ground. As he digs it out, he notices it was a gold coin. It was bigger than any coin he has ever seen. Also, it had a picture on it, which was surrounded by some strange language. He rubs the coin to remove some of the dirt still clinging to its surface.

When he runs his fingers over the surface, he feels a tingling sensation as it travels up his fingers. He rubs at the dirt some more and feels the tingling sensation getting strong. He rubs his two fingers against each other, but they felt fine.

The young boy puts the coin he just found in his shorts pocket and keeps practicing how to walk on the rail. He walks down to the old railroad station and looks around. The place was boarded up. After exploring for a while, he walks back on the rails again towards his house. It seemed he was getting better at walking like his mother and cousin.

When he makes it home, he was feeling extremely tired. So, he heads upstairs to his bedroom and lay down on his bed. He figures his parents won’t be home for a while, so he doesn’t bother getting undressed or taking the wig off either.

While Kelli sleeps, his body undergoes a metamorphic change. The wig he is wearing becomes his real hair. His face changes as it becomes more feminine. His ears reshape themselves into a point like an elf ear is. His chest starts expanding as two medium-size mounds of flesh form.
They were a nice perky teardrop shape and turn firm. His arms and fingers become slender. His feet become smaller and shapely, while his hip expands. His penis moves up into his body as it reshapes itself to the opening of a female. His testes move up into his body and reshape themselves into ovaries.

Throughout the night the coin Kelli found works its magic on Kelli changing and granting magical abilities to Kelli.

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