Thunder Creek Ranch Chp. 14

Conference Room:
Alice follows everyone inside the huge ranch house. She was amazed at how well it had been built. It had an old southern feel to it, like the old plantations in Virginia and New Orleans.

“So, what did Lady Betty and the rest of the Elven council say about what is going on?” Erin was curious.

“That this has been going on for a while. It’s just now being noticed because people are moving into areas they avoided before.” Alice pulls a map out of her motorcycle suit and unfolds it. As she unfolds the map, it gets bigger and bigger.

“How is that map doing that?” Andrew watches as the map expands each time.

“Magic.” A smile appears on Alice’s face when she says that.

“Well Duh! But why?” Andrew wanted an answer.

“The map is capable of bringing up any area of the world and showing you what is going on there.” Alice had gotten it from a friend.

“So, you can show us any place, anywhere?”

“Yes.” Alice locates where the packhouse was located and brings up everywhere around it for sixty miles.

Several yellow dots appear as well as two red ones. They were at the very edge of the sixty-mile mark from the packhouse.

“What do those dots mean and why different colors?” Rebecca was curious.

“The yellow dots represent where magically infused items are. The red dots mean, someone or something has been changed by them.”
While all of them are watching the map, four more yellow dots concentrated in one area, turn red. A few more dots also change from yellow to red.

“We better go and check these places out.” Erin was going to take her mystical armor.

“I got these.” Rebecca runs out of the conference room.

“I’ll get some guys together and check these areas. Why don’t you and Alice check this area, sweetie.” Andrew puts towards the area of the concentrated dots.

Letno looks at Andrew and smiles. She kisses him, before walking out of the conference room, followed by Alice.

“Do you ride?” Alice figures her motorcycle was faster.

“Yes.” Letno heads towards the garage where her sleek black motorcycle was stored.

“Wow!” Alice couldn’t believe how sleek Letno’s motorcycle looked.

It was even more hi-tech looking than her own. She watches as the garage door opens and Letno exists under it when it was just an inch higher than her. Alice walks outside and mounts her motorcycle and puts her helmet on. When she is ready, she rides toward the location.

1st Location:
Erin shows up and finds two people laying on the ground unconscious. She hovers nearby in her armor. She loved all the mystical upgrades Andrew and Letno did to the suit. All the mystical upgrades fed off the nexus energy she gave off.

She watches as the two people transform into elves. The female turned into a beautiful female elf and the man that was with her changed into a handsome male elf. She lands and approaches the two people and looks around for what caused the transformation. The magical scanner built into her armor finds the item. It looked like someone had constructed a circle and engraved it into some sort of crystal material. It looked like it has been covered by the ground until the couple uncovered it with a metal detector.

She scans the huge disk and notices it was drained of mystical energies it has been storing. She carefully walks over and checks on the unconscious couple. She knew her armor would protect her; just in case the disk still had stored mystical energies in it.

“Erin to the ranch. Send a security team to my location.”

“Roger, Alpha.” Rebecca was monitoring the communication system the ranch had.

She dispatches a three-man security team to Erin’s coordinates. The team she was sending was more than equipped to protect the Alpha. She watches as the other teams arrive at their assigned location.

2nd Location:
Letno and Alice follow the highway for at least sixty miles and take a dirt road that looks like it wasn’t used that much. Alice was glad her motorcycle was equipped to travel rough terrain. After about five miles, they spot a burgundy SUV pulled over off the road. It looked like it had stopped for the occupants inside to get out and explore.

“What do you think, Letno?” Alice pulls in behind the SUV.

Letno pulls in behind Alice and takes her helmet off. She looks around and looked down at the portable scanner her husband gave her.

“They are in that direction.” Letno noticed that the mystical energies the scanner could detect were getting weaker.

Alice dismounts from her motorcycle and takes her helmet off. She leaves it on the seat of the motorcycle. She follows Letno as they followed the beeping sound coming from the device in Letno’s hand. Alice looks around as they walked toward whatever was giving off the mystical energies.

The landscape around them was nice and pristine. She senses that there were animals around them, watching them. After walking about half a mile toward the source of the mystical energies, they spot five people laying inside a fairy’s ring.

“That would explain the mystical energies.” Alice approaches the perimeter of the ring and looks inside the circle.

“These people should have been more careful.” Letno walks inside the ring and over to the youngest among them.

Alice follows behind Letno and watches as Letno kneels next to the youngest among the group. She looked like she was a teenager.

“How is she?” Alice was concerned about her.

“Her mystical energies are drained right now, but she’s going to be okay.” Letno stands up and checks the next oldest, which was a male.

“Which elven group would you say they are from?” Alice walks over to a female and checks her.

“Woodland Elves, from the Summer Court.” Letno noticed that all of the people were woodland elves from the summer court.

Alice moves on to the next person. All of them seemed to be okay, just unconscious. She wonders why a fairy ring had turned these people. She chants a spell that Lady Betty taught her to track the energy.

“Damn! This spot sits on top of a quartz crystal deposit.” The spell had highlighted the reason the fairy ring was here.

“That would explain the mystical energies in this area. Quartz crystals, especially large deposits store magical energies. There must be a ley line that flows through here.” Letno makes a small device appear in her hand. It was a cross between a stud finder and an energy detector.

As she moves around the circle, it starts flashing. It takes her a couple of tries, but she nails down where the ley line passes through the circle.

“I was afraid of this. The ley line was feeding the circle.” Letno looks at Alice when she mentions this.

“But why did the energies turn these people into elves, instead of pixies and such?” Alice was curious as she looks around for an answer.

“That is a good question.” Letno looks around as well and soon they find their answer.

Both women look at the remains of an elven warrior that had been buried inside of the circle. What clothing remained and the coins inside its pouch weren’t from this area.

“Where do you think he came from?” Alice was kneeling by the remains they uncovered.

“Not from this dimension, that’s for sure.” Letno has never seen the coinage in the elf’s pocket before.

“We better burn the rest of the body, so this doesn’t again.” Alice sprinkles some dust onto the remaining bones and clothing of the remains.

The body burst into flames when the dust falls onto the bones. The flames had a blueish color to them as they consumed the remains.

“Where did you get that powder from?” Letno didn’t think it existed anymore.

“Some strange-looking guy that Lady Betty took me to for supplies. His shop had all sorts of weird things in it. Some of it I have never seen before.” Alice had been amazed at everything she saw.

“I’m going to need to speak with Lady Betty about that place.” Letno wanted to visit it and see what else the place had.

“I’ll tell her later. We’re going to need a team to drive their SUV back to the ranch.”

“I agree.” Letno presses on her radio “Rebecca, send a security team to my location, sweetie.”

“Alright, mom.” Rebecca dispatches another team.

3rd Location:
Andrew and Honey arrive. It was fifty miles Northwest of the pack’s boundary lines. Andrew spots an old dirty range rover pulled up an overgrown road. He parks behind it and gets out to look around.

Honey gets out and starts looking around and finds a set of footsteps. They looked to be about the male size and made by a pair of boots. She looks over towards Andrew “over here.”

Andrew turns towards Honey’s voice and walks over to her. He follows behind her as she walks into the woods. It looked like someone had cleared a path with a machete. After about half a mile, they come to an enclosed clearing. There were candles set up at the four corners of the clearing.

“It looks like someone was performing magic here.” Andrew and Honey walk into the clearing and spot an alter set up at the northeast portion of the circle.

Laying on the ground face first, was a young teenage girl with neon blue hair like Erin’s. She was naked and symbols were painted onto her body. On the altar, they find a barbie doll that looked like some work had been done to it. Its breasts had been enlarged, and its head and face looked to have been customized along with the rest of the doll.

There was also a magical tome laying under it. Andrew looked at the spell on the page and noticed the writing was in ancient Latin.

What did this person do to themselves?” Honey turns the female over and noticed everything that had been done to the doll was done to the girl.

“It’s a transformation spell. I’ve seen it before.” Andrew picks the doll up and could tell the person who constructed it was a good artist.

“You mean this person did this to themselves?” Honey looked at Andrew for an answer.

“Yes.” Andrew walks around the circle looking for what caused the map to show this place.

He finds four blocks of quartz crystals that looked like they had some work done to them. The work that was done, allowed the crystal to absorb the nearby ley line energy better and to access those energies. On one crystal, Andrew finds a piece of jewelry of elven design.

“Why would someone do that to themselves?” Honey couldn’t understand why someone would want to go to this extreme to change their whole appearance.

Andrew picks the jewelry which was still in excellent condition. He puts it in a bag he was carrying.

“Some people want to be how they feel and sometimes can’t because of the finical cost. So, they try to find other ways of changing. This person looked like they were very familiar with Wiccan magic and used it to change themselves. Let’s pack all this up and take them back to the
packhouse.” Andrew had some questions and this person could answer them.

“You’re the boss.” Honey picks the young girl up and carries her back to their range rover.

Andrew cleans the place up and packs everything up. As he is cleaning the circle and dismissing the spirits. He notices that this person has been coming here a lot. He joins Honey after a while and drives the person's range rover, while Honey drove their SUV.

As for the other locations that have been activated. The teams that went to those areas found more humans that had been turned into an elf. One of the victims had been a little girl that had gone chasing a butterfly when she tripped on a tiara. She had put it on and it changed her.

All the people that had been changed, were brought back to the ranch. There were at least twenty people that had been changed at last count.

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