Daughter Of The Wolf Part 3 (corrected)

Amy runs as fast as she could with three huge hogs chasing her. Blood was running down her leg where one of them had gorged her. She had been tracking them as Dan Two Elk had shown her and she wanted to kill one and bring it back to prove to him she could do it. She almost had the leader of the sound, when another one come out of nowhere and gorged her on her right leg. Now she was running for her life from them. She didn’t care, because she was leading them to a trap she had set. She wanted the biggest one for her trophy.

Amy spots the rocks she had set up to let her know where her pit was that she had dug and put spears in. She spots her pit and puts a little more energy into running. She could feel the hot breath of the lead hog on her heels. She jumps at the last minute as she comes to the edge of the covered pit. Amy hears squeals behind her as the hogs that were chasing her fall into the pit to their deaths. She stops running and turns around to head back towards the pit. She looks down inside the pit and spots all three hogs bleeding from the spear that they had fallen on. She waits till they stop moving before climbing down into the pit to retrieve the bodies.

She discovered after her first week here that she could carry a full-grown hog with no problem. She had inherited everything Wolf himself had. Dan told her that she would be classified as a supernatural creature, because of the blood transfusion the men in the white lab coats had done to her. She had died because Wolf’s blood was too powerful for her human form to handle. Even Wolf himself had said that she had died and had been left out in the desert for the coyotes and blizzards to eat. The only reason she hadn’t continued to the Great Hunting grounds, was because Wolf’s spirit was keeping her anchor here. Somehow their two spirits had merged and now she was connected to him as if he had helped create her. She was considered his child and anchor now to the mortal world. The benefits she got from him made her a supernatural creature. That is why Wolf had said she couldn’t leave the oasis till she learned how to manage her newly acquired abilities. She also learned that when Dan wasn’t around, she had two large golden eagles around to protect her. Cougars and other predators in the area avoided her. The reason they avoided her, was now she was the biggest predator around.

She had a Wolf form that she discovered last weekend when Wolf came to check on her. He showed her how to change into her four-footed form. She could turn into a red wolf that was native to here in Mexico and Texas. Her wolf form was the average size for a female red wolf. Unlike her father, who could assume any type of wolf either in animal form or mixed, she couldn’t. Wolf showed her that she could walk the spirit world in either her wolf or human form. The first time she went to the spirit world, she was scared. When she went again on her own, it felt natural to her. It was like she belonged there. Wolf did tell her that she was limited to one animal form and that was a red wolf.

She tosses the heaviest of the hogs out first and then followed by the second and third hog. By the time she climbs out she has blood all over her body. She sighs because the last thing she wanted to do later was laundry the old fashion way. She had found another water hole to do her laundry at, away from her main pool of water and waterfall. She drags the three hogs back to the oasis and began treating the meat for later. She gives the two golden eagles protecting her chunks of meat to eat. Dan had told her he had some obligations he had to tend to this weekend. So, she was left on her own to practice what she has learned. She had four changes of clothes and three different pairs of shoes. Dan had brought her a bow to practice with and an ax as well.

She told him that she would practice this weekend while he was gone. She grabs her bow and practice arrows and heads to the area they had set up for throwing knives, and axes and for her to use her bow. She practices the rest of the afternoon and into the night. Wolf wanted her to learn to see in the dark and use her other senses. By the time the moon was high overhead, she stops for the night and relaxes in the pool of water before heading to bed. Just before she lies down, she smells rain in the air and can feel it nearby. She takes the sleeping bag she has been using and places it on a rock cropping that will act as her bed for the night. The rocks above and around her, would protect her and keep her dry. She closes her eyes and lets herself drift off to sleep.

Just as Amy falls asleep, rain comes pouring down from the sky and she can feel where lighting strikes hit the ground across the land. It felt weird to her as she feels each strike. She just lies on her rock outing and watches as the rain forms a curtain in the middle of the oasis. The water from the waterfall increases as well. She slowly closes her eyes and drifts off to sleep.

When Amy wakes-up the next morning, it was still raining. She wraps her blanket around her body and walks over to her fire pit and builds a fire to heat some water for tea to drink. Dan wanted her to drink a special tea he brought her to drink. She was supposed to drink four cups a day and sweeten it with honey. She had a nutty porridge that Dan Two Elk brought her to eat for breakfast. All she had to do with it was add hot water to turn it into porridge. Amy adds a scoop of honey and a few berries she had collected yesterday and eats it. It was still raining, so she takes out a school book that Dan Two Elk gave her and studies it.

“What are you studying my child?” Wolf steps out of the shadows just to the right of Amy.

Amy jumps when she hears Wolf's voice in her head.

“A math book Dan brought me to study. He said I should spend a few hours each day reading either this book or the English book.” Amy turns to face Wolf.

Wolf walks over and looks at the book and then at Amy.

“Do you understand what you are reading?” He already knew the answer to the question because he knew how smart she was.

“Yes sir. It seems to be pretty easy to follow along.” Amy looks at Wolf. She was still amazed at his blue eyes, which her match.

“Wolf are you angry with what those men in the lab coats did to you?” Amy felt angry about what they did to her and didn’t know if Wolf felt the same way.

“Yes, they should have never messed with something they didn’t understand. They were trying to play god and got burned for doing it. There are some things that men aren’t supposed to know. I’m also sorry that you got dragged into this mess. They should have never kidnapped you and used you for this experiment of theirs.” Wolf had killed each one of the men that had captured and tortured him.

“Why did those men choose me? Why was I their choice?” Amy had been wondering why they had picked her for their test.

“Because one of your father’s friends wanted revenge for a promotion your father had gotten over him. He figured that hurting you was a good way to get even with your father. Plus, if you had survived they planned on using your blood to produce other humans like you to use in wars and such.” Wolf knew what the government had planned for Amy. He had interrogated one of the men that had experimented on her.

“So, are they all dead then?” Amy felt cheated. She wanted revenge on the people responsible for what happened to her.

“Yes and no. The ones that experimented on you are dead, but the ones that permitted it to be done aren’t dead. Those are the ones you can go after my child.” Wolf knew where they were and who they were. He was going to prepare Amy to exact her revenge on them. The balance of justice needed to be kept even.

Amy closes the math book and put her arms around Wolf’s neck. She buries her face against the dark fur covering his neck. She wanted revenge for what was done to her.

“Wolf, what happened to my parents? Do they know I am dead?” Amy leans back and looks into Wolf’s eyes. She could do it because she was no threat to him. She was his child.

“Any one that is related to you or know you, think you are dead along with your parents. The police found a badly burned body that matched your description in the ruins of the lab. They had a closed casket funeral for you last week, thinking that the body the police found was yours. Unfortunately, it was a poor runaway that they kidnapped off the street and experimented on. The poor girl burst right into flames as soon as my blood entered her system. Even if they saw you now, they wouldn’t recognize you anymore. My blood has changed you into what you are now.” Wolf didn’t mind Amy looking into his eyes. She could be considered an Alpha among the Werewolf packs that roam the area around here. He knew that there were at least two packs within forty miles of here.

Tears slide down Amy’s cheeks as she cries about her situation. She was hoping to go back to her family, but unfortunately, she now knew she could never go back. Amy had realized how much she had changed when she investigated the pool and saw a different face looking back at her. Everything about her had changed, except her height and stature. She still looked like a little girl. She could easily blend in with a crowd of young Native American girls or even Hispanic girls. Amy continues to cry for a while. She could feel Wolf’s spirit wrap around her letting her know he cared about her feelings.

Wolf just looks at his pup and couldn’t help but feel sorry for someone so young. Still, she needed to get used to her new life.

“How are you doing on you’re learning?” Wolf had been kept up to date by Dan Two Elk.

Amy wipes her tears away as she looks at Wolf “Dan told me I’ve been doing fine in my learning. He said my archery needs a little more work, but everything else is okay.”

“Have you been practicing my pup?” Wolf keeps his eyes on Amy.

“Yes sir. I practice all day yesterday afternoon after I preserved the hogs I capture.” Amy’s wrist still hurt where the bowstring rubbed against her wrist.

“I see.” Wolf had noticed the three hogs his pup had hanging and were being smoked.

“I did them the way Dan showed me. I gave chunks of the meat to my friends and cut the rest for me and left the other two for Dan when he comes back to take to his tribe.” Amy was proud of her handy work.

“I think his tribe will enjoy the gifts you are sending them.” Wolf nudges her.

“You are not alone my pup. I know you have lost a lot and I know you feel alone, but you have me and Dan Two Elk to protect and look after you. I promise within the next four months, you’ll be allowed to leave here and visit places with Dan Two Elks. However, for now, you need to stay here till you learn more about yourself. Your other gifts will be surfacing soon, and you’ll need to learn how to control them.” Wolf gives Amy a lick on her cheek.

“I understand, dad. You don’t mind me calling you dad, do you?” Amy figures that Wolf was her new father now.

“I don’t mind pup but be careful when you do. Others might try to use you against me.” Wolf knew that were all sorts of nasty out in the world that would hurt her to get to him.

“I promise.” Amy knew she needed to be careful.

Amy rests against Wolf’s body and slowly falls asleep listening to his heartbeat. Once Wolf is sure Amy had fallen asleep. He levitates her body over towards her sleeping bag and lay her down carefully. He knew Dan would be by tomorrow to check on her. The other strange wolves in this area have picked up on her scent. He needed for her to continue her training in peace before she was ready to meet the local pack. Wolf walks out of the oasis and disappears into the spirit world.

The rain continued to fall through the roof opening into the pool below. The Golden Eagles that normally watched over Amy were busy with the chunks of meat she gave them. The pool never rose to flood the oasis at all. The extra water disappeared through the underground river under the pool. Night falls as the rain slowly tampers off to just sprinkles. Amy stirs some from nightmares of what was done to her. After a few minutes, she calms down and falls back asleep.

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